KETU Dasha. Oh My God!

The great Maharshi Parasara described KETU as the headless body. Why? Find out....


KETU Dasha. Oh My God!

by Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar

E K Dhilip Kumar

Many people in India think that Saturn is the only planet that indicates suffering and trouble. However if you start doing some research in Astrology, you will find that there is another planet that indicates equal trouble and that is the Mahadasha of Ketu – the 7 years period that will make most people realize that the world is something of an illusion. Reach out to God during Ketu Dasha and that is the only solution!

If there is one dasha by which even a disbeliever of Astrology will turn towards this wonderful ancient science of human life, then it is surely KETU Dasha.

Many of you may wonder why I have chosen this title. At the end of the article “Oh My God” will mean something else to you.

There are 2 things you need to do if this article is supposed do some good to you. Take a look at your own horoscope and find out when you will go through KETU Mahadasha. Then find out where KETU is in the Bhava Chart. Also see if KETU is alone or with malefics like Saturn, Mars and Sun and that is because if KETU is with these planets it indicates more trouble.

Only 5% of those who have been through KETU Dasha may say “no…. nothing much happened to me except a few negative things here and there… “. And that is most probably because KETU occupied a good house and was beneficially influenced by good yoga causing grahas (Planets) in their horoscopes. If Ketu is a yogakaraka the negative effects will be much reduced, so much one will not notice that he or she is going through a Ketu dasha.

The remaining 95% people will surely say, “Oh My God…. even my enemy must not go through a Ketu Dasha”. This is based mostly on my experience with my clients who underwent a Ketu Dasha and came me during the same dasha.

Lucky are those who have KETU well placed. Is it based on luck? Never. For every good result that we experience there was an action related to it in the past or past life. So what we normally call luck is just the output of a good action done in the past. Since the good was done in the past life, we do not see how it came and therefore for such unknown causes we call it luck. If the result is negative we term it is a bad luck.

If KETU is placed in the 2nd house or the 8th house or 12th house in your horoscope you should read this article and try to grasp as much information as possible. You can brace yourself well, you can protect yourself to the best of your abilities if you know all about KETU. Ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is no excuse. Not with KETU.

If KETU is in the 2nd house or in the 8th house or in the 12th house and is further afflicted by malefic grahas like KUJA (Mars), RAVI (Sun), SANI (Saturn) then the trouble increases manifold. Such people should turn to GOD and do lot of good things to the suffering human beings around them if they are interested in altering the course of their destiny. Destiny is alterable at any point in time. Only issue is that it is not easy.

If you have well a placed Ketu (a yogakaraka) then you have done a lot of good things in your previous lives.

Lucky are those who will never go through a KETU Dasha. It happens only if you are born in any of the following stars:

Bharani, Poorvaphalguni or Poorvashada.

So if you are born in these stars then there is no point reading about Ketu dasha unless you want to know how it is for others. So you can say, “Thank you, My God! instead of Oh My God!”. The reason for this is that KETU Dasha starts when you are 113 years old if you were born in Bharani Star, Poorvaphalguni Star or Poorvashada Star.

People who are born in Aswini, Makha and Moola start their life in Ketu Dasha. Mostly such people do not feel the blow of Ketu except when Ketu is badly placed for example in the 8th house or 12th house. This is because they are under the care of their parents. So if the parents are alive and if in the horoscope of such a person, the house of mother and the house of father is strong and beneficial then parental care prevents any further problems.

In most cases if RAHU and KETU are badly placed and cause some dosha like sarpa dosha etc, then either the father or the mother may have serious setback.

It is also said that the the 1st 4 years of a child is influenced by the mother and the next 4 years by the father. After 8 years the child is fully on its own karma. So if a person is born in Ketu dasha then there is usually not so much trouble to the person.

If you were born in the star of Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revati, you will go through Ketu dasha in your teens or early 20s.

Such people have to be careful because this is the time when karma starts to manifest itself. You have to study in a college, much depends on what happens in college. You may not study well. You may FALL in love. Really fall down. Usually you fall in love with a forbidden girl or boy. Usually out of caste, you may have an unusual type of marriage. This applies only for those in a conservative society.

Such a person may get into drugs, alcohol or smoking. Effort must be taken to either avoid such habits or limit the intake to a bear minimum. Lucky are those who do not even experiment with such forbidden items, because once the experiment happens the habit is sure to follow.

If you were born in Pushyami, Anuradha or Uttarabhadra star then Ketu dasha will be the 3rd dasha of your life, so you are likely to get it around your 30s. So you should be very careful because it is the centre point of your active life.

If you were born in Punarvasu, Vishaka or Poorvabhadrapada your Ketu dasha will be the 4th dasha and you will get it close to your 50s. Watch out! After living a successful life in the previous Budha (Mercury) dasha you may nose dive into failures. You should be aware of this in Budha Dasha and start losing your EGO due to success. Otherwsie KETU dasha will be ready to snatch it away from you by force.

If you were born in Arudra, Swati or Satabhisha star then KETU dasha will be the 5th dasha and you will get close to your mid 60s. So KETU might give you health problems. If Ketu is the ruler of the 2nd or the 7th house or if Ketu is placed in 2nd, 7th or 8th or 12th house then you should be extremely careful. Appropriate remedies are a must. Join a Rotary Club etc and start volunteering for medical camps. The more you take care of health problems among the poor the happier you will be.

In case you do not have time enough to read this long article, you may watch my video on KETU DASHA. The topic is “How to manage Ketu Dasha?”

Case studies of a few people who underwent the KETU Dasha

Case Study No.1

I am talking about a great person whose rise in Budha Dasha was phenomenal – almost unbelievable, a fairy story type – and then when Ketu dasha started it all changed stage by stage. In Budha dasha he had control over a large number of people and held the highest office in a company that was making news. I am unable to give more information on personal or official details to protect the identity of the client. His word was the law. He had friends around him all the time, each trying to grab his attention. He played along, enjoyed his time but his EGO levels shot up like mercury rises in a thermometer inside a furnace. Mercury was his mercurial rise.

In Ketu dasha, the 1st part showed a few symptoms of his future downfall. But nothing much happened. In the middle part it got hotter and in the 3rd part he quit the company. In the 3rd part his crown fell. It fell on the exact date when the 3rd part of Ketu dasha started. Now he is almost alone. People around him have started disrespecting him.

Case Study No.2

In this case study, a person holding a high post in a multinational company had some trouble with his wife on and off during the ending part of Budha Dasha and when KETU Dasha started it reached its peak. She did many unpardonable acts that the person could not bear it any longer. She took him to the police station many times in Ketu Dasha. He was beaten up by the police because she acted very well and planned her every step so much that even the police believed her. Finally he got the divorce in Ketu Dasha. During the same time he was offered a job overseas by a company that came out of thin air and the offer was too hard to resist. He quit the job and then wen to the middle east company only to find that he was being taken for a ride and the offer turned out to be a mirage in the desert. He came back and was jobless. When Sukra Dasha started he went back to the same company but never go the same respect he once got before all this happened.

Case Study No.3

A man who looked tough came to my consultation room and as the consultation began, I noticed that he was going through the last bit of Ketu Dasha. When I told him the truth about this Dasha he broke down. His large mustache that resembled that of the sandalwood smuggler Veerappan did not match him well as he broke down several times. He said he and and his sons were on the verge of bankruptcy and there were several arrest warrants against him. I knew that he was contemplating on suicide and so I gave him a lecture on the futility of suicide which I give to every person going through a Ketu Dasha. After many hours I ended the consultation and said that I have to go. He said, “you carry on Sir… because I have no where to go…”. I found it difficult to have my lunch. Only a few men have actually broken down in my consultation room. He never came back for another consultation.

Case Study No.4

This is the story of a young lad who met me during his middle part of Ketu dasha. He was just about 22 years. His parents came along with him. During the consultation the father used to get up and go for a smoke and then came back after chewing paan. The mother was somewhat attentive despite making a few calls on her mobile. In between, the young boy got up and said the session was boring and he wanted fresh air. He took the car key and wen out happily.

I told the parents that he was going through a bad period and he was supposed to do a mrityunjaya japa homa. The mother told me, “are you suggesting that my son may die…”? I said that it was a possibility based on Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. I told that the boy should not speak to his lover, be careful on all Tuesdays and should not wear red color clothes and should pray to Lord Ganesha everyday.

Later on within 3 months the boy died in an accident. While riding his motorcycle he was speaking to his girlfriend. He was wearing a red T shirt and was not wearing the Ganesha pendant. It was also a Tuesday.

Tuesdays are ruled by KETU based on the dictum – Kujavad Ketu which means like Mars is Ketu.

Case Study No.5

This is about a person who had a great time in a teaching career in Budha Dasha (Mercury Dasha). As soon as Ketu began things starting drastically changing. He had long spells of depression. He had to go to psychiatrist. Though that helps the real solutions in karma caused health problem is astrological remedies. Then he attempted suicide. He almost died but doctors revived him thanks to other planetary positions in his horoscope. Though he survived he did not resume his career. He stayed back home. Then his wife got to read this article and contacted me. After he started doing all the Ketu remedies the quality of his life has dramatically improved except a little bit of problem. That will be there. However this is good example that faith in God and Astrology and the right kind of remedies work a lot.

Ketu Dasha as per Maharshi Parasara

A well placed KETU gives good results during the 1st 1/3rd of KETU dasha. During the middle part there will be intense period and during the last 1/3rd travel to foreign countries and fear of ailments etc.

Ketu Dasha – Ketu Bhukti

Effects, like

happiness from spouse and children,

recognition from the king, but mental agony,

gain of land, village etc.

will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Ketu in his own Dasha, if Ketu is in a Kendr, or Trikon, or, if Ketu is related to Dharm’s, Karm’s, or Bandhu’s Lord.

  • Heart disease,

  • defamation,

  • destruction of wealth and cattle,

  • distress to spouse and children,

  • Instability of mind etc.

will we be the results, if Ketu is in his debilitation Rashi and, if Ketu is in Randra (8th), or Vyaya (12th) along with a combust Grah.

There will be

danger from diseases,

great distress and

separation from kinsmen,


if Ketu is related to Lord of 2nd house (Dhana), or Yuvati’s Lord, or, if Ketu is in Dhan, or Yuvati. The remedial measures to obtain relief from the above evil effects are performance of Durga Saptashati Japa and Mrityunjaya Japa.

Ketu Dasha – Sukra Bhukti

Effects, like

  • beneficence from the king,

  • good fortune,

  • gain of clothes etc.,

  • recovery of lost kingdom,

  • comforts of conveyances etc.,

  • visits to sacred shrines and

  • gain of lands and villages by the beneficence of the king,

will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Sukra in the Dasha of Ketu, if Sukra is in his exaltation, in his own Rashi, or, if Sukra is associated with Karm’s Lord in a Kendr, or Trikon and there will be dawn of fortune, if in such position he is associated with Dharm’s Lord also.

if Sukra from the Lord of the Dasha. is in a

Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house) ,

Trikona (5th or 9th house) , or

in the 3rd, or


  • Sound health,

  • well-being in the family and

  • gains of good food and conveyances etc.

There will be

  • quarrels without any cause,

  • loss of wealth,

  • distress to cattle,

if Sukra is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha.

If Sukra is in his debilitation Rashi, or, if Sukra is associated with a debilitated Grah, or, if Sukra is in Ari (6th), or Randra (8th), there will be

  • quarrels with kinsmen,

  • headaches,

  • eye troubles,

  • heart disease,

  • defamation,

  • loss of wealth and

  • distress to cattle and

  • distress to spouse.


Physical distress and mental agony will be caused, if Sukra is Lord of 2nd house (Dhana), or Yuvati’s Lord. The remedial measures to obtain relief from the above evil effects are performance of Durga Path and giving a tawny-coloured cow, or female buffalo in Charity.

The effects,

  • like gains of wealth,

  • beneficence of the king,

  • performance of pious deeds and

  • fulfillment of all ambitions,

will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Surya in the Dasha Ketu, if Surya is in his exaltation, in his own Rashi, or, if Surya is associated with, or receives a Drishti from a benefic in a Kendr, Trikon, or in Labh.

+ Ketu Dasha – 01.Ravi Bhukti

if Surya is in a

Kendra ie 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses,

Trikona (5th or 9th house,

in the 2nd,

or 11th from the Lord of the Dasha.

  • physical fitness,

  • gain of wealth,

  • or the birth of a son,

  • success in performance of pious deeds,

  • headship of a small village etc.,

- Ketu Dasha – 01.Ravi Bhukti

if Surya is associated with a malefic, or malefics in Randra (8th), or in Vyaya (12th).

  • Danger from the king,

  • separation from parents,

  • journeys to foreign lands,

  • distress from thieves,

  • snakes (poison), allergic injections, food poisoning etc

  • punishment by government,

  • antagonism with the friends,

  • sorrows,

  • danger from fever etc.

if Surya is associated with evil Grahas in the 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha.

  • Obstacles in availability of food,

  • fears and

  • loss of wealth and cattle will be the results,

There will be distress at the commencement of the Antar Dasha with some mitigation at its end.

There will be fear of premature death, if your Lagna (Ascendant) is Karkataka (Cancer) or Kumbha (Aquarius)


To give a cow and gold in charity.

+ Ketu Dasha – 02.Chandra Bhukti

if Chandra is in Vrishabha (Taurus) ie in exalted ie Utcha (high peak), in Karkataka (Cancer)Rashi, in a Kendra ie 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses, Trikona (5th or 9th house, in Labha ie 11th house, or in Dhana Bhava ie 2nd house. The beneficial results will be realized fully, if Chandra is waxing.

  • Recognition from the king,

  • enthusiasm and well-being,

  • enjoyments,

  • acquisition of a house and lands etc.,

  • abnormal gains of food, clothes, conveyances,

  • cattle etc.,

  • success in business,

  • construction of reservoirs etc. and

  • happiness to spouse and children,

if Chandra is in a Kendra ie 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses, Trikona (5th or 9th house, or in the 11th from the Lord of the Dasha and, if Chandra is endowed with strength.

  • acquisition of a cow, or cows,

  • gain of land and agricultural lands,

  • meeting kinsmen and the achievement of success through them,

  • increase in cows milk and curd,

There will be auspicious results at the commencement of the Antar Dasha, cordial relations with the king in the middle portion of the Antar Dasha and danger from the king, foreign journey, or journeys to distant places at its end.

+ Ketu Dasha – 02.Chandra Bhukti

if Chandra is in her debilitation Rashi, or in Ari (6th), Randra (8th), or Vyaya (12th).

  • Unhappiness and mental agony,

  • obstacles in ventures,

  • separation from parents,

  • losses in business,

  • destruction of cattle etc.

if Chandra is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha.

  • Loss of wealth,

  • anxiety,

  • enmity with kinsmen and distress to brother

If Chandra is Lord of 2nd house or the Lord of the 7th house or Randra (8th)’s Lord, there will be fear of premature death.

Remedies: Mantras of Chandra and giving in charity things connected with Chandra.


  • like acquisition of land, village etc.,

  • increase in wealth and cattle,

  • laying out of a new garden,

  • gain of wealth by the beneficence of the king,

will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Mangal in the Dasha of Ketu, if Mangal is in his exaltation, in his own Rashi, if Mangal is associated with, or, receives a Drishti from benefics. If Mangal is related to Dharm’s, or Karm’s Lord, there will definitely be gain of land and enjoyment.

if Mangal is in a Kendra, Trikona, or in the 3rd, or 11th from the Lord of the Dasha.

There will be

  • recognition from the king,

  • great popularit and reputation and

  • happiness from children and friends,

There will be

  • fear of death/disaster during a foreign journey,

  • diabetes,

  • unnecessary troubles,

  • danger from thieves and the king and

  • quarrels (litigation)

if Mangal is in the 8th, 12th, or 2nd from the Lord of the Dasha. In the above circumstances amidst evil effects there will be some auspicious effects also.

  • High fever,

  • danger from poison,

  • distress to spouse,

  • mental agony and

  • fear of premature death

will be the results,

if Mangal is Lord of 2nd house (Dhana), or Yuvati’s Lord. By the beneficence of Mangal there will be enjoyment and gain of property, if, as a remedial measure, a bull is given in Charity.


  • like increase of wealth and gain of wealth,

  • grains,

  • cattle,

  • lands,

  • village

from a Yavan king,

will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Dasha of Ketu, if Rahu is in his exaltation, his own, in a friends Rashi, or in a Kendr, or Trikon, or in Labh, or Sahaj, or Dhan. There will be some trouble at the commencement of the Dasha, but all will be well later.

  • Frequent urination,

  • weakness in the body,

  • cold fever,

  • danger from thieves,

  • intermittent fever,

  • opprobrium,

  • quarrels,

  • diabetes,

  • pain in stomach will be the results,

if Rahu is associated with a malefic in Randra (8th), or in Vyaya (12th).

There will be distress and danger, if Rahu is in Dhan, or in Yuvati.


Durga Saptashati Path.


  • like increase in wealth and grains,

  • beneficence of the king,

  • enthusiasm,

  • gain of conveyances etc.,

  • celebration,

  • like birth of a son at home,

  • performance of pious deeds,

  • Yagyas,

  • conquest of the enemy and enjoyments,

will be derived in the Antar Dasha of Guru in the Dasha of Ketu,

if Guru is in his exaltation, in his own Rashi, or is associated with Lagna (Ascendant)’s, Dharm’s, or Karm’s Lord in a Kendr, or Trikon.

  • Danger from thieves,

  • snakes (poison), allergic injections, food poisoning etc and wounds,

  • destruction of wealth,

  • separation from spouse and children,

  • physical distress etc.

will be the results, if Guru is in his debilitation Rashi, or in Ari (6th), Randra (8th), or Vyaya (12th). Though some good effects may be felt at the commencement of the Antar Dasha, there will be only adverse results later.

if Guru is associated with a benefic in a Kendr, Trikon, in the 3rd, or 11th from the Lord of the Dasha.

gains of many garments, ornaments by the beneficence of the king,

foreign journeys,

taking care of kinsmen,

availability of decent food,

Fear of premature death will be caused, if Guru is Lord of 2nd house (Dhana), or Yuvati’s Lord.


Mrityunjaya Japa and recitation of Shiva Sahasranama.

+ Ketu Dasha – 06.Sani Bhukti

if Shani Deva is in a Trikona (5th or 9th house) in Meena, in Thula, in his own Rashi, or, if Shani Deva is in an auspicious Navamsa, or is associated with a benefic in a Kendr, Trikon, or in Sahaj. (According to Brihat Jatak, Shani Devain Tula, Meen, Dhanus, Makar and Kumbh in Lagna (Ascendant) gives Raj Yog).

  • Success in all ventures,

  • happiness from the employer,

  • comforts during journeys,

  • increase in happiness and property in ones own village,

  • audience with the king etc.

- Ketu Dasha – 06.Sani Bhukti

If Shani Deva is deprived of strength and dignity there will be loss of wealth and lethargy, if Shani Deva is in Randra (8th), or Vyaya (12th).

  • distress to oneself and one’s kinsmen,

  • agony,

  • increase in cattle wealth,

  • loss of wealth as a result of imposition of fines by government,

  • resignation from the existing post,

  • journeys to foreign lands and

  • danger of thieves during travelling,

if Shani Deva is associated with a malefic, in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha.

  • physical distress,

  • agony,

  • obstacles in ventures,

  • lethargy,

  • defamation,

  • death of parents,

Fear of premature death may be expected, if Shani Deva is Lord of 2nd house (Dhana), or Yuvati’s Lord.


Performance of Havan with sesame seeds (Til) and giving a black cow, or female buffalo in charity.

+ Ketu Dasha – 07.Budha Bhukti

If Budha (Mercury) is in a

Kendra ie 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses, or

Trikona (5th or 9th house), or,

if Budha (Mercury) is in his exaltation, or in his own Rashi.

  • acquisition of a kingdom,

  • enjoyments,

  • charities,

  • gain of wealth and land,

  • birth of a son,

  • celebration of religious functions and functions like marriage suddenly,

  • well-being in the family,

  • gain of clothes ornaments etc.,

if Budh is associated with lord of 9th house or lord of 10th house then

  • association with men of learning,

  • dawn of fortune and

  • listening to religious discourses,

if Budha (Mercury) is in a Kendra ie 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses, Trikona (5th or 9th house, or in the 11th from the Lord of the Dasha.

  • good health,

  • happiness from one’s son,

  • opulence and glory,

  • availability of good food and clothes and

  • abnormal profits in business,

- Ketu Dasha – 07. Budha Bhukti

if Budha (Mercury) is associated with Sani, Mangal, or Rahu in Ari (6th), Randra (8th), or Vyaya (12th).

  • Antagonism with government officials,

  • residing in other people’s houses,

  • destruction of wealth,

  • loss of clothes,

  • loss in conveyances and

  • loss of cattle

There will be some beneficial effects at the commencement of the Dasha, still better results in the middle, but inauspicious at the end.

if Budha (Mercury) is weak in the 6th, 8th, or 12th from the Lord of the Dasha.

  • Distress,

  • unhappiness and troubles to spouse and children and

  • danger from the king (maybe father, boss or a superior)

There will, however, be visits to sacred places in the middle of the Dasha.


Fear of premature death will be caused, if Budha (Mercury) is Lord of 2nd house (Dhana), or lord of Yuvati’s Lord.

Recitation of Vishnu Sahasranam.

Divide KETU Mahadasha into 3 parts.

The best way to understand what is store for you in KETU Dasha is to divide the 7 years period into 3 parts. Divide it and you will get 2 years and 4 months each.

Normally the 1st part will not trouble you that much. That is because KETU seems to give a last chance to change your way of thinking. Change your habits. From bad to good.

When you are in the middle, you can feel it’s getting hotter.

In the last part, you are most probably going to see a lot of nightmares.

Suicidal Tendencies and Ketu Dasha

Most people I met in their Ketu Dasha told me that at least once or twice in their Ketu Dasha they had this strange thought of ending life. Suicide never happens in the animal world. Among the human beings rarely this thought comes because men and women are curious to know how things are going to shape up for them in the future. Thank God that they are curious. This curiosity protects them from suicidal thoughts. They mostly love life.

There is also this subconscious thought that “I live forever”, and suicide is not really an ending but the beginning of another life without a body. You become a ghost and find it hard to get a rebirth. This subconscious thought protects each one of us from committing suicide.

Rarely doe s anyone walk out of a movie or drama unless they have seen it already. They sit tight until the end of whatever they are watching. They need to know how it ends. So too in life. They never want to quit.

But in KETU dasha people tend to lose their heads. Ketu is the body without a head. No wonder.

I remember long time back, a top official from an MNC met me during the fag end of KETU dasha. He was a chain smoker. He told me, “Smoking is actually a healthy habit because it keeps you alert”. He quoted, “… know the athlete Jesse Owens who won 4 Golds in Berlin Olympics was a chain smoker”. He was not going through so much trouble because he listened to most of the remedies that I suggested to him. One fine day he called me and said, “Yesterday, I was on the terrace of a tall building. I looked down. Suddenly the thought of jumping down came to me. I thought it should be a nice experience. I almost felt like I wanted to do it. Then I shook off the thought when I remembered what you said about Ketu and suicidal tendencies”.

This is a strange experience for me because he was not going through such a troublesome period. Ketu already had done what it should do. He obtained his divorce in Ketu dasha. During those days he smoked more cigarettes. Being without a life partner is in itself the effect of a bad Ketu dasha.

What to expect in a bad Ketu Dasha?

Divorce or separation in case there is incompatibility and also astrological reasons for a failed marriage. That is because KETU supports SANYAS.

A steep fall from a high position. People who hold top posts like CEO etc will suddenly find themselves in a tight corner forcing them to lose their job. The next job will make things worse for them.

False promises of a great future, like a position in a new company with 3 times salary etc but in the end after joining you come to know it is reduced to 1/3rd of your original salary.

An accident that either is fatal or you may almost see death. The accident will be remembered for a long time.

Most people turn to meditation and ashram. These are lucky ones. This way they stop things from getting worse. Because they have done what KETU wants them to. The purpose of a KETU dasha is to give you the picture that the world is just an illusion you have been chasinig. However there are many who do not even learn properly from the lessons of KETU and continue to be egoistic and unhelpful to poor people.

The car in which you travel topples and you go upside down. So drive carefully. If possible avoid the highways and high speeds. Travel only in stronger cars and wear speed belts all the time. Do not travel on your Janma Nakshatra or when it is Chandrashtama days.

You lose many dear friends and relatives. You come to know who are true friends and who are not. But it is too late. You feel that there is no way to reverse anything now.

Economically you feel let down. You feel your work has just disappeared like a mirage.

Remedies that work well in KETU Mahadasha

Read the scriptures related to your religion. Follow the rules of your religion. Follow the path of love and peace. Contemplate on GOD and GOOD.

If you are an Hindu then pray to Lord Ganesha. Wear a Pendant of Lord Ganesha in such a way the Ganesha is closer to you heart. Recite the main mantras of Lord Ganesha. Special prayers on all CHATURTHIs would help. Recite the 108 names of Lord Ganesha. Use white flowers while praying. Break coconuts in Ganesha Temple. Perform poojas either directly or appoint a purohit to help you out.

Avoid enjoyments, especially sex, drugs and alchohol. These make things worse for you in a bad KETU Dasha.

Try to visit PILGRIMAGE spots of you religion. Listen to discourses of religion and God.

Behave as though you are a renounced person. Many people ask me why do I say behave or act like a sanyasi. The answer is that even the so called sanyasi is getting into maya now and then so there is no way except to act. If you are a true sanyasi by your own karma then you will not be reading ths blog, and KETU dasha will not trouble you at all. Hence I tell my clients to act like a sanyasi. For men, grow a bead, wear Rudhraksha Maala etc.

Now do you understand why I have chosen the title – OMG (Oh My God). It is a reminder that in KETU Dasha you will have to think of GOD all the time. Without the prayers KETU Dasha will be the real OMG. After the prayers you will notice (like many of my clients who did what I said) that the intenstity of KETU Dasha is coming down to bearble limits.


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  1. Anoop

    I am going through this and what u said is all true.. But have u got any remedy ?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you. Most of what I told is from the vast ocean of Vedic Astrology. The rest is from my experience. Experience is like the icing on the cake. Deep down the real cake is what was told by the ancient seers of India. Read carefully. Within the article I have given you a things to do during this period. Try it out and see the results.

      • Anoop

        Thank you, I am trying to practice as you have said. I cant believe how accurate you have written about number 8. I was reading it on 17th that comes to number 8. I do not believe it is a coincidence. I want to ask you, how will we know number 8 will be good or bad for someone ?

      • mangai15

        What will happen in Vimsotarai dasai Sevvai

      • gokilavani

        hello name is gokilavani,my ketu is 9th house..can you tell me any remidies..pls

  2. manjula

    what if ketu is in 6th house in your birth chart?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You have to read a horoscope from a totality point of view and not go planets by planets. If you do that it will be like the 4 blind men trying to describe the elephant that they were touching and trying to figure out what it was. Then you need to know where KETU is. Which star Ketu sits on? Which house in the bhava chart KETU is. Again Ketu dasha which bhukti will do what? So many angles of checking. Meet your Astrologer and find out.

  3. manjula

    I am currently running Ketu dasa and ketu is with moon in the 6th house. I am also unders sade sathi period ; I need to know the effect of ketu dasa. I am taurus lagna and tula rashi.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please read the article and understand the contents. I received about 50 to 70 emails daily asking me to do free consultation. It is practically impossible to do that. I hope all my readers understand.

  4. manjula

    Thankyou very much !!

  5. Venkat Reddy

    My Ketu Dasa is starting in 2015 and is in 7th with Kuja along with it, and My Lagnam is Mesha and Nakshatra is Punarvasu. What’s is in store for me?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Do not use Astrology for predictions. If you believe in predictions you accept that you are unable to change your future. If that is true why do we need Astrology. Instead pray to GOD everyday during KETU dasha. Take care of your spouses health if you are married. Take care of your health, drive carefully, on the road you are weak during KETU Dasha especially towards the end of KETU Dasha.

  6. gyanprakash

    Dear Sir, Namshkar. You have absolutely said right things about ketu dasha. Now i am going through my last t period of ketu dasha which is worst part of my life.I was vice president of a construction company and now i am bankrupt person.My ketu dash is finishing on 2014 feb from there Venus will start.Right now Jupiter is going to transit to my 1th house on 31s may 2013 as you have said . please guide me,

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please pray to Lord Ganesha on all days. Recite the Mantras of Lord Ganesha. Go to temples everyday. The remedies are in the article itself.

  7. DD

    Sir, your work is genius…I have read your most of the articles and bookmarked this website!!! Let me ask you one thing I am in a big trouble since last 2 years (when I say big I mean life and death)…Please message me your contact details like email and phone number…I believe you can indeed help me…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Send SMS to my mobile No. +919841041713 please do not disturb me as I may be with a client. When I am with a client my phone is always on silent mode. my email is better :

      • utkarsh

        Sir Namaskar
        Mt name is utkarsh and my Ketu mahadasha is goin on pls guide and help me.i am having bed relation with spouse as well as my father’s health is not DOB-03/10/1980 Time of birth -02.36 in night at Betul city in M.P.
        Thanks and Regards

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      My mobile number is +919841041713 but due to many calls I am on silent mode most of the time especially when I am with a client looking into a horoscope. So best thing is SMS your message. Followup with an email: and I live in Chennai, Capital City of Tamil Nadu, South India.
      It is easier to contact my secretary as she handles the appointments: +919094036404

  8. Latha

    If Ketu brings so much trouble, why is he called “Gnana Karaka”?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The examination of trouble, disease, etc made Gautama turn away from His palace and all his comforts. By giving trouble, KETU makes the person understand reality by giving certain kind of experience. If KETU Dasha comes for a spiritual seeker then it is his GOLDEN TIME. So KETU is indeed a SALVATION planet for the SANYAS and the most troublesome graha for a householder especially if he is steeped in EGO, FALSE perception, into drinking, corruption and all unwanted things in life.

