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  1. praveen

    Thank you very much sir……..nice article…………….

  2. praveen

    dilip sir, i have finished my rahu dasa and saturn bhukthi on september 28th 2012. Now i am in rahu dasha and mercury bhukthi… will things be any good to me. My rahu is in 12th house. I am cancer lagna ,simha raasi, uttaraphalguni 1 pada , person. sir, please reply me…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Definitely. It will be a lot better than Rahu – Saturn irrespective of where RAHU and MERCURY are etc. But for specific results find out where Mercury is and is Mercury in angles or trine to Rahu and Mercury is dignified and owning good houses etc.

      • praveen

        sir,thank you very much for your reply…my mercury is in 2nd house(leo)along with sun and moon. i am a cancer ascendent ,simha raasi.

      • Prem Rao

        Dear Sir,
        Thank you for the valuable information and help offered regarding the Rahu/Saturn Dasha.

        I am presently running Rahu masha dasha with Saturn bhukti..
        Saturn – 1st House (Asc lord)
        Rahu – in the 4th House

        I am job-less and returned from a foreign country..Could please advise if the Rahu-Mercury bhukti will do any better for career/life?

        Bhava chart – Mercury 10th house (Sun as AS in 1th house)
        Rahu and Saturn in 7th house

        Thanking You.

      • Raji

        Sir, thanks a lot for the article on rahu-Saturn phase my question is I am born in Leo ascendant with rahu in Taurus in 10th house and Saturn is in 3rd house in libra, what sort of results can I have in rahu-Saturn period. Also I’m going through rahu-Jupiter period at the moment.

      • rohini yadav

        Sir my name is Rohini Yadav and my date of birth is 02/04/1988 and my time of birth is 06:23 a.m at varanasi U.P India. I am in urgent need of some job before september but not able to understand what is going wrong with me after putting so much effort


        My Name BHAGABHAI
        DOB 06 June 1952
        TOB 06:10 AM

        I am in Rahu Dasha
        I have not received 3 years salary
        When shall i get back ???

        Kindly guide what to do

    • Ashish

      I am Under Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Bhukti- My rahu is in 9th house with Moon in Capricorn and Saturn in 8th house in Sagittarius .

      I am Taurus Ascendant with Mars in Taurus 1st house .

      My life is hell .Under Rahu dasha since 6years and Rahu-shani 2015 is going on its hell .

      I am scared of life and people .

      2018 my Rahu and mercury starts . Saturn transiting Sagittarius also I herd .

      My work ,Business ,payments ,Health ,Education everything is in bad shape and even finances .

      I cannot sleep at all .Dark circles and untimely meals .

      Bad things in world is more visible .

      Car accident ,business losses ,clients getting angry and Education Issue . Property issue from grandmother

  3. nita


  4. Annu

    Very Perfect description of RAHU-SAT period. I have suffered a lot and after reading i completely agree with your description it does almost all which you have mentioned above. Thank You Dilip sir.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  5. Irina

    Deat Punditji, is the effect of Saturn-Rahu will be similar to Rahu-Saturn or different? I will have this dasha soon..

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      It it not the same. But there are some similarities. Rahu Sani is very intense. Saturn – Rahu is not that much. But if Rahu is in the 8th or 12th from Sani then it can get really bad. Astrology is so complex that you need the entire chart.

      • raveena

        Dear Sir,

        You mentioned that Rahu can get really bad when placed in the 8th house from Shani. My saturn in lagna,exalted in Libra. My Rahu in 8th house, exalted in Taurus. I am going through Shani- Rahu , Shani Sade Sati as well. Does Rahu being exalted doing more good or bad ? I am wearing hessonite .I do charities and I visit temple religiously on Saturdays. Your remedies have helped me tremendously. Plus point is my job as a doctor. I believe I get extra opportunities to do charity. Thank you.

  6. Vinod

    Dear Panditji, I have Rahu in 12th house and Venus in 3rd House (Kumbha Lagna). How will Rahu – Venus be ?


    i am fully satisfied pandit g with your above article,thank you for sharing such important article……….

  8. Vino

    Sir, my daughter is Vrishabha Lagna, Kanya Rasi. She is going through Rahu dasa – Saturn Bhukti. She is also going through Sade Sati. She is having a lot of health problems and mental tension. She is coming out of Saturn Bhukti in July 2014. Also Sade Sati will end around the same time. As per your article Vrishabha Lagna people shouldn’t be troubled too much by Rahu and Saturn. But I don’t see this in her case. She is 20 yrs old and is wanting to go abroad for higher studies. I am worried about her future. Can you please advise?


    • Raveesh

      I am also going through Sade Sati




  10. praveen

    Dilip sir, i have read in your article on super star Rajnikanth ,where you have said that during Rahu dasa ,rahu shows bad effect during the first 1/3 of its dasha. Does this apply for rahu in 12th house also? Thank you sir..

