Jupiter Transit 2014

This transit is special as Jupiter gets exalted - Utcha - in the sign Jupiter is very happy to be in. So if this transit is good for you you will get more than good results because Jupiter is in a great mood.


Jupiter Transit – on June 19, 2014

Jupiter moves from Mithuna Rasi (Gemini) as sign that Jupiter does not like into the next sign Karkataka (Cancer) on June 19, 2014.

Despite our sins, the merciful God is very kind to all of us. He ensure that bad times do not last forever. For those who were upset with the Jupiter Transit in the year 2013, June 19, 2014 is going to change all that.

To convey the mood of Jupiter in Karkataka I have used the following picture. Jupiter is related to the color yellow. Jupiter is like the blooming yellow flowers. Jupiter exalted means Jupiter is overjoyed to be in Karkataka.

Jupiter Transit – on June 19, 2014

YouTube Video on Jupiter Transit 2014 – June 19th


The above video is the introduction where we discuss the Jupiter Transit in general. In this video we have covered 3 Moon signs. They are Mesha, Vrishabha and Mithuna Rasi.


If you belong to Karkataka Rasi, or Simha Rasi or Kanya Rasi or Thula Rasi or Vrischika Rasi then click on the above link to see the video.


If you belong to any of the following Janma Rasi : Dhanus, Makara, Kumbha or Meena Rasi then click on the above link to see the video.

In case you do not have the facility to watch the above videos then continue reading this article. In case you have the facility to view the video then please watch the video and then come back to this article.

The following 5 Rasi people will greatly benefit from the Transit of Jupiter that happens on June 19th 2014 at 8:26 am IST

  1. Mithuna Rasi – Jupiter will be in the 2nd

  2. Kanya Rasi – Jupiter will be in the 11th

  3. Vrischika Rasi – Jupiter will be in the 9th

  4. Makara Rasi – Jupiter will be in the 7th

  5. Meena Rasi – Jupiter will be in the 5th

This transit is special as Jupiter gets exalted in Karkataka (Cancer). Lord Rama was born when Jupiter was in this sign. Whenever a planet is exalted it gives very good results. Even if the exalted planet is inimical to you based on your Lagna (Ascendant) the planet is not too eager to give you challenges. If the exalted planet is friendly to you based on your Lagna then the sky is the limit.

Out of the above 5 groups of people who benefit the most from Jupiter’s favorable transit after June 19, 2014, the following groups will have greater benefits after the upcoming Saturn transit in November 2014.

They are:

1. Mithuna Rasi because Jupiter will be in the 2nd house and Saturn will be in the 6th house so from November 2014 it is really great time as far as transits are concerned. Recheck your dasha and bhukti to know if you are also running a good dasha and bhukti.

2. Kanya Rasi because Jupiter will be in the 11th house and Saturn will be in the 3rd house rom November 2014. That is great news and a great relief after 7.5 years of Saturn anxieties and hard work with less gains.Recheck your dasha and bhukti to know if you are also running a good dasha and bhukti.

3. Makara Rasi because Jupiter will be in the 7th house and Saturn will be in the 11th house from November 2014. That is a great thing to happen because Maraka Rasi people have been through lots of trouble for quite sometime.Recheck your dasha and bhukti to know if you are also running a good dasha and bhukti.

Good News for Kanya Rasi People from June 19, 2014

This transit is going to favor Kanya Rasi people the most because for Kanya Rasi, Jupiter will be in the 11th house, the house of gain, the house of fulfillment of desires.

From the 11th house Jupiter will look at the 5th house directly which means lots of good things relating to your promotion, your creativity, your children, romance – all these are going to get a turbo boost.

From the 11th house Jupiter will also look at the 3rd house by the 5th house aspect. This means there may be some good event in the life of your brother or sister. You will find that subordinates co-operate a lot with you and you receive help from those who should help you. If you are spiritually inclined you may meet a spiritual Guru.

You may get initiated into a mantra or a form of meditation. Jupiter will also look at the 7th house by the 9th house aspect.

So in case you are eagerly looking forward to meeting your future spouse or wedding or a close relationship that can get closer, then this transit indicates all that you are aspiring for.

To know more about exaltation and debilitation click on the following video


Never read JUPITER Transit results without considering SATURN Transit!

Saturn is the king of Transit. Saturn will determine most of the Transit result. Jupiter transit is important only after Saturn Transit. So first find out at a given time if Saturn is well placed. If Saturn is well placed and then Jupiter Transit is good then surely you will get the expected results of a favourable transit of Jupiter.

If Saturn transit is bad, and then Jupiter transit is good, the goodness of the Jupiter transit will be wasted on holding the bad effects of Saturn.

If both Saturn and Jupiter transit together is bad then surely the transit effects at that time will be bad.

So have a look at Saturn Transit 2014 that is going to happen in the month of November 2014.

Lucky Mithuna Rasi, Kanya Rasi and Makara Rasi people! valid from June 19, 2014 onwards… for close to a year.

From the above table you will come to know that:

Mithuna Rasi:

Mithuna Rasi has a good transit of Saturn after November 2014 because Saturn will be in the 6th house. At that time Jupiter will be in the favourable 2nd house and that too exalted. Wow. You are lucky to have good transit. Luckier will be those who are at that time running a good dasha (major planetary period) and good bhuti (minor planetary period).

Kanya Rasi:

Saturn will be in the favourable 3rd house. What a relief from 7.5 years Saturn that has tried and tested you for so long. Now Saturn will be in a rewarding mood. After all you bore with patience all the anxieties of Sade-Sati. On top of that Transit Jupiter will be in the 11th house that deals with fulfillment of your desires. Luckier will be those who are at that time running a good dasha (major planetary period) and good bhuti (minor planetary period).

Makara Rasi:

Saturn previously was in the 10th house. When Saturn entered your 10th house it must have given you surprises. Job transfers and high tension in business. Then half way through things started getting better for you. Now Saturn will be in the 11th house from November 2014 onward for a period of 2.5 years. On top of that Jupiter will be in the 7th house.Luckier will be those who are at that time running a good dasha (major planetary period) and good bhuti (minor planetary period).

Mesha Rasi:

Jupiter will move into your 4th sign from your Moon sign. This is not a good transit. You may be out of your home most of the time. You may find that your professional work and social service will keep you out. You need to do the balancing act very well and if you do not do it well you may have some trouble back home for neglecting your family members. There may be unnecessary expenses pertaining to home maintenance, vehicle and home appliances may frequently fail. In case your mother is not keeping well then she may become a major cause of concern to you. It is better not to buy a new vehicle when Jupiter is in the 4th.

More important is the fact that you currently have Saturn oddly placed in the 7th from your Moon sign and after November 2014 it moves into the 8th house (Ashtama Sani). Saturn will stay here for the next 2.5 years and that means Jupiter Transit will become very important – however for year from June 19, 2014 Jupiter is also not well placed.

Work as a volunteer in a social service organisation so that you will not feed the effect of these bad transits. If you cannot do that increase your charity and speak for the poor and the downtrodden.

Recheck your dasha and bhukti to know if you are also running a challengingdasha and bhukti. If you are in good dasha-bhukti you will be less affected by this unfavourable transit. So contact your Astrologer and know more about your time.

Vrishaba Rasi:

Jupiter will move out from the favourable 2nd house into the very stressful 3rd house. The effects of this bad transit will be felt more only from November 2, 2014 when Saturn also will move out from the favourable6th into the stressful 7th.

You may have to see your doctor for a master health check up after the Jupiter transit or if you miss that you should see your doctor at least in November 2014.

Pray regularly on all Thursdays and Saturdays. Feed street dogs on all Thursdays. Offer food to the hungry and the helpless on all Saturdays without fail.

Use Vedic Astrology as much as possible for the next 2 years.

Recheck with an expert in Astrology whether you are currently protected by a good dasha and good bhukti. If that is true then you will not feel that much the bad effects of this Jupiter transit. So spend some time to find out. In case you want to know it for yourself, learn the basics of Vedic Astrology. I have done many videos and uploaded them on YouTube.

Karkataka Rasi:

Jupiter will move out from the 12th Rasi into your Janma Rasi causing what is called the Janma Guru. It is said that Lord Sri Rama went to the forest in exile during the Janma Guru.

It means that you may have to put up with lots of stress. Do not worry as every problem has a solution. Worship on all Thursdays. Worship your Guru’s, your teachers, your father, your pitrus, everyone who has guided you and everyone who may guide you in the future.

Saturn will move out of the 4th house and get into the 5th house. Both these houses are not favourable when it comes to Saturn transit.

So you may have to increase your charity on Saturdays.

Recheck with an expert in Astrology whether you are currently protected by a good dasha and good bhukti. If that is true then you will not feel that much the bad effects of this Jupiter transit. So spend some time to find out. In case you want to know it for yourself, learn the basics of Vedic Astrology. I have done many videos and uploaded them on YouTube.

Simha Rasi:

Jupiter has been in the favourable 11th house and now on June 19th 2014, Jupiter moves out of the favourable 11th house and enters the 12th house.

So there will be lots of expenses. However you may spend on home and property, or conduct the marriage of one of your children if that is applicable to you.

Do not invest in new business unless you are going through a very good dasha and bhukti.

The bad effects of this transit will be felt even more after Saturn moves out of the favourable 3rd house into the 4th house. There will be lots of pressure on the home front. Unexpected problems at home is likely to crop up. Bear with all this patiently.

If you feel that the trouble at home is increasing then do 1 of the following:

Do some infrastructure development in your KULA DEVATA Temple.

Give roof to roofless people. Put a roof on a roofless toilet. Visit slum houses and see which house needs this. Do this social service activity on Saturdays.

Recheck with an expert in Astrology whether you are currently protected by a good dasha and good bhukti. If that is true then you will not feel that much the bad effects of this Jupiter transit. So spend some time to find out. In case you want to know it for yourself, learn the basics of Vedic Astrology. I have done many videos and uploaded them on YouTube.

Thula Rasi:

Jupiter moves out from the protective 9th house and gets into the 10th house. The 1 year protection period is over and that means you may feel the effect of the 7.5 years Saturn effect (Sade-Sati) much more than during the last transit of Jupiter.

So without fail do the Saturn related remedies.

Be extra careful on Saturdays, on all 8th, 17th and 26th and on all days that are ruled by Pushyami star, Anuradha Star and Uttarabhadra Star.

Pressure in your career is likely to increase to a very high level.

It is better to contact a reliable Astrologer and find out more about your horoscope with regard to your dasha and bhukti to know what is ahead of you and alter destiny instead of allowing destiny to play its role.

In case you are also going through the dasha of the 7th lord or the 2nd lord or the antardasha of the 2nd lord or the 7th house lord then you may have to do a Mrityunjaya Japa Homa.

Recheck with an expert in Astrology whether you are currently protected by a good dasha and good bhukti. If that is true then you will not feel that much the bad effects of this Jupiter transit. So spend some time to find out. In case you want to know it for yourself, learn the basics of Vedic Astrology. I have done many videos and uploaded them on YouTube.

Dhanus Rasi:

Jupiter moves out of the favourable 7th house and enters the 8th house where Jupiter is no longer favourable. However you will not feel the unfavourable transit because Saturn is right now in the 11th house. However from November 2nd 2014, when Saturn moves out of the favourable 11th and enters the 12th house you will start noticing the bad effects of this transit.

Recheck with an expert in Astrology whether you are currently protected by a good dasha and good bhukti. If that is true then you will not feel that much the bad effects of this Jupiter transit. So spend some time to find out. In case you want to know it for yourself, learn the basics of Vedic Astrology. I have done many videos and uploaded them on YouTube.

Kumbha Rasi:

Jupiter moves of the favourable 5th house and enters the unfavorable 6th house. At the same time Transit Saturn is in 9th house which hinders the luck from flowing in freely. So this transit is likely to make things slightly harder for you as Jupiter has been protecting you for over a year when Jupiter was in the favourable 5th house.

In such times, pray to GURUs, Saints, Teachers, Father and above all GOD Almighty. Also it is better to engage a lawyer in case there is a court case, see your Astrologer at least once, see a good doctor in case of health issue, often engage a Purohit to do appropriate remedies.

If insulin is not there then we ingest or inject insulin to compensate. The same way when Jupiter is not favourable we should try to make Jupiter favourable by engaging Jupiter (GURU) in our life. Of course there will be expenditure due to Astrologer, Lawyer, Doctor, Teacher, Professor, School, College, Coach, and all those who guide us when we in our bad times.

Recheck with an expert in Astrology whether you are currently protected by a good dasha and good bhukti. If that is true then you will not feel that much the bad effects of this Jupiter transit. So spend some time to find out. In case you want to know it for yourself, learn the basics of Vedic Astrology. I have done many videos and uploaded them on YouTube.

Do you want to learn about Jupiter Transit Logic?

If you know how to do it yourself you do not have to be dependent on an Astrologer each time you want to know whether the current Jupiter transit is good or bad for you. Here is the video which will teach you this logic in the most simple way.


Let me have your feedback!

Having given all of you such wonderful news I am sure you will want to thank me for that. In case you do want to do that here is my email id: ekdhilip@yahoo.com but do not ask me more questions because I am a professional Astrologer and that means I do not offer free consultations though I did that for about 7 years before 1995.


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  1. prakash.v

    Thank you sir :)

    • nirav

      Astrologer r u forgot 12 rashi meena rashi?

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Click on the following link to know for MEENA RASI.

  2. rathna

    Read your predictions for kanya rasi with interest. Your predictions are not only accurate but the way they are presented is really a moral booster for kanya rasi ppl. My husband is one of them. Thank you. I would appreciate your posting of the predictions for other rasi’s also, especially that of mithuna rasi. My rasi is mithuna rasi and so for wot ever other predictions i have seen in the electronic media and print media are heart breaking and depressing. We the mithuna rasi ppl could really do well with your way of positive prediction. Looking forward to read the mithuna rasi predictions very soon in this space.

  3. Divya Thakral

    Please provide details for the remaining Rashis as well for 2014. Will the lucky streak continue for Singh and Dhanush rashis. How will 2014-2015 be for these?