      • Reguraman Gangadharan

        Wonderful explanation. I’ll fully agree with Dhilipji…you are amazing…I went thru Ketu Dasa during my college days right after my stellar high secordary school days which helped to land in the prestigious engineering college where my stuidied dived into an abyss. I thought the ups and downs in my life and the gift of Ketu dasa is I found Sahaj Marg Meditation which I always say is the best thing that can ever happen to me as I became very spiritually inclined person since then.
        I read all your articles and thank you for being kind enough to share your wisdom.

      • Minnal

        This is absolutely true! Great explanation sir. In Ketu mahadasha, (Ketu in is the 8th house in Pisces) + Sade Sati, I was very identified with personal achievements which were taken away from me and I fell into depression, had a mysterious illness, isolated myself from the world, and nearly took my life. The day I was going to take my own life, I met a sanyasi who proved to me the existence of God and cured me from my mysterious illness as instantly as it had come. Also in one moment, I turned from 100% atheist to 110% believer. Before that I only ate meat, that instance overflowing with bhakthi, I gave up meat and I’ve never been tempted to eat meat again. I turned to God then. During Ketu-Mercury, I learnt astrology and met a guru and he cured me of a back injury instantly (by absorbing my bad karma onto himself which he later dissolves through poojas, he’s a great soul) which doctors and physiotherapists could not cure and made me a believer in the kundalini shakthi that is in all of us which can overwrite our destiny and karma. I now have an understanding of our universe – that astrology is not about planets victimizing us. Instead, the universe is Mother and she is nurturing and moulding our soul and the planets are her agents showing what kind of learning is taking place. And sometimes with the intervention of great, compassionate souls, we are made aware of this learning process and it is hastened. Documenting the different sub-periods of Ketu Mahadasha, I realized while superficially it might seem like I had the worst time period where I nearly lost my life, had accidents and illnesses and had interruptions in my education, Ketu Mahadahsa was really the best time period of my life and anybody’s life where we learn lessons from each planet which can only be learned through experience not study. The lessons are not just spiritual but also correct your view of the mundane world. One example, during Ketu-Shani period when I had Rahu transit to the 5th house, I dated an extremely rich boy, like I always wanted to (I am not ashamed to admit). He showered me with gifts and brought me to the best restaurants and best recreational spots. Luckily for me, he treated me with respect because we were both from traditional and conservative families. However, I could not enjoy any of it because of the guilt that someone else was wasting hard-earned money on me. I came to realize that the guilt would be removed and satisfaction comes when you earn your own money and then spend it. That everyone needs to contribute to their community in whatever way they can and not strive to live a good life on someone else’s earnings. Also, I learnt a good partner is someone who is responsible, has good values, respects your belief system, guides you and grows with you spiritually and materially – not merely someone who is rich, wears nice clothes and nice shoes and spends his parents’ money on you. This is how Ketu Mahadasha can also teach lessons of the mundane world – not just overtly spiritual ones. Thank you for your wonderful work. I have a deep respect for astrologers.

  9. Sanjay

    How strange! In my horoscope, Kethu is in 11th with Venus. I have consulted several astrologers and every single one of them said that Kethu period will be an excellent one, only second to the upcoming period of Venus. But what you wrote here concerning the seemingly negative aspects actually applies to me. Since the beginning of Kethu dasa, I had been trying to find another job, but never succeeded. Now three years into the dasa, I am unemployed with the hope of finding one getting dimmer as each day passes by. Looks like I will have to take sanyas for real. So, Kethu is like this no matter its placement in the birth-chart, is it?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You need to check your horoscope in detail. Being a professional Astrologer I may not be able to study your chart for free. These days I get about 50 to 70 emails in my inbox asking for a free consultation. Over the past month I have 100s of accumulated emails asking for free consultation.

  10. vani


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Ketu Dasha is for 7 years. You said Ketu Dasha since 2003. In that case, KETU Dasha has ended in 2010. Anyway, during the end of KETU Dasha, if a Hindu, the person should worship LORD GANESHA as much as possible on all days and visit as many famous and powerful temples of India. Recite Mantra of Lord Ganesha. Wear a silver Ganesha pendant.

  11. Alina J

    Is it true that in ketu mahadasha, sexual life is troubled and pregnancy is delayed?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Yes. It also depends on your overall horoscope and also depends on the placement of Ketu. Ketu supports SANYASA and therefore Ketu deals with all those that are bad in the material life and that includes physical union and child birth related issues.

      • Alina J

        Ketu sitting alone in the 7th house in the house of Jupiter(Dhanur). Is it a good placement? I get mixed replies from many. Some say it is a very noble placement and some say as it is exalhted here it may be a trouble in married life. Whats your take on this? Thanks!

  12. Abhishek S

    Sir, i have a question for you. What happen when your ketu Dasha is over or about to be over?
    Do that person got everything back or it’s life getting better?
    I am asking this b’coz last year during the during the start of Ketu Dasha around July,2012 I lost my job and suddenly my 3 year old partner left me for some one. I was all alone and i moved to other city for a job. There i did a Job hunt but no progress was made. I was highly in pain and stress.. I always think about committing suicide.

    As however, I went to number of powerful temple in India like Mahakaal in Ujjain, Tirupathi Balaji and at late i got a job. Will after the end of this Ketu period , i can grow or see something good in terms of relation and monitory purpose?

  13. mahesh

    Namaskaram sir, as per my horoscope ketu dasha ended on 24/11/1990, please clarify me, if my birth dash ketu ends.. is every thing get fine.. now my question is, is again ketu dasha comes into my life..? pl tell me sir.. i am great full to u if u clear my question. my dob is 04/12/1984, pob: hyderabad, TOB: 01.00pm

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      No. Ketu dasha comes only once a life time. Why? Do you want it again. All Dashas come once in a life time. Next birth it will come again, however next birth Ketu may not occupy the same spot in your horoscope. So do good to others and pray to GOD and do GOOD regularly.

  14. swati m. kelkar


    Your analysis of Ketu Mahadasha was on the mark. My once successful, educated, high earning, college professor husband is under one and is experiencing abnormal misery, depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, feels like he is going to loose employment, divorce, etc. And all this suddenly out of nowhere. He does not lack any material thing in his life – houses, cars, vacations, social circle, wife, sons, loving family and extended family, etc yet cannot find inner happiness. I do see all that coming together now.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Everyday prayer to Lord Ganesha by offering white flowers is one of the best remedies – my clients tell me that miracles have happened following this simple remedy. However not many trust such a simple remedy. Most people like to solve the problems by themselves instead of seeking the help of the divine. Please ask him to read my article “Why suicide is useless” and that will take him away from such thoughts.

      • swati m. kelkar


        Thank you for a prompt reply and suggesting the remedy. Above all, thank you for caring about me. I will write back once I am underway with the remedy.

        Sincerely, swati

      • kavithathakur25

        Respected Sir,

        I just stumbled on your site few days back and learnt basic things it is very clear and easy to understand, thanks a lot for that, I went through your article to understand about Ketu thanks again a lot for giving this info for the lay person like me. For me Ketu dasha will starts from Jan 2018 and Ketu is in 7th house. Some astrologer told me that I may undergo for surgery, and I will be having problem with my uterus part and I may separate from my husband as well. (separate in what sense). Please let me know how far this holds good for me. I highly appreciate for your kind reply.


    • Sanjay Shivram Shinde


      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Perfect. That is the way to handle a KETU Dasha.

  15. deepesh

    as per my date of birth 28/11/1990 place hisar time 2:55 pm.. i am suffering from ketu mahadasha .. i losing aal my hope for life, experiencing abnormal depression ,suicidal thoughts and feeling all the time that i have nothing to do ..and i cant do anything in future i have no futre ..etc etc sir .i am theist and have a good faith in GOD bt now my thought are becoming atheistic for god is diminishing ..sir plz tell me something .i want to go abroad . i have submitted all my documents along wid fees in 2011 .but till now am waiting for my visa ..embassy said that they have no visa dates available regarding my visa ..sir wat to do..sir plzz help me regarding this ..

  16. Supriyo Kar

    I am in middle part of Ketu dasha and many of your comments are coming true. Will wearing of a Cat’s Eye help ?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Check if KETU is a yogakaraka in your horoscope. Only then you can wear a Cat’s eye. Otherwise it will get worse. Please contact my secretary Ms Sobitha. She takes care of all my appointments.Her Mobile Number: +919094036404

  17. deepesh

    sir plzz reply to my problem as well
    i would be thankful to u

  18. Naba Jyoti Roy

    sir , from past few yrs I was suffering from , failures in studies , job , love, feel lonely , and remain depressd , I m hopeless now , yesterday I checked my horoscope in internet I m going through ketu mahadasha n , it will end in October , please tell me , is really my dark days will end in October 25-01-88, 18.10time, kokrajhar, assam

  19. shammi

    Gurujee Pranam,
    Myself from jharkhand working with a good company, have good education and experience. I am running through ketu mahadasha. And worst thing is that my wife’e health is not good. As she is suffering from rheumatic arthritis. Also I am not getting promotion in job despite having all the qualities. Plz do educate me. My details are: DOB-01/07/1973;Time- 19:03, place-Jamshedpur (jharkhand)

  20. Patel

    Hello Dilip Sir,
    I have question for you. I have been in Ketu Dasha since 2007, so hopefully it will end next year. My question is that what happens once your Ketu dasha is over or about to be over. Does life seem to get better once the Dasha is over?
    I didn’t know I was going through Dasha till the following incidents happened in my life all of a sudden within period of 6 months. Starting October 2012, I went to ER for chest pain. My 6 years of relationship with my bf came to an end all of sudden with a big humiliation but it was due to my behavior that I couldn’t understand (still grieving over his loss and hoping he would come back in my life). I attempted suicide in January. Wanted to quite pharmacy school even though I was only 3 months away from graduating (luckily I made it through with the help of family and friends). I killed a cat they came running into my care while I was driving and couldn’t stop. I got into accident in March. After all this, I found out that I was going through ketu Dasha. I have been depressed throughout this whole 6 yrs without any reason. All I wanted to do was lock myself into the room and not talk to anyone. I couldn’t understand my behavior.
    Does things will get better once the dasha is over? I do not want to live the life I have been living for all this year, at the same time I m scared for future because of my past behavior. I have tendency to hold on to things and have hard time letting go.

    Thank you, Dilip sir in advance. I will wait for your response.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Now that you understood what KETU is capable of, why not just wait patiently until KETU Dasha is over. Bad times never last. Only we last. Let go of the past. The sanyas drops everything behind. Ketu wants us to drop everything. But you continue to hold……..

  21. Kumar


    I am posting this comment here since I am not able to post it on your thread
    “My Experiences with Astrology – Part I”.

    In your write up on “The power of astrological remedies” you mention
    “Planets occupying the 2nd and 7th house are also designated as Maraka Planets”.
    Could you please help clarify if the 2nd/7th position is calculated from the Lagna or from the Moon Sign.

    Also if these are the only combinations to be looked into while evaluating a potential risk or if there are other considerations too ?

    Appreciate your advise please

  22. kumar

    your analysis on ketu dasa is very impressive and i thank for the opportunity in visiting this site before starting of ketu dasa and thanx for ur valuable guidance.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I thank you for your encouraging remarks. I am planning to write on Combustion of Planets and their Effects.

  23. Yogesh

    Dear Sir, thanks for the in depth article on Ketu dasha. My Ketu is placed in 8th in Taurus which considered debilitated sign for Ketu. Fortunately, I had my Ketu Dasha passed between age 10-17 and by grace of God I don’t even remember a thing about anything bad happened. May be other planet combination saved me. I agree with you about change of fate/future since if everything is planned there will be no need for Karmas and no meaning of good and bad Karmas. I believe these combinations provide an environment around us and it is up to us how we respond.

  24. Pankaj Kumar Arora

    Ketu in kumbha rashi in 7 th house also sade sati along, Please put your motivational and remdial comments,

    I’m Male, Date 23-01-1979, Time: 21:00 hrs, Place: Indore ( M.P.), India

    • Pankaj Kumar Arora


      Looking for your response

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        There are around 800 plus free consultation requests either in my inbox or as comments like yours. Yet you demand a quick response?

      • Pankaj Kumar Arora

        Respected E K Dhilip Kumar Ji,

        Myself is undoubtely impress by your article and request for your help in prediction
        The reason of the same is sir that i’m running through sadesati and ketu mahadasha both

        I Again with due respect , Request to kindly provide me your opinion on your priorities

        With Lots of thanks and will appreciate the help of your predicitons

        Pankaj Kumar Arora

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Everyone is asking the same thing from me. Please contact an Astrologer in your locality. I am sure I am not the only one around.

  25. MSG

    Sir, your overall website, this article and knowledge (simplified astrology) are amazing. I generally do not post on blogs but your light hearted and reassuring humor is a support to readers/seekers like me who are experiencing challenges in life and have reached your post luckily :)! ..I’m in the third part of my Ketu Mahadasha… My ketu is in 12th bhava with Ravi and Budha ….and im writing on 17th ( for obvious reasons :)…All I’m doing for last two years is looking up to God, meditating and researching astrology… Firstly because I’m a believer and secondly because nothing else seems possible in this stage… Lol!!..I shall follow your advice and write back when I need some more …thank you so much …God bless you ..

      • R D S

        Thankyou so much Sir!!!!!……I’m about to finish mine in like 6 months…having Kethu in my 8 house is one reason why I just can’t wait to finish it!!!!!!!!!….Saw your video..amazing!..god bless!!!

  26. Mahesh

    I totally agree with your prediction on the impact of Ketu Dasha. My Saturn was bad, and I was relived once the Saturn was over. Mercury(Budha) was somewhat positive and made some progress despite of some failures, always able to overcome these obstacles. Ketu for me is a disaster, lost job, went through divorce, have lost complete faith in God, very unsure about future and life itself. Some of the events of last two years, I never ever thought, would happened to me. I appreciate you being straight forward about the impact of Ketu dasha and not sugar coating the effects of this dasha. My sincere request to others, who will be approaching this dasha, is to prepare yourself in any way and anyhow. Please pay very close attention to your relationships, finance, and physical as well as mental health. May the positive forces of the universe be with you to overcome any obstacles, you might face during this dasha. Be positive and be proactive. Once again thank you Mr. Kumar.

  27. akhila R

    sir, very nice suggestions. Hope Gautam buddha enlighted at ketu dasha

  28. Vishal

    Dear Sir,


    According to my horoscope I am a scorpian guy with Cancer ascendant ,My ketu is in Astham bhav & ketu Mahadasha has been started in year 2010 and now Rahu anterdasha is going on which will complete in January-2014,As you have written in your article ketu Mahadasha turn towards Sanyas and God. According to my experience there are no other way except commit suicide or surrender in front of God.

    I have never seen a single day of pleasure in my life from my childhood but these days are really intolerable, its out of my patience, No job ,No Money ,Still single at the age of 34 years…do not know what to do ,where to go at this moment …!!

    Sir ,Please suggest what to do now…I will be really obliged of you forever.

    Best Regards

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Increase the number of hours of prayers during KETU Dasha. Worship Lord Ganesha with Ganesha Mantras and white flower offerings. Read UPANISHADS, Bhagavad GITA, RAMANA Maharshi Ramakrishan Paramahamsa, Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, and all other great souls who contributed to the spiritual wealth of the world. The world though a dream is actually experienced by the each one of us and that does not make it false. The things in the world is unreal but the experience we have is real. Like CINEMA is unreal but the experience we have while watching the cinema is real. One needs to understand that while we watch the cinema we should know it is unreal and then the experience also becomes unreal. This is my view of life from a Philosopher point of view which I am. I am also an Astrologer. So let me tell you from Astrology angle. Wait for KETU Dasha to be over. But use KETU Dasha to become spiritually strong. Do not wear any lucky GEM during KETU Dasha. Only prayers and social service activities will help. DO not resort to any short cut.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Suicide is of no use. Because we do not die with Suicide. We live on. All the religions of the world does not see death as the final thing for all of us. We continue to live after death. So what is the point in Suicide. GOOGLE…. why suicide is useless

  29. usha

    My son’s date of birth22/02/1985 time of birth 10;43 AM New york time USA Place of birth New york., USA. He has ketu and sani are in 1st lagana the 1st house. He is running ketu dasha with sautrn bhukthi. He has been unemployed for more than 3 years. He goes into interview but no jobs. He lost his faith in God. On behalf I have been praying to God for him. Ketu dasha ends in 2015. When he will get a job. I appraciate your reply.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      When the belief in GOD and turning to spirituality reduces the ill effects of KETU to only 50% what are the chances of a person who has no faith in GOD. In that case KETU Dasha becomes OMG. Try convincing him. Tell him that GOD remains and is not dependent on his faith. Gravity exists by itself. If I lose faith in Gravity does Gravity cease to exist? Let him read the article. I am too small a being to help a person who refuses help from the Almighty GOD. Your prayers will help you like the medicine helps those who consume it.

  30. Supriyo Kar

    You appear to be spot on , that Ketu mahadasha teaches us the unreality of the physical world and its so-called enjoyments. What is somewhat intriguing , why it is followed by a supposedly materialistic Venus Dasha? Would you please comment?

  31. Sharini

    Dear Sir,Is the full period of ketu mama dasha gives only bad luck? If ketu is exalted (ex. In Aries ketu in the first house with sun) will there be a difference? Would sukra dasha thereafter bring at least some good results? Your response dear Sir, would be a message from all Gods. Thanks.

  32. Ketan

    I ve pass through this phase of Ketu

    The movie you must see to understand ketu

    1) GUIDE : Dev anand movie ( The major shift of life and final liberation)
    2) The Matrix : if you watch ( Observe carefully ) Ketu help you to understand what is reality and what is illusion .

    what ketu want to teach us :

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The toughest thing in life is giving up when it should actually be the easiest. Only a great soul can do that. For all others it is just going to be a wish. Unless you decide to be that GREAT SOUL.

    • Anoop

      well said.. I am passing though this dasha, and the first thing I noticed watching Matrix is that how well they have told that in that movie and I could relate that to myself. Kethu is a very good teacher, it will show u who is ur real friend (Dont get surprised, u will never have one), how cruel is the world, the real value of life.. It is a very hard part of life, and you will wish this dasha could finish faster. Will even think about ending life sometimes, the only power that will make you moving forward will be the prayers u make, and the feeling God will be there to look after you..

  33. kalyan

    hello sir, namaskar , i am from kendrapara, my life story s going bad to bad everyday,,, i have no job now ,, whomever i shown my chart, evry1 saying becouse of Budha mahadasa and sani antardasa its everything happening ,,, i dnt have astro gyan much , but as much i know that my ketu mahadasa starting from next may ,,, so my all hopes on that only ,,, and now i am seeing every1 saying ketu s a bad,,, so i cant understand what 2 do . i have no job cant marrie etc….

    so can u help me knowing my feuture plz. my ketu is in 3rd (dhanu) ,with kalasarpa yoga.

    can u please !!!!!!!

  34. RAJU

    As per my astrologer, mu Mercury dasa is ending by Sept 2013, and Ketu will start, he says Kethu is positioned well with Saturn and there will improvement will be slow until this year end, my date of birth is 28.04.1963 birth time 11.24 pm in the night. Could you please comment on the effects of the change, regards


  35. harish

    hello sir ,

    i came to know all this stuffs now during last phase of my kethu dasa,,, i lost everything
    jewels education (got degree but 2nd class) respect, even a a worst guy making fun of me,,
    i want to know will it repay wat i have lost or any nightmares waiting at the end?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Pray to Lord Ganesha everyday. Find out what GANESHA signifies in our life. Follow those ideas and you will soon come out of your problems. Wear a GANESHA Pendant.

      • harish

        hello sir,
        thanks for ur reply

        oh my god,,, im already wearing a ganesha ring sir , where ever i go some unknown people came to me and asking the ring for huge money mostly bramins,they say its very attractive eventhough its not silver nor gold, its panchalogam , one day an old man followed me from tnagar to saligramam (as u know chennai well) and came to my home and asked the ring for a model, but my instinct told something bad so i refused,,,,something goin on sir,,, thanks for ur reply

  36. harish

    hello sir
    pls post a details about yogas and cancellation of yogas, in your blog,

  37. Bhamuk Desai

    Dear Dilipji
    I would like to contact you personally as I feel your posts are straight and without any gimmicks.
    I was trying the email link but it seems it is not working!

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please contact my secretary Ms Sobitha. She takes care of all my appointments.

      Her Mobile Number: +919094036404 Her email is :

      You can choose a package that fits your budget and also select the date and time of consultation.

  38. Deepaa

    I have ketu mahadasha which all end in 2016 ketu is in 12th house and rahu in 6th house what to do please help

    • Naren

      Deepaa, Concentrate on things you enjoy working, and be positive and confident. Always apply your mind and reconfirm your decisions. Since sulking won’t help, always be cheerful with others; else you may be driving your near and dear ones crazy. Btw, I too have ketu in 12th house and ending in 2016.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Your advice is general. It can be used by all the human beings in the world. The right advice for a person in KETU Dasha is to pray everyday for about 20 minutes, chant the Mantras of Lord Ganesha if a Hindu, and do not have high expectations in KETU Dasha etc. The total structure of the horoscope is the answer. If it is very strong even a bad KETU can do only less harm. In a weak horoscope KETU dasha will be very tough. Each horoscope is unique. Without seeing the horoscope we cannot give general readings.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Prayers everyday is the main remedy. Read a lot about Karma and spirituality. Read about Ramana Maharshi, Bhagavad GITA and Srimad Bhagavadam etc. Contemplate on the transient nature of life. So tough times will pass away soon. Go to as many holy places as possible. Do not invest money in risky ventures as Ketu is in the 12th house.

  39. Ani

    Dear Sir,
    I have kethu and saturn in 7th house with jupiter debiliated and retro in 10th house.I have mer/mars/sun in 5th house.i have aries lagna and punarvasu nakshatra(kataka).I had all negative comments about life(personal-marriage and professional) from many ppl.i read your blogs and the insight is very good.what exactly this chart specify….kindly help

    • Ani

      Dear Sir,
      I have kethu/saturn in 7th house, jupiter debiliated & retro in 10th house.I have mer/mars/sun in 5th house.i have moon/venus in 4th house. i have aries lagna and punarvasu nakshatra(kataka).I had all negative comments about life(personal-marriage and professional) from many ppl.i read your blogs and the insight is very good.what exactly this chart specify….kindly help

  40. Frida

    Oh My GOD! this is so accurate!:O Especially in the part of where you mentioned´certain nakshatras: Revati! im revati and what you wrote: all is true. I just got more and more addictions. hard to get out of and also this feeling that i knew: first cup of coffee. i will be hooked but i have no choice. First nicotine. I knew i will be hooked but i had no choice. Something just something to feel better! but in the end it made my health suffer and my mind suffer badly…:) im amazed….Thank you! For letting me know about others. I Think its important that one knows other people go through the same! that there are others like you. Because im at the end of ketu and Worst of it all was the feeling of loneliness and seperation: quoted: That you have NO HEAD. And you need that in the material World to succeed… so you just fail… :) Lets talk more openly about this. its a good thing. What happens if you commit sucide? just wondering:) I wouldnt do it. but still?

      • Zarana

        Hello Sir,
        I am Zarana Vyas. I am going through Ketu mahadasha from last 2 years. I was shocked how my life was going before 2 years & now how it is. I read your article- Oh my God. This is so me. How i am feeling now-a-days. I have Ketu in 2nd house. I completed my study in 2012 with very nice result & mercury mahadasha finished. As Ketu mahadasha started, i am jobless. I didn’t know why all this happen to me as i was scholar students during my studies & now jobless. I was giving interview, reached to the final level every time & then they say NO to me. As i go through your video, i realised that why this is happening to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I was depressed bcoz of failure in my life but now i know the reason. I’ll start worship Lord Ganesha & will start doing Maha Mrityunjaya japa. :)

  41. swati m. kelkar

    Pranam Dilipji:

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for suggesting the remedy. My husband has been offering prayers with white flowers to Ganpati Bappa for more than a month now and his depression is leveling off. Meaning he is not further spiraling downward . And this is after trying hard for over a year with dozens of medications, therapies, a parade of doctor appointments, electrical shocks and several inpatient stays in top psychiatric hospitals in the Boston area. Ketu mahadasha hit him like a bolt.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Science in Hindi is ViGnyan – opposite of Gnyan (true knowledge). In our minds we do not have space for both. It is either Gnyan or Vignyan – medications helps but only if you have the blessings of God too. This fact is acceptable to many doctors in this world. One disease replaces another in this world all because of Karma. How much ever scientists work against disease there is no solution. Only solution is understand the role of Karma and start doing good to others and pray a lot to get out of all these things.

  42. Vasanta Vijay

    Are the effects similar for Ketu antardasha? Mercury mahadasha and ketu antardasha…….things just don’t seem to go right at all…….Worst and unexpected personal life situation…God, give me death than life like this

  43. Saravanan

    Good day Sir, a very nice article. I am born on the eleventh of april 1983 and I am into kethu dasa now. I have kethu in Lagna. Does kethu in lagna will reduce bad effects or worsen it? Could you please tell me what will Kethu dasa do in my life. I already understood the illusory way of life people are living around me. Many thanks in advance for your reply.

  44. Saravanan

    I do understand the severity of Kethu Dasa. The remedy is, to remain NEUTRAL. No hopes, no pleasure no pain. A lot of other people get death and worst things in other dasa periods also, but by analysing Kethu Dasa’s nature, i e by understanding that it wants to realise life is an illusion, sure its worst effects will not be felt. This is a good remedy. It is actually complicated to analyze my horoscope, I have tried many times, consulted my astrologer also. He also admitted my horoscope is a little awkward or complicated while whatever he has predicted for others are true and accurate.,Thank you for this interesting article.

  45. digesh



    NAME: DIGESH DOSHI , DOB:09-08-1982, TIME: 04:30 AM , PLACE: MUMBAI

    NAME: DHARA GANDHI , DOB:02-03-1989. TIME: 21:06(PM), PLACE: CHENNAI.


    You are Meena rasi, Uttarabhadra Naks

    You are running your Ketu Mahadasha (resident of your 7th house of marriage)from Sept 2010- Sept 2017.

    Lord of house 7 is Jupiter sitting in house 11belonging to Venus along with a malefic Mars, hence the bala/strenght is reduced.

    Morever, Ketu in the 7th house denotes a detached relationship with wife/spouse. Even if the marriage does not break, you will be distant. Rahu in the ascendant makes you logical, analytical and most importantly very very independent.

    Analyse the circumstances that led to this situation, you will realize that there is no similarity of thought between the 2 of you. Maybe that created the distance.

    You re running the Ketu-Mars dasha and then the Ketu-Rahu gins in 2013.

    I don’t think the divorce will fall through, as Jupiter aspecting your 7th house will keep you hanging like a pendulum for some reason or the other.

    You are running your ashtama shani/Saturn in8th hosue in transit – chota dhaiyya till Nov 2014. Patience and prayers is needed.

    · Light til oil lamps to shani dev on Saturday,donate black articles on Saturay, flow 250 gms of black til in water/Saturday

    · I suggest you read Ganapati Atharvashirisha daily. Do Hnauman Sadhana on Tuesday

    · Ask me I will send you MP3 so you can listen. Mars in 11th house of Venus gives you immense drive to succeed.

    · Wear diamond atleast .5 ct in right ring finger. Wait patiently, do not argue or fight.

    Dhara Gandhi

    Moola naks, Dhanur Rashi, running your Sun-Moon dasha.

    She has gandamool dosha. Doing gandamoola pooja will bring bnenfits.

    Lord of 7th house is mars and sitting with Jupiter in 6th hosue ofPurva janma paap/rog, shatru peeda. Not a comfortable position to be in.

    Wearing moonga in right middle finger will bring her peace. She is not the kind who will do household work or bear daily responsibilities. Maybe that is the problem in your relationship.

    Rahu in 5ht house with Venus and Sun occupying same nakshatra of Rahu/Satabhisha.

    She has to enjoy all the good and fine things inlife and is adamant in spending on luxuries’. She can have weird ideas of enjoyment and sexual pleasures.

    Venus is astha/combust due to the Sun and Sun has become paapi graha.Rahu in swa nakshatra rules supreme and has confused her mind completely.

    Running the dasha of Sun, she is adamant, argumentative, unreasonable and her behaviour may be strange. Divorce still is not possible.

    PLEASE guide me for my future.

  46. niharika sharma

    sir, my father is going through this ketu mahadasha…he is suffring from pain in bones due to arthritics..and fever too…..pls tell me the solution to improve his health…he is getting weak day by day….:(…
    or “ketu me ketu ka antar” unhe 16/9/2013 tk btaya hai es ka kya matlb h…??? pls reply

  47. niharika sharma

    and ketu is in 8th bhav….

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Ketu in the 8th house is pretty hard. He has to read scriptures or listen to discourses. Let him listen to Lord Ganesha Mantra. Ketu in the 8th and the 12th house is the most challenging of all. Ask him to gift wheel chairs for handicapped people, calipers for those who are handicapped due to polio etc. Bone problems are ruled by Saturn. Hence Saturn remedies apply. Read other articles to know more about Saturn remedies.

  48. Nitin

    This is the best and ORIGINAL article I have found regarding ketu on the internet. Thanks!

    One doubt. Why have you recommended white flowers for Ganesh pooja ? It it because ketu represents white colour ? Please clarify. Thanks.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Ganesha represents removal of obstacles. White is light. Darkness is obstacles. We struggle when we are in the dark. Just switch off the light in your room to see the difference. Ketu makes our lives dark. What was once easy is tough in darkness. White and Light are similar. Hope I am clear.

      • Nitin

        Pranam Dhilip sir.

        Please advise if wearing a ketu stone will help me.

        I am jobless. I am having a real tough time dealing with ketu mahadasha and shani sade-sati at the same time.
        I am unable to secure even a small job in spite of having good qualifications and experience.

        My ketu is in the 6th house along with other planets.
        5th house : mars,
        6th house : ketu, merc, Jup, uranus, pluto.
        7th house : sun, moon, 8th house : venus, 12th house : sat, rahu.
        Ascendant is Aries, moon sign : libra., janma nakshatra : vishakha.

