Netra Roga – Eye diseases of the serious type

Of the many things that we can do, seeing is perhaps the most important one. A person with good eye sight is blessed. In this article I will dwell upon the astrological reasons for good eyesight and serious problems concerning vision.


Why is the 2nd house called the Netra-sthana – the house of eyes?

Netra means Eyes. Of the Vedas, Astrology holds the position of they Netra of Vedas. It is the eye of the Vedas.

Seeing involves light. Light is knowledge.

Seeing is believing. Everything that we believe in, our faith is all related to what we have seen. We tend to suspect anything that we have not seen. Seeing leads to knowledge. Seeing leads to wealth and treasures. The eyes are out greatest possession. When we are born into the world the first thing that we do is open our eyes and try to see our family members.

So we can safely conclude that the house of eyes in a horoscope is the 2nd house. The 2nd house is the right eye and the 12th house is the left eye, but in general both are the eyes are related more to the 2nd house.

So any affliction to the 2nd house indicates problems to the eyes.

So keep on EYE on the 2nd house, its lord and the planets influencing the 2nd house lord.

The permanent indicators of Vision:

Look up into the sky. The biggest object is the SUN and the MOON. They are called luminaries in Vedic Astrology.

So both the SUN and the Moon are constant indicator of vision and light.

Sun is the right eye. Moon is the left eye.

If a person has Sun in the 2nd house and Moon in the 12th house then there will be loss of vision or severe eye problems.

The reason is the 2nd house is the right eye vision and the 12th house is the left eye vision.

Planetary positions that indicate eye problems.

Sun in the 1st house.

Sun is a Pitta planet. The eyes according to Ayurveda is usually affected by Pitta (the fire element in the body. Sage Brigu says that if Sun is in the 1st house the person will be a Netra Rogi meaning that the person will suffer from serious eye problems.

The person thinks a lot and is stressed, also has higher blood pressure and this leads to problems with eyes. Such people tend to be agitated even while playing a game.

If SUN is Neecha (debilitated) and is also in the 1st house then serious eye problems are indicated.

Solution: Bring down the Pitta as much as possible before the eyes get affected.

Sun in the 2nd house:

If Sun is in the 2nd house then also there are possibilities of serious eye diseases. In case along with this there is MARS (KUJA) in the 2nd house then 100% there will be serious eye disease and possibilities of being blind.

Sun in the 6th house:

If Sun is in the 6th house there is the possibility of eye diseases. If such a SUN is placed along with a MALEFIC then the eye problem is sure to come by.

Sun in the 12th house:

If Sun is in the 12th house there is the possibility of eye diseases. If such a SUN is placed along with a MALEFIC then the eye problem is sure to come by.

Mars in the 2nd house:

I have seen a lot of people who had serious eye problems having Mars in the 2nd house. Mars works against Mercury who is related to Nerves. So nerve related eye problems are caused by Mars in the 2nd house.

Mars in the 2nd house indicates serious eye trouble and it is confirmed if there are other natural malefics in the 2nd house without the connection with Jupiter or Venus.

Mars in the 8th house:

Mars in the 8th house indicates eye problems.

Mars in the 12th house:

Mars in the 12th house indicates eye problems.

Mercury in the 1st house:

Serious left eye problems. You want some proof. I (the author) have Mercury in the 1st house and my left eye has just about 50% vision left in it. When I asked top eye doctors of Chennai, they have no solutions or answers for my questions pertaining to what lead to the problem. It is not caused by bacteria or virus. However I am glad that Mercury is in the 1st house that allowed me to understand Astrology.

Sage Brighu says that if SATURN is with MERCURY in the 1st house then such a person will be blind on the left eye. Unfortunately, I have SATURN along with MERCURY in the 1st house.

I am not yet blind on the left eye because JUPITER is close to MERCURY. So there is 50% problems. What a science the sages have given us. I pity the so called rationalist and all the stupid people who speak low of Vedic Astrology. May their souls see the light.

Mercury in the 10th house:

In the 10th house Mercury gives eye problems first time when a person reaches the age of 28.

Sukra in the 2nd house:

Normally Sukra in the 2nd house give good eyes and eyesight. However, Sage Brighu says if the lord of the 2nd house is weak or is in the 6th house or 8th house or 12th house then Sukra in the 2nd house will not help. On the other hand other person will develop eye problems. So it is very important to keep an eye on the 2nd house and its lord more than an anything else.

If in such a situation Moon joins Sukra in the 2nd house (and 2nd lord is weak as stated above) then the person may suffer from night blindness and other problems of the eyes.

Saturn in the 2nd house:

Saturn in the 2nd house gives eye troubles. Many of those who have this combination are forced to wear high power spectacles.

Saturn in the 8th house:

Eye problems are indicated as per Brihat Jataka. Sage Brighu did not mention it though.

Saturn in the 12th house:

Sage Brighu says serious eye problems are indicated for those having this combination.

The good news is that if the same Saturn is under the influence of a benefic planet then the Sage says the eye problem will not occur.

