Errors and Omissions – Planets in each house

This article is a result of many emails that I received. One planet does not cause the expected result in full. There are many reasons why the same position of a planet does not give the same result in different horoscopes. This article is an effort to answer such doubts of countless people who sent me emails.


Errors and Omissions – Planets in each house

Right from beginners to experts in Astrology, there is the possibility of errors while assessing a horoscope. Like many types of knowledge, Astrology is very simple at the basic level but as you try for more perfection it gets more complex landing us in doubt and confusion.

No two horoscopes are exactly alike. However there are only 9 planets and 12 houses. So when you read a book about planets in various houses Astrology look very simple, enthusing new comers and making it look like Astrology could be understood in less than a month. Some books and teachers claim that they can teach you Astrology in less than 24 hours. According to me Vedic Astrology is the most complex knowledge in the world. Research in this field can be highly rewarding and it can change the lives of more people than by any other method.

By doing an example I wish to clarify my point.

Saturn in the 5th house – most people think that this marks the end of the prospects of children in their life or it simply means trouble through children.

The error in this kind of reading is that Saturn will be in the 5th house for 1/12th of the world population simply because Saturn has to be in 1 out of the 12 houses, so 1 out of 12 people is sure to have Saturn in the 5th house and according to the classical books 1/12th of the world’s population are supposed to be either childless or have some serious problems with children. Is Astrology as simple as that?

Other planetary positions add to or subtract from the bad luck of children due to Saturn in the 5th house.

There are 12 types of Saturn in the 5th house

What? This is what comes to your mind, is it not?

Mesha Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house – Saturn in Simha (Leo) – Simha is ruled by Sun. Saturn and Sun are miles apart in everything.

Vrishbha Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house – Saturn in Kanya (Virg0) – ruled by Mercury (Budha) they are friends.

Mithuna Lagna – Saturn int the 5th house means Saturn is in Libra (Thula) – Saturn is exalted here and is in the house of Venus (Sukra), they both get along well.

Karkataka Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house means Saturn is in Vrischika (Scorpio) which is ruled by Mars (Kuja) – there is enmity between both of them.

Simha Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house means Saturn is in Dhanus (Sagittarius) – the malefic nature of Saturn mellows down and the Jupiter effect is very positive – it is like being guided all the time by Guru (Jupiter). This is a positive sign and the MoolaTrikona of Jupiter.

Kanya Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house means Saturn is in Makara (Capricorn) – own house of Saturn. Saturn is happy being in own house.

Thula Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house means Saturn is in Kumbha (Aquarius) – own house of Saturn, better than Makara because this house is the MoolaTrikona of Saturn (Sani). It is also a positive sign.

Vrischika Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house means Saturn is in Meena (Pisces) owned by Jupiter, but this is a negative sign, and therefore not as good as Dhanus.

Dhanus Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house means Saturn is in Mesha (Aries) owned by Mars, Saturn and Mars do not get along well, Saturn is very weak here, because Saturn is debilitated in Mesha

Makara Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house means Saturn is in Vrishabha (Taurus), owned by Sukra, Sukra and Saturn get along well with each other.

Kumbha Lagna – Saturn in the 5th house means Saturn is in Mithuna (Gemini) owned by Budha friendly to Saturn.

Meena Lagna – Saturn is in the 5th house means Saturn is in Karkataka (Cancer) owned by the Moon, the Moon has no enemy, though Saturn does not like the Moon.

So we find that the same Saturn in the 5th house is actually 12 types.

Now do this for all the planets in your horoscope.

You will know the complexity of every horoscope. You are unique. Is there someone else like you in this world? So your horoscope is also unique because you are unique. So do not waste time in trying to know more about your star, your moon sign, your sun sign. Also do not waste time in simple readings like Sun in which house? Moon in which house? Get deeper into each position of planet and then read together the combined effects of all the planets with regard to a single topic.

The position of the 12 lords of 12 houses have a great effect on your life as much as the position of planets.

For example, the advantage of Moon in the 2nd house with regard to wealth will be lost considerably if the lord of the 2nd house is in the 12th house of loss.

There are 24 types of Saturn in the 5th house.

Before we get deeper into the subject think of the 12 types of Saturn in the 5th house when Saturn is alone.

What if Saturn is along with another planet. That adds to the complexity to the problem of trying to judge what Saturn in the 5th house is trying to tell us.

Saturn is alone is one condition.

Saturn is not alone is another condition.

So in each of the 12 houses as seen in the previous paragraph, Saturn may be alone or with a planet. These are 2 possibilities and that makes it 12 x 2 possibilities = 24 type of Saturn in the 5th house.

