Combustion of Planets – The effects and remedies

Any graha (planet) that comes close to the Sun in the Zodiac is said to overpowered by the mighty SUN. This is called Combustion of Planets. Read this article and know more about combustion.


Combustion – What does that mean?

When a planet (graha) gets too close to the SUN in any horoscope, then that planet (graha) is said to be combust.

If you are alone on stage you grab all the attention is it not? Just at that moment a world famous celebrity, a No.1 person comes and stands next to you. What happens to you? Suddenly you seem to be non-existing. This is the state of a planet that is close to the mighty SUN.

Sun is the strongest planet of all. Then comes Saturn. Then comes Mars and so on.

Can you see anything that is close to the SUN? You can see only if there is a Solar eclipse when the SUN is weak.

During the daytime, all the stars are up there in the sky but you never get to see anyone there except the SUN. The Sun is so bright that all other objects in the sky are not visible. However the objects in the sky do not disappear.

So a planet that is combust does not disappear, but it is not seen. Not seen means that the hard work you put in is not visible to others. Someone else takes away the credit.

Sun may represent your EGO. For some people EGO will be blinding their intellect or the mind. The mind does not work well when SUPER EGO is close to it. In case you have EGO problems you will have to do something about it.

In most cases Mercury (Buddhi – intellect) the planet for logic and intellect is combust. The reason for this is that Sun and Mercury never get away more than 28 degrees from each other. So all the horoscopes you will see the Sun along with Mercury, or Mercury is at least in the next sign. So at least 25% of the people in the world will have a combust Mercury.

This actually means that the power of their intellect is overpowered by a false ego.

If Venus is combust then it means that a lot of time, money and resources are being wasted on sexual matters or matters pertaining to relationships, love and romance and entertainment like cinema an games, sports. The ego is working in this area. That is the meaning of Venus combust.

If Saturn is combust then it means that due to EGO, the person is not really working hard, takes a lot of rest and likes to procrastinate, thinking that they are capable of finishing off just in time even if they start late.

If Mars is combust super ego makes them more physical. They feel that they can beat anyone in this world either in a real duel or a war of words.

If Jupiter is combust then it means that EGO makes the person think that he/she knows everything and there is no need for a guide, GOD, Guru or teacher. Some people whose Jupiter is combust become an atheist. They usually have no belief in remedies. They feel that they can find all the answers by themselves without seeking outside help. They feel that they can guide themselves.

When is a planet combust?

First of all in the Solar system no planets get too close to the SUN. So combustion happens only in a horoscope. As seen from the earth, the SUN may get too close to another planet (Graha). That is combustion. How close?

Note the degree in which SUN sits in your horoscope. If any graha (except Rahu and Ketu) are close to SUN within 8 degrees then such a graha is said to be very badly affected by the defect of combustion.

The actual degree varies from planets to planets. From the lowest to the highest is given below.

If Venus is within 8 Degrees. This means if the gap between Sun and Venus is 0 degrees to 8 degrees it is said to be combust.

If Jupiter is within 11 Degrees

Mercury within 12 Degrees while retrograde and 14 degrees while in normal motion.

Saturn within 15 Degrees

Mars within 17 Degrees

The above information is not strictly followed by all Astrologers. The reason is that there are some difference of opinion about the actual range. However everyone agrees that is a planet is within 8 degrees then the combustion surely works 100%. The effects of combustion does not cross beyond 17 degrees.

Some say if the planets are within 10 degrees only then there is combustion.

Instead of arguing about the exact degrees we should spend more time on what is combustion and what to infer from it.

For example Venus and Jupiter are combust within 8 degrees and 11 degrees. The reason is that these 2 planets are natural benefics. When they are close to the SUN, they get combusted. If they move away beyond 11 degrees then they being natural benefics escape the effect of combustion.

Saturn and Mars are combust if within 15 degrees and 17 degrees respectively. Why? The reason is that Saturn and Mars are natural malefics. Sun is already a malefic. Apart from the heat of the Sun, Saturn is and Mars get further afflicted by being close to another natural malefic. So the degrees are maximum.

The lowest degree is 8 degrees. So at least you can remember that all grahas are combust within 8 degrees and no graha is combust if beyond 17 degrees.

Do not ignore combustion!

In most cases, combustion is ignored. However what you get in return for this is a wrong reading or wrong prediction. Some of the beginners and experts in Astrology simply ignore combustion.

The dasha or bhukti of a graha that is combust will not give the expected results. The combust planet is said to be in a state of fear.

If you play a game with an ordinary person you are calm and composed and your skills are exhibited due to confidence that the outcome is going to victory. In case your opponent is a strong player, the No.1 in the tournament, you feel frightened, and you make more mistakes.

During the planetary period of a combust planet there is fear and mistakes due to low self-esteem. If the 5th house lord is combust there will be loss in games and sports just because of low confidence and fear of the opponents. Such people will find it difficult to reach the top in any sport or game.

To know the exact results of a combust planet the entire horoscope should be understood instead of just focusing on the combust planet. More important is to check out when the combust planet rules the person either as Dasha Lord or Bhukti Lord (Planetary periods).

The problem with Combust planets

Apart from combustion, there is another problem when the Sun comes close to any graha. Sun is a powerful malefic planet. Any natural malefic planet whenever they come close to another graha tends to afflict that graha. So if Mercury is with Mars a natural malefic then Mercury is afflicted. So apart from the problem of combustion we have another problem that is caused by the Sun as a natural malefic.


The cause of combustion is the SUN. Sun is hot and fiery by nature. It is equated to the 3rd eye of Lord Shiva. So pouring milk, water, rose water etc on Shiva Linga helps on a lot.

You may pray to SUN GOD directly by looking at Him during the Sunrise time.

If you have health problems arising out of the combustion then you can do SURYA NAMASKAR.

