Karma and Effort

Some people have told me many times that "I believe more in effort. So I have no time for planets, astrology and discussions about Karma". So I decided to write on this topic.


Fate and Freewill: The riddle

For centuries people have believed in Fate and Karma. For about the same time people also believed that everything happens because of effort, freewill, our mind and our thoughts. These people told others that there is nothing called fate. They said it is just an imagination or a weakness of the mind to assume that there is a fate for all of us. According to them whatever happens is due to freewill.

Read the following lines from Mathew (The Bible). The situation is the last supper. Jesus Christ, the all knowing One, says that one of his own disciples will betray Him. So one by one they ask Him, “….is it me…is it me….” and to each one of them He says, “No. It is not you”. However when Judas Iscariot asks the same question, Jesus Christ says, “Yes. It is you”.

However in his reply Jesus Christ clearly points out to the power of Fate and Karma.

Jesus Christ:The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he had not been born.”

The betrayal of Jesus Christ by Judas Iscariot is also known as the Kiss of Judas. The soldiers are unable to arrest Jesus Christ because they cannot identify Him. Judas helps them identify Him by his kiss. The place is the garden of Gethsemane, the time is after the Last Supper.

“As it is written about” means a predetermined aspect of life that is referred as fate. To fulfill His fate, a betrayer is needed. Imagine there is a post called the President of USA. Someone has to fill in the post. The post can never be vacant. In the same way there is space for a betrayer of Jesus Christ. Someone has to get into that seat to fulfill the destiny.

So Jesus Christ says, “It would be better for him if he had not been born”. The meaning of this is, Judas Iscariot has been a great sinner which made it possible for him to occupy that seat. Everyone cannot get into that bad seat. Only a sinner from a past life will be allotted that space.

So you cannot argue that since the fate of Jesus Christ was predetermined, what is wrong with what Judas Iscariot did. He did something in accordance to the fate of Jesus Christ. Though he did it, Judas is a bad person. Because of that he was allotted the position of the betrayer.

Spending some time on these lines will reveal a lot about Karma and Effort more than reading an entire book on this topic. Hence I decided to discuss this at the beginning of this article.

Effort is supreme and that is the main cause of success.

Some people have told me many times that “I believe more in effort than in the planets, karma, fate and blah blah. So I have no time for planets, astrology and discussions about this kind of nonsense”. Whenever people say this I often noticed the super ego flashing on their faces because many of these people are so proud of their effort not knowing that fate made them put in all that effort. At least 50% of it was predetermined.

I doubt if Vedic Astrology ever denounced effort. In fact it was always telling you about where to put in your effort. At least no book of Vedic Astrology has ever said that you can stop working because fate will take care of it.

Effort is the arm of destiny. Without effort, destiny cannot unfold itself or manifest.

Ask people who put in much effort for many years. They usually will say, “despite my effort I did not succeed at all”. When you begin to look around you will find that some people put very little effort and got the success that eluded most people who put in tremendous effort.

Many will say that such such people did not put in the right kind of work. They were not smart workers. This is the usual complaints. However when people succeed everyone is sure that they were smart workers.

Does effort always lead to success?

Effort is the main component of success. Whenever people succeeded in their work, the effort they put in is always noticed by everyone. For example when people win the Olympic gold medal it is obvious that their hard work has been the cause. Does that mean that the people who went home empty handed did not put in hard work. Perhaps you may say not as much as the champion. So your winning and losing is not just determined by your own effort, it is rather determined by how much others have put in. So it means that your effort is not just enough. How do you know how much effort the other person is putting in while you are practicing miles away from the eventual champion?

So the question is do all the people who have put in hard work succeed in life or reach the top. The world lauds the winner. All others who put in so much effort but failed to make it to the top have never been spoken of and none of us know them.

For example only if you reach Mount Everest people come to know of you. If you have reached a little short of Mount Everest you are not covered by the newspapers and even you will not relish that. So what happened to all that effort you put in.

