Good and Bad Planets for Cancer Ascendant (Karkataka Lagna)

The Functional Benefic and Malefic Planets for Cancer Ascendant (Karkataka Lagna)


Good and Bad Planets for Cancer Ascendant (Karkataka Lagna)

If you want to know which of the 7 grahas are the the Functional Benefic and Malefic Planets for Cancer Ascendant (Karkataka Lagna)then watch the following video and you will come to know the following:

Why certain planets give more adverse results than others during their dasha and bhukti?

Why is VENUS is the most harmful planet?

Why is Mars the best of all planets for all those who are born in the lagna?

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In case you have doubts please let me know and whenever I find the time I will try my best to answer them for you.


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  1. sundar

    Sir, Thanks its awesome. You explained it very well. Jupiter and Venus are in kataka Lagna. How does this combination look. Please explain

  2. Casturi Sudheendra

    Hi Sir,

    I am a Cancer ascendant with Mars, Ketu in 6th house. In 4th house, I have 5 planets Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. In 11th house I have Moon and 12th house Rahu. Currently in am in Rahu Dasha. Please tell me whom I should worship

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      If Hindu then Goddess Durga. If not Hindu, worship YOUR GOD on all SATURDAYS during 9 to 10:30 am or during RAHU Kaalam on FRIDAY, or SUNDAY.

      • Casturi Sudheendra

        Thanks for your reply sir, I am currently wearing Hessonite, Red Coral and Ruby. Should I wear Diamond or Emerald. Please suggest

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Never ever wear DIAMONDS and EMERALDS. Wear Yellow Sapphire, Red Coral and Pearl. Except these 3 gems you should not wear any gem. Wear RED Coral only on your right hand ring finger. Pearl on the left hand ring finger. Yellow Sapphire on the right hand index finger.

        Watch the following video for more clarity:

    • deepak gupta

      can you provide your date of birth, as the placement of my horoscope planets are almost the same. My DOB is 15th nov 1982 and also pls tell me how is your life.?

    • deepak gupta

      can you provide your date of birth, as the placement of my horoscope planets are almost the same. My DOB is 15th nov 1982 and also pls tell me how is your life

      • Ajeet Sirkar

        Hello Mr. Gupta. Mine is also similar placement, just that my moon and rahu are in 12th and not 11th. I life has drastically changed in the past 2.5 years – various family and personal life troubles. Just that the job front is going fine…

    • Deipak

      Were you born on or around 2-3rd nov 1982, around 11:30pm, india?

  3. chaitanyapraveen

    Hi sir, i have read your article related to ketu dasha OMG!,iit is really makes me worried, i am cancer ascendant and presently ketu dasha is going on with sun+mars+ketu in 2nd house….presently i am now jobless,no money ,feeling depressed, mental instability,no concentration…..kind help me to overcome this bad period. venus+mercury in 3rd house, rahu in 8th, sat in 6th and jup in 12th house Kindly suggest about my career path.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You should do the remedies that I have suggested in the article. you will soon be a happy man if you understand what KETU is doing in terms of Karma. Because Ketu is in the 2nd house and is further afflicted by Sun and Mars the effect is higher than normal. So you need to read SAI SAT CHARITA the life story of Shirdi Sai Baba and try to get HIS blessings.

      • chaitanyapraveen

        Great thanks for your reply sir, i thought of doing pujas but i tend to loose concentration.I lost m job 4 months back, attending multiple interviews and every time failure….could you please suggest when would i get a job ? how about my shukra dasha? plz do suggest sir! thanku!!

  4. Radhakrishnan

    Dear Mr. kumar…. You say Venus is the most harmful for cancer… All my progress in life wealth / prosperity children settling down has come only in my venus dasa …I have completed 10 years of this dasa ..My venus is in 12th in Gemini with moon lagnadhipathi and aspected by Jupiter from Sagitarious explain the reason

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Do pooja to Goddess on all FRIDAYS. Avoid wearing DIAMONDS. Wear Yellow Sapphire. I have a reason for suggesting all these.

      • chaitanyapraveen

        Kindly suggest about my job.when would i get? i am feeling very depressed, eagerly waiting for ur reply. my DOB is 29/08/1989 time:3:15am, place: Hyderabad

    • Ramanathan

      Dear RadhaK, A bad planet placement is important.When the bad guy gets into bad place he become good.If you r a tamil you can understand this, “kettavan kettidil kittidum Rajayogam”.May be this is u r case.Still the constellation on the which Venus is riding,and its placement in other charts also has to be considered. But the answer to your question is , bad planets also do good things w.r.t the placement.