If you are Hindu then you can chant mantras that will reduce the malefic nature of SUN.

Sun may represent your EGO. For some people EGO will be blinding their intellect or the mind. The mind does not work well when SUPER EGO is close to it.

Meditation helps a lot. Not the one that you learn from internet or books. You need to go to a GURU and learn it in the traditional way with due respects to the ancient art of meditation.

Surya Namaskar is recommended if the combustion is causing physical health problems.

Mental health problems caused by combustion can be solved by reciting mantras related to Sun.

Pitta pacifiers are recommended (refer Ayurveda) because the SUN represents the PITTA in us. Due to excessive PITTA there will be many health problems. So consume Pitta pacifiers during mid day when the SUN is up and most harmful. Do not skip the meal at noon time.

In case you want to see me talking on the same topic but from a different angle then you may view the following YOUTUBE video:


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  1. R Kumar

    Dear Sir, This is a Wonderful article. Thank you so much for making astrology so simple. Looking forward to reading more and more good articles from you. Regards.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I thank you for encouraging me to write more. Is there any topic that you like me to cover on?

      • nsganapathy

        I have jupiter in 9.5 degrees and mercury in 11.5 degrees from sun in Saggitarius.(in ascendant). Saggitarius being own house and moolatrikon hosue for jupiter, still the combustion work? or will it reduce its effect?

        Thanks for your guidance. i’ve been learning astrology. You are absolutely one of my respectful gurus.

      • Anantharaman

        Dear Sir, Namaskar. My name is Anantharaman and my DOB is 28 Feb 1965, birth time 7 am at Alleppey. I have Aquarius Lagna with Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. Both Sun and Saturn are also Vargotamma in Aquarius. Saturn and Mercury are combust in Lagna. I have just started my Saturn Dasa. What are the implications from a combust but Vargottama Saturn in his moolatrikona house, Aquarius? Thanks.

    • D.KIshore kumar

      the sun in kanya lagna (dob-20/09/1958 suryodayam time and place is warangal telangana state it is said to be bad whats the remedy with great respect reply

  2. Harsha

    indeed..your way of writing is so simple yet so profound..I had been waiting for your own site to be up…as i am following you since your blog days.thanks you so much sir!!

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you so much for your kind words of appreciation. Each time such things happen, I feel that I should write more.

  3. SK

    Hello Mr. Kumar, Thanks for the articles… You knowledge is really good. Can you please write on Sade Sathi ? what are different payas ? what affect does each bring ?, How does one calculate the same etc ?

  4. Sujatha Pavan

    Hello Sir,

    Can you please educate on Ashtama Rahu in various signs and their remedies as i am undergoing rahu dasha ( Mesha Rahu in Bharani Nakshatra , Dhanur rasi and Kanya Lagna )now which has been very bad.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    • Tapendranath Putatunda

      Tapendranath Putatunda Sir,

      Mostly Astrologers say mangalik while mars in lagna,6th,7th,8th,12th house, but if jupiter stays in the same house,or keep eyes on those houses then can we say that chart is free from mangalik dosh.
      please tell us to clear misconception.
      Thanking you in advance.

  5. Nikhil Jain

    Wonderful insights on combustion of planets. A query came in mind,for Simha Lagna Sun in not malefic, then combustion doesn’t affect there negatively or malefic planets for Simha lagna if combusted are beneficial for native.
    And as remedy for all combusted planets, only Sun remedies will help.. ?

    Please guide.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Combustion happens regardless of whether SUN is your friend or not.

      • Nikhil Jain

        Dhilip ji
        Yes,combustion happens in any case.But if the Sun is not malefic for Mesh, Simha and Dhanu lagna and malefic planets for these lagnas Mercury, Saturn, Venus are combusted than isn’t is beneficial for them specifically if they are owners of 6,8,12 houses.

        Please guide.

  6. Sujatha Pavan

    Hello Dhilip Sir,

    i would be very grateful if you could look into my problem and oblige.
    I lost a well – paid job and am still not able to complete my Master’s program – course work done but project is still pending, Grahas are as given below,

    lagna kanya and Kuja is in Lagna.
    Ketu in tula
    Ravi, Chandra & Budha in Dhanus
    Shukra in Makara
    Shani in Meena
    Rahu in Mesha,
    Guru in Karkataka

    Do i have sakata yoga also ?
    Could you please give me some remedies ??
    As of now i am going thru Rahu dasha guru bhukti and am very scared as Dhanur rasi people will be under sade sathi from next November.

    Please help me Sir.

    Thanks a lot.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Give more importance to Dasha and Bhukti versus the position of the lords of the planetary periods instead of giving so much importance to transit. Get your horoscope read instead of going by Moon sign predictions. Moon sign predictions are those who do not wish to check out their horoscopes and they get less information than there really is.

  7. A Fan

    Dear Sir, I am new on this blog of yours, i must say that it is really heartening to see such well written articles. Keep on the good work. God bless you.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You are such a nice person. But why have words like maniac and psycho in your id. Try to avoid it. No evil should be promoted even for fun. That is my view. If you refuse to listen that is ok. After all it is your life.

  8. MILAN

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to express deep sense of gratitude and sincere tanks for enlighten us through your learned articles on astrology. The important thing I found that in your articles are full of positivity and provides the remedies and approach towards life. I have consulted so many astrologers but never received accurate predictions or right direction hence I started to learn this occult science through own with the help of your articles and other books.

    Kindly help me to understand the combustion of SUN & VENUS where I read in one of the article that if Venus is having higher degree as compare to the SUN then it is said that Venus is coming out from combustion. In my case, I have Capricorn Ascendant and SUN who is Lord of 8th house is sitting in the Ascendant with Venus who is Lord of 5th & 10th House. (i.e The degree of Venus is 15.45 & degree of SUN is 14.14).