If you are a winner the world loves you and flatters you. If you just miss the final winning no one bothers to even think of you. You just are ignored. Everyone is looking only at the winner. Those who won will tell the world how their effort yielded the success.

If there is a fate for a winner there is also a fate for the loser. In fact the winner’s fate includes the loser’s fate too. The effort that both put in will be in accordance to their fate. The loser of today will win the world championship next time. So that means effort has to be put in continuously until fate also falls in place at an appropriate time. So losing and winning is not the issue. Only effort is because effort is a long time matter and fate happens in a moment.

It is like the arrow (effort) takes a long time before it reaches the target (fate).

Vedic Astrology deals with Karma which in turn deals with when the arrow reaches the target.

Life is like Sailing

In sailing you will notice that your experience in sailing is much dependent on the wind factor which is definitely not in your control. It has nothing to do with your effort.

The other main thing that affects your sailing is your effort in harnessing the winds to your advantage. So effort works very closely with fate.

When there is no wind, no amount of effort will let you move if you are sailing.

Though the wind and the effort are 2 different things when it comes to the actual act of sailing they are inseparable. So do not think that if a transit of Jupiter and Saturn is good you will succeed without any effort. It just means that the wind is blowing well and is pushing you forward but only if you have the sail in place to take advantage of that.

If there is no wind, even then you can start to row with the help of oars. Sailing is possible only when the wind of fate is pushing you on. Rowing is recommended when there is no wind at all.

So effort is always supreme and recommended. At the same time, why use the oars when there is a good amount of wind. Find out which way is better. Find out which way the wind blows.

Sailing – involves 2 forces. 1. The force of the wind that is not in your control and it was already allotted to you. 2. Your effort that is also based on the wind (fate). Without the wind there is no point putting in the effort.

Napoleon Bonaparte and Fate

There is no such thing as accident; it is fate misnamed. – Napoleon

The torment of precautions often exceeds the dangers to be avoided. It is sometimes better to abandon one’s self to destiny. – Napolean

Somebody asked Napolean, “if you believe so much in fate, then why do you wan to fight the war” meaning why don’t you sit back and relax. Napoleon replied, “fighting in all these wars is part of my fate and that is why I am doing it”. So it is clear that if fate has to work you will have to co-operate with it. There is no way you can sit back and relax.

The person who must succeed according to fate, will put in the maximum effort automatically so that his fate is fulfilled.

Karma and rebirth ideas are non verifiable!

Many of my readers and sometimes a few clients have expressed their doubts on rebirth, past life and karma. They say, “no one has really proven all this”. I tell them that your life that is reflecting from your horoscope is proof enough. The lives of famous and infamous people of the world whose horoscopes have been discussed time after time has proven rebirth and karma.

Do you have to see it to believe it?

For example even without seeing my great grand father, I know that he must have existed. Even without seeing Helium it was said that the SUN has helium using certain methods. Helium was later seen on earth. We can infer a lot of things like that. That is the sign of intelligence.

Detectives find out the murderer without actually seeing the murder. Grand-master chess players can visualize the board after 3 or even 10 moves which ordinary chess players cannot which is why they lose. Karma is not an excuse invented by the wisest men from ancient India. It is the reality that explains everything in life which any other method of reasoning cannot. You need to be patient and keep investigating. One day it will become clear to you.

Child prodigies are clear signs of remembering the past lives. In one of our Rotary Club meetings a child about 6 years old, was the guest speaker of the meeting. She was so small that we made her sit on the table instead of the chair. She knew the entire Thirukkural written in Tamil – a very old book of 1330 couplets that have today been translated into so many popular languages of the world. The author Thiruvalluvar was an extraordinary poet and saint. There are 133 chapters each addressing to a particular area of life.

We only had to tell the chapter number and poem number and she would immediately recite the lines. We failed in our attempts to defeat her.

