Do I need to know what is ahead?



Yes. If I am traveling I need to know what is ahead. If I have a destination to reach I will naturally look for a route map . I will ask many people about what is to be expected in the journey. Even for a pleasure trip most people make all the preparations and plans. Do we have a plan in place for our dear life. Most of us don’t because we do not know where and what to look for in life except that which attracts us on either side of the road as we travel. If you have recently purchased a mobile phone you look through the manual to learn more about it. When you were born you entered life without a manual for your life. On the road of our life what will come up next? We do not know most of the time. Is there a way to know what lies ahead? Yes. There is. Your horoscope is your manual and the plan. I prefer to call this is the plan of the planets.

Questions covered:

Why and how are we reborn?
What is the use of Astrology?
Is there anything we can do to alter the future?

Do I need to know what lies ahead?

Yes. If I have a goal or a sense of purpose in life I will naturally look ahead on the road of my life. Even for a pleasure trip most people make all the preparations and plans. Do we have a plan in place for our dear life. Most of us don’t have a plan because we do not know where and what to look for in life except that which we see attracts us on either side of the road as we travel. If you have recently purchased a mobile phone you look through the manual to learn more about it. When you were born you entered life without a manual for your life. On the road of our life what will come up next? We do not know most of the time. Is there a way to know what lies ahead? Yes. There is. Your horoscope is your manual and the plan. I prefer to call this is the plan of the planets.

Astrology and Rebirth

If you believe that Astrology permits you to know your future then it goes without saying that you believe in rebirth. The reason is that the horoscope of a child as soon as it is born indicates what is to be expected in the future of that child. For example when Lord Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha, His horoscope revealed that an extraordinary person has just arrived. If that person came out of nothing then how can the future of that child be known. It means that Lord Buddha had existed before His last and final incarnation. Confused? Read on.

How can we speak about the future of something if that something did not exist in the past. If you say that a particular Olympic athlete is sure to win the gold medal it means you know about his past records. You look forward to a great performance from this athlete because you know that he had earlier won important tournaments.

If that man did not exist prior to the Olympics then how can you predict whether he will win or lose. If The Buddha did not exist before His birth how can anyone talk about His future? So if you have to speak about the future of something, then it means you have accepted that it did exist before.

Why do we forget the past life?

We forget our past life simply because our hard disk was formatted by nature or you were given a fresh hard disk – the brain. But you are not the brain. You are an eternal Programmer learning computer. You carry your knowledge wherever you go but start off each time with a new hard disk.

You stay in the womb of the next mother for a period of 10 months. There is so much silence. You are quiet and sleeping. In that state you forget the past. Even now you can sit down quietly for 10 months with no noise, no one to talk to you, you don’t eat food or drink water, you do nothing and then see what happens. You will forget everything. In any case you don’t remember everything even in this life. Think of your friend 10 years back. You cannot even recall how he looked like if you have not met him for a long time.

It is also a design by nature or God that you don’t remember the past life. Think of the Chaos it will cause. You remember your wife from the previous life and you get upset if you know she is going with some one else now. You want to go back and get the property that you owned in China during the past life. Only chaos is the result if you recall the past life. Only yogis and saints can do that without running into trouble. They have no attachment and so remembering the past life is absolutely safe for them. For those who have attachment actually a product of memory the memory of the past life will bring about disaster.

Your horoscope is like your school certificate

Each time we moved from one grade to the next in school (in India we call it standard or form) the school authorities issued us a school certificate. If you wanted to know what you are heading in school life then you need to look at the certificate. That is the only way to assess ourselves. A good teacher by looking at your certificate (mark sheet issued at the end of a grade or class) can say for example that you are good in language and history but weak in mathematics.

By revealing this to you, your teacher can even predict your future in these subjects. In this example, she may say “You have a great future in history and a tough time in mathematics”. The teacher will suggest that you need to work harder if you have to avoid failing in a future mathematics examination.

If I am weak in mathematics, then my school or college certificate that is issued after an examination will reveal that fact to anyone who knows how to read a mark sheet. A person who looks into the certificate will know my past. He will say “So in the past you did not do justice to mathematics, you failed in your duty as a student of mathematics”. If you ask that teacher the solution then he will request you to find a good teacher and start studying mathematics all over again. This is the remedy.

