Good and Bad Planets for Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagna)


Good and Bad Planets for Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagna)

If you want to know which of the 7 grahas are the Functional Benefic and Malefic Planets for Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagna)then watch the following video and you will come to know the following:

Why certain planets give more adverse results than others during their dasha and bhukti?

Why is Jupiter is the most harmful planet for Thula Lagna people?

Why is Saturn the best of all planets for all those who are born in the lagna?

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In case you have doubts please let me know and whenever I find the time I will try my best to answer them for you.


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  1. Neelakshi

    Dear Sir
    My moon sign is Libra
    I was born at Jan 1990 at 11:30 PM in Freehold India
    I thought the time is good for me
    I am a student in medical school and failed and was asked to withdraw from the program
    please let me know what is wrong and when will the time get better for me thanks Neelakshi

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You are going through Sade-Sati or 7.5 years Saturn phase. See my youtube video on Sade-Sati and do the Saturn remedies as stated in my other videos.

  2. N.krishnan

    Dear Sir, My name is N.Krishnan and my date of birth is 2/11/1967. Born at 12.25 noon and in Hyderabad. Thula Rasi and Swati nakshatiram. Lost my job last year December 2012 and still struggling to find one inspite of excellent track record and experience.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You are in Sade-Sati or 7.5 years Saturn. So do all the Saturn Remedies. I have done a youtube video for this. search in YOUTUBE for E K DHILIP KUMAR and then search for Saturn related videos. Once you do the Saturn remedies you will easily get the job.

  3. Shuvayu Chakraborty

    My Lagna is tula moon sign cancer…am undergoing venus dasa starting nov 2012…venus bhukti too…but nothing positive till now…too me ketu dasa was better

  4. selva

    my d.o.b is 3rd november 1981,around 6:50 a.m.,at ongole.female,going through a worst family life.when am i going to get a child?

  5. Matty

    Saturn the yogakaraka is in Libra along with Rahu…@present so, would you please give us any general prediction for this asc. (whether) the outcome will be good or bad?
    (i have Saturn in 3rd in my birth chart)

  6. Vasuki

    Dear Sir, I was wondering if the current problems I am facing is due to Jupiter MD. Can you please let me know. I was born on 20/10/1978, 7:14am, Hyderabad.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Find out from my YOUTUBE Video if JUPITER is a functional malefic planet (by function a bad planet). IF yes, then it indicates many challenges. In that case going to a SHIRDI SAI BABA temple on all THURSDAYS will make JUPITER a temporary friend. If there is none around your place then read entire book SAI SAT CHARITA from one THURSDAY to the next one. Watch the miracle of SHIRDI SAI BABA. Gift old books to poor children. If Jupiter is your functional benefic then you need to find out where JUPITER is and who are afflicting it. Then remedies are to be linked to the afflicting planet.

  7. Shuvayu Chakraborty

    Mr Kumar,

    Please help :

    “My Lagna is tula, moon sign cancer…am undergoing venus dasa starting nov 2012…venus bhukti too…but nothing positive till now…too me ketu dasa was better..venus is in 11th house in leo…Please help

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Venus – Venus is usually slow. But it will soon pick up. When you turn into a new road, what is the speed? You lost speed at the bending. So it will take some time. 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear and so on. It will take some time. Check with your Astrologer the status of Venus. If possible wear a smallest diamond on the middle finger set is gold but white polish the gold to suppress the yellow. Do not wear yellow dress throughout this period. Worship Guru (like Shirdi Sai Baba) on all Thursday. Find out which planet afflicts Sukra in your horoscope.

      • Shuvayu Chakraborty

        Venus is 15.5 degrees retrograde in leo which is the 11th house….placed with mercury which is direct….Venus’s antradasha never ever betrayed me…whether it was in mercury dasha or ketu dasha…..venus has always given me things on my terms…just like the way i wanted
        houses, clearing of all problems, money what so ever…every evry thing…btw i turned 30 & venus dasha began last year…& trust me I am damn insecured financialy now

  8. Shuvayu Chakraborty

    No Planet effects shukra, if i am not mistaken, its retro in 11th house leo , placed with mercury..venus has a degree of 15.5, its antardashas in mercury & ketu dashas were fabulous, simply mind blowing, gave me everything i wanted, just the way i wanted…rite now am confused…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please show your horoscope to an expert in Astrology to get rid of the confusion you have.