  5. chaitanyapraveen

    sir, eagerly waiting for your reply!!!

  6. chaitanyapraveen

    Dear guruji,
    KIndly reply to my post sir, i intend to do prayers but i couldn’t able to attain concentration while praying, i think my ketu dasha really makes me worrying, my job trails are moving back, no job, poverty, kindly suggest when will good period starts for me? how about my sukra dasha? do reply sir!!!!!!!!!! thanku

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Ketu is in your 2nd house. That is the house of wealth. It afflicts wealth. Venus is a functional malefic. So do MAHALAKSHMI Mantra every day and do special Mahalakshmi Pooja on all Fridays. Bear with KETU Dasha. Sorry I cannot keep answering you all the time as I am busy with my clients.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I am running short of time because we are in the year end time when we make DIPA Astro Diary 2014 for about 200 companies who give them away as their gifts to people who love Astrology.

  7. Saswata B

    Hello sir, My DOB is 18 Jan 1983, 6:45 pm kolkata, In my chart lagna karkatak, saturn in 4th, jupiter in 5th, ketu mercury 6th, sun and venus 7th, moon and mars 8th and rahu in 12th. Do I need to wear cats eye stone and yellow saphire? I have pearl in index finger and coral in ring finger, presently going through very bad phase, not yet married. please suggest

  8. anshul sirohi

    my dob is 12 june 1985 at 0830 am in amroha up…i never see any happiness in my life…ever..only problems..lots of i ever able to see happiness in my life???/plz reply..thanx

  9. Harish Ranga

    Respected Sir,
    What is the difference between one’s Lagna and Raashi ?
    Please reply.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Lagna is Ascendant which changes every 2 hours. Lagna is directly related to your time of birth. Rashi means Moon Sign and is more related to date of birth. If you change your time of birth by 2 hours the lagna will change whereas Rashi or Janma Rasi will not change.

      • astroknowledge

        I just want to reiterate like many others that you are doing a wonderfull job by putting in your valuable time in making those youtube videos and answering queries in blogs. Because of you today i have started understanding my chart better, though i am just a novice. I wish you the very best in your endeavour ! Here are some requests :
        1. Please write about effects of Budha mahadasha – Guru antardasha, just like you have written on Ketu Dasha – OMG! I read every of your blogs and youtube postings and incase you have already written pls let me know the link.
        2. A Karkataka rashi-mithun lagna-ashlesha nakshatra 4th pada with Rahu, Venus, Jupiter in 7th house, Ketu in 1st house, Moon in 2nd, Mars in 6th, Sun & Mercury in 8th and Saturn in 12th. Am sure i need not explain more about the experiences that life is bringing me for more than 20 years now. Is wearing a emerald helpful?
        3. Not sure if i should make this request in public, but will appreciate if you can consider on case basis the charges for consultation. There’s no doubt that you are the master of the science, unfortunately i could not afford to consult you. I hope i did not offend you. Apologies if i have.

        Thank you.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Please consult a good Astrologer in Mumbai. Please do not say that I am the best. There are many Astrologers like me and some of them are actually better than me. I am learning everyday. I mean it. I am doing research everyday. As I have many people working under me, my office has overheads, loans to pay to Axis bank etc, 2 children education etc etc. Being a professional Astrologer I have fixed fees. There are about 2500 requests for free consultation. Each one is asking me for help. I do not know what to do. I am doing the videos so you can learn Astrology and know for yourself. I am planning to teach what all I have understood – free of cost that is my contribution to the world at present. I am asking my students to help me out with free consultation but they have their own work.