        Birth : Alibag(mumbai), 23 Oct – 1968, time : 17:58 indian.

        Please advise if wearing a ketu stone will help me.
        Also give your remedy-tips on sade-sati.

        Thanks in advance,

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        In Mumbai there are many Astrologers. Why don’t you show your horoscope to one of them? Being a professional Astrologer I do not read horoscopes of individuals for free. I give free replies that would benefit many people at one time. Hence I replied to your doubt so that others will learn.

      • Nitin

        OK. I understand.
        Actually, I have already consulted other astrologers in mumbai. I got different answers :
        1> I must wear ketu stone since the mahadasha is going on.
        2> I should not wear it since will do more harm as it is in your 6th house.
        3>Wear Rahu stone instead; to decrease ketu effect.


        Hello  dhilipji,

        Since I am in mumbai,   can I get consultation over email ?   

        What will be your charges  per question ?    I have 3 questions regarding only one issue :   job/business.


  49. Sandeep Bodhanker

    Namaskar Dhilip Ji, I am going through the ketu dasha and really finding it very hard to survive with health issues. Is there a way to communicate with you? I live in Delhi and I am a Indian classical dancer nd vocalist. Please do let me know how cn I reach you. Thank you very much. Sandeep

  50. SB

    Thank you

  51. sundar

    hello sir what is the weightage to be given for kochara palan and dasa/bhukthi.Is it 50 : 50

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Normally it is 75 – 25 , dasha-bhukt is superior. But when Transit is very bad the percentage changes to opposite for example 7.5 years Saturn or Ashtama Sani period along with a bad transit of Jupiter will outrun the effects of dasha bhukti. If both are bad then…….

  52. sundar

    Thank you sir. If the transit is good and dasa/bhukti is bad does the percentage change to opposite as well.Kindly explain

  53. vishal khurana

    hello sir..
    my name is vishall.. my ketu is in 8th house ..
    can you tell me any remidies which will help me in getting the job..
    as i am jobless …
    my dob is 3-8-1977
    time 7.30 am

    pls let me know your charges also

    • Prateek

      my dob 16.08.1963.
      I lost job in june 2011. My health is badly effected.
      My ketu dasha is going on. When and how can i
      recover job and health?

  54. Prateek

    my dob 16.08.1963 in Bhatinda (Punjab).
    I lost job in june 2011. My health is badly effected.
    My ketu dasha is going on. When and how can i
    recover job and health?

  55. Prateek

    Dear Sir,
    my dob 16.08.1963 in Bhatinda (Punjab).
    Time (17-55) i.e. 5-55 evening.
    I lost job in june 2011. My health is badly effected.
    My ketu dasha is going on. When and how can i
    recover job and health?
    Sorry sir Iforgot to mention time

  56. Rajamani Sathiamoorthy

    Excellent article. I really enjoyed learning them. I am in my last part of ketu dasa and going thru a very distress period. You are right about losing friends and etc.,
    Keep posting articles like these… Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

  57. Anjita

    In my daughter born in ketu Mahadasha (Ashwini Nakshatra) —-Gemini ketu in 9th house, delayed in communication, though she can understand every thing. Can she speak after ketu Mahadasha?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Did you check out with a doctor? Meanwhile check out the 2nd lord’s status and influence on the 2nd house and that is more important. Did you check the bhava chart? Have you shown her horoscope to a professional Astrologer in Delhi. Avoid studying your family members horoscope because we all get subjective. Also you can let him listen to LORD GANESHA MANTRA and BUDHA MANTRAS you can download from internet.

      • Anjita

        So many doctors, so many advises, some says its normal till age of 3, some says she is autistic. I have consulted some astrologers from internet all over the world, they says that its temporary.
        She have No planet in 2nd house but scorpio sign, Mars is placed in 12th house of virgo in birth chart with Saturn and venus. While mercury alone in 11th house of Leo.

        While in Bhava chart Mercury, Mars, Saturn and venus is placed in 11th house of leo.

  58. sundar

    hello what is the importance of Navamsa.
    Please explain

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      From Navamsa an Astrologer who knows how to cast the Navamsa will know which Star zone a planet occupies in the Rasi Chart without seeing the degrees etc. I can do that mentally by looking at the navamsa. I will do a youtube video on this topic. Will inform you soon. Other uses are marriage matters, finding if planets are exalted or debilitated in Navamsa. For example a planet is neecha is rasi chart but exalted in Navamsa – then it is very good. One day when I find time I will write on this topic.

  59. sundar

    thank you sir

  60. Aa

    Is it enough to do one selfless act a day or do one need to do more sometimes?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      We need to do more because we have piled up negative karma – due to selfish acts of many lives. It is like having a Rs.1 crore loan in the bank account and clearing it by paying Rs.1 everyday. Paying up is a good sign but we need to pay up more. Think of the future of the one who does not pay at all. Also you can convince others on why they too should join you. Only then the whole world would be happy! That is by the Gurus of the world tell their disciples – Go and tell all these to others.

  61. Nitin

    Which is more powerful on a given day : the daylord or the nakshatra lord ?
    for e.g. if I have a choice of only one, should I worship shani god on Saturday or when shani nakshatra falls ?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The nakshatra lord is more powerful. In case of prayers to Saturn, then you need to worship on both Saturdays and Shani Nakshatra days and on every 8th, 17, or 26th. I have done a youtube video on the same topic. On YOUTUBE just search for E K DHILIP KUMAR

  62. Aa

    I understand. I got much help from this website. I will send you a mail for consultance.

  63. nitin


    In your SDT lectures on youtube, you have mentioned about maintaining a diary. I have started doing the same. but facing one doubt. :
    A bad incident happened to my vehicle on a monday but I come to know about it on Wednesday, then what is bad for me Monday or tuesday ?
    e.g. two : someone tells me he will repay my one lakh on a Monday morning, gives a cheque on tuesday, I deposit the cheque on wednesday, and the funds get credited on saturday. In this case what is day was good for me from a financial view point, Mon, tues, wed or sat ?


  64. sundar

    Predictions would differ for these two combinations – Kethu dasa and Mer Bhukthi and Mercury dasa and Kethu dasa .Please explain

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Yes. It will not be the same. I will write an article on it or do a video on Youtube to explain this with a board. Moreover Transit Saturn and Jupiter will modify the result because it will not be same at the same time .

  65. nitin

    In your case study no.4 above, you have mentioned : “be careful on all Tuesdays and should not wear red color clothes”.
    Is this applicable to everyone going thru ketu period ?
    What colors are ketu dominated that one should avoid ?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      These are applicable only to certain types of horoscopes. It is specific to a particular type of horoscope.

  66. Thilaga

    Hi Sir, the ketu mahadasha is worrying me so much…

    Anyway thank you so much for your guidance and helping us to understand what all this means…

    I know its my karma that i will go through this…
    My kethu (1st house) Sagitarius ascendant.. In navamsa its (10th house) Leo… Vishaka nakshatram

    I am prepared for whatever that will happen.. :)

  67. Nitin

    Thanks for so many useful articles.
    A lot has been said about rahu kalam, yama gandam and gulika periods.
    It seems rahu kalam, yama gandam are INauspicious for beginning any task.
    Gulika it appears is good for beginning tasks which you want to get repeated.

    Would like to get your esteemed opinion on this.

  68. Anand Ronad

    I read this article and also the ‘fascinating number 8′ and predictions are so accurate that I can’t believe. This made me closer to Indian astrology. Thanks for your posts, please continue to post this kind of articles whenever you have time.
    I am currently going under KETU MAHADASHA(started on March29, 2010). This is troubling me very much. I am Leo ascendant, meena raashi and Ketu is in 12th position from lagna and in this position he is conjugated with Sun, Mars and Mercury. Besides currently I am under the influence of astam shani and astam rahu. I am facing the toughest time in my life particularly in health aspects. Future looks disastrous to me. Any hopes in near future sir?

    Thank and regards sir

  69. Jayashree

    Dear Sir,

    In my horoscope Ketu is in the 1st hosuse, ie in the lagna(Kataka Lagna), at present i am running Ketu Mahadasha & shani bukthi, I have lot of health problems, Please suggest

  70. Preeti

    Dear Sir

    In my horoscope Ketu is in the 10th house. My lagna is taurus. venus is in my 2nd house. I m very disturbed in my ketu dasha. Can u tell me about my marriage also. When will it happen? I m worried about my marriage.


  71. Preeti

    Dear Sir,

    In my horoscope Ketu is in the 10th house. I m running through ketu mahadasha till 2014 end. I am worried about my marriage? When will it be happen?

    My DOB is 11.05.1980
    time : 06.45am
    place : Delhi

    Please suggest.


  72. Narasimha Nagaraja

    Dear sir, Your post regarding ketu dasha and its remedy is truly great and very helpful. May almighty give you plenty of energy and continue to help many people who are in distress.

      • Chitra

        Dear sir,
        My D.O.B is 16.4.1977 & time of birth is 9:05 Am, Uttrabhadra star & I am undergoing Ketu dasa now. I want to know in which house is ketu seated in my horoscope.
        Thank you Sir,

  73. aarti

    Hello Sir,
    My name is aarti and my ketu dasga statrted in year 2009 just after my marrige I gave birth to a son n 29th july 13 (first child) he dies on 9th august 2013 .I want to have a child to complete my family as we have been wanting children for last 5 years god gave us happiness and took it away.Can i have a child next year my ketu dasha is ending in march 2016 please advice….

    • Rajamani.

      Hi Aarti, My ketu dasa also started in 2009 and ending 2016. I have gone thru miscarriages and now i have 2 kids. I am so sorry to hear your loss. Anyways, check where your Rahu is placed and if any malefics are aspecting Rahu. I did Rahu pooja every tuesday/Friday on Rahu kalam. My astrologer suggested to visit “karba-rakshambigai temple”. Its very powerful temple for this kind of problems. It is surely sad to hear what you are going thru however please think that the baby must have had some pblm and now its safe in God’s hands. Also, please don’t lose faith and don’t blame yourself or anyone. God/universe has some reason and we will understand years later. Consult your doctor and check for blood compatibilty between the baby and yours (+/-), take multivitamins with folic acid, eat healthy foods and try to minimize your stress level when you get pregnant next time. Never let your fear takeover on your next pregnancy. To conquer fear and all these, place immense faith in that one source and pray. Hear mantras and visit temples. first heal the pain completely before getting pregnant again. I am pretty sure that you will get children pretty soon. No worries AArti! Leave it to God!

  74. manu

    my dob is 8/8/83 6.20am chikmagalur running ketu dasha jupiter antardasha can some body tell me hw to get rid of ketu almost i am gone in my life am 31 years old with jobless from 2 years i am going tough time sin my life not seeing anyway couls somebody guide me

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The remedies are given in the article. Please read it again so that you will understand.

    • devaraj

      manu same thing i am also facing now, currently ketu dasa is running in my horoscope and i am worried in office and home

  75. sanjay kumar sharma

    Sir by the god grace first time i am seeing your articles( my self from NEW DELHI) i want to know abt my wife condition actually she is ubder Ketu jee maha dasa and KETU JEE itsef in her LAGAN -Alone ***now last 4-5 months she is having an un identified illness and she has knee pain from last 6-7 years she is very disappointed by her illness pls help me her dob 19-11-2013 time 1.00AM born -baghpat( UP)
    also i myself under RAHU JEE MAHADASA which also end in 2016 is there any connection of her illness ..pls help us to provide your valuable support

  76. magon

    sir ketu is with shani in 2nd house and im undergoing ketu mahadasha from july 2012, how tougher can it get please ?

  77. Priyanka Bansal

    Sir I came to know that I am running through the Rahu ketu. My birth date is 7 aug 1987 and my birth time is 6:55 am in the morning and birth place is budhlada in punjab. Please tell me all the things and solutions for these things. I know all these things effects my personal relations with the loved ones. So, please tell me how can I get away.

  78. Surendra Mishra

    Dear sir a great article about ketu i am also going through this dasha 07/03/1981 3.30 pm bhopal ( MP)my ketu is in seventh house with mercury above give remedies also effected to me as a pendent of ganesha and a rudraksha mala and pray to lord ganesha pls help me

  79. ajin

    My name is date of birth is 05/01/1989 ,time:1.55am.I had some bad times recently.Then I download astrovision from internet,and came to know that my ketu dasha started from 2010 .But i had good things happened in 2011 like got admission in IIT.but recently due to SOME simple reasons i get rejected from campus placement.Sir, i am expecting an offer letter for phd from abroad.Does the same rejection may happen due to my ketu.Hoping to hear back from you,

  80. Nitin

    my dob is 31.8.1990 20:50 kanpur. I have MOON-SAT(R) and JUP-VEN-KE. please help………

  81. kswamy

    DOB: 16-11-1963 / TOB : 12:45AM / POB : MUMBAI.
    Running KETU Dasha & Sadesati from 2010.
    Ketu in 5th House.
    Wearing Cats eye Gemstone & Rudraksha Bracelets 2 to 16 Mukhis.
    Please confirm if the above would help in negating the adverse effects of ketu dasha.

  82. Meena

    Sir, I would like to know about my Ketu Mahadasha and its effects on my life based o my horoscope. My birth details are as follows :
    DOB – 28 August 1980
    Time of birth – 02.36 AM
    Place of Birth – Chittur, Palghat, Kerala, india.

    it would be great if you can give me an insight to this. Greatly appreciate your time and effort .

  83. raghavendra

    I 37 years old unmarried guy.My dob 23 may 1976,TOB 10.15 Am ,place bangalore.i am meena raashi and uttarabadrappa nakshatra.i saw my ketu dasha is going on between
    01/01/2011 and 01/01/2018.
    Sir i am into busniess.I was very very successful in my busniess and flying sky high.
    before a year all off a sudden i put my hands into new busniess and today i lost so much money that i am litreally broke with 30 lakhs loan.some times i wonder why did i like a blind person without thinking put my hands into it.also every where i end up quarraling and make enemies out of friends
    and am finding extremely difficult to get married.any girl i see rejects me.
    could u please please help

  84. Varun Goel


    My DoB 30th Jan 1969 / 20:55 / New Delhi. Wife – 29-June-1974 / 12:55pm / New Delhi.

    Leo As(Poorva Phalguni)/Gemini Rashi (Mo in Ardra, 11th house with Kemadrum dosha). KETU in 2nd House in Utar Phalguni with Jupiter (R) in Hasta.

    A gr8 article… Am undergoing Budh – Ketu Dasha BUT NOT KETU ANTARDASHA. Ur article is an eye opener to me. On 30th Jan 2013 my wife filed for divorce. The first part of the Ketu Antar Dasha started on 3rd May 2013. Around this time the court hearing started. There was a chance presented to me for divorce but I refused. My wife however persisted. As the case progressed there were charges and counter charges filed from both sides. Till September there was no hearing only documents exchanged. 8th October 2013 the case started.

    FYI I am jobless since 15th April 2011. Again during the Me-Me-KETU dasha I resigned and became jobless, wife and self wanted to start business. Since then business never started however post all the trial and error I started searching for a job in Apr 2012. Also lost all my savings and there is gr8 financial hardship at present. However life goes on due to my fathers pension and some small earnings from my elder sister.

    I am not even able to get job interviews and for lower jobs the interviewers are refusing to accept me.

    Off late am getting bad thoughts of falling/suicide/loosing me/loosing the court case etc. However when I had prayed to Durga during the Navratras there was peace in mind. Am now starting and planning to go back to meditation/pranayama.

    I do feel like moving out of this materialistic world like renouncing but the thought of my father/mother/Sis/daughter brings me back.

    Let me know what I need to do to alter myself I do feel like a headless body these days. Also want to support my family but not able to get a job…when do u think I shall get a job …?

  85. sri

    namashkar guriji, as the meaning of the word “guru”implies , you have thought us about KETU, and the way to resolve , and as every shishya(readers) the choice is now ours,…my high regards and respect for this noble service to you…
    star – pushya-1, my asc/lagna is in CANCER/WITH MOON & MARS IN IT,2ND SHANI,3RD RAHU,9TH SUN/VENUS/KETU/MERCURY 12TH jup…and i am similar to case study no2, div applied but awating.ketu starting from nov.but have already lost ever basic thing of relation.
    please advice guruji

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Just do the remedies that I suggested in the same article. Do not think these are just some lines typed out. These remedies worked well for many of my clients and they are not great believers of remedies.

  86. raghavendra

    Dear Sir
    I 37 years old unmarried guy.My dob 23 may 1976,TOB 10.15 Am ,place bangalore.i am meena raashi and uttarabadrappa nakshatra.i saw my ketu dasha is going on between
    01/01/2011 and 01/01/2018.
    Sir i am into busniess.I was very very successful in my busniess and flying sky high.
    before a year all off a sudden i put my hands into new busniess and today i lost so much money that i am litreally broke with 30 lakhs loan.some times i wonder why did i like a blind person without thinking put my hands into it.also every where i end up quarraling and make enemies out of friends
    and am finding extremely difficult to get married.any girl i see rejects me.
    could u please please help
    Please tell me how to reduce the effects and is there any way i can get married as i have already lost lot of time Sir.PLEASE HELP SIR.I AM ALMOST 38 YEARS OLD

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have been writing the remedies in many of my articles for those people who cannot afford my consultation fees. Astrology is my only profession. So please kindly read the article and you will find all the methods to solve your problem. In case you want a consultation send an email to my secretary which is : with the subject as PAID CONSULTATION. She will tell you how to pay me before the consultation.

  87. aMIT GARG

    Dhilip ji, Happy Diwali…

  88. aMIT GARG

    Sir, My ketu is in 11th house with mars in kumba lgna, I lost my job in ketu mahadasha. all said ketu is ucch in 11th but i have no happiness…..I m from Punjab

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Ketu dasha is for 7 years. The entire 7 years will not be bad. If the times are hard the read your scripture every day or pray to GOD everyday close to SUNRISE. Soon your tensions will reduce.

    • Srimathi

      Hi Amit, My ketu is also with Mars in 11th place in sagittarius and I was told that I will gain lots of things. I gained a beautiful house which my husband bought and I gained a beautiful daughter as well in this dasa. However, I lost my 2 small jobs which I was crazy about and I lost many dear friends whom I was crazy about. I could not feel happy with what I have, but I keep longing for the things that I lost and it put me in deep spirituality (which gives me peace….) My point is maybe God only decides what we can have and what we cannot in this incarnation… Also, it is Karma that we had to endure the loss and the pain. Now after the loss, I appreciate even small things that I have… I am learning to appreciate the human values more and what really is important in life. I am praying God that, slowly He will show me the path for another career and introduce me to some good friends in the future… If not also, I am fine with the way my life is because I am beginning to accept as per HIS wishes. Mostly mistake is with me so I am honoring the pain that I am receiving and but it is hard because my past was not this hard as now. Think deeply what to let go and what is worth to go behind for…
      For you ‘Job ‘ is important… maybe this job loss will put you in new path where you will be even more alert and update your skills even more harder… pretty soon you will get a good one. As you know everything has a reason… Pray Lord Ganesha for strength to endure the pain… Also, you have to see where the lagna lord ‘sani’ is placed in your horoscope.. Is He debilitated or in a good sign with good aspects etc…. Prayer will give you hope and hope will give you strength…

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Good work Srimathi. Thank you for guiding more people. I am running short of time because we are in the year end time when we make DIPA Astro Diary 2014 for about 200 companies who give them away as their gifts to people who love Astrology.

      • Srimathi

        Thank you Sir, appreciation from you means a lot to me…

      • swami

        Yes i do agree with Srimathi,The only remedy to cross the Ketu dasha is to stay positive,active,happy and the most important as Dhilipji said do your prayers regularly and read the holy scriptures without any fail. it will give you peace and the strength to fight the pessimism.I am in the 2nd phase of 1/3 ketu has taken away my job,lost my friend circle and lots of health problem but i have never stayed away from my early morning prayers on regular basis.atleast i have found the remedies to slowly recover my health and most importantly the peace and my lost confidence. but i also want to mention other planets also matters especially the saturn since i am capricorn lagna and what i notice, the moment saturn enters my 10th house my career starts shaking badly and after 4 months finally circumstances happened and i have to put my papers.

  89. Angie Payne

    Mr. Kumar,

    I want to thank you for providing the information that you do. It is very generous and considerate of you to take time to answer questions even though you have a very busy schedule. It is much appreciated.

    What you say about Ketu Dasha is very helpful. It can be scary, for sure, but it is always beneficial to have some understanding about the meaning and purpose behind such time/soul periods as Ketu Dasha.

    What you say is very accurate and I wanted to share my experience with you.

    I have always been drawn to spirituality and I have always wanted answers to the big questions in life. But it was about the same time I entered Ketu Dasha (2 years, 4 months ago) that I began to feel an increasing desire and need to have spiritual understanding. Gradually, I began to have a sense of urgency about this.

    An unfortunate event then occurred. In my birth chart Ketu is in the 7th house. Earlier this year my boyfriend of 11 years died suddenly and unexpectedly. This only made my desire for spiritual understanding grow even stronger. And now, as far as I am concerned, Spirit is the most important thing of all.

    I don’t think I have so much ego left and I don’t have very many possessions left, either. And I am completely okay with this. My biggest problem is that the world we live in requires us to chase after money and I don’t want anything to do with it!

    Since I was a little girl I had always sensed there was something not quite right with this world, something that was not real, something that had everyone fooled. I had always sensed that we are living in a matrix of sorts.

    About a year ago I discovered Gnosticism and it all began to make much more sense and now I am seeing the illusion for what it is. I look around and I see all the people running around, completely focused on the material world. And it seems like insanity to me. I wish I could go live in a quiet place, away from the city, and just study, contemplate and meditate.

    Spiritual liberation has become my goal. I want to get off of the wheel of rebirth so I can return to my true home. This has become the most important thing to me. It is ever present in my thoughts.

    When I discovered Gnosticism I experienced an “inner knowing” that I was a Gnostic, or someone who was very concerned with Spirit, in a past life. And I could see that in this life I had always been on a path to remember this. It was a remarkable … and also humbling … experience for me. To carry one’s “knowing” (recognition) from one incarnation into the next incarnation – is one of the best things that can happen. I felt very fortunate and, like I said, humbled at the same time.

    It is appropriate that I discovered Gnosticism during Ketu Dasha because, in many ways, Ketu teaches the very same things that Gnosticism teaches.

    What you say about Ketu Dasha showing us that this world is illusion, what you say about Ketu teaching us to let go of ego and its attachments – is all so very true. In my case, I seem to have understood this in my soul and it felt like a natural progression for me. Perhaps the rest of Ketu Dasha will not be too troublesome for me since I have accepted it and welcomed it.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insights and experience with us.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You may be in North Carolina. Yet spiritually we are all connected. Let me prove my point. Today as I woke up I was dreaming that someone was talking to be about KETU Dasha and how it has taught the lady what the world was. And now when I read what you wrote down, I am not surprised. As I have Moon in the 8th house I have a lot of ESP. This world is the same. Only we should be aware of it. There is no fault with it. Only our perception of the world matters. We need to have the right view of it. Life is NOT MAYA or an ILLUSION. Life keeps changing. Our experience changes. Even when we dream the dream is real in that we experience it. The things in the dream is not real but the experience is real. You may think I am contradicting. No! I will talk to you later. But study the BHAGVAD GITA or study the famous words of JESUS Christ or The Buddha. The content is real. The book is just a MAYA. Religion is a Maya but GOD is REAL.

  90. chinchin85

    Hi All,

    Whatever is written above…some part of it is bullshit….people are lucky who have Ketu dasha in their life!!!!!!!!….only fools fear death,destruction & problems….the only job of Ketu is to turn you towards the SELF….I have Ketu+ atmakaraka Saturn in 8th in Libra & am currently at the end of the 3rd year in Ketu MD…..this pair has worked wonderfully in my life….it caused many problems…& thus forced me to face my own weaknesses, drawbacks etc…..what is more wonderful than that????….Initially I was a believer of God….but Ketu made me 100% atheistic…..a burden called God got removed from my shoulders….yippeeee!!!!!….Ketu taught me that only the Self is real & God & astrology & this entire world is a creation of the Mind….a content of my own Awareness…..anyways we dont know about God, World,Astrology etc. in sleep….alll this appears only when we become conscious of the body…ego etc…..

    Ketu taught me to let go of everything of this world which anyway is not sustainable….
    For people worrying about the remedies…..its foolish to do remedies….This life’s path is your SOUL PATH for evolution…..go thru it with detachment & just witness everything with acceptance…Remember the ephemerality of everything every moment…everything is continuously changing…even as you are reading this….remembering this will help you to be a witness to this everchanging non-lasting world…& dont even try to cling to anything impermanent…bcoz anyways it will change & rearrange….No ATTACHMENT & NO AVERSION to any phenomenon…Why??…bcoz it is continuosly changing…bad becomes good & good turns out to be bad….

    Just be aware of the Non Changing Awareness/Knowledge which is who you really are…
    Everything is a content of this Awareness….I am that …U R that…
    And for God’s sake…dont pray to God….be God…Live God…Realise that U R God…in ur daily experience…

    Blessed are those who have Ketu dasha in their lives!!!!….as it forces them to see an illusion as an ILLUSION….also problems & painin life…are just a call for attention…a call for a change in thinking…a call for going beyond thought…a call to play life as a game & not get stuck in it…..

    Luv Ketu…Luv The SELF….

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Think of it. Your thoughts might be an illusion too. Anyway you did accept certain things happened in Ketu. Your understanding of Ketu is to some extent keeping in line with what KETU does. You speak of KETU dasha and yet denounce Astrology. Think of it. Strange contradictions. All the best. I approved your comment (being the moderator) so people can see that KETU does to certain people. Hope you got that.

    • Srimatthi

      Chin: Perhaps, your strong mind is making you to talk like this…I agree the part where everything is changing and could be an illusion. You can also change again in Venus dasa. When people are weak and the fear of unknown makes them to go to God and ask for help.

  91. chinchin85

    Hi Dhilip,

    Thanks for the approval…U r totally correct when u say that my thoughts are an illusion…Before any thought there is the Silence which is eternally aware….thoughts come out of that silence & they disappear too in that silence alone…That silent Awareness is always present…but thoughts come & go…hence obviously as u said they do not pertain to reality which by definition is ever present…..

    Even astrology & possibly the entire world is just a product of thought….because that too arises & disappears with the arising & disappearance of the mind in sleep….its not eternal…same happens with our personalities…But the knower of all this change is ever unchanging….I am not aware of this world or anything belonging to it 24×7…But I am always AWARE…..not aware of “this” or “that”..just purely AWARE..

    I do not denounce astrology as a part of the conscious existence in this world…it is a tool which helps one to know the whys & hows of the personality & life path…but it still only is a tool…it cannot take one towards SELF AWARENESS…it can take one only towards PERSONALITY AWARENESS….& personality is ever changing…& we are AWARENESS who is aware of our ever changing PERSONALITY……so even MY thoughts & MY personality are not personal…they are not ME….the content is not the container….all of this world is just a content of my Awareness…my body, my ego, my thoughts, this world etc. everything appears in that & subsides in that….

    So I just wish to clarify that MIND/EGO itself is an illusion…so anything generated by it or based on it will also have these properties…

    I am sorry if my previous comments had some bad language or were harsh or misunderstood….I just didnt like ONLY one comment of yours that “Lucky are those who will never go through a KETU Dasha”…. I think they are unlucky because they possibly might never get a chance to feel the KETU-ish pain & try to go beyond it…they might possibly never understand the ever changing nature of everything except themselves…& might keep clinging on to ephemerality forever…expecting to find sustainable happiness in things which themselves are continuously changing…

    Sorry If I have hurt your feelings unintentionally…I certainly didnt mean to do it.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      If your spiritual awareness is high then you should drop Astrology behind. It is like moving upwards and yet wanting to cling on to something lower. It is like hugging the rubber tube even after learning how to swim. The rubber tube was most important when you did not learn to swim. After learning to swim you should not make fun of those who are hugging to rubber tube because they have not yet learned how to swim.

      Truth is relative. What is truth to you may not be truth to someone else.

      The ONE who sees the illusion and knows it is an illusion is not an illusion. For how can an illusion see another illusion. The seer of an illusion is true.

      If everything is relative, it is relative to something that is ABSOLUTE.

      My advice to you is to pursue the spiritual path and quit Astrology totally.

      However there is a possibility that you may imagine that you are spiritual.

      Adi Sankara said, “if you see the King’s chariot, even without seeing the King in the chariot, you may say there goes the King”. So too there is the possibility for people discussing spiritual matters even without enlightenment.

      All the best for your seeking.

  92. Anoop

    This discussion is becoming very interesting . Liked Chinchins take on the comment “Lucky are those who will never go through a KETU Dasha”. In one aspect it is very true as Kethu let us know what is the real world and who are ‘you’ in this world. It takes you through all that roads which you have not gone before or never wished to go, and show us the real meaning of life. It is a good teacher. I have gone though this and still as I am in the last stages of kethu dasha (getting really hard). What if someone doesn’t go through these roads (Kethu dasha) and yet he attains the knowledge, become spiritual and blessed ? then they are lucky indeed.

  93. chinchin85

    Thanks for the reply….I will take your advice sincerely….

  94. fatty

    sir my ketu dasha has already started and i m really scared because i am 27 yrs old unmarried & ketu is in 12 th house and rahu in 6th house with moon in 8 th house..

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      No need to get scared. It is like exam. Just prepare for the exam. You will pass out with flying colors. PRAY PRAY PRAY everyday to Lord Ganesha or your favorite GOD. Read scriptures. Do social service to the poor and needy around you. KETU will not harm you at all if you do all these. Do not misuse astrology as a science of fear. It is knowledge. On the road if you see a road sign telling us it is a bad zone drive cautiously do you GET SCARED of that. Just adjust your speed and drive.

      • Preeti Saxena

        Sir pl tell me about myself. My dob is 11.5.1980 Time- 6.45am Place- Delhi

        When will I get marry? What is my future?

