How was 26th April 2014? Contribute to research – Part 2

How was 26th April 2014? Contribute to research - Part 2


How was 26th April 2014? Contribute to research – Part 2

Why this research?

Proving the power of Saturn in the horoscope. 26th relates to Saturn.

On this date Saturn influenced 3 times, the highest possible is 4 times. It was a Saturday. The date 26 adds up to 8. The star on that day was the 26th star Uttarabhadra.

I am of the opinion that all those who are under Saturn influence get affected mostly on these dates. I expected this date to be very eventful and important – I want to confirm such opinion based on research.

Who can participate?

All those who are going through Sade-Sati (Kanya Rasi, Thula Rasi and Vrischika Rasi) as on 26th April 2014 please participate in this research. All those who are going through Ashtama Sani period (Meena Rasi) please participate in this research.

All those who are going through Saturn Dasha or Saturn Bhukti?

All those who are going through Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti or Saturn Dasha and Rahu Bhukti?

What may have happened?

On that day one or more of the following may have happened to all those who are currently under Saturn influence. Read the next paragraph to know who it may have affected.

Fight – all types leading to great problems and separation, police station

Police problem.

Alcohol or drug related problem – bcoz Saturn hates enjoyment because so many people are suffering in this world.

Knee or foot injury

Bird dropping falling on you, crow pecking you or trouble through crows

Hitting stones while walking or driving, stone related problem

Fracture or slipping

serious health problem

You got into EXTRAORDINARY trouble

How to participate?

Publishingyour feedbackdirectly in this article as comments will let people know the power of Saturn so that we may all engage in social service activities and save the world.

You can give feedback like: a) Very Very Bad, b) Very Bad, c) Bad 4) Good5) Very Good 6) Nothing worth noting down

You may also give an account of what happened if you want right here as it may benefit others.

The results will be published in the same article.

If you want all others in the world to know what happened please give your feedback and experience in the comments section.

If what happened to is so bad you cannot publish it then send an email to with subject matter “How was 26th April 2014 – confidential” Send email only if you feed that the result should be confidential.

Things to remember:

Never enjoy during Saturn dominated time intervals. Instead GIVE ENJOYMENT TO OTHERS who DO NOT SEE ENJOYMENT.

Pray on all SATURDAYS without fail

Avoid NON VEG food and ALCOHOL at all costs. Spend the money that you may have spent on alcohol and enjoyment on that day on SOCIAL SERVICE and see the miracles that happen in your life very soon.


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  1. Hema

    I’m Meena Rasi ( ashtama shani). 26 th April, was a normal day, nothing worth mentioning

  2. baalann

    Dear Sir,
    26th April 1980 time 5pm, is my birthdate and time so I had a very happy day on this 26th with the best people in my life, my mother, my wife and her parents. I got my gifts too a beautiful pink sofa and a sky blue kurtha shirt which I had been yearning to have since many years. Overall it was a very satisfying day without a single negative moment.
    I am big follower of you sir. Hoping to meet you in person soon. Thank you.
    With Regards

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Sorry I missed the opportunity to wish you a happy birthday. Now I am doing it… “Belated happy birthday”.

  3. anamika

    My mom is meena rasi .she slipped and got hurt at home on saturday 26 april night

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please ask her to offer food to crows before breakfast every day until Ashtama Sani is over.

  4. c Gandhi

    since last 33 month i am facing problem but not so harsh, work and routine is going well but by soul not not happy,,

  5. MK

    Nothing worth noting down

  6. raghav dev

    sir, it was shani pradosh on 26th very good day for health related matters as far i know ! am uttarabhadra meena rasi born ! since i knew it was an important day i performd oil abhishekam to anjaneya swamy shani mahatma and bairaveshwara swamy in temple ! n gave vade haara to anjaneyaa !
    sir the gift i received back is its almost one week i dint smoke which i was trying to quit since 8years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Hats off to you! Proof that prayers are always answered. That day 26th April was fully dominated by Saturn. Smoking and long term addictions are negative side of Saturn. The word 8 years appears in your comment. That is the power of No.8 and Saturn.