      • astroknowledge

        I am sorry if i communicated wrongly about free consultation. I completely understand that you are a professional and you earn livelihood through consultation, just like a doctor. I am more than happy to pay your fees as i like your logical explanation and take at things. Astrology is a science and a logical approach to understand and use it is absolutely essential. For e.g. your presentation on “What is your lucky gem” has actually opened my eye. I have been advised to wear emerald and shani. But if i go by the logic you presented am wondering if i should wear Shani which is in my 12th house, debilitated and malefic. Here’s my birth chart details. A Karkataka rashi-mithun lagna-ashlesha nakshatra 4th pada with Rahu, Venus, Jupiter in 7th house, Ketu in 1st house, Moon in 2nd, Mars in 6th, Sun & Mercury in 8th and Saturn in 12th. Am sure i need not explain more about the experiences that life is bringing me for more than 20 years now. My lagna lord is mercury, and studying other aspects i see Mercury is second benefic after Venus which is most benefic. If so, will wearing an emerald help me really ? I am wearing the emerald and shani for last 4 months but with no positive effect to be noticed. And that is when i felt i should reach out to you. I have two charts to be analyzed and mailed you in november 2013 for consultation. Unfortunately could not afford given that my financial situation is in jeopardy. Hence thought of asking if you can consider on case basis a lower fee and did not mean to ask for a FREE consultation. Sorry again!

  10. deena666

    Namaskaram sir! I born on 11-05-1969 10.30 am.Guntur.
    My all worry is about the life I am living,is a hell.Many people got all good enough with me.But my life is brittle d like this.All my hopes on my life gone.Me and my wife are planning to make suicide with children.My shrimathi is born in hasta star.I am PB.
    according to that star matching also there will be no happiness.
    This is my only last hope ,so writing you sir! I request you,to give me perfect suggestion.
    shall I live or shall I leave?
    As my financial condition is slashed down completely,Writing for your free consultation.excuse me sir!When my turn will come?

  11. Prema Ramachandran

    Hello Sir,
    I get two different lagnas for my children(twins) using different softwares, that is, kataka or simha lagna. Could you please tell me which is the correct lagna for my children? The birth details are
    DOB: 2nd June 2010
    TOB: 10:32 am (EST) and 10:35 am (EST)
    POB : Fairfax, VA

    THank you

  12. mamata

    my ketu dasha is going on.venus in 4th house.pls suggests how will Venus dasha go.

  13. Varadarajan

    Sir, born on 7-7-77,6.33 am chennai, I am unemployed, struggling for life, separated from wife, parents suffering due to debts caused by me. Is there a new life.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Yes. There is. Some of the planets in your horoscope are indicating that you will start a new life. Get on to it with lots of optimism in life. Recite the mantra “Sarva Managala Mangalye…. ” search for the full mantra on internet. Recite it 108 times daily but keep the meaning of the lines in your mind while telling it, not merely uttering the words.

      • Varadarajan

        Great thanks for the reply. Your words are the only positive energy I have. Your words on kethu dasa was very same to the one of mine. I never new the value of money till I entered the first phase but by the end of second phase I was drained in the extent + infinity to – infinity leading to separation from wife and huge debts to parents. Even after starting sukra dasa there is no major change.

  14. Avik

    Namaste Sir,
    Respected Sir
    My ketu is my lagna lord,with jupiter in third house ,venus in sixth house;,sun,mars,mercury and rahu all together in 7th house,saturn in eigth house and moon in 11th house.
    Right now my present position is very pathetic……I am out of focus,,zero concentration level,,no mental peace at any cost…..and seeing my upcoming carrier in very dark stage……..sir please help me out ,,,please give me some suggestions……I do always remain confuse……please help me out……….

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Many planets in on the 1st house and 7th house AXIS is the cause of confusion. You want to do many things. But there is a limit. We can only do one thing properly. Choose a line and stay with it and do not keep shifting. The tallest living being in this world is the tallest tree and trees do not move. Worship Lord Ganesha to remove obstacles caused by confusion and poor decision making. Concentrate on his 1 tusk.

  15. Avik

    Namaste Sir,
    Respected Sir
    Sir You are absolutely correct,I want to do many things.But I cannot do due to shift in focus.
    Sir right now I am wearing CATSEYE,GOMED,EMERALD and PUKHRAJ….should I continue wearing them…Sir thanks a lot for your response.Your suggestions really means a lot to me.
    SIR Thanks A LOT….

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Cats eye is allowed only if you are in KETU dasha and that too only if KETU is yogakaraka planet.
      Gomed is allowed only if you are in Rahu Dasha.
      Never will EMERALD and PUKHRAJ be lucky together. They oppose each other. It is like wearing Congress and BJP flag together. Hope you understand.
      Never wear gems without consulting a professional good Astrologer.