Capablanca a World Chess Champion between 1921 to 1927 was famous for his end game skills and speed of play. He was called the human chess machine.He learned the rules of the game at the age of four by watching his father play, pointed out an illegal move made by his father, and then beat his father twice.

Most of us remember subconsciously the past life. We carry forward many things that are related to knowledge from one life to the next. So knowledge is the most important thing in our lives worth accumulating for it will come with us into our next births. Habits, good and bad get carried forward. So beware of the bad habits. Develop good habits.

The work of Dr. Brian Weiss is proof enough. Most of his books are best sellers which mean people have now taken past life to be a thing of the present. This knowledge was available in India for over 1000s of years and yet no one really cared to acknowledge it. “Same souls many bodies” is one of the books he has authored. Sri Krishna tells Arjuna “you have lived 1000s of lives, but you do not remember them”. Of course Bhagavad Gita is also a bestseller these days thank to the Internet. “Many lives, Many Masters” is another popular book from the same author.

Fate and Effort

You may spend a life time debating the cause of your success and everyone’s success. Is it fate or effort? At certain points in your life you may think that fate is all powerful. Such thoughts come to you when your effort does not work. However when your effort pays off, you feel that there is no fate. You suddenly get the idea that believers of fate are really stupid.

You will never find the answer. That is because Fate and Effort is one and the same or they are so much intertwined that they are inseparable. Effort becomes your fate at a later stage. Fate forces you to put in more effort.

On your fate, your efforts ride like a man his horse. Together they succeed. When they succeed you will never know whether it was due to the man or due to the horse that carried the man. Man is the effort, the horse is the fate.

The horse is a separate entity. Yet the man riding it seems to be in control. He is. Is not the horse also limiting the man. He is completely trusting the horse. If you look closely you do not know who is controlling. The man or the horse? So effort and fate are like these.

To world or the spectators, the man and the horse are two inseparable unit of either success or failure. When the cup or the medal is given it is given only to man – the effort. Nobody realizes that the horse was also responsible. So effort alone is visible to people. Fate exists on the background of whatever we do.

Effort is the paint on the canvas of Fate. Once the painting is done, the canvas and the painting are 2 inseparable things.

If you can change your effort you also will be changing your fate. When your fate is changing your effort will also start changing in tune to the fate.

So never stop putting more effort during tough times.

Those who know Vedic Astrology think that during a Sade-Sati period (7.5 years Saturn phase) nothing is going to work. Wrong. All it means is that you got to work harder to change your fate.

So rely 50% on the Astrological remedies and for the other 50% you should increase your efforts to the maximum during a tough time like Ketu Dasha endings or a Rahu-Saturn period.

The remedies that you do will help you put in more efforts. That will start changing your fate.

Some of my clients feel that only if their fate permits it, they do the remedies. When they do the remedies their problems are solved. So they get the idea that doing the remedies is also part of fate.

Remember the fate of this life is actually due to the effort (good and bad effort) put in during your previous life. So good and bad effort done in this life will begin to alter your experiences in the current life. It will also give you credit points or debit points for your next life.

Right knowledge is supreme. Pray to God asking for right knowledge.

Right knowledge is essential. Mere argument about fate and freewill is not going to solve our problems.

The case of the Mango Seed

Take a good look at the following picture. If you know it is the mango seed it reveals 2 facts. That photo is of good quality and that you are familiar with a mango seed.

This is a mango seed. The seed contains the full program of a giant mango seed.

From this seed those who know about plants and trees know that a mango tree will surely come out. They also will know that a coconut tree or a banyan tree will never come out.

The seed contains the entire coding for making a mango tree.

One who know all this can say that the mango seed will become this at a particular time, then during April flowers will appear on the tree and then the mango fruits will follow. The leaves will be of this particular shape. All that is predictable.

It is predictable because millions of times this has happened.

The mango sapling that will come out of the mango seed is predictable to a great extent.

