Gajakesari Yoga – A misquoted yoga

From beginners to experts - everyone likes to mention Gajakesari Yoga as soon as they seen Jupiter in a Kendra to either Moon or Lagna. What is the truth?


The basic definition of Gaja-Kesari Yoga

Gajakesari yoga is caused when Jupiter (Devaguru or Guru) is placed in a Kendra (1st house, 4th house, 7th house or the 10th house) from either Lagna or the Moon at the same time the benevolent Jupiter must be with or aspected by Shuba Grahas (Good planets) and Jupiter must not be weak by being in debilitated Rasi (Capricorn) or be in the 6th house, 8th house or the 12th house or be afflicted by natural malefic planets.

So if Gajakesari yoga has to happen in any horoscope the first thing that you should be looking for is, if bad planets (natural malefics) aspect Guru (Jupiter) or is with Guru or if Guru debilitated or is it weak in any other way.

So only a strong and unafflicted Guru can give rise to a Gajakesari Yoga. Then you need to see if the same Guru is either in a kendra from Lagna or from at least Moon (Chandra).

Today many Astrologers hastily mention this powerful yoga as soon as they seen Jupiter in a Kendra from Moon without considering all the other rules associated with this yoga.

What Gajakesari yoga offers?

A person who has Gajakesari yoga will be splendorous, wealthy, intelligent, endowed with many virtues and be a favorite of the King (Top most people in the land). This is what Maharshi Parasara expresses in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra.

Gaja means Elephants. Kesari means Lion. The sight of 1 Lion can scare many elephants. That is an extraordinary feat pf a Lion considering that Elephants are very strong. So Gajakesari means like a lion scaring away elephants the person having this yoga will control many heavyweights around.

Lions are not scared of Elephants. It is the other way around. This picture shows the confident Lion and the nervous Elephants.

A person having a true Gajakesari Yoga will not worry about formidable people. They remain calm and composed even in times of great difficulties. They use their brain and resources to defeat stronger opponents. That is why I selected this picture to show a calm and composed Lion(ess).

Why are Astrology yogas misquoted?

Astrology yogas are misquoted for several reasons. The main reason is that the client hears what he likes to hear. The Astrologer feels like he is a psychiatrist, a motivator or a friend of his client. He feels that he should encourage everyone not realizing that is not his job. There are other people to do it. However the word soothsayer means soothing the spirit of people. Most part of the world soothsayers means Astrologers. So in most cases the Astrologer and the client loves to say or hear soothing words and promises of a great future all the time.

In any horoscope there will be at least 10 positive yogas. In the horoscope of a person perpetually suffering there will surely be 10 positive yogas. What is not spoken about is the 40 duryogas (or bad yogas). that are present in the same horoscope. They are conveniently ignored.

Another reason is that Astrology is not standardized. This is not the fault of the clients. Top Astrologers should join together and create a standard. That will happen only if Astrology is taught in schools and colleges like medicine and engineering. Astrologers and people who are interested in Astrology should spend a great deal of time in systematic research and proving Astrological rules. Over the years many errors have crept into Astrology. They should be located and removed like the weeds in a paddy field.

Astrologers should charge a fixed fee to all his clients and he should collect it first. If the client pays up at the end of the consultation, there is a great need for the Astrologer to tell something that makes his client very happy so that he may pay more.

Difference of opinion is normal in any field. Even in the field of medicine I have noticed different views and opinions on the same patient and condition despite standardization.

For example when I had a retina (eye) problem, 2 top doctors of Chennai gave me diagonally opposite views. The second chief doctor informed me that the medicine given to me by the 1st chief doctor was the most harmful one. They have diagnosed the same eye problem that I had in 2 opposite directions. Why that happened is known to me because I am an Astrologer. I was meant to have a retina problem in the left eye as per Brighu Sutras. I developed the problem during a bad dasha and bhukti and when it was also an Ashtama Sani phase. So I smiled at the failure of top doctors and their medicines. The 2nd doctor was wise enough to listen to me when I spoke of the wisdom in Astrology for about 2 hours despite many patients waiting outside the room.

Many people now-a-days write books on Astrology. Some of them do careless translations of sanskrit lines or write their own opinion based on their limited experience. They deviate from the original rules and definition.

There are Astrologers who love to cancel any KUJA Dosha that appears in front of them by saying, “which Astrologer told you have KUJA Dosha”? thinking it is something like AIDS.

So when Astrologers seen a Jupiter in Kendra from Moon they say, “Wow! You have got Gajakesari Yoga!” If you know that a misquoted Gajekesari yoga happens to 33% of the world’s population you will not wow it so much. If the Astrologer knows the real rule then he will not jump to conclusions so quickly without checking other matters of Jupiter.

How often does the misquoted Gajakesari Yoga happen?

Going by the loose definition that just a Jupiter from Kendra to Moon is enough to cause the Yoga then 4 out of every 12 people must have Gajakesari Yoga.

So that means 33% of the people in the world will have a misquoted Gajakesari Yoga. Right?You may wonder how. Expressed in another way you can say 1 out of every 3 person is likely to have a Gajakesari Yoga.

Moon goes around once in 28 days. This tallies with the menstruation cycle in women that cause the birth of human beings.

Moon will stay in one sign for about 2.33 days. (28 divided by 12). Jupiter will be in Kendra (1st house or 4th house or 7th house or 10th house) to Moon 4 times in a 28 days cycle. 4 times x 2.33 days = 9.32 days out of 28 days every person born will have GajaKesari yoga. Such huge number of people cannot be a favorite of a Kind or be wealthy or splendorous etc. Right?