    Also I would like to mention that Venus is Yogakaraka for Capricorn Ascendant but sitting with SUN in Ascendant. Kindly provide your valued guidance on the impact of this combustion please. Another thing to notice is the Ascendant Lord Saturn is sitting in the 8th House with Moon in Leo Sign hence there is a “Parivartan Yoga” of Ascendant Lord Saturn & 8th House Lord SUN.

    Still if you find any further details then kindly note the birth details as below.
    DOB: 28/01/1978
    Time:07.45 AM
    Place: Ahmedabad Gujarat

    Looking forward to receive your valued feedback and guidance to achieve the goal of life.

    Keep enlighten us. May GOD Bless you and help us to get the focus on life…

    Thanks & Regards…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      To say that Nipuna Yoga is one of the Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas is a blunder. The Pancha Mahapurusha yogas are 5 in numbers as the name implies: They are 1. Ruchaka Yoga, 2. Bhadra Yoga, 3.Hamsa Yoga 4. Malavya Yoga and 5. Sasha Yoga caused by Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn being in a kendra and also be in own house or exaltation sign.

      Nipuna Yoga works only if MERCURY is with SUN but NOT combust at the same time.

      If NIPUNA yoga is so simple as you say, ie if SUN and MERCURY are together causes NIPUNA YOGA then 1/3rd of the worlds population will have NIPUNA YOGA as MERCURY will always be close to SUN 1/3rd of the times. Mercury will never go more than 28 degrees away from SUN. So MERCURY will be with SUN or one sign before SUN or one Sign after SUN.

      My answer is not for you but for my other readers as I feel that you may not accept my views.

  9. Radha

    Thank you so much for the article, is there any guidance on the strength of combust planets, where Sun is debilitated? For eg. for Tauras Asc.; jupiter in Scorpio at (1:03:24) and Sun in Libra at (29.36.07)

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The strengths of all planets should be known by SHADBALA method. It is mind boggling set of calculations so tough that until computers came in most Astrologers conveniently skipped it aside. Now with computer software they are back again. Yet, 5000 years ago, Maharshi Parasara clearly warns us of the danger of ignoring Shadbala. Even is SUN is debilitated SUN will do the same job of combusting planets as the rules goes. In Neechasthana means the planet is a bad mood. It is frowning. In exaltation it is very happy.

      • anusugu123

        It is a nice article. But if a person is born during asta graha kutami means all the planets are combusted? My husband is born on Feb 4nd 1962. He has all the planets in makara rasi. Because all the planets are in 1 house with sun all the planets are combusted? Means he will be running the maha dasha of combusted planets through out his life?

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Yes. In 1962 Feb 3,4 and 5, all the planets except RAHU were in Makara Rasi. Rahu is in Karkataka. For combustion details, you need to check the degree of SUN and the degrees of other planets. I think the SUN is at 21 degrees. Planets closest to SUN will suffer the most in terms of Combustion. Also important is what is the Lagna and if planets have shifted in the BHAVA (CHALIT) chart.

      • Radha

        Thank you, should one look at Nirayaan Bhava Chalit while looking at combust planets to see if the location has shifted?

  10. anusugu123

    My husband’s is born on Feb 4th 1962 at 2;30AM. Lagna is scorpio. As you mentioned sun was at 21degrees and ME,Ve,Ju are at 23,24,25 degrees and MO,Ma and Sa are at 5,8,9 degrees.
    But on the whole all the planets are combust including his educational lord. But he got very good education. He did Btech from good university them Mtech from IIT and MS from a good university in USA. He was also selected for Indian engineering services.
    So my guess is combust planets and dasha’s have no effect in his case. Where as in my son’s case (he is born on 9th Nov 1989 at 13:58PM. ) his study lord Me is combust. Me is 1 degree close to SUN. His is having many problems in concentration and remembering. He is having hard time completing his MBBS. And from July 07 onwards Me dasha will start for him.
    When I am worried too much and searching for topics on combusted lord dasha I found this topic of yours and suddenly my husband mentioned combusted planet dasha will not have any effect and referred to his chart.
    I saw more than 90% of the articles on web were talking bad about combusted planets.
    so I am not understanding what to believe. Why the combusted planets have good effect in some cases and bad effects in other cases. If you could analyze both the charts and give an explanation that will be useful.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The horoscopes are different. Each horoscope is unique. Combustion is just one aspect of it. You can check out from Astrologers in Boston, Massachusetts. Being a professional Astrologer, I cannot cast the horoscope of all my readers who ask me questions. I take up 2 clients per day. That is taking away so much of my time. In these columns I have time only for general topics. I cannot go any deeper. Hope you understand.

    • Gurdjiff

      I honestly read astrology blog etc.. out of curiosity and for fun. I am sort of neutral to more biased towards real science’s. I hope followers as well as respected teacher like dhillip don’t take it personal and combust me 🙂 for my opinion. Anu, I agree with your husband’s suggestion and at the same time your son is doing MBBS and even though he is struggling how can combustion be in effect ? Even though dhilip explained it beautifully on why we can’t see other planets when sun is in full flow however it is not entirely correct from Astronomy perspective. Some of starts are infact not there and even though they might be visible and it is due to distance and they died ages ago. Jupiter and some other planets are out of first layer of Sun’s periphery hence I guess technically affect would be less. I really found astrology funny at times as it has so many loose ends and buck is conveniently passed on lack of knowledge of astrologer etc… These days Vedic astrology is trending however do you know that indian civilization rejected astrology as non-sense and not useful by learned sages/teachers of india. When it travelled from Greeceland it was considered superstitious and of no use. I agree with Dhillip’s analysis though as my guru is combusted too that I am almost an atheist (agnostic stage right now) and most of the times I feel I don’t need teacher and don’t take suggestions even good one too kindly 🙂 Good part is I am aware of it however don’t believe in remedies other than self improvement.. Have you ever thought that your son might not be interested in pursuing MBBS and his interest might lie somewhere else ? Since we all are in rat race and for good reason as money takes care of 95% of problems of life and rest depends on individiual

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Your opinion is full of reason. You do not believe in remedies because your Jupiter is combust. However if you start worshiping GURU on all Thursdays and Full Moon day then you will start improving.