      • prasad.p

        equest your advise for myself reg the jupiter transit 2013 into mithuna/ gemini from vrushabga/ taurus– effects for career etc

        my name: Prasad.P
        Date of birth: 25.03.1969
        Time: 08:10: 20 AM
        Place of birth: khurda road (khurda dist)- Orissa state; Latitude: 20′ 11 North & longitude: 85′ 47 East
        rasi/ moon sign- mithuna
        ascendent/ sun sign- Aries
        birthstar/ nakshatra- mrigasira 3rd padam
        Sex: male


      • pk

        This is regarding your predictions of Jupiter transit in Cancer in 2014 and how it affects capricorn. Jupiter will be in 7th from moon and ketu will transit to 3rd from moon on July 12. Ketu in 3rd will cause a vedha on Jupiter in 7th. This will reduce or nulify the good affects.

  4. anonymous

    Dear Sir,
    I have been reading your articles quite some time , it is neat and simple to understand.
    if possible -please answer my question.
    please tell me when i will get child.

    dob: 20/05/1985
    time:7:30 am
    place :tiruvannamalai

    Husband DOB: 16/06/1985
    Time: 11:50 PM
    Place: Tiruvannamalai.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I need your date of marriage and rough time of muhurta and place of marriage please.

      • Senthil

        Hi Dhilip, I have read all your articles, especially the article about Rahu Dasa-Saturn Bukti Excellent…probably the only one which is exactly and 100% correct about what could happen in Rahu-Saturn dasa. I’m running through that period…since last 2 years.

        I got married last year and need to know if I can get child this year. Please. I also would like to know how can I contact you and get a detailed prediction based on my horoscope. But please let me know about child now.

        My details
        1. Uthiram-1m patham, Simha Rasi, Dhanusu lagna
        2. I have Maharam as 2nd house, Mesha as 5th house, Mithuna as 7th house and no planets on these houses.
        3. I have Jupiter & Sun in lagna, No grahas in 4th, Rahu in 6th house.
        4. Birth details: 25-12-1983, 5.55am, born in Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu.

        My wife’s details
        1. Hastham-4m patham, Kanya Rasi, Dhanusu lagna
        2. Maharam as 2nd house, Mesha as 5th house, Mithuna as 7th house and no planets on 2nd house, Jupiter in 5th house, Sun, mercury & venus in 7th house
        3. No planets in lagna, Rahu in 4th, no planet in 6th house.
        4. Birth details: 04-07-1987, 6.40pm, born in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.

        Date of Marriage : 23-08-2012, 9am-10am muhurtham, at Rajapalayam, Tamil nadu

        Thanks in advance.!

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Send an email to astrodiaries@gmail.com and my secretary Ms Sobitha will be in touch with you regarding consultation with me. Let us see when we are destined to meet?

      • C V Vasudevan

        ===Dear Sir, For Dhanusu Rasi, Jupiter is the adhibathi. When Jupiter is in exalted position in Kataka Rasi (8th from Dhanusu), will it not do good to Dhanusu OR will it do LESS HARM since Dhanusu is a native of Jupiter?

        My 2nd Quesstion is, it is being mentioned in Panchangam, that when Jupiter is entering 5th Place from your LAGNA, I REPEAT,NOT RASI, BUT FROM YOUR BIRTH LAGNA, will it be doing good (inspite of its position being 8th from the RASI).

        For example, My Lagna is MEENAM, Rasi is DHANUSU. For both Meenam and Dhanusu, the Adhibathi is JUPITER. So how will be the effect of Jupiter for me?

        Would be thankful if you could please revert with your valued views.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Never read Jupiter transit result without considering Transit Saturn. From November 2014, 7.5 years Saturn starts. So that is more important. Also give a lot of importance to the basic chart and the current dasha and bukti. Astrology is very complex because of all this.

  5. sangeetha

    my rashi mithuna..
    date of birth 15.02.1992
    time 6.10am
    sir pls give me my full details to my mail…and also my good days in my life…

    • xyz

      dont worry sangeetha. all are good times.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        This reply is good for those who are in good times and they can say this to those who are in bad times. The one who goes through trouble is in no mood to accept that all are good times. Astrology is not psychology. For example we cannot go and tell a person who is dying with cancer, “all are good times” or “what is happening is all for the good”.

  6. Vedanta

    Dear Sir Dhilipkumar. Have you ever studied about Mangalik’s. As you know, we in India consider bad if a person is a Mangalik. I was just wondering whether you have ever studied about this topic. thank you.

  7. Harish


    My Date of Birth is 28/11/1984. Time 4.28, Bangalore. I feel like I am under tremendous pressure. Nothing is going as per plan. When will good time start for me. When will I get married. I feel very upset in life and I feel very nervous every day.

    Please advice.

  8. shelly

    Dear Sir,

    My dob is 6/21/1979 at 4:20 pm in Bangalore, India. Do I have any major astrological issues for the next few years and if so what remedies may I undertake.

  9. prasad.p

    request your advise for myself reg the jupiter transit 2014 from gemini into karkataka – effects for career etc

    my name: Prasad.P
    Date of birth: 25.03.1969
    Time: 08:10: 20 AM
    Place of birth: khurda road (khurda dist)- Orissa state; Latitude: 20′ 11 North & longitude: 85′ 47 East
    rasi/ moon sign- mithuna
    ascendent/ sun sign- Aries
    birthstar/ nakshatra- mrigasira 3rd padam
    Sex: male


    • ganapathy.s

      Sir, my wife and two children and me all were had same moon sign, virichiga rasi we are all going in very bad phase now and I want to know when this going to be alright. Having same zodiac sign for all four of us will lead to any catastrophe? Please help us

      • metal mask


        All vrichika rasi people are undergoing 7-1/2 years saturn sade sani period now,
        This challenging period will end by June 2019 approximately,
        Having same zodiac sign for all four of you will not lead to any catastrophe- it is just tough time for entire family,
        Follow sade sati remedies given by dhilip in his blogs and videos.

        I am also from vrichika rasi, I observed harder i work my bad is turning to good. I feel better solution is work harder and more harder until your work is done (until lord sani is pleased),
        good things to you are only delayed but it will never be denied in sade sani.

        God bless you,
        Reader of Dhilip Blogs.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Wonderful views! Exactly as what I have been telling people for years. 7.5 years Saturn means you should work harder and harder and fulfill the hard times that way. Hard work eventually pays. When you enjoy in sade-sati like drinking alcohol and games and cricket watching and video games then Sade Sati gets harder. Saturn is against pleasure. reduce pleasure seeking in Saturn challenging phase.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Do not worry when GOD Almighty is there with you. Pray in a Lord Hanuman Temple on all Saturdays. Go together. Sit together in a bhajan. Satsang is a powerful method. Recite RAMA mantra. like Hare Rama Hare Rama… or ask your children to write out Sri Ramajayam 108 times on all Saturdays and all days during exam days. Worship SHIVA LINGA on all Shiva related days. Do PITRU THARPANAM without fail on all AMAVASYA.

  10. sumati

    dear sir, my dob is 26.4.1983, 6.56 pm bangalore. married since august 2009. currently going thro 7 and half year sani, tula rasi. i think currently going thro guru dasa and venus bhukti. jupiter has moved to my 9th house. please predict the prospects of childbirth in my chart. thank you. regards.


    Sir, My DOB is 05/12/1966 (08:30 a.m.) at Bhubaneswar. The Jupiter transit in the current year is probably good for me. But kindly guide me for the jupiter transit in the next year June 19th 2014 onwards. I wish to get a stable job in my life, so kindly guide me.

  12. sarala menon,

    Thank you. a pointer to the ways of things to come. propagating the gods and doing charity will tide the way. even the malefic becomes benefice. that is God’s promise to his devotees. The logic, the conclusion looks easy and correct.good for beginners of astrology. thank you dilip kumar sir.

  13. siranjeevi

    When will meena rasi get good time and rewards i am suffering so much

  14. E K Dhilip Kumar

    When a new Prime Minister takes over it takes time for him to start working. Transit results take take because Jupiter stays in a sign for 1 year. Be patient. Also all the 14 people have different dasha and bhukti and no 2 horoscopes are alike. Moon sign predictions are general. Do research on all the 14 people’s horoscope with the help of an Astrologer in your locality. There are about 600 million people born in the Vrishabha Rasi. You are talking about 14 people. What about the remaining.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Best Solution recommended: Get the horoscope studied by a professional Astrologer who is also an expert. General methods sometimes do not work on certain cases. For example in the field of medicine that happens. For most people stomach ache will go away with simple medicines. For a few it may be cancer etc and may need a different approach. So the 1

  15. Ramya

    Hello Mr. dhilipkumar

    My Dob is 23-06-1976
    Time 4.04 am
    Place chennai, tamilnadu

    I am going through very tough times. Please let me know when it will change.

  16. Subbu Lakshmi

    hello sir,
    Am Subbulakshmi, DOB is 07.09.1984 My rasi is Makara rasi. I am going through very tough time in my new business, may i know the good time for business. 2014 Saturn transit & Jupiter transit will favour for me? Kindly reply me sir.

  17. nomita

    are your predictions based on sun sign or moon sign

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Sun sign predictions are 25% correct and 75% wrong. Moon sign is mostly 50-50. Predictions are to be based on the entire horoscope and not just the position of Sun or the Moon. Consider all the 9 planets (grahas) at one time. My predictions and the predictions by all the Vedic Astrologers of India are based on the entire horoscope. According to me Sun Signs are for fun. It is like pre-school stuff.

      • nomita

        thank you. i am 2nd march 1971 born . brith time 1400 hrs afternoon. what are your predictions for me and also what will this and 2014 like for me.

      • Anil Kotian

        How about predicting by Lagna or ascendant sign? Does it help to arrive at a more accurate prediction? I follow Joni Patry’s predictions. What are your views about her?

  18. A Bhaskhar

    sir, i read about your article on kethu mahadasa and it was quite useful. i am born in tiruchirapalli, on 9th march, 1969, 17.30hrs. currently i am undergoing kethu mahadasa. kindly let me know how this last part is going to be( ending on 1may 2014)

  19. aishwarya

    Dear Sir I am born in chennai on 6/10/1978 at 6.23 am.. My husband in kurnool at 2 pm.,14-3-1974.Will we have our second child?

    • Anil Kotian

      lol. what a weird question. How can a Astrologer tell you whether you will have a second child or no. Its between you and your hubby. How foolish people can be!!

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        When you are well settled in Ontario, Canada you may think people who ask such questions are foolish. They are just curious. Suppose you are travelling towards an address. You stop and ask someone which way to go. The guy says this way etc. It does not mean the guy will take you there. Astrologers guide people. They do not manufacture a child for a couple who wants to know when to expect the next child. However sometimes people ask useless questions and especially questions that cannot be answered using Astrology.

        Consider this: A patient begged a doctor, “please save me, please save me”. God laughed. Then the doctor reply, “Don’t worry, I will save your life”. God laughed again. There are times when we are desperate. We look for answers and solutions. Astrology is just one of them.

        Otherwise in the days when science is at its’ peak, Astrology should have vanished. But it seems to be getting stronger and stronger. You will have to explain why.

  20. nomita

    dear sir,
    i need to know the moon sign and predictions for mother date of birth 7 sep 1943 born in delhi . time unknown. pls let me know what will 2014-2015 will be like for her financially, health. will be very grateful. await your reply at the earliest. Regards

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Your Mother’s Moon Sign is VRISCHIKA (SCORPIO). By reading my articles you can know what is in store for your mother during the current time.

  21. nomita

    dear sir thank you so much for your reply . pls let me know the moon sign for 2 sep 1953 born and 7 oct 1946 born. thank you. regards

  22. Gayathri

    Sir, I was born in sade sati. My first 7 and half period I suffered from diseases etc. some astrologers tell second Sade sati which will start next year for thanur Rasi is good . Pl give ur opinion on that.is second Sade sati good or bad

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Sorry Gayatri, there is no difference. Every time it is exam time whenever Sade-Sati is on. Do the remedies that I have suggested under Saturn Transit article. I plan to do a youtube video on this topic. To see my NOT SO PROFESSIONALLY done video search for E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE

  23. Gayathri

    Thanks for guiding. You are like a father guiding us. Is 7 and half Saturn worse trouble maker or the rahu- Dasas sani Bhukti the worse. In my 28. Years if life this is the worst time. Pl give ur opinion.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Depends on the horoscope. Anyway one will come to know the answer. But remedies are more important than arguments about which is worse etc. When one has diabetes one does not discuss if diabetes is worse or blood pressure is worse. We go straight for the medicine.

  24. aishwarya

    Dear Sir I am born in chennai on 6/10/1978 at 6.23 am.. My husband in kurnool at 2 pm.,14-3-1974.Will we have our second child?please help us

      • aishwarya

        Thank you sir for the reply …feeling very low for not having child in time..

  25. stud

    DOB:10th april 1991
    time :11:17 am
    place:kakinada (Andhra Pradesh) (India)

    What are the chances for pursuing higher education next year ?Sir i will be applying for higher education this sept 2013 and season starts at 2014 august.Me a capricorn moon sign with present guru in 6th house

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Next year Guru the teacher will be in the 7th house. The best chance for jumping to the next floor on the education building. On your mark, get set, go…….

      • stud

        Will taking up electronics for higher studies(2014 august to 2016 september) help me during MS??

        Management side do i fit in ?i mean MBA(2022) after MS(electronics 2014-16) is what my main target will be.Will this work out ?

  26. siranjeevi

    Respected sir,
    I am meena rasi and i am suffering alot please tell me when will i get good time i have already asked about this please reply me

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Considering only the transit and (Not your horoscope) we can say that from November 2014 onwards you will find a lot of relief. Currently you are going through ASHTAMA SANI. BE vigilant on S.D.T. What are S.D.T? search for my youtube video on this topic to learn more about S.D.T. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE

  27. NN

    Respected Sir ,

    TOB:8.38 pm(20.38)

    Can you please help me and predict when I will be getting a good stable job .I am currently working outside India and I am having problems finding a good job here. I am from Mithuna Rasi and 2012 was a favourable year in all aspects but in 2013 I am having lot of tensions and stress related to Job.I am unable to find peace .Any pointers would be helpful.

  28. Chensiah krishnan

    Thank you very much Dilipkumarji i am a Kenya rasi man born on 21/10/1949
    It is a great pleasure to read your predictions.

