Putra Dosha – The Flaw on the house of children

Putra Dosha is normally associated with children. However in reality it spills over to other areas in life. It can lead to sudden downfall during certain dasha and bhukti


Putra Dosha – The background

Putra dosha, the flaw that pertains to children is a very popular term in Vedic Astrology. It comprises of all types of faults that may be related to one’s children as seen from the horoscope.

The main cause of Putradosha is past life deeds. Putradosha indicates that the person has be unkind to a child or children. Depending on the range of the crime towards children in a past life, the putradosha ranges from mild to heavy in the current birth.

Parents take care of us. In return we cannot take care of the parents in the same way. To pay back, you need to take care of your children because you are the parents to your children. Not taking care of your children is one of the worst crimes possible. Just think of a world where parents do not take care of their children. So taking care of children is the most important duty of the husband and wife.

So it follows that the atonement rituals may include as payback any of the following: either the direct punishment, adoption of children or huge medical expense due to infertility problems.

Medical expenses is part of the punishment. By not taking care of children in a past life the person may have saved a lot of money in a past life. That money has now to be spent on medical treatment. So doctors will become the tax collector in this case. That is why infertility specialists charge a lot of money.

When you throw away something soon you will be needing it. Have you noticed that? So if you throw away or abort children you will in a future birth struggle to have a child.

It is like you do not payback the loan in a bank and soon no bank will help you with a loan in the future. In such cases local money lenders take advantage and punish you more with huge interests.

In short Putradosha like all other dosha is proof that Karma works.

Putradosha manifests more than one way.

    No children
    If children are born they will become the main cause of concern in your life
    Children will be thoroughly disobedient.
    Children may be separated from you. Putradosha will work in tandem with marital problems that are already there in the horoscope trying to separate father and mother so that the child will suffer.
    Sudden downfall in career – from great heights to nothing

      From the above we know that within the term Putradosha – there is a range starting from the highest Putradosha to the lowest Putradosha.

      In case the dosha is not severe remedies will work. If the putradosha is too much then remedies will not work.

      If you have to assess the level of Putradosha then you have to know a great deal of rules pertaining to problems related to childlessness and serious problems with children.

      The words of Maharshi Parasara

      If the 5th house lord is in the 6th house or the 8th house or the 12th house there is a very high level of putradosha. This is 100% dosha.

      The good position of the 5th house lord in Kendra or Trikona, connected to Lord of Lagna (Ascendant), connected to natural benefics and at the same time not connected to natural malefics are indications of happiness through children – Putra Bhagya – meaning fortunate through children.

      PUTRA BHAGYA means being blessed with good children who make you happy. This is a gift from your previous live. The 5th house is related to the merits of the past life. Hence the 5th house is also the house of children.

      My observation on the basic rule : 5th house lord in a dusthana

      In India, many clients who had the 5th house lord in the 6th house or the 8th or 12th house were blessed with daughters. If a son was born, I noticed many problems with the son. In most cases the son was mentally or physically handicapped or had some major defects causing a lot of concern.

      In India, I observed that those who had this combination were blessed with daughters. My friend who has this combination in his horoscope is blessed with 3 daughters. The dosha worked because the 1st daughter was born to another woman (illegal). Performing the marriage of 3 daughters in India is no joke. It involves a lot of expense and after the marriage the daughters will leave their home. So the person will lose his daughters. In one case a client was blessed with 3 sons despite having the 5th house lord in the 12th house. The 2nd son at the age of 14 committed suicide due to exam fear.

      My opinion is that if birth of son happens despite the 5th house lord being in the 6th house or 8th house or 12th house then the person should sponsor a child in an orphanage to avoid any mishap to his or her son.

      If a person is childless then the 5th house lord is usually in a dusthana (6th/8th/12th house). In case of childless people I have found that in 90% of the cases the 5th house and its lord were severely afflicted or the lord of the 5th house occupied a dushtana.

      In case the man and the wife has the same putradosha then the problem of children is not doubled but multiplied. Such a couple should not waste their money in infertility related medical treatment. They should adopt a child and go ahead with life. One possibility is using a surrogate mother. However even that is prone to problems as I have seen in most cases. The pain, mental pressure and cost of treatment is itself a punishment for having neglected children in a past life.

      Problems in marriage increase as soon as the child is born in a family where there is Putradosha. The reason is that if the couple separate or divorce then the child is usually lost by the one having Putradosha. That way karma finally works. So while doing the horoscope matching one has to consider all this and take care of all this. Prevention is better than cure. After marriage there is no use discussing all this.

      To know about horoscope matching please watch this youtube video:

      More rules pertaining to Putradosha:

      While there are many rules pointing to putradosha and discussing all of them is beyond the scope of this article, I wish to tell you that if you know the basis then you will understand.

      Just as the 5th house going to a dushtana weakens the 5th house, the 5th house gets weak when the lord of a dushtana occupy the 5th house.

      So if the 6th house lord or the 8th house lord or the 12th house lord occupies the 5th house it creates putradosha.

      If the lord of the 5th house is combust then also due to heat in the body chidlessness may happen. Reduce the heat in the body. If there is heat in putradosha reduce it by praying to Lord Shiva by doing Abhishegam – pouring coolants on Shiva Linga – milk is preferred.

      There are 2 dozen main rules for putradosha. There about 40 rules for adding and subtracting from the putradosha before we finally can conclude on putradosha.

      The navamsa and saptamsa reveal a lot about children directly or indirectly.

      Kshetra Sphuta and Beeja Sphuta

      For women the Kshetra Sphuta is to be calculated. The position of Kshetra sphuta in various charts are to be considered especially the Saptamsa chart.

      For men the Beeja Sphuta (Sperm point) is to be calculated. The position of Beeja Sphutain various charts are to be considered especially the Saptamsa chart.

      Aspect of Guru

      Whenever there is the aspect of Guru (Jupiter) or the conjunction of Jupiter with the 5th house or its lord then there is always the hope that remedies will work. Remedies may be the help of God or the help of medicine. Use both together, that is my opinion.

      If Jupiter is not at all connected and there is a high level of putradosha in the horoscope of both the man and wife then it is better to stop trying to have children by using medical assistance and go ahead with adoption which is what Karma wants. People spend a lot of money on medical assistance to fulfill the fate that they have to be punished for a major sin in their past life pertaining to children.

      Connection of Guru means connection with teacher, doctor and Astrologer. So I have seen that only those who have a Jupiter connection to the problem finally reach out to a good Astrologer who will tell the couple what to do. Otherwise they do not get the chance at all.