  11. prasad

    Dilip Sir, I don’t know how I came across ur site, but I am very glad that I found it. The description is awesome. I am going to start my Rahu Mahadasha soon and I am really somewhat scared after reading this. I will definitely follow the remedial measures u have stated to keep myself calm. Btw my rahu is in 11th house of libra. Great article. Keep up the good work sir. Thank you.

  12. Hariharaprasath

    Dear Sir,
    At present am going to end up my Rahu-Guru period by march 2013. From April am going to face Rahu-Sani. Am really afraid of this phase. Already I got lot of problems from the starting of Rahu-Rahu Bhukthi. Kindly advise me what should I do now and how to face this phase. My D.O.B. 18-06-1982. Time 8:00 p.m. night. Pls help me. My mail ID: mailwithhari@gmail.com

  13. sanket

    dilip sir, according to my astrologer mine is vrishaba lagna(rashi) and he told i have shani dosha and kendra peedita kala sarpa dosha and now am in rahu dasha and shani bhukti ,so is it good or bad for me and what is the solution for it.

  14. Anonymous

    I totally agree this. I recently completed my Rahu-Saturn dasha and it was the worst period of my life. I have Rahu in 12th and Saturn in 8th house and i was also going through the 2nd phase of sade sati of saturn at the same time. I lost my father, lost the family life, hurdles in relationship, went through humiliation,emotional agony, loneliness. This is the same period when I started learning astrology, started to search the true meaning of life,afterlife,philosophy.

    • Jay

      when did you complete the rahu -shani dasa? Even I have Rahu in 12th house and saturn in 8th house. I still have Rahu- shani for 2 more years. Is it going to be any good after this dasha is complete?

  15. Rajeev

    Dear Sir, I have a Rahu in 6th house scorpio in my horoscope (Mithuna Lagna). Please let me know if this offers good or bad effects during the Rahu Mahadasa.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Check the position of Rahu in the Bhava Chart. Use equal house system for this. If Rahu continues to be in the 6th even in the bhava chart, then most of Rahu dasha will be good. However, you need to know if other grahas are influencing Rahu because Rahu is like a Chameleon, changing colors due to other things around it. Rahu is scorpio is Neecha (Debilitated). So Rahu will give bad times in certain sub periods of RAHU dasha.

      • hbksg

        Dear Sir, I checked and Rahu is 6th house in Bhava Chart and Rasi Chart. However it is in 8th house in Navamsa chart. Please let me know the effects of Rahu Maha dasa for me. Also my Rahu antar dasas under Sun, Moon and Mars were not so great. But i have heard that Rahu in 6th house is always good, so i am confused. Rahu is in 6th house Scorpio. My lagna is Mithuna. Kindly let me know on this. Thanks


      • hbksg

        Dear Dhilip Sir, Rahu is present in 6th house of Scorpio. 6th house and 11th house lord is Mars. Mars is present with Jupiter in 10th house of Pisces. Rahu in 6th house Scorpio is debilitated, however its lord – Kuja is present in 10th house with Jupiter (own sign), does this mean neecha bhanga. If yes, will the Rahu Dasa period prove to be good? Kindly suggest remedies.


    • Vinodini

      Excellent prediction on Rahu-Saturn period. My daughter is going through this period now till July 2014 and most of these effects are being felt by her. She has lost a lot of weight and looks anorexic, has an aversion for food, falls sick very often, is extremely irritable and always gets angry, dislikes people and prefers to keep to herself, and so on. All of this is extremely troubling for us as parents. One thing that is very confusing though is that she is a Vrishabha lagna and her Saturn is in the 9th house (lorded by Saturn itself), therefore, making Saturn a yoga karaka for her. Why then does she have to go through all the same pain that people of other lagnas go through? Why cant she see slightly a better period given that her Saturn is a good planet and benefactor for her? Her Rahu is in the 8th house in her natal chart. What can I expect for her in the mercury bhukti of Rahu dasa?

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Did you check out the bhava chart? The bhava chart is the one that you should use for counting the houses a planet occupies. Check out Saturn’s position. Moreover you have said that Rahu occupies the 8th house. Rahu according to Maharshi Parasara gives maximum problems only in the 8th and 12th house.


      sir my father is going through 2nd phase of sade sati of saturn the transit ends by november ,while is dhasa is rahu with saturn bhukthi inwhich saturn bhukthi ends by 0ctober 2,next mercury bhukthi starts whether he will get beneficiary on financial his name M RANGANATHAN ,TULA RAASI CHITRA STAR

  16. yogiraj

    thanks for good guidence

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  17. sumeet kaur

    hallo can u please help me also

  18. sumeet kaur


  19. BabuShankarC

    Excellent article.. I am having 3 more months to complete rahu dasa sani bhukthi…

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The bad effects of Rahu Sani period will not be fully over. However it will start tapering down. So congratulations! Write your experience during this period. We will all benefit from sharing such vital information. Did you do any remedies?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Congratulations. Say thanks to GOD that nothing negative happenened to you. Even if you had, GOD let you cross over such bad period.

