My Answer Video for your Question : New Series

My Answer Video for your Question : New Series


My Answer Video for your Question : New Series

Everyday I get dozens of questions in my inbox and whenever I find the time I have chosen randomly 1 or 2 out of the many and replied by email.

Then it occurred to me that the answer benefits only that person.

So I decided to do the answers in the form of a video so those who have a similar question to ask is also benefited.

Watch this video and then in the comment section TYPE YOUR MOST PRESSING QUESTION….

I will choose 10 best questions and my next 10 videos will be ANSWERs to those questions.


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  1. vikat

    What is the effect of having more planets in kendra houses and rahu ketu also in kendra houses..does more planets in kendra houses promise better chart and what if planets are present in pairs that is a chart having 3 or 4 pair o f planet in kendra houses etc…plss clarify this paring of planets in kendra houses and effect of if chart has 3 or 4 pair of planet (dwigraha) with maximum in kendra houses

  2. vikat

    Does mahadasha of a neechbhanda planet goes good or bad….eg. be a 7th house debliated jupiter neecbhanga mahadasha what wil be the effects?

  3. Aditya

    Am i right to think that this jupiter transit is going to be excellent for all chitrai star ,kanni raasi people,irrespective of their dasha and bhukti

  4. Ila

    Does combust jupiter in 7th house causes delay in marriage for Taurus lagna

  5. Ila

    For taurus lagna when Mercury,venus and ketu are in 8th house and aspected by saturn from 6th house, does this cause delay in marriage.

  6. anuj

    Pls advice career guidance with upcoming jupiter transit acco to my chart. Should I join politics or smtng else
    pls guide
    dob 7 june 1985
    9.58 am meerut uttar pradesh.

  7. Kattil Sabari Girish

    Respected Sir,

    Details are as follows:
    Name:Kattil Sabari Girish

    Currently Shani Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha in my chart Mercury in own house (1st)
    Sun and Saturn in 2nd house.Jupiter debiliated in 6th house.last 2 years lots of problems healthwise is it because of debiliated Jupiter

  8. Mana

    Had the following question…for some reason am unable to post this on your blog.

    Guidance on transit results versus dasha bhukti.

    1. what percentage of weight age can be given to each. I read somewhere that 50% is mahadasha, 30% is antar dasha, 10% is saturn transit and 5% is jupiter transit. Balance 5% is other transits. Is this broadly true?

    2. If yes then how does saturn transit with only 10% weight-age have such a impact during the 7.5 yrs phase.

    Understand that the above is a very simplified weight-age version and truly astrology is mighty complex but would be good to have a perspective or broad thumb rule around this.

  9. Venkateswara rao

    Many astrologers told me that my stay will be extended in abroad but i am not seeing any signs. Can you provide your views.

    Dob15-march-1983 4AM IST
    Place Martur,andhra pradesh

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      consulting many Astrologers may land you into more confusion than how you were when you started consulting the 1st house. Do not visit many doctors. I did that mistake long time back. It confused me a lot.

      • Venkateswara rao

        Thanks. I will for time to provide solution šŸ™‚

  10. abhi

    Do you think there is a good or bad horoscope ?

    Can we do a study combining statistice and astrology ?

    I mean is there any planetary combination which is good ?
    What do statistics say ? What should be the percentage of mangleeks/ Kaal sarps/ rahu-chandra combo/ shani drushti on a mangal-rahu combo etc in this world?
    Ex if one has raj yog, he might be mangleek or having a health problem etc. One good point might be nullified by another bad point.
    In any given horoscope how many chances are there to have at least one major good and one major bad point ?

    What is your philosophy of a good horoscope ? For me Mrs Indira Gandhi was a steel lady, enjoyed the highest position in office, but lost her sons violently, got divorced, and had a mother who maybe suffered. Do you consider it a bad horoscope globally?
    Is a simple clerk in the office, with a balance in all spheres of life like family(simple kids neither good nor bad) simple income, coming from a humble family, but in good health and longevity..better than a king with huge pros and huge cons ?

    Please tell the basics like my questions above. Before geting lost into minutest details of a horoscope, there must be some big points to keep in mnd.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You are right. Good horoscope actually means stress free life (relatively), a good spouse, good children etc. However there will never be an ideal condition. However if you speak philosophy, then it is different. People may argue what is the use of living for one self happily. So they say you must make an impact on the society, you should be famous etc. There is no single answer. Have you read my article on Bruce Lee? A big success but a big failure. His son also dies early.

  11. vikat

    A chart having 4 pair of planet with more pairs in kendra houses is good OR bad …pls clarify

  12. jothi

    hi Dhilip,

    my heartiest wishes to you for sharing your profound knowledge. is there such a thing as a well placed Kethu to the extent that one does not suffer during his Kethu mahadasha?

  13. Shashi

    Dear Sir,
    Request you to write on Rahu-Ketu Transit on 13th of July 2014

  14. Gopinath

    I am currentlly running Sani mahadasa and Rahu Antardasa.
    My life has been very good all through Sani mahadasa until recently.
    Since 2 years, I have been suffering a lot mentally and financially – both business and with family. Is this normal?

    My birth particulars

    4th June 1961
    12:05 PM
    Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

  15. Debasish Choudhury

    I compelled to resign on 30th April’14. Now I am jobless. Kindly help me to know when will I get a job as soon as possible?

  16. Debasish Choudhury

    I compelled to resign on 30th April’14. Now I am jobless. Kindly help me to know when will I get a job as soon as possible? My DOB- 02/09/1967, Time of birth- 06.50 am, Place of birth- Silchar, Assam.

  17. vijay

    Good initiative Sir. I have a request, if you can please also/sometimes use the north-indian style of chart for explanations, this will make it easier for north-indians like me to understand the explanations.

  18. srimatthi

    Dear Dhilip Sir,
    I am Srimatthi from Ketu’s blog section. Most people get 2 different horoscopes mostly their navamsa and dasa system changes with Vakya panchangam and thirukanitha panchangam. I know that the computer software uses thiru kanitha panchangam with LAhari ayanamsa which is told to be accurate. But my old fashioned father in law uses vakya panchangam and most astrologers who lives in villages uses Vakya only and they never agree with kanitham and to my surprise they are also accurate.
    Is there any way to come to a conclusion which is accurate?
    another question is various calenders says different nakshatra entry time. Based on this our pada’s is predicted and if entry time is wrong then the wrong pada leads to wrong antardasa prediction which leads to wrong event time, right?
    Please advise.
    Thanks for your time.

  19. Dinesh gupta

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    Whether all the nine planets including Rahu & Ketu are Conscious or not? Astrology recommends reciting of mantras & do prayers to please the planets, which implies that planets are conscious. If yes how this can be applicable on Rahu & Ketu which are shadowy planets. Kindly give your expert opinion.

  20. Nisarg

    Respected Dilip Kumar Ji
    I am going through Ketu Mahadasa and Sani Sadesaati at the same time. Can you please help me review my horoscope and help me on how to go through this time without significant impact? I am sure I have to suffer as per my karmas but if there is any way to limit, please help me.
    I am not sure the best way to communicate to you. Please suggest.


  21. Ashok


    Sani Mahadasa Rahu Bukthi is really challenging in my case also.You time will be better by end of 2015 when Jupiter Bukthi starts.

  22. Lakshmi

    I am born on Feb12th 1970 at 6:15 pm Mysore ? Please let me know about what dada and how my life will be?

  23. vijayalakshmi



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