      3 out of every 12 horoscopes will have Putradosha

      Going by the rule that if the 5th house lord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house there is putradosha then 3 out of every 12 horoscope is likely to have problems with children. That is about 1/4th of the world’s population.

      Whenever a planet is in the bhava madhya (middle of the bhava) it will give 100% results and when it is on the edge of a house (bhava) it will give 0% result. Half-way between the bhava sandhi and bhava madhya the planet will give 50% effect.

      So even though 1/4th of the world’s population will have the Putradosha the level will vary from acute to manageable level.

      Other combinations will further decide on how serious the Putradosha is. For example if Saturn and Mercury occupy the 5th house then the Putradosha will increase.

      100% Putra Bhagya – Great Luck with Children

      The Lagna Lord and the Lord of the 5th house being placed in the 5th house or in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house or in the 9th house then there will be 100% Putra Bhagya as per the words of Maharshi Parasara in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra.

      Such people will be blessed with sons, or many children or if the family is limited to 2 then it will be a boy and a girl.

      The above rule implies that the 5th lord must be in a Kendra or Trikona meaning it should be auspiciously placed. However the Lagna Lord is very important to get thorough happiness with children. The Lagna is not only “I” or “ME” it is the a Trinal house to the 5th house, hence strongly connected. The connection between self and the children is established when the 1st house lord conjoins the 5th house.

      Kakbandhya fault

      Maharshi Parasara says that if the 5th house lord is in the 6th house and the Lagna Lord is in conjunction with Mars, the 1st child will be born and thereafter the wife of the person will become sterile (incapable of birth of children). Such a fault is known as “Kakbandhya“.

      If the lord of the 5th house is debilitated (neechasthana) and is also in the 6th house, 8th house or 12th house and if Budha (Mercury) is in the 5th house the lady will suffer “kakbandhya“.

      If Saturn and Mercury occupy the 5th house and at the same time the lord of the 5th house is in debilitation or does not aspect the 5th house then the lady will suffer “kakbandhya“.

      Birth of Children after putting in great effort

      Effort may be medical or through astrological remedies.

      The 9th house lord in the 5th house, the 5th house lord is debilitated and Mercury and Ketu occupy the 5th house children (son) may be born after lots of effort and waiting.

      Here the clue is that the 9th house lord in the 5th house seems to give some hope for the childless person. The 9th house is the 5th house from the 5th house.

      If the 5th house lord is debilitated and is also in the 6th house, 8th house or 12th house or if the 5th house lord is in the sign of a malefic planet and the 5th house is occupied by malefic planets then children (son) are born after much delay and effort.

      Birth of Son

      If the lord of the 5th house is in exaltation and occupies the 2nd, 3rd, a trine (1st, 5th house or the 9th house) and the 5th house lord is aspected by Jupiter or is with Jupiter the person will be blessed with a son.

      Birth of only Daughters

      If the 5th house lord is with the Moon and also in the Drekkana (Decanate) of the Moon the person will be blessed with only daughters.

      Child problem due to Bhava Lords being in certain houses

      If the 1st house lord is in the 5th house then the happiness with sons will be medium, the first born will not live long.

      If the 2nd house lord is in the 1st house the person will be blessed with sons (children).

      If the 2nd house lord is in the 2nd house it indicates absence of son (children).

      If the 2nd house lord is in the 5th house then the son of the person will like him be intent on earning wealth.

      If the 2nd house lord is in the 12th house there will be absence of happiness from the eldest son (child).

      If the 3rd house lord is in the 5th house the person will be blessed with sons (children).

      If the 3rd house lord is in the 9th house then the person will be blessed with son (children).

      If the 4th house lord is in the 8th house then the person may be impotent (Kliba or Kleeba).

      If the 5th house lord is in the 1st house then the person will be blessed with good children.

      If the 5th house lord is in the 2nd house then the person will be blessed with sons (children). (Bahu-Putro)

      If the 5th house lord is in the 5th house and is ALSO with BENEFICS then Putravaan ie blessed with sons, if with MALEFICS then childlessness. This rule by Maharshi Parasara speaks volumes on the impact of benefics and malefics on the same planetary position. Students of Astrology should never forget this principle.

      If the 5th house lord is in the 6th house then the children will become the person’s main enemies or death of children is indicated, or the person may adopt a child. In my opinion the best remedy for this fault is to adopt a child and fulfill the destiny instead of being forced to adopt a child in a different situation.

      The 5th house lord in the 7th house indicates happiness through children.

      The 5th house lord in the 8th house indicates reduction in happiness through children.

      The 5th house lord in the 11th house indicates bahuputra yoga – many sons (children).

      The 5th house lord in the 12th house indicates putradosha and adoption of children.In my opinion the best remedy for this fault is to adopt a child and fulfill the destiny instead of being forced to adopt a child in a different situation

      If the lord of the 6th house is in the 5th house then the person will be inimical to his own children.

      if the 6th house lord is in the 11th house there will be no happiness from children.

      The 7th house lord in the 3rd means daughters will be better off than sons. If a son is born then that son may be mostly in difficulties.

      The 7th lord in the 11th house indicates more daughters than sons.

      The 8th house lord in the 5th house reduces the number of children.

      The 9th house lord in the 2nd house indicates good children.

      The 9th house lord in the 5th house indicates blessings of sons (children).

      The 10th house lord in the 5th house indicates great blessings of sons (children).

      The 10th house lord in the 9th house indicates blessings of children.

      The 10th house lord in the 11th house indicates blessings of children.

      11th lord in the 5th indicates that the children will be happy, educated and virtuous.

      12th house lord in the 5th house indicates putradosha. Indicates high expenses through medical treatment while trying to beget a child. It may indicate expenses due to poojas concerning childbirth problems.

      How to use the above information on bhava lords being in various houses

      The following advise is given by Maharshi Parasara:

      The effects of the lords of the houses which have been told to you are to be deduced considering their strength and weaknesses. The effects of the planets owning 2 signs are to be deduced based on the 2 lordships. If in this way, contrary effects are indicated it means the effects will be nullified. On the contrary, if the effects are varied nature these will be obtained. If the strength of the planet is full, it is to be predicted that the said planet will yield the full effect, the planet will yield 1/2 and 1/4th effect in case the planet is 1/2 and 1/4th respectively.