What appears in small print?

People love to skip the important rules. They tend to ignore it. Is Jupiter really strong? They never bother to find out. Is Jupiter fortified further by a connection with a benefic planet? At least have you checked if Jupiter is in the 6th or 8th house or 12th house? Have you checked the Shadbala of Jupiter?

If you add all these check points there will be fewer people having real Gajakesari Yoga.

Actually the rules are not printed in small print. I used this phrase to show how we make such rules appear as though it is in small print.

It is obvious that Maharshi Parasara had warned people to check out if Jupiter has been afflicted or is weakened by other reasons.

So how can Jupiter give rise to Gajakesari Yoga when Jupiter is in the 8th house or the 12th house.

When can you depend on yogas that are counted from the Moon?

When the Moon is strong then the Moon as the Ascendant will give better results. This rule was popularized by Shri Varahamihira in Brihat Jataka.

Moon must be exalted or must be very strong in Shadbala or must be with Shubha Grahas and not be with malefic planets.

So when Moon is Neecha do not use Moon as a Lagna (Ascendant).

Whatever it is the Ascendant is supreme. The time of birth is the key to Karma. What is related to time of birth. Of course it is Lagna (Ascendant).

Take the case of celebrities and politicians. You will find many good yogas from Lagna and not that much from the Moon sign.

So there is a True Gajakesari Yoga and a Non-so-real Gajakesari Yoga or a Fake Gajakesari Yoga.

What happens if you do not have a True Gajakesari Yoga?

Don’t worry. There are so many yogas in Astrology. If not this, another yoga will be there. A yoga is a combination of planets in certain houses. There are about 1000 yogas listed in Vedic Astrology. The top 5 are the Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga. I will write about it separately. More the positive yogas the better it gets. At the same time negative yogas dimish the effects of the positive yogas.

So if you get serious about yogas then check out both the good one and the bad ones. No use just harping on the good one’s alone and then complain nothing works in Astrology.

Yogas seen from Ascendant are more powerful

Yogas seen from Sun is the weakest. It is 25% reliable. If the Sun is weak the score will decrease.

Yogas seen from the Moon is 50% reliable. If Moon is weak the score will decrease. The strength of the Moon and the sign is very important.

Yogas seen from the Lagna (Ascendant) is 100% reliable. In fact it goes without saying that the most important reference point in a horsocope is Lagna.

Gajakesari Yoga seen from Lagna

If Gajakesari Yoga exists from Lagna then it is very strong. Most of the rules that Maharshi Parasara writes about is based on the Lagna.

Lagna is related to time of birth.

Moon sign is not related to time of birth. If you alter your time of birth even by 4 hours or even by a day, the Moon may remain in the same place. So Moon signs are more general in nature.

Gajakesari Yoga seen from Lagna and the Moon

The best Gajakesari Yoga happens when Jupiter is in Kendra from both the Lagna and the Moon. In such cases Moon and Jupiter will be in Kendra from the Lagna.

The time for manifestation of the Gajakesari Yoga

Do you think a person having a true Gajakesari Yoga will be like a lion throughout life, defeating enemies all the time? Do you think anyone can really win all the time. There will be ups and downs, a time to win and a time to lose.

Jupiter is the cause of Gajakesari Yoga. The good effects of a Gajakesari yoga will manifest during Guru Dasha or Guru Bhukti.

If Guru (Jupiter) has to give good results it obviously means that Guru must be well placed from Lagna. The dasha and bhukti chapter deals with Jupiter’s position from Lagna.

So you now will understand that the Gajakesari Yoga must be present with Jupiter in a good position from Lagna too.

The dasha and bhukti works from Lagna and not from the Moon’s position. So it is very important that the yogas causing planets are in good position from the Lagna too. I hope you got the point.


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  1. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    Thanks a lot.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You have the 5th house lord Venus in the 12th house. This a major weakness in your horoscope. Venus is called the Rajayogakaraka for Makara Lagna people like you. So rush to an orphanage and select a girl orphan and then do a full sponsor of that child. Do this remedy for a minimum period of 8 years. You should see many positive changes within a few years. This should have been done in your 20s.

  2. abhi

    Informative and interesting! Thanks

  3. Visweswaran

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you & very informative.

    I’m still waiting for an article from you on Neecha Bhanga Raaja Yoga.


  4. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    Nobody told me the real remedy for this.Thanks from my heart.If possible can you do a favour for me?what is my real job as per my karma?

  5. abhi

    Congrats Paul! Lucky!

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Wrong. I am smarter than most people. There are smarter people than me. I have been through this for 20 years. I did free consultation for about 7 years. Since we do not have schools and colleges teaching Astrology, I experimented on people for about 7 years and then decided to become a professional Astrologer. I quit a great computer career in NIIT for the sake of Astrology. So there is no way people can take advantage of my passion to Astrology. Everything has a price. Only GOD gives us things for free. Nothing in this world is available for free.

  6. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    As per my karma(horoscope)could I get a hint about my real profession or business?please.

  7. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    I just need the answer for only one question,only about my profession.I am ready to pay your fees.pls give me your postal address.I can send the cheque today itself.pls send details by e-mail.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Consulting me may not be that useful to you as much as doing a full sponsor of an orphan child in an orphanage. What you want to spend on me you can give it to a girl orphan. Things will dramatically change after that. Astrologers do not change your fate. Teachers do not change your marks. They teach. You have to learn. Learning means doing something. Just asking will not help. I hope you understand. You are in the dasha of the 5th house lord placed in the 12th house. I have already given you the solution.