What comes out of the Mango Seed is predictable. Nothing else is possible.

What is not predictable about the Mango Seed?

Will this Mango Seed always become a mango sapling and then become a big mango tree? No. For example to disprove the prediction I have a mango seed on my office table to show to my clients. I never gave the right opportunities for that mango seed. I kept it on my table just to disprove the fact that the mango seed will become a mango tree. I use it to prove that some effort is required to make a prediction come true. The mango seed requires soil and water. A prediction will become true provided certain other things are also done.

All the mango seed in the world will not become a mango tree. Something else is required. Environment and opportunities play a vital role in fulfillment of a prediction.

Moral of the story:

Match your effort with whatever positive is indicated in your horoscope. Do not do what you should not do. Follow the do’s and don’ts. Examine the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

If you have Rajayogas in your chart you should try to work hard until you become a celebrity or a notable person.

If you are not supposed to become a business owner then never attempt to become one. If everyone want to be a business owner who will be employed in a business. Did you get this point?

If you are the fish you can never succeed on land no matter what you do.

If you are the duck you can be both on land and on water, but you will be better off if you are in water.

If you are an elephant you better be on land. If in water even a crocodile can hurt you or even destroy you.


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  1. praveen

    Awesome..article..sir….It has cleared many of my doubts that i have been having since a long time..I will recommend this article to all my friends ……..so meaningfull…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have been thinking a lot on these topics. Hence I finally decided to write on it. Thank you for regularly reading my articles.

      • SATISH S


        my dob IS 19-03-1984, Kanya Rashi 2013 time 12.15 AM how is this period… Hastham nakshertra….

      • praveen

        sir, I should thank you for writing such wonderful article.

  2. Sanjeev

    You explained in pure plain words how fate and effort are married with each other and are inseparable. U put efforts in ur work, fate will do it’s work to reach your Goal.

    Really an awesome Article, Sir.

  3. abhi

    Agree, nice way of explaining with examples

  4. V. Chandrashekar

    Dear Dhilip, you have put into perspective the most confused and misunderstood terms of “Fate, Freewill and Destiny” which crosses each one of ours minds very often at various stages of our lives. Your art of narration in simple language with examples has always been a pleasure to read and understand the nuances of life. I particularly liked the example of the Horse and Man. it sums up a lot of things on the subject. Recently someone asked me a question in my view how do I prioritize between “Luck, Hard work and Talent” which led to many discussions. In my view i answered my order of importance as “Hard work, Talent and Luck”. In my limited knowledge so far, I always thought that “Fate” is what we are born with, “Freewill” is what we have in our control that decides our “Destiny”. With light on the same subject as a coincidence on Guru Purnima day, i had the opportunity to read this article and also speak to you, which added more knowledge to my beliefs. Thank you so very much for your inspirational, motivational and knowledgeable articles that you have been contributing to the society. We all are blessed and honored to read your articles and the experiences that you share.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Dear V Chandrasekhar, to understand and write on it is one thing. Those reading it should understand and write on it. That I consider as the victory of any author. You read this article on GURU Poornima Day which happens because you have an exalted GURU (JUPITER) in the 10th house of Karma. I am aware that you are great author yourself. To be appreciated by another author is indeed a great privilege. Your AMRUTAVARSHA Devotional CDs are great. I listen to the chanting whenever I have the time. You spent a great deal of time writing the contents that come along with each CD. It shows your blessed. Exalted JUPITER in the 10th house and that too without any affliction. You will reach greater heights.

      • Artimvedi

        Jupiter in libra sir!…and vargotama in D9..shed some.light sir

  5. sindhu

    fate and effort goes together or they cannot be seperated.well explained article sir.
    one doubt:if someone is working hard in a wrong field (which according to his horoscope might be 0 % success),will the maximum effort or hard work he puts,bring him success when fate favors him?