  20. PriyaRaaj

    Really Nice blog…for Rahu-Saturn period… I believe that this period started for me just 5 days back… I already had problems in my love life… n i’m afraid that its gonna be worse… At my home, they are searching for alliance for me…. n some astrologer have told them that i should get married within this April/May, else i wont get married / will have trouble in getting married… I don’t know what to do… all I can do is pray to the Almighty… My DOB : 25.03.1985 and time 10:32 pm, can you predict n tell anything good I’ve got….? Thanks.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Send your place of birth, date of birth and time of birth to my mobile : +919841041713
      Whenever I find the time, I will guide you.
      If you want to approach me professionally then you may call my office and fix up an appointment with Ms Sobitha ,my secretay – 044 24330764 044 24350336
      Such confidential matters should not be discussed in a blog.

      • PriyaRaaj

        Thank you so much sir. I’ve mailed you in detail about things I wanted to share.
        Thank you….

      • Bhupendra

        Hello Sir,

        Currently I am going through Rahu Dasha and Saturn bhukti.

        I will be completing this on 21 Dec 2013. After that Rahu- Mercury will start.

        Please suggest.

        Name: Bhupendra DOB: 03/Aug/1982 POB: RAIGARH(Chhattisgarh) TOB:7:40 AM

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Everything is said in the article. So please read it again.

  21. sampath

    Mr Dhilip, My Astrologer told me that I see somoe light by June 13 & improvement only by June 2014 as I am going through Rahu Dasa Sanni Bukthi. Almost all you have said has happened to me including a heart attack I survived in 2010. I will follow what all you said. But, what happens between June 13 & June 2014? Should I go away to an Ashram & do social service ? Please advice. Thank you Sir. Sampath

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Send me your name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birth to ekdhilip@yahoo.com and tell me date of you heart attack so that I will know the intensity of this period.

      • venny

        Hi Sir,

        A very good article, But i dont know the exact time of the birth, I very well knew im in rahu mahadasha but how should we calculate whether im in jupiter bhukti or saturn bhukti

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Download Jagannath Hora software and install it. Then feed your details and find out. It is very easy.

  22. sampath

    Mr Dhilip, After I met you last Thursday, I am devoting my time listening & reciting Mirthuntha Mantra & yesterday I was in an ancient Shiva Temple during the Rahukalam (9 to 1030 AM). Mentally, I experience inner peace thinking I am being protected by Gods despite being in the grip of Rahu & Sanni. Om Namah Shivaya. Om Namah Shivaya. Thank you Sir for your Direction. As you said, Schools must have a 1 hour class from 6th Standard till 12th every week towards Astrology. It surely is also in our hands to control the ill-effects but we must know it first & to know it, we must believe in Astrology. Ultimately it is the belief & trust. Hope readers benefit knowing the bumpy roads & reduce accel & shift gears & use brakes & drive through this rough patch with God`s blessings.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Dear Friend, Glory to God. When you stepped into my room for the consultation, you were an atheist and now you are back to reality. I am so glad that I my extra efforts I took that day has not been wasted. Remember that from doing good only good will come. The mantra is MRITYUNJAYA Mantra the spelling was wrong.

      • S Sriraj

        Vey True Dhilip Sir.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Always contact my office for appointments. Email id: astrodiaries@gmail.com

        My secretary Ms Sobitha takes care of all my 64. Contact her: +914424350336 +914424330764

        Send a copy to me at ekdhilip@yahoo.com and ekdhilipkumar@gmail.com

        Buy the ISKON Bhagavad GITA book ….. great book or

        on the internet click on the following link: http://bhagavadgitaasitis.com/en1

        you will come out of the grip of RAHU

        others reading this blog can also click on the above link and change their karma to the positive side.

      • S Sriraj

        Dear Ms Shobita,

        My Son`s details are as follows :-

        Name : Uppili Shrinivas

        DOB : 20 Aug 1997 ( 20th August 1997 )

        POB : Chennai, Ashok Pillar

        TOB : 1029 AM

        Kindly can you fix an appointment with Mr Dhilip at 1240 afternoon on Thursday for 1 hour & confirm to me.

        I will remit my fees of Rs.5000 towards this when I am there.

        Om Namah Shivaya.


      • S Sriraj

        Dear Ms Shobita,


        Sriraj – 9444708530

      • S Sriraj

        My wifes name is sunitha. Dob is 17 july 1975, chennai egmore born. Their family mtmbers till marriage were thinking it is chitra natchatram but later an astrologer told she is swathi. So, please let me know if we can discuss about this. Dont know on what basis they said she is swathi. Will double check today and tell you, if possible.

        Need 1 hour each on wednesday. Good time to meet, both hours.

        Please confirm by email or call tomorrow.