  8. Paul.T.P

    Hai abhi,
    I am always lucky because I have neecha bhanga raja yoga(chakravarthy yoga)

  9. Lana

    Dear Astrologer. I have a question regarding one very good writer – he has Gaja-Kesari yoga (I can judge only from Moon since I don’t know exact time of birth). However, his Mercury is in Pisces (debiliated) and weak – only ar 2 degrees. So how can a person with such weak Mercury be a brilliant writer??

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Without the Lagna what can be said? Lagna is like the key to your car. Without it, it is almost useless. Moreover Mercury may not be really weak. Debilitation does not mean weak. The debilitation may reflect in his writing style in some way. Mercury will give 12 different effects in 12 different houses. Moreover one planet does not decide whether one will become a writer or not? Good to know of your interests in Vedic Astrology despite being in Europe.

  10. Rency

    Hello Sir,

    I send an email to Sobitha which was forwarded to you. But did not get any reply. Let me know what works. Iam ready to make the payment through paypal. Let me know what works

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The PAYPAL method has well worked for many clients. I am not sure what problem you are facing with PAYPAL. Have been using PAYPAL for about 2 years and works fine with me.

  11. Harsha

    Sir- greatful if u may pls CONFIRM me having gajkesari yog….27 jul 79..2350..delhi.

    Times have been really bad w/o job since 8 months..your help would really be appreciated pllls..Thanks!

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please cast your horoscope in a near by computer horoscope centre. Or log on to which is my website. Then read the article 2 or 3 times. Confirm whether you have the Gajakesari Yoga. I have written several articles so that everyone can find out for themselves. Read the article, “How to read your horoscope without the help of an Astrologer”.

      • Harsha

        Thank u sir- I think i have this especial Yog by doing all the calculations after reading your write ups and this article..only was looking for your honoured confirmation pls…Even then thanks so much for taking out time !!


  12. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    I have decided to do the remedy that you suggested.I am very happy to do so.I have done different kinds of jobs in my life.Fortunately or unfortunately I am always changing my profession.Still I am working.Could I get a help from you to find a most suitable profession as per my karma(horoscope)?I am willing and happy to pay your fees.

  13. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    I am awaiting for your valueable reply.

  14. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    pls write an article about neecha bhanga raja yoga.

  15. Rajasundaram Jayanthan

    I have moon in lagna, Jupiter in fourth house in kendra, both moon and Jupiter in kendra. My lagna is sagitarius, my raise also sagitarius, how good is my gajakesari yoga.?
    I have Saturn in kendra 10th house. How many panchamahapurusha do I have?
    Pls reply Sir.Thanking you

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Panchamahapurusha Yoga will involve a planet to be in own sign or exaltation sign coinciding with a Kendra and that planet should not be SUN, MOON, RAHU and KETU. All the other 5 planets give rise to Pancha MahaPurusha Yoga as the name implies. Find out for yourself. This is quite easy. I do not have time to cast each and every horoscope of my readers. Already about 2.5 lakh people have written to me asking me various doubts based on the articles I have written. So please help yourself. I hope to do an article on Pancha Maha Purusha Yoga soon.

  16. machhyndra

    dilipji u r just superb n marvellous m lucky to have hit upon your site.I thank god for people like you and may you be good to learners like us always by sharing such wonderful things

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you for such lovely words. I know your comment is genuine because these days people praise me a lot and then immediately ask me a question about their horoscope. Astrology is my passion. (Un)fortunately it also became my profession.

  17. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    Recently I praised and asked a question,.sorry for that.

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    He is a homeless man near 55 years old with two daughters.He is from north paravoor ernakulam district,kerala.His parents not alive.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      As per your horoscope you should donate for sponsoring a child in an orphanage because you have the lord of the 5th house in the 12th house whose dasha you are undergoing. Consuming any medicine is not correct. You should consume the right medicine for a particular problem. Anyway this good act of kindness will be seen by GOD and He will surely bless you and reduce the problems associated with Venus in the 12th house. The gates of heaven are open to those who open up their hearts when they see suffering people. You are blessed by GOD the moment you have repented.

  20. Ravi

    Dear Dhilip,

    This is Ravi. My DOB is 21-11-1982, Place Sirsi, Karnataka .Time 6:30 PM.
    Dear Sir I am a Software Developer looking for better job for long time without success.
    Please tell me when I will be getting a better paying job and settle down in my professional life.

  21. Paul.T.P

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    Thanks for your valueable reply.

  22. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    There is an orphanage near my home,normaly we are offering food and some cash to them.nearly 60 girls there. can I sponsor a particular girl?

  23. jiten taluja

    Hi – nice article, my daughter has Venus and Jupiter in 6th house with Sagittarius and Moon-Mangal in 12th house…is this good or bad?

  24. jiten taluja

    …continuation to above,, her sun mercury is in 7th house and Saturn ketu is in 2nd house…it will be great if you can pen some words for her future…thanking you….