        We hope using science and technology we can tie the loose ends in Astrology. Now that in the USA there are 30 universities offering courses in Vedic Astrology, I am sure we will all improve. Many things are not controlled by the planets. People who believe Astrology blame everything on Karma etc. It is not true. There is room for alteration. Astrology like gravity works all the time whether you believe in gravity or not. Like you said in the last line “we are all in the rat race…. etc.”

        The contribution by Science did not help Steve Job overcome Cancer. Science and its followers must first concentrate on solving problems right here on earth instead of outer space. First solve problems like diseases, then terrorism, poverty, pollution and global warming, AIDS. Instead some of the scientists and rationale people like you are wasting precious time in arguing about existence of GOD, validity of Astrology.

        95% of the people in the world support and believe in Science and only 5% believe seriously in Astrology. Yet science has been disappointing. Yes. There has been good things too. But I think it is 50-50.

        When the above problems are solved, Astrology and Astrologers will go away from this world. I will go back to Computer Programming which is my actual profession. I became an Astrologer because people compelled me to guide them. I said “NO” but they said “Please Please”. Then I finally gave up IT field and became an Astrologer.

        All the very best.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        The fact that your GURU is combust proves that Astrology is VALID. Maybe it is further afflicted by other grahas. That is why you like to speak against knowledge like GOD, Religion and Astrology. I am sure my readers will agree with me. Instead of going after Astrology you can spend more time in Science and try to give relief to people so that they do not have to go to Astrologers etc.

        My advice to people like you is why chase Astrologers. Chase the terrorists, the black money guys, the tax evaders, the doctors who charge for treating dead people, engineers who build things that comes down, find solution for natural disasters, stop wars, drugs, trafficking in women, prostitution, distilleries that makes tons of poison, plastics, things that make our air impure and when you have done all that may be you can target Astrologers because they are few in numbers.

  11. Panks

    My ascendant lord mercury is combustive in third house with sun……..Will you suggest some remedies for the same ? What are the effects of such combustion of first house lord.

  12. MILAN

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to express deep sense of gratitude and sincere tanks for enlighten us through your learned articles on astrology. The important thing I found that in your articles are full of positivity and provides the remedies and approach towards life. I have consulted so many astrologers but never received accurate predictions or right direction hence I started to learn this occult science through own with the help of your articles and other books.

    Kindly help me to understand the combustion of SUN & VENUS where I read in one of the article that if Venus is having higher degree as compare to the SUN then it is said that Venus is coming out from combustion. In my case, I have Capricorn Ascendant and SUN who is Lord of 8th house is sitting in the Ascendant with Venus who is Lord of 5th & 10th House. (i.e The degree of Venus is 15.45 & degree of SUN is 14.14).

    Also I would like to mention that Venus is Yogakaraka for Capricorn Ascendant but sitting with SUN in Ascendant. Kindly provide your valued guidance on the impact of this combustion please. Another thing to notice is the Ascendant Lord Saturn is sitting in the 8th House with Moon in Leo Sign hence there is a “Parivartan Yoga” of Ascendant Lord Saturn & 8th House Lord SUN.

    Still if you find any further details then kindly note the birth details as below.
    DOB: 28/01/1978
    Time:07.45 AM
    Place: Ahmedabad Gujarat

    Looking forward to receive your valued feedback and guidance to achieve the goal of life.

    Keep enlighten us. May GOD Bless you and help us to get the focus on life…

    Thanks & Regards…

  13. K.C.Mohan Rao

    Namaste Sir,

    The article is very informative.

    Can you clarify 1) What happens when a planet gets combust in its house of exaltation?

    2) The Planet is combust in D-1 and is in friendly or Moolatrikona or in exaltatoion or in his own house in Navamsa?

    3) Will there be any beneficial influence if the combust planet is aspected by benefics like Jupiter and Venus?

    Mohan Rao K.C.

  14. Bhaskari Iyer

    respected sir
    i am silent reader of your articles . not wanting to sound cynical but curious; if combustion weakens the planets strength and is bad then how come albert einstein having so many planets combust had such a famous and good life???
    can you take it up as a different article like bruce lee ?? or answer it here itself!
    Name: Albert Einstein
    Date of Birth: Friday, March 14, 1879
    Time of Birth: 11:30:00
    Place of Birth: Ulm
    Longitude: 10 E 0
    Latitude: 48 N 23
    Time Zone: 1.0
    thank you

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please have a closer look at the chart. You will be surprised that SUN is far away in Poorvabhadra and all other planets are in Uttarabhadra. Technically the combustion is weak.

      Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

      Sun – DK 1 Pi 19′ 31.48″ PBha 4 Pi Cn
      Mercury – PiK 10 Pi 57′ 24.01″ UBha 3 Pi Li
      Venus – AK 24 Pi 48′ 16.03″ Reva 3 Pi Aq
      Saturn – MK 12 Pi 01′ 16.93″ UBha 3 Pi Li

      Look at the distance from SUN.

      I will do it in a separate article like Bruce Lee. Astrology is very complex. It is not made up of a single rule. There are 100 rules. You have to combine many rules. The positions of planets, the bhava chart, divisional chart, the yogas, the shadbalas, bhavabalas, so on and so forth, and combustion is just 1 part of the whole thing. That is why we have a few top Astrologers in the world like Chess Champions. Everyone can play chess. Everyone knows a little bit of it. But when it comes to playing at the highest level then Chess is totally different and very very complex in nature.