A good Astrologer is similar to this teacher. The mark sheet issued at the end of each grade is similar to your horoscope. It is issued to you at the time of birth based on what you did at the time you exited your previous life.

Fate or Freewill?

How and why did you get a throat infection last time?

If you ask those who know medicine and health they will tell you that throat infections are caused by certain bacteria or virus. However these micro organisms are always around. And if they are the cause of infection then we should all have throat infections continuously. The fact is we don’t.

So what is the cause? I had a very cold drink yesterday. Today morning I have a sore throat and infection. I go to the doctor. He examines my throat and asks me, “did you have something cold yesterday”? So the infection is actually caused by the extreme cold in the throat as the liquid went down my throat. It created the environment for the microbes. So the primary cause is the cold drink and the secondary cause is the bacteria.

Similarly, the primary cause is Fate. The secondary cause of all events in our life is Freewill.

Those who got interested in the future and all that which goes along with the future predictions usually land up in a dispute regarding fate and freewill. Most people in the eastern world and especially India assume that everything happens due to fate and therefore nothing is alterable. On the contrary most people in the western world believe that whatever happens to us is due to their own effort and has nothing to do with fate. Both are wrong.

The right answer is somewhere in the middle portion of fate and freewill.

If you look around yourself you will find the truth. We see sometimes that our effort is directly giving its effect. A person who trains hard for an Olympic gold medal eventually gets it. So it is easy to understand that effort yields the result and there is no scope for fate.

But God forbid, if that ‘

would be Olympic gold medalist‘ meets with an accident. All his toil has gone for a waste and the expected result of that hard work does not happen. Someone else will get the Gold Medal. Does that someone else get the Gold Medal because the would be champion met with an accident? Or is it because of the hard work put in by that someone else. So by looking around the world you will see that free will is not the only cause of events.

We also know that no one ever has become an Olympic gold medalist without putting in any effort. All the people who put in effort did not make it to finals because there are only fewer places (usually 8 or so) in the finals but there are 4000 participants for each event. Why someone finally wins is not that easy to understand.

From this example we may infer that sometimes fate is strong and sometimes effort has a greater role to play in our lives. Our life is a mixture of both fate and freewill.

In chess, initially as you begin a new game, you have the choice to move any of the 8 pawns or any one of the 2 knights. So you have 10 choices. But once you move one of them, the next move is somehow related to the previous move. As the game proceeds we seem to have less choices.

When we took our 1st birth as a human being we had several choices but later on we had fewer and fewer fresh choices. We are bound largely by what we have done earlier. However we continue to get lot of fresh opportunities and moves each time we start on a new life.

Once we have a winning game we can move on to victory easily. If we are on a losing game, then no matter how hard we try there is nothing else we can do to win, except start all over again. Press the new game button.

When a boy is born into a slum house, what effort did he take to be born in such miserable conditions? Or when a boy is born in a palace what is the effort taken by the boy?

You cannot say that is because of God’s will because no Good GOD will create such difference at the time of birth. Even a good politician fights for equal rights, is it not? So it looks like we are playing our own game. God has given us the stadium with all its features.

The Road of Your Life

The journey of your life is comparable to a road journey from one place to another. The road begins when you are born and ends when you die. This is only 1 life, like 1 trip. After each trip we begin another journey. That is rebirth.

The road is long and you keep driving for say 50 years to 100 years. You drive through the day and drive through the night. When you sleep you keep driving on auto mode. There is no stopping, not even for a second you have a break in the journey until you come to your destination. That is why we talk of the word destiny whenever we talk of astrology and the future.

On the road of your life you are sure to come upon a patch where there are many pot holes. In some places the road is so badly maintained and you have to patiently put up with all that. In some cases the road is smooth, wide and good, you went so fast and just because of high speed you met with an accident. There are many speed breakers on every road where you lose speed but the journey continues. You have no option but to continue driving.

To make the experience of driving more pleasurable all you need is a good navigator or someone telling you what is coming up. You need more road signs on the road telling you the do’s and dont’s. We need indicators and signals.

Red signals are to be respected. If you do not stop when you see the red signal then you may get into trouble in more than one way. Green signals does not mean that you can drive without looking ahead, but at least the law permits you to keep driving.