  9. shailendra

    sir namaskar. my ascendend is tula and lord of ascendend is in lagna and sat placed in 6 th house but sat exalted in navmansha. my jup dasa will end in nov 2014 after sat maha dasa will start. in jup dasa my life was below then ave line . i m mech eng but only degree wise not job point view. last year my father gone pass away to me i m alone son and lot of responsibilities i have to complete. we are living in rental house no bank balance. i have a daughter and i m thinking how i manage to her marriage. my last 42 years just was nothing. now i frusted with that type of life. please tell me when my good time will come or not. my dob 25/12/1967. tob: jodhpur (rajasthan) and tob: 04:20 am……please sir shailendra vyas

  10. Pramod Ramkrishna Yadav

    Dear Sir, My name is Pramod Yadav and my date of birth is 2/09/1973. Born at 6.25 am in Mumbai. Thula Rasi and Swati nakshatiram. Lost my job in November 2012 and still struggling to find new job inspite of good academic record and experience.

  11. Manish Sharma

    My DOB:28/05/1975
    Place:Raipur (C.G)
    Time:15:34 pm
    What is the best Gemstone for my Career and health.

  12. Vaidy

    Dear Sir,
    My DOB is 17-Sep-1980.
    Time: 09:10 AM
    Place: Erode (TN)
    I am finding it hard to find the appropriate marriage partner.
    Need your suggestions

  13. dbl50

    13/12/1971@ 17:05hrs Bangalore, Life in CROSS ROADS

  14. GAYATHRI s

    i am GAYATHRI S. i want know about my job career . My date of birth is 9/5/1990
    time:7.30 pm

  15. S Bagchi

    Respected Sir my dob is 10.09.83 at 9.55am Calcutta.22.54N 88.35E approx.I have got a job in a psu bank in clerical post and also cleared awritten to test in officer rank in state owned.Will i get this second job because i gave the written exam very well and satisfactory gd .i also gave the interview.I want to know what will be the nature and personality of my wife.What will my wife look like.will she be good looking beautiful and charming.will she love me and care for me .will there be marital bliss.I am a chitra born vyaghra yoni tula rahi and tula lagna rakshas gan.As far as i know i have exalted staurn and waxing moon in my first house and venus in 11th house.Please comment and answer my query with navamsa consideration.Please answer my question because i have respect and belief in you and your sayings


    Dear Sir,
    Dear Sir,

    MY D.o.B is 5th sep 1968 time 9.12 AM, place trichy.I am undergoing sani dasa since 2007. Sani is yogakaraka for Thula but I am having problems in my career for the past seven years. I am now working below my designation I was in previously. Next is saturn dasa with venus bhukthi. you have mentioned in your article it is bad period. But I have been having job changes earlier in Guru dasa venus bhukthi and also in saturn dasa mercury bhukthi venus antardasa. How do you forsee now in saturn dasa venus bhukthi for me as venus is in 12th house ( debilitated) in conjunction with mercury, lord of the 12th house.

  17. Rashmi

    Dear Dhilipji. Firstly, your blogs are very educative. I referred it for my sister’s eye disease, and recommended her to read and follow your advice.
    I also have a question for you, but i don’t know how to contact you… so i am writing my question here:
    When will i be blessed with a baby? My DOB: 13.02.82. 8:10 pm. my husband’s DOB: 16.07.80. 12:13 am (midnight).

    Thank you, in advance!

  18. v,subramnain

    Dear Sir, My name is v.subramanian and my date of birth is 20/01/1972(tamil) 21/01/1972 (english) Born at 1.13 am in thirunelveli . Meena Rasi and poorattathi nakshatiram. and thula lakna . my next sukra dasa whether its help full or not please tell sir

    • rama

      that would be great for you. get ready to go Delhi to sworn in as a prime minister of India

  19. Ajith

    Dhilipji, my lagna is thula, got Saturn in 11th house from lagna. currently I have got Saturn-Saturn dasa, and also Saturn on my lagna. I have got separated from my wife, lost my job and running loss in stocks .. could you please explain if Saturn dasa is good ..

  20. Teena

    Sir, I am born on 17.7.71, @ 1.45 pm in Mumbai. Which Gemstone is suitable for me?