So it means that if Saturn is with malefic planets then surely there will be eye problems.

Rahu or Ketu in the 12th house:

If Rahu or Ketu occupy the 12th house then eye problems are indicated. Many others classical book on Astrology also say the same thing


Use your eyes to see good things. Continuing to see bad things or being addicted to watching bad things or prohibited matters will make you more susceptible to eye problems.

See GODs image regularly. Do not close your eyes and pray to God whenever you are in a temple. See the GOD’s form and pray. Pray for GOOD EYESIGHT.

Pray to SUN GOD. The light of our world. Light is needed for us to see.

Donate your eyes. While doing that pray to God and ask for mercy. Ask HIM to forgive you for your sins that you have committed with your eyes in the previous births.

Donate liberally to the blind people whenever you are asked to. Do not miss the golden chance.

Donate braille kits to blind people if you have difficulties in reading due to eye problems.

Involve in social service projects that are associated with the blind people.

Organize free eye camps. Donate spectacles to the poor people who have eye problems.

Use the knowledge that is available in all types of medical systems in the world. Use acupuncture, ayurveda, unani, homeopathy, English medicine (Allopathy). Consume green leafy vegetables and carrots at least 3 times a week. Read about those things that affect the eyes. Combine science with Vedic Astrology. Removal of cataract is easy, so remove cataract using the help of doctors. When doctors have no way to solve your eye problems then resort to prayers, chanting of mantras and doing astrological remedies etc.

Always wear safety glasses when working with hazardous materials, both at work and at home.

Avoid increasing the pitta in your body. Learn from Ayurveda what increases the pitta.


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  1. kanagu

    Dear Dhilip,I came across your blog when I was searching the internet on astrology… It seems my Dad had long back ( 15 years ago !!) met you..He showed me a blue spiral book called super horoscope which you had given us.. Happy to find you back! We were at chennai before and its a long time since we shifted to Madurai … I was going thro’ my Horoscope analysis book which you gave ..I found my mercury in 1 st house too 😦 with sun in 12 th house.. I am having a very high power and wearing thick glasses… Is there anything specific I have to do to get a better eye sight? I am doing yoga daily and having some vitamin supplements.. After I read your article I am gaining some understanding on astrology… I really appreciate the service your doing to people.. I am yet to read all your thought provoking articles.. will read them for sure… Writing so vastly on a subject needs lot of patience too!! Awesome work !! God bless! TC

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Wonderful to have you back with us after a long time. I have not completed the article on eye disease. In a couple of days I hope to complete it. I will be updating the remedies section soon. Check it out after a few days.

      • venkataramanarao

        Thanks. It’s wonderful. keep on writing.

  2. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    In my horoscope,sun and mercury in 1st house and mars in 2nd it good or dangerous?

  3. abhi

    Dear Astrologer, as you say – donation to blind for good eyesight or sponsoring a child for the welfare of ones own child, likewise can one sponser an aged person (in an oldage home) for the welfare of ones own parents ? Thanks

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You are perfectly right. It will reduce the pitrudosha in your chart when you take care of parents of other people.

  4. Thara

    Namaste Sir! Thank u for the well-informed and detailed eye article. Age 17, when I was running Rahu/Sun (placed in 12th and 2nd respectively) I was blinded from a chemical spill into the eyes for 3 weeks, and by God’s grace fully recovered eyesight. Since starting Sani dasha 3.25 years back, all hairs around the eye, lash and brow fell (Sani is lord of 2nd), and a few more issues. Thanks again for the health-related articles. Accurate knowledge about health leads to wealth.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you Dr Tara Devi. If people in the world start updating such information on the internet, I am sure Vedic Astrology will be fully revived and it will improve to the status of other accepted forms of knowledge. Until then it is going to be a mystery to most people in the world.

  5. Paul.T.P

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    It is not about the article,sorry.yesterday more than 1300 people killed (including innocent children )in syria,as per the view of astrology what is reason for that?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      1300 is a small number. In the world every day 150,000 people die. You and most people in the world are reminded of death only when 1300 people are killed on a single day. Everyday you should ask this question to an Astrologer. Nothing will disprove Astrology. Events in the life of human beings can always be explained through Astrology. Do not worry about death. Death is a small gap between 2 long lives. They will all be reborn. That is why GOD is not worried about death of human beings. To HIM it is just recycled. All human beings are innocent. Why only innocent. When a natural calamity takes place everyone is innocent. So let us pray for all the departed souls. May they soon find peace and another birth. Peace be upon them.

      • sly

        dear dilip sir
        can you anlyze the horoscope of warren buffet. which planet makes him all time good investor.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Please give me his date of birth, time of birth and place of birth so that I may cast his chart.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        You can say that he is rich but I am sure that he is not the best investor. One should invest in something that will give good results after death. I mean invest in PUNYA (merits of this life).