  7. Sudhan Subramanian

    It happened to me a day earlier on Friday the 23rd. I am undergoing sadesati now as I am a Scorpio. One of my colleague had a hidden hatred on me and he betrayed me in front my senior manager at office by 11:30AM. It went to a hyper situation that I had to say “I’m quitting” from company. My 6.5 yrs of good name with that manager was shattered into pieces within few minutes. Now i’m in a situation to move to other project team due to HR person’s intervention. I have shani in my relationship house (Libra) of my birth chart.

  8. chindhoo

    i am a thula vishaka person.for me the day was good.i have been following your remedies since my sade sati started. fed crows in the morning. that day being pradosham ,did abhisekam for shiva at a nearby temple and stayed in the temple from 4-6 pm.being a non-vegetarian avoided having it on all saturdays and nowadays trying to avoid non-veg on saturn afflicted days for the day was normal and son is a scorpio ,for him too it was normal day.he usually writes ‘sri rama jeyam’ 36 times on all saturdays ,saturn star days and on 8,17 and 26.

  9. Magz

    It was my last day at work as a legal researcher at the office of a Court of Appeals Justice. I got this job on the 26th of July 2013, but before that I was unemployed for a very long time. When i left the office, I contributed money to buy food so that everyone in the office can have something to eat. It was my way of saying thank you. I was born on the 7th of June 1970 at 1:30 am. As per vedic astrology I have a Pisces ascendant and Lord Shani is visiting my 8th house, tough times. By the way before I got my job, life was very challenging for me beginning on November 2011.

    • Magz

      Slight mistake, my last day at work was on the 25th. On April 26, nothing bad happened, but I felt really bad about leaving the bedt paying job I ever had.

  10. Prashant Gohil

    I had to work very hard on that day to complete my work on time. It was stressful but nevertheless my work was done. The following day too I worked hard and complete all the remaining work.

  11. Ramya

    We had an accident on that day. We were returning from the temple after doing Pooja. Thankfully we did not get injured. Car got hit from behind. We are facing insurance problems now…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank God nothing happened to anyone of you. Which of you are going through a Saturn challenging phase? Who is the owner of the vehicle and what is the star and rasi of that person? Please share this so others will safeguard themselves on dates that are fully dominated by Saturn.

      • Ramya

        I am mesha rasi bharani nakshatra. I am going through kantaka shani. My husband who is the owner of the vehicle is vishakam and thula rasi. He is going through 7.5 years shani…we too looked at the bright side and thanked god that nothing untoward happened. For both of us shani phase very bad for him professionally for me bad health issues….

      • Ramya

        I know I have already replied sir. If possible pl can u answer whether and when time will change for both of us. My d.o.b : 23-06-1976. Time 4.06am
        My husband d.o.b15-12-1971 time 5.04 am.

  12. SR

    April 26th was very hectic for me.. had to meet someone in the morning,,till afternoon and immediately afternoon till 2 PM had to run around and at 4 PM performed Navagraha Homam and Rudrabhishekam to Lord Siva.. Felt very peaceful and contended after that.. I am Thula Rashi with Saturn-Mars Mahadasha- Antardasha! It went off well for me except for a lot of physical stress.

  13. vishal

    My moon sign is pisces (uttarabhadra) and i m under the ketu mahadasha (Ketu in 1st house).Facing worst period of my life..Currently jobless since 15 months after doing engineering with very good acedemic record,,,and also diagnosed by kidney stone in this period…

    On day 26th, as daily saturday routine i read hanuman chalisa ,went to hanuman temple …went to shiva temple and pour some water on shivling…After that i went to my frnd house for upgrating his PC….everything went smoothly but @ the end some issue occur with his audio ….i tried to find the solution but didnt get……Previously i installed the same OS on other 3 PC ,it worked well with no issue…….really frustrated …wasted my 2-3 hours with no proper output..on that same day due to improper diet my kidney ston pain rises little bit……on next day i reinstall the previous version of OS on my frends PC and the problem solved..