Is the planet that is with Saturn a natural benefic like Sukra or Sani or a natural malefic like Sun or Mars. That is another possibility.

So there are 48 types of Saturn in the 5th house

If we add another condition like what if Saturn is with 2 malefics or if Saturn is with 2 benefics.

I have brought to your notice all these possibilities to explain why should not read a book and start using your knowledge straightaway without considering all these.

Example using other planets

Sun in the 1st house usually means good health (arogyavan) but Sun in the 1st house when Sun is in Capricorn (Makara) means the person will have high blood pressure and have heart problem.

Sun in the 1st house when Sun is in Thula means serious eye disease – Retina problems indicated.

If Sun is in Simha or Simha Navamsha the person will acquire lordship over some territory.

If the Moon is associated with a malefic, will be uneducated.

If the Moon is in conjunction with benefic or benefics, will be highly educated.

Here is another example. If Sun is in the 9th house it speaks about some problem to father. But if Sun is strong, like exalted or own house then the father will be long lived.

If Sun is in the 9th house and Sun is weak, debilitated, afflicted by malefic planets then Sun in the 9th house means short lived father.

What a world of difference.

Is Astrology so complex that it is useless?

I am a strong chess player, but not an International Master or Grand-master. Therefore I am aware of the complexity of chess. I used to buy books and each book had tall claims like “…become a champion by reading this book”.

So I spent so much money on books which promised me a lot, but it was of no use to me because I started playing chess when I was 17 years old, when most players began at 4 years. I had developed wrong habits in chess, like not working out many replies, I was hasty and took undue risks because that was my nature.

When I look at a position and try to figure out my next move it is based on my knowledge of chess, it may not be the best move. When I refer to Fritz (a chess software), it gives me a strong move each and every time and even rates my move as poor or ok etc. Mostly I found my moves were inferior.

V Anand the world champion or the top 10 players will find something good each time. So given the same horoscope, different type of readings are possible based on the expertise of the Astrologer.

So do not blame chess, do not blame the complexity in any game or Astrology. Keep practicing and you will see the difference.

So do not give up Astrology because it is complex.

Life if complex, so Astrology with deals with life must be as complex as other complex things in the world.

If Moon is in the 7th house and Moon is very weak then it means loss of spouse, whereas if the Moon is exalted or very strong it means the person will marry only once. In general Moon in the 7th means fond of physical union.

If Mercury is in Lagna, it makes an Astrologer. I have Mercury in Lagna. Does that mean that 1/12th of the human beings of this world will become Astrologers. No. The answer is 1/12th of the world will like Astrology a lot, will love to talk and read about it.

In Bhrigu Sutra, it is said that Mercury in lagna will affect the left eye. The retina of my left eye is permanently damaged. When I met the top eye doctors of Chennai, they said it cannot be rectified and they asked me to pray to God, that is thelimitationsof science. Mercury is very close to my Lagna point and Jupiter is also close to it. Mercury is exalted in my Navamsa. The lord of the 5th house is in my Lagna another condition that favors Astrologers.

So I was destined to be an Astrologer but also have a damaged left eye.

Before concluding on any topic weigh the pros and cons of a particular topic like marriage, children, wealth, house, vehicle, health etc.

Astrology is a great science despite its complexities, errors and omissions.


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  1. Mehul

    Dear Sir,

    Need your help.

    I am Leo Moon sign, with below details :

    Asc = Kumbh ( 1st house )

    Saturn ( retro ) = Taurus ( 4th house )

    Ketu = Gemini ( 5th house )

    Moon = Leo ( 7th house )

    Uranus + Pluto = Virgo ( 8th house )

    Mars + Mercury + Neptune + Venus = Scorpio ( 10th House )

    Jupiter + Sun + Rahu = Sagittarius ( 11th house )

    Date of Birth = Dec 24, 1972

    Time Of Birth = 11: 40 a.m.

    Place of Birth = Gandhidham ( Kutch – Gujarat )

    Co-ordinates of Gandhidham = latitude 23.08° N , longitude 70.13° E.