        Thank you, sriraj.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Dhilip Sir
        It`s exactly 1 year since I started following many of the prescriptions you had suggested to keep myself steady. Well, I have followed many but could not follow all but the remedies have made me clear myself of many things. I am moving towards following all though it is sometimes practically difficult. But, I am fighting to do it which I dint have a year before. On the professional front, things have improved though the boat keeps hitting rocks now & then but I am sailing. The weather continues to be rough but I am bracing it. I have conceded to certain things like some big business/personal outstanding may have been lost for ever. But, it never would have sink in me if I had not had the few sessions I had for a micro-level discussion which is essential for all. Your deserving fees is the best investment of my lifetime & perhaps for several more births, if I have, God forbid. No point for the readers and people who go through this phase to ignore this article & the feedback it has attracted. No point in people buying a vehicle for several lakhs and not buy a road direction book. My suggestion to all parents is to give a professional Astrological map of your child/children with recommendations. It is upto the child to take it seriously & follow as much as possible. I think it is our primary duty as parents to consult a good Astrologer/counselor, in my case, Dhilip Sir and a report given to the child. We take a simple Class V progress report & comments of the Teacher seriously but ignore a report for the Soul, which is for the rest of our lives & beyond. I marked this day in my diary and wanted to share it with readers. I will keep posting my progress report (gladly and Thank God, I am progressing and it does not matter if it is slow!) in this blog for the benefit of readers. God bless.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Your comments encourage me to do more research in Astrology and contribute more to the society and to myself.

  23. priya

    hello sir,
    My rahu mahadasha is going on from 1999 and it will go till 2017.I am in very bad situation.all the things which you wrote happend to me till now.my married life is completely going down day by day..will time be better after 2017 or ther is a chances of divorce.
    my DOB- 4-10-1985 and time is 12:40 PM

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Where is your Rahu in the bhava chart? If Rahu is unfriendly to you which is to be known based on your Lagna then you should pray to either Goddess Durga or Lord Shiva. Do the remedies that have been recommended in this article.

  24. Usha sri

    Dear sir,
    My name is Usha Sri.iam from Malaysia.i saw your blogs very interesting.i want to know about my son.i saw few astrologers here,but each one telling me differently.one said he got Rahu d Sasha and another one said he got naga dosham.i am confused.i don’t know what to do My son’s name:Rahul DOB-25-5-1983 and time is 6.25 AM in Malaysia.can you predict n tell anything good.His marriage also getting late.
    Please confirm by email.

    Usha sri

  25. priya

    thank you sir for your reply.
    rahu is in my 1st house in lagna kundali.Rahu is unfreindly to me till now..I am facing so much problem with everyone.It is getting ended in march 2017.so will the period be good after 2017?My jupiter mahadasha will start from 2017.I am wearing Gomed ring but not sure about finger and hand..Please reply about this..
    Thank you.

  26. priya

    Rahu is in Aries in my 5th house and rahu is in 6th house in navmasa chart.and rahu is in 1st house in my birth chart..I dont know which is to be considered..

    • Cbsha

      Hi priya

      The following things will keep you better.

      1) chant ganpathi mantra when ever you get fear in mind
      2) do not argue just let the time pass
      3) go to Durga temple Friday in rahu Kalama and light two lamps
      4) always good forums to keep patient in mind


    My DOB is 23rd Nov-1970 (Birth Time:- 23.30 hrs, Place:- Andhra Pradesh, Dist:- Srikakulam), I have entered the age of 42-yrs, In my birth chart Rahu Maharaj is placed in the 7th house with Simha Rashi in Lagna Place(1st Place in birth chart).
    Now, I read in some article that, Rahu Period Starts in the age of 42-Years & will continue for 5-yrs i.e till 47-years to all the people…… Also I heard & read that, In 7th house Rahu gives very bad effects……. Is it true…… If yes then please give me the solution to keep Rahu calm & cool… & … to stop the further distractions of my life…

    K Suryarao
    E-Mail : k.suryarao@rediffmail.com
    Mob. No. 9422119804

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      It is a mistake to think that Rahu Dasha starts when a person is 42. If fact it can start anytime. Sometimes it may not even happen for certain people. For example those born in the stars of Guru (Jupiter) will have it only after 100 years of their age. So buy get your horoscope cast and find out when your Rahu Dasha starts. Please learn about Vimshottari Dasha system from the internet.

  28. priya

    Dhilip sir ,please reply to my question ..my DOB 4th Oct 1985,Time 12:40
    PM ,place -bhopal (madhya pradesh)

  29. Sivaguru K

    Sir, Currently I am going through this period. Left my job 8 months back & I am still in search of a job. If I had known this thing before 8 months, I wouldn’t have left my job. My parents are also annoyed by me. Whatever I do for getting a job, it stops abruptly without any progress. I think at least once in a day of leaving the house permanently or taking some extreme steps. I have an interview on 6th April which is very important. My worry is now that local astronomer says that my rahu dasa sani bhuti is ending on 13-Apr-2013( But the Jaganatha hora software says 23-04-2013 !!!, why is there difference between the two) Since it is ending by 13 April as per my local astronomer, is it going to be tough or impossible to clear the interview as the interview falls under this bad period. Hoping for a reply/suggestion from you sir. Thank you.