    So overall it was bad for me.. sir, till what tym meena rashi people will be suffering????? i heard that last 6 month (b4 actual transit) its effect is low and saturn doesnt harm much to the people……Is it true???????….pls reply

  14. jothi

    hi everyone,

    i am undergoing the 7 1/2 yrs since i am of Thula raasi. I am also undergoing Ketu Dasha As in most weekends, i did prayers in the morning and evening at home. I chant the Shanmuga Kavasam everyday without fail. Every Saturday i do the following,
    1. light the yellu villakku for Shaneeswaran
    2. light ghee lamp for Anjaneyar and garland him with vetrilai malai
    3. do milk, sandalwood and manjal abhishegam for Nageshwari amman
    4. visit the Shirdi Sai Baba mandhir

    On the 8th day of every month, i do annadhanam at thiruvannamalai.

    I can only thank God, for nothing detrimental happened on 26.4.2014. i think bec i have been doing the above for a few years now…both Sani and Kethu dasha have been manageable. I have trying moments but when that happens i pray even more….

  15. Sudha

    Hi Sir, i just saw the article. Otherwise also, i was thinking of how to inform you about our “bad” experience on 26th April. After reading your articles on Saturn and SDT, number 8, etc I keenly observe for extraordinary happenings during SDT. My husband is running through Ashtama shani (Meena rasi) and next follows mine and my son’s (both Mesha). On that afternoon, around 05 pm, my hubby entered the kitchen and stepped on water which was dripping down from refrigerator(cold thing), but could not get any clue at that time from where it was coming. He warned me about that casually and went on by putting some cloth on that, for the rest of the mopping for me to do. Again after 1 hour when i went into the kitchen, I have observed some water coming into the way slowly, down from the fridge again. Now, i was really concerned and when i opened the fridge, most of the things were floating in water leaked from a blue (saturn colour) bottle. I was little irritated and while cleaning all the mess, i connected all the happenings and my brain froze for a while.

    When i informed about all this to my hubby, he was shocked and asked me, then why he could escape slipping, falling and injury. I replied him, its all God’s blessings and the result of certain remedies we followed. My mother knows astrology, am also studying since an year and i follow all your videos and articles religiously, so it was all easy for me to connect. The above experience, i say as bad because, we have gone through worst beginning of Ashtama sani, both parents of my husband expired during the beginning of this phase. Of course, both of them were under Sani’s effect as per their horoscopes. Above all, Saturn proves its presence in many ways and only escape from ill effects is good deeds, charities and God’s blessings.

    Thank you for reading and please continue your good work.

  16. sudipta saha

    sir , i want to know which ayanamsa is correct lahiri or raman? plz i am confused……

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Most people in the world have rejected Raman ayanamsa – though I am great follower of Dr B V Raman, we met many times. I was writing the monthly predictions for his prestigious magazine. He gave us the freedom to use what we wanted. I found LAHIRI working well. When something is working well why doubt it was my view.

      • sudipta saha

        thank you sir. my dob 17/11/1978 time 20.55 at kolkata(calcutta).what is my rashi lagna? i have daridra joga in my horoscope?

  17. Hari Krishna Gupta

    Hello Dhilip ji
    Good afternoon !

    shani 8 number ruling . now when these days I was reading your shani related article and tried to find out the things that had gone bad on that paricular date .

    I am giving a example of my father (shree Kiran chand Gupta )who was sitting with me in the car (date :15 june 2012 )

    My Name : Hari Krishna gupta (D.O.B:6june 1971 ,time of birth :5:30 am Place : Bulandshashr-U.P) currently under sadesati 2nd phase

    Case : on 15 june 2012 my dad was ill and I had taken him to heart specialist to show him for some treatment as he was not feeling well ,he had breakfast nicely and we had consulted the doctor and I asked him is it time to admit him but he said first get the test done which I had written . while coming from the doctors clinic around 9 am .In way while going home I thought it will be better if I get the test done now ,we can give the sample of the blood now and get the report in evening , so I called the path lab person in car itself to collect the sample of the Blood for my father and suddenly father health get deteriorate and the path lab person could not find the nerve to collect the blood sample and suddenly he was feeling breath less , i immediately rushed to the family physician which is just 1 km from that place and showed him , he said that your dad is no More .