      • raghavendra

        Sir,my ketu dasha is going on from january 2011 and i am in really bad shape right now as i lost lots and lots of money and busniess in this last one year. u say pray to ganesha or ur favourite god.i am firm believer of LORD SAINATH and cannot get the devotion and love to pray to any other god but MY SAI.i feed a lot to dogs and i every thursday i do volantary service in sai temple for 10 Hours.u say pray ,is there any thing to be done specifically or what?I beleive SAI himself is all the gods and so SAI is himself LORD KETU.What should i do.PLEASE ADVICE.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Perfect. Shirdi Sai Baba is all God in ONE form. Continue HIS worship throughout this period. Read SAI SAT CHARITA from one Thursday to the next. Tell SAIBABA Ashtottaram (108 names). You will soon come out of your problems.

  95. fatty

    thank u sir….ya i will follow ur instructions…:-)

  96. raghavendra

    Thanks for the Advice.0
    Please continue giving ur support to all those who are going through KETU DASHA.

    Sir,Till 2004 I was a person who used to be not comfortable approaching GOD for anything.
    I didnt even go to temple also,Then in 2004 i landed in some serious problem as one of my busniess flopped totally and i was literally broke.

    That day i cant forget 1ST APRIL 2004, April fool’s day as to say.
    People become April fool on that day,for me my life changed on that day!

    Till 1st April 2004 i didnt know who was SHIRDI SAI.
    i was travelling and suddenly a voice from within told me Go to SAI and i entered that day to a SAI temple and its been almost 10 years now that i am serving LORD SAINATH in what best i can in that temple
    SAI has personally showed me his LEELAS in many many ways.

    May be SAI who is himself LORD KETU knew ill have to go through this DASHA and so called me to serve him much before the DASHA could even start.

    one more very very important thing to mention here is from almost 4/5 months he has started giving me more and more impotant and critical tasks to be done at the SAI temple where i serve him like a obedient servant and by doing these tasks of SAI it gives me intense joy and immense satisfaction.

    May be he has kept me away from problems which i might face in near future by taking service from me me every thursdays

    May be sai is making me do his important jobs and giving me PEACE OF MIND


    गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः ।
    गुरुरेव परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः ॥१॥


  97. chinchin85

    Hi Raghavendra…

    Pain in any form….is a call for attention. It can seriously act like a wake up call for all of us & force us to face our own selves (or the idea which we have of ourselves & the world around us)…once you act according to what the Self tells you you will really feel lighthearted & burdenless…also keep faith on the Guru which is already in you…guiding you thru these tough times….& believe me from my experience….you might feel pain now…but after 4-5 years if you look back…you will realise what a gift it was to go thru such trying circumstances….this pain wud have changed you completely….& you will come out stronger….

    To Anoop….

    What you said is correct to an extent….but if we suffer pain & go beyond it….we can understand what others are going thru if they have similar painful circumstances….if u study the life of any realised soul…u will see that they went thru very trying circumstances…some had physical discomfort & pain (Ashtavakra)…some had severe depression (Eckhart Tolle)…& some had even the experience of Death (Ramana Maharshi)….but there were also others who had a fairly comfortable life…like Bhagwan Nityananda (Kerala) & Anandmoyi Ma…but they were very spiritually advanced from the birth itself…

    Hope we all advance towards THE SELF…which shines thru the above mentioned gurus…& which is guiding our personalities towards eternal oneness….Hope we all realize our eternal oneness..

    Good Day to all.

  98. chinchin85

    To Srimatthi..

    U r absolutely correct in ur reply…People with the fear of unknown make them go to God & unburden themselves…also as u said….Venus is my 8th house lord (Libra)…so surely Venus dasha (Jan 2018) cud cause catastrophic upheavels & change in my life…am looking forward to it…it wud be a good practice similar to watching a hurricane uproot everything…but me still being the changeless reality watching the massive upheavel…the more I practice stabilising in my own SELF…the better it is…

    Thanks & Regards

    • Srimatthi

      Chin, VEnus being 8th lord but which house is he sitting..? curious to know. My previous dasa of Mercury being in 8th house created sudden ups and downs(lots of good and lots of bad things but it was great). My next dasa of venus is in 6th house navamsa with debilitated guru’s aspect… Just keeping my fingers crossed that I shouldn’t be in bedrest :) Anyways, I think Life will be ok once we know who we are…like u said ‘know thy self’ and then approach life in a perspective of going with the flow as where it takes us and not fighting so hard for the things that are not in our cards. I was going behind searching for true friends all my life and wasted all my precious times in it only to get in trouble and just realized from astrology that Ketu in 11th house means friendships are already experienced in pastlife and now its not in my cards.

      Dhilip Sir, CAn you please advice me why I was so crazy for friends with ketu ( if I already experienced in past life) in 11th house where I was willing to do anything for them until now. And Rahu being in 5th house… I was still neglecting my own kids until now. AStrology says one of the 5th house Rahu obsession is for childrens. Is this why Ketu dasa punished me so hard where I learned my soul transforming lesson to stick to only family,kids! Or Perhaps Rahu’s aspect on 11th house creates the 11th house obsession?

      Also, People out there should learn to follow their intuition where God indirectly guides us. When we fail to follow the intuition and instead following the blind faith leads us to trouble. Is it really Ketu dasa or RAhu’s aspect on Ketu for obsessions leads to great part of Misery? Rahu gives the courage to go for material desires, so we go and Ketu is just taking away the material gains and hence Misery? Thanks for your valuable time Sir!

  99. Helpless

    I am a student 18 yrs old…I hv ketu in 5th house.. sun, moon, mercury, jupiter all in 12th.. venus and rahu in 11th… saturn in 3rd.. lagna-dhanu.. I m goin thru ketu dasa since 2010.. I used to be a good student until 10th std.. after that, i got so much slip of luck… dat i cud nt fulfil my ambitions.. i hd suicidal thoughts several tyms.. and it has affected me in education.. peeez help.. i m fed up wid lyf.. i dont do anythin…smokin, drinkin, etc. … i dont want anythin in lyf except education and career now… i jst dreamt of a good career.. I just want some help in dis field only… i m very helpless.. pleez help..

    • Srimatthi

      Dear Helpless, Don’t talk nonsense of suicidal thoughts and being a student your thoughts should be only in education. If you still can’t and then go to doctor to rule out your depression and take medication. Wrap up all the other things and keep it aside. This time period will never come again. Once you cross 25, you will never find time for education. What ever you are worrying about is not worth it, believe me… you will realize when you turn 30 or 35. Why are you fedup in this age where you have to still experience whole lots of it ? Bad friends, girlfriends, movies etc., is all for distraction (also illusion not real) I don’t know horoscope but VEnus in 11th house is good for gains in general.. So, see the positive side of it and picture urself with a good career and start working now. Don’t blame on luck.. do hard work. Again, if your mind is not concentrating go to doctor. I think you are too young to rely on horoscope. Even if its bad you still have to put efforts on studies for your future. Knowing bad (or Good) is still going to affect you even more. So, put aside your horoscope and work hard. Pray a particular God or Guru sincerely!

  100. chinchin85

    Hi Helpless…

    For Ketu problems you can refer the above post by Dhilip which is extremely could do remedies as mentioned..general remedies include praying to lord Ganesha & feeding dogs daily…

    Another viewpoint to the problem…ACCEPT whatever is happening with a calm & detached mind…I understand this would be very difficult for you at your age as it looks like from what you have said above…but you could try doing it…just see what happens…the future will take care of itself..if you are firmly rooted in the now & do what you are supposed to do…

    Ketu as such is also a symbol of surrender…so if you surrender yourself to whatever is happening…it would surely ensure a calm mind…Keep putting your efforts in the right direction & dont think about the outcome…YOUR MIND IS A TOOL…USE IT as a TOOL….dont LET IS BE YOUR MASTER & OVERWHELM YOU with negative thoughts…QUIETEN IT…& Keep doing what you feel correct in the PRESENT MOMENT…

    Ketu trains one to have NO ATTACHMENT & NO AVERSION to anything in life…that is why it creates extreme hurdles & pathetic or apathetic dissatisfaction from everything in lyf….Just remember that you are still moving FORWARD on your life’s path (which in reality is designed by you yourself before you manifested on this plane of consciousness)…. if you dont have attachment or aversion & take lyf as it comes to you, you will notice that everything include success & failure are changing continuously & you are the unchanging witness….SO the condition which you are facing now is also NOT PERMANENT…IT TOO WILL CHANGE ONE DAY….so dont lose heart….

    Just as an aside….Bill Gates joined Harvard in Ketu Dasha & dropped out of it in the same dasha…Then he founded Microsoft Corp. in the same dasha…& the rest is history…

    Ketu…no doubt causes massive upheavals just to provide a NEW DIRECTION to everyone’s lyf…anyways whatever is bound to happen will happen…

    So JUST LIVE IN THE PRESENT…stop desiring a good education & good career bcoz that desire is what is causing you pain…KEEP MAKING EFFORTS WITH A CALM MIND & WITH AN ATTITUDE OF SURRENDER WITHOUT ANY EXPECTATION….after all success is your desire…you can keep it on hold for sometime & see what happens…

    Do the remedies…do some grounding exercises which will ground you in the present moment & take life like a game…play it with detachment…play it well…you will surely come out wiser….

    Thanks & Regards..

    PS: The world is designed so as to test your rootedness in the SELF…STAY FIRM…U WILL COME OUT WITH FLYING COLORS…

  101. vc

    Informative article. Could you please tell us when kedu dasha starts for for Hastha nakshatra please. thanks.

  102. chinchin85

    Hi Srimatthi..

    Thanks for the reply…

    Vedic Chart: Venus in my Vedic Chart is sitting in 5th house (Karka Rashi…Pushya Nakshatra 3rd Pada) along with Mercury in Aslesha 4th pada & Mars in Makha 1st Pada…(Mars is in 5th as per Bhava Chalit otherwise in very beginning of 6th house Simha Rashi)

    Navamsa Chart: Navamsa Venus is in 10 house (Thula with Moon ) aspected by Mars in Aries from the 4th house (all of this in navamsa).

    Vedic chart: Ketu in Swati 4th pada with Atmakaraka Saturm in Vishakha-3 Pada (Thula Rashi)
    8th house…

    Confusing part: In KP Astrology…Venus is in 4th house & by KP Rules it rules some part of 7th house & some part of 8th house…

    Unlike you said…I was never into friendships or relationships…I was always a loner..& I love being alone and keeping to myself….Thats how I got reading about astrology & other stuff…cause I wanted to know about the personality I AM dealing with….

    About being crazy for friends…from whatever I understand…Ketu is as powerful as Rahu & thus it also pulls equally strongly towards the house matters where it sits…true that we have already achieved these things in the past…but possibly it brings the same things again in this life time with a totally different agenda…It lures you towards something & will show you at the end that these things are not so worthwhile & one should detach from chasing after those things…they have already been achieved & we should try to develop the matters where Rahu is sitting…

    Rahu’s aspect also might be working but I am not sure about it….

    The above is just a viewpoint…Dhilip Sir would be able to clarify or correct it in a better way….

    • Srimatthi

      Hi Chin, Seems like very powerful combination of 3 planets but navamsa placement matters for you. Aries MArs courage and confidence can be seen from your comments :) Any person who has courage can win the world (pblms). I just started learning astrology so …. And, You are right about Ketu lured me more into friendships only to teach me a lesson to learn deattachment but sadly in a hard way. 12 yrs of friendship cutoff in one day of some misunderstanding where I cannot justify myself. I started researching astrology why this happenend and very badly wanted to know about pastlife.. because every single event happenend was like connecting the dots to this point and endedup learning astrology and a lot about cosmos, mantras etc.,

      I was told that ketu in 11th house is all about gains and it will be superb. Once I started researching in internet I also came to know my entire navamsa was wrongly placed. According to vakya panchangam i was pusya 2nd pada and now all the websites gives me that i am 1st pada and this changes my navamsa and the dasa periods. Entry of my Birth time is 2 hrs different in Vakya panchangam and the website’s Ayanamsa where they use Lahari or thirikanitham I guess which they claim that it is accurate scientifically!!!

      So I have 2 navamsa charts with me and not sure which one is correct. My father in law is an excellent astrologer in India and says Vakya is correct. But if He would have gave me even a hint that Ketu dasa is not so good or to be careful or not to go for material… I would have been careful. FATE plays a part here where GOD does not want me to be aware of my “bad time” and hence my horoscope was wrongly calculated?

      But I agree that terrible things happen when we go thru debilitated planets I guess. Debilitated Mars made me so angry where I lost my head and next Rahu antardasa I ended up with bad result. So, I am questioning Rahu’ mostly because He creates obsession in life and my head was congested with constant thoughts where i could think clearly and I can really feel the difference now in Jupiter antardasa (He is in 12 house debilitated too) as a cloud dissapeared from the sunlight. Although sad in 12 th house of Loss’ but Jupiter is still guiding me good things…spiritually.

      CAn you or Dhilip Sir guide me about panchangam doubts or how to know which navamsa calculation is correct… Or how to even know that I am Pushya 1 pada or 2 nd pada? Do you know any websites? Thank you in advance for sharing your wisdom…

      • chinchin85

        Your comment above “FATE plays a part here where GOD does not want me to be aware of my “bad time” is very insightful…..Thanks for making such a comment…

        1. We have no way of remembering our past NORMALLY…
        2. So, there is no way of correcting our past Karmic reactions without knowing what they were
        3. So, we face similar situations in our present circumstances..all Karma comes back..
        4. So, we habitually react to it as we used to do…in past life…
        5. So, we face the reaction of the present life action…(Like Newton’s 3rd law..)..
        6. So, if the reaction is painful…we pay attention to it..
        7. So, as we pay attention to it..we becomes Conscious of our action with brought forth that reaction
        8. So, we make an Conscious effort to change ourselves…

        Point no. 4 above- This is what we call “Mistakes”….personally speaking I don’t think anybody makes mistakes…because if they knew it was a mistake..they would not have made it in the first place….it is just an action-reaction pattern…this world is reflective..whatever I send out..I receive back…if the reaction is pleasant I think its good…else I think my actions to be a mistake…Sometimes we need to make so called “mistakes” so that the reactions help us to go beyond them by living consciously…

        So possibly as u said..Karma hides the info about the bad time…brings forth a “Bad” situation…we react or make the so called “Mistakes”…we feel pain…that clears off the Karma…and brings us a new understanding…& this understanding is SOLID because it will not be forgotten as it was the outcome of PAIN…so once for all we get a chance not only to clear our Karma but also to never repeat it again & cause or suffer pain….

        So, sometimes PAIN paves our way to HAPPINESS & PEACE..happiness which is not superficial but comes out of a deeper understanding & wisdom…..not the Venusian kind of pleasure…but the Jupiterian/Saturnian/Ketuvian kind of wisdom…

        SATURN/KETU are equated to PAIN…& NO PAIN…NO GAIN….so “Mistakes” or Mis-Takes i.e. wrong choices sometimes help in the long run….

        Thanks for the insightful words of wisdom shared……

      • Srimatthi

        Hi Chin,

        Excellent reply ‘in points’ for my previous comment. (People are falling in love with your comments… see, … don’t feel ‘stuck’ here) Also, Dhilip Sir is busy for year end making astrodairies.

        In Rome be like a Roman’–exactly ! When my pblm hit sharply on my head, I was thinking constantly how to rectify, resolve, correct etc., etc., and I was coming up with 10 different solutions however I was in silence. I consoled myself “Somethings are better left unsaid”. That particular 2 months I wokeup 4 am and I heard “Shiva rudram chamakam” ( ) excellent mantra to heal the pain and all types of sahasranamam’s from youtube. I knew that Ketu dasa or Karma is teaching me and I had to endure the pain gracefully and not to run anywhere else. In a way this pain is cleansing my soul and giving me new insights about several things.

        Yes, without Ketu dasa experience I agree I would have been lived foolishly forever….
        In Ketu dasa, playing by ketu’s rules… is the only way to keep us sane.

        Thanks again for your reply.

  103. Helpless

    Thanks, Chinchin85.. will follow yor advice..
    I am a very hardworking student.. I scored 96% in my 10th std. Then i started preparing for iitjee but i cud nt do anythin… actually no one will believe how obstacles started coming all over.. I always tried to remain concentrated bt it never hapend.. i m basically very disciplined.. I hv never drunk, smoked, had girlfriends or had bad friends…!!! I do hv very less friends bt dey r very good ones.. Most people who know me well jst know that i am a very good boy.. I tried 2 remain focused.. bt it never hapend.. now i study btech in a very ordinary college.. Here too, I m not able to do well.!!! Surprising obstacles comin in between everytym..!!!I never used to believe astrology bt when i started goin thru it in vacations.. i got to kno what it is..!! I wud really say no one shud face such periods ever in their lives.. And i wud follow yor advice.. CAN U TELL ME, WHAT OTHER STEPS CAN BE TAKEN.. HERE IN THIS PERIOD…AS A STUDENT…and another info which i didnt write earlier is dat i hv got mars in 9th house.. which myt help u… as I dont understand it well..!!!

  104. Anoop

    Dear Chinchin, Thanks for the comment. You have a very good view on Kethu dasha, cannot argue on that.. The positive attitude you have on this Dasha is inspiring, as many times in this Dasha I had lost all hopes.

    To Helpless,

    From my experience, Kethu is really good for studies as it is a good teacher. You may not find success as easy as in other dash, but you have to try hard to make it. And I do not understand what more STEPS U NEED as chinchin and srimathi has given you a elaborated view of experience.
    Moreover you can follow what Dhilip Kumar Sir has mentioned in the first part of this discussion. My advice to you will be to be focused only on your studies and have a positive mind. If you are a believer in God, DO prayers everyday as it helps to keep you focused. Dont worry too much about future, just keep giving your best shot.

  105. thozar

    100% true. My Ketu dasa turned my life, mainly my career, upside down. I am yet to recover from it although my Ketu dasa was over 5+ years back. As you said, the first 1/3 was good, the middle 1/3 was the worst, and the last 1/3 was just ok but I had fear of ailments.

    My star is Pushyami and I am going through Sukra dasa now. Little, if any, recovery from Ketu dasa. I have a better job now but am still having problems in life. No improvement so far. Could you please write an article about Sukra dasa.

    • Anoop

      Thozar, I am too Pushyami, on my last 8 months of Kethu. Was working in Dubai for a reputed company and lost my job when this dasha started. Never able to find a good job till now. I was very confident, positive mined and cool person, never worried about anything in my life till this Dasha started. Was shocked when one Astrologer and he told me the DATE I lost my job. This dasha has thought me a lot.
      It will be good to have a detailed article on Sukra Dasha, requesting Dilip Sir for the same.
      Chinchin, could you also share something about Sukhra dasha please.

    • Anoop

      Thozar, I am too Pushyami, on my last 8 months of Kethu. Was working in Dubai for a reputed company and lost my job when this dasha started. Never able to find a good job till now. I was very confident, positive mined and cool person, never worried about anything in my life till this Dasha started. Was shocked when one Astrologer and he told me about the DATE I lost my job. This dasha has taught me a lot.
      It will be good to have a detailed article on Sukra Dasha, requesting Dilip Sir for the same.
      Chinchin, could you also share something about Sukhra dasha please.

  106. chinchin85

    Hi Helpless,

    I too have a similar story like u..I too got 92% in 10th & was always a 1st ranker in my school..11th & 12th cudnt concentrate…no friends…no TV…no drinking …no smoking….got bad marks in 12th…did BSc, MSc & in a job…but was not so worried lyk u…

    See..lyf is not abt career & achievements…it is about how peaceful u r inside…What if one achieves everything in this world but is still not peaceful ??..What is the guarantee that he will be permanently satisfied in this world after all his achievements???…look around in your family, your community etc…you will never find anyone who is completely at peace with himself….people are always running after some or the other thing…even though they might be super achievers….OBSERVE OTHERS & learn the tricks this MAYA is playing on everyone…
    Ketu period is problematic no doubt….but possibly it is giving you a chance to become grounded in yourself…to learn to live in the moment…to learn unconditional & unwavering acceptance of the fact that Nothing in this world can satisfy you except YOUR SELF…

    See…u are still 18 yrs old…entire lyf is ahead of u….learn whatever Ketu is teaching u with an open mind & for the rest of ur lyf…keep PRACTICING!!!….that is why we all are given a certain span of timeline as a lifetime…LIFE IS ALL ABOUT PRACTICING BEING ESTABLISHED IN THE SELF…..any achievement whether worldly or otherwise does not happen without putting in effort…& if u turn towards spirituality…this is indeed the best time…Spirituality is not for the old people…at that age who knows whether our senses will be proper or not…so better start early drive slowly & reach safely…

    Two things in you horoscope…11th lord Venus (Swakshetra) + Rahu in 11th house…possibly can help you become successful…Also 5th lord in 9th house is said to be a lucky combination…but still one has to read various varga charts for the minutest details of the life pattern….

    Do the remedies mentioned above…Also if possible…do pranayama & yogasanas routinely…will help you clear your mind of negative thoughts… do meditation…or simply just concentrate on your breath flow….have a simple goal “To Stop Mental Chatter”…because that chatter or so called self talk is creating pain for you….do Vippassana meditation (basic guidance available on the Internet)…

    Last but not the least…Astrology determines only your situation but not your reaction to it….you can choose not to react in the habitual way which your mind forces you too…..the world is just a mental projection…change your mentality…change your world…now you are facing some problems…life will surely throw more of them at you…learn to be strong now…& when more challenges come…you will surely be able to handle them way more effectively…. then you will look back & thank Ketu & the changes it forced upon you…

    All the best…Keep making right effort in the right direction…& have 100% trust in YOUR SELF…bcoz that is the greatest treasure YOU HAVE & can ever HAVE..

    • Srimatthi

      Hi Chin, Like Anoop said your positive attitude is inspiring others, so continue writing if its ok with you. I wish I could have that kind of attitude. I am in the middle of the ketu dasa. Still 3 more yrs to go… :( Mostly more than problems I could not stop that mental chatter…. as a voice keep going inside. Ketu being a headless body….creating this illusionary pain in the head…. I will seriouly think about meditaion…..

      anyways, learning others pblm and sharing and commenting here is helping me a little. I was surprised to see how Dhilip Sir allowed your first comment but He believed in you. He knows that you can help others.

      Anoop, I am pushyami (lost my job too) and I keep hearing from other pushyami’s lost their jobs mostly in this dasa.. Me too anticipating if any good in waiting in the corner of Sukra dasa… and its 20 yrs long..OMG!

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Here is a good advice: first find out what is possible (indicated in the horoscope). Then try to find out when it will happen. For example Shri Varahamihira warned about possible mistakes….. he said if in a horoscope there is NO SCOPE for children then trying to time the birth of a child using dasha and bhukti or transit is of no use. What is not possible when never happen. Because something happened to someone it will not happen to all. No general method should be used. Be specific and each horoscope is unique. Try to read the horoscope in its totality.

      • chinchin85

        Hi Srimatthi,

        Like what Dhilip Sir said in the reply to your query…each horoscope is different…& the exact birth time matters for exact delineation of the horoscope…because the varga charts which actually dissect the horoscope differ within minutes….that is why sometimes twins have very different lives..even though they are born within a very small gap of time..lagna, moon sign & even the position of the planets can be almost exactly same…but still their lives can come out to be different…

        Why all Pushyami guys are losing jobs??…could it be something related to the current transit of Rahu in the 10th house from the pushya moon/pushya lagna/karka lagna???…
        The issue cannot be generalized & Dhilip sir could shed more light on it….

        I was stuck in this Ketu article…but read other articles by Dhilip Sir just yesterday…& am very happy to have landed on this website…there are many websites which simply generalize Karmic delineations..this one provides an in-depth analysis with examples & subtle guidance which can prove to be a tremendous help…a MILLION thanks to Dhilip Sir for such great insights…

        Possibly one can have a one-one consultation session with him…I recommend it because I had a similar session on phone with a KP astrologer in Hyderabad long ago..& it helped me clear many whats,whys & hows of my current experience…..see these forums help us share our views…but can certainly not replace the guidance of an expert…..just like the difference between taking medicine from a quack & a certified Doctor…

        All the best…

      • Anoop

        Yes ! me too waiting for Sukra to start. I am sure that something is going on with Pushyami people, as one of my friend was searching job for last few years and I told him to consult a Astrologer (as he was not a believer in astrology) . He came back to me saying he is an Pushyami and astrologer has told him Pushyami people is having a bad time, and its hard to get a job. Requesting Dhilip Sir to share interpretation on this.

        It is impossible to believe how Karma is playing in my life, I was almost selected in few Int companies and was rejected in last moment because of stupid reasons. Was even promised job in a company last month after all the interview process, and now they do not take my call.
        This discussion helps a lot now as it builds confidence and hope.

  107. chinchin85

    Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for the comment…just to clarify..its not a positive attitude which I keep…I sincerely know that I dont have any free will to change anything…so I just ACCEPT whatever happens without any ATTACHMENT & AVERSION..anyway it too will change & rearrange…so wanting happiness or avoiding pain cannot be sustained for long…as the conditions themselves are continuously changing….

    Its 100% better for me to accept everything happily rather than accepting it after holding a grudge or pain…as I don’t run this world…forget about it…I dont even circulate my own blood or digest my food…its the power of LIFE / SELF in my & all other bodies which does all this according to KARMA…so I cannot dictate what shud happen & what shud not…

    We were taught by our Guru that everything is the SELF… which is ALL INCLUSIVE…it includes good & bad..pain & pleasure…right & wrong…everything is just a specific vibration of the SELF…so why shud our petty Ego/Mind interfere & judge with what “IS”…the ego/mind does crop up many times…but PRACTICE is required so as to be Aware of all this…

    SELF is always perfect…& because it contains everything….everything is perfect too…that ONE SELF is working thru all of us…

    To all,

    My posts are long..sorry for that but they act as a reminder to me…of what I shud PRACTICE..may be I write so much as I have debilitated retrograde Guru in 11th….

    Thanks to all.

    • Anoop

      Thanks a lot Chin chin. As you said I am now accepting everything happily as it comes, it sure helps a lot. I do not understand this SELF concept. Could you please explain a bit more about it.

  108. pravin

    Hi chin,
    Your comments on ketu dasha is relly good, i am a pushyami born star, currently runnig through ketu dasha may be ending in dec 2015, i ost my job 6 months back, i am from very poor family, my ketu is in 2nd house with mars and sun. and sukra+budha in 3rd house,moon in 1st house. rahu in 8th, sani in 6th and jup in 12th house of lagna chart i am now feelingly completely depressed, my head is also paining a lot, even i cant concentrate on god, my soul is searching for something, plz could you predict my sukra dasha? suscide thoughts are worrying me a lot. could please predict how will be my sukra dasha?.plz do reply…………

    • chinchin85

      Hi Pravin…

      In one of the posts I have replied to a guy who had similar suicidal thoughts like you…you can go thru it….

      Suicide will end life but certainly not the Karma associated with your consciousness…
      Karma has to be undergone WHATEVER be the scenario.,..only thing is that by doing suicide…one will have additionally complicated KARMIC BURDEN…
      Logically speaking….suicide does not guarantee….a better afterlife or a better next life…do you understand it???….

      Take responsibilty for whatever Karma has come to you bcoz it is brought forth by you & you alone…Its your creation & so you can change it…your RESISTANCE to “what IS” is causing you pain…TRY an approach of ACCEPTANCE…& see what happens…..

      Talk to urself like this “Ok I have a problem!!!… I accept it. It is here to teach me something. I will be open to learn from whatever I am facing RIGHT now. I dont have a job.I also dont have money.So I will prepare for a job & apply for interviews. Possibly I would have lost the previous job due to some fault of mine. may I now learn from that experience & not repeat that mistake.” or something along those lines…..& DO what feels right to you….

      See, use your mind as a tool to analyse the root of the problem…Dont simply get overwhelmed by its continuous chatter about past or future or suicide… are alive & living RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW …not in your past or future…

      Firstly STOP thinking of suicide….& do the remedies as mentioned by Dhilip Sir…will surely help you to calm down…also be centered/ grounded in yourself…do some meditation…vipassana…pranayama…control the breath to control the mind….so that you can concentrate better…..& keep preparing for job interviews & keep applying for jobs….

      “In Rome be like a Roman”….follow Ketu’s rules during his dasha…so that he does no trouble u..
      1st rule: NO ATTACHMENT or AVERSION to ANYTHING whatsoever…..including past & future

      I understand that poverty & a lack of employment hurts very badly…but feeling depressed about it will NOT help….TRUST THIS CURRENT PROCESS OF CLEANSING…

      Any emotion/feeling including DEPRESSION is an energy….and Energy can be transformed from one form to another…so transform it & use it for your advantage rather than against you….If possible consult a good astrologer…know your life path…the professional field where you can succeed…& put efforts in that direction…Convert your DEPRESSION into DEDICATION….

      Rahu in 8th implies…working with occult…doing research..working with others people’s resources..etc. So that is where you are supposed to grow….

      Saturn in 6th implies that you shud do some kind of social service in ur free time…join some NGO…try bringing joy in lives of others…bcoz whatever vibration u give out will come back to you….so be careful not to be give out depression vibrations & divert the same energy in constructive pursuits…

      Pray to the SELF within you for guidance…it is infinitely more intelligent than our little minds…it will surely guide you correctly….Listen to the inner voice…but that’s only possible if you calm down your mind…by doing the remedies mentioned by Dhilip Sir & doing some meditation…& do all of that without any expectation…

      All the best…

      PS: just a guess…you might be born in the later part of August 1989…possibly on 29th or 30th…but mind u…i cud possibly be very wrong…

    • Srimatthi

      Hi Pravin,

      Since Ketu maybe ending in 2015, you must be running thru the last couple of antardasa of Jupiter (12th house may indicate house of losses and lack of concentration) or SAturn antardasa (being in 6th may indicate hardships that you are feeling)…. however, it is impossible to predict without seeing aspects and other charts… Anyways, I also have been there… where I needed to hear desperately about the outcome of future from horoscope. So, I felt like replying you…. along with Chin. Like Dhilip sir said above try to pray or hear Ganesh sahasranamam as He is the ruler of Ketu. Hearing these powerful mantras will defin., change your perception about your problem. Its scientifically proven that vedic mantras has an effect on neurotransmitters of our brain and induces positive energy which will help on our depressive thoughts. I have heard that Migrane like headaches are common in Ketu dasa and its all because of the stress. Be strong and Have hope and fight hard..