    Date of birth: 02-04-1987, Time: 8:08 PM, Place: Chennai.
    Rasi: Rishabam, Lakhnam: Thulam, Natchathiram: karthigai.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You should not use astrology like this for example, the outcome of interview etc. You will be affected by astrology if you use it to that extent. Use it to know the good times and bad times and adjust accordingly. If you are in a bad period you should accept jobs that are below your expectation. This is how you solve problems in a bad time. Do not blame astrology for everything. If your Lagna is Thula as you say then wear a good quality EMERALD on your little finger to increase your luck. For more details contact me professionally.

      • Sivaguru K

        Thank you sir 🙂

      • Sivaguru K

        My father too told the same thing

  30. srividhya

    Sir, great work. really superb.
    My rahu dhasa started in January 2013, for me Bharani star, dob 24/11/1977 at 4.30 a.m. – coimbatore. Thula ascendant – rahu in 12th house in mercury house – virgo. actually situations made me to move out from joint family(which i loved a lot) , physical health is not good as before, anger – which is a very big challenge to face. i am very much afraid how I overcome 18 years. Will u pls check and tell me when will my debts gets cleared and when will i own a house.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Worship Shirdi Sai Baba on all Thursdays and you will see miracles in your life. Rahu is ignorance and doing forbidden activities. Guru is knowledge, and opposes ignorance. Being born in a Thula Lagna means Jupiter is an enemy planet in your horoscope. So worship GURU, recite GURU mantra, learn meditation from ISHA yoga etc.

      • srividhya

        Thank u sir for your valuable reply very soon, but it is today the god made me to see yr reply. I met with an accident the very next day i asked the query ie.. April 6, 2013. with a major fracture in my right leg, after 1.5 yrs, am able to do well for the past 2 or 3 months. surely follow yr advice. Thank U.

  31. karan

    Hello Dilip Sir,
    I am going through Rahu Dasha and Saturn bhukti…I was advised that this period should be good for me but i do not see any results nor forsee any..Also i am worried now after reading this article..Please help
    my DOB : 23rd September 1985
    time:10:35 AM
    Place Delhi

  32. Dhruva

    Hello Dilip Sir,

    I have a very basic question for you. My father is going through Rahu Mahadasha. My mother is going to complete her Rahu Mahadasha in May this year. I have Shani Dasha (just been a year now). Does this combination have any positive/negative impact on our relationship? We are a joint family.

    Thank you!

  33. priya

    Is online astrology or horoscope always right or can it be wrong also..?????I am worried because my son horoscope told me everything very bad…please help me..

    • Cbsha

      Nowadays Thiru kanitham used in computer for horoscope which not that much good. Please write your horoscope based on vakyam punjankam

  34. Shivanand

    Neechabhanga Raja Yoga happens if a debilitated Planet is aspected by another debilitated Planet. Debilitated Rahu in Scorpio aspected by debilitated Ketu in Taurus will it cause Neechabhanga Raja Yoga?

  35. Prravit khanijo

    Hello Sir..My dob is 29 jan 1975 time 2351pm Bangkok Thailand. I am wearing blue sapphire and emerald at the moment..SOmeone suggest i wear Gomed as well..i deal mainly with foreigners..should i wear gomed? thankyou..

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      2 things. GOMED allowed only if you are in RAHU DASHA. 2nd condition is that RAHU must be a yogakaraka. If not a yogakaraka then wearing GOMED is like consuming poison. GOMED is linked to RAHU. So be careful.

  36. abc

    Dear Dhilip Ji

    I am going through Rahu Mahadasha and Rahu antardasha and have had challenges in my married life, with my husband leaving me for the 4th time in the last 12 years. My Rahu antardasha ends on 13 October 2013. My husband’s Rahu mahadasha starts on 12 May 2013. Are there any chances of our reunion in the near future? Also, is maha mrityunjaya mantra a good rememdy for rahu mahadasha? Thanks.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Mrityunjaya homa is done in case the concerned planets are ruling the 2nd house or the 7th house or if they are placed in these houses or if there is a life threatening situation with regard to health. Otherwise pray to Shirdi SAIBABA if Jupiter is a functional malefic planet, or pray to Goddess Durga in case Jupiter is a functional benefic as your ascendant. For more details contact your Astrologer.

  37. deepika

    my son has venus,ketu and jupiter together in 2nd house and mars and saturn both are in 6th house .what does it mean???he will have malefic affect of all these planets…??his ascendant is libra.his dob is 26th july 2012 and time is 12:12 PM,place-bhopal.

  38. Arun

    Dear Dhilipji,
    My Raaghu Dasa – Sani Bhukthi is starting in August – My Lagna is Midhuna.
    Please let me know how bad will the Raaghu Dasa – Sani Bhukthi will be.
    my raasi is simha, nakshatra is poorva phalguni.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      What is your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth? Send these details to ekdhilip@yahoo.com and whenever I have time I will reply. There are many clients who have asked for free consultations. So please wait patiently for the reply. I am asking some of my students to help me out.

  39. Sajeesh C

    Dear Dilip Sir,

    My date of birth: 30/06/1979
    Time: 04:05 PM
    Place: Calicut (kerala)

    Kindly let me know how is it to going to be my Rahu dasa , especially sub period of Saturn.
    I have my Rahu dasa started in december 2011. I have my Rahu and saturn together in 10th house Leo.