    Now as per my shani sadi phase (if shani rule 8 then date of the father departed from my family day 15 june 2012 now (1+5+6+2+0+1+2) = 17= 8

    so my question it due to my bad deed and to give me a lesson lord shani had taken away my father from me .

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Not at all. Your father’s life span is decided first of all by his own karma. You cannot change his Karma unless you are God. So do not carry this guilt. Only GOD and Sadhgurus have power to change karma. Your horoscope indicates it but is not the cause. The thermometer indicates temperature but is not the cause of heat. In Sade Sati there is usually the death of one of the parents. I lost my mother in the sade-sati i just finished. I lost my father when Saturn went over my SUN in the horoscope.

      • Hari Krishna Gupta

        Thank you very much sir for your advice as a guru who has given me clarity in my thought for the future .

  18. vidya

    Kanni Rasi, Chitra Natchathram (Last leg of Sade-sati)
    Saturn and Rahu in 10th house in Lagna horoscope.

    26th April 2014 – Saturday
    Overall very good day.
    Outing and very enjoyable quality time with family and friends.
    Getting breakfast & lunch was very delayed but got very good food.

  19. GV

    Thanks to lord Almighty. Nothing bad or nothing significant happened to me on Apr 17th or Apr 26th. It was business as usual. In fact Saturdays are little relaxing for me since it is weekend.

    I am Thula rasi, going through Sade Sati & Shani Mahadasha & Mars Bukthi.

    My saturn is exalted with moon in libra. It is retrograde too.

    Don’t know what is the effect of exalted retrograde saturn, though.

    Note : I like to thank you for all your articles and videos on astrology. I learnt a lot from those. (I had also sent an email to you earlier with some interesting questions. Please do reply if you get a chance)

  20. GV

    Just wanted to add couple of points. My wife is going through ashtama Sani and my 18 months old son is Thula rasi, going through Sade Sati and his natal chart has Exalted Saturn. (He also has debilitated Sun in his janma rasi along with Moon, exalted Saturn & Mercury and it is his lagna too).

    Thought of letting you know, so that it might be of any help to your research…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      So your son was born around November 13, 2012 close to sunrise. Feed crows before all of you have your breakfast. Give food and help to helpless people on the streets and wherever you find them on all SATURDAYS, 8th, 17th and 26th. The magic formula i discovered which can change the effect of Saturn influence. It worked for all my close clients and my family members. It will protect all of you.

      • GV

        Yes sir, will do. Thanks for replying.

  21. kamala


    I am virgo rasi and libra ascendant. Running jupiter dasa, rahu bhukthi, saturn antardasa. I was feeling low on that day and spent on parlour hoping the new avatar will improve my appearance as well as make me feel better

  22. kamala

    I am also born on may 17th typical 8 person

  23. Latha

    Something terrible happened on 25 th .Our dear dog passed away on 25 th April .My husband is in kanya ,my daughter is in kanya with rahu Dasha ,my son is in vrishika rasi.

  24. Latha Reddy

    It was around 5 am on 25th.. It died suddenly due to allergic reaction to vaccine .. It was perfectly healthy before the vaccine which was given on 24 th afternoon ..

  25. Priya Vasudevan

    nothing happened of note on 26th.I am rishabha rasi so while 2013 was routine but pleasant year,2012 was my best year.I am saying this as I have gone through other comments about the rasi people not having a good time even though aspects are good. I am undergoing shani dasa / budha bhukthi.Hence my response. however I normally visit Lord Srinivasa temple on Saturdays and last two Saturdays I lost my slippers and had a long wait etc so the tough times are already manifesting. I have consulted you in the past and have got my full horoscope from you, which shows long term raja yoga. I am following your advice on Saturdays. I hope I get what I want.

  26. chaitra

    MY DOB is 15/12/1987 and i am born in kanya rashi (HASTA nakshatra).
    26th of april was a very bad day for me. I had a major fight with my husband
    and I had to call the police. I was injured badly and had to stay at a friends place

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I feel very very sad with regard to whatever happened to you. Please take this as a sign and do all the remedies that have been associated with Saturn. You know F and P are Saturn words. F = Fight, P = Police. Please read my other articles on Saturn. Pray to GOD ALMIGHTY and seek HIS blessings.