  109. Srimatthi

    Hello Dhilip Sir & Chinchin,

    Thanks for the replies and I really appreciate the time you guys are taking from the busy schedule.

    Dhilip sir, In the near future I will schedule an appointment as I live in abroad and I have to see the time difference. (Also, I want to just clarify my previous doubt : What I meant to ask is my birth time is 5.01 pm – It is not a pblm., But Vakya panchangam says Pusya nakshatra entry time that day is 9.30 am and hence I was in 2nd pada but all the other astrology modern software shows the pushya nakshatra entry time as 11.00 am that day and hence gives as 1 st pada)

    As simple as it sounds… this time difference in panchangam creates confusion in dasa periods and it changes navamsa D10 chart as well. So entire prediction goes wrong and I am not sure how many people have undergone this. I know this discussion is not relevant here and I will schedule an appt to discuss this even more.

    Thanks again!!

    • chinchin85

      Hi All,

      Sorry for the incorrect info in one of the posts…for pushya people Rahu is not transitting the 10th house from Pushya Moon/Pushya Lagna or Karka Lagna…It is Ketu which is transitting the 10th house…so possibly that could be the reason for loss of jobs…this is just a generalization & may not be applicable to all….

      Ketu is headless…so creates situations which make people feel like living without a head & makes them feel directionless…..

  110. Srimatthi

    To all pushyami’s : Losing job means making little mistakes that’s adding up -either via work or via people. .. Lets take this ‘jobless’ time to sit alone, to think, to improve skills in all areas with God’s blessings and to remain positive that this experience is ONLY to shine on Sukra dasa !!

    • chinchin85

      Nice one….Srimatthi….free time cud be used for contemplation….otherwise where does one get free time in this busy world!!!!

      Also as you said…bhava chalit chart shows the correct bhava placements of the planets…
      Rashi chart–> placement of planets in rashi
      Bhava Chart–> placement of planets in house

      But Bhava chart changes according to calculation of where the beginning of the ascendant is considered…

      This is very different in Vedic Astrology & KP Astrology…
      In Vedic…bhava madhya (middle of the house) is considered the beginning of the bhava…So planets in any house in the middle of that house or towards the very beginning or end of any house can tend to fall in different houses..

      In KP Astrology…the exact ascendant is considered as the beginning of the bhava & bhavas are not exactly of 30 degrees…can be more or less…hence here the results can be different from the vedic rashi & bhava chalit chart too…

      All the best for your shukra dasha…

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        It is a mistake. In Vedic Astrology, the Lagna degree is the Bhava Madhya of each house. The bhava start is 15 degrees backwards and forward. I have done a video on YOUTUBE. Please watch it.

  111. Srimatthi

    Also, one last info … although my ketu is 11/rahu in 5 axis… my bhava chart shows that Ketu is in 12 and rahu in 6th house. I just saw Dhilip sir’s video that we should consider the house’s as per bhava chart rather than Rasi chart alone. Another insightful video that explains my confusion. Now I know why 11 th house of gain and 12 th house of losses is mixed.. Thank you Dhilip sir!

  112. pravin

    HI srimathi & chin,
    hey!!!!!! ur analysis on my horoscope is 100% true, i tend to loose concentration, while i prepared to do meditation but i give up with in shortwhile, stress and fear is ruling over my mind…….chin ur analysis is corresct and muy DOB is 29-08-1989 &TOB is 3:15am @HYD, currently i am under ketu dasha with satrun antardasha till 2014 july? can i survive? i am loosing hopes? will i get a job? no oppurtunity is knocking me? and plz predict how will be my sukra dasha? can i feed my parents they have many hopes on me……….but i am completely depressed……..will horoscope judges person’s life??…….plz do reply srimathi & chin…again great thanks for ur comments………….i am praying to ganapati without concentration……

    • chinchin85

      Hi Pravin,

      See Don’t worry about Sukra dasha now!!!…As Srimatthi said…Sat in 6th could be a cause for current problems…also its angle from mahadasha pati that is Ketu in the chart is 2/12…which can also result is lossy situations…but plz don’t lose hope…

      Reading mine or anyone’s comments will be of no help…until you look sincerely WITHIN to see what is going on within YOU & try to make a change in the mindset….& dont depend too much on horoscope….Its a tool for knowing the personality & the karma associated with it…but it should not cripple one’s ability to think rationally…& NO ASTROLOGY or any other thing is forcing you to feel depressed…its PURELY YOUR CHOICE to react in the way you want to…

      Just think for yourself….Is being depressed helping you??…or harming you??…Is it solving your problems??…Depression can cause serious problems later & it is also causing enough now…do you want to sow such seeds for your future??…You might think….that I am simply advising you because its easier to advice than to suffer…but I am only telling you to think for yourself…. & DEPRESSION IS NOT THINKING for yourself….it is thinking against yourself…even if you are 100 times depressed of what you are now….it will not solve your problem…I hope you understand..

      I read somewhere long back: “IF YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SEE TOMORROW THEN BE SURE THAT KARMA WILL KEEP If you are supposed to see tomorrow, be sure that Karma will keep you alive today”…see, I am not being harsh here…but telling rational stuff…To your question “Can I survive??”….Answer is : Definitely, if that is what is supposed to be….
      “Will I be able to feed my parents??”…Answer is : Definitely, if that is what is supposed to be….

      Karma is the BEST teacher..impartial & exact..It is upto you to learn…either happily or with grudge…Can you run away from KARMA???…Its impossible…KARMA will eventually catch up with you….

      WHATEVER has to HAPPEN WILL HAPPEN…& WHATEVER is not supposed to happen will never happen….& WHATEVER HAPPENS IS JUSTICE….These lines are not just “black print cheesy quotations”…for me it is the WAY of life….

      Read Srimatthi’s Post…do what she has said…do remedies mentioned by Dhilip SIr. You are wrong to say that you can’t concentrate…you have concentrated so much on negative thoughts that you are so much into DEPRESSION…is that not concentration???…Simply change the direction of your thinking…towards ACCEPTANCE of the fact that whatever is happening is justice…To begin with…you can simply concentrate on your breath flow….just observe it without any WORDS IN YOUR HEAD ABOUT ANYTHING including the breath…do it…It will give peace..

      Reading my post or any other post will be of no help…its just like reading the instructions in the help manual of the machine…u can read it a million times…its totally useless…but the FASTER you apply what is written & LOOK WITHIN & ACCEPT everything which comes in your field of experience with equanimity…that might really help….

      SEE DON”T WASTE TIME…I wasted three years of Ketu dasha to learn Acceptance…Ketu has no boundaries…it can teach you more than you can ever imagine & its lord Shri Ganesh ensures pushing one to the maximum extent towards the TRUTH…the faster you INTERNALIZE & PRACTICE its teaching…the better it is…HELP KETU for what he has to give you by HELPING YOURSELF….else you already have a taste of his medicine…

      Summary of all of my posts till now in 3 words: “ACCEPTANCE without ATTACHMENT or AVERSION”…

      Thanks & Regards,

      PS: SORRY TO ALL FOR LONG POSTS BASICALLY CONTAINING THE SAME STUFF JUST WRITTEN DIFFERENTLY….its the difference between eating a full plate meal & some FOOD capsules…both will do the job…depending on the circumstances…

    • Srimatthi

      Hi Pravin, I started learning astrology for only past 3 months.. so I cannot give you major prediction. However your current antardasa of saturn seems tough… being in 6th house and the 6th house lord jupiter in 12th. But I could be wrong. Jupiter aspect on saturn can be still good also. Being cancer ascendant and your moon on the ascendant is in his ‘own house’… this could be always positive. your mercury is also exalted and in his own house canceling venus’s debilitation..which could be positive..Venus is not debilitated in navamsa,that’s good thing…. so with hard work you can defi., rise … There are so many other things to consider …

      Again don’t fully let yourself down believing astrology. Its only a tool to know our strength and weakness but we only have to work hard to correct ourselves and move on. Time to time all people will face hardships and depression. But we have the power to change the depressive part with little bit of our attitude. I know, all you want to hear is “your sukra dasa is superb” … we need someone’s assurance right? to get our hopes up?

      Pravin, you said you want to feed your parents… this responsibility in such young age shows that you are a good hearted person. this good intention alone will drive you and…. it will give you the strength to fight for your ambition. For some people luck will knock their door.. for people like you and me… now that we are going through tough times…we have to find our way to reach that luck’s door. Find our way by- hard work.. hard work… lots of effort…and effort with positive attitude. As you know.. little opportunity will also run away if you show your negative energy… so first do something for your depression. Write all your negative thoughts in one paper everyday and tear it away. I can go on and on.. but i know that you wanted to hear more on your horoscope. “Force is within us” !!! All the best.

  113. chinchin85

    Hi Dhilip,

    Whatever you said is 100% correct…I have not seen the video though as I am in office…As per calculation…Lagna is indeed 15 degrees on both sides backward & forward…Today morning I calculated in the same way after posting my comment…Thanks for the correction & sorry for the incorrect info provided…as to make my post short..I gave an info which was written in a misunderstanding way…

    Thx once again…will surely chk out ur vdo..

  114. Srimatthi

    Pravin, For career see 10th lord condition. 10th lord Mars is in 2nd house with sun in rasi chart (not sure of the combustion since they both are 11 degrees apart, and Mars is in 4th house navamsa and in D10 career chart, Mars is in 1st house. google or youtube these positions to know more.. Thanks.

  115. chinchin85

    Hi Pravin,

    Currently Saturn is exalted & is transitting the 4th house in your chart thus aspecting the 10th house of career…& Ketu is transitting the 10th house of career itself…also 10th lord is sitting in 2nd house again with Ketu…This all could cause whatever you are going thru…

    But dont worry…everything passes away with time..have patience..keep studying & applying for interviews…WORK in the present …but dont WORRY about the future…

    All the best…

    • pravin

      Hi chinchin,
      Great thanks for your kind suggestions!!!!!!! i keenly aware that INNERSELF matters now and how to approach the hurdles in is good to hear positive about sukra dasha!!!, hope i would get better oppurtunities soon. great thanks for your comments again.

  116. Nitin

    Dhilip sir,
    when I started to explore the the internet for ketu information, I chanced upon your site and was really delighted to get so much information not only from you but also from other readers about their ketu experiences.
    Needless to say, I became a regular follower.
    However of late there are too many comments which seem to be off the main topic.
    Lets keep focussing on ketu knowledge and ketu experiences.
    Let us not add toooo much of philosophy and psychology into this. There are many other sites for that.


  117. Srimatthi

    Dear Dhilip Sir, Thanks for the opportunity to share the experiences so far. Yest., night I also felt the same way as Nitin said. Thanks again to you, Chin and the rest of all for the kind support. Please make some more videos about astrology in depth. Bye Sir!

  118. MM

    Goodness, this article. I’m going through my Ket MD as well as sade sati…and life’s killing me. I cannot sleep at night and am maddeningly anxious and depressed all the time. I haven’t stepped out of my house for almost 2 years and have cut myself from society. I’ve made the gravest of mistakes in this MD..which I truly regret and will never repeat…and am constantly living in a fear that people have harmed me ,behind my back, because of these. What a lesson this phase is. All I do now is pray. I purchased a Ganesha pendant the moment I read this article.
    Would you recommend any special remedy when Ket MD and sade sati fall together?

    I have a question about the article on suicide. How do you know about the person’s experience? I mean, how’s that even possible?

    • nitin

      Dear MM,
      I can understand your case. Just like you, I am going through ketu MD and shani sade sati (7 1/2 years) , both of them simultaneously. Facing only one of these periods is terrible for most people. And both of them together ? ha ha ! We are the unique ones.!!

      My case is similar to you : Loss of job several times, bank balance reduced to zero (now I am in debt), loss of friends, close family members turning hostile etc. etc.

      Any body can go mad in such circumstances.
      (My knowledge of astrology, some sipiritual practices , little bit yoga everyday
      has kept my mind and body in order )

      More later,

      • MM

        Hi Nitin, this is the toughest phase of my life..I think I’m even running Sat AD…’s hell for me here. Are you performing any remedies..especially for sade sati? My life turned into a disaster right from the time Jup moved to Tau…and, now, when it’s retro in Gem…the same feeling’s coming back.
        I know it’s all karma..and I’m paying from my wrong doings…I just want God to protect me from harm. It’s been a great learning process…I’m a changed person…but am living in constant fear of consequences or harm from others, behind my back.

  119. vijayakumar

    It is amazing to read such a article ,,,,, dear Mr ,delip sir I have go through the lessons of yours in you tube also such a great points I gathered . it is very usefull to understand myself about my horscope .really I want to say thanks and appreciate your service to astrology readers .

    O my God , I am running out of kethu dhisa I want to tell my experience of kethu dhisa kindly guied me to pass away to sukra dhisa to enjoy .

    It will be a great chance to tell my experience to readers also

    Main points to understand in my jathaga is ,

    my lagna is Rishba lagna , kethu in 10 place ( kumbam some type of austrology tells its uthcha sthana ) with sukra ,

    In 2008 kethu dhisa was started , even though according my kochara (kadaka rasi ) sani dhava was in ending of 7 ½ sani , I got a good job in new location I was getting a great package , I was thinking it the kethu dhasa will be grate to me .

    I have received price amount of 4.5 lack in lottery also by accidentally ( it was my sukra bukthi starting ) then what to explain I was getting all sufficient friends ( especially girls ) it was great up to 2012 . I never believe I am going to meet great deep in my life .

    While my guru bukthi ( austamathibathi ( 8 th place god ) it is totally reversed .. I lost all ….my job , savings , property ( diffrent case ) , all my friends , all my support

    Still there is sani deva , budha bukthi ,,, I am counting my days …. To pass with out income ,, standard job , its horrible …

    I come to know from your article it will be like this in the end of kethu dhisa ,, I understand .. already I do the same I pray god ganesh every day on his temple .

    Kindly let me know as per my jathaga rishaba lagna sani deva is yogakaraga , he sits in 5 th house , ( 5th house lord is butha ) butha is sits in 9th house ( ninth house lord is sani deva ) parivarthana . At lost I passed guru bukthi and I entered into sani deva bukthi . will it give any changes in my life , is there any chance to survive and enter in to sukra dhisa ( as he is lagnathipathi will do good )


  120. Swami

    Dear Dhilipji,

    Just would like to know for those jataka whose ketu is in exalted state in Gemini, would they also have to go through the same sufferings and pains as you have mentioned in your article during the ketu dasha?

    • MM

      Ket’s debilitated in Gemini, I thought. I have this one.

  121. Mrm

    When i pray to ganesh i notice i get more angry and my ego takes over more easily, how could it be when ganesh should remove obstacles or is this the way it is removed? I don’t understand how letting the ego take over can get rid of the ego. It makes no sense.


    Dear Dhilipji, first of all I fully endorse your this case study of Ketu Dasha. I am in the last phase of this Dasha, 40 days are remaining. I read your article few days back only. I can connect my these last 7 years with your this article word to word. I appreciate your knowledge about this dasha.

  123. gsin

    Dear sir, My ketu dasha starting from 2015 august. my budh dasha was horrible. budh conjuct ketu so budh gets weak here. ketu+budh in 4rth house in saggitarius. kanya lagna. saturn and venus parivartamsa yoga 2nd and 5th house. moon in 7th house. rahu in 10th house. and mars in 6th house. venus+sun in 5th house. how would be my ketu dasha. budh mahadasha shani antardasha going on. as per your article that i read my dasha will be good rest please assure me about how it would be. thanks

  124. thozar

    Anoop, pushyami star people are going through ardhashtama sani now. Saturn in 4th house is next only to sade sati and ashtama sani when it comes to all the negative effects. That may partially explain some of the problems that we are going through. I was wondering why I didn’t benefit when Saturn was in the 3rd house. As you know, Saturn transit in 3rd, 6th, and 11th houses are considered good. Then I learned that Ketu in 12th house between Dec 2009 (almost at the beginning of 3rd house Saturn for Cancer moon sign) and May 2011 (6 months prior to the sani transit to 4th house for Cancerians) acted as a “veda” point and hence blocked al the good effects. I too went to meet an astrologer and when he learned that I was a pushyami, his immediate reaction was that things would have been bad for a while now. This was last year. Hopefully, our better times will start soon. It has been a while since Cancerians enjoyed good times. Personally, I was going through the 2nd 1/3 period of Ketu dasha when sade sati started. Both of them ripped me apart. Things are little better now but, as I mentioned earlier, I am yet to recover from the pounding I received at that time. That said, I pray to God that your problems disappear soon and you lead a happy life. Wish everyone the same.

    Praying to God, helping others in need, and waiting it out is the only way, it looks like.

    • Anoop

      Thanks a lot Thozar. I too wish all the kethu dasha people go through this period without any major difficulty. As per the astrologer, pushyami people is having this Sani for one year more. I am not having too much knowledge about the transits, but this sani and kethu is not at all good and as per the astrologer, I may need to take some extra care this time as he said everything will be worse at the end of any daha.
      Astrologer told ‘You have gone trough this much, now me to be patient for few more months’ as he knew I was frustrated in all means .
      I was always worried a lot during this dsaha as I could not understand what is happening with me, what ever I do was not just working, but realised there is no point in worrying as it never helps. Now I take things as it comes.
      Hope everything will be fine in Sukra dasha..

  125. thozar

    Swami, MM, there is no agreement among various jyotish scholars on the exaltation/debilitation signs for the nodes. There is one theory that suggests that when Rahu is exalted, Ketu is debilitated and vice versa. This, kind of, makes sense because Rahu represents materialistic needs and Ketu denotes spiritual needs and they are always opposite. However, there is another school of thought that suggests that either they both are exalted or both debilitated.

  126. Raj

    So true… my Ketu is in 10th with Jup. in aries…..I started my Ketu Dasha in mid-2010 looking for a change in Job, in Ketu-Ven got a new job and was earning good and having good time, then near the end of Ketu-Ven i moved back to India settled down comfortably. Suddenly during the start of Ket-Sun,life started turning into a nightmare.. my Sun is in 8th house… i knew something was coming up like an accident or something…. but instead my Home life turned upside down.. you know parents and wife problems… since then i am Depressed feels like carrying a 5 Kg stone in my head all the time… Ket-Sun, Ket-Moon, Ketu-Man.. were all troubling and then my parents moved to their ancestral home… at that point it felt suicidal… but i love my kids a lot… i started going to temple every weekend and also visited few pilgrimage. Now going thru Ket-Rah dasha…. things are a lil better now.. but i am in my own depressed world and nobody cares or i guess don’t know. I really fear Ketu-Shani now.. but next year.. Ketu will transit to 9th in picses so i guess it will give lil less trouble.. just hope so…. i have not much ego left… things don’t make me happy from inside and a weight in my head all the time. life is weird… passing each day and hope something unkown worst doesn’t happen… as i wait for Venus dasha.. but i know 3rd phase of Ketu is still left to teach me something, Oh my God!

    • Surendra Mishra

      So true

  127. thozar

    Anoop, At the moment, transit Saturn (exalted) is in 4th house along with Rahu, Jupiter is in 12th house (house of losses),and Ketu in 10th. All 4 major grahas are not in a favorable state. Next year, Jupiter is moving to Cancer where it will be exalted (janma sthana for us, scary), Rahu to 3rd (good) and Ketu in 9th (not good), and at the end of the year, the big transit of Saturn to 5th house happens. Except Rahu, the other 3 transits are not so good for us. However, good times will come for sure.

    • Raj

      Hi Thozar, I also have cancer ascendant and i am going through Ketu-Rahu right now. I was just curious about why Jup in Cancer will be scary and Ketu in Picses in 9th will be bad. I read that Picses is a good place for Ketu, and thought there might be some relief. Ketu-Sun,Moon, Mar bhukti and Saturn in 4th has already given by bad time in Home atmosphere since last 2 years, waiting for Sat to move on.

  128. thozar

    Raj, I am referring to the transit results only. As you know, for transit, you always look at your moon sign and not ascendant. In your birth chart, usually Jupiter in Cancer is very good as it will be exalted and it will give excellent results if you are a cancer ascendant. However, in transit, for cancer moon sign people, it is the janma sthana and Jupiter in janma sthana in transit usually gives bad results. Now, since Jupiter is also exalted, I think the results will be amplified – so positive will be more positive and negative will be more negative. That is why I mentioned it is scary. However, if your moon sign is Gemine/Virgo/Scorpio/Capricorn/Pisces, it is going to be fun as Jupiter will be in the 2nd/5th/7th/9th/11th houses respectively.

    Similarly, transit Ketu in 9th house is not good also. However, at the same time, transit Rahu will be in 3rd house (from moon sign) which is good.

    What is your moon sign?

    • Raj

      Thozar, Thanks for detailed explanation. My moon sign is Pisces, good to know that for transit i need to look at moon sign and not ascendant. Just to give more details if you can guide on how Ven Mahadasha will be. Normally my Venus bhuktis were great in Me and Ke mahadasha but Dhilipji’s article mentions that Venus is not good for Cancer ascendant, got me confused. I have 1-Sat(in Cancer Ascendant), 4-Rahu, 7-Ve,Me, 8-Su, 9-Mo, 10-Ju,Ke and 11-Mar.

      • thozar

        Pisces rashi people will have a great relief come June 2014. You are going through ashtama shani which is considered the most testing period. On top of it, Guru was in your 3rd house between May 2012 and May 2013 which may have been a very tough period for you. Guru’s move to Gemini in May 2013 would have benefited you. In June 2014, when it moves to your 5th house where it will be exalted, you should see a lot of positive changes. Besides, ashtama sani will also be at its ending stages and then it will move to 9th house which too should be relatively good for you. But, Rahu and Ketu transits won’t be that great because Ketu will be in your moon sign and Rahu in 7th house which is not very beneficial. But, the positions of Guru and Saturn should bring you relief.

        As Dhilip sir’s article mentions, Venus is not that favorable to Cancer ascendants because Venus owns the 11th house which, as you may know, is a “padhaka sthana” for chara rashis (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). However, I have also read that 11th house lord for chara rashis would only cause trouble when end is near for a person and not otherwise. In fact, 11th house Lord would normally bring only happiness. Besides, Venus also owns your 4th house of Libra which is its “moola thirikona”. Also, your Venus is in your 7th house (kendra) in Aquaries, a friend’s (Saturn) house. So, I think you don’t need to fear Venus dasha as such. However, please note that I am not a professional and I am just giving my views based on what I read. As always, Dhilip sir would know a lot better about this than I do:-)

  129. thozar

    “However, if your moon sign is Gemine/Virgo/Scorpio/Capricorn/Pisces, it is going to be fun as Jupiter will be in the 2nd/5th/7th/9th/11th houses respectively.”

    I had the order wrong, for the above mentioned signs, Jupiter will be in 2nd/11th/9th/7th/5th houses respectively.

    • Raj

      Hi Thozar, thanks for detailed explanation of the transits. Your analysis is very accurate as things are little better since May2013, But a year before that was a nightmare. I hope to have some relief after jupiter transit.From my practical experience i have had really good time during both Me/Ve and Ke/Ve.. so i guess Venus should be good overall.

  130. nkg

    Has anyone tried selling his/her house in ketu major period ? If yes, was it financially successful ? Please share your experiences.
    I ask because I am going through ketu Mahadasha, (jupiter sub-period) and facing a major financial crisis. This seems to be the only way out.!
    Any advice is welcome. My ketu and Jup are in the 6th house.

    • Raj

      NKG, I was able to sell my flat after a delay during Ketu-Rah dasha. I went to Shani temple in Kosi a day before i got a buyer after waiting for 6 mnths in second half of 2013, sold it at lil lower price. Might be a co-incidence but my father was also able to sell a property after long delay in 2005 the very next day we went to same Shani temple. I am not suggesting anything, just sharing my experience.

  131. thozar

    nkg, what is your ascendant and your rashi?

    • nkg

      To Raj : Thanks for sharing your house sharing experience.
      To thozar: my ascendant : Aries, moon sign: libra, ketu in 6th house alongwith jup and merc.
      Moon, sun in 7th, mars in 5th. sat, rahu in 12th, venus in 8th house.
      birth : 23-oct-1968 at 17:58 IST ( 18:39N, 72:52 E).
      Note : I prospered so much in previous mercury MD that I was the envy of many people.

      • thozar

        nkg, It is interesting that mercury has bestowed you with lot of goodies in His Mahadasha even though it is the lord of the 6th house (and 3rd). Perhaps because He is in His Moola Thirikona. Lagnadhipathi Mars in Thirikona house is excellent too. Moon and debilitated Sun in 7th house are looking at the Ascendant. Jupiter in His enemy house along with Ketu may have caused you financial concern as Jupiter is dhana kaaraka and bhagyathipathi (9th house Lord) for you but He is friendly to your Ascendant lord and is aspecting your 2nd house of wealth and family. The Lord of the 2nd house Venus is also aspecting this house. So, your problems should be resolved soon, perhaps after Shani AD because Shani in 12th house also aspects your 2nd house. However, Shani is the Lord of your 11th house of gains. Come Mercury AD, you should be fine. That said, I am no expert and am sharing my views only based on what I read. Goes without saying that the Almighty is the One Who makes things happen. Pray to God always and things will get better.

        Mars (in Sun’s house), Sun (in Venus’), and Venus (in Mars’) are in Triangular Parivartana. There is a plethora of information available in the internet about Parivartana yoga between 2 houses but hardly any information on Triangular Parivartana. Would be interesting to hear Dhilip sir’s views on this.

  132. MM

    Has anyone tried the remedies mentioned here? Have they had any effects?
    People who’ve crossed their Ket MD….how’s the Ven MD going?

    • nkg

      To MM:
      You asked about remedies in your previous post also. This is what I am doing.
      for saturn sadesati : 1> visiting the shani temple at least once in a week. My personal experience is that this gives me great relief from my tensions at least for a few days. (this remedy was not recommended by anyone, I started doing this on my own. )
      2> reciting shani chalisa.
      3> Visiting hanuman temple and reciting the hanuman chalisa.(recommended by many learned people). I do this whenever possible.
      4> I remind myself everyday that I must be disciplined. (saturn = discipline)
      Discipline = some exercise, some yoga, balanced eating etc. etc….
      5> I deliberately watch comedy serials on the TV 2-3 times a week. (I do this so that I don’t forget how to laugh.)

      For ketu MD : do Ganpati pooja, because ganesha rules over ketu. (recommended by many people.)
      Continue with your traditional poojas (both personal and those at family level) depending upon how time permits.

      Since I am passing thru both sadesati and ketu MD at the same time, I am kind of sandwiched and going thru many hurdles at the same time. Being jobless and in debt is one of them.
      More about the hurdles later, Don’t want to fill up all this space !!!!

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Saturn equals discipline. This a very good and appropriate view of what Saturn indicates in our lives. Ketu is about spiritual investigation and seeking. Wonderful views.

    • thozar

      MM, I am in Venus MD Moon AD. My Ketu Dasha, as I mentioned earlier, was terrible for the most part. Whatever Dhilip sir mentioned in this article happened to me. Things are little better now. But, remember swaya bukthi (the AD of the MD Lord) won’t do much good or harm. My Venus MD Venus AD (that lasts for 3 years and 4 months) was not much eventful. Sun AD gave me a decent job. Moon AD has put me ahead in my job. Although transit-wise, I am going through a tough period and have had several losses financially. My career is also still stalled since Ketu MD Moon AD. But, I feel that I have learnt a lot during those tough times.

    • thozar

      Re: remedies for Ketu MD, abstinence from worldly luxuries and treading the spiritual path can do wonders. You may try avoiding non-vegetarian food, smoking, drinking, etc. Above all, praying to God. Please note that none of this will relieve us from what fate has in store for us but it will give us standing power to face any problems in life.

      • Anoop

        well said

  133. MM

    You talked about miracles happening after the “white flowers to Ganesha” remedy. Could you give us some examples?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Be the example. Do it an see the miracle yourself. If you do not see a miracle please let me know. You will never have to let me know.

      • MM

        I’m currently running Ket/Sat and have been doing this remedy for 2 weeks now.
        I don’t see results, but I know I have to be patient. I guess I’ll continue doing it anyway..even if I don’t see results.
        Just offering white flowers to Ganesha, right?

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        In the space age, in the age of fast computers and vehicles, we expect KARMIC remedies to work as fast. Karma is developed over lifetimes and we expect results in 2 weeks. That is the modern man. Not an issue because we are used to this. Can you achieve anything in 2 weeks? Patience no wonder is the greatest virtue.

      • MM

        I’m wearing a Ganesha pendant too. I made some wrong choices during the start of the Ket MD and kept chasing material pleasures blindly. My Ket MD started out well, until mid Rahu AD (assuming my TOB’s correct)..after which I fell flat on my face. I lost everything and was sucked into a cesspool of anxiety and depression..from which I haven’t still been able to come out. The problems started right after Jup transited into my 6th, Tau. I faced some consequences for what I did. I learnt hugely from my mistakes and took on the spiritual path subsequently…but I constantly have a lurking fear that I’ve been harmed secretly (apart from the known consequences), without my knowledge…and this fear is not letting me function in life. There is a lot of guilt and I’m finding it very hard to move on.

        Is this Ket that’s causing this or could it be my sade sati too? The condition of Mo in my chart is very bad. It’s the ruler of the 8th debilitated in the 12th…vargottam and hemmed between 2 malefics in the 1st and 11th.

  134. nkg

    Once my ketu MD started, I had a tendency to move away from materialistic pursuits and I inherently got into more of spirituality, reading stotras, doing poojas, visiting temples , astrologers etc. So much so that people around me started complaining.
    But this happened automatically, I had no knowledge of ketu MD effects or even that my ketu MD was on. I discovered this blog much later.
    Question for Dhilip sir: Knowing that ketu brings about these spiritual tendencies strongly ; Should I somewhat restrict myself from spiritual tendencies and focus on financial pursuits ? Or should I go with the flow ? what should be the right approach ? Thanks.