  25. Radhakrishnan

    I have just reading your articles and they are excellent and thought provoking
    I have jupiter in Sagitarious and moon in Gemini with venus in Gemini for cancer ascendent you told me I have Vipareetha raja Yoga as jupiter in 6th in his moolathrikona 6 ‘. Do I have gajakesari yoga or not as jupiter in Kendra to moon …

  26. Vino SK

    Very interesting article sir. I have always wondered why I haven’t felt the full impact of Gajakesari yoga. Jupiter and moon are in my lagna which is Mesha (also my rasi sign) and therefore should have been a strong yoga as per your article. However, Saturn is in my 11th house with 3rd house aspect on my lagna. Is that why I haven’t felt the full strength of my gajakesari yoga?

  27. Shreya

    I am Shreya born on 27-06-1993 at 8.41 AM at Bangalore India. Do I have Gajakesari Yoga as suggested by an astrologer

  28. Anuradha

    Dear Sir,

    I am born on 23.02.1967 at 13.37 hrs at Bangalore. Do I have gajakesari yoga? if so, At what age i have guru dasha /bhukti. Please let me know.

  29. surya rao

    born on 6th May 1980 at 12.47 pm do i have gajakesara yoga. pl inform to my mail id.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      with your place of birth the time of birth has no meaning…..

      • surya rao


        Place of birth Palakonda,srikakulam dist 12.47pm,6.5.1980

  30. Rohith H

    Dilip Sir,

    I was told by some one long back that I have got GAJAKESARI YOGA after 36 yrs….My DOB 10th March 1977 at 1.45AM (Born in Udupi or Udpi))…Please advise if I have this Yoga. If yes when it starts

  31. annaswamy sankaran

    dear sir
    very informative.excellent analysis on gaja kesari. my son has lagna lord mercury in gemini.,
    1st house.
    moon is in 5th house in libra. jupiter is in 11th house aries, kendra from moon.
    but he was born in guru dasha and it is over. his lagna dasha starts in may 2014.

    does he have gajakesari yoga?

    please reply.

  32. Jayashree

    In my kundali Jupiter is in Kendra from both the Lagna and the Moon.. i.e my lagna is Scorpio… Moon in Aquarius in 4th house & jupiter in taurus in 7th house. Is this Gajakesari yoga?

  33. Vanita

    My sons name Pranav Date of Birth 17th November 1989 Time 7:15AM Place of birth Mumbai,India.

  34. adithya

    sir,i have this small doubt regarding rahu?,for cancer lagna if rahu is in scorpio(where rahu is uchham) also it comes as a 5th place for the cancer lagna,usually astrologers say that rahu shouldn’t be in the 5th place so my question is whether that rule is applicable even when rahu is uchham….and also astrologers say that shubh grah shouldn’t occupy kendra slots(1,4,7,10) as it gives kendharadhipathi dosham,i would like u to clarify me on those

  35. Maaruthi

    Dear Dilipkumar sir,

    Today one of my friend suggested to visit your blog, as I am very much passionated about astrology. I am a software professional. Whenever I have free time, I spend my time to learn astrology. On reading your answers and blog articals, I am very much satisfied that I found one real astrologer in recent days.

    Now, on reading your artical about the gajakesari yoga, I felt that you are answering the questions which were there in my mind. Superb answers sir.

    I don’t want to ask you questions here sir. God will sent me to you on one fortune day. On that I will clear my doubts from you.

    Thank you very much for sharing great knowledge sir….

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Have you watched any of my youtube videos? Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YouTube. I am sharing my knowledge on Youtube these days for many reason and the 1st most important one is that I can explain the points better with a white boarḍ.

  36. Maaruthi


    Could you please give me some points on Numerology? Because I am very much confused that whether namology, numerology, graphology can change the fate of a person as his fate is already desided by Astrology.

    Now a days many numerologists are saying that ” You can get very good fortune if you make corrections to your name according to numerology, graphology and namology”. I personally believe that Astrology is 100% perfect science. I need your opinions on this sir…

    It will be very helpful to all the readers of this blog….!

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Astrology is the best solution. You can use Numerology to fine tune your name. But do not believe that Numerology does what is not seen in the horoscope. It works like a catalyst just enhances the rate of reaction Use everything that is available. But ASTROLOGY is very deep and perfect you can learn Numerology in 1 hour but for Astrology you may need an lifetime of practice.

      • surya rao

        sir, do i have gajakesara yoga.

        Place of birth Palakonda,srikakulam dist time of birth12.47pm,date of birth 6.5.1980

      • Maaruthi

        Dhilip Sir,

        I have one general question on Astrology. If a person has a planet which is exalted / moola trikona / own house in his horoscope. Is that person needs a gem related to that planet in DASA or BHUKTHI of that planet?

  37. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    yesterday I donated one lakh rupees to an orphanage.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Take the support of others. More people the better it gets. I think you have already have done 50000/- earlier. You are too good to be true. Keep going. You are going to get loads of merits from GOD. It will reverse your bad luck arising out of the 5th house lord being pushed into the 12th house.

  38. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    Thanks for your reply.

  39. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    I had sent a e-mail,could I get a reply please.I would like to know about my profession as per my karma.I am willing to pay your consultation fees.

  40. Luv Razvannshi

    sir my lagna is scorpio..nd moon in 4th house in kumbha rashi..nd sun,budha nd guru are in leo in10th’s creating 2 times gajkesri yoga..from lagna nd moon lagna..but i have rahu in 2nd house that aspecting 10th house where guru is sitting bt guru aspecting rahu too in 2nd would it effect my gajkesri yoga ? and i’m going thru guru mahadasha and guru next month shani anterdasha will be started..shani is sitting in my 3rd house in capricon ..

  41. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    pls give me a reply if possible.