      • sly

        Warren Buffet’s
        Date of Birth- August 30, 1930
        Time – Sunrise 06:00
        Place of Birth- Omaha (Nebraska) USA

        Happy teacher’s Day to you
        because you are teacher to us and we are learning astrology from you

        again thank you

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Whenever we find the time of birth as 6 am, or 12 noon etc most of us doubt if that is the real time of birth. In most websites whenever the time of birth is not known they take it as 6 am or 12 noon. So let me wait and figure out if the time of birth is real or approximate. Please wait.

  6. abhi

    Dear Astrologer, what are your views about the famous topic these days – the upcoming saturn rahu conjunction? Thanks

  7. Raju

    Excellent Article with tremendous insight with knowledge and practical experience. I had wonderful eye sight and I always took them for granted. However during Rahu Dasa- Sukra bhukthi I started to develop short sight (myopia) that too at age 32. Normally myopia is detected and incurred in childhood. Then it became worse and slowly the power increased. Rahu is in 12th and Sukra is in second from lagna. Now that I am running Guru Dasa, it will be interesting to see if eye sight will become better. Thank you so much for the information you have shared with us, for free. Lots of blessings on you and your family.

    • M

      SIr Dilip ,
      U r a learned person.After consultation from U.I cleared all doubhts.Friends a consultation from Sir Dilip.Trust me U will be happy.

  8. Nagesh

    I am a Meena lagna ascendant with Sat(R) in 12th house and Sun in 6th house.By God’s grace at the age of 50 health of eyes is fine and i do not use any eye glasses.I have a very clear vision. Presently I am running Jup-Jup. It it that I have got a good vision because both Sun and Saturn are in their own houses or I amy encounter any problems in Saturn dasha.

  9. Kartikeya,son of lakshmi,hyderabad

    Dear Dhilip sir,I am 15 yrs old
    I really do enjoy your articles,especially that of Rahu dasha and Sani Bhukti and Netra Roga
    I would like u 2 write an article about the planets which cause salvation and in what houses
    Thank you!

  10. vikas agrawal

    Hi Dhilip Sir,
    PLACE-BHILAI (chattisgarh)
    Myself vikas and i am suffering from severe right eye problem but i dont know which planet has caused this as i am confused in my birth times.some astrologers says that 03:24AM is my correct time and rahu+saturn in 12th are responsible for my problem and some says that the correct time is 03:44AM and sun in 2nd and mars in12th are responsible for my right eye problem.
    my mother’s health is also bad since my birth.
    so Sir i would be very very grateful of you if you help me to know my correct time according to my situatation so that i can perform remedies accordinly.

    I genuinely need your help sir.
    please help.


  11. Prasad

    I lost left eye in 1993 ,i donot know which planet is responsible.My DOB is 30-11-1961.-Hyderabad-9:02 PM.Please adise.

  12. sivakumar

    Sir, I consulted you a year back. (3NOV1981 Time 1510 hrs Thiruvarur, TN). In the Rasi chart, I have Mercury and Saturn in Virgo(7th House). I have kerotoconus in my left eye. I cant see 3d movies. Please have a eye check-up with a Keratometer in Sankar Nethralaya. My right eye is only slightly weak. May GOD keep you in good health.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you for your best wishes. Yet, Karma has it’s own way of working. We try to minimize the effects using many methods.

  13. chitra

    Washing eyes 20 times in early morning just after waking up with mouth full of water is a very good remedy for eye protection.Use fresh water for this.Besides this clean your eyes 7 times as mentioned before after morning and night meal is highly beneficiali.Go for the routine eye check up also.I have venus with moon in the second house,sun in the first house .i have a slight eye problem yet now.

  14. Varun Goel

    Sir … to provide info’ … I have blindness in my Left eye. As per doctors it is Retinal Detachment.

    DOB- 30th January 1969
    Time – 20:55
    Place – New Delhi

    Singha Lagna and Mithuna Rasi.
    Sun and Mercury(R) in 6th House of Saturn in Nakshatra of Shravana
    Moon in 11th house (& therefore 12th from Itself)
    Ketu and Guru(R) in 2nd House
    Mars in 3rd House
    Venus, Rahu and Saturn in 8th house

    Sir do you think there can be a cure to this issue of mine. Started to lose my eye sight when I was below 18.

    Your help and guidance will surely help.

    Best Regards

  15. Siva

    I have saturn in second house in scorpio sign….I am 27…..I am perfect in vision.I do not have any eye problems………Moon from eigth house and jupiter from sixth house are aspecting Saturn closely ( less than 3 degrees)…..

  16. Narsing Rao

    Dhilip Sir,

    I am Narsing Rao is giving details of my birth on 2nd January, 1969 at 21:30 hrs. in Secunderabad and I am struggling last one years onwards to get a job. When I can expect the job. Please tell me and also give advice to keep good health.

    I am waiting for your valuable suggestions. please do me favour.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Narsing Rao

  17. vibha limaye

    my son has mars in 12th house and guru in 2nd,he has slight eye problem. pl give some remedy.he is kanya rashi and tulalagna.

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