  6. sanjeevjaggi

    @ Dhilip : The Irony of past life and next life debate is that no one has ever seen it. Whatever bad happens to us , we term as our past life bad karma and vice versa, If we are doing our sincere work and are loyal and honest, still we are not getting what we want, it is correlated to pat life karma and told that you are crediting your good karma for next life. But how ironical it is that this life which was meant to be yours is wasted almost for rectifying your bad karma and making good your next life. your consciousness wont get to know what bad or good you did in your last birth…all assumptions…!!! but what we can do…it is all written…that too we dont know where…in our minds or somewhere in this universe ….

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      For example even without seeing my great grand father, I know that he must have existed. Even without seeing Helium it was said that the SUN has helium using certain methods. Helium was later see on earth. We can infer a lot of thing. That is the sign of intelligence. Detectives find out who is the murderer without actually seeing the murder. Grandmaster Chess players can visualize the board after 3 or even 10 moves which ordinary chess players cannot. Karma is not an excuse. It is the reality that explains everything in life which any other method cannot. You need to be patient and keep investigating. One day it become clear to you.

  7. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    I spent lot of money for astrological consultation,but not found any result so I lost the faith in astrology.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please share your views with my readers. Please let us know about your experiences with Astrologers like how much they charged, did you spend on remedies that were done by the Astrologers and what they said about your horoscope and what went wrong. Your comments will be considered valuable. It will be lesson for Astrologers. I am concerned about your bad experiences. You may also email it to ekdhilip@yahoo.com or ekdhilipkumar@gmail.com Others who have similar negative experiences with Astrology please do the same. I hope to write an article addressing to this.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Then why do you try contacting Astrologers then? If you have lost faith then there is no point. You should give up Astrology. Turn to God instead. He is the unfailing One. I love this statement made by Jesus Christ….He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

    • Mohan

      Its true with me also. Jumping from address to address for astrologers did not help eventhough knowing very well that the Rahu – Sani period has to be over. ( this is like sitting on the 5th floor room without ac on agni-nakshatra days but the only the fan you have spreads more heat as you keep increasing the speed! Waiting for the period to be over without any side effects affecting the family by bearing the brunt of the period intolerably ) I used to abuse gods for what they were doing to me (us) knowingly its not the solution…. but now I am learning to come to terms with this period….. prepared for the worst at the professional front (kicking out) while not leaving the humanly possible efforts though I had tone down from best efforts to what is humanly possible!

  8. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    I have sent my horoscope.pls check.

  9. Latha

    Many medical researchers like Brian Weiss and Dr. Newton have proven beyond doubt through their works the law of reincarnation. Infact being Christians by faith, they were able to discover scientifically this phenomenon. What remains is how do we transcend karma and rebirth? Looks like Karma and rebirth are binding only Brahmanda, so if we go beyond the jurisdiction of “mahamaya”, we will discover a different state of mind. That state is beyond Astrology indeed.This is my humble belief.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Until we reach that state of mind, Astrology will continue to work.

  10. Kiran

    Hi Dhilip,
    I was reading your articles mentioned in your website. I appreciate for the knowledge you shared with all of us. Recently a natural calamity happened in Utharakand/Utharanachal state of India.
    If you had predicted the disaster,it would have saved thousand of lives. Can you please let me know if the knowledge you gained from astrology can be used to prevent such disasters in future.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I know your feelings/anger. We get angry with God and Nature, whenever mass death happens. It is quite natural. However, please try to find out how many people die in the world everyday. I know the average number. But I want you to tell me. Then we will talk about this topic which is actually so interesting that I plan to do a YOUTUBE video on MASS Death and Astrology. In that video I will answer your question. I do not know how to predict natural calamities because I do not know whose horoscope I should study for that!

