Monthly Luck Graph (DIPA Astro Diary)

For the sake of those who read my articles reguarly, I have created this luck graph. All you need to know is your Moon Sign (Janma Rasi). Go ahead and be informed!



The car is your physical body. The road on which you travel is your dasha and bhukti (planetary periods), your soul is the eternal driver. The weather condition is the transit. The starting of the journey is your birth. Your destination is your end. The journey is your destiny.

DIPA Astro Diary Luck Graph from Jan 2013 to June 2013

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Monthly Luck Graph (DIPA Astro Diary)

Your life is like a journey. You are inside a vehicle which is a bundle of your karma and the physical body. You are the driver. The road is your predetermined fate that is already laid out before you until the destination. You cannot change the road. However the experience can vary depending on how you drive. You require a route map only to know more about the road and avoid confusion. You may consult a good person who knows everything about the road so that you may be forewarned.

This particular journey is called life and this wonderful life has a beginning and an end which corresponds to your birth and death. In between you have a long journey. The length of the journey varies from person to person based on karma. During the journey you will go through good roads and bad roads. As you travel you see new things (your experience).

Your vehicle that is made up of accumulated karma may vary from a simple bicycle, a motorbike, to a 800 CC Car and upwards to Benz, BMW and so on. All these vehicles will face difficulties when they have to travel on a bad road. No matter which vehicle you drive you will notice the difference. So the richest and most successful men are also anxious and unhappy at times.

The condition of the road, the way it bends and straightens and the condition of the vehicle all depends on your karma. In your horoscope you may have seen a page in which you get to know the planetary period that you are in. For example you may be in Sukra Dasha and Guru Bhukti. The road is the dasha and bhukti which are planetary periods. At certain points on the road there is surely a speed breaker that is already waiting for you. This is similar to the unfavorable dasha and bhukti that work in relationship with the position of planets in the horoscope of each person. This is more or less unique. There may be just about 7 people in the world who have exactly the same horoscope that you have.

The general effectof Transit of Major Planets:

Transit effects of planets are like the environment when you drive on the road. Transit is like the weather conditions as you continue to drive. On some stretch of the road the weather is good making the experience pleasant. At some other time, the road will be good, wide and smooth but the weather will be bad. The dark clouds may reduces the visibility, drizzle, rain, heavy rain to storm – we have a range of situations that can change the experience of an otherwise great journey. Sometimes the weather is good but the road is bad (a bad dasha or bhukti).Also as you drive you go through the experience of daylight and night driving. All such changes are comparable to the effect of Transit.

Such is the way karma works. Be informed. Take Care! You can change the future if you know what lies ahead. Every time a planet moves from one sign to another it creates an impact. It causes a change. It creates a ripple in your life. This movement of planets in relation to planetary positions in your horoscope is collectively called Transit of Planets..

The major planets like Saturn and Jupiter move less frequently. So they have a great effect and that is because they stay in a sign for longer periods of time. Jupiter moves once in a year and Saturn moves once in 2 and half years. The minor ones Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus move frequently causing ripples in what we call the planetary environment around you. They stay in a sign for shorter periods.

Most people ignore transit. They say that the horoscope is supreme as far as events in our lives are concerned. While the horoscope no doubt plays a great role in our lives because that is specific to each one of us, we should not ignore the effect due to transit of planets. The transit effects is general but that does not mean it has no effect. Will you not consider that the environment around the road always affects your driving experience.The following arithmetic will let you know how to combine the effect of both Transit and Planetary Period.

Download the above image. Then reopen it on your computer to see it in a bigger size.

Transit effect :25 marks (maximum)

Dasha and Bhukti effect: 75 marks (maximum)


Total maximum score100 marks (maximum)


If both the transit and planetary periods are challenging at any given point in time then the final score is very low. If Transit is bad then do not worry, may be the dasha and bhukti effects are good and helpful, in that case the score obtained will be good. If Dasha and Bhukti are challenging then the challenges will be very high despite a good transit.

So do not take the following graph that deals with transit alone as final and the last word without considering the planetary period that you are in (check out from your birth horoscope).

If your score is high:

Take advantage of the good wind. They come from your good deeds of your previous lives. Make hay when the sunshines. Never miss an opportunity to grow. Shed your fears and go ahead. Be optimistic and full of energy. The more you work the better the results. Do not rest without a reason. Remember the hare and the tortoise. And don’t forget to thank God andyour planets that are favourably placed. Help others who need your help.

Caution(if your score is low):

Do not feel let down if your score is has come lower than the previous month. This score is compared to others. Moreover the score keeps changing every month. If the score is low all you need to do is drive carefully and look for pot holes on the road of your life. Let us wait and see if things are getting better for you next month.

Do not take major decisions when your mind is stressed. You will lose your temper so often and that is one of the ways our karma works if we are in a bad phase of your life.

Try to look ahead as much as you can. Use binoculars (I mean Astrology). Concentrate on your driving. So this is no time to relax. Work twice harder. If your score is lowest work 3 times harder than others.

Avoid if you can or at least decrease the time and money spent in pleasure seeking. Spend more time and energy on social service activities as these reverse our negative karma.

Do not blame God or your parents. They have provided you the whole world. You are playing the game based on your karma. (Inside the exam hall only you can help yourself). So fight it out and face the challenge like a warrior.

Patience is the best weapon when it comes to hurdles and problems. Wait for better times to make major moves. If it is night now, you have to wait for sunrise. There is nothing else you can do about it. Being positive means that the Sun will rise tomorrow. This is not a negative approach. Patience and contentment is a positive way of life. Running around impatiently and working without patience is just a waste of time.

Some of the readers emailed me asking what each Rasi comprises of. For them I have added the following details. Example Mesha Rasi comprises of Aswini Nakshatra, Bharani Nakshatra and Krittika Nakshatra.

Mesha – Aswini (Asvini)- Bharani (Bhharani)- first quarter of Krittika
Vrishabha – last three quarters of Krittika- Rohini- first half of Mrigasira
Mithuna – second half of Mrigasira- Ardra- first three quarters of Punarvasu
Kataka – last quarter of Punarvasu- Pushyami- Aslesha
Simha – Makha- Poorva Phalguni- first quarter of Uttara Phalguni
Kanya – last three quarters of Uttara Phalguni- Hasta- first half of Chitra
Thula – second half of Chitra- Swati- first three quarters of Visakha
Vrischika – last quarter of Visakha- Anuradha- Jyeshta
Dhanus – Moola- Poorvashada- first quarter of Uttarashada
Makara – last three quarters of Uttarashada- Sravana- first half of Dhanishta
Kumbha – second half of Dhanishta- Satabhishak- first three quarters of Poorvabhadra
Meena – last quarter of Poorvabhadra- Uttarabhadra- Revati


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