  16. Avik

    Namaste Sir
    Respected Sir,
    I was in big confusions till date.And now with your your valuable feed back all my doubts are gone…..But now with your suggestions I will start a fresh life and do whatever needed to improve…Thanks for Giving me suggestions Sir.SIR Thanks A LOT…

  17. Vaidy

    for cancer Ascendant, I understand Venus is functional malefic, being kendra lord and lord of 11 house. Venus is retrograde and is located 10th house of Aries along with Mars and Jupiter and aspected by Saturn retrograde in Libra. Would Venus be good dasa?

  18. Satish

    My DOB is 1-Jul-1984 at 00.32 hrs at Dharmapuri.
    I am going through tough time in my career and feel like being isolated from friends and family. Lot of negative thoughts running in my mind. Will there be any improvement to my personal life and career.

  19. Shri

    Sir, my DOB is 18/03/1978. From Feb 2014 career has been on the downside. Now It is going from bad to worse. I am putting lot of effort for career growth, but nothing seems to be going my way. Even Superiors have not been supportive in the past few months.

    I am trying for getting job abroad from last year. But, there too no positive response yet.

    I have noticed that I have always faced issues in career growth.

    Do you think things might improve ?

  20. Shri

    Sir, my birthtime is 3:12 PM ,Karka Lagna and Mithun Moon Sign.

  21. vivek

    Hi Dhilip ,

    This is my friends DOB , he has gone through a lot of hardships in all aspects of life both personal & professional. He has not come up in life in any aspects. Kindly foresee his futher both professional & marriage prospects. if any remedy required kindly sugest one. DOB 02.0101980

  22. vivek

    Sorry forgot to metion the time , Time 7.15PM DOB 02.01.1980

  23. Saswata B

    Hello sir, My DOB is 18 Jan 1983, 6:45 pm kolkata, In my chart lagna karkatak, saturn in 4th, jupiter in 5th, ketu mercury 6th, sun and venus 7th, moon and mars 8th and rahu in 12th. I have pearl, coral, yellow saphire & cats eye in hand, presently going through very bad phase, not yet married. please suggest

  24. punish

    Respected sir,

    my birth details are 11-august-1984.Time 5:17 am and place lucknow (U.P ) .Having cancer ascendant .I am wearing navratna ,should I continue wearing or can you suggest me stones.I am ready to wear any number of stones , as per your suggestion.

  25. chandan

    I have cancer lagna with rahu in cancer.the 2 house has saturn, jupiter, mars, 3rd moon, 7 house ketu, 11 house venus and 12 house sun and mercury….want to know about my marriage and if any problems in marriage….thank u sir for all the advice and videos…really appreciate ur effort…

  26. Akshat

    Dear Sir,

    Please tell me about my married life, it is totally hell, there is no mental peace at all. Some one have said you will have two marriage and you marriage will never be peaceful. Please also comment if I will go abroad for work.

    I am wearing Panna and Gomed gems.

    My details are given below:

    DOB: 26 July 1987
    Time : 06:15 AM
    Place: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

    Also I am karka lagna ascendent. with sun + moon + venus + mars in lagna. Ketu Dasha of 7 years is going on with antardasha of Venus till 8 August 2014.

    Your help and directions would be highly appreciated.


  27. sai babu

    my date of birth 20-july-1974 6:58 AM, please help me in this bad phase and how to get out from this phase ? please helpme in this regard please

  28. gowtham

    dear sir
    my dob is 19/05/1980 11.25 iam in kethu dasa.kethu is in 8th(kumba) house and jupiter and mars are seeing will be the dasa?venus is in 12 th will be thw forth comming venus dasa?

  29. gowtham

    dear sir
    my dob is 19/05/1980 11.25 am and iam from coimbatore, rasi and lagna are iam in kethu dasa.kethu is in 8th(kumba) house and jupiter and mars are seeing will be the dasa?venus is in 12 th will be thw forth comming venus dasa?

  30. Avik

    Namaste Sir,
    Respected Sir
    Sir,If a person is having Gemini Ascendant ,Then panna ,diamond and neelam are stones recommended,where neelam becomes bhagya ratna.But If Shukra is in 6th house(,Shatru Graha) and is of Scorpio sign at 21 degree And Shani is in 8th houe(Mrityu graha) is of capricorn sign at 13 degree ,then should we still carry on wearing panna ,diamond and neelam??where in the same chart neelam also comes as bhagya ratna . .sir please help me out ,,,please give me some suggestions……I do always remain confuse……please help me out……….