  11. Manoj.

    Dear Dhilip Sir, I wanted to share one thing with you. I have some books about astrology like :- BV Raman, KN Rao etc. due to my interest in this subject. Upon reading, I realised that past saints who mastered this science around 100 or 200 years back, new a lot of “Secrets” which are not available to most of the astrologes today. And, one of them I came to know that :- If Moon happens to be in Leo in 12th house, It may lead to “Doubtful Mental Behaviour” called as ‘Vaiham” in Hindi or in some extreme cases it may lead to “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” and surprisingly, I came to know through a renowned Astrologer of our locality. Kindly comment upon it. Thanks, for your overall good post above. Regards,Manoj

    • Artimvedi

      What abt sun and.moon in gemini in navamsa in 12th house??!pls b kind to.amswer!

  12. Devarajan

    Here, I could recall from the Ramayana that Kaikeyi was chosen for sending Rama into exile like Judas betrayed Jesus.

  13. Natarajan Krishnan

    May God bless you and always your ‘fate’ supports your ‘efforts’ for enlightening us.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You made my day. Sometimes people like you think of my welfare too. I am so used to being asked about their own welfare that when I see something like your comment I am really happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. May you live long and be blessed by GOD.

      • Sri

        Sir – What a wonderful article. In fact all your article make my life calm and cool. Thanks a ton.

        I have a question for you : In a day I do lot of actions both good and bad. When I say actions it includes thoughts. Those efforts/actions/thoughts are due to my previous karma or am i building it newly and creating a new fate? How one can differentiate between both?

        I request you to write an article, step by step process for a great life.

        Thanks and with loads of respect,

  14. Kishore

    Excellent Article, lots of answers to the thoughts that crop up constantly in our mind.


    I happen to get connected to your website luckily. I am a true believer in astrology. My ancestors all worked for Sri Sri Sringeri Mutt directly under gurus and served them. But they all suffered a lot as sri sri his Highholiness chandrashekara bharathi swamiji him self had told my grand father that we will not be benefited in any way. My date of birth is 10-1-1965 danurlagna, revathi nakshatra meena rashi I want to learn astrology can I please suggest. respectful regards namaste.

  16. Dr Suresh Babu Kale

    I cant stop to appreciate your flow of language and the simplicity of examples you quote to make people understand your mind and thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing sir. I’m a Cardiac Surgeon at the Vanagaram Apollo Hospitals and have great interest in Astrology [I did write to you once regarding my exalted sun in 10th house, Exalted Venus in 9th and Exalted Mars in 7th house for a Cancer ascendant]. Sir, just to let you know, I joined this hospital a week ago and kind of reflect on your statement [you told me that I will make it big in a corporate setup etc] which stands true to my profession. this is only to testify that vedic astrology is great and need a mind of your like to make good of it……
    Sir, I can share with you [if you like] my tryst with astrology and i have some really interesting notes to share. Also to note Sir, all your articles and videos are excellent and i must say i’m learning a lot through you.
    please let me know if in any way I can be of help to you sir in this endeavour [through heart surgery].
    I’m available on 98401 41300. thanks
    Dr Suresh Babu Kale

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I make the APOLLO ASTRO DIARY from the year 1999 with Dr PCs photo in the 1st page and Apollo Hospitals photographs. Thank you for your positive feedback. Did you get the DIPA Astro Diary 2014. In case you did not ask Mr Sridhar, Apollo Pharmacy COO.

  17. Dhinesh Ramu

    this article have really made me to think a lot. thank you Sir for this great article. I am your follower from this moment. thank you once again.

  18. Dhinesh Ramu

    Sir this question is not related to this article but i would like to know the answer from a person like you so I am posting

    i have a doubt regarding karma. A Soldier in army would have killed 1000 men of enemy army. Killing is a big Sin and so will the soldier gain more bad karma and will he be punished in the next life ? or is there any other explanation for this ?
    Thanking you

    • Dhinesh Ramu

      Dhilip Sir I would like you to suggest me a book either in Tamil or English ( Tamil is preferable) which deals with Karma and the way Human being should live to get good karma and should reduce his bad karma. I have no one to guide me and i think I am not living the way one should. i would like to do good things and subtract all the bad Karma i have and gain much good Karma so that my life on Earth with too much problems ends in this life itself.
      Thanking you.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      A solider does not incur any sin as he is doing his duty. However he has to follow the rules of war.