      Check if Pitrudosha (Matrudosha) is also present in the horoscope. Pitrudosha is the blemish on the house of parents and especially father and ancestors. Do the appropriate Ptirudosha remedies. Rameshwaram is one place I know of.

      Never neglect the Amavasya Pooja for your forefathers. Non Hindus may do thanksgiving prayers to their ancestors. Tharpanam is best done on AMAVASYAS, Feed the crows on such days.

      Adopt a child from an orphanage if you are declared medically unfit for giving birth to children.

      If the dosha is less then do a full sponsor of an orphan child in an orphanage.

      Do social service pertaining to children who are poor and disabled.

      Create awareness of orphans and orphanages in and around your locality.

      Hindus may pray to “BABY KRISHNA”.

      Those who believe in the power of Homa (Havan) may try PUTRAKAMESHTI Yagna. Such homa worked well in Lord Sri Rama’s time as Ramayana reveals to us. In modern times it is difficult to find the right persons for doing this.

      Start loving children around you. Let God, Karma and Nature know that you like children a lot. Soon you will be blessed with a child.


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      1. abhi

        What percentage of people in this world have this dosha ?
        The probability of a planet (here 5th house lord) being in one of the 3 out of 12 houses (ie 6,8,12) is 25%.
        So, about 1/4th of the world must be having it ?
        This seems incorrect. (My maths is poor)
        According to your experience, how common is it?

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Why should 1/4th of the world seem incorrect to you? I do not know why you said “my maths is poor”. If it is poor work upon it. Mathematics is easy when compared with Astrology. A gold medalist mathematician attended one of my direct classes. At the end of the course he said Astrology is very complex when compared to mathematics.

          The Putradosha means high concern in matters of children. Look around yourself. The intensity of the putradosha will vary from highest to lowest – highest = no children …. to lowest means problematic children.

          Without considering Astrology, find out among 100 families how many have problems in matters of their children. You will be surprised. It will tally with Astrology.

          Anyway rest assured that I will cover this during my editing the article.

      2. abhi

        Thanks for your edited article, interesting indeed!
        And does Jupiter drushti on the 5th house or on its Lord (even if badly placed in 6th, 8th or 12th houses) neutralise/minimise some bad effects of this dosha ?

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Jupiter is the Karaka for Children. So the aspect of Jupiter on the 5th house or the 5th house lord is a great blessing. It will reduce the dosha.

          • Deepak

            Sir, read ur article.very informative. Does all of this ONLY applies to main Rasi chart..OR we should consider D9 and D7 as well in matters pertaining to children?

          • E K Dhilip Kumar

            Read it from RASHI CHART to know where the Planets are and use BHAVA Chart to know which houses a planet occupy. Understanding this is more than enough. Divisional Charts are only to be used for CONFIRMATION of a result or to RECONFIRM. They should never be read regardless of what is happening in the divisional charts. Have you seen my YOUTUBE video in which I did a video on Rasi Chart vs Bhava Chart.

          • Deepak

            Yes Sir, I have seen that as well…offlate I have been very interested in studying astrology..rather than wandering and asking every astrologer in the world regarding my chart…so trying to get a good grasp on the principles of this….in a special condition..if Sat is the lord of 5th and 6th..and having a direct drishti from the 11th…does that indicate a late child.?? as this happened in case of one of my friend…the son is born however in 36th year..and his wife also has LL Merc in 5th house with Neechs Sun (LIB)…

      3. Swami

        Yes i do agree.My 5th lord is in 6th house with mercury and saturn.As i was having problem and with much delay i was blessed with a daughter. As i am capricorn Ascedant and having jupiter in the 2nd house aspecting the 6th house,probably that would work wonder for me.

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Thank you for sharing your views. Such views will go a long way in verifying astrological rules. Jupiter aspects the 5th house lord Venus. Any connections with Jupiter with the 5th house lord or the 5th house is most welcome. Thank GOD. Consider taking care of an orpan child to enhance your luck with your own daughter.

          • Swami

            Forgot to mention as my ketu is in the 5th house and ketu dasha is running at present.already my career is in haywire. so sir any further precaution.

          • Manish

            Sir, i do agree. I am cancer ascendant with exalted jupiter(R)in 1st house and my wife also has exalted Jupiter in 1st house. My 5th lord Mars is in 6th with sun(2 nd lord). I am blessed with two daughter.

      4. Latha

        I greatly respect astrology and your reflections about this science. However, your article subtly seems to indicate that having a girl is itself a mild/moderate putradosha. What is in the gender? Isnt it why they gave masculine gender to Purusha and feminine to Prakriti and indicate one does not sustain without another? May be I didnt get your point completely.

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          When I began the study of Astrology in the early 1990s I was also of the same opinion as yours. However over the years, at least in India, I found that the birth of ONLY Daughters is a manifestation of Putradosha in case the Putradosha is present in the horoscope. The birth of 3 to 5 daughters continuously may be considered as a serious putradosha. Whereas if 1 daughter and 1 son is born the birth the daughter is not considered as putradosha. If a daughter is born even though there is PUTRABHAGYA then the daughter will not be a source of anxiety. It is not the gender that matters but the concern is the key. Putradosha has to give anxiety with children. In India most people get upset with birth of daughters. Scientifically a son and daughter is the same. In India the concern over a daughter is very high.

      5. abhi

        And, another thing – does navamsah chart play any role in this calculation ?

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Certain rules apply only to the Navamsa Chart. There are many rules stated in JAIMINI SUTRAS that are dependent on the Navamsa Chart. I will write on this topic soon.

      6. Thara

        Dear Sir,
        Planet ruling 5th house in my horoscope is also ruler of 12th, placed in 1st, in Guru’s sign. How does the house rulership affect the karma/punya relating to children when a planet rules a kendra as well as a dusthana?

      7. Lana

        Dear Sir, I have 5th Lord in 10th house, I’ve read this is inauspicious, because 10th is 6th from 5th… I can’t conceive for many years now. But I also have Mars which is the Lord of 3th and 8th, bad houses, in the 5th. Maybe Mars is the reason? Anyway I don’t have classical Putra dosha as you describe it, but still childless..

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Interesting. What about your husband’s horoscope? Have you checked that out too? If you are concerned about childlessness only then the horoscope will reflect that. This is another reason. Have your professionally consulted me earlier? If yes, your horoscope will be on my files. That’s why I am asking you.