  42. Nantha

    Hi, I have. Guru, Rahu and mars in 4th place from moon.. Is this considered as gaja keysari yoga or not?

  43. Swaroop

    Dear Dhilip Sir ,

    I am swaroop . my DOB : 10-01-1982 & POB : palakollu, west godavari dist … andhra pradesh .
    and time is 6:45 pm .. I have done my MCA but till now i didnt get a job … plz suggest me some remedies to get job in software … one of the astrologers said that i have gajakesari yoga .. do i have gajakesari yoga ? seeking out your help … please reply sir


  44. Rajrupa

    Hello Dilipji….can I send you my birth details ? Please reply me with your email address and other details. Regards Rupa

  45. sivaprasiva

    Dera Sir,

    I have doubt in horoscope chart navamsa chart belongs to wife will do consider if moon is placed with scorpio rasi and langa is placed with makara rasi or capricorn then we can get conclude that partner (Husband / wife) rasi is belongs to scorpio rasi or makara rasi . because moon is there at scorpio rasi .

    siva prasad

  46. sivaprasiva

    Dear Sir,

    My self Siva Prasad I want to know my astrology details

    My name- G.Siva Prasad

    My Date of Birth- 02-02-1981, Early hours of 3rd.

    Time of birth- 2:30 A.M

    Place of Birth- Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh, India

    Can you tell me when will i get married and settled.

  47. Chinmayi

    Dear sir,

    Loved your article. I was born on feb 06, 1976 in Ahmedabad Gujarat. Currently live in the US. I am meena rashi and meena Lagna with moon and Jupiter in my first house of Lagna. Per your article above I would be considered as possibly having a gajakesri yoga. My Saturn is a Malefic in the 5 th house of cancer and it creates a lot of havoc. I am currently running moon dasha and Jupiter sub dasha in my horoscope. I was hoping this period would be a great one finally but ever since this dasha has started I have had access worry, Heath anxieties and just restlessness to the max. Nothing good except for me getting married may 2013 has happened. Jupiter dasha is not coming in my life until I am old so now what is this yoga going to do for me? 35 years no major complaints and now suddenly the last couple years I have no real problem with my health but I worry something might happen to my skin as it has become very sensitive, I am now allergic severely to some medications and can’t even use hair dye anymore. These are major nuisances in my life. I need some relief from this stress but dont know if i will get any. I am very disappointed in everything right now. If you have anything that sheds light on what I am saying I would love to hear your objective. Thank you sir, god bless you.

  48. Chinmayi

    Sorry forgot the time of birth 10:01 am Ahmedabad time. I guess this is very important to make sense of what I am saying.

  49. Sumit Sangerpal

    Dear Sir,
    I was born in bareilly UP on 22 nov 1982 at 7:55 am. I travelled abroad during rahu mahadasha and completed 5 years in U.S. Now since my Jupitar mahadasha has been started from 2012 I am curious to know whether I stand any furthur chances to travel back to US or have any chances of settling there in this year. please advice

  50. shashi bhushan

    dob 22/05/1982 time 10.15 am place Ghaziabad, kya mai chief minister ban sakta hoo?

  51. Ashwin Singh

    Greetings sir,

    I heard you are from tech field, sorry to hear you left it. I am also from tech field. My question is general, how should we deal with good and bad aspects in chart? I tend to deal with issues and problems with calmness and concentration, evident from the fact I was suffering from dyslexia but now I am good at things dyslexic are bad at. I analyzed and I have true gaja kesari yoga with Jupiter exalted and shadbala of 514, aspected by some benefics and malefics.

    But I do get depressed when I read that some aspects of chart are bad and it feels like no matter what I do things are going to go bad irrespective of how smart and calm I be.

  52. Prashanth

    You have made good observations.

    One point you made is ‘Clients should pay fixed fee at the beginning..’.Well if you want to consider astrology as perfect business then it must be known that it is accurate predictions which count and not how much money a client gives on first visit.Also repeat clients are possible only through accurate predictions.Do you think that short term praising of clients will keep them happy and they will keep coming irrespective of wrong predictions?

    In that sense if the astrologer has already been paid, he need not worry about making careful and accurate prediction because he has already got the ‘money’.So why should he even think about perfect predictions?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Astrology is not a science of prediction. It is a science of tendencies that may lead to certain predictable results and by working on the tendencies the future can be altered for the betterment of the lives of human beings. If it is used as a predictive tool then Astrology is a negative science. It will prove that our live is prefixed and there is nothing we can do about it. Not even GOD can alter it then. This approach is wrong. Medical field which is associated with huge bills is NOT AN EXACT SCIENCE and never gives consistent results. If the client has already paid I would like to retain that sort of a client and will therefore strive hard to retain him by giving him proper guidance and warnings.

  53. pratyush

    My moon is in 3rd house 17 deg.
    Jupiter in 9th house 15 deg.
    Is my gaja kesari yoga that much powerful????? Pratyush 4. 10. 1996
    Chhindwara m.p 5:13 pm

  54. Dhananjay

    I have moon and jupiter along with ketu in the 6th house. Though it seems that i have gajakesari yoga. According to your article, i will have the effects nullified due to the placement on the 6th house. Furthermore, i saw your youtube video on “Good and Bad Planets for Aquarius Ascendant (Kumbha Lagna)” that i have where you mention that jupiter and moon are bad planets for kumbha lagna and placement of jupiter in 6th house will have ill effects rather than good effects.