  27. Robby Coker

    I’m Pisces moon w/ Leo ascendant, and on that day, I went with my family to overmountain vineyards in the mountains. There was a BBQ party, and we watched a country bluegrass band play live. During the night, after the band was finished, we hung out around a bonfire they had there. I had a good time overall. It was one of the better days I had over the year so far.

  28. AT

    Dear Sir,

    Iam born under;
    Vrischik Rashi,Vrishuhab Lagna, Anuradha Nakshatra and presently under first phase of shani sade satti with Moon mahadasha and Rahu antardasha.Passing through a worst period of my life so far.
    However nothing negative happened as such only mental gloom.

    By the way I am a big follower of you sir. Wanting and hoping to meet you in person soon.

    Thank you.
    With Kind Regards.

  29. Raj

    Arpil 26 2012 was the when I got married, as my marriage was love cum arranged one, I am on verge of divorce, 498a and DV case fillied against, though I have not taken any dowry or I had never even tortured, her parents made up their minds that relationship should come to end, despite of all my efforts to reconcile her went futile.

  30. Raj

    I’m in a stage of decision making whether I should email my University adviser about applying for convocation or not, if not I will be at risk of being refused entry into UK . I also feel that all doors are closed for me since I didn’t do well in my undergrad. I’m an ashtama shani( Shani in 8th house)

  31. Suhunaraj

    26th April..a prominent lawyer and civil activist in malaysia died. Mr karpal Singh…bsed on date and place..he is meena rasi sir.

  32. Janani

    Sir, my name is Janani. I am thula rasi. There was fire accident in the basement car park in my apartment . Thankfully nothing happened to my tenants. The even happened at 2pm on 26-apr. Wires got burnt and electricity connection has got restored only yesterday.

  33. Harsh Painuly

    Sir. my name is harsh , I am Simha rasi date of birth 26/11/1967 , place of birth dehradun time 2.34 PM . on 26th April’2014 I went to the hospital to get the medical report for the tests which were conducted earlier, was daigonsed with minor heart problem . I would like to tell you about an accident which happened on 17/06/2013 night 11.30pm , car was completely destroyed, but i was saved .

  34. sri

    Hi sir.. I am a kumba rasi person , undergoing shani mahadasa…and my saturn is in the 12. With gods blessing nothing harmful did not happen but I purchased an AC which I was contemplating to buy for a long time but suddenly I made the purchase on that day with the impulse.. request your advice..:)

  35. Rao

    Hello Sir,

    Myself Rahu-dasha with Saturn bukti…Saturn in the 1st house Cancer ASC ..(Rahu 4th house libra) I had a huge argument within the domestic front and was upset all day…depressed and totally lost. How I noticed the difference was that the argument began at 2am and went on till 5am…it was a sick day..that’s when I realised how bad it is when a Saturday falls on number 8.

    • Rao

      Forgot to mention – I am a DANUSH RASI

  36. stia

    I am Meena Rasi, Uttaratadhi nakshathram. On Apr 26th, we went to a theme park full of joy rides. I tried a few rides, but two of the rides left me sick. I vomited 4-5 times that day. Apart from that no other eventful happening.

  37. stia

    Forgot to emntion – I am under ashtama sani and sani is in 8th house from Lagna, dhanur lagna.

  38. CS

    Dear Sir

    I came to know about your ongoing research on the specific date i.e. 26-04-2014. Howsoever late to report my incident I hope it will add a new dimension to your endeavour. I need not go into the horrifying details of the domestic incident but it has changed my life and the outlook. It was a devastating experience. Living about 12,000 kms. from my place of birth I was asked to get out of the house given one and a half hour to pack my things and to arrange for the ticket.

    I have Leo Ascendant and Rashi. Having Moon and Venus in Ascendant, Sun and Mercury in Virgo; Ketu in Sagittarius; Saturn in Aquarius; Jupiter in Taurus; Rahu in Gemini and Mars in Cancer. Was going through the Dasha period of Jupiter with Ketu Bhukti ending 26-05-2014.

    My wife was going through Saturn Dasha with Saturn Bhukti ending 11-06-2014.