      8. R Kumar

        Dear Sir, if the 5th lord is retrograde in 12th house and 5th house has neecha moon and rahu does it indicate putradosha (In this case it is Cancer lagna, Mars (R) in 12th, Moon and Rahu in vrischik rashi)? If so what is the remedy?

      9. Lana

        No, I didn’t consult yet but plan to do it. Yes, I am concerned about this problem. The husband has 5th Lord in 11th house, and the 5th is aspected by several malefics.

      10. Sita

        I stumbled upon your website last week and find it highly insightful. My 5th house lord is in the 9 th house and the 9th house lord in the 5th house. The 5th house lord is in the 9th house for my husband and his 9 th house lord in the 4 th house. We have 2 daughters and a son. My son has undergone a very challenging time since conception. Now, mygirl is undergoing challenges. Putrabaghya or Putradosha?

      11. varsha

        I have to5th lord Jupiter in 7th for Leo ascendent and sun ascendent in th1st house with Venus….do i have a chance of having child if yes then son or daughter or both?

      12. MILAN

        Dear Sir, thanks for sharing such a wonderful and highly learned article. I would like to know your views on the case where native has Capricorn Ascendant and there is no planet in the 5th House but the lord of the 5th House Venus is placed in the Ascendant it self along with the SUN which is Lord of the 8th House Leo in Ascendant. You have mentioned in the article that “If the 5th house lord is in the 1st house then the person will be blessed with good children.” Kindly guide that the said comment will apply to this case and may this native would be blessed with the Putrabhagya?

      13. J9093001

        I have my 5th House (Aries) lord Mars in 12th house (Scorpio). My wife has 5th house (Taurus) lord Venus in 12th house (Sagittarius) in conjunction with Venus and Mercury. We did not have any problem having a child. But after a year my son was born we have separated. As she is in India with my son and I am abroad, I cannot meet him or talk to him. Your article now makes me understand why I am facing this agony. Thanks.

        • J9093001

          Apologies.. “5th house (Taurus) lord Venus in 12th house (Sagittarius) in conjunction with Jupiter and Mercury”…

          • E K Dhilip Kumar

            Quickly do a full sponsor of an orphan child before it is too late. By recommending this remedy I have changed hundreds of lives. Please take this seriously. Jupiter is karaka for children and this planet is in the 12th house. The lord of the 9th house which is 5th from the 5th house is also in the 12th house. So PUTRADOSHA is very high.

      14. ramachandran v

        I am presently undergoing Mars Dasa. My lagna is Kanni lagna and Mars is positioned in the 2nd house aspected by Jupited in the eighth house – ie in mesha rasi. My moon is in meena rasi.
        kindly advise what remedies I can perform to propitiate Mars during its dasa.

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          For Kanya Lagna person the Number 1 enemy is Mars. Mars is red. Your Lagna is Green. Even in traffic signals they fight against each other. So give away red things in charity. Try blood donation. Do Mrityunjaya Japa Homa. Donate a Goat in Charity. Pray to Lord Muruga on Lord Hanuman on Saturdays. Offer red flowers while praying. Donate red handled tools to poor manual job workers. Avoid wearing red clothes and avoid RED CORAL throughout your life.

      15. MILAN

        Dear Sir, if the lord of the 9th house Mercury for Virgo sign is sitting in the 12th house in the sign of Sagittarius and the lord of the 12th House Jupiter is sitting in the 6th house in the sign of Gemini which create Viprit Raj Yoga also then is it considered PUTRADOSHA or Not? Capricorn Ascendant and there is no planet in the 5th House but the lord of the 5th House Venus is placed in the Ascendant it self along with the SUN which is Lord of the 8th House Leo in Ascendant. You have mentioned in the article that “If the 5th house lord is in the 1st house then the person will be blessed with good children.” Kindly guide that the said comment will apply to this case and may this native would be blessed with the Putrabhagya?
        Please guide in such case what should be considered – PUTRADOSHA OR PUTRABHAGYA?

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          For simple questions I can answer. Being a professional Astrologer, I cannot conduct a research on horoscope without collecting a fee. I request my readers to consider that Astrology is my profession. Please contact a professional Astrologer in Mumbai.

      16. J9093001

        Thank you Sir. I will certainly take your recommendation seriously. I am about to finish my PhD soon and hoping to get a job. Due to my wife taking my son away from me and the delays of Indian courts, I was thinking of adopting a child. Your thoughts and prayers will certainly help me see my son again and also help me do something good for another soul. Thank you again.

      17. rukmini

        Dear sir, tula rasi tula lagna, jupiter in 9th house, saturn in tula, rahu in tula, can the native expect childbirth during this transit of guru. thankyou.

      18. le2


      19. le2

        Hello Sir ,
        Great article..If there is parivartana yoga between 1st and fifth lord..Suppose for libra ascendant
        saturn placed in lagna with venus + mars in 5th house .Does it also count as pitrudosha?

      20. saravana babu

        Hi sir, I read through your artical.it is great . I have jupitor as retrograde in 7 th house from simha lagna , my lagna, mercury & sun is in 1 st house and mars placed in 5th house. please let me know i will be blessed with son or daughter and what does mean jupitor as retrograde ? it gives any problem as in 7th house. Awaiting for your reply

      21. sunil talwar

        i have gone thro. your article on putra dosha. kindly also elloborate on the remedies of the dosha. you have written dosha mukti is being done at rameswaram. kindly tell me specifically
        whare in rameswaram.

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          It is called Thila Tharpanam in Rameshwaram. Reach the place and you will know.

        • saravana babu, chennai

          Hi sir, I read through your artical.it is great . I have jupitor as retrograde in 7 th house from simha lagna , my lagna, mercury & sun is in 1 st house and mars placed in 5th house. please let me know i will be blessed with son or daughter and what does mean jupitor as retrograde ? it gives any problem as in 7th house. Awaiting for your reply

      22. indi

        hello, I discovered your site a few months ago, and find your articles to be very insightful, especially this one regarding putradosha. How can I get a professional reading regarding my relationship with my children? Looking forward to hearing from you.

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Dear Sir/Madam,

          Please contact my secretary Ms Sobitha. She takes care of all my appointments.

          I have forwarded your email to her.

          Her Mobile Number: +919094036404

          Her email is : astrodiaries@gmail.com

          You can choose a package that fits your budget and also select the date and time of consultation.