  15. Mira

    If i may ask my sun is in mesha lagna with 3 lanets together venus, mercury and mars…does that means venus being my kalathara karaka star I will not have a happy married life??

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      check the distance between Sun and the other planets in Mesha Rasi. If they are very close then the combustion may mean that horoscope matching should be done prior to marriage to prevent any possibility of troubled marriage. Also check how close is the 6th house lord to the 7th house lord.

  16. Sudhendra Casturi

    Hi Sir,
    I am born on Nov 2nd 1982, 11:30 pm at Ananthapur (A.P). I am having 5 planets in 4th house. Ascendant is Cancer. The 5 planets are Sun, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. could you tell me what would be the effects of combustion

  17. vivek kumar

    Namaste Sir,
    My DOB is 28/08/1980 (Time: 10:15am, Long: 75’40″E , Latt:19’0″N). I am having sun in 11th house alongwith jupiter and mercury. Saturn is also placed nearer to the Sun. My question is which of these planets get combusted in my horoscope and what is the net result?
    Also i have heard that after 28 to 32 yrs of age of the person the combusted planet shows its true colours & give the results which may be malefic or benefic in nature. What is ur opinion on this?
    Thanx & Regards,

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Find out which book says this and who is the author. This is with regard to the age 28 to 32 years of age issue that you are talking about.

  18. Manoharan

    Namaste Sir,
    I’m glad to read your articles as I have learned many things which most of the other astrological sites do not provide with. Its very useful for common people that you shed your deep knowledge upon us. I’ll come to my basic doubt.
    Sir, If planet is not combusted in a birth chart, and in BHAVA CHALIT chart if it comes into the house where sun is placed, WILL IT GET COMBUSTED? For example, if sun is in 5th house in both birth and BHAVA charts, and if the 6th house planet(in birth chart) gets combusted comes closer to sun in BHAVA chart?
    Therefore, what will the mahadasha of the planet that has moved a house backwards in BHAVA chart?
    Will it show the results of both the houses? Or will it exhibit the results of planets aspecting it in the BHAVA chart? (In this case, Combustion because of SUN)

  19. Vinay

    Sir, i had read your article on no.8 and saturn, amazing article, regarding to this u said combust jupiter means ego of person thinks that there is no need for guru or teacher, in spiritual matters or 9th house, it can be understood, but if it is lagnesh, for eg, sun and jupiter in saggitarius witin deep combustion, that happens to be lagna. How does it relate to, he wil suffer physicaly and in education(4th hse), because he has not followed his guru in past life . Its a request please cover more details like you covered for saturn, especially for jupiter, bcse jupiter rules wisdom(gyana) in life the, its combustion is imp. Another point is that you mentioned sun as malefic. In bhps also it is mentioned as krura graha(means that if u do wrong it will correct you mercilessly), and not as pap graha which means malefic. Please share some thoughts on that.

  20. Blossom

    Very interesting write up Sir. I need to know if Rahu Dasha is a bad time for child birth, since I’ve experienced multiple failures in this regard. I’m currently in Rahu Dashe and Chandra Bhukti.
    Pls advice. Thank you.

  21. Vishal

    Sir i like your blog very much and please Suggest some remedy for combust planet like jupiter n mercury etc. N do the planets become bad when they r both retrograde and combust

  22. Rakesh Bajaj

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.I learn a lot from your articles,once again Thanks.

  23. Meena

    Hello Sir,

    My birth details are as follows:
    DOB – 28 Aug 1980
    TOB – 2.36 AM
    POB – Chittur, Palghat, Kerala, India.

    Could you please let me know my Atmakaraka , Amatyakaraka and Darakaraka according to my horoscope.

    • vc

      Could you please tell us about pitru dosha and problems in marriage due to this and remedies. thanks.

  24. Luka,24 year old,male

    I have Aries Sun (19,degrees)
    and my Mercury and Venus are combusted.
    It’s all in the third house.
    Sun is ruler of my 7th house.
    And since Venus is in detriment is combustion actually a good thing?

  25. saraswathi

    very good explanation on combust my grand daughters horoscope sun, moon ,Jupiter, mars and mercury are in pisces.But moon,jupiter,mars are combust and mercury is debilitated in pisces. what will be the net effect. could you please throw some light.The lagnam is Taurus. Saturn is in kani. venus in aquarius.ketu in Gemini and rahu in Dhanus.

  26. hari

    Dhilip Sir,
    It is a very commendable job that you are doing here..I have gone through some your Youtube Videos as well..It was really nice and well explained..
    I have a doubt to ask sir,If you may permit…
    My DOB is 5/5/1986..Born at Salem, TN, 11.10 PM..
    Chart details
    For a Sagittarus lagna with Mars at 1st house,
    lagnaadhipan at 3rd house and waning moon at 4th,
    Sun, Mercury and north node rahu at 5th, Venus at own house at 6th,
    Ketu at 11th and saturn at 12th..Saturn retrograded..
    The above details pertains to my horoscope sir..
    I would like to know how would the current Venus Dasha fair, since it has been hell for the past 27 years of my life..
    REcently the talks about my marriage is going on..
    I’m afraid of the fact that SAturn aspecting venus at 6th house..And kalathrakaaragan Mercury (also Paadhagaadhipan) sitting with Rahu..
    Can you throw some light since my findings are restrained to certain limits…
    Thanks & Regards,
    Harisudan CK

  27. brd

    In my chart sun (21 degree) and mercury (20 degree) are in 7th house. Will i have to do a remedy for the sun or for mercury?