  29. nalini deve

    Hello Mr. Dhilipkumar

    My Dob is 17-07-1987
    Time 9.17 Pm
    Place Malaysia

    Can you please help me and predict when I will be getting married.Please let me know when it will change.thank sir

  30. Pratik

    Dear Sir,

    Dob 27.02.1978
    Time 1 am
    Place Mumbai

    I lost my job in april 2013, since then struggled to get a job. I have started working as an lic agents selling insurance policies from august 2013 on commission basis, whether this would be successful, if yes from when as i am financially bankrupt. Also is there marriage in my kundali, if yes when the occasion will take place. Please advise.

  31. Kristan Davan

    I was born in India, spent a brief period there.I recently stumbled on my natal chart in my attic with writings for planetary phases written many years ago in India
    However there is a hand written note that says my worst period begins Nov 2011 called “Asht Shanee” and things became worse from Nov 11 2011 onwards – strange co-incidence :-) Anyways if you can comment on “Asht-Shanne” that would be great and if not i understand. I am a Male born on the fifth of July 1969 in India, 8 53N Lat / 76 38E Long at 1PM.
    And the last but not the least i like your blogs – very matter of fact and informative.

    Kristan D’Anvan

    • Kristan

      Please remove my posting (Ref: Kristan Davan / Dated Sep 11 2013) from your Q&A site.
      – Kristan

  32. Raghurama

    DOB:09-06-1988 AT 5.40 AM
    Dear sir,
    Please let me know about my career.when i am going to get job.i am going through tough time.

    Thank you,

  33. Madhavi

    Resp. Dilip Sir,

    Many thanks for sharing this knowledge with us. The best is the correlation you give with Planetory transits and it’s significance in the change one needs to bring in his/her attitude. I take some interest in Phala Jyothish and bit concerned about Progeny expectations –

    my birth details –
    14.11.1976, 21:20 PM, Pune

    my husband’s birth details –
    17.11.1976, 6:15 AM, Indore

    Marriage Date –
    20.05.2013, 18:50 Hrs, Pune

    He has Mars in 5th and I have sun and Rahu in 5th. But currently my Ravi Mahadasha is going on. We do not have any other technical challenge but Ayurvedic Dr.s have found our stomach region quite hot and not appropriate to conceive. I had expected this due to our 5th houses.

    What is your reading ? And what do you suggest? as my 5th lord Venus is in 7th and his 5th lord venus is in Lagna. Bit confused.

    Will you pls throw some light on this situation as what would be collective result ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  34. kiran

    Thank you so much! that’s a great relief !!

  35. Murugesan

    My DOB March 6, 1952 at Tirukoilur near Villupuram. Is it good time for me in the coming year with my career and fortune. Please advise. Thanks.


    Dear Dhilip, I would like to thank you for the kind of advise and work you are engaged here. I know this is a great science which our forefathers had mastered and left to us only to be misused by most ,..but sir your work with no expectation and simplicity needs appreciation and hence this reply,..keep your service to mankind going

    All we look for when in distress is how long its going to last and your replies resonate this,..thank you

  37. Subramanian J

    Dear Sir
    Please let me know how to contact you get personalised predictions for myself for 2014

  38. manjunath

    Respected Sir ,
    moon Sign :shimha Rashi, Magha nahshatra,2nd pada Please let me know about my career..i am going through tough time.i had completed Engineering i am not getting job

    Thanks & Regards,

  39. Priya

    Sir, I’m born on 30th May 1980, Time: 10.55 PM, Place : Chennai. Though visa stamping is done many times. I couldnt travel for my onsite assignments. Kindly let me know whether there is an opportunity for onsite travel in my horoscope.

  40. sakthi

    Dear sir,

    My rasi is mithuna i am planning to bulid my house past 2 years ,but i unable to start my building construction due to various reason .pls let me know good time fr me and i recently got marriage when i will get the child.my dt:29/10/1980 – 2.20am ariyalur dt.

    • Anil Kotian

      some of these question are really hilarious. People do not have even faith in their own self . for building your needing a contractor not an Astrologer.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        I normally do not approve such comments. But I thought I will do it so people can think your way too. Let it be a healthy argument. Something good comes out of healthy argument. Let us see.

      • Senthil Ganapathy

        Of course, We need a contractor for building and …an Astrologer to guide people in life. If really astrology seems so funny for you guys, why did you search for Guru transit and have come here on this page! There are billions of billion things in the universe for which no body is able to answer yet, Do not come to a conclusion based on your experiences with some astrologers who have taken it as profession for the sake of their bread before actually learning it to the core…!..If you wanna check whether astrology is true, look at your past life with the help of a genuine astrologer and see, instead of predicting you future and wait for the time to know whether astrology is true or silly!…No fault on you, now a days people needs visible proof for everythign to belive in them. Dont know how can you guys belive in God then…

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Words of wisdom indeed. To add, I may say …. In fact after I say something about properties from a horoscope, I tell people that you have to find a good contractor. After I tell people on the court case they are going through, I tell them to find a good lawyer. We need all kinds of people to achieve our objective. Those days a Rishi approaches a King because what he cannot do the King can do. What the King cannot do, a Rishi (Sage) can do, so a King at times approach a Rishi. This is a big world. V Anand the current world chess champion trains with the help of lesser players than he even today, because everywhere we can find help to make our lives better. The most important thing is seeking, not just questioning.

      • Venki

        Very hypocritical indeed. If you are smart enough and immune to these age old science why do you visit these pages? Dhilip Kumarji: What planets influence this kind of thought propositions?

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Dear Venki, it is like some young children when they used to go to school they used to cry a lot. I have seen this often. They refuse to go to school. Later on the same child might become a gold medalist in academics. After criticizing astrology many have become followers of this ancient knowledge. Want proof? I am one!

  41. Simmi

    Dilip Sir,date of birth is 1 oct 1983 time 9.35 am place chandrapur bihar. when i can have a peaceful family life.Its on divorce edge.when can i expect second marriage and a good job??

  42. Ramdas.K

    Dear Dhilipji,
    Like your way of presenting things in a unique style.I am a strong beliver of astrology and always wanted to learn it. your videos and articles made this urge more and am waiting for the apt time to dedicate more to it,as I knew a casual approach will not do.Need some karmaphal also isn’t it?

  43. preeti

    Dear Sir,

    I liked your way of explaining astrology in a simple and understandable way.
    Please i would need your help to advise when i would get married.
    Below are my birth details-
    August 2nd 1981
    9.35 am at Koppal(Karnataka)

    Awaiting your reply


  44. Subhash

    Dear Dhilip
    thank you very much. May god bless for your services…It is a great relief and it is simple.

  45. Umesh

    Dear Sir,

    My rashi is Makara and nakshtra is uttarashadha. I have a job offer from a company, but would prefer to stay in current company. I have some issues with my manager. Would this issue be solved and I can stay in the current job?


  46. Senthil

    Thanks for your predictions…I’m Kanya rasi, will be running through Jupiter dasa, jupiter bukti..how it will be for me. I’m 26, female, got married last year, Can I have kids during this transit.

  47. venkat

    sir I am in kanay rashi with uttara 4th pada. I don’t have job from may 29th. when can I get a job


    Dear Sir, My date of birth is on 07/04/1959, (13.12 pm) at Medinapur (WB), Longitude: 87.21E & Latitude 22.25N. Meena Rashi, Karkata Lagna, (Uttarabhadra). Please let me know about my career. when can I get an employment? I am going through very very tough time for couple of years. Thank you,

  49. hitesh

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Karka Rashi. DOB is 2nd May 1971. time 5:45 AM. I believe I am having sade sati with iron base. I have faced lots of problems during this time. All my efforts goes negative & not able to focus. Kindly let me know when it will be over & expected good time in my life.

  50. anshul

    my dob is 12 june 1985 0830 am, amroha ,uttar pradesh,,i never see happiness in my life…always disappointmenta and sorrows…can i ever see happiness in my life??/plz reply sir…thanx

  51. mallikarjun rao.m

    sir my D.O.B. 18.07.1976 timing 12.45.am i would like to know my carrior growth and status when increases. i am doing govt. job sector

  52. Sunny

    Shani now is in Libra . it will transit to Scorpio from nov 2nd 2014…….Please correct …. at present …For Mesh ..Shani is in 7th For Vrushab rashi Shani is in 6th , For Mithun.Shani is in 5th..

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Perfect you got it right! I have done some videos on Youtube. Check it out. Seeing is believing and learning faster. On youtube search for E K Dhilip Kumar

  53. ARUN

    Sir when will get a good job in australia mithuna rashi aridra nakstra 4 the pada

  54. chandrashekar

    Respected Guruji,,,,

    i was born on 18th March 1970 on Morning 10:05 AM Wednesday in KAVERI, Karntaka, india,

    Pushya Nakshtra, Kataka Rasi. Now My present period is not good i am facing lot of problems last 3 yrs & My Professional & Financial Condition is very worst. and No personal Life is not favorable and i went to the depression level due to present Problems. and I am unable to come off my life till date and why ? what is problems in my Horoscope ? Kindly give solutions to my problems, and I am trying for Abroad Job chance Is is Possible for getting job in Abroad

    Pls go thru my Horoscope Kindly give the Solutions to me



  55. Jayanta

    Sir, I have come to know your site from my friend and am very much eager to know about myself.My DOB 10.12.1957 at 5.40 AM Kolkata.
    My pranam to you.


  56. Sudha

    Dear Sir,
    I was born on january 9, 1992.
    Time: 1:10 pm
    Place: Coimbatore
    Raasi: Kumabam
    Natchathram: Sadhayam
    I want to know in which year my marriage will happen. According to that I can plan my career…

  57. Manash Kumar Paul

    Respected Guruji,,,,

    I was born on 8th September 1977 at 23:18 Thursday in Agartala, Tripura, India (North East).

    Punarvasu Nakshtra, Mithuna Rasi. Although being highly qualified in my field of teaching & research, I am facing lot of problems (from last 3 yrs) to get a regular job and my financial as well as family Condition is getting worst due to backstabbing. Kindly suggest on the problems in my Horoscope? I have also performed puja in Trimbakeswar, Nasik, for removal of my Kalsarpa dosha. Kindly give solutions to my career problems as I am at verge of getting over aged for any regular job, I am very depressed.

    Pls go thru my Horoscope and Kindly give the Solutions to me


    Manash Kumar
    Agartala, Tripura

  58. Sumathi

    I feel very happy by seeing this website
    Can you tell me please the prediction of Gemini according to Guru peyarchi
    Born on 24 – 08 -1984 Time 1:30

  59. Diwakar Padmaraja

    Dear Dhilip Kumar, Your analysis is excellent, sir. Your writing is also very lucid and nice. Pl let me know if you need any help on the technical side. I wish you pl share your astrological knowledge more and create many astrology experts with your proficiency and guidance. Best wishes – Diwakar

  60. rajiv gupta

    Dear Sir, the transit time of major planets are different from the astrologers of north india. you say that saturn is in vrishka and nortn indians say that it is still in thula. why is this difference? Same goes for Jupiter also.

    please specify some good solutions to have a better effect of major period of saturn. i have retrograde saturn in second house and am running thru the saturn period from june 2009, my details are dob: 5-10-1965, tob: 1445 hrs and place is delhi.

    i will b obliged.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Right now Saturn is in Thula Rasi for all the people in the world. This is true until Nov 2014. The article you were reading is for year 2014.

  61. sanjay mahadik

    Dear Sir,

    My DOB: 21/08/1986
    birth time: 02:25:00 AM
    birth place: Satara(Maharashtra) in India
    Name: Sanjay
    Could you please tell me when will I get my dream job and about my marriage.
    Currently I am going through a bad phase and having huge losses in whatever I touch.

    Kindly suggest me.

    Awaiting reply at the earliest.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sanjay Mahadik

  62. Sanjib Mohanty

    Dear Dillip
    I am born on 10th february 1974 at night 2 0 clock at Champua of District Keonjhar, Odisha.
    Hasta Kanya Rasi. Since last five months I am not at all doing good in business. I am into Advertising, restaurants. Please suggest remedies for this period. I have consulted an astrologer he said worst to worst time is coming ahead, which may make me bed ridden or death etc. I m afraid plz help

    Sanjib Mohanty

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      For every problem there is a solution. Please find out from your Astrologer the remedies and start doing them. Do not think our future is completely pre-fixed. There is some gap. With right remedies you can find that gap.

      • ganesh

        dear dilipji

        while answering a question u have quipped that the prediction based on sun sign is funny. is it correct that prediction based on lagna is also coming under sun sign? my friend, a good astrologer, says that prediction based on lagna is comparatively better than moon sign predictions. since moon sign remains for entire day (mostly) but lagna changes 12 times per day and hence logically accurate than moon sign predictions. And moon sign is considered for those who could not recollect their exact time of birth. pl correct if I am wrong.

  63. rakesh jain

    Hello sir.pranamam
    I am rakesh jain from andhra pradesh and currently going through rahu mahadasa.
    My d.o.b. 02-01-1976 (2nd jan 1976)
    Time. 11.14 p.m. (Night time)
    Place. Kakinada. Andhra pradesh
    Nakshatra. Uttarashada..
    Can u check my horoscope and suggest me my future n good time
    Currently my father is fighting a land case with goverment of india and going to file another one in court as they have not paid us money.
    So will we win the case.?if yes by what time period sir,and On whose name shud we file the case my name or my father.my email. Navaratnajewellers@gmail.com
    Awaiting your reply.
    Regards n truely yours.
    Rakesh jain

  64. sekar

    sir, my dob is 31/07/1976 birth time 1.06 am saturday early morning , my marriage is getting late and i would like to know when it will happen

  65. sekar

    sir, im sekar my dob is 31/07/1976 birth time 1.06 am saturday early morning , my marriage is getting late and i would like to know when it will happen

  66. Sundararaj

    Our present life is governed by our good and bad karmas of previous lives,which are indicated in the horoscopes. The best solutions to escape from the clutches of bad karmas of previous lives are maintaing honesty, truthfulness, upright living within our means. Consider our bad period as something we alone have to endure,if it is done happily it is better.These ideas may sound very utopian ,but if practiced with sincerity will fetch good results.,since both good and bad periods cannot last for ever and both has to come to an end.