          Thanking you,

          Yours sincerely,

          E K Dhilip Kumar

      23. S.Kumar

        Dilipji (Guruji), I have addressed you Guru, as i have been a regular reader and student of astrology. Doing some re-search on astrology including 5th house. In my chart (Makar Lagan) Jupiter is placed in 5th house in tauras and lord of 5th i.e. debilitated Venus is sitting in 9th house with exalted Mecury, Mars. Aspected by saturn (sitting in 7th house) and also aspected by moon, sitting in 3rd house. I have read in anicient books about dosham for Jupiter, if sitting in 5th house. I blessed with a nice daughter. Is placement of jupiter in under dosham so far as birth of male child, if yes….to what extent or curable….!

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Do not worry. Jupiter is aspecting the 5th house lord. Because 5th lord is debilitated you need to pray to GURUs on THURSDAY. Immediately the little putradosha you have will vanish. Do the prayers on all Thursdays throughout life. Go to SADHGURU SHIRDI SAI BABA temple on alll THURSDAY. If you neglect this prayer then SATURN’s hold on VENUS will confirm the PUTRADOSHA.

          • M

            Amitbha Bachhan has a putra Yoga,Can you please highlight the issue.

      24. mechsivashankar

        While there is a perfect method to find the ascendant…


        Dear sir,

        I’m Sivasankar who send you the mail regarding consultaion fees. When I came through this topic I was terrified whether my sign is right or wrong. Because I born between May 31 – June 1st at 2.30AM. In my official data such as Birth certificate, passport etc., my DOB is mentioned as 31.05.1986. And as per my horoscope I was mentioned as Kumbha raasi, Meena lagnam and sadhayam star.If your table is right then as per my knowledge when I cross check others sign (my friends and family) it’s also not right. Please clarify on this issue before I’m going to consult.

        Sorry to reply in this topic. Bcoz there is no Leave a reply option in that (While there is a perfect method to find the ascendant) topic.

        Awaiting for your reply.

      25. pushotrum

        Being a kanya rashi/lagan i have the 5th house lord (Saturn) in the 12 house (LEO )IS that a puta Dosha ??

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          If Saturn is in the 12th house in the CHALIT chart (bhava chart) then it is a Putradosha. The quantum of dosha needs to be checked however. But you can take care of an orphan child in an orphanage just to be safe.

      26. geeta

        Now I see it all… I have 5th lord Sun and 6th lord Budha in exchange – severe putradosha – and my husband has his 5th lord Kuja in 12th in Vrischika. There is aspect of Guru from Meenam in both charts as some consolation. I used to pray at various temples and our son was born after 7 years of marriage after I did Santhanagopala pooja in the 6th year.Did pooja myself with sincerity as best I could, since husband is not religiously inclined. We have a daughter also now. But I am seeing the effect of putradosha on our son who has a lot of problems and after his birth, 7th house issues cropped up too – 7th lord debilitated in 6th – heavy karma. Thank you so much for your suggestions of sponsoring an orphan child, doing tarpanam (I will have to do that myself) and Thursday Shirdi Sai pooja. Our son has Makara Lagnam and eighth lord Sun is in 7th whose dasa will start in 2 years. I am very worried – is there anything else I can do?

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Let him do Surya Namaskar for physical problems. For other issues let him pray to SUN GOD. AADITYA is another name for SUN. Any mantra pertaining to SURYA is recommended. Immediately sponsor an orphan child. Check out the orphanage before you give your money. The money should reach the orphan child otherwise it will not work. In California, I am not sure whether you have any SURYA temple. If yes, let him go there. He should never wear RUBY. I will soon add a video on YOUTUBE about Putradosha where I plan to share my experience with my client who do did the orphanage remedy.

          • Geeta

            Thank you for the recommendations – I will try to implement them. It is very hard to get my son to do anything. If he listens to Aditya Hridayam, will that be of benefit?  I doubt that he is going to chant it. There are no Surya temples here as far as I know. It’s going to be a challenge to find an orphan/orphanage where the money will actually reach the child. I’m going to India next month (Kerala) and I will see what I can do – I know of a school for handicapped children that is well-run by honest people. Will sponsoring such a child from a poor family work?  Your website is great and your articles are from the heart and full of wisdom. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I think I will do a consultation with you because I am seeing many difficult times ahead – 7 1/2 shani in shani dasa coming up for both of us. 

            Thanks again, Geeta


      27. Sadashiv Rao

        Respected Guruji I have some thing happend in my life to tell still truamatised as what went wrong. I was flourishing in 1993 to 2001.I was VP in very big Co.had no issue and I thought of starting a Orphange and I bought a land of 1/4 acre in Greater Noida in 1997 and I Adopted one female child on 25.june 2001 and I lost the job in the month of Sep same year. and there after I never settled in life and I am to day job less for almost for past 7 years.and I had to sell that plot for my living in 2004 .I lost almost what ever I had, sell my home in north India and settled in south India now since 6 yrs.Guruji and that too job less. when I was in good position I have done enough of good work and donations to various temples etc. Me and My wife both are out of sade sathi but then we are facing more worst problems than what it was in 7.5 sani ?I dont get good job here? If God has to give me this reward for my humane job I have no reply.This is not to blame. I felt like saying to you so I said. I dont even have the capacity to Pay and consult you. Should you feel like answering this mail I shall be ever grateful to you. Thank You.
        My DOB 28 Mar 1958 01.20 AM ,wife; 9 Jan 1960.15.56(3.56 PM) Kid 25 Oct 1996 10.40.AM
        Hoping for good days Guruji. W B Rgds.

      28. Sadashiv Rao

        I am sorry sir I did not give you place of birth 28 Mar 1958 01.20 Am place Bangalore other on 9 Jan 1960 3.56 PM Kunda pur(Mangalore) kid 25 Oct 1996 10.40 AM N Delhi.

      29. Nancy

        Another question on kakbandhya. The 5th house lord is mercury, it is not in 6th house, but it is associated with 6th lord, moon and both are in the 2nd house. So in this case, does kakbandhya still apply just by association of the 6th lord ? Of course, mercury being neechan is also a concern I guess. Please explain how kakbandhya will work.

      30. sdflkdjf

        What about “Karaka Bhava Nashta”? By this principle, Jupiter in 5th house of any chart should create problems. Any thoughts on that?

      31. Sudheendra

        Hi Sir, I am a Cancer ascendant with 5th house lord Mars in 6th house along with Ketu. Jupiter is in 4th house. I have one daughter, could you please tell if I have Putradosha

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          if in the bhava chart also Mars is in the 6th bhava and that too closer to the mid point of 5th house then you have PUTRADOSHA. If Ketu is closer to Mars then your PUTRADOSHA gets stronger. It indicates extra concern of your daughter. Taking care of an orphan child in an orphanage will bring down the intensity of the Purtra Dosha.