    I wish you success in your endeavour and perhaps my case may contribute something to your effort in improving human cause through Astrology. I would also like to have your insight and learned comments on the incident and its future.

  39. etl tes

    I am under sade sati, i made note of this date in dairy,
    26th april 2014,

    That day i was very positive like whatever happens let it that way…
    It was little challenging like some things got postponed on that day also…..

    it was not a good day…to say..

  40. shashi rekha

    me meenarashi, astama, husband mituna pachamashani, son kanya rashi sadesathi, daughter kataka rashi ardha astama , husband son leaving separately, me & daughter on the other side son born on 17th me on 10th again sun and saturn combination. dauther & husband guru & budha/chandra combination god has given good health, small house to live in, little education, and basic necessities still all are dominating characters, ego fights seeing hell on the earth . all are god fearing people , all of us pray but we are not together normally on all astami, chowti and saturn days big fights it is life sentence want face everything and finish so that may get moksha and no birth again. Respectful regards to guruji

  41. shashi rekha

    also rahu in 6th house for me no body likes me what ever I do good to them lots of enemies , they lose legally, ethically but I am losing everyone in life.

  42. E K Dhilip Kumar

    How was Saturday, 26th July 2014 (Amavaysa, Karri Day & PunarPoosam Star) ? After 26th May, I think, this day was next that 26th fell on a Saturday with a combination of Amavaysa & PunarPoosam Star. While just one Saturday, 26th April not have been eventful and thankfully so, the research has to continue on all such days & hence your feedback to Dhilip Sir would immensely help not only him but the 100s of readers. I did post such a request on 26th July, the day I took refuge in Tirumala under Sri VenkatEaswara and it was a memorable day for me with a great Darshan of the KaliYug God Balaji. Bonus was a nice trek to the Japali Sri Anjeneya Swami Temple near Tirumala. I was deeply concerned about this day and it was providence that threw me under the Lord`s Umbrella where I felt fully protected.

    Do recollect and post your experience. The next `8` Days on Saturdays fall only in the year 2015 and they are on 17 January, 26 September, 17 October & 26 December (2015). Let the feedback continue for the benefit of all readers. Thank you & God bless you all.


  43. Raj


    I have read your article and you talk numbers 3 & 4 influence along with number 8. My experience on Oct 4th Saturday was one difficult experience I have had in many years, I was travelling to Pune and visited Shani Shinganapur temple and on the way back I indulged in having good meal when I was having the meal, my bag was robbed from the car, the bag contained most valuable thing my passport. I just got my passport after quite few enquiries and going through the hoops, still need to get my visa back to be with my family. Hopefully things turn out to be good and will be with my family soon, one lesson I learnt not to blame others but take responsibility and secondly live as simple life as possible on Saturday’s and pray to the lord for mercy. I am born on 4th, my nakshtra is Utarabhadrapada, libra lagna and pisces moon sign. Just wanted to contribute to your feedback. If you have any questions please do let me know


  44. murali krishna

    26th march 2012 , i am meena rasi , changed my life, plunged to depths, fortunate to be alive , ashtama shani period

  45. krithika

    sir myself and my husband both of us are comes under mesha rasi bharani nakshatra. could you please tell me is there any problem if both husband and wife are in same rasi and nakshatra.

  46. Kaivalya

    My saturn is atamkarak n placed in pisces in 8th house and these dates really have considerable effect. Remedies given by u re really perfect one even feeding ncaring for stray dogs help u a lot.

  47. Sri

    Tomorrow is Saturday, 17 Jan 2015 and also tags Anusham Star. Request all readers to devote most of your time in meditation, prayers, Poojas and above all SOCIAL SERVICE TO Man and Animals/Birds. Pledge to stop drinking liquor & smoking from tomorrow onward. Pledge to donate liberally to the deserving and needy. Visit a Gosala (Cow Shelter), Blue Cross and show your compassion by working or donating. Everyday is a Saturday & in my opinion a great Day to take care of the poor, patients and those who are suffering. Sit with an old Grandma in an Old Age Home, hold her hand, talk to her, show her that even a stranger can be a grandchild. Donate. Serve. Do not get into arguments as the POWER of Saturn is high tomorrow. Concede, calm down, smile and practice patience. Post your experience tomorrow and in the days to come on how Saturday, 17 Jan 2015 went by you. Pranams to my Guruji Dhilip Kumar.
    God bless All. Sri.