Your Credit balance

If you have good credit balance you are allowed to take birth in a good family with a good father and mother who will do their best in giving you a good and happy journey. The body is comparable to the car. You are the driver. Your mother and father are the manufacturers of your car. They own the car but not you. You are the driver who purchased the car.

To purchase the car you need lots of money. When you are child where did you have the money to buy the car. This money is nothing but the good things you have done in your past life. If you don’t have enough money you can buy a bicycle. If you don’t have enough money you will have to walk on the road of your life.

You enter the womb of your mother based on your capacity in terms of merits carried forward from your past life. This is similar to entering a collage or school based on whatever marks you obtained previously.

If your credit balance was low you may enter a place where there is so much poverty or hunger all the time. If your credit balance is high you will continue to be born in happy conditions.

Simple ideas that will change your future

Even without consulting a good Astrologer nature lets you know that you have committed something seriously wrong in your past life. By making you go through certain types of expereinces you come to know what you have done in your past life. You may know this without the help of an Astrologer. These are tell tale signs of negative karma.

The fuel meter gauge will let you know how much fuel is left. Even if you don’t look at it, the car will anyway stop and let you know what is wrong.

Problem:If you are having low savings it means that you have taken away lots of money from others in your previous existence and therefore you are on a debt repayment mode in the current life. Remedy:Start donating at least 5%of your income to the poor and needy. In many temples they have a hundi (donation box) kept for the purpose. Religious work requires funds to sustain itself. If you are an atheist you may donate money to the poor.

Problem:If you are not blessed with children or your children are continuously troubling you then you were unkind to a child in your past life. If they drive you to the point of wishing that they were not born then you need to do the following: Remedy: Sponsor a child in an orphanage

Problem:If you are having much pain the body especially in the bone and joints then it means that you have in your past life beaten up people with sticks or other tough materials that gave them a lot of pain. Now it is your turn to get pain even without someone beating you. Remedy:Join a social organization and spend your time, money and effort in reducing the pain of those who are in pain on the road or in hospitals. Safe pain killers should be donated with the permission of the doctors.

Problem:If you are gasping for breath due to asthma or wheezing despite medical care then it means that have strangulated someone in the past life or drowned them. Remedy:Avoid fishing. You should avoid non-vegetarian food especially you should not order for the killing of any animal for the sake of food when so much vegetarian food is available in all food stores. You may also help revive many poor people by spending money on their oxygen bills in hospitals. You may also release suffocating animals and fish into freedom.

Problem:If you have gone to jail for no fault of yours or if there is a threat of being imprisoned then… Remedy:You should release birds and animals kept in cages by street hawkers by buying it from them and setting it free. Ensure the bird or animals flies or goes away to safety. Sometime the wings may have been clipped in which case releasing the bird may land the bird into greater difficulties. You may buy a goat that is about to be butchered and then donate it to a person who will not kill it for the sake of food. In short releasing birds and animals from captivity and giving it the freedom will in turn give you freedom from imprisonment and other types of continuous restrictions.

Problem: If you have frequent fractures or continuously meet with accidents that injure you then… Remedy:you should donate wheel chairs or crutches to the crippled or the handicapped. If you regularly lose blood through injury then you need to donate blood to blood banks. In ancient times people offered blood to the Goddess or Gods but blood donation are superior as the donated blood is used by someone else.

Problem:If you have frequent fractures or continuously meet with accidents that injure you then… Remedy:you should donate wheel chairs or crutches to the crippled or the handicapped.

Problem: If there is severe blood loss each time you have menstrual period then… Remedy:You should donate blood if your health permit or you should pay up for the blood in case someone who is poor needs blood to survive.

Let a good Astrologer read your horoscope even before you go through a bad experience. Horoscope matching prior to marriage helps. After marriage seeing an Astrologer is not that beneficial in case you are going through a marital problem.

Note: Regular prayer to God always will make things better. If you do not even know the reason why you are unhappy, then the only solution is pray to God. Prayer is a great painkiller and keeps you going until the wound is healed or the bad time has passed away. If your prayer is made in the form of a confession then your prayers will be answered quickly instead of asking God what you want. That is because something in your changes when you confess and accept that you have committed a mistake. Such a mindset prevents you from making mistakes again.

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