      32. Vasanth

        Dear Sir,

        We are married now for 12 years, with no children in spite of being medically fit . Will appreciate if you can guide us through by having a look at our horoscopes if we have putradosha

        My DOB 28.07.1974
        Place : Hyderabad ( Andhra Pradesh )
        Time : Evening 5:15

        My Wifes DOB : 03.10.1971
        Place : Ratlam ( Madhya Pradesh
        Time : Evening 5:25

        If present …suggest some remedy

        Thanking you in advance


        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Please see the following video:

          After the DIPA Astro Diaries 2014 are done, I will try to reply to your question. Until then one of my readers may help you find some answers.

        • Jijnasu

          an astrologer told me that the mere conjunction or opposition of Jupiter and Venus means the person will positively not have any children, What is your opinion in this matter?

          • Rohan

            thats absolutely false n u r being misguided..

          • E K Dhilip Kumar

            Please ask the Astrologer which classical book states that rule. Always ask the Astrologer, including me. That is a good practice.

      33. astromg

        Hello Sir

        Indeed a strong knwledge behin such informative and well explained article.
        I have the 5th Lord in 1 house. Ketu in 5th and Saturn and Jupiter in 1st house. still have no child for more than 4 years of marraige. Why should that be the case?


        • Hari Krishnan

          Please contact me directly My Mob No: +91 9620017443 regarding your astrology predictions….!

          Name: Hari Krishnan

      34. Rathiga

        My dob is nov 3rd 1983 , time : 6:45pm , place : Pondicherry .

        My husband’s detail dob is july 18 1976, time: 12:10 pm , place : chennai.

        I got pregnant twice and it dint last longer . Now my husband lost interest in trying . Do we have any dosha . If so please tell me some remedy

      35. n.subrahmanian

        I have jupiter and saturn in the 5th house from Simha lagna, 5th house is aspected by sun and mercury at 11th house. Do i have putra dosha and so to what extent and what are the remedies?

        pls give your valuable advice as I am always worried about the health of my children.


      36. Shailesh Dhanani


        My dob is Oct 26th 1974 , time 3.00 am, place : Bhavnagar, Gujarat
        My wife dob is May 14th 1980, time 8.45 am, place : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

        married since December 1999, but unfortunate to have children inspite of spending lot of money on infertility treatment, i.e. 2 cycle of IVF etc….Can you please let me know based on astrology and your deep knowledge, what can be the issue and remedies to comeout of this?

        • shailesh Dhanani

          Dear Sir,

          Eagarly waiting for your positive response on my query…..please help

      37. Kattil Sabari Girish

        Respected Sir,
        Name:Kattil Sabari Girish
        My DOB is 03/06/1973
        TOB:6:40 AM

        can u please analyze my current time
        last 2 years lots of problems

        My child’s details:
        Name:Advaithi Girish
        DOB is 16/11/2007
        POB:Manjeri Kerala
        TOB:10:54 AM

        my child is having developmental issues
        can u please analyze his time and any remedies for getting ok

      38. anesh

        Humble pranams. My date of birth is 21/06/1971, 4.52 a.m,chennai,rohini nakshatram. My husband date of birth 17/04/1969,chennai,bharani nakshatram. Our marriage date is 9/4/2010. I had to settle my sisters , so had a late marriage. I had a miscarriage during 2012. We are longing to have a child. Pl can you suggest some remedies. Also tell us whether natural conception s possible or fertility treatment or adopt a child. Pl guide us.

      39. Hawk

        For a Cancer ascendant, if Jupiter is in 5th house, what are the portents. One hand, Jupiter is lord of 6th house and there is karaka naasho bhava. On the other hand, Ju is lord of 9th house in a trikona.

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          Jupiter gives very good results. In such cases you have to look for other combinations in the horoscope that is connected to Putra matters. Jupiter alone does not determine what happens to us.

          • HawkEye

            The 5th Lord in this case is exalted in the 7th albeit with Rahu. Asc is Punurvasu and Moon is posited in 11th in ROhini with Sa aspecting the 5th House. Hence I am confused. Ma is a natural malefic tho a yogakaraka for Cn Asc and it is aspected from first house by Su (Natural malefic) and Ve and Ke

      40. Ridhima

        Sir I am Capricorn with my 5 th house lord in 6 th house and my wife( Taurus ) has Jupiter in her 5th house and but I have been blessed with healthy twin boys but since then there are lot of health problems for her n relations with my parents have become very bad , I read about put radish and now I am worried about my children, will presence of Jupiter in her 5 th house neutralism the dosh

      41. ramya

        Dear Sir, went through your article about putra dosha. Very enlightening I should say! Just one simple question popping in my mind. Jupiter’s aspect on 5th lord is always good and reduce the dosha acc to classical books. How about a debilitated Jupiter. Say, Jupiter is in makara and the 5th lord mangala (Aries) in kadaga(8th house-dushta sthana and debilitated- double trouble??)
        Mangala receiving direct aspect (7th house from Jupiter) of delibitated Jupiter will reduce the putra dosha or there may be no effect due to its debilitation?

      42. anesh

        Can you pl guide us with regard to child birth. We are longing to hear from you

          • anesh

            Pl accept our humble pranams.
            My details are
            Name : Anitha.k
            Date of birth: 21/06/1971
            Place of birth: chennai
            Time of birth: 4.23(IST)
            Birth star: rohini

            My husband details
            Name: Eshwaran.J
            Date of birth: 17/04/1969
            Place of birth: chennai
            Time of birth: 8.45 pm
            Birth star: Bharani

            Our marriage date: 9/4/2010

            For about 4 years we are married. During 2012 I had a miscarriage in 8 weeks. My husband is only son ,so all of us longing for a child in the family. Pl guide us in this regard .

          • anesh

            I’m married for four years. I have given our complete details for your perusal. Pl give us guidance reg our progeny. Eagerly awaiting your reply

          • E K Dhilip Kumar

            Sponsor an orphan child as early as possible. Continue sponsoring even after your child is born. Do not forget that.

          • anesh

            Thanks for your advise. We will definitely follow your suggestion.