  67. Hemang

    Dear Mr Dhilip Kumar, first, Thank you for posting the videos, I liked them a lot, easy to understand, and very helpful in understanding basics of astrology. I also like your simplicity and your way of presenting it.

    With the help of posted materials, I think I have figured out malefic and benefic planets for me but I am stuck with two questions:

    1) For remedy, do gemstones work?
    2) Should one wear gemstone for weaker planets or for stronger planets (it seems there are 2 schools of thoughts), what are the considerations?

    When you find a chance, will really appreciate if you could reply. Thank you again and my Best Wishes!


  68. SAHANA.G.P

    My name is Sahana. G.P. DOB: 08/04/1992 , TIME: 12:25 AM, POB: Shimoga, , Karnataka, My husband’s DOB:01/02/1984, TIME:12:40AM, POB: Chitradurga, , KARNATAKA I’ m married since 3 months ago but didn’t live with my husband due to his parents opposition for our marriage I would request you to findme a way to overcome and solve these problems and live happily ever after with my husband because except his (husband’s) family everyone likes our relationship as we our close relations so help me out dearness and to that matter myself and my husband love and respect and understand each other very well.

  69. Shivani

    Thanq sir,for the wonderful articles……found relief after reading mithuna rasi 2014 transit predictions….

  70. Hiten

    Hi Mr. Dilip Kumar, my DOB is 20th Feb 1978, Time 3.10 AM, Place : Mumbai. Other details,
    Lagna: Dhanu, Nakshatra: Mula, Chandra Rashi : Karka, Nakshatra: Punarvasu (4th charan),

    I need to know,
    1. When is career, fiancial progress likely to happen?
    2. When is the best time to change the job?
    3. Any challenges (Parents health etc) are expected in near future?


  71. guday135

    Hello Sir,
    This is my son Uday’s DOB 14/03/1986.fri 8:30 pm. struggling to get a job and getting
    settled but not happening.he has switched jobs 3 times.currently going thru Moon Mahadasha …kindly have a look at it…….It seems he has a kaal sarpa yoga(dosha)……please help sir………

    Thanking You…

  72. Padmavathy

    Hello Sir,
    This is my daughter Geethashree’s DOB 20.06.1992 at 7.20AM …How is her education / I would like to know in which year my daughter marriage will happen

  73. vinuthams

    Hello Sir Namaskara,
    My Name is Vinutha and below is my birth details
    Date Of Birth – 10/05/1978
    Place: Bangalore
    Time 9.28 AM
    I am in deep financial trouble. I am very big wish in life. I want to go abroad and work for some time and return back to India. I want to do this since my parents always wished this. I want to keep them happy and my family as well. Please tell me when can I get this opportunity. I am trying hard in all directions to get a job abroad…. but no results. I am becoming depressed since I am not getting any results. Please tell me.

  74. lathasrinu

    Hi Dhilip : D.O.B: 12th April 1985 and time is 8:45 pm …please let me know when is my marriage time and good time for my job growth please

  75. Deepak Janardhan

    Hello sir, I have been reading many of your articles and they are very helpful to understand the changes in day to day activities. However, I have a lot of work load since last couple of years and I am always tensed and worried. Can you provide me some insight about when I will settle down in life and find some peace of mind? My details are as follows:

    DOB: 23/7/1986
    Time of Birth: 1:05 AM
    Place of Birth: Hassan [13.0000° N, 76.0000° E]

    Deepak Janardhan

  76. issueticket

    i am murale.c from madurai born on 07/08/1971 and my birth time is 6:55am how is my time when my good time will start

  77. Anand

    Dear sir,

    I am worried about my job.
    Right now I’m doing good at work and getting a decent salary but
    recently news going round (may or may not be true) is that our organization is not doing good so at any point the organization may close.

    I’m in a dilemma whether to change or continue, if I’d to then when it would be appropriate
    Please guide sir.

    DOB: April 01st,1977

    Place: Secunderabad, Andhra pradesh

    Time : 12.00 PM (Afternoon)

  78. Karthik

    Hi Dilip Sir,

    my birth details –
    16.11.1977, 9:40 AM, Tirunelveli
    Birth star: Uthiradam
    Rasi: Makaram

    my wife’s birth details –
    16.12.1983, Bodinayanakur
    Birth star: Ashwini
    Rasi: Mesham

    Marriage Date –
    28.08.2008, 9:20 Hrs, Pudukottai

    Sir please do let us know when will we get a child.

    Awaiting your response

  79. Nuraja

    Shri Dilipkumarji
    May I ask you a query. I have found your presentations extremely thoughtful
    My date of Birth 1145AM, 7/December/66. Birth place Co-ordinates: 21.1500° N, 79.0900° E

    I have been through lots of challenges and in a good job, but unexpected and malicious opposition by high placed people have denied me my chosen place of work, but I am doing a great job where I am.

    This is far away from home and latest attempt to get a transfer failed on the 5th December although the interview was a “tie”

    I am satying away from family for job and travelling a lot to and fro (3.5 years)
    I am pursuing artistic interests and like literary pursuits as well

    Will I soon be able to move my job in a good way to be close to the family and yet continue a successful career and maintain my hobbies etc. My husband and kids are very supportive

    Or will I change my career (not my preferred choice)



  80. ganesh

    dear sir

    further to my earlier query, kindly clarify.

    i) mostly lagna and rashi will be different. Then effects of planetary motions also will differ. for eg. mithuna lagna, kataka rasi effect of Sani in Tula rasi with rahu will be totally different.
    ii) what about Dasa bukthi and antaram in between?

    which is correct?

  81. deena666

    Dear Dhilip kumar ji! namaskaram!
    I posted my query regarding my problem.Wonderfully,my query is not here in this forum.
    I again asking you sir!
    My D.O.B is 11-May-1969 Birth time 10.30 am Place: Guntur my name Raambaabu.

    My Life is so miserable.many people cheated me.Today I do not have any thing.Many were became rich using me.I never done wrong and living with dharma.Doing Go-Brahmana seva.
    Why my life became like this.
    My wife birth star is,Hasta.Is this wrong?
    I am making my heart a rock like and except suicide what can I do?
    Sir! I am now in hand to mouth.So asking your consultation.
    Is there a good time for me?Kindly reply me.

  82. deena666

    Thank you for not responding Dhilip sir! thank you very much.My first post was also at “awaiting moderation” later it was deleted.Namaslkaram.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I was in Singapore because my clients there wanted to celebrate my birthday with me on Jan 25. So I did not check out http://www.wordpress.com Haste makes waste. This is my advise to you even without reading your horoscope.

  83. deena666

    I know that pretty well,you need to respond hundreds of query..my worry is,my previous question is deleted and not at all answered.of course it depends on your will.any way thank you,bye bye…….

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I was in Singapore because my clients there wanted to celebrate my birthday with me on Jan 25. So I did not check out http://www.wordpress.com Haste makes waste. This is my advise to you even without reading your horoscope.

  84. deena666

    Ohk then.Very many happy returns to you. Dhilip garu!
    May God shower his blessings up on you.bye….bye….

  85. R.Nanda kumar

    Dear Mr.Dhilipkumar,

    I want to know about my astological reading and the impact of the upcoming Jupitor and Saturn transit on me. My date of birth is 15-11-1967, Time =00.35am, place=Punalur (Kerala).

  86. astrocrave

    Dear Sir,

    I read the impact of the two transits on Dhanur Rashi, which happens to be my Rashi. I understand that Rahu conjoins Saturn in Libra and was told that this combination in 12th from Moon could lead to imprisonment. Is this true?

  87. rathiha

    my star/raasi:-thulam/chitta…I would like to know the effect of Jupiter transit in 2014

  88. ganapathy.s

    Sir, my wife and two children and me all were had same moon sign, virichiga rasi we are all going in very bad phase now and I want to know when this going to be alright. Having same zodiac sign for all four of us will lead to any catastrophe? Please help us

  89. Jamuna Bhaskar

    Read your simple explanation Sir. I keep following your blogs and find them very erudite.. Waiting to meet you and hope it happen soon. Pranams

  90. Santosh

    Sir let me know about professional life my date of birth is 19th July 1966 time of birth 10 P.M place of birth Talcher, orissa

  91. samirpatel6

    sir , I would like to ask abt my health, as i have read in astrology that Cancer ascendant are prone to disease of cancer, i was a smoker for 10 yrs.
    my dob is 6-1-1979, time:19.10 pm and place is Godhra,Gujrat.


    My name is T Sreekanth date of birth 13th May 1970 place hyderabad morning 7.30 am
    last 2 to 3 years job uncetanity is very much please tell me when will i settle stayble job i am very much presure and ill health now a days

  93. Rajendran

    Dear Guru,

    My namae is Rajendran DOB 18JAN1963,born in Malaysia 8.20 a.m. Thulam Rasi, Chitarai 4 part, Latitude 4-54N Langitude:100-42E. Working as an executive of a local bank.

    I have been praying to Lord Shaneswara & Lord Guru and residing mantras which I found in the websites. Ghee vilaku on Thursdays & Ell (black sesame seed) with gingerly oil vilaku for Lord Shaneswara on Saturdays. Other days just residing mantras only.

    I am owing alot of money to my friends & brothers as my income is lower than my payment for credit cards, personal loans, car loan, housing loan. I have suffered enough since 2011 and I know that Sani peyarchi will be ending in NOV14, however I am not sure whether I could survive until then. I do have have about RM500K in my Provident Fund but can only withdraw them when aged 55 years old.

    I am praying a lot the last 3 years and many a time especially this year I have missed my fortune in social welfare draws equivalent to about RM400. Just missed by the last number by 1 digit. I know only GOD can help me now as I have tried all other avenues. Sometimes I believe I should be dead (not suicide but must be accidental/natural death so that my family could inherit my wealth and insurance policy.

    Would be grateful if you could assist me with some more mantras or some spiritual advise.

  94. deepak kumar

    Sir,i was born on 5 march 1959 at 23:59 in Agra, kindly let me know the effects of Saturn changing its sign in late 2014.as i always feel unsecured about my career.

  95. La

    Dob-10-2-1985time-2.25,Mysore,marriage predictions

  96. myname


    My professional life is not as expected. Not getting recognition and feeling ignored. I am zero in professional excellence. Could you please look at my birth chart and let me know?

    DOB: 18-Nov-1985
    Time: 14:53
    Place: Ariyalur(TN)

  97. shambhavi

    I have been reading conflicting reports on various astrological websites about jupiter’ transit in cancer for kumbha rasi. is this transit mainly determined by the house it transits into from the moon sign or does lagna and arudha lagna also play some role in this. also, what is the moorthy nirnaya of this transit for kumbha rasi natives, which houses does Jupiter aspect for kumbha rasi and how is this transit generally for kumbha rasi. I think that only the transit house shouldn’t be looked at but also that the house Jupiter aspects as well as arudha lagna and moorthi nirnaya should be considered while analysing this transit. Please advice

  98. A Bhaskhar

    happy morning to all, i have myself had been going thru this blog for sometime now. I realized a mistake. Instead of believing myself, i started believing in someone who does not even know 0.1% of me. The best way to tide over difficult times is to” Believe in yourself and pray to Almighty”, whether Ram, Krishna, Jesus Allah etc etc. I realized the same when i started watching video of Maratri at infinitheism.com. I suggest all to go thru the site and see the videos. SInce then I have stopped believing in astrology. Infact I was one of the firm believers sometime back till i became the disciple of Mahatria. SO dear all instead of thinking of problems and seeking solace from those “wise” men called astrologers, start thinking positive and look for solutions. God will always help those who help themselves” whereas “astrologers take money from solace seekers and become rich themselves”

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I appreciate your profound knowledge. I also request you to write on doctors who fleece patients, movie makers who deceive the public and become millionaires for getting the audience to waste precious time, liquor barons who get the whole world drunk, who are billionaires because others drink everyday, so on.

      Poor Astrologer! I have never seen an Astrologer coming anywhere in the world of riches at least not in the top 100 billionaires of the world and not even in the top 10000 millionaires of the world. I approved your comment deliberately. DO not stop writing. Continue to spread the awareness that Astrology is useless. But speak on the medical college seats that charge 2 crore for an MD seat, Politicians looting the nation in 1000000 crores scams, money stacked in swiss bank, Godmen of India have tons of GOLD and MONEY.

      Tell me the name of the richest Astrologer in the world and his net worth. Please educate me. I am willing to learn.

      Astrologers never ask you to stop believing in RAM KRISHNA, JESUS, ALLAH etc. Astrology always speaks on praying to GOD and GURU in most of the ancient texts. You make it appear as though Astrology recommends disbelief in the power of GOD>.

      I have converted Atheist into believers in less than 5 minutes in my consultation room.

      This reply is not for you, but for my readers.

      • shambhavi

        K.N. Rao uncle who is considered the ‘GURU’ of astrology always criticises those astrologers who take money or rather demand money for their services. And, the astrological knowledge of K.N.Rao uncle has is perhaps highest in the realm of astrology and he is considered one of the best astrologers in the world, if not the best…

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        please kindly share your experience with K N Rao who I admire a lot. Have you consulted him?

    • chandrababu.s

      Sorry, U speaks like a politician. U should have sincerely , trustfully and devotedly approached Astrology “The Science”.

  99. pranav Varikkat

    Really a good relief after reading. keep writing sir.

  100. La

    My date of birth is 10-2-1985
    Birth time 2-25am,born in Mysore
    Predict my marriage

  101. Shailesh

    how about vruschik rashi in 2014? Does jupiter help reduce negative effects of saturn?

  102. shambhavi

    Its fear and temptation that makes us turn towards astrologers- I also did during my troubled times but, most of the prediction given by the commercial astrologers never came true and I learnt to be on my own and believe in god more than people who don’t really don’t know me…this is my personal experience…As regards, Mr. Dileep Kumar’ reaction, think about the comment made by our here objectively- cos we all are products of our own experience and there is so much to learn from each other…godbless us all!!