    Last 4 yrs have been really tough on professional + Career front — Pls advise remedy


  2. R Kumar

    Dear Sir, I think you are a genius in astrology. Each and every article of yours is extremely informative for beginners like us. This particular article is mindblowing. I think it will be wonderful to learn this subject under the guidance of a great Guru like you. As I wrote to you earlier (DOB 20-9-1970, TOB 13.47 hrs, POB Mumbai, female) my horoscope has Saturn (R) in 5th house and I was told I would not have any children. Later on after my two children were born people said it is simply the good aspects of Jupiter that has blessed me. Your explanation on Saturn in 5th house is so vast that I now understand we should judge the entire horoscope from all angles. WE ARE BLESSED TO HAVE SUCH A GREAT TEACHER LIKE U WHO ENLIGHTENS US ON ASTROLOGY THROUGH INTERNET. Looking forward to reading more and more articles by you.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Happy to know that you are learning Vedic Astrology. Everyone should try to learn Astrology. Whatever topic you are interested in let me know. Whenever I have the time I will write on it. Being a professional Astrologer, these days I have less time for writing.

  3. R Kumar

    Dear Sir, I will be thankful if you could write on this topic. Does the House number of our flat we live in or the vaastu of our house affect our destiny or is it only our actual horoscope that decides our fate?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The house number may reveal something about your luck to a small extent. However your fate is supreme. If the fate is good, the house number does not matter. If you are an expert in say the keyboard then even if a few keys are broken you will manage to play good music. for a beginner even if keyboard is a brand new one, no good music will come from that person. So the house number too matters. If the house number is good and your fate is good then that is the best thing to happen.

  4. Mehul

    Dear Sir,

    Need your help.

    I am Leo Moon sign, with below details :

    Asc = Kumbh ( 1st house )

    Saturn ( retro ) = Taurus ( 4th house )

    Ketu = Gemini ( 5th house )

    Moon = Leo ( 7th house )

    Uranus + Pluto = Virgo ( 8th house )

    Mars + Mercury + Neptune + Venus = Scorpio ( 10th House )

    Jupiter + Sun + Rahu = Sagittarius ( 11th house )

    Date of Birth = Dec 24, 1972

    Time Of Birth = 11: 40 a.m.

    Place of Birth = Gandhidham ( Kutch – Gujarat )

    Co-ordinates of Gandhidham = latitude 23.08° N , longitude 70.13° E.

    Last 4 yrs have been really tough on professional + Career front — Pls advise remedy


  5. keshav

    dear siri I had consulted with lots of astrologers but did not get a crystal clear reply. hence I am asking your good self. my date of birth is 24.10.1971 evening 6.10.7 seconds at palghat, kerala . lagna is mesha, Saturn is in second, mandi is in third, sikhi is in fourth, ravi, mercury and venus in libra, Jupiter is in scorpio, moon is in dhanus, rahu is in capricon and mars is in Kumbha. please advise me in this horoscope whether neehabanga rajayoga is there or not ? what are the fields is best for me for the remaining period.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      If you consult too many doctors and too many astrologers you will get confused. It will add to your problems. How many astrologers have you consulted? Did they charge you or was it free. The trouble with free consultations is that we keep going to more astrologers because it is available for free. If you have paid all the astrologers you must have by now lost a lot of money. I do not want to be your 100th Astrologer. Inconvenience sincerely regretted.

  6. R Kumar

    Sir, does a neecha Rahu and neecha Moon combination in 5th house (without any good aspects) cause death of children?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Check the horoscope of the children to reconfirm everything. Each child will have its own karma. Except in the case of Kuja Dosha, Maharshi Parasara does not comment on the possibility of death of anyone one else from a person’s horoscope. So except in Kuja dosha one cannot be the cause of another person’s death. Looks like mostly our destiny (death related) is in our hands.

  7. swarna


    I am glad I met a great astro guru.

    I give my astro details and would like to know the effects of planets in my chart. I hope my birth chart will also serve those who want to learn astrology and for you it as a case study.
    Here goes the details of my DTP 🙂 D= 26.08.1968; T= 8.10 am; P= Warangal, Andhra Prades.
    rest you might be knowing. Please feel free to comment. whatever bad effects are there in my jatakam, already i faced it. I still wonder what else is remained, that kept me alive and keep going. Is there any purpose of god to let me live on this earth in spite of those bad experiences I sincerely need a revelation about my life. Can You help me?

    With lots of regards.

  8. Anitha

    My name is Anitha from Bangalore.
    My dob is 20-10-1965. tob 9-30 am birth place Bangalore.
    My birth star is makhastarI2 pada Simha rashi.
    My rashi kundali is as below.
    My lagna is in Vrishchikarashi. In lagna i.e. is 1 house Venus,mars,Ketu is there.
    II house empty.
    III house empty. 4th house – shani
    5th house – empty. 6th house- empty. 7th house- rahu
    8th house- guru, 9th house- empty. 10th house- moon. 11 house-empty.
    12th house- mercury, sun is there.