      43. radharani

        Sir, awaiting a reply from you for a long time. Please guide me regarding my daughter who is awaiting childbirth since 5 years.

        daughters details
        dob : 26.4.1983
        tob: 6.56 pm
        pob : bangalore
        Star : chitirai

        husbands details:
        dob: 28.8.1983
        tob: 3.45 pm
        pob : Mangalore
        star : aswini

        Thanking you.

      44. Seetha

        Scorpio ascendant, 5th lord Jupiter is in 12th house Libra. The 7th and 12th lord Venus aspecting 12th house. Will i adopt a baby and wont have a kid of my own?

      45. Seetha

        7th and 1th lord Venus placed in 6th house aspecting 12th house Jupiter.

      46. Seetha

        7th and 12th lord Venus placed in 6th house aspecting 12th house Jupiter.

      47. subhadra

        girl dob 26.4.1983, 18.56 , bangalore, india, karnataka
        boy dob 28.8.1983, 15.45 pm, mangalore, india, karnataka

        kindly predict the prospects of children for the above charts

      48. sarat

        my son date of birth 9/8/2006 timeof birth 8.30am. he cannot speak,he is suffering from delayed mildstones. my details 21/3/1966 timeof birth 10.59 p,m . do i have putra dosha?

      49. depak

        Hi Mr Dilip, i would like to know what are the remedies for wilful abortion. Does wilful abortion also give rise to putra dosha? There are cases where the doctor will advise the expectant mother to wash the fetus as it does not grow for a few months thus can endanger that life of the mother. Kindly enlighten me on this matter. Thank you.

      50. Mangai

        Dear Sir,

        My Date of Birth is 10th April, 1977 at 22 15 hrs in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I am married on 10th November, 2002. My husband’s Date of Birth is unknown.

        I conceived and got aborted on May 2011. After that I have not conceived.

        I have 12th Lord Venus in 5th house. Also, I have 5th lord(Jupiter) in 7th House & 7th house lord(Venus) in 5th house.

        I would like to know my prospects of having a child.


      51. vijayan

        my son, has putradosha.. please let me know.. DOB: 12-AUG-2011, TIME: 6:00 AM PLACE: CHENNAI

      52. vijayan

        Please let me know.. my son has putradosha? what is remedy.? DOB: 12-AUG-2011, TIME: 6:00 AM PLACE of birth: CHENNAI.. i am into confusion.. i have planned to stop with only one child….

      53. hema

        My DOB Is 18.07.1979, 6.10 AM, born in tanuku, My husbands DOB is 19. 03.1974, We have a girl child, aged 9 years,she is born in 7th month.somehow she is there for us by gods grace. But after that i had deliveryin 7th month and i lost a girl child in delivery itself,.Actually whenever iam pregnant, i always get complications and my life will be in risk.

        can you suggest me some astrological remedies

      54. hema

        My DOB Is 18.07.1979, 6.10 AM, born in tanuku, My husbands DOB is 19. 03.1974 5.10 AM born in tanuku., We have a girl child, aged 9 years,she is born in 7th month.somehow she is there for us by gods grace. But after that i had deliveryin 7th month and i lost a girl child in delivery itself,.Actually whenever iam pregnant, i always get complications and my life will be in risk.

        can you suggest me some astrological remedies

      55. saraswathi

        Dear Sir,
        My daughter’s date of birth is 21.04. 1980 ,birth time 12.05 PM. Born at Kerala State .Son in law’s DOB is 19.03.1974,birth time 08.30Pm. Birth Place Madura,Thamilnadu. Though 8 years passed after their marriage no children yet. I would like to know whether they will have a child?
        kindly look in to the matter

      56. Amanpreet

        Amanpreet Sir,
        My I have Libra Lagan with Jupiter in 4th house, Ketu in 5th House, Sat in 6th
        house, Moon in 7th house, Sun and Mercury in 9th house, Venus in 10th house
        Rahu in 11th house, and Mars in 12th house. Please reply me.

      57. lakshmi

        Sir, in my native chart, vrischika lagna and in fifth house i.e, in meena 4 planets, i.e sun, rahu, venus and mercury. and second and fifth lard in 11th house ie in kanya, i got two abortions, any remediies are there still. age 45

      58. Bulbuli


        Request you to please reply to my query. My mother’s 5th house Lord Mars is exalted in her tenth house. Yet her eldest daughter, my elder sister died. How can this be explained? Please reply. Because my 5th house lord Venus is in 10th house in its own sign. I am childless so far ( 36 years of age , female) and was hoping God will bless me with a child soon. But now seeing the connection with my mother’s horoscope, I am very scared. Please help.

        My mother’s birth details is as follows 5th February 1942, 5.15 pm, Dhaka Bangladesh. We are Hindus.

      59. sunil talwar

        sir, kindly enlighten me on three grahas sat, ven, rahu in seventh house i.e in capricorn whereas ju (r) with ketu in cancer lagna having direct dristi over three grahas. what will happen to the marriage of my son?.

        • Gayathri

          Sir, If we can not do the duty or job or justice to any thing we will get that particular dosha. If A girl marry, after that in-laws and husband ignored and ill treated her then what is the parihara? is to escape from that or baring is the choice now a days. If family members give support to the girl is that the solution? and bearing the problem is not the solution. what to do? Some times the clever steps also become penalty.   Thanking you, Lakshmi


          • sunil

            DEAR GAYATHRI JI,

      60. Pri

        Sir, I was born in thula lagnam, my rashi is kadagam. According to my rashi chart, Saturn is in the 12th house. But in the brava chart Saturn is in the 1st house. Does it mean I have putra dosham? I have a son, I am worried if i have this dosham and if I should do any remedy.

      61. pree

        Hello Sir, Saturn is in the 12 th house in Rashi chart but in 1st house in Bhava chart. Does it mean I have putra dosham? I am Kataka rasi – Thula lagnam.

      62. Sonal S

        Sir, we are childless for 10 years after marriage. In my chart 5th Lord Mercury is in 9th house with Mars, Lagnesh Venus is exalted in 11th house, Mars is Rashi swami and also Lord of 7th. Debilitated Guru is with Ketu in 12 th house. (Dob 13-2-77, 12:20 pm, Ujjain, MP)
        In my husband’s chart Lord of 12th house Moon is sitting in 5th house, Lord of 5 th house Jupiter is sitting in 11th house aspecting 5th house. (Dob 18-7-78, 8:35 am, Vadodara Gujarat)
        Please advise what shall we do.