  31. santhosh

    Hi , I am earning 1 lac per month and consistently my salry improverd over the 8 years. But I am never able to save the money and buy a property or house. I am very much woriied. Can you please analyse my horoscope and let me know when I could be successful in materialistic things? Is there any goodness in myhoroscope? Name : Santhosh , 13.04.1984 . 12:20pm , coimbatore . Cancer lagna, 2nd-moon , 4th -saturn, 5th matrs/ketu , 6th jupiter , 9th venus/sun, 10th mercury, 11th rahu and I am running rahu dasa now from 2010

  32. santhosh

    Hi Sir, I am earning 1 lac per month and consistently my salry improverd over the 8 years. But I am never able to save the money and buy a property or house. I am very much woriied. Can you please analyse my horoscope and let me know when I could be successful in materialistic things? Is there any goodness in myhoroscope? Name : Santhosh , 13.04.1984 . 12:20pm , coimbatore . Cancer lagna, 2nd-moon , 4th -saturn, 5th matrs/ketu , 6th jupiter , 9th venus/sun, 10th mercury, 11th rahu and I am running rahu dasa now from 2010

  33. authenticstag

    How about sun dasa ( sun placed in kanni in my horoscope) for katada lagna? I was born on 26/09/1970-at 1.35 Am at Salem. The sun dasa was started in Jan 14. The agatiyar/Mahashiva Nadi predictions say that i will settle down permanently in abroad and marry a foreigner at the age of 45. ( remain single till date) Will it happen? I prefer to go on spiritual path and not much interested in samsara. Sukra dasa (placed in thula with guru – (20/01/2004 to 2014) was ok for me in terms of professional growth, property acquisition and money. But when it comes to personal life, happiness etc – Nothing. Please advise whether the sun dasa would be beneficial in terms of good professional growth outside india and peaceful personal life.

  34. Rasmi ranjan Das

    Namaste Sir,

    my son’s DOB=21-06-2014,
    Time=07:52 AM,
    Place= Rourkela ( Odisha ) i.e. { Long:84.52E & Lat:22.11N }
    Is there any BALARISTA in this kundli? If yes what are the remedies?
    Sir please suggest me if any Pros and Cons found in this kundli.

    Rasmi ranjan Das

  35. alok

    sir,My DOB:28.06.1981,Time:07:06AM, currently undergoing rahu mahadasha with rahu & venus in cancer lagna.Pl. suggest remedies for rahu & career prospects.Pl. suggest, Regards.

  36. R Venkatesh

    Dear Sir,
    I am a sincere follower of your DIPA dairy. Very useful and I gift to many of my friends.
    thank you for your effort to bring our these type of dairies.
    I like to know about my Profession. I am currently facing severe financial problem. Lost my job.
    My Rasi is Simam. Kataka Lagnam. Place of Birth Mayiladuthurai. DOB 4-6-1968 9.25 AM
    I am in to Travel and Tours Industry. Whether I can start business on my own? Whether it suits me or I face loss… If I start business, whether it will go well and grow

  37. avinash

    My DOB : 17/10/1978, time : 00:05am, Nalbari, in my horoscope ketu is placed in 9th house in pisces. Can I wear Kets Eye?

  38. Vishwanath Thanalapatti

    I want your consultation to clear some confusion in my mind. Please tell me your fees and email address for me to reach out to you

  39. Shridevi (@shridevidesai)

    Hello Sir,
    My dob is 11 th dec 1984 12.07 searching for job but not getting suitable job..and have a motherin law who is bedridden in home since one year..will i be able to work in lifetime or not..pls reply sir..

  40. harvinder singh dhillon

    hello sir,
    i have a kark lagna kundli and have surya and mangal in the ascendant, ketu in 3rd house , saturn in 5th house , moon and rahu together in 9th house, jupiter in 10th and finally mercury and venus together in 12th house. Currently i am in venus dasha until 2027 please tell me about career and money thanks

    • R Venkatesh

      Dear Sir,

      My DOB 04-06-1968
      R. Venkatesh
      My Lagna is Katakam
      Rasi : Simmam
      Birth Star : Pooram
      Dasa i: Raghu
      Bukthi : Sukran
      I am facing lot of hurdles in profession wise and finance…
      How about my finance ? Can I get job or I start business on my own

      Pls advz…

      Venkatesh R

  41. ravindranath kc


    Dear Guruji,

    I am Mithuna Lagna and kataka rasi, Now Mars dasa has started; how my period will be for the next six years.