  48. Rajaganapathi

    I faced lot trouble with anything related to staurn , As far as i know i have been good in this life ( cant gurantee abt past) …. 8-8-2013 i had a useless surgery , 17-1-2012 /17-01-2015 lost job twice … Not to mention i’m leo rashi and lagna with saturn/mars in virgo

  49. Mayur

    As promised, here is my reply (albeit more than a year later) on Part 2.
    Details if you wish to verify anything: dob: 16/11/1983, 06:55 am Mumbai (India)

    I apologize, this is a long post.

    On April 26 2014, I went to Osaka to find out more about that area in trying to decide about whether to accept the job offer or not (please refer to part 1). The job was offered in the middle of that week, April 23 or 24.

    As such, it was what I’d call a normal day. ok, from an indian perspective, I travelled quite fast that day (in bullet train).

    Looking back at the last 4 years of my life, AFTER watching your videos and reading your articles, I would like to give feedback of what we might call as ‘fate’.

    August 2013 I went to pray to temple for mom’s health. Ever since, I have been guided in terms of spirituality. From finishing reading the Bhagawad Gita, to being more or less regular at the temple on sundays, to chanting Hare Krishna Hare Rama mahamantra daily since May 08 2015. Last month, I gifted my parents with the Bhagwad Gita, and I am happy to say, that recently my mom’s health has returned to normal after we started on the new, safer medicines.

    I have reverted to being vegetarian again since Dec 27 2014, despite being in Japan.

    From my horoscope, Meena rashi (nakshatra 26), exalted Saturn in 12th.
    So, Shani decided that my ashtam shani challenges wont be directly on me, but via a family member. I guess Saturn really wanted me to accept learning and helping.
    Mercury dasha ended on Dec 19 or so and I started Ketu dasha.

    I saw Dhilip sir’s video on Ketu dasha … OMG only in June 2015, and remember that he speaks about sacrificing/letting go as one of the remedies. Suddenly I realize that I gave up non-veg (including Fish, which I preferred among all non-veg) in Dec 2014. The mahamantra chanting also I started on 08! wow.

    In May 2015, I was thinking that why do I feel that the Exalted Jupiter phase is kinda ok, rather than great, and I asked GOD “What do I have to learn?/What do you want me to learn?”
    and somehow, I found Dhilip sir’s videos while searching for something related to astrology. The videos convinced me that the knowledge Dhilip sir’s providing in his write-ups and videos was exactly the missing piece in the puzzle that I needed to learn at this moment.

    After watching Saturn remedies video, I felt that it would be a good thing to serve and follow the remedies regardless of the type of Saturn period I am in.

    Thank you very much, Dhilip sir.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      It was Wonderful reading your message. I feel encouraged to do more in the field of Vedic Astrology. It is not only a good science but helps us understand what is happening to us has a reason at least instead of dismissing it off as having no reason at all. Please post your comments on my YouTube channel. I would like more participation as I am kind of doing research using the Internet and everything that I learn is based on feedbacks from my clients and also readers and viewers. People like you keep the fire of learning intact in me.

      • Mayur

        Thank you very much. It is a pleasure to be of help, in whatever little way I can. I will try to contribute ‘feedback’ as much as possible.

        I would like to correct one error in my post: the chanting of mahamantra, daily 16 rounds, was started on 08 May 2014, not 2015.

        Thank you

      • Mayur

        Dhilip sir, I have asked for and obtained information on a professional reading by you. I will respond with details and dates after figuring out the best way to remit charges.

        A question I have is:
        do you study the horoscope during the time of consultation, after I ask the question(s)?
        if yes, is it ok to ask upto 3 related/similar questions in a 30 minute consultation?

        Thank you.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Yes. You can. But for 1st time usually 30 minutes is insufficient unless you know a great deal of Vedic Astrology already.

  50. Mayur

    Thank you. Let me plan the consultation accordingly.
    warm regards.

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