  55. Sangeeta

    Am Sangeeta DoB 15 jan 1979 time 1:30am chennai, everybody said I have gaja kesai yoga, is it true, when will I experience the yoga
    Thanks in advance

    • Amit

      Yes, its true that you have this yoga but since your lagna is Libra both Moon and Jupiter are malefics and further they are aspected by evil planets – Sun and Mars. Moon’s period operating from 2028 may give some success but Jupiter’s Dasa comes very late in life i.e, in 2063.

    • Sangeeta

      Thank you so much Sir

  56. Verkerov

    Hi! Is Gajakesari yoga always good for all ascendants??? What about Libra Rising people, since Jupiter is a Functional Malefic planet…
    Generally, Jupiter and its dasha are considered bad for these people.
    Please enlighten….

  57. Shreya

    My daughter was born on 27-06-1993 at 8.41 AM at bangalore. She has Jupiter and Moon in 3rd house. If you consider from Moon, Jupiter is in Kendra. Does she have Gajakesari yoga? She is undergoing Rahu Mahadasha and Shani Bhukthi(Yes, I have read your article on the same, very informative). She is extremely confused as to her education. Does not know whether to study further or take up a job or take a break….

    Best Regards

  58. Kumar

    Dear sir, I am wondering if I have gaja kesari yoga my jupiter and moon placed in 7 th house together from Lagna, at the same time jupiter I’d deblieated. Now currently I am running jupiter mahadasa and Venus DOB – 23/05/1973, 11.30 am , born Pondicherry currently residence USA

  59. Pavan

    Dear Sru. Dilip, My son has Mars, Jupiter Gul in 1st, Moon in 2nd, Sat in 3rd, Rahu in 4th , Sun, Mercury, Venus in 8th and Ketu in 10th houses. Please advise.

  60. Gopalan

    Sir, my date of birth is 18th July 1964 born at 21.10 hours at Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. I have Jupiter in 7th house from Moon but I am not sure about other aspects of Jupiter which you kindly mentioned in your article. Could you please advise me (frankly) whether I have Gajakesari Yoga or not. Would be thankful for the same.

  61. praveen kumar

    Im having jup &mon in 4th from lagna , and im scorp asc , kumbha rasi p.bhadra star 2 pada… . am i having gajakesari yoga sir ?

    waiting for ur response sir …..


  62. Akshay

    I am told that I have gaja kesari yoga , can you tell me if this is true ? my rashi – mesh , nakshatra – ashwini, time of birth 5 jan 1990 hyderabad.

  63. Rohit

    Sir plz help me out kindly awaiting for ur responce DOB : 14/05/92 Place of BIrth Hyd , time of Birth : 19.05 sir i am giving my full efforts from 3 yrs & nothing is turning out in positive for me dont why itz happening for me will i succeed getting a Electrical core job in govt sector plz help me out

  64. Gurdjiff

    your gaj kesari analogy is seriously wrong. Have you ever watched nat geo or any animal planets ? Lion will piss in his pants and his bowl movement will stop the moment he sees a bull elephant .. It takes 23 to 25 lions to tale down a fully grown elephant and that too in night as cats have better vision and elephant is almost blind…Mother elephant will chase entire pride when they have infants/youngsters to take care … Daddy elephant will kill lions at will and when he is around most of the times lion pride wouldn’t date to come near to pride…. Provided you would have said strength and brain of elephant (elephant has the biggest memory storage for land mammals and 100 times smarter than human beings in mugging /remembering things) and heart of a lion or predatory /killing prows of a lion when in pride… A single male lion can’t even take Buffalo leave about elephant.. Any ways like pseudo science which was discarded by ancient rishi’s as practice of dark ages and will take human’s backwards …. It is funny you are saying you had a great career in NIIT… and you left it to practice astrology and nothing is free… you are giving doctor’s analogy and i can give you astrologer’s analogy and that would be stupidest thing to do. Just change name and place and all bullshit will be thrown. At least science has proven technology in general and wherever it has been able to decode things. It takes pride upon getting proved wrong as it means next step for better understanding future. On the contrary this stupid thing is nothing but combination of fear or soothsayers in order to exploit gullible people…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please write more and more bad things about Astrology and myself. I wish to hear more from you. I know you are from New York. There are about 33 universities in USA doing a 3 year course in Vedic Astrology. Google it and find it out for yourself. In India there are none. So according to you USA is more backward than India. Spend all your energy in trying to disprove Astrology.

      Vedic Astrology is getting more popular. 1000s of Gurdjiff cannot stop Vedic Astrology.

      • Sonal

        Dear Sir, your talent and art is more valuable than this. For every one such detractor you have a thousand believers. SO if he has an issue with the science or anyone person then it’s a time waster. Wish you mrs strength and luck in you pursuits.
        Warm regards

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Thank you. I love to be criticized in my work. Maybe that will keep me motivated to prove Vedic Astrology even more! That’s the reason why I welcome such comments. I am practicing to be without ego but it is hard.

  65. shankar

    last year an astrologfer said that i will be getting a good job after June 2014.
    is it true?will it be again in middle east or some other area?presently i am working in middle east. my D.O.B- 25-10-1963, Time-1930 hrs, Place of birth-Tambaram near chennai.

  66. Raja

    My date of birth is 14 June 1948, 8:05 AM, Chennai. How will my financial position be in the future? And will the depression continue or go away?

  67. Shahrul Fauzan

    This is my birth details. DOB 30-4-1982, Time 6.40am, Place KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA.