    • A Bhaskhar

      You are correct that we have to believe ourselves. Doctor’s , Filmakers dont predict future, whereas astrologer’s do. Only few astrologers do FREE services. Most of them they charge heavily ranging from Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 per session. Drs consultation fees will be less than Rs 1000, however they are trying to save life( which is priceless) esp when surgery is done. Filmaker are known to be spoilt lot. No way they are directly involved with people, however Astrologers do involve. Belive in thyself and recite Swamiye Saranam 108 times everyday, he will take care of all your difficulties.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Since you are in Chennai, maybe one day we should meet. Maybe there is something that I may learn from you. My phone number is +919841041713 and you SMS your name to me and when I find the time I may talk to you or let us meet up. I am an active Rotarian and Freemason too. Are you in any social service organisation? Your name is familiar to me.

  103. vishal

    Sir,currently i m running through ketu dasha and mars antardasha. I am cancer ascendant(with jupiter exaulted in first house) and pisces sign….I am a engineer with very good acedemic record but dont have job from last 2 years…..Given many interviews but didnt get any positive result..Really dont know what is happening…Need ur help….pls reply..Thank you

    DOB: 07/09/1990

  104. Bhalla Jitender

    Sir: i am Jitender and currently in arrived in Australia …just left india few weeks back. Searching for a job here in Australia…will i get it….. i left a good job in India..i m an engineer…. my frustration in building up for not getting job…
    Jitender :
    09 may 1977 :
    Time :00:12 ( 00hrs : 12 minutes)
    Place amritsar

  105. Majumder

    Hello Dilip ji,
    As per your article on Jupiter transit 2014, for kanya rashi people it will be very good. But isn’t that a generalised forecast. Every individual will have different planetary position and will have their own fate. So, how far can I base your predictions applicable to me?
    For example:- I have appeared for an interview this month and I have not heard about the result yet. Do you think I will not get this job or any better opportunity until June? My rashi is Kanya. Any advise/comment would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Most people in the world want to know of their future for free. When it comes to Free consultation we can give the Moon sign predictions free as it works to some extent.

      IF you want to avoid spending on doctors fees you can take a general antibiotic and mostly the fever will go. You buy the medicine from the pharmacy shop.

      Same way every day I consult for 2 or 3 people for the last 25 years and they are willing to spend time and money.

      For others I write these general predictions. At the same time it is not totally wrong. However there is nothing like looking into your horoscope which has specific information about your life.

      Moreover until June 2014 Jupiter is badly placed for all KANYA RASI people. You did not read the article properly.

  106. P S Balakrishnan

    Respected guru I was incidental in accessing your astrological predictions tonight to know the transition of Jupiter as I got my promotion, over due pay hike for almost 6 years and my daughter shortlisted for a exchange semester in U.K all on 6th March,2014. I am really happy for having sharing the astrological predictions for free to some extent. well done sir, this is like corporate social responsibility you have articulated the joy of giving. I am of that sort as a public servant and help the people. Please keep continuing this as complementary
    thank you Sir

  107. Majumder

    why was comment deleted? When I posted it said awaiting moderation and now deleted. can you pls explain?

  108. Shankar Madi

    Hello Sir,

    I’ve gone through yours comments and predictions, I feel happy to read them. Earlier I had contacted two astrologers and I had asked them “When will I go abroad ?” One said in 2013. The other also said similar answer, but I’m still in BANGALORE only, although I’m all equipped to travel. I mean I have visa. Since some opportunity need to come, then only one can travel. My friend once said that horoscope of husband and wife need to be seen. Can you please have a look of my and my wife’s detail and predict my query. From 7 years this is a dream for me. Earlier also I had visa but market was bad to go, so I did not go. In continuation to my query “Will I get a chance to go abroad and will I go abroad from the same company or a different company.”

    My Name is Shankar Madi, born in MUMBAI staying in BANGALORE, DOB 20th March 1973, Birth Time 00:25. I’m kanya Rashi. My wife Roopa, born in KOLAR staying in BANGALORE, DOB 31st Dec 1980, Tula Rashi.

    Shankar Madi

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Sorry Sir, being a professional Astrologer I earn my livelihood through Astrology. I am therefore unable to provide free consultation. Moreover about 3000 requests for free consultation is already there in my emails. Hence there are no possibilities for free consultation these days. I did free consultation for 7 years when I was a computer programmer. Now for the benefit of people who cannot afford me I give information for free on the internet through wordpress and YouTube videos. Hope all of you understand.

  109. deepa

    halo sir,
    i use to read your prediction, its gives a good relief after reading.
    iwas born on 15.02.1981, mithuna rasi, thiruvathirai,
    birth time 07.10 am sunday,
    iam married to person with meena rasi, revathi 29.08.1980 birth time 04.55 pm friday
    its a love marriage.
    wedding date 13.06.2008

    we are facing lot of problems, problems with all types and from all sides.
    when can we expect a relief, its really problematic.
    financial crisis are at the max. spending is more than earning and we find it hard to make both ends meet.

    please give us a solution for this

  110. SHREU

    with due respects to shambavi and baskar , one piece of advice it is very easy to challenge any1 when tough times are over judging what shambavi wrote earlier , i am not aganist any1 whether it is mahatria or mr dhilip , it is only BELIEF SYSTEM WHICH RUNS US,mr baskar. even mahatria who ever he may be is alsoa human ,I AM ASSUMING

  111. sundaram

    Dear Sir,
    my date of birth 05-12-1978, time morning 05.20 a.m.
    predict my career life at present.

  112. M.K. Verma

    Sir, Greetings ,
    Date of birth: 15.05.1960
    Time: 09:40: 00 AM
    Place of birth: Daltonganj- Jharkhand
    Sex: male

    Please predict. I am suffering from finance problem, when to get little OK.

  113. prasad.p


    request your advise for myself reg the jupiter transit 2014 from Mithuna Rasi (Gemini) into the next sign Karkataka (Cancer) on June 19, 2014.– effects for career is needed please

    my name: Prasad.P
    Date of birth: 25.03.1969
    Time: 08:10: 20 AM
    Place of birth: khurda road (khurda dist)- Orissa state; Latitude: 20′ 11 North & longitude: 85′ 47 East
    rasi/ moon sign- mithuna
    ascendent/ sun sign- Aries
    birthstar/ nakshatra- mrigasira 3rd padam
    Sex: male

  114. Praful

    Dear Sirs and Guys, I bag pardon if you feel wrong but i have some thing to put my views upon here in constructive and positive manner.

    Astrologers are just a path providers, as what i experienced, i can be corrected, if not so, they do not force people to believe in them, god, gems, pooja, prayers etc etc.

    As we go to doctors only when we have issues and they consult and charge agreeable remuneration fixed, we find nothing wrong in to them then what for astrologers.

    People go in bad times to ask them, with hopes, i have never seen any astrologer came to me to consult me and ask for money.
    Naturally if i go and he charged for it, its a different story same as CA, Dr, advocates, and other Consultants does.

    People have right to do business which they have passion, experience, ability, willingness and or qualification about and if that passion becomes their way of earning, helping needy in right perspective should not be an issue.

    Moreover in present times, the world’s all so-called business, technology and trades are most of the times open nothing like major secrete or rocket science. Astrologer market and other such more options are available for second, third fourth options for satisfaction. And as long as people get cheated only when they had some miss appropriated intentions called “LALACH”

    I do not want to blame, challenge or otherwise any one of Mr Bhaskar or Mr DILIP or any one for that matter for discussion as above, but having consultation or opinion even paid should not be considered un ethical as some one is professional and its way of earning breads and not against rules or laws.

    When bad timers passed through tough patch of life it gives them a sense of relax may be a batter tomorrow, people may pass even life in the hopes.

    The whole world passing through major financial, social and environmental turmoil. Our country is at critical stage having elections etc and if such prediction may help our nation by any which astrological way that benefits to SOCIETY, should be welcome.

    So please let us use the knowledge for the good and well being of the society and keep the country healthy, wealthy, happier, and prosperous. Almighty may bless all of us, (including my self!!!) for their dreams come true.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you for the wonderful observation and comment. Devdutt Pattanaik in his book “Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune” says that …..Sage Bhrigu gave this science to the Sages to earn their livelihood by giving the information of Karma based on the horoscope. Refer page…12… The composition of Bhrigu Samhita.. The Rishis who were learned but poor went to Sage Bhrigu and said…”we know everything about the cosmos yet the world ignores us as a result we have no patrons to provide for our material needs….”

      Sage Bhrigu taught them the art of prediction using Astrology or Jyothisha shastra, Palmistry, and Geomancy or Vastu Shastra and other occult sciences collectively known as Bhrigu Samhita, “the world needs to see the future to sustain its wealth. In exchange for the information demand all the wealth you need to sustain yourself. Since it was his instruction that provided them with a livelihood they concluded that Goddess Lakshmi was his daughter and they addressed her as Bhargavi – she who was conceived by Sage Bhrigu.

      So nowhere it is said that Astrologers should not charge for their consultation.

      Long time back I remember a FILM producer spent 3 days with me consulting horoscopes of all his family members horoscope and in the end told me,”… i am a very generous person when it comes to Astrology and pulled out a fat purse and from that took out 10 rupee notes I think 5 or 6 (so total Rs.50 i think) and gave it to me with a look that I should be very happy with it….. that day I decided to become a professional Astrologer. I thank the producer for having taught me the lesson that I needed badly. I hope he does not read this. He may come back to me asking for money because I changed my attitude after that incident.

  115. raghavendraprasadn

    Ashlesha 1st paada, 30.01.72, 8.20pm, simha lagna ; facing acute job problems in dubai, need stability in good job ; please help to obtain good salaried job + stability in uae

  116. Prashant khadmale

    one of the bhatji has given us 26 th may at 12.56 as wedding dates is these date and time auspicious for marriage between makar and mesh rashi if not what should be done to make it auspicious please let me know

  117. Student- Vishal

    Dear Sir, I born on 10 May 1987, Male, 7.45 am, Place- Barsi, Maharashtra. I am planning to do MBA this year from India. I appeared almost all exams & all were good for me. I am expecting good score. So can I get in to good college this year. Also please tel me when my marriage will take place? & please also tel me about how will be my professional career. I am student. So can’t pay your consultation fee.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Work hard. Study well. Everything will be okay. Let your parents do the horoscope part. Do not use Astrology for such things. And one more thing, anyway as a student you have lots of expenses coming up. Prepare for those expenses. In college you cannot go and tell people that “I do not have money”. You need money to study further. Do not spend it on Astrology.

      • Student- Vishal

        Thanks sir

  118. Lakshmi

    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for all the articles in this blog, quite informative and interesting to read . Is there a way to consult you through email . I am based United States & I want consultation/advice from you for my career life and also for my son who will be in college very soon. Please let know how to get paid consultation electronically . Do you have any website for paid consultation.

    Thank You

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      For all my clients in USA I use SKYPE or they call me over phone. I do not provide email report. There is nothing like an interactive session. Email reports have been done away with based on customer dissatisfaction as they have more doubts. Send an email to my secretary Ms Sobitha – astrodiaries@gmail.com and cc to me ekdhilip@yahoo.com and her phone number is +919094036404 Consultation fees are fixed on the basis of duration of the consultation.

  119. Sree

    Hello Sir,
    You said, you would be writing on year 2014 and 2015. Eagerly waiting for your write-up.

  120. tanuja

    Hello Sir please read my chart, dob is 11 june 1981, time 22 pm, place of birth, port Louis, mauritius

  121. chandrashekar

    Respected Guruji,,,,

    i was born on 18th March 1970 on Morning 10:05 AM Wednesday in HAVERI, Karntaka, india,

    Pushya Nakshtra, Kataka Rasi. Now My present period is not good i am facing lot of problems last 3 yrs & My Professional & Financial Condition is very worst. and No personal Life is not favorable and i went to the depression level due to present Problems. and I am unable to come off my life till date and why ? what is problems in my Horoscope ? Kindly give solutions to my problems, and I am trying for Abroad Job chance Is is Possible for getting job in Abroad

    Pls go thru my Horoscope Kindly give the Solutions to me



  122. SR

    Dear Sir, Is it not a bit generalized to say that tula rashi, makara rashi and vrischika rashi will have a very challenging period due to the transit of Saturn. Will the placement of Saturn In the natal chart not determine the extent of issues it will create, not to say that mahadasha also adds to it. Also, Jupiter’s transit for tula rashi since last year is in beneficial houses 9 and 10 ( from june 2014). Will this also not provide some relief to tula rashi folks?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You are right. Every horoscope carries a special message. However in modern times, people want generalized information. They do not have the time, money or intention to know more about their horoscope. Dasha, Bhukti, planetary placement, their strength, aspects and conjunctions will cause all sorts of differences.

      • SR

        Sir, how do we consult you for a detailed horoscope analysis and the consultation fee. Pls let me know..

  123. pkumar

    dear sir, you say jupiter transit to 4 th house is not favourable for mesha rasi. why so? normally 4 th transit is said to be very favourable

  124. anesh

    My birth date 21st June 1971 4.52 am, rohini nakshatram. I got married during 9th April 2010. My birth date 17th April 1968, bharani nakshatram. We are longing for a child. Pl suggest us some pariharams. Thanx n advance

  125. anesh

    Sorry there’s a small error, my birth date is 21 jun 1971, my husbands 17 April 1969

  126. Sanjeev

    Sir, I request you please help me, how things will be for me now onwards. My DOB is 16/12/1969 at time is 03:45 AM IST and place is Delhi. I am struggling since Jan 2010. Jupiter 5th – no results. I need your help.

  127. MK

    Hello Sir,
    How do I know if am running good dasha and bhukti. I have found that am running Rahu dasha and venus antardasha. Is it good? I belong to kanya rasi, hastha star.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I depends on your Lagna and planetary placements in Bhava Chart and Rasi Chart. It is very complex. Watch some of my YOUTUBE videos. I am not the only one though. You can watch videos done by others.

  128. Sanjeev

    Respected Sir, What is wrong with my horoscope. Regards, Sanjeev

  129. Ashwini

    Hello sir,

    My dob:14th june 1978 time 22:45. My present dasha is guru dasha started, My ascendent capricorn, moon rashi virgo, & guru is in mituna rashi, How is my dasha? Presently am staying in middleeast, thank you,

  130. Mathrubootham

    My name is Mathrubootham, living in Doha, Qatar (working) in a company. My rishabam DOb: 07th June 1967 10.26 pm Amavasai day – wenesday Rohini star (8th child to parents) Living happily with family – Profession: Engineer, am qualified & will I get promotion this year and can I change work location or this qatar is best for another 10 years, I want to know, I can pay you if I know your bank detail,please.

