The S Curve of Saturn

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The S curve is as simple as the letter S. Everything that you see starts off at the bottom. Like when we were a baby. We were crawling on the floor. Initially our physical and mental growth was largely dependent on how others helped us when we were helpless. Then somewhere about 8 years we became more independent. We started growing  up. Every year there was a dramatic change as we continued growing upwards and sideways and  mentally and physically. Then at about 21 we stopped growing upwards but continued to adding weight. As we reached old age the growth seems to stop. We cannot take it any longer like the way we did before. Then we bend down with age as gravity pulls us down. Then we know that we finally have reached the end of the S Curve of our life. Nothing ever has escaped this universal law. Nothing ever will.  In the rare case you failed to recognize this building, well it is of course the world trade center.

As an Astrologer I have always loved to associate the S curve with Saturn. There are so much in common with the S Curve and the way Saturn works in a horoscope. We find that most people who made it to the top came down under the influence of Saturn. Either they came down during 7 1/2 years Saturn (Sade Sati), or doing Ashtama Sani (Saturn transit on the 8th from Moon sign), or during a Saturn period when Saturn in the horoscope was badly placed or afflicted by other planets. This rule works so well that even without looking at the horoscope of a fallen giant (richest man for example), you can boldly tell he must be under the influence of Saturn – a bad transit or a bad Saturn Dasha, or Saturn Antardasha.

Mountain climbing is healthy

For those who have not heard of the S Curve before, just think of the following scenery. Take the case of  someone climbing towards a mountain peak. The climber starts from the base with so much of hope and dreams. Others tell them how to climb. The climber learns from the experiences of others and therefore knows  what to carry as they go up. After sustained effort he reaches the top. Then there is nothing more to climb. He stays there and is very happy with what has been achieved.  Eventually he will lose interest. The top no longer looks interesting to the topper. He looks around, everything is over when you reach the top. As this thought comes to his mind,  the climber decides to come down. Once he reaches  the bottom he starts climbing again a different mountain. This is healthy. Going up and coming down. If you want to stay on the top let the mountain peak be of normal height. Unlike the Mount Everest.

The problem of climbing Mount Everest.

If you are are on Mount Everest, you get the distinction of being unique. Not many people got there in the first place. But no one stays there too. That is the power of nature. Lack of oxygen forces you to come down. It is interesting to note that Saturn rules oxygen because Saturn and Oxygen are associated with number 8. The atomic number of oxygen is 8.  Moreover boredom might force you to come down because there is no one else with you. When you were proud that you got to a place re no one was, the proud feeling gets replaced with boredom. So you decide to come down or nature will force you to come down. It is cold out there.

All this is stage managed by Saturn – the planet of justice. The rich can remain rich. But the richest cannot. He or she gets replaced soon. If you are the richest that is no problem but if you wish to remain their at the top by hook or crook, doing anything you can to remain there, then trouble starts. This is where Saturn the great leveler comes in.

Some are lucky. They share their success with the world after they reached the top. Take the case of Mr Bill Gates who also donates large sums of money for a social cause . Some politicians don’t do that (especially the corrupt ones). They hardly do any charity which is what Saturn expects from the. After a long wait, Saturn (Shani) decides to get in and restore that person back to the bottom. That bottom in most cases seems to be a jail these days.

Many years ago even before Mr Bill Gates started his foundation for charity purpose, some of my students asked me, “what must have done by Mr Bill Gates  in his previous life for him to have have such a good Karma in this life that allowed him to reach the pinnacle of wealth?” I confessed, “I do not know. But he must have given lot of money in charity in his previous life”. My students asked me to give them some sort of proof. I reasoned out like this, “look, if he had been in the habit of giving back his wealth to the people around him in his previous existence then even in the current life he will do that because good and bad habits continue for many lives”.  When I made this statement, Bill Gates was busy chasing money and had no thought of charity. I was told (may be it was a joke) that if he dropped a 100 dollar note on the road, he had no time to pick it up. Maybe that was at that time his way of doing charity. I do not know if he did that.

After many many years, one amongst these students who stayed in touch with me, informed me, “Sir, you were right. As you told us, Bill Gates has done it again even in this life”. Bill Gates has presumably given away half his wealth in charity. Now it is easy to infer that he be given another chance in his next life. What you give in this life, you can take back next life.