    In my birth chart, Sun & Asc in 1st house (lagna), Moon in 4th house, Jupiter in 7th house. I am living an ordinary live. Jupiter and Venus exchanged house in my birth chart. Venus exalted in 12th house. However Jupiter retrograde during my birth. So how is the raja gejakesari yoga beneficial to me?

  68. Venkateswara Reddy Karnati

    Hello Sir,

    This is Venkat. I have both Guru and Chandra in 5th house from Lagna. My Janma lagnam is Vrischikam and moon sign is meenam. Please let me know if I have gaja kesari yogam.

  69. Hemal Majithia

    Hi Mr Dilip Kumar,

    Firstly thank you for writing such a detailed article and for giving clarity, I came in with a question and have many a few answers. Sir I won’t say don’t believe in Astrology as I don’t know much about it so I can’t say that but I am not convinced to do something just because an astrologer tells me to do it & someone whom I don’t know much too. I have been told by the gentleman who looked at my Kundali that I have Gajkesari yog and that I can be one of the top 10 person in the country but for that I will have to wear a gemstone i.e Pearl that will cost me 2100 for the making. I won’t say that he is wrong or I am wrong as I don’t know th gentleman and definitely he must be knowing much but since I don’t know much I am reading well and trying to find out as for me I will do something only if I believe in and then do it with full heart. Since I read your article and feel that you have very honestly explained the same here. I request you to help me confirm the action and the analysis if you may so. Also it is my humble request to let me know if I can send your fees for the same too. Thanking you in advance 🙂

    My Details are Mentioned below:

    DOB: 4/11/1985
    Time of Birth: 14:43:00

    • Hemal Majithia

      I forgot to mention my place of Birth i.e Nasik.

  70. Prashanth

    Dear Sir,

    I am Prashanth..Read all your poses and it was very much informative and understandable for an amateur as well who doesnt even know how things work in astrology.

    My DOB is 07-08-1979, born at 5:00 pm Bangalore. One of the astrologer told me that I have gajakesari yoga in my chart which starts from 16th June 2014. Is that true and when will get to see the effects/benefits of the same. What is that I need to concentrate on.


  71. Mahesh

    10-april-1987 , 5:45AM , chittoor . need to check yogas

  72. Mana

    I have just started taking keen interest in astrology and a frequent visitor at your blog. Thank you for your extensive blogs, video and research which have become a good base for my readings. Came across a chart in the family of my cousin who has gajakesari yoga (from moon lagna, uccha guru but afflicted with ketu drishti). So I understand that though the yoga stands it’s efficacy stands compromised due to drishti from a malefic. This person is undergoing Jupiter mahadasha and has had problems on not pursuing higher education, holding onto jobs and also alcohol addiction. My questions:
    1. In a horoscope, if Jupiter is a malefic for the lagna then if there is a Gajakesari yoga, how would it manifest?
    2. If there is a compromised Yoga, is there any upaya to strengthen it with seva or otherwise? Or do we just focus seva on the benefic planet or depending on mahadasha pati.
    3. In a horoscope, for addictions I understand that Shukra is the key to look at. Would be great if you could write a piece from your experience on addictions as seen in vedic astrology and seva upaya around it.

    Details of the person above for your study/ research
    Dob: 18/08/1978, time: 3.01am, place of birth: mumbai, gender: male

  73. Gopinath

    I have been reading your articles with great interest.
    I have a question on my Finance/business.

    My birth particulars are
    4th June 1961
    12:05 PM
    Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

    Though I have done reasonably well in career and Finance, I am
    not able to make major leaps as something is holding me back.
    Can you please check if there’s something in my horoscope or things will
    get better soon.

    Thanks in advance

  74. chetan

    how to please GURU ? i have neecha guru in 12 th house ..i am aquarius ascendant .. guru is weak in shadbala also ..but mars and saturn are in 7 th and 10 th house respectively (kendra )..will it give rise to neecha bhanga raja yoga ?also moon is placed with guru (retrograde) in makara rashi ? do i have gaja kesari yoga ?

    • chetan

      and i have jupiter maha dasha after 2 years .. please help sir ..

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Worship all the Gurus in the world. Give one gram gold coin to poor teachers who are retired or poor or helpless. Give yellow items to the teachers, yellow flower to Guru, worship on Guru Poornima, wear less gold or preferably NO GOLD on the body.

      • srikanta.g

        sir., I have guru and moon combination in 8th house from lagna. My ascendent is pisces, and there is no other grahas aspect on this combination. Do i have gajakesari yoga.

  75. Malti Choudhary

    I have been through your articles and it is really good. I know astrology very little and now through your videos I am trying to know more about astrology. I have gone through your transit saturn video and top 10 facts about saturn I really like that. Please help me in my husband’s chart. He has just completed the saturn dasa and now he is running with Budha dasa. Both satrun and Budha are in 12th house from ascendant. His ascendant is Vrishbha. I am sending details please check. He is medical transcription and want to change job. At this age is it possible to change job. He is very introvert. He is not able to socialize. Please Help me.