    • MM

      Noooo…don’t restrict yourself. If you go chasing material stuff you will fall flat on your face. Go with what Ket is trying to teach.

  135. Mani

    Oh My God is so true….! Ketu Dasha started last year for me and I have experienced almost all of malefic effects Mr. Kumar mentioned in here in the last 1 year and 4 months (lost my high-paying job, current job, though promised same income level only brings in 1/3rd of previous income, physical ailments for most of the year – tooth ache, spinal cord injury, chronic pain in arms/legs, loss of money, unsettling mindset, etc). All this after I went thru a difficult marriage and divorce during Shani dasha two years earlier. I don’t know what to expect for the rest of this mahadasha…..Oh My God!

    • Anoop

      Hi Mani. Sorry to know you have gone trough all these.. But I do not understand how come Shani dasha comes two years earlier to kethu MD ? It should be Budha dasha before Kethu MD right ? Shani MD comes before Budha MD.. Sorry if I am sounding stupid here.

  136. Mani

    Hi Anoop,
    You are correct, it was Budha MD when I went thru difficult marriage and divorce. What I am wondering about is, if the first 18 months of Ketu has been this bad, will it get better or worse over the next 5 years during the entire Ketu MD? I was a non-believer before but now I am asking questions and seeking the truth.

  137. Anoop

    In my case I was suffering from various deceases during the end of Budha MD. Joined in a stupid company overseas and was trapped there. During that time consulted an astrologer and he said for some people Kethu shows the its effect before it comes. (My Budha MD was perfectly OK till it reached in its last stage). Then came this Kethu MD. I can tell you the first thing it did was to take my overconfidence (and confidence) from me. I don’t remember a time in this MD when I felt calm in my mind, something or other will come to make sure Kethus presence. Then it was job. Lost my job and was not able to find proper one till now. Lost all my friends who were with me since my child hood. in this second part I was into more prayers and temples which helped me to control myself. I think Puyshami people are more affected my this MD as this comes in there most important stage (age) in ones life. Now as I am in the final stages of my MD, I can say that what all happened is always good and we are nothing in front of karma. As you are seeking truth, you will definitely come to know whats what in this MD, so don’t worry, as it will never help, and prepare yourself to face it.

  138. MM

    I made some wrong choices during the start of the Ket MD and kept chasing material pleasures blindly. My Ket MD started out well, until mid Rahu AD (assuming my TOB’s correct)..after which I fell flat on my face. I lost everything and was sucked into a cesspool of anxiety and depression..from which I haven’t still been able to come out. The problems started right after Jup transited into my 6th, Tau. I faced some consequences for what I did. I learnt hugely from my mistakes and took on the spiritual path subsequently…but I constantly have a lurking fear that I’ve been harmed secretly (apart from the known consequences), without my knowledge…and this fear is not letting me function in life. There is a lot of guilt and I’m finding it very hard to move on.

    Is this Ket that’s causing this or could it be my sade sati too? The condition of Mo in my chart is very bad. It’s the ruler of the 8th debilitated (vargottam) in the 12th and hemmed between 2 malefics in the 1st and 11th.

    Any thoughts?

    • thozar

      MM, moon denotes the mind (and also mother). My wife is also Dhanur lagna and her moon is also debilitated in the 12th in Vrischiga. Mentally, though, she is very strong, stronger than me (my moon is in the 10th in own house). However, her moon is directly aspected by lagna lord Jupiter. Besides, 8th lord in 12th is also a yoga (“vipareetha raja yoga”). My guess is that sade sati may be causing your fear. However, fear not as Jupiter is going to transit to your 9th house (from your natal moon) in June. You will get good relief for 6 months at least. The next Saturn transit will be very challenging as it moves to Vrischiga. If you have your horoscope in front of you, find out how many sarvashtagavarga bindus you have in Vrischiga and also look at Saturn’s ashtagavarga. If you have at least 30 in the former and/or 4 or more in the latter, then you don’t need to worry too much about Saturn transit. Besides, exalted Jupiter will keep aspecting Saturn from December 2014 to June 2015.

      • MM

        Hi Thozar…New Year wishes to you and everyone else.
        Your wife has deb Mo in 12th? Is she well travelled or settled away from her birth place?
        I don’t know how to check bindus, but Sat has 1 ashtavarga point in Scor..OMG.
        Now I’m freaked out.
        These are the planetary positions in my chart.
        Sag- Rah (Purvashada)
        Cap- Sat (UShada)
        Gem- Ket (Ardra)
        Leo – Ven and Jup (Magha)
        Vir- Sun (Chitra) and Mer (Vargottam, Chitra)
        Lib- Mar (Chitra, Vargottam)
        Scor- Mo (Anuradha, Vargottam)

        I am pretty fragile minded, I think. And I’ve noticed the Jup transits affect me more from the position of my Lag.

      • thozar

        MM, Very happy 2014 to you and all. It may be the English New Year but according to our astrology, New Year begins when Sun is positioned in Aries (relative to earth, ofc):-) Yes my wife is settled away from her birth place.

        What I call as bindus is the points that you mention. You noted that Saturn has 1 in Scorpio. What about the total in Scorpio? You will have a chart called Sarvashtaga varga which is the sum total points contributed by the ascendant and every graha (except the nodes) to every house. If that has more than 25, then it is good. Even otherwise, don’t get scared. This is one reason why people are advised not to look at their horoscope as it may cause unnecessary panic. I had only 20 points in my 12th house from the moon and when Saturn transited that house, I had so much problems. However, it taught me valuable lessons in life. Saturn is a graha who teaches you lessons in life that helps you improve as a person. He crushes a person’s ego and teaches humility (Please note that He gets exalted in Libra where Sun is debilitated and vice-versa in Aries. Sun is a raja graha and denotes power). The grahas control everything that happens in a human’s life but They themselves are carrying out Their duties which were assigned by God. Pray to God, lead a simple life, have good thoughts, control your anger, suppress your ego, and resist your desires. The next 2 years will pass peacefully for you and, as a bonus, it will make you a better person:-) Please don’t think of this as an advice as I am not qualified to pass advice to anyone but think of it as a suggestion from an old hand:-)

      • MM

        Hi Thozar…Did you check the planetary placements that I stated in my last message?
        I’m freaked out about my Ven MD it’s a functional malefic for me.
        Did your wife go through Ket and Ven MD’s? Oh, and did you mean she is settled in a foreign country?

      • MM

        DId you notice a “sting” at the end of the MD? Could this “sting” arrive before the end, say, near the beginning of the 2nd half of the MD ?

  139. nkg

    Hi thozar,
    waiting for your answer….

    • thozar

      nkg, sorry I thought your questions were to Dhilip sir. Anyway, let me try to answer your questions.

      “Knowing that ketu brings about these spiritual tendencies strongly ; Should I somewhat restrict myself from spiritual tendencies and focus on financial pursuits ? Or should I go with the flow ? what should be the right approach ? ”

      As mentioned earlier, Ketu denotes spirituality while Rahu denotes materialistic pursuit. That is why they are always 180 degrees apart. This is also one reason why some argue that when Rahu is exalted, Ketu is debilitated and vice versa and they both cannot be exalted or debilitated at the same time. I would suggest that you go with the flow. Fate is strong, quiet strong that whatever we try to do, it will be there before us. This doesn’t mean that we don’t carry on with our duties. In fact, it is one reason why we should continue to perform our duties to the best of our abilities. I would always say that you should never restrict your spiritual tendencies. It is a good thing. I would also recommend that you take less risks financially. Obviously, in the financial world, less risks usually mean less rewards. But, don’t worry about that. The rewards will come eventually. Venus MD is just around the corner.

  140. nkg

    The colour for ketu is brown and leather objects (like waist belt) are represented by ketu.
    Is it advisable to avoid brown colour stuff and leather objects to reduce ketu MD effects ?

    This may appear like a trivial question, but MAN !! , I am desperate.
    Please give your views and experiences, thanks.

  141. seema

    i am having ketu in lagna of libra ascendant and rahu in saptam aspected by surya and rahu in saptam ketu mahadasha has started on 23rd oct 2013. My childhood & education was very nice, But after my marriage everything went wrong.without any reason i m feeling depressed and lack of happiness…people whom i have had faith are cheating with me…facing hurdles. kindly advise remedies. and also about my future life.
    current place– Ahmedabad- gujarat, current time- 7.34 p.m…
    Date, time and place of birth is 04/05/1967, 6.20 p.m. ganganagar (Rajasthan)

  142. nkg

    Hi Thozar,
    I am expecting some advice from you for my comment dated December 13, 2013, which is regarding selling a house in ketu MD.
    Comments from others are also welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

  143. thozar

    Hello nkg, immovable properties are in the portfolio of the 4th house and I believe Mars is the dispositor for it. In your case, Mars is your ascendant lord and Moon rules your 4th house. Moon is in Libra and Mars is in 2nd from 4th in Leo. At the moment, you are going through sade sati with Saturn in your moon sign (a very tough period usually). Jupiter is currently transiting your 9th house (from moon sign). Jupiter’s current transit position is good but it is in an enemy sign. The next Jupiter transit to your 10th house (from moon sign) is usually not considered favorable. I would advise that you take major financial decisions after your sade sati is over (which will be in 2017). However, Jupiter’s transit to Leo (a friend’s house) in July 2015 would be favorable to you as it is moving to the 11th house (house of gains) from your moon sign. Perhaps that would be an excellent time for you to sell your house? I know you referred to selling house in Ketu MD but you also need to consider transits when you are going through a not-so-favorable MD. If it is absolutely must that you need to sell your house, then it is different though. Please note that I am not a pro astrologer and I would seek advice from a reputed astrologer before making these decisions. I was only giving my thoughts on what all need to be considered before selling a house. You may find it useful to talk to your astrologer. I pray to God that whatever decision you make turns out to be a good one for you.

  144. Asheesh

    Namaskaar Dhilipji,

    My wife is running Ketu antardasha in Saturn mahadasha (11.01.69; 6.30 pm, Ghazipur -UP).
    My daughter’s Ketu antardasha in Saturn mahadasha (13.01.97, 7.42 am, Lucknow-UP) will start from 11th January.

    Wife is already facing problems in her job, and mental agony.

    My daughter too is facing problems. It is her 12th std. Board exams, and she is not faring well, despite a lot of effort from her side. She has a v.important entrance test on 12th January.

    Please, Please advise on what can be done to reduce my wife’s problems, and for my daughter to do well, and her efforts to get rewarded.

    Thanks very much.

    Choicest regards,

  145. praveen

    Hii Thozar,
    I am running through ketu MD and jup or sat AD, my mind is wandering i dnt know why? unable to concentrate..continously thinkinkg past or worrying abt future…..above mentioned ketu effects applies me. how can i ruin myself from this depression? laziness is rulying my mind. thozar, i think u were good at astrology readings. my DOB is 29-08-1989 TOB: 3:10am POB: Hyderabad.suscidal thoughts are coming to mind. unable to escape why? kindly request to interpret my horoscope? will i live? end of ketu dasha is really OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!plz do reply soon………….

    • thozar

      and, praveen, you are running Ketu MD Saturn AD now. Things will get better for you soon.

  146. thozar


    Please don’t entertain suicidal thoughts. Dhilip sir has an excellent article which talks about why suicide is useless. Committing suicide is like insulting God. God created you for a reason. You are only 24. There are so much things to see in life. If you are suffering from depression, please see a doctor and take medication. Pray to God, do yoga/meditation/workout, talk to people who you like and who care about you and please never compare yourself to anyone. Everyone is equal and that is why everyone gets only 337 points in the sarvashtaga varga. If one house has more points, there will be a reduction in another house. If wealth is there, health may not be there and vice versa. Suicide can be painful even if for a few seconds and if you survive an attempt, you may be left with more pain and anguish. Please do consider the people who care about you. There are so many people who struggled a lot in life but they perservered to live a great life after that. Shower love on everyone and you will see how happy your life can get. To get rid of laziness, do workout or some physical activity. It will be tough initially but you will get better.

    Anyway, coming to astrology, as I mentioned before, I am not a pro. I am not very good at interpreting charts and I sure cannot predict future. I can only look at a chart and find out exalted/debilitated grahas, some yogas, etc. So, I am not going to give any predictions for you either (only because I don’t know myself). I took a cursory look at your chart. Mars in your 2nd house is directly aspecting your 8th house. I read (anyone who is well versed with astrology, please correct me if I am wrong) that such a position *may* cause suicidal thoughts sometimes (in my chart, Mars in the 5th looks at the 8th and I had suicidal thoughts when I was younger too. Now, I regret that I had those thoughts as things improved in my life after that. I didn’t think they will and it took a while but eventually things improved). However, you need to overcome it. You are a cancer ascendant, pushya nakshatra and cancer rashi person too. Moon in the ascendant or aspecting the ascendant usually bestows a person with good looks. You have an exalted Mercury with a debilitated Venus in the 3rd house which causes neecha bhanga raja yoga, your Sun is in His own house, and your Moon is also in Her own house. You could be a great leader, I think. Cancerians are going through a tough time transit-wise (ardhashtama Sani, viraya Guru, ardhashtama Rahu, and jeevana Kethu) but good times are ahead. So, relax, let go of negative thoughts, and enjoy the ride. By God’s grace, you will have a great life.

    I repeat, I beseech you (even though I do not know you personally, I don’t want you or anyone for that matter to get hurt) – please don’t give in to suicidal thoughts. If you get such a thought, start praying to God. When you get some free time, go to an orphanage or an elderly home and volunteer for service one day. You will see lot of happiness in your life. Remember, it is always darkest before dawn.

  147. Kt

    Im about to lose my income im thinking of let it happen and go one month for serious meditation.
    The doctors dont want to help me , i taped the boss when she said she dont care if i end up on street, should i let her know i taped it to get help, i dont want to do so but if i do i might get the help so i will still have income. My partner is working so i will still survive if i dont get income.
    And its 1y10m left of ketu. Aside from income there is no major issue. Does ketu like blackmailing considering i will manage without doing it.

    • thozar

      Kt,Please don’t resort to something like blackmailing. What your boss said was totally out of place. But, try to forgive her and move on with your life. If she learns that what she said to you was wrong, it is good for her but if she doesn’t, karma will take care. We should not try to take matters into our hands. Then, we stoop down to their level. Try to rise above the ordinary. Remember, forgiving is harder than punishing and forgiving is noble. By forgiving, you rise to the next level and get closer to God.

  148. Sen She


    Each and every word of this article is true. I am completing my ketu dasa in March 2014. My ketu is in 2nd place, my lagna being mithunam and rashi meenam (uthirattathi). now budha bukti is going on. My budhan is in 12th place with suryan.

    During the beginning of ketu maha dasa, I joined a job. So far have shifted to 3 jobs and now I sit jobless. I have willingly absenting from a good job now (without resignation) and for the past one year prepared for my exams. My result is abt to come in the end of february. I am very much afraid….how my result would be :(

    Will I clear the exam? When will it be good for the results to be published? How will be the beginning of Sukra dasa? (sukran – 11th place) I am a girl and yet to be married :(

  149. Kt

    Maybe best is to upload the tape on Internet as if I contact them they might help me and continue to cheat others. Then I will benefit but others will suffer and as I manage without their help I think it’s better to help others who is not as fortunate as I am. What does ketu say about exposing wrong doers if it might benefit others? Any idea dilip?

    • nkg

      I don’t understand your logic, KT.
      Bosses are not obliged to keep us hired for ever. Bosses at workplace have their own responsibilities.
      Even if your boss said “dont care if I end up on street, ” it is still not a crime. The question of exposing does not arise.
      At the most you can say that your boss was harsh and unkind, that’s all.

      • kt

        It was not my boss it was the psychiatrist boss. I was having disability insurance and was kicked out by insurance (government) as many other in my country, when i went back to the psychiatrist for help they give me cold hand. They didnt even care i tried to work for 6 months but after 1.5 months i had high blood pressure 130 in palm and i even had paper with me that i had not manage the work practice and that im not fit for work and even my family almost split because of stress and tension. I have never had a work in my whole life and have never slept at same time every day even if i have have a routine i cant manage it. But im aware its ketu and this is how it goes that people give you cold hand. This is why im thinking of going for meditation retreat for at least a month.

  150. nkg

    Hi praveen,

    Many like you have mentioned suicidal thoughts.
    Suicidal thoughts mainly arise because we think it is all over and nothing is left.
    The fact is that there are still many things left. Many things which we never were aware of ; are still with us.
    I suggest you read the following 3 books; in the given order :
    1> How to stop worrying and start living : by Dale Carnegie.
    2> The Bhagwad gita : read the smaller version wherein you can continue reading till the last page.
    3> The Autobiography of a yogi. by Paramhansa Yogananda.

    Pass on the above to anyone who is thinking on similar lines.

  151. Asheesh

    Dhilipji / Thozar,

    Can either of you., please help me.

    Best regards,

    • thozar

      Asheesh, I don’t believe in doing “remedies” that will reduce the intensity of the problems. I would suggest that you need to get through tough times with lot of patience. None of the grahas are “bad” or “evil”. They are merely carrying out their duties assigned to them by God. Their duties are meant to teach lessons. When things are going on well, we tend to forget everything (some even forget God) and believe that things will progress serenely forever. Then comes Ketu dasha or Shani dasha and change things upside down. That is when people realize that there are forces in nature stronger than us, so strong that they are behind our comprehension. They are meant to act as speed breakers, slow us down and ponder about things that we never thought before. If your wife is going through mental agony, ask her to relax for a bit, think about things that are causing her mental agony and if they really matter in the grand scheme of things. There is suffering all around us. We need to realize that we are not exempt from it. There is a reason why transits are always considered with respect to the moon sign. You see, moon denotes the mind and when transits happen, they might be good or bad for us but it all depends on the mind. What you think of as a good thing may not be good at all and what you think of as a bad thing may not be bad at all. What is destined for us is already pre-written by God. Man cannot re-write it. If you stop and think for a second, the only thing that is really in our control is our ability to respond to situations and our thoughts. You need to nurture good thoughts and a positive attitude and let go of everything else. I know it is easier said than done but it is the fact. You will never really savor the taste of water unless you were really thirsty and then get a glass of water to drink. Similarly, bad times make you realize how precious good times are. I would suggest that you just get through this difficult period through lot of inner realizations. Anytime you or your family feel agony, start praying to God. Eventually, good things will come. Remember that everything is transient in nature.

  152. MM

    People who have completed the Ket MD. DId you notice a “sting” at the end of the MD? Could this “sting” arrive before the end, say, near the beginning of the 2nd half of the MD ?

  153. Sudh

    Sir, My wife is gong on to ketu dasha. her Ketu is in 8th house. Her name is swati, DOB 04/05/1988, Place Indore, Time: 00:03:00 AM. Sir she is not leaving with me since 26/05/2013 and is not willing to live. Previously we had good understanding but had few small quarrels for 2-3 months. But now she says that I never supported her, she tell what all wrong happend to her but is not taking what all good happened to her. We got married on 08/06/2009. We did’nt had divorced uptil now. She is not understanding anything. We are also having a 2.5 year son. Sir how is her time and what care to take in future and how long it will go like this.

  154. N.N.Naresh Kumar

    Dear Dilip Sir ,

    So happy to meet a well informed and Knowledgeable person like You …
    Indeed everything You say is true … could You please tell me about what remedial measures
    exist for my chart : Naresh : 27th August 1973 ; 7:40 am Bangalore


    HI SIR,

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The remedies are listed in the article itself. Please read it.

  156. Ramesh

    Dear Dhilip Kumar Garu,

    Namasthe. I dont have any other word to debate with you on the facts which you have written in article. Amazing, I am the witness of many of the happenings which you have written there. Sir, I almost faced most of the incidents already and now really do not know what exactly I need to do. Of course, I did perform lot of Puja’s, Shanthi Homam’s and visited many piligrim places since last 2 years, but still day by day things are moving towards worse. Took the advices & councellings from many of Astrologers and did what all they said to me, but nothing is changing. But when I read this article I just have a little hope now, that you may help me or guide me. Hope you will find some time to look at my message. Thanks for your valuable time.

    • Tejaswini

      Respected Dhilip Sir, I am currently in Kethu Dasha, DOB 08 Feb 1972 born at 1:25am Mysore, Karnataka, India. I am God fearing person, always expect loyalty, honesty in every person. Suddenly in my work place all people are slowly becoming against me. I am confused what to do should i remain in the position or quit ASAP? Please share your findings and suggestion to help me to reduce the problems which i shall come across during this Kethu Maha Dasha

    • nkg

      Hi Ramesh,
      If possible, please share your actual experiences and remedies like many of us have done here. It may be useful to us.

  157. Rangoli

    hello Mr .Dilip sir,

    Firstly I would thank you for this great explantion!!! I strongly believe in astrology. I have a question for you. My husband is undergoing KETU ANTARDASHA in Ravi Mahardasha.The ketu is in the 3rd position from lagna and even ravi is in the same position. 3rd position from lagna and it is in scorpio.He has done his MBA from top business schools and we are staying in abroad. We are very much tensed and awaiting for the good news of the job.Please let us know when can we hear about the job. Looking forward to hear from you.Thanks in advance.

  158. Kt

    Tejaswini im in ketu , my wife created all sorts problem at home so i bought a black tourmaline stone when i got it it got ten times worse in tension at home for three days but i persisted , thinking that maybe the invisble world did not want me having it. Soon it become better , i even took one black tourmaline and energized it with meditation and gave my wife and suddenly people at her work started to become nicer towards her. I did not fully believe it would work when buying it but the climate at home have been less turbulent since getting it. It is possible my wife believed what ive told her about it so she radiated another attitude and energy at work. Its possible it affected my subconcious as well, who knows how mind works. Give it a try and combine it with selfless service otherwise i dont think any material thing will help you. I bought mine from ebay from afghanistan. Make sure you check their feedback so you dont get a phony stone.

  159. jothi

    Good day to Dhilip and to all who have contributed to this most interesting exchange. Perhaps i would also add my two cents’ worth.
    I am undergoing the 7 1/2 period Shani dasha and kethu dasha started last year. I must admit that I have learnt from the articles I have read so far and in particular the one entitled OMG by Dhilip that an understanding of the graha and what the graha wants to teach you is the way to sailing through this period. By the grace of God, I have been travelling to India as much as I can to offer annadhanam and vashtra dhanam to sadhus, sanniyasis and people from different walks of life. I have also been blessed to visit the many spiritual abodes of Lord Muruga and Lord Shiva. In the midst of all of these, I chanced upon this article. I now understand that it was no coincidence that my mood had been particularly low in theses recent months and due to misunderstandings within the family, I was depressed for nearly 6 months last year. Prayer and regular visits to the temple helped me a great deal. now mediation and daily prayer has become my daily routine. i also make it a point to visit the temple at least twice a week and render my professional services to those who are needy. i have learnt to sacrifice money to attain peace. So far, although there are to date many trying moments, i have the confidence that i will sail through…after all if god, puts us in a spot…then we must have the faith that he will see us through the tough times. He will not give us what we cannot handle.So all those who share the same dasha as I , please take heart. actually if we go one step further and accept wholeheartedly that whatever we go through are repercussions of our past deeds, then we will appreciate all that happens better.
    there is a lovely song in Tamil…dharmam thalai kaakum, thakka samayathil uyir kakkum. So good deeds will see us though any dasha… to all!

    • thozar

      Well written jothi. I wish I had the state of mind that I possess now back then when I went through Ketu MD. Anyway, that has passed and everything is God’s will. I only live in the hope that things will get better as Sukra MD goes on.

      • jothi

        Hi Thozar,

        My humble respect and greetings to you. Since you have already undergone your 7 yrs of Ketu dasha, would you please be kind enough to share your experience for the benefit of everyone who is undergoing the same dasha now. Gainful knowledge will help those in the dasha now to cope better.

        thank you.


  160. vishal

    Respected sir….i am currently going through ketu dasha….I am experiencing the same things that u were written…..I am not getting desired job(currently jobless) ..i m getting good opportunities but @ the end everything turns opposite….currently i m also going through Dhaiya of saturn…my question is watever i m suffering in job is due to Dhaiya or ketu dasha???DOB -7 sep 1990,mumbai.Time-03:03:00…pls reply…thank you

  161. archana

    MY DOB 08:07:1987

  162. prasad

    Dear Sir, a very good article on Ketu maha dasa. I experienced all these effects during my Kethu dasa even though my Ketu was in third house with Jupiter. My DOB is 06-July-1969, 8.13 AM, Kottayam Kerala. What will be the effect of Ketu Bhukthi in Sukra dasa? Is it so bad?

    • nkg

      Hi Prasad,
      Glad to know you have completed your ketu mahadasha.
      Please share your experiences in brief.
      Did you experience any “sting” at the end of the mahadasha as is popularly propagated by many people ?

      • prasad

        Sorry for the delay in reply, It was very challenging and there was no interest in anything.

    • nkg

      Hi Prasad,
      Since you have completed your ketu MD, I have one question for you.
      Did you specifically experience a sting in the last stage of your ketu MD ? This theory is propagated by many people. I want to hear from someone with real experience.

      • utkarsh titurkar

        could you please tel me about me..

        On Fri, Jun 6, 2014 at 11:08 PM, E K Dhilip Kumar wrote:

        > nkg commented: “Hi Prasad, Since you have completed your ketu MD, I > have one question for you. Did you specifically experience a sting in the > last stage of your ketu MD ? This theory is propagated by many people. I > want to hear from someone with real experience.” >

  163. vishal

    sir,currently i m going through ketu dasha and facing same problems….My ketu was in 1st house in pushya nakshatra….many of here also facing the same having pushya nakshtra….is it really affecting?????if yes than pls let us know till what tym we’ll be suffering?????thosar and chinchin85 pls u can also comment if u have any idea………Thank you

  164. kiran

    Sir , can you share your experiences of those people who finished ketu dasha and enters venus dasha. Did there situation improve ?

  165. s7tech

    Hi Sir, i was told last year that my ketu will start from march 2014 everything is going upside down i got sever muscle spasm on neck and also saved from one accident n yesterday i made an accident also not getting satisfaction in my work as m working in Dubai. I checked my ketu is in 5th house what remedies can be done and i have read some astrologer have written that no remedies can work on ketu is it true ?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      It is your choice and fate to give importance to remedies. I have written lots of remedies in my article which I think is currently the best article on KETU Dasha. Yet you ask me if remedies will work or not? I am surprised! Sponsor an orphan child in an orphanage (for all religions). Worship Snake Gods if a Hindu. Trust in the remedies is of utmost importance. Check if Ketu is in the 4th, or 5th or 6th in the bhava (chalit chart) do not use the Rasi chart for this. See my youtube video on this topic.

  166. nkg

    Hello Dhilip sir,
    In general, is it advisable to avoid important tasks in ketu nakshatra ?
    Especially money making ventures ?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      These vary from person to person and from horoscope to horoscope. THere is no fixed information on such things.

  167. MM

    I need some help from you all. Is anyone going through Ket MD..who, perhaps, has Ket in 7 Gemini…or any other sign? How is your MD going? Did you face any sudden separation related to house 7 issues? In case your Ket MD is over…were you able to reconnect or was the separation permanent?

  168. jitendra

    Dear Sir I am going through a bad period in life
    no stability in life and career.
    My Dob is 23/08/80


  169. Dwaipayann

    Dear Sir,

    I am going through Ketu Dasha since 30th May 2008. Am going through Ketu-Shani Dasha which is getting very difficult to handle. Want your guidance. Please let me know your consulting fees. My email id is Am contactable on cell number 9173036790.



  170. Sada Siva Mohan addala

    Dear Sir,
    I read u r article its very good and know more informartion reagarding ketu.,
    i want to know my horoscope in my horoscope ketu and venus in 8th house Tarus my lagna is Tula and Rasi is Kumba.,
    i will give detials of my birth detials.,
    Name: Sada Siva Mohan
    D.O.B: 09.07.1974
    T.O.B: 12.45 p.m., (Afternoon)
    P.O.B. Srungavarapukota, Vizianagaram District., Andhra Pradesh
    Latitude: 18.07 N, Longitude: 83 – 25 E
    presently i am struggling financial crisis i gave advance for site but now situations not sapport,
    How i survival these situation? i cleared my father debts nearly 15 lakhs now my father told i am noware concern of my debts? in this situations my wife also hammer daily., i give below my wife detials also., we both r some misunderstanding regarding talks that will create some problems regarding married life.,
    My wife Name: A. Hemalatha
    D.O.B: 09.05.1981
    T.O.B: 01.45 p.m., (Afternoon)
    P.O.B: Parlakhemedi (Orissa)
    Latitude : 19.30 N , Longitude: 84.38 E
    Rasi: Cancer Lagna: Leo Star: Pushyami 1st Qtr
    please give my problems to sollution.

  171. Kandasamy S

    Dear Sir,
    I am from Hastha nakstra (kanni rasi and kadaga laknam) and have son from ayilum nakstra (kadaga rasi). I am now almost 33 years. So far my life is roller coster (lots of ups and downs). Astrologers told me, that after 33 years i will be good period. Now it is not because of my son’s astrology. Does son’s astrology affects fathers?
    Please clarify me.

    Thanks lot.

  172. amarprit

    dear ones
    to all readers kindly don,t take allopathic medicines in ketu dasha its going to worsen the case
    instead go for 12 bio salts remedies it willl help in great way

    • nkg

      Hi Amarprit,
      How is ketu related to 12 bio salts remedies ? Can you clarify ?

    • bee

      @Amarpit i agree from own experience everything that was slightly diuretic made me dehydrated, dont know if it is valid to others in ketu. Also taking supplement is of mind and ketu wants you to understand you are not your mind. I have noticed though i desire to eat lots of bee pollen, so i eat it and it feels good. let food be your medicine.



    DATE OF BIRTH : 23 MAY 1976
    TIME OF BIRTH : 10.15 AM


    3/01/2011 TO 3/01/2018

    3/12/13 To 21/12/14

    04 Aug, 2012 To 02 Nov, 2014
    Rashi: Libra [Iron Paya]





















    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I apologize for not having seen your ketu dasha experience in text form. I know it reveals only 1 % of what you have really undergone because words are insufficient.