      63. ramanijayalakshmi

        Dhilip Sir, All your postings and explanations are excellent and ‘All the best’ for your future predictions. My birth date is 28-Feb-1983 7.02am. Please tell if I have putradosha and if ‘yes’ then let me know if there are any remedies to resolve it.

      64. T.R. GITANJALI

        My son DOB14.10.1983 TOB 9.50 pm, .secunderabad, my daughter-in-law DOB 01-11-1985 TOB 12.00 noon POB Dewas (M.P.) got married in 2014. Kindly let me know if there is any dosha and what are the steps to be taken as per astrology as the astrologer who matched the kundali did not emphasis this before marriage. But from my childrens’ behaviou, I have a doubt. Kindly help me

        • E K Dhilip Kumar

          please get a professional reading from me. It is a very important question. Need to spend a lot of time on both the horoscope.

          Dear Sir/Madam,

          Please contact my office secretary Ms Sobitha +919094036404 (office mobile phone) and speak to her for fixing an appointment. She will instruct you on how to go about the consultation.

          Please kindly send her an email to: astrodiaries@gmail.com with subject matter “Paid Consultation” and you will be informed about the fees details for the consultation.

          If you use Whatsapp – then send a message with 1st line as “Paid Consultation” followed by Your Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

          Thanking you,

          Sincerely yours,

          E K Dhilip Kumar

      65. Raghav

        Dear Sir, this article on putradosha is very helpful and some of the points you have made from your experience and with statistics (you would have seen many number of cases) gives a good idea. Also, your point about – when remedies will work (aspect of Guru etc) is also very helpful in analysing, interpreting and predicting about children. Thanks very much for sharing this knowledge!!

      66. Raghav

        Sir, a question:
        For Mesha Lagna horoscope,
        – 5th lord sun is exalted in 1st house (Lagna house & sun is at 2+ degrees in Ashwini Nakshara), – 9th Lord Jupiter is exalted in 4th house. Lagna Lord Mars is in 12th house with debilitated Mercury.
        – 5th house is occupied by Saturn (Lord of 10th & 11th) and Rahu. 5th house is aspected by Venus & Ketu (both are in 11th house) Of course, lagna lord Mars get aspect of exalted Jupiter. – 9th house is vacant and does not have any malefic aspect also.
        – In Bhav Chalit Chart, Sun and Mars occupy Lagna (Meena Lagna), Jupiter moves to Gemini.
        – In D-7 (Saptamsha Chart), it is also Mesha Lagna, and 5th Lord Sun is again exalted in Lagna. – 9th Lord Jupiter is in 11th house (Kumbha) aspecting 5th house, 7th Lord Venus is in 5th house and Lagna Lord Mars is in 9th house. Saturn from 8th house aspects 5th house too)

        My observations:
        – On the one hand, 5th lord & 9th lord – both are exalted (in Lagna/Rashi Chart), both are functional benefics for Mesha Lagna and Lagna lord is aspected by Jupiter – the putra karaka, both are NOT aspected by any malefic planets.
        – 5th house is occupied by malefics (Saturn & Rahu but according to BV Raman, the father of modern day astrology and one of the most respected name in astrology, Rahu is a bahuputra yoga karaka) but 5th house and malefic occupants aspected by Venus and Ketu.
        – We have mixed scenario – both good and bad and how to interpret this?

        • Raghav

          Some more points to add to the above query: When seen from Moon, it is Vrischika Rashi (Mesh Lagna). For Vrischika Rashi Moon, 5th lord Jupiter is exalted in 9th house and aspecting Moon (1st house) and 5th – own house (Meena rashi – occupied by Mars & Mercury)

      67. A K Desai

        sir my question is if fifth house lord conjunct with moon always gives the chance of only having daughters, please reply…

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      85. The Good and Bad Planets for Simha Lagna People (Leo Ascendant)
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      89. Netra Roga – Eye diseases of the serious type
      90. Putra Dosha – The Flaw on the house of children
      91. Gajakesari Yoga – A misquoted yoga
      92. Stars that Match for those born in 21.Uttarashada Star (Uttaradam Star) – Dhanus Rasi
      93. Stars that Match for those born in 21.Uttarashada (Uttaradam) – Makara Rasi
      94. Stars that Match for those born in 23. Dhanista (Avittam) – Makara Rasi
      95. Stars that Match for those born in 23. Dhanishta (Avittam) – Kumbha Rasi
      96. Stars that Match for those born in 25. Poorvabhadra Star – Meena Rasi (Pooratadhi Star)
      97. Stars that Match for those born in 24. Satabisha Star (Sadhayam) – Kumbha Rasi
      98. Stars that Match for those born in 25. Poorvabhadra Star – Kumbha Rasi – Pooratadhi Star
      99. Stars that Match for those born in 19. Moola Star – Dhanus Rasi
      100. Stars that Match for those born in 22. Sravana Star (Thiruvonam) Makara Rasi
      101. Stars that Match for those born in 26. Uttarabhadra Star (Meena Rasi)
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      104. Karma and Effort
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      107. Astrology and Genetics
      108. Stars that Match for those born in 12. Uttaraphalguni Star (Uttaram) – Simha Rasi
      109. Stars that Match for those born in 11. Poorvaphalguni Star (Pooram or Pubba) – Simha Rasi
      110. Stars that Match for those born in 10. Makha Star (Simha Rasi)
      111. How to Consult Astrologer E K Dhilip Kumar
      112. Stars that Match for those born in 09. Aslesha Star – Karkataka Rasi
      113. Stars that Match for those born in 08. Pushyami Star – Karkataka Rasi
      114. Stars that Match for those born in 07. Punarvasu Star – Mithuna Rasi
      115. Stars that Match for those born 06. Arudra Star – Mithuna Rasi
      116. Stars that Match for those born 05. Mrigasira – Mithuna Rasi
      117. Stars that Match for those born in 05. Mrigasira Star – Vrishaba Rasi
      118. Stars that Match for those born in 03. Krittika Star – Vrishabha Rasi
      119. Stars that Match for those born in 03. Krittika – Mesha Rasi only
      120. Stars that Match for those born in 04. Rohini Star (Vrishaba Rasi)
      121. Stars that Match for those born in 02. Bharani (Mesha Rasi)
      122. Stars that Match for those born in 01. Aswini – Mesha Rasi
      123. Stars that Match for those born in 07. Punarvasu – Karkataka Rasi
      124. Stars that Match for those born in 20. Poorvashada (Dhanus)
      125. Stars that Match for those born in 16. Vishaka (Thula Rasi)
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