    Best Regards,
    Sajeesh C

  40. Leo

    so true about the Rahu-Saturn dasa….have said everything that happend in my life during Ragu-saturn dasa period

  41. surabhi

    hello sir!reading your article has given me immense strength as i am going through rahu dasha and saturn bhukti….i am having node problem in my neck and tonsilitis..with ferquent mouth infections..and serious uncontrollable depression ,none of the medicines are working since 1and half year..please guide me
    dob-17/07/80,time 3:52am,place pushkar(raj)..
    regards sir

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Rahu-Sani period science does not work well. Science works well in our good times. In our bad times, science does not help that much. That is why doctors cannot be of much use during such periods. Wait patiently for Rahu-Sani to be over. Patience is the key. Add Prayers. Words that start with P are controlled by Saturn. PAIN for example. PATIENCE is the positive side of SATURN. Both start with P. Pray on all SATURDAYS and especially during SATURDAY RAHU KAALAM as both SATURN AND RAHU are connected in that time. Your date of birth is 8 (17).

      • surabhisurabhi

        sir does my birth date 17/7/80 i.e. 8 no. makes this rahu-shani period more powerful.doctors have suggested surgery should i wait this period to be over..i have started worshipping shiva temple with milk and black sesame seeds,that has helped me to control my depression..thanks

      • surabhisurabhi

        I am a mithun ascendent with mercury in first house(vakri) I have sun and rahu in 2nd house and saturn,jupiter and moon in 3rd house,mars in 4th house,ketu in 8th,and venus in 12th house.I m wearing a zircon 3carot in white gold and moonga lacate in chain will these help…do i need to do mahamrityunjay yajya….my rahu dasha shani bhukti is going to end on 6th june14

      • Passionatekey

        I find it weird that you said P is controlled by Saturn and the number 8. Because my name starts with P and also my day of Birth adds up to the number 8! Went through Sade Sani and Rahu Dasha-Sani Bukti at the SAME time and it was horrendous. Although things are much calmer now, Now that I am in Rahu Dasha-Budha Bukti, but I have still have unending problems which are still not solved. I am still praying daily for relief.

  42. Dhir

    Respected Dilip Sir,

    Read your article and found that everything is going exactly as you described here, It gave me hope and strength to face problems.

    Sir i have a question in mind How and why i got married ( Feb 15′ 2013) in this period, is it happen for more worse? or i have to bear more punishment/pain through marriage. Me and family member’s life became hell after marriage. Everything became troublesome, peoples who follows me are ignoring me, False allegations are imposed on me, debts are increasing, even things are pointing towards separation from wife only in 3 months . Please advice me if possible. My d.o.b. is 28-aug-1974 11:40am at charkhi dadri (Haryana).

  43. gayam17@yahoo.co.in

    I am having rahu – sani desa.this is the worst part of my life. I am suffering from major health problems. Will there be a come back or is it the end .

  44. Preeti

    My birth details are:
    30/12/1978; time 3 pm , and place is Delhi. Many astrologers told me that I am over with chandal yog i.e. rahu- jupiter and now things will come right but slowly. But I am feeling opposite… I am going through bad phase now… can you help me to interpret this.

  45. SathesH

    this is sathesh
    My birth date 10th July 1979 Time of birth 8.40 Pm (20.40) Birth place Virudhunagar (tamil nadu)
    what about my Career and financial position , Please tell me.

  46. vivek sundar

    hi sir i read ur post today only, sir i am suffering lot during this dasa bhukthi, i am doing business with my father and i was trapped under huge debt in business , and all are catching my neck, i cant do any thing now, i am under great pressure , sometime i am in thought of leaving my life sir pls say any remedy.
    my d.o.b 24-12-1984
    time: 9.28 am
    place: nagapattinam tamilnadu
    lagna: magara
    rasi :dhanus rahu is in virishaba fifth house



    MY RAH- SAT PERIOD STARTED FROM 8/5/2011, AND SINCE THEN HAVING ALL THE BAD EXPERIENCES,, which you have written in your blog.
    sir, i am very much disturbed and cannot do anything.
    I have cried a lot of times and thought of running away or think of commit suicide.

    I am in lot of Financial distress. There is a court case going
    My business is bad. have taken loans and further i think i have to take more .
    my expenses is double/three times then my income. There has been fights with my wife .
    i am some how pulling on. i feel like my backbone is broken.

    please guide me.pl help me . i go to Shani temple and hanuman madir on saturdays regularly

    my date of birth- 16/8/1967 time 1800hrs
    name- BHAVESH
    my lagna is Makar and rashi is Dhanu.

    should i wear any gem stone???

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      One of the best thing to do is to wait patiently for RAHU -Sani to be over. Then during the 2nd half of Rahu – Budha usually problem solving will happen. During 1st half of Rahu-Budha you will notice some positive changes though.