      I write to warn people in case they were not told about it by Astrologers. I insist that people learn some basics of Astrology which i feel is very easy comparing the Plus 2 exams conducted in India. Only at a higher level Astrology is complex like in everything.

      SAI BABA will bail you out. Pray to Lord Ganesha too.

      Tell others about KETU dasha and that is also a good karma.

      You will soon dismiss of Ketu as something of a dream to be forgotten. It will be gone sooner than you think. All bad dreams comes to end when you wake up.




        Thanks for ur reassuring words that ill come out of this.I REALLY HOPE SO


        During this ketu dasha to me so much insults,so much back stabbing,going through so many many accidents,dental problems,people whom i thought dependable ditched me and left me high and dry ,and the list goes on.if i write all the instances easily i can complie a book of my miseries.













        OM SAI RAM

    • jothi

      good morning saisaisai.


      Firstly my respects to your courage to share what you had gone through in Ketu Dasha with all of us . I am also grateful to you for forewarning us. My Ketu dasha started in Dec 2013 and strangely i thought all was under control until last Friday ,9.5.14. i discovered that i had not been given a sizeable amount of money . The accounts in my business were done such to deprive me of the huge amount over the past 6-7 years. The revelation only came to me in my Ketu Dasha. Well, i have 2 choices now. Leave my current place of work in a fit of anger or hang on until i find something better but i stand to lose the goodwill of many clients who may not follow me. To think that all this money could have gone to a worthy cause and is eating into me. But thank God i have read DhilipJi’s article and I know i have more to come. This dasha will only end in MAy 2020 for me. I will just pray all the more and hang on to my faith. God is Watching.

      Om Sai Ram


        My very intention to share my most personal trauma and darkest days of my life is that no other person who goes should go through this ordeal

        Due to the mistakes of many a astrologers i had to go through many astrologers have gone through my horoscope for decades but not even a single person told me listen from 2011 to 2018 u will go through KETU MAHA DASHA and its advisible be extreamly carefull

        So even if one person who goes through my experience becomes cautious before his KETU MAHA DASHA starts ill be happy that i could be of help to some one by making him understand the TRUE POWERS OF LORD KETU well before it starts






        OM SAI RAM

    • M

      Saisaisai : I have been following these comments for the past few months…The reason I wanted to reply you is 2 things.

      1. My own father in law said my ketu is in 11th house and hence lots of gains…and I just started to work…on the beginning of ketu dasa not knowing the huge drama’s and miseries awaiting for me.

      2. Second, my character totally changed upside down and I reacted to events without blinking a second…If I would have thought twice …just for a minute.. I wouldn’t have done things that could change my life upside down.

      Ketu dasa started as if I am the queen of the empire and suddenly I fell …. Its so high that the fall is so deep and hurts more.. That’s the point.

      Anyways… after losing whats valuable to me and realizing that there is no soul who could share my pain… I turned completely towards GOD… which is the ultimate goal for Ketu. It took me months to acknowledge and accept the events.. but I simply think of it as my past life sins…I took rebirth just to learn this type of lesson and thats it… Because there is no explanation how or why I met such people and lose such valuable things..It is purely Karma. It is hard to digest however there is no point in loathing self pity or looking at the past..

      My only remedy that is helping me is prayer.. I am going to SAI BABA temple and I do feel some peace.. I also learn to surrender in front of the supreme.. Also.. I am taking homeopathy medicine for depression… and it is helping me not to think so much of negative things…

      Losing things are painful indeed. One thing I can tell you is if you have the skill and knowledge… you can start again and earn money… Although grace of God and much hard work is needed..

      I lost my reputation.. I have money but I dont feel happy. So,..whats valuable more?

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        I think the last line should end as …. but I do not feel unhappy.

      • M

        Dear Sir, Thanks for your reply… What I meant to say was…I am feeling unhappy because I lost my valuable reputation…. however I don’t have money pblm.. atleast as of now. So with hard work and God’s grace one can win back even millions but the lost name is gone and I have to carry the regret for the rest of my life… and I felt that if I had warning from one astrologer like my father in law I would have been cautious…
        Sai Sai: Money could be earned back in Venus dasa too.. My point of view is “Money is not the source of happiness”.

      • suresh

        is there different remedies with paid consultancy

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Interesting question. When we do work in which we get paid there is a some difference. Not too much difference between a free consultation and paid consultation. However I have given most of the powerful remedies that work in this article. However my direct involvement with the person during consultancy reveals a lot more on the entire horoscope and not just Ketu Dasha alone. Ketu dasha with type A horoscope gives a result very different for Ketu dasha with type B horoscope and so on.

        Sometimes I give away lots of information for free because Astrology is my passion. Today I spent about 2 hours with an Astrology enthusiast totally for FREE because the questions asked where general and not specific to the person.

        I guest you are an MBA! I may be wrong.

      • suresh

        i am an M. Tech Faculty sorry for my question actually i am o disturb with my ketu md and shani adheya i also interested in astrology i read bhrigu samhita and this kind of books but i am still in problem last 2.5 yrs job less money problem my fathers death in oct 2010 these all thins are related to ketu or any other problem? Pls help me
        my details


        i also read my horoscope

        but fail ?

        pls help .

  174. amarprit

    dear nkg,
    12 bio salts are for overall healthiness its not remedy for ketu.But yes allopathy medicines side effects intensify if taken during ketu period ( ketu believes in natural healing instead of chemicals )

  175. Shree

    Dear Sir, Thank you so much for this great article. I am going through Ketu Bhukti and in separation with my husband. We have tried everything all types of remedies but still separation not ending. Now we have devoted ourselves to God, and doing prayers. And there is a little relief.

    • bee

      Hello one of the importance in ketu is not to cheat others or make money from cheating at any level. If you have a job as a salesmen for example which involves cheating/not telling the truth to sell , you will suffer. If you make money at the cost of other people suffering you will suffer. If you have money saved and has such job quit it or change it to something does not involve lying. Even if you only make little money and barely survive it will come back in next dasha i am sure.

  176. Subramaniam Gnanendra

    Ketu and Rahgu in the 10th house..Saturn in the 11th House…any significance ?

  177. Addala Sada Siva Mohan

    Repected Sir, i read u r artcles its very good. My name is Sada Siva Mohan, D.O.B: 09.07.1974, T.O.B: 12.45 p.m., (Afternoon) P.O.B: Srungavarapukota, Vizianagaram Dist., In my horoscope ketu and venus is tarus 8th house my lagna is tula and rasi is aquarius., what about my horoscope in ketu role with venu, what type of results i can expect please assist me.,

  178. s.gandhimathi

    my date of birth:22.3.1995
    time of birth:1.45 pm

    sir i am with my 7 of years of kethu maha dhasa now…….and past 3 yrs of my kethu maha dhasa is very hard to move and no favour in my life and everthing happens opposite to me…….How will be my 4 years…..AM I ABLE TO CONTINUE MY STUDY ?…….pls guide me sir….

  179. utkarsh

    Sir Namaskar
    Mt name is utkarsh and my Ketu mahadasha is goin on pls guide and help me.i am having bed reletion with spouse as well as my father’s health is not DOB-03/10/1980 TIme of birth -02.36 in night at Betul city in M.P.
    Thanks and Regards

  180. Amarprit

    dear ones,
    those who are running ketu mahadasha should observes this dates carefully

    are they bad or good something happens on this dates


  181. dhanalakshmi

    even i believe the same, myself, my husband and my son all are passing through the same dasha in same time, along with that sadesati to my son and husband and astama shani myself i feeel like ending myself thanks to such a sugession i will try to be like sanyasi, by my husband is not with me will he come back to my life

  182. srimatthi

    Hi Everyone,

    Lots of people here wanted to know how to survive Ketu dasa. Also… wanted to know if there is a sting in the end of Mahadasa. I am going thru ketu dasa and I researched a lot about Ketu and ended up becoming a 1/4 astrologer… To my knowledge about sting: It can happen in any particular antardasa…according to individuals horoscope… It does not have to be the end of Mahadasa. The antardasa subdivisions and the pariyantar dasa should promise the event (good or bad) to happen.

    First see where Ketu is placed (good or bad houses) and see how the lord of that house is placed. See all the other planets positions counting from Ketu too. Its hard to explain here anyway.

    Next, Ketu dasa and Ketu in general does not have to be bad always… Ketu just makes us realize what is important in Life? Of course we all take it seriously the way we are punished.. we think its just unfair… However,,, to be honest can anyone tell me here that Ketu punished you unfairly? I mean those punishments in a hard ways comes from wrong deeds only. Those who are sincere, honest, not going behind chasing money or etc., and sincerely praying people are all saved from those punishments already.

    Of course…suddenly our behavior changes and we unknowingly make mistakes without thinking twice… This is because of our past lives karma.. Leftover lessons are learned in this life. So the best remedy here is… Accept the punishment with whole heart. Pay the price with prayer by only fasting and sincere communication with GOD via mantras…. NOT again by going thru short cut.. doing some poojas for money or gemstones…. Deft., that will not help. Learn the lesson and don’t make that mistake again. Like Dhilip Sir’s advice.. donations are good.. because we are learning to sacrifice a part of something that belongs to us..and that helps to get detachment from material things…which KETU loves.

    Spirituality includes so many things… not just prayer. Modifying our behaviour… being nice to all and helping people… to be short… Be humble and all problems will disappear.

    I started visiting SAI BABA temple and after a year now I feel the difference on how I am transformed in to a nice person.. I also paid the price with lots of tears. what is lost is lost.. I am not going to get it back.. However, I gained loads of knowledge because of this …which never would have happened if not for Ketu dasa!

    Thanks all for reading..I

  183. jothi

    hi Srimathi,

    Your comments are uplifting./ i am undergoing the same dasha and yes, you are right. Dhilip has given very profound advice. Doing a lot of good deeds is the way to go. Perhaps the dasha is an attempt by nature to ensure that we embrace good values in life and make changes to our way of life. thanks so much for sharing. bless all of you.

    • srimatthi

      Hi Jothi,

      I remember you from your previous comments..and the money problem. Sorry to hear what u r going through. My dasa ‘s lord Jupiter is deb., in navamsa. So i consoled myself about the lesson i learned and these are my limits in my life. Once we agree the problem it becomes much easier to go through the process. You said yours is ending 2020.. Long way to go. However, embracing spirituality and keep detached from almost everything will prevent further problems and meanwhile practicing or hearing mantras sincerely everyday will get you through the day peacefully. Choose the day according to the Ketu’s ruler. (For me Thursday and SAI temple because of deb., jupiter)…Keep up your spirits…and GOD will surely help to those who reach out to him.

      • jothi

        Hi Srimathhi,

        Your reply is very soothing. thank you very much. You mentioned your Jupiter is debilitated in your navamsa. I do not know how to check this for myself…..sigh….However, i am singing the shanmuga kavasam almost everyday and have just come back from ThiruAnnamalai. By God’s grace , whenever i find time , i try and make a trip to ThiruAnnamalai. this time i also went to Tapovanam ( Gnananantha’s Ashram) and did annadhanam at the Vallalar Trust ( ThiruAnnamalai). My husband and I did the girivalam for the 1st time. i am not asking God for anything anymore. i just thank Him for everything He has given me….and sing his praise…..i am trying very hard to practice detachment.He must guide me….

      • srimatthi

        Hi Jothi, You can get your horoscope details for free in several websites .. I think you may have your details already. Each planet have debilitation and exaltation point in certain houses and you have to refer them if your planets are in those houses. Ask any astrologer..perhaps.

        Just know what sub period you are going through..but mostly.. Prayer to Ganesha will give you peace of mind..

        well, all God’s are same….Glad to hear that you went to Thiruannamalai. We have several great temples in India.. Even it requires God’s grace to visit those powerful shrines..

        Not asking anything more and being grateful for what we have is the ultimate solution for all problems.. Like you said…..We all have to practice this everyday and most of our worries will disappear..

        Take care…

        Thanks Dhilip Sir!

  184. Ganesh

    You mentioned – “Lucky are those who will never go through a KETU Dasha. It happens only if you are born in any of the following stars: Bharani, Poorvaphalguni or Poorvashada. ”

    My nakshatram is Pooram (simha rasi), which I believe is Poorva Phalgudini. But I am seriously impacted by Ketu dasha. I am also going through Sani desha. I haven’t been to any astrologer myself, but I heard from my parents that I am going thro’ some rahu phase also.

    I have serious problems with my wife. We stay together but don’t have physical relationship. I don’t feel like even talking to my wife due to several other issues. My career has been going through ups. I think I could have been in a far better position, but I have a decent job. So I won’t complain about job. In spite of having money (I am in US), I don’t have mental peace. I want to return to India and feel like taking sanyas. But i have kids. I am worried about my kids, parents and other near and dear ones. But I am most worried about my marriage and my kids happiness.

    I do regular prayers. I have started praying a lot to Lord Ganesh.

    What else can I do so that my kids, parents and other close relatives are happy and not impacted by my bad phase? I am really worried about them. I am willing to undergo any struggle for them. But when I see my parents feeling bad about my situation or kids not being happy with my fights with my wife, I feel guilty.

  185. nilesh

    kindly suggest good ganesh mantra

    • srimatthi


      Good GAnesha mantra is indeed : GANESH SAHASRANAAM {1008 Names}

      Yes, its long.. but try to hear them along with the rest of the work..
      Mantra in sahasranamam form is more effective.


  186. balaji

    Great article Dhilip!! and yes, I’m reading this because its Ketu dasha for me.. OMG!! the good part is that its bound to end in another couple of years. Though the entire article was breathtaking w.r.t the accuracy of the contents and the way you’ve penned it, what really inspired/motivated me was one of your replies

    “Do not use Astrology for predictions. If you believe in predictions you accept that you are unable to change your future. If that is true why do we need Astrology.” – which is just awesome..

    I did feel hell a lot hopeless and kinda felt that words like “HAPPINESS” and “SATISFACTION” have been removed from my dictionary,however, your article has actually re-kindled the hope in me and i think this is what real astrology does!! (provides a guiding light when darkness looms)

    Things don’t change without us changing and that means implementing the remedies that have been prescribed for ages,now by you, I’ve now decided to totally surrender to Ganesha and with his blessing and support will surely be able to ride this tide and come out happier and satisfied!

    So, ill meet you post my Ketu dasha as a happier person and share my experiences pre and post remedial action and am sure it would make a good CASE study #6 ;)

    Keep up the good job! keep rocking!

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you for the kind words of encouragement which motives me to write more on Astrology. This idea that fate is changeable is basically an idea from Maharshi Parasara Hora Sastra. It is nothing new. However people got lost in the world of predictions. So I have to remind people.

  187. janma

    I am writing this as I am also as or more affected by Kethu as you guys are.. but then I am a changed person in a very +ve direction.. Lost my dad 3 years back.. Today is my birthday and I lost my best friend(He was having Kethu dasha as well).. I was researching on this from quite sometime and got the key to deal with Kethu.. My ayurvedic doctor taught me a phrase “Attachment with Detachment”.. Thats exactly what we should follow during Kethu.. He takes away all that you are attached to.. And if you are not attached then I beleive that removes half of the trouble.. My astrologer asked me to chant “Om Subramanyaya namaha Om Durgeya namaha Om Maha Ganapathayaya namaha” (Maha Ganapathi is 5 faced Ganesha) I chant this sequence of prayers every night without fail before sleeping.. I pray to Lord everyday without fail.. Am making sure am not attached to worldly pleasures.. I feel kethu is not harming me as before when every minute was a terrifying experience or maybe I have got used to it.. And always ask one question “when was the last time I helped somebody” if you cant think of an answer kethu is waiting to come back.. Leave your ego.. Let your attachements go.. Lead a simple life.. Understand that life is a bubble and holding on to sadness, attachments, betrayals, loved ones, material comforts is meaningless in this phase of life.. Let go of your past.. Do not cling on to things..

  188. jothi

    thanks for sharing Janma….i realise that i have become numb to disappointments now….and yes i visit the temple almost every day of the week. this is what that keeps me going. if i had not read this article , i would not have done so. I sincerely thank Dhilip for this. Bless you.


    Dear All
    I am undergoing KETU MAHADASHA and just recently found that severe damage in all my walks of life in past 2.5 years was not entirely due to ketu mahadasha,it was due to ASTHAMA SHANI
    through this platform i request all to find out when they will be under ASTHAMA SHANI as it is very very powerful and can make ur world upside down like mine
    So please be advised and warned about ASTHAMA SHANI ,u can find out urself online



  191. Suresh Thirumalai

    I have kumbha lagna in my horoscope with ketu in the 8th house along with Guru who is the lord of 2nd and 11th house from Lagna. My Ketu dasa is starting from September 2014. I do visit temples and say slokas including Aditya Hridayam and other short slokas. Anything else I need to do, please let me know. Thanks for your advise.

  192. vishal

    true….i m aslo undergoing ketu(1st house)+8th saturn….i thought it was ketu creating problems but after i met peps running venus dasha but has same prob of mine as relationship+health(stomach,gastrick,indigestion,kidney stone)+jobless from 2012… was all due to 8th saturn…………

  193. deshpandeaa

    Sir, I have ketu in 10th house along with Venus and Sun, I also have Saturn, pluto and mercury in 11th house, in 9th house mars and in 1st Jupiter.I feel disappointed each and every bit of moment. Lost hope in my life please let me know the remedy… Anticipating your response eagerly…

  194. bee

    There is only one remedy , follow yama niyama. if you dont ,you will be teached a lesson or two or even hundreds until you understand.

  195. Manjunath


    am born on 31st January 1979 11.00 PM in Purvabhadra Nakshathra Meena Rashi Kanya Lagna. am going through Ketu Mahadasha with Rahu Anthradasha with Ashtama Sani and Ashtama Rahu.. Life has become a hell, am jobless from almost 14 years and in between had got a job but left it with in a week itself.. am still unmarried and am not having a good health right from my childhood. from past three years my health issues had become more complicated and now my physical health is better when compared to what it was in 2012. although am relied from Ashtama Rahu in July this year but still Rahu in 7th house and Ketu in 1st house has made me more mentally depressed.. am getting un-wanted or un-related thoughts and dreams.. am not able to do any meditation or chanting.. not even am able to go for temple too.. most of the days am stuck in home itself.. i stopped reading newspapers, watching TV or Movies.. i can’t face people when i go out.. i feel or fear my identity and character or personality is getting assassinated.. God has put me in a state where am not able to say about my problems to anyone.. many times feel like getting suicide but i don’t have the courage to do so.. my family and friends have become very much worried about me for my state. am still hoping on that i may get good results when i will be relieved from Ashtama Sani from Nov 2. My Ketu mahadasha will be ending in April 2018.

    I do request you sincerely to give some remedies to get relieved from my sufferings at least from the depression am going through..

    so as you said it’s really KETU Dasha, Oh My God!

    • gkn

      1> why are you still looking for a job ? Try doing something else for earning money.
      2> You said facing people has become a problem for you. Dont think this is a big problem.
      Offer to help people in whatever way you can. Everybody likes someone who helps them without expecting anything in return !!!
      3> Seriously, Get your horoscope analyzed from one or two astrologers and get some pooja/shantis done immediately.
      4> You said : “God has put me in a state where am not able to say about my problems to anyone” . Dont worry, this is a very common problem.

      Wish you all the best.

  196. Anuj Khurana

    my ketu,moon and jupiter all three are in 11th house
    rahu and shani are in 5th
    Sun and mercury in 6th
    venus is 7th
    mars in 9th

    and my ketu mahadasha is running,will end in 2017

    im 23 year old had many losses till now changed 4 businesses.

  197. Pooja

    Though Ketu brings an endless agony, me being undergoing Rahu – Ketu Dash + Sade Sati, it definitely makes a person spiritually aware. Current transit is Ketu in 8th house + Sun and exalted Jupiter in 12th house. I’ve natal Ketu in lagna + Moon in 2nd + Sun in 12th. I’ve been meditating since I was 14 years. Off and on I always wanted to run away from material world and the period was painful whenever I tried. If born on earth we’ve several ties and duties that neither let go of you, nor let you stay. It’s very difficult to find a balance, because one day you might be ecstatic, the other the hard bolts will be pounding themselves over you. I used to fight back, accuse God that why was he making me go through all the misery. The irony isn’t killing a person, the irony is the awareness that murdering someone for whatsoever reason is wrong yet going through an unbearable turmoil to resist yourself from pulling the trigger. What I realised, it’s all your Karma of past birth that you carry forward to this one. It’s difficult to hold on and harder to let go. I’ve psychic visions and empathic experiences too, but truly I’ve never been able to find a good balance for lack of my own discipline. Maybe someday I’ll truly understand how to know what truly is essential for our existence.

    The the Soul be enlightened after awakening, for incomplete awakening is poisonous to be dealt in this material world.


    • srimatthi

      nicely said Pooja!! “Difficult to hold on/Harder to let go”.

      I too feel like I am stuck in between. Ketu made me a new person. But still its difficult to embrace the new habits…

      Everyone wrote about their losses in here. I deeply thought why Ketu is taking away things and is it only Ketu? As I deeply understand the astrology … I feel that the drama begins from the past life leftover…and it tests how well we play in this life..and at the same time.. the antardasa’s plays their role all leading to one big ending in ‘ketu dasa’ perhaps. Still if not learned… the drama continues! ;-)

  198. Pooja

    Right Srimatthi. People tell us that let go of material pursuits, devote yourself to God. Be indifferent in times of pleasure or pain. Well, won’t that put in Godly category. This is human life and we can’t be compared to the Godly qualities. But yes, all we can do as human is to accept everything. That is the only thing in our control. We can’t criticise our past actions because there are innumerable dacoits, murderers and rapists who just get away with what they do. Maybe they’ll be punished in next birth but what about the misery they spread in this life. And here few of us get punished for just, say bargaining 10 Rs from a handicapped only to face some dire consequence and eventually blame us for letting him loose the money. The truth is there is no worse karma than hurting the soul of a person, because when a soul curses you it’s attached to the inevitable chain of your soul’s Karma. So, we must not hurt others and spread as much love as possible selflessly. Of cousre we can’t be God but must must comply with the simple preachings of God. And it’s a very big saying ‘It’s pretty easy to love someone who’s far from you, what difficult is to love those near’ because we just criticise people close to us.

    That’s all my human understanding of Karma chain. And the greater suffering you bear for betterment of Human breed the sooner you’ll get rid of Karma chain by Moksha. That’s what Jesus did, that’s what Sai did. They were not God before they sacrificed themselves. Love everyone, love the poor, cripples, eunuchs and the underprivileged even more. They are ‘Harijans’ the blessed one’s of Gods, with a soul that needs healing, because they were the murderers, dacoits or other evil person that added the bad Karma to soul. They truly need healing being born as poor, cripples, eunuchs or underprivileged in this life. Let’s spread love, more of it everyday and you’ll find the peace within yourself, as goes with the saying of famous writer Virginia Woolf – ‘You can’t find peace without avoiding life.’


    • Pooja

      Correction of the saying above – Virginia Woolf – ‘You can’t find peace BY avoiding life.’

  199. jothi

    very interesting contributions by Srimathi and Pooja. Thank you. I am in the midst of my Kethu Dasha and have finally begun to appreciate that the lessons are for my own good. Am thankful to God for i am able to go to a temple almost everyday….of late i find myself being drawn to ThiruAnnamalai. not deterred by the flight journey and the 4 hr drive, i have been there 3 times since January….and am longing to go back….I am not going to question why i feel this way but am going to embrace this yearning and intend to yield to it as often as I can….blessings everyone!

    • srimatthi

      Thanks Pooja and Thank you Jothi!
      I have been following this blog for almost an year now and feels like you are all my family. Last year August I was going through a tragedy and started commenting here. After reading Dhilip sir’s one advice to go to SAI temple…I started going, as it is very near to my house. And I started hearing various sahasranamam’s in you tube with a special connection to GOD or some higher supreme source which I was not doing before. I am positive 100% that somehow I get a feeling that either SAI BABA or some prayer does help us in soothing ourselves, forgiving ourselves for the past sins and also not to commit any more sins further. The prayer and the knowledge of astrology does protect and guide our soul to be more sensitive to other people’s needs and values and most of all RESPECT.

      Astrology is true and it works according to the law of KARMA. However it is very very important to have a right birth time and to follow the so called Ayanamsa and of course it works only with good genuine astrologer. The reason I am writing this here because I know lots of people read this blog and some say astrology does not help at all and its foolish to follow all that.

      My horoscope greatly alters with Lahiri ayanamsa which follows thirukanitha panchangam – that i get from computer software. My navamsa and dasa system changes with VAkya panchangam which is written by non computer method (old fashioned)

      So.. still its a mystery that my ketu is ending in 2015 (vakya) or 2016 (thirukanitham). As I can’t wait for this Ketu to over…. this one year difference mattered me to the most. But because of this confusion I researched a tons of website and ended up learning a lot.

      What I learned is no matter what, things do happen in its own way. However if we have awareness of our planetary positions like what our ‘sani’ is doing and how our ‘venus’ is placed etc., etc., and understand them in their houses… Then we get a self awareness. Also, we know that ‘this is what we get in this life’ , ‘this is our limits’. Finally if we know our limits and where we stand -then we wont get greedy or jealous etc.,

      Out of all the last thing is prayer and reaching to GOD for help. When we pray we subconsciously chatter with our mind influencing the mind in a positive way and this turns in to a mini meditation as well and guides the pineal gland by improving the intuition power also. When we have a better intuition we know what is right and what is wrong and make a better decision accordingly. Most of our miseries comes from taking the wrong decision from the impaired intuition which is mostly because we have 1000+ thoughts going on inside the mind and we fail to understand what our intuition (sixth sense) is telling us. And prayers (with powerful mantras) deft., helps with intuition power and greatly decreases the intensity of the harmful events that is in our cards. It also gives the strength to handle the messy situation.

      Once my life was about earning money, shopping, watching movies and gossiping about others. But Ketu dasa gave me good lesson by taking things away. In a way these spiritual knowledge is very important than anything else in the world. Most importantly we can guide our kids and prevent them making mistakes.

      So I suggest everyone to have a 5 or 10 mt minimum prayer routine possibly Vishnu sahasranamam. Allocate some time for spirituality. Still we can live enjoying other humanly things as we cannot entirely give up and be like a yogi. Learn about your planetary positions and channel the energy accordingly. For eg., a misplaced MARS can give a person lot of strength in anger issues /ready to fight with people. Those people can simply shed their negative energies in outdoor sports, running or gym. SAme way Venus- wrong venus can spoil the marriage… Learn to channel the venusian energy in to some artistic crafts or creating beautiful things..or hearing good musics etc., We just have to know the correct way to spend our energy to make our life simpler and pleasant way. Bad houses 6,8,12 may have bad energies and we end up doing wrong things which feels so right at that moment and results in tragedy. Trust me.. we do have lots of positive energies to focus on. But human intention is to focus only on negative energy and magnify them in to several million times as it was before.

      Last I reached out to a online therapist like and she also guided me to boost my self esteem and self awareness. Her advise greatly helped me and did not cost a lot. sometimes it is us who needs more help than our problems. Our thinking and attitude is important more than anything to survive the rest of our problematic life. Eat healthy foods only, see healthy things and hear healthy things as they all influence our activities.

      Thanks for reading and Thanks Dhilip sir for letting me write here!

  200. Vinay

    Dear DhilipKumar ji > just checked horoscope of Robin Williams who recently committed suicide and was surprised to find out that he was running his Ketu Mahadasha and was in Saturn Bhukti. Can you pls check and confirm this ? His birth details (found on Internet) 21.07.1951, Chicago, 13:34 hrs. He was said to be under deep depression. Had he read your this article on Ketu Mahadasha and on the article on suicide, common sense could have prevailed over him. We are really fortunate that we have with us a great friend, philosopher and guide in you. God bless you sir.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you so also. My intention of writing this and doing youtube videos is to make more of my kind so we all will have a better life. By doing charity and good action we help ourselves and our fellow beings. It is twice blessed. Please share my videos on Youtube with your friends. I have also done an article on suicide and please forward it to those who are depressed. It may save many lives.

  201. Manap

    Amazing insights in the original article as well as the comments section. I am uttarbhadrapada nakshtra so went through my ketu dasha in 30s bang in the mid life. Ketu placed with Guru in a trinal house 5. As mentioned in the article, the first half was actually not bag but very good from a career and happiness perspective. mid half started giving troubles as we wanted to have a child and were not getting anywhere. No medical issue on both sides but just did not conceive initially. Third half of the dasha, we conceived twice but suffered early miscarriages again with no medical explanation but just that this happens within first 8 weeks of conception. Later, we did a nagaraj Pooja at an divine temple called Mannarshala in Kerala and followed certain bhasman and ghee application rituals suggested by them. Towards the fag end of the dasha in the mercury antar dasha, we successfully conceived and had a baby. No issues with the pregnancy and even delivery. However, post delivery there were still 4-5 months of ketu dasha pending and within 2 days of delivery I had an unexplained allergic reaction all across my body except my face. Terrible trauma with the allergy coupled with the stress of being a new mother. No triggers or explanation found on the allergy and eventually was given steroids to suppress the allergy. The allergy subsided and I transitioned smoothly in my Venus dasha thereafter……big relief!!

  202. Pooja

    Dhilip Sir.. thanks for your help we are ever so grateful to you. As a general insight i noticed a strange coincidence. Ketu is said to draw you away from material life but I found my two very close friends getting married in Ketu Mahadasha and one in Ketu anterdasha. I wonder how is that possible, when Ketu Maharaj draws us to spirituality.

    • bee

      Maybe being drawn to someone who share the interests will raise the spirituality. I.E. Its always easier to hit the gym when you are two in the beginning. But who knows in this case.

    • srimatthi

      Pooja, We all think Ketu means separator..and nothing good comes out of this mahadasa. It doesn’t have to be like that for all people. Everything happens according to each individual’s destiny in addition to past life deeds. Law of attraction = ask(wish), believe(intention) and receive (destiny)!
      Maybe they both are destined to marry each other!

  203. jothi

    good morning Srimathi,

    I am glad we all have a platform to share our thoughts and in a way this is like a support group. thanks heaps to Dhilip for this opportunity. love to all! tomotrrow is Sani Prathosham. may we all pray and get HIS blessings.