    2013 year end I suffered loosing my job; and till now I am idling; can you please help me with some parikaras for which I would be grateful to your good selves.



  42. kumaraguru

    dear guruji my date of birth 18 021979 kadakalaknagm thula rasi guru &manthi 1 place sani & raghu in 2 place chandran 4 place sukiran in 6 place sevai in 7 place surian budhan kethu in 8 place please let me know i will get married………..please let me knwo sir

  43. Dwij thakkar

    Hello sir,
    I am having cancer ascendant with Rahu in first house(Mesh), Pls suggest the consequences and effects. Whether good for bad in marriage issue?

  44. Ajeet Sirkar

    Dear Sir,
    I have been following your videos and posts quite regularly and I am very impressed by your analysis. I humbly seek some help from you. My dob is : 5-11-82, time: 2303 hrs, loc:new delhi. By God’s grace I have a good job till now but lot of other problems in my life, seriously ailing father for the past two years, mother struggling, myself frustrated with my life and feel jealous of other who are all having a great time in life, i often vent my frustration on my closest family members viz., mother and later repent. Will these struggles end ? what can I do to alleviate my suffereings ? I don’t understand my life’s overall purpose…please suggest some solutions

  45. rajesh grover

    hello sir
    i rajesh grover dob06/07/1971 time 7.40 am new delhi and i had loss my job i amnot geeting job
    plz tell me what to do ,when will i get job or i do business and i had also wear panna on 22 oct2014but no result

  46. vishal jain

    hello sir, my birth detail is 26/7/1977, calcutta, my self vishal jain. cancer ascendant sani and sun in first house


    Dear Sir,
    I’m born in kadaga rasi & kadaga lagna. Moon is in 1st house and jupiter in 5th house. Moon mahadasha is starting. How will be the next 10 years?

  48. Rahini

    Hi Dhilip, I just started reading your article for few days.. Really appreciate your effort on analysing the astrology in depth and your way of examining and giving examples with modern life is very much easy to understand and adopt the astro system..

    I couldn’t able to find the Good and Bad Planets for Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna). Pl share me the link if already published or request u to share as early.

    BTW I’m Rahini born 4/3/1991 at 7.40 am. Falls under Chithra star, Kaniya rasi and Meena lagna. Very eager to know how my marriage life will be and when will i get marry? will i marry the person I love? Give me general comments on my horo..

  49. C. Vithia

    Dear Sir,

    I am a kadaka lagna, rishaba rasi, rohini nakshatara. Venus in second house from lagna. I have been wearing diamond as my lucky stone for a very long time. Should I stop? Kindly advise. Thank you.

  50. mahesh

    my date of birth is 23-09-1983 time 3.30 am jaipur (rajasthan ) i want know about my work .sir i am little bit disturbed

  51. Abhijit Das

    My DOB is 01-10-1974 time 00:20 AM Tinsukia(Assam) Ascendant is Cancer and moon sign pisces.My third house has Mars, Sun and Venus and fourth house has mercury, Rahu and ketu are in 5th and 11th house and jupiter and saturn in 8th and 12 th house

    Currently my Venus Dasa is going on. I have been advised to wear yellow diamond for venus and jupiter and Cat’s eye for Ketu. I had worn Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter for 8 months during 2013- 2014 but found no benefits. I am wearing Cat’s eye now for past couple of weeks. I want to know if by wearing diamond or yellow diamond as suggested I will be benefited.

    I am woriried about my expenses and loans. Also want to know if I will get a better job opportunity any time soon. I have given many interviews but everything tends to get stuck.