  131. shruti

    Sir badly neec ur help
    My dob is 22.2.1979 dot is 22:35 birth place ahmedabad..when will I get marry?
    Hello sir

  132. anesh


    I would like to humbly request you to suggest pariharams to conceive.
    I had to settle my sisters so had a late marriage. My date of birth is 21/06/1971, 4.52 am,chennai,rohini nakshatram. My husband date of birth 17/04/1969,bharani nakshatram,chennai. My marriage date is 9/4/2010. Pl guide us .

  133. Debraj

    Respected Sir,
    Can you kindly enlighten me with respect to transits? is it from natal moon or lagna? if it is from Natal Moon then what is purpose of lagna or counting houses from lagna during transits?

  134. arati dutt

    namaste sir, dob-12/05/1981,time-7:12 pm ,place-kolkata,west bengal. when i will get rid of this fear, tension,depression,lost self confidence which is hampering my personal and professional life

  135. Sanjeev

    Sir, I request you please help me, how things will be for me now onwards. My DOB is 16/12/1969 at time is 03:45 AM IST and place is Delhi. I am struggling since Jan 2010. Jupiter 5th – no results. I need your help

  136. Lavanya P

    Respected sir, my name is P.Lavanya, born on 15.12.1977 at mumbai, maharastra at 5.55 am. My nakshatra is Dhanishta and Raasi is Makara. Pls tell me how is my time as I have seen enough problems in my life.

  137. P.Vinod Kumar

    Respected Sir

    am vinod form Saudi Arabia, am a It professional, the company is not much good and the sponer
    i can here just before 2 month , am feeling so tesnsion and scare with the job, they are asking for some other job which cant handle. my nakshatra is Utharam ( Chingam Rasi) birth date is -03/11/1980 and birth time is 4.15 pm, at thrissur district , kerala, india

    can u pls tell me how will my feature, for next 3 years, will able to get back to india, because in this company even after the contract is over, they are not letting some employee go back, so am afride of such things,

    waiting for your replay

  138. Jagmohan Salwan

    Where are Mr Dhilip Kumar’s articles published ? Pls advise. Would like to read them regularly.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      On Google search, search for E K Dhilip Kumar and on YOUTUBE search for E K Dhilip Kumar …. it is as simple as that.

      • Lavanya P

        Sir, Pls request you answer my problem.

  139. shruti

    Sir badly need ur help
    My dob is 22.2.1979 dot is 22:35 birth place ahmedabad..when will I get marry?
    Hello sir

    • Senthil

      I just checked your horoscope. Are you a artisitic professional, i mean, Painting, Singing, Musical instrumentalist, or doing anything related to art? Please confirm this and I will check about your marriage. I’m a beginner in astrology, I may not be able to guide you completely but i can guide you as Mr. Dhilip might not be replying to you, as he is busy replying so many of us.

  140. meenakshi bhardwaj

    Hi Sir do you have any direct contact apart from the website,where we can meet in person, thanks.


    Dear Sir,
    Namaskar !!

    I am born with Leo Rasi,pl let me know the transist of jupiter in June-14.

    DOB-7th OCT.1969
    TOB-08.04 PM (TUESDAY)

    Pl let me know about career & family point of view.

    With Regards
    Manoj Kumar Kar



      Requesting you to have a look to my horoscope.I badly need a job change if jupiter transist support me ?

      Manoj kar

  142. K Bala

    I never believed in astrology however your posts on jupiter and saturn transits mirror my situation since 2009 (being Kanya). Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I dont know if these things are accurate or not, but I surely see some patters. May be there is logic which I dont know. Thanks again for sharing what you know.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Learn how to read your own horoscope. Your horoscope is unique. Combining this information with your unique horoscope will let you know more than what you currently know and experience. On YouTube just type my name E K Dhilip Kumar and learn faster, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

      • K Bala

        I am frequenting your youtube channel for quite some time now. I must compliment you and also thank you generously for sharing your knowledge. I don’t have a horoscope, however I’ll take to your advice and get one made so that I can interpret it. I am a scientist thrashed by chain of events and on to my knees when I discovered your blog. You have explained things in a logical fashion which made me believe that there may be science about which I am completely unaware of. I still fret the directions I am moving into, but I don’t have any way out, so nothing to loose. Thanks again for giving me hope!

  143. M K Hariharan

    Respected Sir,

    Can you please let us know the conditions that are created on the following

    Guru in the Ascendant and Dhanur Lagnam. Guru in own house and apparently exalted. However Rahu is also “sitting” along with guru in lagnam. Rahu is also highly malefic and debilitated. In general what are the conditions experienced by people during Rahu dasa and also Guru dasa.
    Does the choosing of a particular aynamsa- Krishnamurthi/ Lahari/ Chitrapaksha affect the casting of a horoscope?

    Thank you for your time in reading the above.

  144. Sanjeev

    Sir, I request you please mention about Kumbh for Jupiter transit. Regards Sanjeev

  145. Sangeeta

    My dob 24th december 1976
    Time of birth :9:29am
    Place : Kolkata
    Will this transit help me…and will 2014 be good for me

  146. Sangeeta

    Thiruvonam nakshatram
    Makara rasi

  147. Subramaniam Gnanendra

    Hi Dhilip
    My date of birth is 14 January 1945 Singapore and time 1133pm (Japanese Time).Appreciate your readings and advise.

  148. chitra

    is hasta nakshtram not good for boys , if so why? and who will it affect in the family ? is there any pariharam?

  149. Vidya

    My son’s date of birth is 18-03-1996. Time 7.53 am. (Sathaya natchathiram, kumbha rasi). His name is Anant Raman Rengaswami. He has written 12th standard board exams in March 2014. His results will be announced this month.
    Will he get good results this month?

  150. Kattil Sabari Girish

    Respected Sir,

    Details are as follows:





  151. Majumdar

    With reference to your comment on May 12, yes I agree that people need to try hard & harder during tough times. But having said that, myself who falls under Kanya rashi and have gone through toughest period between 2010 – 2012 during the peak of sade sati, I was unemployed for 2 years. Every single day I spent 7 hours looking for work but failed to acquire even one interview. It is extremely difficult to stay hopeful and positive under such circumstances.

    so when you say sade sati gets harder to those who dont work hard, I dont agree to your statement, coz I was not gambling away and having a merry time but instead made a 9-5 job for looking for work but NO RESULTS until I got one after 2 years of umployment.Everybody around me was getting opportunities within a click of their fingers but I was struggling to find even a temporary job…

    So, I only see struggle and failure during sade sati…positive results do come when it’s nearly the end of the shani’s period.

  152. yogesh

    respected sir





  153. gopilr

    Dear Sir,
    It is very nice of you to provide so much insight into astrology. I gained a lot of knowledge by reading these posts.

    Request you to answer one question about my life: I have been without a job for the last 2.5 years and need to know when I will get a job? I am well educated and had a very good job in IT industry.Needless to say, I am in deep trouble financially.
    My Rashi is Makara and Lagna is also Makara, born on 29th May 1967, Bangalore, 10.50pm. I am currently running Sani dasa but not sure of the bhukti.

    Thanks in advance, eagerly awaiting your reply.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      the upcoming Jupiter transit works well for Makara Rasi people like you and more over from November Saturn also gets into the best place. So best times are ahead. use the current jobless period to equip yourself with some extra knowledge (extra armor) … wish you all the best.

      • gopilr

        Hello Sir,
        thanks a lot for your response. That’s a big relief to hear about the future.

        I have heard that if moon and lagna are in the same rashi (Makara in my case), the benefits or the troubles as the case may be, would be double; is that true?

        Also, i have a confusion about whether I should take up a job or do business on my own (I am software consultant); which would be better suited for me?

      • Dr. Shambhavi

        Dear Mr. Dhilip, I read in one of your posts that the Jupiter’ 2014 transit is bad for Kumbha Rasi but you go on to say that only first part is bad the 2nd half will be good. What is the basis of your analysis and what is the Moorthy Nirnaya of the Jupiter as well as the Saturn 2014 transits for Kumbha Rasi…I have also been reading contrary versions of this transit -not from you- but from others- stating that this transit along with the Saturn’ transit are actually good for Kumbha Rasi…Also, if the dasa and bhukti are good then will this transit still be too bad?…Would appreciate your response.!!

  154. riyaz

    sir, my name is riyaz and i am good fan of urs……..ur predictions and explanations are really awesome. ur article about rahu mahadasha and shani bhukti was excellent and i had faced each and every problems which u had mentioned in that article.Now I am into second half of rahu mahadasha bhudhan bhukti.As you told earlier second half of rahu mahadasha and bhudhan bhukti will be always good irrespective of plantetary positions.Now i got a good job in a good company.Please find my birth details are as follows,
    1.32 am

    please predict my future as well as this guru transition on june 19 2014

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      From now on only more improvement. Congratulations for having finished off Rahu Dasha and Saturn bhukti. That is the period that taught me many things. If not for that period I would not have believed so much in Astrology as I have done my Masters in Science at Madras University. Charity and prayers to God are the only 2 ways to reduce our problems. When you are good spend money on charity rather than on self indulgence. That is what I teach all people. Some listen and some do not.

      • riyaz

        Please predict my future ,
        1.32 am

  155. riyaz

    we muslims do not go to astrologer but ur prediction made me believe in astrology.
    now i started showing more interest in astrology.
    It happened maily after reading your article about rahu mahadasha and shani bhukti.
    each and evry word was absolutely correct.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Astrology is beyond religion. Everyone should learn the basics so we can understand why certain experiences happen to us. The remedies part is related to Hinduism but when Muslims and Christians etc consult me I modify the remedies by understanding the basis of the remedies.

  156. dheeraj patange

    sir, i have a question on judgement of transit..i have aquarius ascdt and scorpio moon+jupiter
    ..now from ascdt jupiter will be in 6th , rahu will be in 8th and saturn will be in 10th transitwise, while from chandra they will be 9th, 11 and 1st respectively, in better houses to give gud result as compared to ascendent..so which should we consider , from asdt ot from moon please guide

  157. Ravindranath

    I found it very informative and useful. Wish to consult you.

  158. Cindy Perera

    Dear Sir, I have been uplifted by reading your predictions for Kanya lagna (Guru transit on June 19th). I have been going through a hellish period due to sathi sade. My D.O.B: is 23rd August 2014. My time of birth is 10.55am. I was born in Taplow, Berkshire in England. Could you please tell me when I will get married and to what type of person

    With thanks, Neela

  159. Sanjeev

    Dear Sir, I requested many times but you have not responded, is there any mistake at my end. regards, Sanjeev

      • Sanjeev

        Sir, I request you please help me, how things will be for me now onwards in terms of Jupiter and Saturn tranist. My DOB is 16/12/1969 at time is 03:45 AM IST and place is Delhi. I am struggling since Jan 2010. Jupiter 5th – no results. I need your help.

  160. nisant12020

    Sir, My name is Nishant. I have completed my engineering in 2012, but could not get any job till now. My birth details are as-
    Date of Birth- 24/03/1988
    Time- 23:15
    Place of birth- Patna, Bihar

    Please tell me if I will get any job?

  161. Praful

    Sir, Any comment on Indian and MODI future now. Some IMP note shall help the country and its interested people like me

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I wish I had the birth details of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. If I get it I will surely write about him.

  162. poornima

    respected sir,
    this is poornima
    DOB:30-09-1989,time:10.10am hastha nakshathra kanya rashi
    please sir i want to know about my job can i get in may june 2014 i am unemployed when i will get govt job?
    I am single when i get married ,

  163. Gurvinder.S.Bhatti

    Hi Sir,
    My Name is Gurvinder. D.O.B – 9 june 1966 time 8.00 A.M . any predictions for me.

  164. satvinder

    Dear Dhilip,
    I am kanya rashi and from mid 2005 till now,i have gone through hell.I am charitable and helpful to all,but i still went through the wrath of Sadi-Sati. I lost relationships which were dear to me,grandparents died,Went through one hell of financial problems (almost lost everything),got conned from friends,lost employment for a year..etc
    I dont know what Saturn wants me to learn anymore,i have tried all remedies which failed to work.
    Giving away to charities did not help.Only those who have gone through the same will feel my pain.
    I have other non hindu friends who are also kanya rasi’s,they cheat ,lie and STILL have a better life than me..
    Seriously,i just dont know what sade -sati is all about anymore ,

    • Neela

      Dear Satvinder, I too have been to hell and back during this sathi sade period. Kanya lagna’s good period will be here soon! As for your friends, you do not know what has gone on in their lives. For all the suffering we have had to endure we will be rewarded by guru’s transit into kataka.

  165. Banurekha

    HI dhilip very good morning am rekha DOB 14/11/1988 10.45 PM Makara raasi and uthradam nakshathram.. please tell me wen i will be getting married

  166. shrUti

    Sir badly need ur help please help me out..I ll be highly obliged. DOB 22.2.1979, time 22.35 birth place ahmedabad.. when will ky marriage happen? My mom is in depression due to this. I m very hopeful pls reply sir

  167. pramod mishra

    Dear Sir,
    Your predictions are very good. but why you are not giving predictions for all Rashi? Ok, this transit of Jupiter & saturn will be very good for mithuna rasi, kanya rasi & makara rasi. but what about other rasis?

  168. Hari Krishna Gupta

    Hello sir , even after reading , I am not able to understand How this transit will be beneficial or not good as 2013 had been very Bad till now . kindly guide me is it good for me or not .and how to maximize the benefit from this transit . Detai
    Name Hari Krishna gupta Date of birth :6 june 1971 Time : 5:30 am , Place- Bulandshahr -UP

    • Jaimin Patel

      My details are as follows
      Name Jaimin
      DOB 28/09/1982
      TOB 4:10 AM
      POB Patan North Gujarat

      I have been struggling since last 7 years in Bio Technology work
      I have not been rewarded for my work
      My contribution in Industry is commandable
      Seniors are benefited only due to my work
      Please tell me when I will be on the top
      Should I go for Business
      If yes What Kind of Trading or Manufacturing
      Will I settle in Foreign country

  169. Naveenchandra BK

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please advise if I get any foreign assignments based on my current dasha. Or is it wroth trying for such assignments.