    Details of the person
    Name Vijay Choudhary
    DOB: 6th June 1970
    Place: Sunabeda Koraput Dist Orissa

  76. Malti Choudhary

    I forgot to put time of birth

    Name Vijay Choudhary
    DOB: 6th June 1970
    Time 5.25 a.m
    Place: Sunabeda Koraput Dist Orissa

  77. sanjok karki

    birth name (chakra bahadur karki)
    date of birth(06/14/1993)
    time :6:15 pm in evening
    birth place(parbat beni) nepal
    which yoga do i have and could you tell me about my future life?
    how will i perfomed in the contex of study as well as in earning money?
    where i will be after few years in foreign land or in the our own country

    hope to hear you from soon
    thank you sir

  78. sonia

    (dob 16-6-75 time 7.45p.m.). do i have anything good to look fwd to. bad marriage, bad health…nothing goes good

  79. mohan

    sir, my son master m.prasanna will play for india in cricket game?if yes then when?
    kindly tell me sir.
    birth time : 8.48 am
    birth place :chennai


  80. sumithra

    sir pl do give me a solution am experiencing such a miserable life … with all my hope am writing to u.. my marriage.. health… am both diabetic and arthiris patient… my last hope i hav in my marriage…sir my d.o.b…24-11-1981…time6.45p.m.,

  81. sri

    Dear Dhilip Vanakam

    What about if you have Chandra and Jupiter in 11th house with Dhanus Rasi. Is it Gajakesari yoga .

    Thank you

  82. yathisha

    dob 5-5-1986, 4.10am, place of birth- hassan district, karnataka state………
    how is my astrology.. do i have any good yogas

  83. lalit ranka

    good Article

    • lalit

      who are you.

      I am lalit ranka

  84. Rama

    Dear Sir, You mentioned in the above article that it is the ‘Lagna’ which should be looked into for correct or close predictions. But most of your videos based on Moon sign (very generic in nature, and according to you – not much useful). I may be getting wrong your views, my apologies.

  85. Rani

    Namaste. My daughters lagna is vrichikam. Ketu in lagna, Jupiter in 2nd, chandran in 9th kataka rasi, Saturn in thula 12th. Sun, mercury, Venus in 8th place. 30 yrs now. Poosam star, roughly a year sani dasa balance at birth. Top studies, married settled in usa. No job, pathetic girl, lives in agony. Any respite?

  86. naureen khan

    my DOB is 22 feb 1995 TOB:2:10pm, POB : bijnor uttarpradesh . Do I have gajkesari yoga in my kundali ? plzz reply……..
    email id

  87. Vinodkumar


    I born in 20 August 1990 7.30 am,, Now i am running in Shukra dasa Sani Bhukti,,,And i m badly injured when i was in work…And I am struggling from the age of 3 to till,, Please go through my jadakam and Let me know about my future .

  88. Aditi

    I want to contact you please give your email

  89. Rahul

    Please tell remedy for 5th lord sun in 12th house. Thanks!

  90. Sita Rama Nageswara Rao

    my date of birth is 20 July, 1978 . Birth Time is 00:48 AM. Pls., share my future in gurumahadasha. Thanks

  91. ruchi

    MY DOB IS 6 JANUARY 1994
    TIME 09:32 AM

  92. ruchi

    MY DOB IS 6 JANUARY 1994
    TIME: 9:32:00 AM

  93. g.gundappa

    i was born on 17.7.1970 at 7pm evening dhanur rasi makara lagna guru is in 11th house as per
    moon sign dhanur as per makara lagna guru is in 10th house do i have gajkesari yoga.

  94. Prudhvi

    Hello Sir,
    Excellent articles. I am also in the phase of learning Astrology. I want(request) you to post about the Bhrigu Sutras ( more). Also i would like you to recommend me some books to gain more knowledge about the Bhrigu rules.

    • g.gundappa

      how is guru dasa if guru is tula from makara lagna 10th house

  95. g.gundappa

    guru is in tula bhava from makara lagna 10th house from moon sign dhanur rasi 11th house
    do i have gajkesari yoga

  96. sunil

    dhilip ji namaskar name -sunil dob – 13/1/1977 birth palace- hisar, Haryana kya meri kundali me govt job ha

  97. maheshreddi

    Hello Sir, My Name is Maheshwar reddy, can you please tell me whether i have Gajakesari Yoga.

    DOB: 3-Aug-1983, Time:3:20pm, Place: Mahbubnagar, Telangana(or Andhra Pradesh), India

    I am a scorpion Lagna, Taurus Raasi. Jupiter & Ketu in Lagna, Moon & Rahu in 7th house

  98. brijesh shah

    I am brijesh shah born on 23-05-1993 at 05.45 AM at himarnagar India. Do I have Gajakesari Yoga as suggested by an astrologer

  99. Bhaskar

    My name is Bhaskar DOB 08 september 1981 time of birth 8.00-8.03 AM Hyderabad India

  100. Bhaskar

    Hai This is Bhaskar DOB 08 september 1981 time of birth 08.00/08.03 AM Place Hyderabad India

  101. g.gundappa

    guru is in tula from makara lagna 10th house what yoga is performed please explain me

  102. g.gundappa

    guru is in 10th house as per makara lagna in tula bhava it form gajkesari yoga please reply me
    from moon sign dhanur rasi 11th house.

  103. Siva

    Hi Dr. Dhilip Kumar,

    thanks for such an insightful article about Gajakesari yoga, your article is making more sense and reliable. I really value your time and effort for writing on these blogs.

    I have one question about the closeness of the Jupiter and Moon with respect to their degrees within anyone’s horoscope (when they form a Gajakesari yoga). I read a lot that Gajakesari yoga is only effective if Jupiter and moon both are within certain degrees (for example, the difference should be less than single digit or 10 degrees), is it so? Do you have any opinion on this..?

    thanks in advance.

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