  28. Suma

    hello Dilip sir can you pls look into my horoscope and tell me as i have 6 planets in 10 th house along with sun. facing financial prob and mental tensions. pls help me. DOB 31 august 1979 at 1:30 pm in bangalore. pls advice sir

  29. Mrs Kumar

    Sir, Your article was very enlightening and gave an insight on the complex functioning of planets and how the sun can overshadow a combust planet. Sir, I have a 6th house Mercury and Venus, both combust. An astrologer had told me to do remedies for my debilitated and combust Veus in sixth house (Aries ascendant) and wear an emerald for my retrograde and combust Mercury. However I was not convinced since Mercury is said to be a functional malefic for an Aries ascendant. Can you please tell me whether I am right in not to choosing to wear an emerald for my combust and retrograde sixth house Mercury?
    For information my d.o.b is 14h September, 1963, time 9.23 p.m., Mumbai

  30. Rajeev

    Dear Sir, greetings!!! I have Makar lagna and my venus is combust in 8th house, leo by Sun. Since Venus is Yogakaraka I tried wearing diamond but the health of my children started suffering as venus is also is my 5th house lord in 8th house. Please advice remedy

  31. Bharat

    Dear Sir,
    In my horoscope Mercury, Saturn and Mars are combust, Jupiter is at 29 degree. Mercury is Bhagyesh sitting with Mars and Sun in the 6th house. Request you to kindly guide me as both career and finance are in shambles. I am undergoing Rahu Mahadasha since No 2011. Is there any way that I can get married (at this age!!!!) and have a stable career free of debts? Many thanks for your kind help. My birth details are – 14.03.1966. Delhi-10:45 PM.

    Someone told me that my condition is bad as a) I have Gulika in 1st house, b) Kaal Srpa Yog and c)Guru Chandal Yog besides above mentioned combustion of Bhagyesh etc. Is there any way that I can improve mercury through any remedies?

    Just for your info…I am good at doing Mantras and pooja etc and find it a easy way……in case you suggest a remedy. Appreciate your help.

    Many thanks for your time.


  32. sandeep

    Hi Dhilip Sir,
    i want to know whether my venus is combusted or not
    i have venus(at 26 degr), Sun(at 25 degr) in 4th house.According to some article i came to know that “If a planet has passed the Sun, then it’s coming out of combustion,
    and is receiving the positive side of the Sun.”.
    Please help me

    • sandeep

      my DOB is 8th Apr 1989
      time: 23:25. Hyderabad

  33. bolisetty nageswararao

    my date of birth is 3rd feb 1962 and time was 12.00 am approxmately.
    at bapatla andhra pradesh .kindly advise remidies to overcome tensions.
    bolisetty nageswararao

  34. bolisetty nageswararao

    my date of birth is 3rd feb 1962 and time was 12.00 am nearly
    at bapatla andhra pradesh .kindly advise remidies to overcome tensions.
    bolisetty nageswararao

  35. jain

    sir what about combustion in different signs???
    sun in last degrees of one sign and the planet in other sign…..they will anyways in most cases will come in the same house in nirayana bhav chalit….

  36. Raghuraman

    Sir, If Sun and Jupiter are combust for Aries Lagna, is it not that 5th and 9th Lord are together and both being natural benefic. Is combustion always bad or is it based on placement and planet



  38. Ravi goyal


    I have tremendous desire to understand Sun/Venus combustion with the help of pictures and diagrams showing position and angles of planets. In my horoscope Venus /sun are in the 2 nd house Taurus.
    What I understand is that Venus will not look like black spot on the disk of sun. Rather Venus is on the position when blue sky is visible during sunrise. I mean during sun rise sun rays coming to earth. Sun rays contains VIBGYOR colors. Earth reflects back blue color and blue sky is visible. Venus is on the position/angle when blue color is reflected back by earth forming blue sky and Venus is not visible (when seen from earth) although it is shining. Venus is hidden by blue sky. Please confirm if I am thinking right?


  39. Simone Makhamra

    Your article was a great read! Thank you very much!
    I have sun in capricorn 28 degrees, and jupiter also in capricorn, at 25 degrees (both in the 6th house). My rising sign is leo 15 degrees and Im an actor, currently battling depression + panic syndrome. Does the combustion exacerbate mental illness? Is my acting career bound to remain a struggle? I’m used to skipping lunch, my digestive system copes better (I feel) drinking mate (native south american herbal tea drunk from a wooden cup) throughout the day. Should I adopt noon lunches?
    Thank you for your time!

  40. parvati

    sir my son is having sun+retro mercury+rahu in 10th house in leo sign.he is going through rahu maha dasa.will this cause problems in engineering entrance exams?

  41. Vignesh

    Dear sir,
    I think I have an interesting question. What if Mars is in 1st degree, Rahu is in 2nd degree and Sun is in 5th degree of Gemini. (11th house in rasi chart)

    Will combustion happen before Eclipse or Eclipse will happen before combustion?

  42. SP

    SIr, good article, Is it possible that combustion occurs during a transit whereby saturn gets combusted by sun. I mean that it is not in the kundli, but you can see the effect during a particulr transit/bhukti. If so would you say that a functional benefic can regain their strength?
    Thank You


    sir ,my dob is march 6, 1985 11:10am, meerut (UP). my kundli is taurus ascendant and mercury+venus+mars in 11 th house. the mercury is combust. please tell me the effect and remedy of this planet.

  44. NT


    Can you explain the temporary combustion that happens in one’s horoscope during the transit. i.e. asta graha in Gochara? Will the good effects of natural benefactors be nullified even if the planet is in exalted signs? Thanks.