    DOB : 25-12-1975
    Time : 9:40am
    Place of birth : chamarajanagar, mysore

  170. Rahul

    Hello Dilip Sir,
    Am a Kanya Rashi person, fighting with destiny since last 7 years(Sade Sati), which has become intense in last 1 year(10th Guru). I have lost almost everything. But have gained spiritually in this years, specially in the last year. I have read almost all of the articles written by you on this site. It gives strength and a new hope to learn that its all gonna get over soon. Just wanna THANK YOU for the wonderful work you are doing for everyone.

    God Bless You !
    Thank You.

  171. Ragupathy

    Dear Sir,
    Name : Ragupathy
    my dob : 23-12-1970
    Time of birth : 9:45am
    place of birth : Arcot (vellore district)
    my problem I dont have steady income in my current job for the more than 15 years I m struggling when can I get good job.

    Thanks and Regards


  172. Parvathi

    Dear Sir,

    I and my hubby are trying for kid.
    Our’s is a love cum arrange marriage.
    Actually we are married twice means, during my college days as i was seriously not interested in love my hubby listening to his friends word tie a yellow thread with turmeric chunk.( 18th April 2000, Tuesday Time between 3:00 to 3:30 PM Place: Karnataka,Bangalore, Peenya 2nd Stage). After that i decided to get married with him by taking my parents permission. Our parents agreed and we got married on ( 21 Oct 2010, Thursday Time 12:30 PM to 1:15 PM Place: Karnataka, Bangalore, yeshwanthpur).

    Name : Parvathi H, 31st Jan 1980, 1:15 AM, Punaravasu 4th Pada Karkataka Rasi
    Name : Srinivas Gowda D 20th March 1978 Ashlesha nakshatra Karkataka Rasi.

    Also alternatively we both are facing health issues, and i’m undergoing infertility treatment from last 8 months and underwent laproscopy surgery for PCOD. after the sugery immdiate month i.e, Nov 2014 i conceived but it was miscarriage.

    Kindly provide a solution.

    -Thanks in advance

  173. Pravin Shinde

    Dear Sir,
    How would you interpret all those good effects of Jupitor transit for a Kannya rashi person who also has a Vrishabha Lagna as the planet is functional malefic for the Vrishbha lagna?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Generally we should not mix both the transit and the lagna. Transit is meant for Moon Sign. Lagna is separate. Lagna is related to Dasha and Bhukti.

  174. Amitabh Verma

    Dear Sir,
    Pls elaborate following

    Here all details are as per sunsign or moon sign ?

    My sun sign is Cancer and Moon sign is Pisces

    How should I interpret Transit studies in my case.

    My DOB : 03 July 1967
    Placeof Birth : New Delhi
    Time of Birth: 17.45 Hrs

  175. Amitabh Verma

    Dear Sir,

    Please ignore previous comment as year of birth is wrongly typed

    Pls elaborate following

    Here all details are as per sunsign or moon sign ?

    My sun sign is Cancer and Moon sign is Pisces

    How should I interpret Transit studies in my case.

    My DOB : 03 July 1964
    Placeof Birth : New Delhi
    Time of Birth: 17.45 Hrs

  176. Raghuram

    Dear Sir,

    My Rashi is Tula, and nakshatra is swathi.
    How will this jupiter transit impact my career and job. In some website it is mentioned as favourable and some other website it says not not good.

    Please let me know how it will impact.

    Thanks and Regards,

  177. Vishwanath HR

    Hello SIr,

    My Name is Vishwanath , My Date of Birth is 13th Sep 1987 , i belong to Vrishaba Rasi as per moon sign..!!! is above prediction is based on Sun Sign or Moon Sign sir?

  178. mjohnson

    Thank you for such a profound and timeless advise on both your blog and your u tube.
    i certainly look forward to set a consultation with you when i have redeemed my finances and career.look forward to see you.in the meantime may the good lord continue to speak thru u for the benefit of citizens of this world.
    Malaysia .
    makara rasi /shani dasa- rahu bukthi/ simha lagna

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you. Such encouraging remarks keep me going. I will soon do a video on Saturn Transit 2014 that happens on Nov 2, 2014. Have you subscribed to my youtube channel?

  179. pspattanaik

    Dear Sir,
    Name : Partha Sarathi Pattanaik
    my dob : 20-10-1968
    Time of birth : 4:58am
    place of birth : Bhubaneswar, Odisha
    my problem is at the age of 45 I am jobless since December 2012, Still struggling to get a job. Also my kids are grown up, so expenditure is very high. No income but heavy expenditure. How many days I will sustain ? Also I have not thought of any business. So, SIR, can you suggest me anything on this regard?

    Thanks and Regards

    –Partha Sarathi Pattanaik

  180. Gunasilan RN

    I want to consult with you the new changes of Jupiter,Saturn and Rahu Ketu based on my Dasa and Bhukti.

  181. Padma

    Dear Sir,

    I am Padma
    DOB 29/11/1972
    Birth time 7:45pm
    Place : Pune

    I am going through extreme hardship of life an marriage is not getting fixed.. Please let me know what small scale business will make me independent and when will I get married.


    Hare Krishna..

  182. Pradeep

    I am currently having saturn dasha and guru bukti….how do you think above transit will affect me?

  183. shyamoli

    i want to know when my marriage will take place? it will be love or arrange
    name Shyamoli
    gender Female
    dob 25/06/1982
    Place of birth Ahmedabad (gujarat)
    time 9.55 p.m

  184. Sangeetha priya

    Helo Sir,
    This my name s sangeetha priya & my DOB is 18/01/1992 & my birth time is 05.05 Am, my marriage got stopped ths s love marriage and nw he nt talking with me for past 1month. can u predict abt our marriage plz i don wat to do next

  185. Om Prakash Samal

    Dear sir,

    Name:Om Prakash Samal

    sir i am facing lots of problem in my life job as well as in my love life. I have completed MCA in 2013 but yet i have not got a good job so i have a disturbance with my love life don’t understand what to do?sir please tell me when good time will come in my life.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      the 5th house in your horoscope has some afflictions. this is related to love affairs and matters of the heart. you need to sponsor a child in an orphanage. love children. take care of young ones of any living creature. soon you will find the right partner.

      • shruti

        Dear sir
        Name : shruti sharma
        POB:ahmedabad (gujarat)

        Sir please tell me when will I get marry..sir please help me its a genuine request..previously also I hav send u request please reply this time.i ll be highly obliged

  186. Ravi

    Dear Sir m
    Name : Ravikumar
    time: 07:30 am
    Place: Bangalore
    Gender : Male
    I am facing lot of issues at work.please let me know the remedial measures

  187. shruti

    Dear sir
    Name : shruti sharma
    POB:ahmedabad (gujarat)

    Sir please tell me when will I get marry..sir please help me its a genuine request..previously also I hav send u request please reply this time.i ll be highly obliged

  188. PK Goyal

    Dear Dhilip Sir,
    By reading your articles & posts, I gather although you term yourself a professional astrologer but by heart you are not a professional. You like to do good to others by any means, even by proper & selfless advise. Everyone needs money but for you it is secondary, as I can guess.

    I have my own story & way of explanation– Human beings can never be perfect. Only Lord Vishnu is perfect. Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth) remains only where there is perfection. What we can do is to try to be perfect / nearer perfection. If we do that i.e., do our work the best way we can, then Lakshmi (money) will follow you. One need not run after money, money will run after.

    Though I have not been able to earn much in my life but all hardships do pass somehow. This is because whatever I have done, tried to do that with perfection & good intention. I believe, having huge amount of money is a matter of luck which I don’t have.

    I give below my birth details. Please see if you can show me some light of hope, some way out. (Jupiter transits to 9th house in June,2014).but Jupitar, Venus, Mars, Moon, Rahu, Saturn all come and go, I remain where I was.

    Pradip = DOB-03/02/1959, TOB- 22:10 hours, POB- Jalpaiguri (West Bengal)

    Thanks & regards,

  189. Ramesh

    I am Ramesh. DOB6/7/1984, Time 10.30 am, Bangalore. Want to know when will I get married as we searching for a bride for past 1.5 yr. Have gone through lot of emotional stress. Also Will i get a new job offer?

  190. kulbhushan

    Dear Sir
    Name Kulbhushan Jain
    dob 1/12/1966 time 10.30 am place new delhi
    pl advice regarding court cases regaring land in consumer court

  191. Viraj

    Hi Mr. Kumar

    My DOB is 10/11/1984 born in New Delhi at 2.47 AM. Currently i am based in NZ. I have little concerns about my profession (Self Employed) and some progeny issues. Can you please take some time out to clear my thoughts about the same. And also, what does this Jupiter transit & Saturn transit during the end of the year has in for me. Will be thankful to your reply. Best regards

  192. Pankaj

    Thanks sir for your detail analysis.

    I have a question.

    My DOB is 8-11-1971 time 2:30 P.M.

    Kindly tell me about effect of transition of Jupiter on me.

  193. meghana patel

    hello sir.. myself meghana patel from mumbai. my dob is 3-1-83, time & place is 05.07 a.m & mumbai. my parents and me very much in tensed situation as per my age. i want to know when i will get engaged & married. please sir let me know when i will able to find right mate

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      What is your Lagna (Ascendant)? WHat is your Janma Nakshatra and Janma Rasi?

      • meghana patel

        my lagna is vrischik. my nakshatra is madha and my rashi is simha

      • meghana patel

        let me know sir when i will get engaged and hw it would be

  194. P.Vinod Kumar

    May 6, 2014
    Respected Sir

    am vinod form Saudi Arabia, am a It professional, the company is not much good and the sponer
    i can here just before 2 month , am feeling so tesnsion and scare with the job, they are asking for some other job which cant handle. my nakshatra is Utharam ( Chingam Rasi) birth date is -03/11/1980 and birth time is 4.15 pm, at thrissur district , kerala, india

    can u pls tell me how will my feature, for next 3 years, will able to get back to india, because in this company even after the contract is over, they are not letting some employee go back, so am afride of such things,

    waiting for your replay

  195. bindhu

    my dob is 19/11/1963 time 9:02 pm @ Bangalore how does the guru transit effects me

  196. singh

    DOB 14-01-1981 Time of birth 11,10 AM Bangalore, husband, 5-4-1975 time of birth 6.03 PM bangalore. Request humbly from my bottom of my heart to give one free prediction to us. Whether a child is destined to us or not? Sorry to ask for this predictions, but we have lot of money everywheere. Only if time permits and if you get generous.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I checked out your horoscope there is some affliction related to Putrasthana and the Upapada Lagna. You need to do a full sponsor of a child in an orphanage.

  197. Niharika

    my name is niharika.my dob is 11/10/1981 time 4.20pm @ bhubaneswar. how does the transition effect on me. kindly reply.

  198. Anirban Banerjee

    Dear Dhilipkumar Sir,

    19/09/1984, 05:25 AM, NADIA (KOLKATA), Asc-Lagna-Virgo, Moon sign Gemini.

    Most encouraging and scientifically explained videos in simple language.
    Sir, I have a doubt which is existing since long regarding my horoscope which I am not able to crack.
    Is my Jupiter afflicted in 4th house by Saturn? Can I strengthen Jupiter by wearing a Pukhraj? Jupiter in 4th is also giving rise to Hamsa yoga but it is not freindly sign to my lagna i.e Virgo and also is a markesh.
    In Dasamsa you will see Jupiter is in 11th house.
    So all in all Jupiter is friendly to me or is not?
    Anirban Banerjee.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      As you are born in Kanya Lagna NEVER ever wear PUKRAJ (Yellow Sapphire). Instead worship GURU or Jupiter. Donate to your old teachers. Recite the Mantra Guru Brahma ….. Your Hamsa Yoga will manifest as soon as you do worship GURUs. Read books of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

  199. riyaz

    i have both rahu and jupiter in 1st house of my chart……currently i am undergoing rahu mahadasha and bhudhan bhukti which is going to be over in 6 months.Next sub period will be ketu bhukti. what i heard is ketu bhukti is also very tough period like sani bhukti but my astrologer says jupiter is seeing ketu and hence that will be a good period for me and nothing will happen bad. he says guru is seeing ketu from his house.
    is that correct Sir?
    will it be good for me

  200. riyaz

    i have rahu and jupiter in 1st house and my lagnam is meenam.
    is it a bad combination

  201. riyaz

    do i have both hamsa yoga and guru chandal yoga? if so will guru chandal yoga will weaken hamsa yoga?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Depends on how close Rahu is to Jupiter. Get a computer horoscope and check out for yourself. If they are very close then also there is not need to worry. Suppose a person does not have insulin in his body, then he gets it through tablet or injection. In the same way you can separate Rahu and Jupiter by doing appropriate things. Worship your teacher, listen to consultant, pray on all Thursdays, avoid alcohol, smoking, intoxication, fear and confusion that are represented by Rahu. Then the Hamsa Yoga will manifest. Everything is in your hands. Do not believe that a horoscope effect cannot be changed. Believe that everything changes with effort.

      • riyaz

        jupiter is in 359 degree longitude and rahu is in 344 longittude.

        will guru chandal yoga will weaken hamsa yoga?

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        With a gap of 15 degrees you are lucky. There is no Guru Chandal Yoga. So do not worry.

  202. Satyavathi Panchagnula

    sir my D.O.B.is 3.7.1961at 3.16pm.at eluru a.p. sir i am running venus dasa but since it is placed in the 7th house.as well i do have a bad jupiter transit i actually wanted to earn a do major things my husband is DOB.21.2.1956 AT ongole A.p.we faced a lot of problem will our kid floursh you speech is really inspiring.thanks.

  203. Aditya

    Dear Sir, Currently I am last phase of Sade sati as my rasi is Virgo with Leo Ascendant. My current dasha is RAHU-Mercury-Ketu till 25th june and Mercury is with Venus in 3rd house and Jupiter in 7th house. Will the jupiter transit on 19th june will effect my life. I’ve been facing finacnial problem since 2007. Help please

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Good times are ahead. Watch the following video and get the GOOD News for all VIRGO RASI people.