  21. Manghai

    Sir,My DOB is 02.10.84. Dhanusu rasi & Pooradam nakshatra Makara lagna. Can u tell me the jupiter is transition is good for me. Struggling alot to get everything in life

  22. Vaibhav

    Dear Sir, My son (Manomay) is born on April 11, 2014 at 9:03 pm in Kitchener (Canada near Toronto), I had question about his kundli He has Rahu and Saturn in First house and Ketu in seventh house, Astrologers says that it is bad and he will have hard time in life with finance and career. I wanted to know more about it and wanted to know about his future (career and finance).

    Thank you,


  23. vanitha

    Dear sir, I am born on 07.01.1992, @ 2.45 am in Hyderabad. I want to know about my career.Can you tell me the Jupiter transition is good for me.



  25. Puja kumar

    Pls advice shani is placed in mesh, house 7 for tula lagna kundali. Is is bad for life time ?

  26. inforr

    Dear Sir
    My Birth details are as below
    31/03/1983, 08:08 AM , thane Maharastra
    Going through a very bad phase ,migrated to Foreign land but didnt get any JOB , mother suffering from cancer ,nothing is happening, neither i can be with my mom nor have money.or job wife about to deliver

    Please let me know if i need to go back to india


  27. Ramya

    This is Ramya my date of birth is 06/12/1988 time is 3:20 am i want to know about my marriage and spouse ,job and my future.

  28. Girlgoneseeker Nyah

    sir what is Guru is in the ist house in a mutual parivatan with venus (exalted) in the 6th??? is guru still harmful? and pls tell me the effects ! i have gotten TERRIBLE results because of astrologers in the past. venus (atmakaraka )is with sun in the 6th


    GURU JI,

    TIME : 10.05 AM



    GURU JI,

  31. MAMOOR



    Dear Sir, My name is v.subramanian and my date of birth is 20/01/1972(tamil) 21/01/1972 (english) Born at 1.13 am in thirunelveli . Meena Rasi and poorattathi nakshatiram. and thula lakna . my next sukra dasa whether its help full or not please tell sir

  33. Krishna

    Sir, I am an hopeless, helpless person at this moment. I got married on Aug 2 2012. From that day till today, I have been struggling to save my marriage where my wife is repeatedly wanting to break each time she visits her parents. My DOB is July 30 1983. Time 1:42 PM, place: Mumbai. My wife is with her parents since Nov and again stopped communication after informing that she will not return.

    Till last year, I was thinking that it was because of Ketu Dasha, but now I have started Sukra Dasa, but I am going through tremendous pain, almost feeling like suicide. Kindly advice


    DATA OF BIRTH 9/01/1971

  35. Dibakar Patnaik

    I am born on 14.02.1969 at 10.19 pm in Gunupur Orissa. As per chart My Lagna-Tula, Rasi=Makar, Planets Occupied are : Mars in 2nd, Moon & Mercury in 4th, Sun in 5th, Venus,Saturn & Rahu in 6th, Jupiter&Ketu in 12th Houses. What is good and Bad in my horoscope. Right now I am job less, no marriage, no money, is there any prosperity in life or not and if any remedies are there please suggest.

  36. sanjay razdan

    My name is sanjay kashmir .i lost my job.when i should get another one.

  37. Kapil

    Hello Sir. I am going through a lot of issues in my marriage : (June 18, 1978, Indore, time : 14:50 hours) Even though as you say in this video that Saturn is good for me, since the time it started(7.5 years transit) I am in a complete state of disharmony with my wife. We are in a situation that we can end up in divorce. Is it possible to know from my chart? date of marriage is 30 april 2012

  38. jaganmohan rao

    guruji my name is jagan mohan rao, dob is 05.12.1977 4.30am and moon rashi is kanya nd lagna tula.presently iam in rahu mahadasha and it ends in 2016 july, next jupiter dasha how will me next jupiter dasha, as u said jupiter not favourable for libra ascendant,pl advice and suggest remidies, jupiter in 9th house,saturn in 11th house, sun and venus in 2nd house, rahuand moon in 12th house, and ketu in 6th house.budha in 3rd house and kuja in 10th house from suggest me remidies and how will be my jupiter mahadasha

    • JAGAN


  39. bhavesh n kayasth

    Jay mahadev guruji,
    My name Bhavesh N Kayasth, i m live in surat my DOB:-16-Aug-1978;TOB:- 12.00 noon POB at BHARUCH (BROACH) near Ankleshwar city of GUJARAT,INDIA.
    MY qUERY is :-
    in which field good for me job OR Proffession?
    in whch time i settle. i settle in india or abroad?
    if abroad then which city/ country good for me?
    what can i do for rogmukti of skin deceases?
    plz told me which gemstone i life time weared?
    & which weard r current dasawise/temporrary?
    someone told me i m shortly in polotics but i elergy to speak wrong works & using false words.
    so if any u findout in my kundli says to me without hasitate,
    my mob no is,
    + 91 09228207774
    will u plz reply threw Mail / SMS / what’s App.
    kindly revert back.