      • bhaveshparikh

        MY DOB- 16 AUG 1967, 1800HRS MUMBAI

      • bhavesh parikh

        Sir, my rahu mahadasa and budh antardasa started in april 2014.can you please tell me when will my position be better.when will i start earning in profits as till now i am all in debts.just going on paying interest. you had advised to wear good quality emerald but am not able to buy as it is too costly.
        what will be the effect of saturn transit 2014 sade sati .will rahu- budh bring good ??/
        please advise what to do!! help. please throw some light

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Wear a Good quality EMERALD on the little finger. Do not invest in gems until you have sufficient money. Instead wear a lot of green color dress and avoid wearing Red colors. Soon you will notice a lot of difference.


        thanks for the reply and suggestion. as per your comments patience is the key .will wait for the good time but as of now pain is killing.Business very low . have to take loans . not able to earn , my expenses more than income. not getting loans also.. tensions and turmoils every now and then.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        In my bad Rahu Dasha Saturn Bhukti, I went through the same problem like you. I prayed to GOD everyday. I read many mantras and donated whatever I could. I walked instead of going by vehicles mainly because I did not have money for petrol. I was angry with the crowd in the chennai bus. I prayed to Lord Hanuman who finally saved me. I did fasting the whole day on Saturdays but today I do not recommend fasting as it makes you very weak. Instead try skipping one meal every Saturday. The relief comes only after Rahu Dasha – Sani Bhukti. Today it is all like a dream. Like that it will be to you at the later stage.

      • B PARIKH

        sir, am doing the jap of shani beej mantra ,
        i used to do the rahu beej mantra jap before, should i continue.
        i am a Mahadev shiva bhakt and pray to lord Hanuman every day.
        Lord has protected me till now. He will save me surely.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Yes. Surely the Mantras are powerful. It is like a scientific formula. They all work. Like E = MC2 (mc square) Continue the Mantras and you will be saved.

      • bhavesh

        my rahu mahadasa and shani bhukti has just got over on 13 march,
        still i am in very bad position. i have to pay back a lot of loans.
        i am makar lagna and dhanu rashi, dob- 16-08 67 , 6pm. you had suggested for emerald.
        not able to buy as it is costly. i am very much worried how i will pay my sons fees as he is trying Btech. Engineering course id too costly.please Business is still very lowbut little better.
        without expanding will not be able to earn more. need more capital for expansion. i am doing the business all alone.
        please advise

      • B PARIKH

        ir ,you had replied to me in june and in continuation i would like to say that somehow by gods grace i have pulled on last eight months any how. but now it seems i am in dead corner and not able to get out from this fix.i am not able to pay my childs fee and dont know how will i pay my offfice rent. i am in a lot of depression and feel like commiting suicide .not able to pay my suppliers., expenses too high then income. i am completely broken and shattered as business is very very low. i pray regurlarly, go to shiva temple every day and pray lord hanuman everyday and on saturday i go to shani temple. i dont have any energy in me
        please advise
        my rahu dasa , shani bhukti ends in march.2014, still 5 months to go.

      • bhavesh parikh

        Sir, my rahu mahadasa and budh antardasa started in april .can you please tell me when will my position be better.when will i start earning in profits as till now i am all in debts.just going on paying interest.
        what will be the effect of saturn transit 2014.will rahu- budh bring good ??/
        please advise what to do!! help.

      • bhavesh parikh

        Sir, my rahu mahadasa and budh antardasa started in april 2014.can you please tell me when will my position be better.when will i start earning in profits as till now i am all in debts.just going on paying interest. you had advised to wear good quality emerald but am not able to buy as it is too costly.
        what will be the effect of saturn transit 2014 sade sati .will rahu- budh bring good ??/
        please advise what to do!! help. please throw some light

      • bhavesh parikh

        Sir, my rahu mahadasa and budh antardasa started in april 2014.can you please tell me when will my position be better.when will i start earning in profits as till now i am all in debts.just going on paying interest. you had advised to wear good quality emerald but am not able to buy as it is too costly.
        what will be the effect of saturn transit 2014 sade sati .will rahu- budh bring good ??/
        please advise what to do!! help. please throw some light

  48. Rajeev Ramachandran

    Sir am going thru Rah Dasa right now, lots of problems i passed thru, my date of birth is 11-04-1977,time 4.28pm, Irinjalakuda, Kerala, please guide me.

  49. Vedic Aquarius Rising

    My Vedic rising is Aquarius 25 and I am in my Rahu-Saturn-Jupiter dasa until Oct 4th 2013. BOTH my natal Rahu and Saturn are in Scorpio. Saturn 3 Scorpio and Rahu 10. I have an Aswini moon 1 degree. My Jupiter is in Leo 16 degrees. I have workaholic tendencies and many friends at work too. It hasn’t been “that bad” but again I am naturally a workaholic. After Oct 4th my life should improve – correct?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Life always improves after RAHU-SATURN period. It is like a testing period. Since you are working hard in your workplace you will be rewarded by SATURN – because SATURN does not want us to enjoy life. Enjoyment eats into our Karmic balance. Being a workaholic is good but being an ALCOHOLIC during RAHU-Saturn is disaster.