Look at the 4 pictures. On pic 1, the man is happy as this kind of growth is healthy. Everyone likes such a person who grows. Lot of people likes what he is doing. There seems to be no danger to the people who reside in buildings nearby.

This man is like a child. So happy. So much confident. The building blocks are there ready in the box beside the table. His aim is to put 20 blocks. Note that each block has a letter on it. Every action will one day give you a reward or a punishment. The ambitious man has managed to go up to 14 blocks. Not bad!

In the following picture the man can see the S forming. Some people are blinded by success and wealth that even if they see the bending (leading to eventual fall they continue with their effort in continuing to build. Then the obvious soon happens.

Desire is the cause of growth. But what bring about the downfall is unlimited desires. Desire leads to more desires. When desire continues to grow unabated then the downfall begins. Despite the possibility of the structure falling down those who are ambitious tend to ignore the warnings. The highly successful people who reached the top think nothing can destroy them. They feel the coming down of all the blocks may happen to others but not to themselves. They say others may fail but not me.

What causes this fall is unknown to all except genuine astrologers and the philosophers. The blocks are at no fault. It is the man who kept piling them one on top of the other. Nature puts an end to desire if it is unnatural.

What took us so much time to build is brought down by the last block placed. In this case it was the Block P – P represents Pride.

Pride goes before a 7 & 1/2 years Shani (Sade-Sati)

During one of our Rotary Club meetings somewhere in 2004 one of the Rotarian, a doctor by profession asked me “As per Astrology I am going through Sade-Sati. I am just curious. What only is this 7 & 1/2 years Sani “? I explained that this is usually a challenging phase for all those who had been unkind, egoistic, a cheat or a proud person etc either in this life or in a past life. He asked me what are the effects of  7 and 1/2 years Saturn. I said, “anything that restricts our freedom and movements, joint pain, knee problem, bone related, something that is very hard to overcome even with effort”.

He sarcastically remarked, “Well! Astrologer, I think I am a combination of all these bad traits that Saturn does not like and still nothing has happened to me so far even though people say that I am undergoing 7 1/2 Sani. Do people believe in such unscientific statements even now?  As the meeting was about to start I was in no mood to start defending Astrology from the scientific minded people who live around me. Yet, I warned him like a typical Astrologer does,  “Consider yourself lucky, do not be so proud, just leave it at that, Shani does not like this attitude of yours”. He smiled like an all knowing person does when he sees something that he thinks is foolish as he continued sipping his hot coffee. I was happy that the meeting started. Next day morning I other Rotarian’s of club informed me by SMS that this doctor had slipped in his bathroom and suffered from multiple fractures on the elbow region.

Another client turned friend of mine, a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession had been advised by me to pay up the bills of a poor and sick person who was  being treated in a hospital. As per the planetary positions in the CA’s horoscope this was a good remedy. The CA has been doing this remedy for over 6 months. One day when he was driving a 2 wheeler (because his wife took away his car for shopping), he just thought that “why should I continue to take care of  sick people for such a long time?” and the next second something happened and he fell down. When he got up with the help of bystanders on the road, the first thing he did was call me and confess. I asked him “Did you get injured on your knees”? He said “Yes, and that is the only place I got injured” but he was curious to know how I knew. My dear students of Astrology. That is the simplest thing in the world. The knee as most Astrologers know is the prime point of Sani in the human body. When we lose our ego we fall on our knees before God or a mightier person. Only if the knee is hurt will you know what the greatness of the knees. When the knee is hurt we cannot move and we become like a handicapped person.

The unsinkable Titanic

The Titanic sank on its very first trip because it represented pride. People said “The unsinkable, unsinkable 100s of time“.

An Engineer told me there was no other way to sink that ship except if you got an iceberg large enough and that too it should cut on the side of the ship in the way it actually happened. Pride surely goes before a fall.

In addition, it is now known that in January 1912, the Moon came closer to the Earth than at any time in the previous 1,400 years, at the same time as the Earth made its closest annual approach to the Sun. The Titanic sank in the month of April 1912.

When you look up and walk, a tiny stone makes your life miserable because you failed to pay attention to it. The tiny stones are all down and you keep looking up.