    • devaraj

      currently in my horoscope Ketu dasa is running what are all the coution that i have to take please tell me, at present my mother got fracture and she is diabetic so we are too worried for to go operation…praying for god it happen for ketu dasa

  204. Anuj Khurana

    please reply my ketu,moon and jupiter all three are in 11th house
    rahu and shani are in 5th
    Sun and mercury in 6th
    venus is 7th
    mars in 9th

    and my ketu mahadasha is running,will end in 2017

    im 23 year old had many losses till now changed 4 businesses.

  205. Mahalakshmi

    D.O.B is 3rd May 1985 Star Chitra 2nd Patham Kanya Rasi Time of Birth 11.58 A.M. Place of birth Kolkatta, West Bengal. Please let me have the current dasa bhukthi details

    • Mahalakshmi

      please reply through mail.

  206. gokul

    Dilip Sir, I have ketu dasha going on. I will tell my history and please identify whether I am on which part of ketu dasha (1st, 2nd or 3rd)?
    After finishing my ME Structural Engg, got placed on campus in a well reputed organization desktop job with good salary. Had good recognition, done research works, coordinated with foreign clients. After 2 years 10months of service quit the company due to severe work pressure and formed a business partnership firm for an apartment construction. I was the site in-charge and received project cost money in my account. At the end (after 1 year) I was cheated by sub-ordinates and experienced big loss. My business partners shared the loss, but some loss more for me comparatively. Further there was no business and quit the partnership, got back investment and joined a company. During this period purchased a car, sister marriage done, retirement of father everything happened one after another. But every month I was suspicious about lay off of our company. After 2 years I quit the company because lay off was planned by company and got placed in MNC. Astrologers told that I could get married only after ketu dasa, but for the happiness of my parents i made pilgrim visits to all navagrahas, pancha bootha sthalam, arupadai veedu and other sacred temples. In-between the visits i got engaged. Within 1 month quit the MNC because though I was given salary hike my team leader designation is not given and my previous company manager assured me to get back the job. After a month of jobless the manager told there is no vacancy. Because of this my marriage engagement got threatened. I was worried too much. After a long fight i got god job in other MNC fantastic salary but completely new field and foreign training is compulsory for a year. Abroad travel done. Meanwhile I got selected in govt job but low designation and salary (diploma level entry). Prior to my marriage I got hoax calls, bad information about bride and my life was totally hanging. I could not reveal this to my parents and worst in my life time. Then I solved the problem after the person got red hand who made hoax calls. Some how i got married happily and after 7 months quit the MNC and joined govt job with low salary and designation. But after few months family problems arise between my side and my wife side. All our relationship strained and most of days quarrel with wife. I got posting outer city and got separated from my parents. On june 24th, 2014 i got into accident on duty and left leg bone fractured. Till now under treatment. However salary comes because of on duty accident. I m in govt job till now for 2 years 4 months.
    I have told you 9 years of past history, now please tell me whether I am on which part of ketu dasha (1st, 2nd or 3rd) based on the planetary performance ?

  207. Devaraj

    Dear sir,

    Please guid me how to do pitru ritual and procedures in home.

    or out side,


  208. Celia P. Abrial

    Why viewers still use to read news papers when in this technological globe everything is accessible on net?

  209. Chinmay Shah

    Hi All,

    I used to write in this blog last November but stopped because I was told not to write whatever I was writing. I too am in Ketu Dasha 3.5 years are over.

    Got a job in Ketu dasha,
    Got a promotion in Ketu dasha,+Shani Ashtamsha
    Got a house in Ketu dasha+ Shani Ashtamsha
    Life as such is OK !!!
    Good food…Good Job…Good Life…but then is it all meaningful???…is it the goal???

    Ketu with Exalted Shani in 8th house. Had Ketu dasha + Shani ashtamsha (in Thula rashi) since last 3 years…since Nov 15 2011…Birth Time: 01-Sep-1985 7:55PM Patna,Bihar, India.

    One problem is still there: I wanted to disconnect & detach totally from this normal worldly stuff, but as Ketu is headless, it does not give solid results…so still have to continue doing normal daily activities…which are worthless…& hence painful coz they are literally meaningless & will not satisfy even if one becomes an exponent in all worldly knowledge & stuff !!!

    Budha Dasha end & Ketu increased my interest in SELF knowledge…& Shani Ashtamsha opened my eyes to my own hidden traces of attachments to things one can anyways not hold …they have REALLY HELPED me a lot…good riddance of foolish attachments !!! but problem is that I feel stuck…I want drastic change in consciousness & these guys are indeed doing their job but VERY SLOWLY….want to get rid of this mundane useless existence….but have to deal with it everyday !!!..

    I have not done any pariharas as I dont believe in reducing suffering because suffering is planned by us before our birth & it is the only thing that will TEACH you permanently…why avoid pain & dilute the teaching & learning???…

    But my sole problem is that all this is learning is too slow…Hope it speeds up….Shani Ashtamsha getting over on Nov 2 2014….

    Hope Dhilip SIr & other knowledgeable members give their viewpoints on this.


  210. Chinmay Shah

    Ok…I answer my own question here after giving some thought to it…basically any delay in any phase of life prevents premature transformation…which possibly can be complicated to handle…physically, mentally , emotionally & psychologically…plus slow change gives additional time to change & inspect & understand all aspects of the change…rather than a run & gun approach…


  211. malaysia

    I just want to share something. I have kethu in the 10th house of simha and just started kethu mahadasa.Its already showing its effect. All I do every day is I light a ghee lamp at banyan tree ganesha and go around for nine times. what I do is ask for forgiveness to lord kethu and lord ganesha. It goes like this …….” to the supreme god, to the divine mother and to the divine father I accept this life and the good and the suffering. I am what I am. I humbly ask for forgiveness for all the sins and mistakes I have done knowingly or unknowingly in this life and the past lives. Just as much I forgive all those who have done harm to me in this live , I pray for may the supreme god forgives me for all the wrong things I have done in my live. god guide me and protect me. God please bless everybody with your kind love and help those who are in need. Thank you god. Thank you god Thank you god. …….I believe asking forgiveness will help a lot in reducing our karma. Trust me I have seen a lot of changes. whenever I am free I will ask forgiveness in my heart. Besides I just sit and meditate whenever I m free.

  212. Pooja

    You must not avoid suffering but there comes a point where suicide is the only thought in your mind all the time. You’ve to pray to lord that you avoid this feeling to commit suicide because it’s so intense and unwanted that even you don’t know that this feeling to commit suicide is going in your head. Headless personified. Does anyone else has this similar feeling that they want to commit suicide every now and then without any specific reason and only for sake of it. Like jumping from a building or in front of train. Like all this pulls you without any reason. All I keep telling myself is, it will all go after Ketu dasha don’t know if it will but this is what I tell myself.

    • srimatthi

      Pooja, Your experience is making you to talk like this. It is pretty obvious that you are terribly hurt. Materials within limitations should be fine. I agree that sometimes the lesson’s are crucial. But really……we have to learn to move on.. ‘let it go’. Holding on the past will deft., points to suicidal related depression..and nothing good will come out it.
      Just make yourself busy…and help others.. If you don’t feel like doing anything but just holding the grudge..then deft., should go for medication..
      Pooja … life is not fair for many people around the world..who don’t have the next meal in their plate… Trust me.. keep the ego or whatever we are holding from our head and keep it down..forgive yourself.. Forgive the past…
      I like your example.. yes, at least the tatoo is gone from the skin now..the process hurts few days.. the we have the ability to heal ourselves..
      Mind deft., can heal any pain.. We just have to learn the trick. If there is the will there is the way!

  213. Pooja

    Srimatthi I just read your last post. Right – We can’t be yogi.
    But it’s like a sin to expect any material thing in Ketu Dasha, it seems like it just backfires. Isn’t it so. Sweeping off everything you love mercilessly like a tornado. It’s like you’ve a scar or you got a tattoo, and a doctor comes and clears the tattoo without giving you anaesthesia cause his task isn’t to care about your pain but to clear your skin. In the meantime either you can cry on the agony or keep telling yourself without reacting that this will pass, but I don’t have to react. Like what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

    You as a dog have to hold on to your master, until you’re brutally kicked out because this is what your master will sure shot do in Ketu Dasha. You’ll never be with the same master again, probably find a new one but the bond with this master will be completely swept off and you’ll never feel the same way about them again.

    Sorry about the example but give me some insight as I’m truly headless in this Dasha I think.

  214. Chinmay Shah

    Hi Pooja,

    1.Suicide will not erase your Karma…plus you will delay your own learning !!!
    2. Why not learn now itself…rather than ending life…being born again…again going thru all the procedure…its kind of time waste…

    I too have Ketu dasha since 3.8 yrs…& I too feel severely ungrounded & directionless..dont know what to do…I continuously feel why all this meaningless life??….but its a good thing when u look at it the other way….Ketu helped me understand thru daily life experiences that life is going to be the way IT IS…& it is continuously changing…so I can anyway not hold on to anything..things I love & cherish & get attached to are going to end someday…so why not relinquish these attachments myself rather than wait for Ketu to twist my arm & force me to do so…

    Help Ketu to help YOU !!!…

    Things I do:
    1. Daily pranayama – Reduces mental chatter significantly….
    2. Listening to the silence around you…the silence which is the background of all the perceived noise…
    3. Letting Go of thoughts (desires & attachments)…why???…thoughts are not personal belongings…they just appear out of silence & recede there itself…You dont even know what will be your next thought…so there is just nothing personal (me or mine) about them…just watch them & just see them as they are…
    4. Stop thinking about suicide !!!…Connect to your inner peace…your inner self….rather than trying to eliminate the body…finding a stable unchanging Source within would be better than trying to cling to ever changing external situations & objects…
    5. Live like a saint…as Dhilip Sir said in one of his blogs or videos…stop going outward & start going inward…coz such a chance is not going to come in your lifetime…the dasha of Mokshakaraka….

    Close your eyes & ask the question as to where do you begin & where do you end…??..This exercise will expose you to the real witness of all the paraphernalia…

    Thanks to Ketu for crushing my ego attachments & its derivatives…still some traces are there…hope it does its job quickly !!!

    By the way Ketu+shani is in 8th from my moon & lagna…extremely problematic….but extremely rewarding also… !!!…its like a new me which is way peaceful than the old one….

    Have Fun…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Wow. This was my dream. A community of Astrology lovers helping each other out with the knowledge of vedic Astrology and Karma. Your advise seems very practical. May you live long and guide people with this kind of knowledge that humanity desperately needs.

      • Chinmay Shah

        Thank You for you guidance…& providing a forum for such discussions…your astrological guidance, your posts & blogs & other members perspective thru this blog helps me grow…alone one cannot do much…all parts helping each other to realize the Whole.


  215. Meena

    My ketu Dasha has also started a few months back. My Ketu is in Capricorn (whose lord is shani) and is in 8th from Lagna and 11th from moon . What can I expect from Ketu Dasha ?

  216. Mani

    Chinmay’s message was on target…. “help Ketu to help you”…which is what I am living by and she put words to my thoughts…..awesome!… and thanks!

    • Chinmay Shah

      Just as an aside…I am not she !!!….I am He…. :) …but all this with remembering the fact that…the soul has no gender !!! just IS.

  217. jothi

    Good morning to all,

    Happy Deepavali to everyone reading this. Our deepavali was excellent with a lot of caring and sharing. Instead of having a feast with family and new clothes for us, we spent ours in an orphanage. bought new clothes for all the children there, gave them gifts and took them to a posh restaurant. this is our 8th year of deepavali this spent this way. but somehow this year i felt more at peace than any other year….i just felt very light in my heart and felt as if i was being blessed by God when a little child gave me and hug and said thank you Aunty! i am being to savour the nectar of giving!

    • jothi

      somehow…it felt like doing all the parigaarams at one go……

    • E K Dhilip Kumar


  218. Vinay Deshpande

    Respected Dhilip Kumar Ji pranaam .

    Guru Ji requesting you to write a blog on Shukra Mahadasha. Youtube is alright but in my opinion writing a blog is better way to connect. This is for the rasons that –
    (1) writing is much more in detail as compared to a youtube VDO
    (2) reader can concentrate specifically on his interest topic in the blog
    (3) better understanding of the subject and the content
    (4) higher repeat visits to the blog for ready referencing and to read the discussions followed by the blog. This discussion and experience sharing by the readers are also of great help to many. By reading the experiences & sharings by the blog readers I was hugely consoled to understand that my Ketu Mahadasha suffering is not an unique experience and there exist many many like me in this world who were undergoing almost similar type of anxiety. Their sharings on the traumatic experiences of Ketu Mahadasha and your and others’ sooth saying / guiding comments on those sharings greatly supported me psychologically, especially during my highly difficult Shani Bhukti of Ketu Mahadasha. Dhilip Kumar Ji I sincerly Thank You for your genuine fatherlike guidance and motherlike care and keeping my hopes afloat when the current was too strong.

    I am sure many have been benifitted from your oustanding and enlightening ‘Ketu Mahadasha Oh My God’ blog. Likewise, hopes of many may get enlivened when they know the beauty of Shukra Mahadasha after the painful period (of course for them who suffer) of Ketu Mahadasha.

    Hope you will oblige by writing a blog on Shukra Mahadasha and once again guide many of us through our lives in your very unique and positive way. Thanks. Pranaam.

    • gkn

      Respected Dhilip Kumar Ji,
      I agree 100% with Vinay Deshpande. Blog is far more convenient than youtube.

  219. nil

    I am under ketu mahadasha form 2012.
    I was told I have ketu in virgo in second house and I was told this dasha will not be hard?
    I got job promotion , certification and big pay rise last year?
    Only thing I see is I have to move from my house to take job inn new city ?
    am I missing some info?

  220. rahulsakhawalkar

    I am suffering ketu dasha .please guide me. Birth date 6 sept 1971, birth time 6:20 am , Bith place Satara

  221. jothi

    thank you very much Dhilip for your kind words. A lot of what i do is inspired by the Ashrams i visited in India and the knowledge you shared with us on this blog. Bless you and your family.

  222. Anshul

    hello sir,

    I have doubt that , If ketu is in 1 house or accendent or lagna of Sagittarius and retro gate then how he will give result in its dasha or anterdaha?


  223. Anand Kumar

    Hi Guruji,

    Very impressive article, I would like to know if the Ketu,Mars,SAturn in 12 th house with rahu in 6th house,first house sun mercury for my friend.

  224. seshadri

    Guruji, Wonderful informative article. My daughter is suddenly cutting short her PG course and returning. She has turned totally spiritual. DOB: 25-Mar-1991, Time: 21-45 Hrs. Can you please enlighten regarding her future, and any specific remedies?

  225. Shivani sharma

    Respected dilip ji!

    I have been watching your videos on youtube but need some more clarity on this ketu planet. My ketu is placed in tenth house in my birth chart. Since march 2014 been suffering with my health and left my secure job in teaching. Still teaching but the job is not permanent. Always worried about my carrer as i work 100% with only 5% results of the hardwork i put in. It is frustrating.
    My DOB is 17/4/73- time- 4:37 pm- place – kanpur UP
    I would be greatful if you could shed some light on this, as i was told by some astrologer that you march 2015 starting period with ketu in shani mahadasha will give you lots of distress, workwise and financially
    Shivani sharma

  226. Rohit Khemka

    Respected Sir,

    What is the effect of the Horoscope of spouse on the Ketu Mahadasha?

    Rohit Khemka

  227. harishhana

    i am also facing ketu mahadasa. Mercury mahadasa was excellent but down fall stared in saturn antardasa being debilitiated. Every body cheated me and i have lost every thing i accumulated in my last 15 years more then 50 lacs and facing heavy financial burden with threat of being implicated for cases 420. when all these are will come to end. no job from last one and half year. dob 18/11/1970, pob udaipur(rajasthan), tob 01:45am. please help me dilip sir- hari

  228. Chinmay Shah

    My experiences until now in Ketu Dasha:

    Ketu Dasha started in Jan almost 4 years are over…with Shani Ashtamsha from Moon & Lagna in 8th house from Nov 15 2011 to Nov 2 2014….Ketu+shani in 8th house…
    Ketu is disorienting indeed…but immensely helpful because it creates openness to all circumstances of life…we see things AS THEY ARE & not AS WE WANT THEM TO BE…this feeling is kind of liberating !!!

    But yes life sometimes gets utterly frustrating & hopeless for me…why???….the reasons I give here will be opposite of what others give….Ketu is non-material, passive & quiet…so 3 years of Shani Ashtamsha were kind of peaceful & happy for me…I realised this after Ashtamsha got over…in last part of Ashtamsha I got promoted in my job & now have much responsibilities…this is the painful part…I dont want to be connected with all this worldly stuff but am forced to do all this for just making a living !!!….But as I already mentioned above ….Life IS going to be LIKE THIS….but still sometimes there is a desire for complete NUMBNESS & PEACE…which is thus disturbed by the daily mundane life…

    Plus there is a continuous undercurrent of the feeling that all this job,worldly knowledge,success etc.etc.etc….is anyway “ever changing”:…so whats the BIG DEAL in accumulating all this DYNAMIC INSUBSTANTIALITY??…but daily mundane life kind of forces all this…KETU IS NOT CREATING SUFFERING…in fact this LIFE itself with all this rat-race is TRUE SUFFERING…Ketu exposes IT but as it is not a solid cud do only that much…

    One could have a WITNESS VIEW & TOTAL Acceptance to move forward….but sometimes to deal with things which have LOST THEIR VALUE in your eyes due to circumstances….seems totally unnecessary & frustrating…Its like being forced to THINK when you know that the outcome will just be an ever changing thought which will thus be impermanent & unsatisfactory…

    So to all who are facing Ketu Dasha issues….please see for yourself that life is going to be LIKE THIS…for the nxt 7 years….Ketu WILL pulverize attachments if u have any…let things happen in their own way….Being peaceful without ambitions is the KEY to happiness in this Dasha…but yes…like me…some of u might be forced to “DOING” rather than “JUST BEING”…

    Thanks to Ketu for exposing all this to me….& complains for not cutting me off totally !!!.

    Have fun,


  229. nirmal

    i want to take your help get rid of most difficult part of my life. i want to contact you and avail paid service. please reply soon . because i am at the last year of ketu dasa and just entered peak of sani sade sati.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      please contact +919094036404 or send email to for free consultation mention free consultation in the subject of your email. for paid consultation mention paid consultation as the subject for your email. At present I have over 3200 pending requests on free consultation.

  230. pstdproblem

    I have last antardaha in ketu- mercury it did not come as a shock but my wife started to hate me.

    Now she is having sex outside marriage , should i kick her out? she has pstd disorder but dont want help and when i said you need to get help if you want to stay here she agreed and after leaving children to shool and come back she threatens me to call woman center instead. So obviosly she needs help and if i kick her out she might get help she need but is that my ego justifying that action? (ketu wants to remove ego. I read about another in the newspaper she said suddenly i she kicked out because she cheated and that made her get the help. So im stuck wether i should practice silent not to give fuel to her ego or kick her out so she get the help she need. Its possible she move to the other guy but he live in another city and she cant travel 3 hours everyday to work.

    • pstdproblem

      i think i have the answer for my own , if i act i fuel my mind and magnify the illusion , she is put there so i practice no reaction.

      • pstdproblem

        I meant what she do to me is the best way to remove my ego and to make my progress. Too bad she is stealing lying and doing adultery now, but i guess thats her karma to work through.

  231. Pstd

    I don’t know how to check which house and is it lagna?

    I know though if I act I give fuel to the mind and magnify illusion

  232. Chinmay Shah

    For Ketu issues,

    Selfless service to the needy gives immense peace of mind….why??..because one sees that there are people in this world with problems far far greater than our own…& thus becomes sensitive to their conditions…

    But at the same time , Ketu could also create a kind of dissociation from pain which others are suffering….I tell this from personal experience in my on-going Ketu Dasha…In this Ketu dasha in my 8th house from lagna & moon…I have seen the death of some of my elderly acquaintances…who had showered immense love on me & had shown right direction to me in my life…the teachings of whom I always use in my daily life & can never forget…but TO ME but their death was kind of a NORMAL EVENT…everyone around me was sad & crying but to me it was like a part & parcel of life….

    Also I have Shukra in 5th house in Karka Rashi in Pushya-3+Mer in 5th house too..Shukra in 5th from Moon & Lagna…so I like to take care of people (elderly)…especially my mom, plus I am associated with an NGO which does free medical camps every month for poor & needy & I give my service there…

    But lately I feel kind of neutral towards the pain of others….I feel Ketu does NOT affect the service attitude of the person…but its open witness attitude makes you feel that “Yes…if others are suffering…it is indeed due to their own Karma !!!….”…its like One stops PITYING on others…One can still serve elders, parents & the needy but with a neutral COMPASSION & NOT sympathy or pity….basically there is NO ENTHUSIASM to alleviate others pain….its like accepting PAIN (in fact everything) as a part of life…doing whatever is necessary & moving on…

    Just wanted to share the above thoughts..

    Have fun,


  233. Rajendra Patel

    Hello, After reading your post I am extremely interested in gaining more information on my own personal plight. I have all my birthcharts and horoscopes prepared and ready to dissect. I am going to give you my email address and am looking forward to your reply to help me on my troubling matters. Thank you very much for your time!

    • Rajendra Patel

      My birth time is : February 10th, 1958 at 1:05pm (afternoon). I was born in Surat, Gujarat in India. I am currently living in Frisco, Texas and have a business that is not doing well. I am in alot of debt and need to find remedies to help me. I have Ketu Mahadasha Subdasha Rahu. 60% of my ketu is done and now I need to know if I should keep my business or sell it. For the last 8 years I have not made a profit at all and just have a continuous burden of debt on my shoulders. At the same time i have saturn sadesati going on. This is the 7th year of saturn sadesati. Should I sell my business and take a loss? I would lose $400,000.00 at this point. What would you do in my position? Will i recover my money and when will this troubling time in my life pass? THank you very much for all your help and consideration.

      • Rajendra Patel

        If I sell the business will I recover the money in my venus cycle? How does my financial situation look for the venus cycle? I also would like to know what are the remedies of the lord of the 6th, 8th, and 12th house and 12th house of Ketu. Should I wear any stones or gems to help my cause? Such as cat eyes? I need help badly from you please, I am willing to listen and adhere to any advice you can give to help me out. Please reply this is very urgent and I want to know how to enter the last 1/3 of my ketu dasha. Thank you very much.

  234. Jiten Taluja

    You are just awesome – I went thru the antar dasha of ketu after antar dasha of Mercury in Jupiter mahadasha. And I faced the same i.e. during Mercury antardasha i had rise of position/lot people reporting to me (50)/ego/job satisfaction etc etc and as the ketu antardasha came things were slowly and painfully taken away from me and I lost my job after 6 months of ketu antardahsa. The depresson/anxiety I went thru in this ketu antardasha is unexplainable. When I was reading your article I was laughing and smiling within myself thank God I got over it.

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  25. Secrets of Ashtakavarga: Sade-Sati effects
  26. What is inside DIPA Astro Diary?
  27. What is Chandrashtama?
  28. Understanding Bhava Chart with an example
  29. Moon in the 6th house : Case study of a famous person Part 1
  30. Religious conversion – Do the planets indicate conversion?
  31. Good and Bad Planets for Aquarius Ascendant (Kumbha Lagna)
  32. Good and Bad Planets for Capricorn Ascendant (Makara Lagna)
  33. Good and Bad Planets for Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanus Lagna)
  34. Good and Bad Planets for Scorpio Ascendant (Vrischika Lagna)
  35. Good and Bad Planets for Libra Ascendant (Thula Lagna)
  36. Good and Bad Planets for Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna)
  37. Good and Bad Planets for Cancer Ascendant (Karkataka Lagna)
  38. Good and Bad Planets for Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Lagna)
  39. Good and Bad Planets for Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna)
  40. How to spot an eclipse in a horoscope?
  41. The Good and Bad Planets for Simha Lagna People (Leo Ascendant)
  42. The Good Planets for Mesha Lagna people (Aries Ascendant)
  43. Why am I slowly shifting to YouTube?
  44. Mahalaya Amavasya – Importance and relevance
  45. Netra Roga – Eye diseases of the serious type
  46. Putra Dosha – The Flaw on the house of children
  47. Gajakesari Yoga – A misquoted yoga
  48. Stars that Match for those born in 21.Uttarashada Star (Uttaradam Star) – Dhanus Rasi
  49. Stars that Match for those born in 21.Uttarashada (Uttaradam) – Makara Rasi
  50. Stars that Match for those born in 23. Dhanista (Avittam) – Makara Rasi
  51. Stars that Match for those born in 23. Dhanishta (Avittam) – Kumbha Rasi
  52. Stars that Match for those born in 25. Poorvabhadra Star – Meena Rasi (Pooratadhi Star)
  53. Stars that Match for those born in 24. Satabisha Star (Sadhayam) – Kumbha Rasi
  54. Stars that Match for those born in 25. Poorvabhadra Star – Kumbha Rasi – Pooratadhi Star
  55. Stars that Match for those born in 19. Moola Star – Dhanus Rasi
  56. Stars that Match for those born in 22. Sravana Star (Thiruvonam) Makara Rasi
  57. Stars that Match for those born in 26. Uttarabhadra Star (Meena Rasi)
  58. Stars that Match for those born in 27. Revati Star (Meena Rasi)
  59. 4 Ps of Peace
  60. Karma and Effort
  61. Why we blame God?
  62. Where to do the remedies?
  63. Astrology and Genetics
  64. Stars that Match for those born in 12. Uttaraphalguni Star (Uttaram) – Simha Rasi
  65. Stars that Match for those born in 11. Poorvaphalguni Star (Pooram or Pubba) – Simha Rasi
  66. Stars that Match for those born in 10. Makha Star (Simha Rasi)
  67. How to Consult Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar
  68. Stars that Match for those born in 09. Aslesha Star – Karkataka Rasi
  69. Stars that Match for those born in 08. Pushyami Star – Karkataka Rasi
  70. Stars that Match for those born in 07. Punarvasu Star – Mithuna Rasi
  71. Stars that Match for those born 06. Arudra Star – Mithuna Rasi
  72. Stars that Match for those born 05. Mrigasira – Mithuna Rasi
  73. Stars that Match for those born in 05. Mrigasira Star – Vrishaba Rasi
  74. Stars that Match for those born in 03. Krittika Star – Vrishabha Rasi
  75. Stars that Match for those born in 03. Krittika – Mesha Rasi only
  76. Stars that Match for those born in 04. Rohini Star (Vrishaba Rasi)
  77. Stars that Match for those born in 02. Bharani (Mesha Rasi)
  78. Stars that Match for those born in 01. Aswini – Mesha Rasi
  79. Stars that Match for those born in 07. Punarvasu – Karkataka Rasi
  80. Stars that Match for those born in 20. Poorvashada (Dhanus)
  81. Stars that Match for those born in 16. Vishaka (Thula Rasi)
  82. Troubled Marriage – An Astrological Outlook
  83. Self Fulfilling Prophecies (SFP) and Astrology
  84. Combustion of Planets – The effects and remedies
  85. Saturn Transit 2014
  86. Why Hindus break Coconut in Ganesha Temples etc?
  87. Guru Peyarchi 2014
  88. Jupiter Transit 2014
  89. Our website is now ready
  90. How to ask an Astrologer – The do’s and dont’s
  91. Ayrton Senna da Silva – The ultimate hero of Formular 1 Racing
  92. Errors and Omissions – Planets in each house
  93. Sreesanth – May be under Sade-Sati
  94. Saturn in the 5th house
  95. Guru Peyarchi 2013
  96. Akshaya Tritiya 2013
  97. Jupiter in the 1st house
  98. Guru Transit – May 31 2013
  99. Sukra Dasha – Sani Bhukti – The Irony of Fate
  100. Jupiter Transit – May 31, 2013
  101. Sun in the 1st house
  102. Sani Dasha and Rahu Bhukti
  103. The best investment on Earth
  104. Facebook and Saturn
  105. KETU Dasha. Oh My God!
  106. Is Reality real?
  107. How to use DIPA Astro Diary
  108. Steve Jobs Horoscope Research by E K Dhilip Kumar
  109. Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti
  110. How to read your horoscope without the help of an Astrologer Part 2
  111. How to read your horoscope without the help of an Astrologer Part 1
  112. Astrology Video Lessons by Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar
  113. The Positive and Negative side of Saturn
  114. The Unscientific Scientist Richard Dawkins
  115. Sports in India – The rich and the poor
  116. Why do so many people believe in Astrology?
  117. What Do You Believe in?
  118. Does God Exist?
  119. Why Suicide is useless!
  120. Saturn Transit on November 15, 2011
  121. The Fate of Astrologers
  122. Saturn Transit on September 10, 2009
  123. The Philosophy of Astrology
  124. Astrology
  125. Superstitions in India
  126. Monthly Luck Graph (DIPA Astro Diary)
  127. The Quantum Physics of Ancient India
  128. The Fascinating Number 8
  129. Why is Astrology a superior science?
  130. Jupiter Transit – once in 0.98 year
  131. What is your Lucky Gem?
  132. A real doctor is born. Not made.
  133. A good doctor is born. Not made.
  134. E K Dhilip Kumar answers your astrological questions
  135. Rajnikanth – What made him the Superstar?
  136. A simple way to find your Ascendant
  137. What is in a Company Name?
  138. Why only Sarpa (Snake) Dosha why not Lion Tiger and Elephant Dosha?
  139. Secrets of Ashtakavarga revealed
  140. Bruce Lee – A case study in Astrology
  141. My Experiences with Astrology – Part I
  142. Foreign Countries – To Go or Not to Go?
  143. I am right. You are right. Everyone else is wrong!
  144. The End of the World in 2012
  145. Purpose of Evolution (The Escape theory)
  146. How to Prove there is only 1 God?
  147. The right and wrong reason
  148. Obesity is due to your Karma
  149. The Shrinking of the Solar System and Vedic Astrology
  150. Recession 2009 from the Astrological Angle

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