  45. Ila

    Respected Sir, does Jupiter combust cause delay in marriage

  46. sushil

    i have pour lots of milk on lord shiva. ask my experience, its a wastage of milk. nothing happen. destiny wont change.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      It works in 8 out of 10 cases. Sometimes it does not work due to the intensity of the dosha involved – meaning the actions of the past life is so strong that you need to be more patient. Anyway, sometimes to me it looks like everything in life is a waste, so one need not worry about milk being wasted. If you do not believe in this, then try offering milk to orphan children. At least you see the orphan children so your satisfaction will be higher.

    • Gurdjiff

      I wish you would have added some badam into it and drank yourself that way your brain would have got some circulation… I hope at least that is not wasted

  47. chetan

    combust mercury in 8 th house in virgo with less than 2 degrees from sun is giving health issues (schezophrenia )(related to nerves ) .. any good remedy for this sir ?

    • chetan

      also .. please write an article on neecha bhanga raja yoga sir ..

  48. Kavitha

    sir ,my dob is september 22, 1989 12:25pm, mangalore(karnataka). please tell me the effect and remedy of combust planets

  49. titir

    Sir, what about budhaditya yoga….which comes when sun and mercury are together…….Please tell little about that also ….

  50. Naga Chavakula


    Thanks for great article. In my birth chart has venus, sun, mars, mercury in same house (2nd house) where as venu is in combustion. How big you consider is the impact? Please suggest remedies.

  51. sivaranjani

    sir , ur article is mind blowing.i have a great interest in astrology so much inspired by ur article .thank you so much for wonderful article

  52. R. Parimala

    sun, mars, mercury, venus, saturn in 12th house dob 28/02/1994 time 7:32 AM male

  53. R. Parimala

    Sir, sun, mars, mercury, venus, saturn in 12th house dob 28/02/1994 time 7:32 AM male
    Any remedy


    Sir,Asc in Gemini(18:06:52),[Sun (06:42:28),Mars(28:37:34),Jup(22:14:41),Venus(29:51:23),Rahu(26:59:23) in Aquarius] Moon in Cancer 07:03:24. Mercury in Capricorn 21:28:06, Ketu in Leo 26:59:23—–Please ADVISE for Guruchondali & Combustion & Grahojyudhha My date of birth is 19/02/1951 at Kulti in West Bengal 023.44N,086.51E

  55. DEEPAK T

    Thank yout for your nice explanation and this was informative.I am deeply interested in astrology at your articles impact me very much. kindly check my horoscope and pls give advice. In my horoscope sun is in capricon in 8th house, jup ven mer moon is in aquaris in 9th house. Are the 4 planets combust. What is the remedy for it. DOB 11feb1986 time 16:07pm 75E22 11N52.

  56. Mahendra kabra

    Hello Sir,
    Lagna is Capricorn I’am having Venus,Rahu & Jup in 5th house, sat in 2nd house, 3rd house is mercury, pl let me now how will be this dasa period

  57. Mahendra kabra

    Hello Sir,
    Lagna is Capricorn I’am having Venus,Rahu & Jup in 5th house, sat in 2nd house, 3rd house is mercury, pl let me now how will be this Raha dasa period which have started ftom this month


    Respected sir, Can we have a few more lines on the effects caused by a combust Mercury – The article lists a false ego – any more effects to be expected? Thankyou in advance for your assistance – Srinivasan Udupa K.N

  59. Roshan Kewalchand Jain

    Dear Sit this is really superb and helpful article si i need your help my birth date is 5/12/1985 and time is 15:15 and place is Jalgaon Maharashtra sir my rashi lord is SUN but i am going through really bad time of my life can you please suggest me what i can do for good effects? i hop i will get your kind help and consideration.

  60. BM Gupta

    Reading and watching your videos ignite my interest in Astrology! Simple, Practical but amazing approach and clarity! Thank you for sharing this with common people..

  61. sydonie

    hello sir,
    how are you my date of birth is 16th October 1974 time is 10.07 am in Mumbai sion on Wednesday swati is my nakhatra please give me remedies for the tensions and the injustice done my mother in law and father in law and my husband’s brother’s wife these people very conviently are burdening making my husband do all their expenditures also spend on their enjoyments but also doing a lot of black magic on my husband myself amd on my son by making all things go in their favour and though father in law is having well high paid salary and also my husband ‘s brother has got good job salary they don’t spend their money they keep it as savings for themselves and don’t allow my husband to keeo anything as a security for me my son and my husband no savings at all and I m housewife .

  62. dilip

    Sir I would like to know which planet is combustion in my kundali. DOB 17.07.1979, Time 14.45, Place Chennai.

  63. rajiv

    Dear Dilip Kumar ji,
    in the horoscope of my son Rishab, we see a very rare cluster of planets in ashtam ghar.
    surya, sukhara, mangal and shani.
    we are really worried about his health.
    could you advise about the longevity of his life and health related issues.

  64. civil004

    Sir, Namaskar
    Kindly clarify my doubt in detail

    Effects of Saturn, Venus & Sun placed in Lagna for Vrischika Lagna, Saturn being 3rd,4th lord, Venus being 7th,12th lord & Sun being 10th lord. All the three are aspected by Jupiter. Jupiter being in 9th house. Female, Date of Birth 17-11-2014 at 07.53 am in Hyderabad.

  65. raaghav

    my mars is com-bust 1 degree difference between mars and sun my liver in not fully function im thin and lean

  66. manchanda

    eg. sun 1 degree 1st house and venus 358 degree 12th house. Is venus combust?

  67. manchanda

    what about moon and Asc combustion?

  68. manchanda

    one more question venus 8.40 degrees, is it combust or exactly <=8 is combust.

  69. manchanda

    is combustion is only from Sun or it can happen from others like venus from Mars etc?

  70. manchanda

    what about Rah Ketu combustion

  71. Aru C

    Sir, If mercury is 13.7 degrees apart from Sun in a different house, will it still have all the bad effects of conjunction?

  72. Aru C

    Adding to the previous comment: Mercury is in its own sign of Virgo.