Sade-Sati (7.5 years Saturn phase) is rude on those whose life ambition was to be a Number 1 without considering ethics and morals. Sani is rude on those who do not care about others but only worried about being the No.1. He makes you limp if you have crippled the life of others. He gets you behind bars if you had tortured others because you were powerful. He makes you go without food if you had no thought to share your good food with others even while knowing that hungry people were around you. When you had no mercy for others, Saturn gets merciless.

Sade-Sati happens once in 30 years. It is a period that lasts for 7 1/2 years. It starts when Transit Sani comes to the zodiac or Rasi that is before your Moon sign. If for example your Moon sign is say Vrishabha (Taurus) it starts when Transit Sani enters Mesha (Aries) that is 1 sign before Vrishabha (Taurus). Whenever you are in such an astrologically bad phase, the trouble will come to you on Sani dominated dates like an 8th, 17th or 26th of any month or on a Saturday, or when the star ruling on that time is Pushyami, Anuradha or Uttarabhadra (all these are the stars of Sani). People who are born on Sani dominated dates may sometimes be the cause of your problems.



The Snake and the Ladder game (of our life).

I am sure as children we played this game. In India every child must have played this game on the night of Vaikunta Ekadasi when we were not supposed to sleep. To keep us occupied we were asked to play this game. But today I know why the ancient wise men of India found that this game was the best to play on the night of Vaikunta Ekadasi on a day that is closely associated with Moksha (Salvation).

The best thing about this game is that the longest snake unfortunately had its head on square 99. Invariably we all landed there. Then we had to start all over again from square 6 as seen in the diagram. The game goes like this. You throw a dice. Count from square 1. Move your peg to that square. You reach a square where a ladder begins, you climb to the point where the ladder ends. You reach a square that has the head of the snake, you get swallowed by the snake and get ejected at the tail end.

Getting to 100 was so difficult for us when we were children. Even when we are adults it remains difficult. Not on the Snake and the Ladder game. But on the game of our life.

Rich men, mostly politicians get access to money much more easily than others. EGO swells. If that is not okay, they make the mistake of killing a few people. They control the police and everyone else. But Saturn has a hidden camera on them. Through his supportive planet Mercury (Budha), (Saturn likes Mercury), Saturn through the press may expose such people at appropriate times. Then finally Saturn is likely to arrest such people on 8th, 17th, or 26th or on a Saturday or when the Star is Star No.8, Pushyami, Star No.17. Anuradha, or Star No.26. Uttarabhadra or when Transit Moon meets Transit Saturn in the sky.

A scientist may complain that there are too many possibilities as given by me above. But I can prove what I am saying by making a statement, “Never will an arrest of a corrupt person happen outside of these conditions. Not even once in 100 cases”.

Give up something! In case you are afflicted by a bad Saturn.

You must be extra careful during such times. Spend more time in the thought of God and start repenting. Try to have a change in your lifestyle. If you have been drinking a lot, you need to consider stopping it or at least reducing it. Try to be a total vegetarian, or at least do not wish for an non-vegetarian meal. For example do not order for a chicken to be killed for your meal.

If possible release an animal that is about to be killed. Take care of the suffering and diseased people around you at least on Saturdays. If you are a Hindu by birth, you may pray to Sri Hanuman, Lord Venkateswara of Tirupati Hills or Lord Ganesha. It is believed that these 3 forms of God help us overcome the challenges of Sani. So you can pray to them and find a lot of mental peace. People belonging to other faiths, must do all the prayers as per their scriptures. For those who do not believe in GOD, you should believe in charity and taking care of the suffering people amongst us. If you do not believe in both, then who can save a person in 7 1/2 years Sani or in Ashtama Sani?

Currently people who were born in the Moon Sign of Kanya Rasi, Thula Rasi and Vrischika Rasi  are in in 7.5 years Saturn Phase and Meena Rasi people are in Ashtama Sani Phase. Meena Rasi peple are in a more challenging phase of their life because May 2012 to May 2013 Jupiter who should normally protect is in no mood to protect the Meena Rasi people because Jupiter currently is in the 3rd. In the 3rd Jupiter creates DRASTIC changes and therefore Saturn becomes a more challenging planet.

To know more about what you can expect during the current times you should consult an expert in Astrology.

Warm regards

E K Dhilip Kumar

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