    DEAR SIR JI, i am Tholkappiyan from kumbakonam,tn,my DOB 31.08.1996. time: 10.30 am i’m thula lagna ,,venus in 9th house, jupiter in 3rd, ketu in 6th along with moon and saturn.ketu mahadhasa starts on july how it will??? its good or bad..

  41. narayana

    i was born on 3.8.65 in chittoor andhra pradesh @ 7.08 pm till date life is unsettled,
    stunned by your blog on kethu dasa my wife passed thru this dasa recently now in distress
    please provide me way how to deal with life.,

    rasi chart=

    lagna- makara
    2nd house sani
    3 rd house=-
    5th house= guru , rahu
    7th house= ravi
    8th house= budha, sukra
    9th house= kuja
    10 th house= chandra
    11 th house= ketu
    eldest son married to middle daughter in another family
    wife dob= 8.9.70 near pakala village in ap


    sir my d.o.b is 13-8-89… time:3:20 a.m….place..ranchi, Jharkhand…sir i am preparing for banking i m really confused whether to go for it or not..from heart i want to go for staff selection exam..i completed my i have lost a lot of time… plz sir if possible..tell there chances of job in any of the 2 given yes..then till what time..i will b highly obliged if u see into my problem..

  43. Smriti bafna

    Sir my my husnands d.o.b is 23-6-52 time—1.48p.m bangladesh (gopalpore)
    He is going through venus dasha n the venus is in his 9th house ith mercury sun and moon but why the money doesnot stay wih him n so many court cases .no regards from siblings

  44. ni


    My lagna is thula & going thru jup – rahu dasha ,this jup dasha has been very hard for me
    almost everything seems blocked & obcstacles in every aspect of life .
    currently – My query is regarding my health , Iam having issues in my stomach & lower abdomein for last few months. I have even got all test done including a CT scan which can detect even minor issues but all test came fine . I want to know as per my horoscope is there any life threat desease or sergury coming up . will i survive this time . My life is very mch disturbed due to this health issues.. kindly chek

    new delhi

  45. nara

    I am running Saturn dasa -Moon bhukthi
    Saturn in 3rd house birthhoroscope
    makara rasi thula lagna
    can I win lottery?

  46. kirti.

    Sir ji tula lagnam with kethu, 2nd scorpion with sat, 4th mazar with Jupiter, 6th with mer, sun, Venus, 7th mesh with rahu, kuja, 8th rishab with moon. Pl. Give description to have children. 27 March 1985. Time 8. 45 pm Hyd.

    • Vipin Kaul

      Kirti, Your and my chart is similar. I am Tula Lagna with Ketu in Lagna and Rahu in 7th. Venus and Mars in 6th, Jupiter in 4th , Saturn in 2nd, Surya and Budha in 5th , Moon in 8th. Where are you in your life currently and are you going through bad and good times too frequently

  47. NAZEER


  48. Munish Kumar

    sir i m munish wid dob 09/02/01978, 23:50, bilaspur (h.p.)still wating for gud time for his carrier but only hard work in life no more….pls see my chart and give me some remedies foe better life…

  49. Jegannath Bharath

    I am meena rasi with thula lagna, born on 26th December 1968. I am going through a very rough time of Court case, financial down , no good job. cannot educate children. Will all this change to a better or will be as it is.

  50. Vipin Kaul

    Hello Dilip Ji,

    Please suggest how my future looks like – My DOB is 26th Feb 1985, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
    Time 23:20 Hours
    I am working as a Sr. Sales Mgr in large MNC.

    Will i be able to settle abroad. When is a good time for this. Any good stone you want to recommend

  51. Krishnadoss D

    I was born on 17/May/1962 by 4.30 PM at Chidambaram. I am running Mercury Mahadasa and Sukhra Budhi now. How will be my career and personal life?

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