  52. ftejs

    Hello Sir, I have read your Ketu mahadasha article…let me tell you its 100 percent correct. I was a person full of confidence but suddenly I broke because of one of my affair. I felt very deep attachment for her & tried to always find answers of my questions particularly why this suffering…smhw developed interest in astrology & landed on to your article…got all the answer…Sir, thank you so much…your remedies of ganesh bhagwan is working wonders for me…thanks a ton Sir…its indeed life taking for me…bt nw after I started remedy suggested by you m much better. I wanna ask you a question…I dnt knw whn you will read this & whether you will be answering to this…I have checked youtube too bt didn’t get any answer there too…Sir, my question is how shukra dasha is for cancerians? I read few article saying it will be good & few mentioning that it will be bad…looking forward for your expert comment….pls do reply Sir

  53. kishan

    hi sir………………
    my d.o.b. is:-14 december, 1997
    time of birth is :- 20:40 (8:00 pm)
    place of birth is :- ahmedabad

    my ascendant is cancer … and i have neecha bhanga raja yoga by jupiter and mars in kendra (7th house)……

    what will be the effect by this yoga ? will i be succeeded by the help of this neecha bhanga raj yoga

  54. Deepti

    Hello Sir… Very useful information…I am also cancer ascendant….Sun,Moon, Mercury and saturn in lagna…Rahu in 3h…. Venus,Mars and Jupiter in 11th h… Just want to understand at health issue…So many health problem…

  55. Bharat

    Hare Krishna!!! Dilip Sir, I am Karak lgna with saturn in 10th house(Aries) at 24deg31′. But also having Neecha bhanga of sturn with Venus in 7th house(capricorn ). Mars is in 6th house being a Yogakaraka. Moon is in Ascendant itself with Ketu. Jupiter lord of 6th and 9th is in 5th house(scorpio).

    there is parivartana between Mars and jupoiter in 5th and 6th house. and Bothe planets are aspecting Moon in Lagna. Hence my moon is apsected by Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Ketu and Rahu.

    I am also having vipareet raja yoga with Mercury Lord of 3rd and 12th in 8th along with lord of 2nd housee Sun. Right now undergoing Dasha Bhukti of Venus-Mercury.

    Is Shani good for me now as I am 45 yrs old? and does this Mercury bhukti good for me in terms of Finance and cereer?

  56. Durga

    Namaste sir, i m facing career trouble since for 4 years. Sir i am cancer ascendant. In my horoscope sun, venus, mercury, saturn in 8th house from lagna, Jupiter is in 4th house, rahu in 5th house, moon and ketu in 11th house. Please suggest me some remedies sir.. What i have to do for my career to get best results. I m wearing moonstone in right hand middle finger according to our local astrologer. Please reply sir.

  57. Nitu

    Hello sir,my dob is 7march 1978.I HV karaka lagna born .and my life were never running smooth till now.plz help me.I HV my first marriage which want to remarry.tell some remedies.

  58. lallemand

    dear sir

    i was born in arbois in france at 10:20 am the 15 august 1969 . since my childhood i ve experienced deep nervous depression .and today i don’t know what to do ?
    could you help me ?

    best regards

  59. Drashish

    Sir My BIRTHDATE 12/12/1989. TIME 04.02 AM PUNE
    andY SISTERS 04 SEPTE.1994
    I WANT TO KNOW HOW AND WHEN WILL we free from Fianancial and Family troubles in life ?AND GEMSTONE/METAL That we CAN WEAR!! THANKS

  60. drashish

    Sir My BIRTHDATE 12/12/1989. TIME 04.02 AM PUNE
    andY SISTERS 04 SEPTE.1994
    I WANT TO KNOW HOW AND WHEN WILL we free from Fianancial and Family troubles in life ?AND GEMSTONE/METAL That we CAN WEAR!! THANKS.

  61. Subramanian

    Sir my DOB is 05/05/1987, time 7:32 pm GMT and 7:10 PM local time at Trivandrum. I have not yet been able to achieve a stable career. Got in bank 4 times but lost all four , three due to late certificate from university and fourth one due to unknwin reasons. My mental peace also not well. Please help me.and tell me my detailed astrology details.

  62. Ajit Kumar Debbarma

    Sir, my DOB is 21/11/1967, time 10.10pm at Agartala, Tripura. I have not yet been able to achieve a stable career. please suggest me if any remedial measure are there.

  63. Svijaya Luxmi

    Kataka lagna having 4 grahas in 11 house sun rahu shukra and budha shukra is combusted by sun but the house is seen by kuja from tula and also sukra is in kuja s pada sara will sukra do good in his dasa how will the relationship of couples be in sukra dasa its female horoscope

  64. ram

    Sir my ketu is in karkataka lagna.My details are 03-03-1972,time:3:17pm,place amalapuram, tell about my health and career sir..Kindly do the needful and oblige.Very logical and accurate ur predictions..

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