    My husband is Gnanu. dob;10-4-1964 dot: 10-30 p.m (night) place birth : Hiriyur, Karnataka.
    His star is Purvabhadra 4th pada. Meena rashi.
    Rashi kundali is as below.
    lagna is Vrishchica rashi. in lagna no stars are there.
    2nd house – ketu, 3rd house-empty. 4th house shani. 5th house- mars, sun ,moon,
    6th house : mercury, guru. 7th house- venus. 8th house- rahu,
    9th,10th, 11th,12th houses are empty.
    I have been married for 18 years. Marriage date is – 19-1-1995.

    We donot have children. Very unhappy. Please predict.

  9. asha

    sir, I am 21/12/73 born at 3:10 am in Bhopal[mp]. I presently reside in Gwalior[mp] and run a small business. but since starting last yr I have not earned more yhean 5000 rs whereas I have to spend more than 30000 on it per month.can u tell me if I shall earn smthg , if yes when ……..or shd I pack up?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      There are about 800 questions pending on I cannot answer all the questions under comments because there are about 800 requests under comments. If you want to consult me send an email to and contact Ms.Sobitha my secretary @ +919094036404

  10. DD

    Dear Dhilip Sir, I want to know whether the fate of twin children is same. i am a father of my twin sons having a gap of 9 min. i have observed a lot of difference in them from appearance to behaviour. Kindly give your valuable comments on this.

  11. Manoj.

    Dear Sir, One question about the astrology always baffles me. People who are born at the same time, same place, same area, same date, should have entire life going parallel to each other. But this never happens. Please discuss this topic, What is the explanation from an Astrologer about this scenario when the entire Horoscope of two persons are identical but lives are different. Please discuss, Thanks, Manoj.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Show me the case of 2 people born at the same time, same place and same date. With such case studies I will write the article. I have searched for 25 years and have not seen anything like that. Even twins are born at different times.

  12. RAMDAS

    Dear sir,
    need to have a clarification on Bhava and house.When you say saturn in 7th house it is not clear whether it is as per rasi chart or bhava chart.When i try to learn the placement of grahas this confusion arrives.
    Will it be more clear if we use terms like “in 7th bhava” and in 7th rasi place instead of “house”.
    Please do a video on this subject-Rashi-bhava in detail so that it will be educational.

  13. priya

    Dear Sir,
    My name is priya. Your articles are really very impressive and informative. Your article on ‘Raghu dasha -Shani bhukthi’ impressed me a lot.
    I am 25 year old and looking for marriage alliance from past 3 years and not getting a suitable alliance. I also had suffered a broken engagement during my ragu dasha shani bhukthi in the year 2012. Hearing this news, many groom families ignore my profile now.
    Please tell me if i will get married or not. If married, my life will be happy or not?

    My date of birth is 16 Feb 1988. Time- 7.20 AM. Place- Mayiladuthurai.
    Kumbha Lagna.

    Please help me knowing what is fated to me with respect to my marriage sir. Also suggest me if any remedies to be done.
    Sincerely waiting for your answer.

  14. Nilay Kant

    My father DOB: 19 feb,1955;time:12:56pm, place patna(bihar)
    my father’s shani is exalted in 5th house. his lagna is mithun. he is facing extreme difficulties(enemity, mental unhappiness, troubles) since the mahadasha of shani has begun. is it because of shani or due to some other reasons? please, suggest something as i badly need your help!!

  15. Rohit


    My name is Rohit. My details are 13/11/1982, 21:00, Saturday, Nawashahr (Punjab). I need your precious comments regarding my life. I am going through huge up’s & down’s from last 10 years. Feeling exhausted completely. No Job, no marriage, no support.

    Thank You

  16. Deepika

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Deepika and my DoB is 23/01/1980, Time: 04:00 AM and Place: Agra (U.P.) India.
    Husbands DoB 22/11/81, Time: 3:00 PM and Place: Indore (M.P.) India.
    Married on 9 March 2008 (More than six years) but still unable to conceive a child due to medical problems.
    Please enlighten me with your wisdom..will i ever get a child?

  17. saijalaj

    Sir my DOB is 13/10/1973, Time: 20.00, Place: New Delhi.

    I want to know about the progress of my career, profession and financial status

    Please also tell that which planet in my horoscope is benefic and melafic.


    Anil Mohan

  18. rahul

    what are the characteristics of the sun in 12th house?

  19. g.gundappa

    as per makara lagna saturn is in mesha 4th house jupiter is in libra what yoga is there for me

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