  73. varalakshmi

    my daughter is born on 3rd june 1998 at 16:35pm in hyderabad on wednesday.
    according to her planetary position sun with 19 degree mars with 13 degree and mercury with 11 degree are in 8th house . how will be her educatio

  74. A roy choudhury

    Respected Dhilip Ji- kindly advise from your expert knowledge and vast experience about the effect of combust retrograde venus (14th august to 21st august) on aquarius rashi – more specifically satabhisha nakshatra 3rd phase

  75. A roy choudhury

    Sorry I forgot to mention my DOB 16.11.1961
    Respected Dhilip Ji- kindly advise from your expert knowledge and vast experience about the effect of combust retrograde venus (14th august to 21st august) on aquarius rashi – more specifically satabhisha nakshatra 3rd phase

  76. A roy choudhury

    Sorry I forgot to mention my DOB 16.11.1961, 6 pm at Calcutta (West Bengal)
    Respected Dhilip Ji- kindly advise from your expert knowledge and vast experience about the effect of combust retrograde venus (14th august to 21st august) on aquarius rashi – more specifically satabhisha nakshatra 3rd phase

  77. thangavel

    Dear Sir, My Hearty wishes! as an astrologer i was very happy about your articles ,You mentioned clearly about that combustion of planets. Very interesting and it will be very helpful for begginers.

  78. jasleen

    does the nakshatra exalted in moon in ur kundali describes the beuty of native does it has effect on native forever?

  79. jasleen

    plz reply soon i want to know it

  80. JS Parthasarathi

    Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 11/11/1955 10:37 am, Salem, Tamil Nadu.
    In my horoscope Sun is debilidated. Saturn is close. It is in Tula, but at further end from earth trajetory. I am daily doing Sun Gazing and Surya namaskar.

    When I will get a reasonably good job ? Also pl tell remedy for 6th house Kethu .

    JS Parthasarathi Chennai.

  81. Prashant Dixit

    Great article on combust planets. Will someone form a Budh Adity Raj Yoga if he has a combust Mercury?

    • Syydonie Kejriwal

      my date of birth is 16th October 1974 in Mumbai at 10.07 am when will I get a job

  82. sachin

    hello very nice article..we are able to learn a lot through this thanks for that but i have one question that can we wear gemstone of combust planet which is placed in 6,8 or 12th house….

  83. Nikhil

    I have Combust Mercury and venus in 12th ghar
    I am facing problems due to that

    Pls suggest remedies

  84. Vk

    Hello Sir,

    Vrischika lord, having Sun,Mercury, Jupiter in second house. Will this combustion is budha aditya yoga. Any benefit from this.

    Thank You.

  85. vijaya

    Hello Sir, my daughter has saturn in 5th house. Can you please guide her to nullify the effects of saturn in her life. Jupiter is in 1st house, moon & rahu in 3rd house, Ketu in 9th house, Sun&Mars in 10th house, Mercury and Venus in 11 th house. Can you please give remedies for the bad effects occuring due to positions of these planets

  86. N. Kumar

    Hi sir,

    My birth details are:
    Date – 10 Oct, 1971
    Time – 23.05 P.M.
    Place – Darbhanga

    I have invested more money in my e-commerce business. When will I get success in my business? Kindly suggest me.

  87. Sunil Kumar

    hello sir, leo asdent mars sun mercury in 5 house mars combust ; dob 13/1/1977 birth palace- hisar , Haryana ;birth time- 21;15 which gemstone I wear


    sunil kumar — hello sir, leo asdent, sun mercury mars in 5 th house,mars combust, can I wear monga or pana ( dob- 13/1/1977, birth palace- hisar,haryana, time- 21;15 )


    sunil kumar —– hello sir, leo asdent, sun mars mercury in 5 th house, mars combust , can I wear moonga or panna ( dob-13/1/1977, birth palace- hisar, Haryana, time- 21;15 )

  90. invisiblebeauty0

    My Mercury is in 14 degree and sun is 13 degree in 8th house. Does it mean they r combust?

  91. prem

    I have jupiter in 9.5 degrees and mercury in 11.5 degrees from sun in Saggitarius.(in ascendant). Saggitarius being own house and moolatrikon hosue for jupiter, still the combustion work? or will it reduce its effect?

  92. R K Tandon

    If combustion has only negetive effects, as mentioned in the article above, can someone explain why Amitabh Bachchan with combust Mer, Mar and Ven in 8th house is so successful in life ?

  93. Gururaj

    Sir, very nice article to understand. sir today is 23rd october, i see that sun is in libra at 06 degree and mercury is in libra at 3 degrees so does this qualify for a combustion. regards..gururaj

  94. Amit Mekwan

    my dob :- 31/10/1982
    time :- 13:15
    place :- vadodara , gujarat , india.
    please help
    i have saturn , venus , mercury , jupiter and sun in 10th house tula
    please suggest remedies

  95. Svijaya Luxmi

    Karkata lagna shukra is in 11 hpuse ans viewed by kuja frm tula moreover shukra is in kuja nakshatra but got combusted by surya who is also in 11 rishabha for this horoscope surya is atma karaka also will shukra give good effects in his dasa
    I ve showed to many people noone was able to answer this

  96. Siddhartha

    Can sun and mercury be combust if they are in different houses ? But within 6 degrees of each other ?

  97. Purti

    30/7/2000 place of birth :- nagpur(mah) time:-11:39 i have moon and mars in combustion and one more question which proffesion will suits me? Can i became ias?

  98. Pankaj

    My Son date of Birth 23.03.2011 and place of Birth Muzaffarnagar (Uttar Pradesh). Pls See if There are Neecha Bhanga raja yogas and also If Jupiter is combust for being at 10.3 degree from Sun in Pieces in 7th house. Regards

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