  19. Bhavani

    Very Nice Article Sir…

  20. Nancy

    Fantastic article! When someone is really dejected with life not working out anyway for more than a decade, reading this article puts things in perspective on how much we should continue to keep trying and not stop our efforts. Things will work out as per fate has it ultimately, in due time when the wind blows!

  21. jothi

    Brilliant article. My prayer today to God to keep you and your family blessed because you share a wealth of your knowledge to many who are in distress. Your Seva is deeply appreciated.

  22. Aatma Laya @ Rajes

    Thank you Sir for all your enlightening articles. Your astrology tutorials, articles & you tube is a great contribution for seekers like me. I have met many astrologers & teachers but your explanation & your knowledge is so pure. We don’t have to believe you but you just naturally reach and connect to our intelligence.In my country we spend money like water to second class astrologers for all their bullshits. Its GOD grace for people to know you and for me must be my good karma too to know genuine person like you Sir. I wish you could share your knowledge on palm leaf reading. God bless you & family. Thank you Sir.

  23. devarajan

    Sir, In today’s world (at least in India), many of the birth happens by surgically induced operation (cesarean). In a way, humans time the birth of a child and thereby the horoscope (?). How does this square with the karmic horoscope which a child should have, by giving birth at a natural time ? I am bit confused here. Do you consider the birth time (for surgical induced birth) as the time for doing the horoscope ? or how ?

  24. Rohini Muthuraman

    This is an wonderful article. The morel is fentastic. Only you can come with such wonderful examples. Thank u

  25. Kalpashree M. M.

    Awesome article sir…… Day by day i am getting addicted to read your articles……… the examples, the way u explain are really really good.Complicated topics are also made so simple……. that shows your knowledge and efforts… Hats off to you sir.

      • Artimvedi

        Complacency! how.to.beat it!low.energy!frustration building up!lack of.disxipline md desire to.qork.a persom who.geys no vacation fr 365 days sir!!whay is this karma ?only words od.adcice.havent helped!rahu in fifth house effect is this?

  26. Ramanuj Asawa

    Dear Sir

    You are doing a yeoman service to the mankind by explaining in simple words the importance of taking care of others. Today the world is passing through a very critical phase. At one side there are people who are able to living ultra luxurious life using technology and gadgets to the hilt. On the other side there are people who are not able to meet bare necessities like food, water, sanitation etc. Even If only a few people understand this article and start doing some good things then this world will be a better place to live. The doer of good things will also reap the benefits by getting good results in this life and lives to come.

    Wish you all the best in life.

    CS Ramanuj Asawa
    Company Secretary by profession, Pencil Therapist (pain healer) by hobby, Human by nature.

  27. Supreet

    Very nice sir, had been trying hard to clarify this topic. Today you made it so simple for me to understand. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

  28. krishna

    Hi Dhilip Kumar
    Based on the discussion there are 2 things that describes an outcome Fate and effort. If either of them is not favourable then outcome is not favourable and vice versa. I would like to bring in this aspect of The Bhagavadgita Where Lord Krishna says Put in your effort and leave the results to me. So considering this is there any use of Astrology looking into the horoscope or any of this? When fate is not in your hands why worry about it .I dont find any advantage of looking into horoscope for any reason.For example assume if a person is entering a bad phase and he doesnt believe in astrology he doesnt consult a astrologer and does he what he wants to do. And assume a person who consults astrologer and takes steps cautiously .just because he does any remedies or knows some bad phase is about to occur what ever was supposed to happen will happen anyway There is no use of fretting over the past or worrying about future .All one has to do is live in present put the right efforts pray to Lord and not worry about results. Period No need of astrology.? your thoughts please

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