      • Govindraj

        Dear Sir,

        I am Govindraj and I stay in Bangalore.
        My DOB is 04-10-1985 Time 1.07 am
        My place of Birth is Hubli ( Karnataka)
        I am going behind in any thing I do.
        I am not able to reason why. I am not sure what is wrong
        Kindly suggest me in this regard

  204. tarun

    Dear Sir,
    I am Tarun A. and live in Ghaziabad (UP). My DOB is 23 sept 1976, time 1530 hrs and place in tejpur(assam)/tezpur(assam). I am kanya rashi and facing very bad health concerns. pls chk and let me know by when my health will improve. I am also facing very bad career phase but infront of health this seems minor. I am looking forward to read from you. many thanks. best regards, tarun.

  205. parvathyensanskrit

    Sir, You say : “In case you are also going through the dasha of the 7th lord or the 2nd lord or the antardasha of the 2nd lord or the 7th house lord” for Thula rasi people; my question is: the second house as per Raasi or as per Lagna?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      As per your Ascendant (Lagna). The lagna degree moves 1 degree in the next 4 minutes of birth time. It is the most important reference point in your horoscope. Use Janma Rasi only for Transit. Transit is general.

  206. Biju

    Dear sir, I belongs to Makara Raaasi- Utradam..Iam working abroad for last few years..As you mentioned in this thread, I had lot of financial problems (debts) and mental worries in work place till now even having a good job in hand…Will there be any change in my future and career because of this Jupiter Transit ? I wear Blue Sapphire (Indraneelam)

  207. dheer

    dear sir i am kumbha lagna and vrischika rashi with moon and guru in vrischika,,(jayeshta nakshtra) 27 12 70 1115am new delhi..i am jobless since 1 year any hopes in cancer jupiter?

  208. Braham Dutt

    Mery rashi brasabh hai, Thank you for predictions.

  209. Hema

    Dear Sir, I am cancer moon sign and I am seeing that some astrologers on the internet say that the time after Jupiter transit will be great for Cancer and others say it will be very bad. Why are people giving opposite predictions? I am thula lagna and ayilyam naksatra.
    Thank you.

      • prakashlavanya@yahoo.co.in

        Sir, I m lavanya living in chennai. I need ur appointment to see you with my horoscope. Pls mail when and whr to meet you. Thanks. Lavanya
        Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone

  210. meghana patel

    hello sir.. myself meghana patel from mumbai. my dob is 3-1-83, time & place is 05.07 a.m & mumbai. my parents and me very much in tensed situation as per my age. i want to know when i will get engaged & married. please sir let me know when i will able to find right mate. you asked me my nakshatra moon sign & lagna.
    my moon sign is simha, nakshatra is madha & lagna is vrishchik. let me know sir when i’l get engaged and how things would be for me

  211. Sanjeev

    Dear Sir, I request you please leave comments about me. I requested many times. Regards, Sanjeev.

  212. prem

    dear sir, i am prem DOB-24 may 1972,place of birth-berhampur(Odisha) india, time of birth-5.25 a.m. my Rashi is Kanya & nakshtra is Chitra .My querry is when i will get a better job & my financial condition will improve?
    Thanking You


    Dear Sir
    I was going thru the detailed note of yours , good reading and a moral booster , I would like to know for me the following
    The details are
    Name : Raman Chandrashekaran
    DOB: 01/12/1962 ( 30th November 1962 night or 1st December 1962 early morning 02-20 am
    Birth Place : Karur Tamilnadu India
    Utthradam Nakshthram
    Male , married , wife name Padmavathi star Bahrani DOB 20-12-1969 POB Pondicherry , one daughter Shwetha Puratathi
    My querry is ,
    1) Can I change my job at this stage ?
    2) Can I take a early retirement?
    3) Is there any health issue in near future


      DOB 01-12-1962 (Early morning 02.20 am )
      POB Karur

      2.My Wife Padmavathi
      DOB 20.12.1969
      POB T.vidaimaruthur

      3.My Daughter Shwetha Sekar
      DOB 18.03.1996
      Eve 5.10 pm
      POB Pondicherry
      Her Birth time is 9.40 am thanks

      The Stars are

      Myself Utthradam
      My Wife Bahrani
      My Daughter Puratathi

      My query is ,

      1) Can I change my job at this stage ?
      2) Can I take a early retirement?
      3) Is there any health issue in near future


  214. Anirban Banerjee

    Dear Dhilipkumar Sir,

    19/09/1984, 05:25 AM, Nadia (Kolkata), Kanya Lagna, Mithun Rashi

    After a turmoil of 16 years of Jupiter dasha now the saturn dasha has started.
    Sir, My health is going through the adverse phase as I am getting repeated infections in blood, stomach problems and Migraine headaches. In many occasions drs find it difficult to diagnoise the problems. My career is unsettled yet and I wonder if I will be really settled in my life or not? Sir please look at my horoscope and suggest as how I shall overcome my health problems and settle myself in life. In the last article you suggested me to read Ramkrishna Paramhansa book to read I have already started looking for it.
    I am wearing Emerald but one thing I have noted when the Mercury is retro my health gets affected more.Why this is so?

    Anirban Banerjee

  215. sai venkatesh

    Your website and contents are fantastic Sir. I am so happy that I got a chance to see your website through some link. You have done a lot of work. Congrats and keep up the good work.
    If time permits you, please permit me to ask one question Sir.
    I am hoplessely stuck in debts and am unable to come out. My health is failing. My house has wrong vastu and I am unmarried. My parents are aged and unhappy. Can you please help me sir to come out of my bad finance problems. Money never stays with me.
    Name. Sai Venkatesh
    DOB : 18-09-1964 time of birth. 02.26 am ( on 17th night, which is 18th early morning )
    Place of birth. Palghat or Palakkad – Kerala

    Even if you want to charge me Sir, I will be very happy to make the payment to you but I need detailed analysis. Please inform me your charges and your bank account number and I shall remit the amount. Also inform what this Transit will do to me. My health is also down now and I am getting diabetic also. Myemail id. is justenter5d@yahoo.com and my cell. no. is 9900472055.
    Regards Sir

  216. Anirban Banerjee

    Dear Dhilipkumar Sir,
    19/09/1984, 05:25 AM, Nadia (Kolkata)

    Currently I am suffering from infections and Migraine headaches.
    Please suggest me some remedies? Which Gemstones will suit me? When can I expect a recovery?
    Anirban Banerjee

  217. rads

    Respected sir,
    I have seen in hindi calendar it is showing on December 8 2014 , guru will be vakri in kark rashi . What will be the impact of this on kark rashi. Pls reply. My marriage is fixed for January 2015. Pls tell me due to this change in guru will create any problem or not? Please reply I am worried.

  218. vimal

    Sir I need ur suggesstions i have been married in 14-9-2009. Im husband is affected by black magic spell cast by his parents & sister & brother. After his brother marriage in 2012. He was so affectionate, caring, very much close to my parents. Whatever we say he will listen. But it tottally changed after july 2012. Nowadays he is fighting with him for every 2days for simple things.Im going for work and have two kids.We three are staying with my mother.Mty husband will come and see us and then goes to his parents.My sister got marrried in 2012.He is very angry with my sister’s husband and their parents.My husband is fully moulded with their parents. Full tons of tears im writing this to you. Kinldy provide me a suggesstion please …….

  219. Govindraj


    Kindly Reply to my mail

    I am Govindraj and I stay in Bangalore.
    My DOB is 04-10-1985 Time 1.07 am
    My place of Birth is Hubli ( Karnataka)
    I am going behind in any thing I do.
    I am not able to reason why. I am not sure what is wrong
    Kindly suggest me in this regard

    Thank you


    • nsganapathy

      Work hard and pray the god well until 02/08/2014. Things may turn positive after august-20

  220. nomita

    you have mentioned jupiter transit for all the sign except for virchika . pls advise thanks nomita

  221. Praful

    Dear sir, what about turmoil situation in all sector of business globally and indian market especially engineering segments. Its started i think from last 2009 sept, still all corners of business are in deeps, on top of these has been the most deep since 1932. What makes sense in this situation


  222. prashanth ks

    sir my name prashanth ks
    dob 25-04-1983
    am facing very difficult in job
    how is my dasa going now in 2014
    when i may get job

  223. Ramesh

    Hi, I am Ramesh. DOB 6/7/1984, Time 10.30 am, Bangalore. Want to know when will I get married as we searching for a bride for past 1.5 yr.

  224. Bhalla

    Dear Sir. My Name is Bhalla from Mumbai nothing Going right with my life my date of birth is 10th jan 1969 mumbai can u tell me how this transit will help me ?

  225. Rajeswari

    Dear sir,
    My name is Rajeswari. My date of Birth is 01 June 1978, Revathi nakshatra, meena rasi, born in tirupathi. At present i am in stress. due to my unwanted job changes there were many challenges in my family. How to over come and will surely get changes and be happy. I am very much depressed and confused. Please help me.

  226. kaycee

    Dear Dilipji,
    I am a south Indian from kerala living in delhi since1988 my DOB IS 27/05 /60 born Cochin time 5.30 p.m please tell me how will my onwards life be. Some astrologers say you are lucky and wealthy but yet i dont have much as all say would like to why is this happening.

  227. InfoCan

    I am Mithuna Rasi and I have had no positive result since June 19th. In fact things are getting worse financially. I have had no income for 2 years, things that seem to be maybe hopeful result in nothing. Additionally I am trying to sell or rent out my house to reduce expenses, and even that is going in reverse. Many times it seems someone will rent or buy my house but at the last minute things go wrong. It is no mid september and according to Mithuna rasi my life should have been improving. Forget drastic improvement at least I need some income and able to meet my expenses. It seems the Mithuna rasi prediction is incorrect, at least for me?? Can you advise what is wrong?

    • Suhas

      My Rashi is also Mithun. ( 22-Oct-1978, 2.15 am, Kolhapur) . I am also facing similar problems. Since June 19 2014, nothing is happening favourable for me. I had new job offer in June 2014, and I resigned from current organisation. But I could not join new offer as I realised that that was not good job offer. Everything is going against my plan. Finaly I had to leave my current job on 5-Sep-2014. Now I am jobless and financial loss since that day as I have no salary in hand.

  228. Arun

    Dear Sir,

    Am Arun, born on 8 April, 1985 at Madurai. Am cancer ascendant. Vrischika rashi. Want to know, about my career. I have Mars and Rahu in 10th house from lagna. Sun,Venus and Mercury at 9th house from lagna. Jupiter in 7th house from lagna. Saturn and Ketu from 4th place from lagna.

    Would be grateful if i get a reply from you.

  229. prabhu.s.v

    Dear Sir
    Iam prabhu s v DOB 15th Jan 1974 at midnight 01.55am am confused few astrologer say am kanya rashi and few said am tula rashi and i myself is confused, Coming to current situation am getting more and more in borrowings, my quiry is will i clear these loans and lead peaceful life or not if so when will be that date onwards

  230. Suhas

    Dear sir,

    Happy Diwali to you.

    I am Suhas. My DOB is 22-Oct-1978, Birth Time: 2.15 am, Birth Place: Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

    Currently I am having bad time. Due to politics in company, I have lost my job on 5-Sep-2014 and since then I am jobless.
    As suggested by one astrologer I wear Ruby (3 carat) in ring finger on 10-Aug-14. But no good results. So I removed it 2 weeks back. Then on 14-Oct-14 as suggested by the same astrologer i wear Red Coral pendant. Since then on 19-Oct-14 I attended Interview and waiting for results.

    I need your advise, when this bad phase will be finished. when can i get new job. will I get better job? what needs to be done as permanent solution for better growth in career.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    • pratyaksh purani

      Dear DILIPJI
      so much of pressure cooker situation in all parts of life.
      As i have below details of my horoscope like…
      1. ASCENDANT (4-kark) SHUKRA,
      2. Second House (5-Sinha) Surya, Mangal, Budha,
      3. Third House (6-Kanya) Chandra, Pluto
      4. Fourth House (7-Tula) Harshal
      5. Fifth House (8-Vrishik) Rahu, Neptune
      6. Sixth House (9-dhan) NO ANY PLANET
      7. Seventh House (10-makar) NO ANY PLANET
      8. Eighth House (11-Kumbh) Guru
      9. Ninth House (12-meen) NO ANY PLANET
      10. Tenth House (1-mesh) NO ANY PLANET
      11. Eleventh House (2-vrishabh) Ketu
      12. Twelfth House (3-mithun) shani
      I am having no improvements and no way if i have things restored on business, income etc

      Pratyaksh Purani

  231. pushpa s

    Dear Sir,
    I am pushpa,my dob – 15.12.1987 7.30am tuesday
    my husband name is srikanth his dob – 9.11.1983 4.30 wednesday
    marriage date – 16.05.2010
    timings – 10:15 to 11 am
    want to know when we will have kids.

  232. pushpa s

    Dear Sir,
    I am pushpa,my dob – 15.12.1987 7.30am tuesday
    my husband name is srikanth his dob – 9.11.1983 4.30 wednesday
    marriage date – 16.05.2010
    timings – 10:15 to 11 am
    want to know when we will have kids.
    Looking forward for your reply.

  233. Pooja Prakash

    Dear Sir, Just want to know if wife’s planetary position is good & husband’s is not good than as a family how it will react, i mean will it be good time as per wife’s or bad time as per husband’s. like my husband id Dhanu rashi & sade sati has started but i am Mithun rashi & this transit is very good for me.
    Thanks in advance.
    Pooja Prakash

  234. GIRISH.V.S.

    My name is Girish , an engineer in Bangalore . I belong to kanya rashi, chitta nakshatra, my dob is 29th June 1982, time is 01:35 pm, born in tandur, a.p. , my job is not satisfying , when will I get good job with high salary..

  235. astroknowledge

    @Dhilip Kumar : WOW! you were bang on ! What a precise, to the point prediction of Jupiter transit for Karka rashi people! Look at me – I moved out of homeland on June 14th, took up a job which is totally different from what I have been doing over last 7 years, got separated from my daughter because I had to leave her back in my homeland in a residential school. And just to complete the story all this mess caused by the man whom I knew for last 10 years and lived -in for last 6 years. Since June 2012 he started retreating from the relationship calling me by b**** and s*** but I tried staying put begging him to change his mind. Finally had to give up in June 2014. A Karka rashi woman was driven out of her home….. when I look back at last two years I just tell myself that I am like a cat who has nine lives :-)

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