      • Vedic Aquarius Rising

        Thank you so much for your reply. I very rarely drink alcohol because alcoholism ran in my family and I was always afraid to go down that road. I am age 56 now so I think I made it without difficulties there. Again Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  50. Ashok N

    Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 15.08.1989. August 15th. I think now its ragu desa shani bhukti for me. Can you please let me know whether this period is bad or gud? Raagu is n 3rd position, Shani in Lagna position, Guru in 7th position. Can you please let me know the possibilities of this period???

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please read the article again and again. I cannot answer all the questions under comments because there are about 800 requests under comments. If you want to consult me send an email to astrodairies@gmail.com and contact Ms.Sobitha my secretary @ +919094036404

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  51. mehul

    Sir, my rahu mahadasha has just started, i have rahu saturn yuti in 8th pisces and aspected from yogakarak mars, jupiter & ketu in 2nd virgo.
    with simha lagna & rashi sun & mercury in 4th
    i am very much worried about what will happen in rahu mahadasha in job ( company are not getting orders & relieving employees ), will my family also get disturbed? pls guide

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Check the position of these planets in the bhava chart. Whenever you count houses use the BHAVA Chart and not the RASI Chart. Also check if the planets are in the bhava sandhi. Do the right remedies instead of worrying. Work harder in a bad time.

      • mehul

        Sir, i do not know about bhava chart, my dob is 11.12.1968. pls advise with your expertise

  52. Vedic Aquarius Rising

    Would a Bhava chart be the same as a lagna chart? If Bhava means astrological houses and the lagna chart starts with the 1st house?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      The RASI Chart holds good for approximately every 2 hours. Whereas the BHAVA CHART is very sensitive to small changes in time even within that 2 hours. In case of TWINS or TRIPLETS etc the RASI Chart is likely to be SAME all the time. Changes will be there only in the Bhava chart and in many divisional chart.

  53. Troubled

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for this article and I wish I came through this article 3 years ago, when my Rahu Dasa-Sani Bukti started which COINCIDED with the last part of my SADE SATI (Simha Rasi). I would have been so careful then, and I would not make hurried decisions in my Rahu-Guru time, which caused so much of problems during Sani Bukti. So, you can imagine the hell I went through. I went through most of the effects of Rahu-Saturn as you explained above AND added with the bad effects of Sade Sati period. Although the bad time is over (both Rahu Dasa-Sani Bukti and Sade Sati), my troubles are still not over yet. Although my time is supposedly to be good now, I still have not seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Read the article again and you will find your answers. I cannot spend time with the horoscope of each reader separately as that is not possible for me due to pressure from my clients who come to my office to me meet me directly or discuss over skype. In the mean time you can recite the magic mantra:

      सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके ।
      शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥
      Sarva-Manggala-Maanggalye Shive Sarvaartha-Saadhike |
      Sharannye Trya[i-A]mbake Gauri Naaraayanni Namo[ah-A]stu Te ||

      I have been using this for a very long time and that is why I recommend this to you. Because I went through the same period like you.

  54. lokvas

    Dear SIr

    i m going through Saturn antardasha IN RAHU MAHADASHA it have already started showing the negative signs to me my Rahu is in 3rd House and Saturn in 6 House what do you suggest i will lose my current job DID i able to get new job easily bcoz from nov 2014 my panoti period will start so please suggest what to do

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      During bad times work harder and impress the boss with your intelligent and hard work. Do not blame everything on planetary periods. Sometimes That is the meaning of an astrologically bad time. You should avoid SATURDAY night fever. Give up something you love like a particular food on Saturday. Pray a lot on Saturday. Feed crows on all Saturdays. Do not quit the current job before getting another job.



  55. Shaw

    Sir, this is exactly what happened to me in this period. Kudos to your perfect analysis.
    Now from May 2013 my Rahu mahadasha with mercury bhuti has started, could you please guide regarding that.

    Thank you

  56. Gayathri

    I am not getting any jobs, worried abt my health. I have guru in 7th house. I am thanur.. Rasi.. Unthread am.. Nakshatra.will this guru or sani do any good inspire of rahu desa sank Bhukti.. I am 28 years old. My period started on July 2012 to aug 2014. So far the worst period.pl let me know.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Your star name is not Unthread am it is Uttarashada (Uttaraadam as in Tamil). Ashada becomes Aadam in Tamil. B

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Your star is UTTARASHADA (Uttaradam) not Unthread am.. Be very careful in relationship (love and marriage) matter in this period.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  57. karan

    April 5, 2013

    Hello Dilip Sir,
    I am going through Rahu Dasha and Saturn bhukti…I was advised that this period should be good for me but i do not see any results nor forsee any..Also i am worried now after reading this article..Please help
    my DOB : 23rd September 1985
    time:10:35 AM
    Place Delhi

  58. Gayathri

    Thank you sir. After reading the article I am consoling myself. For personal consultation of a horoscope thru email or phone what is the charge. Pl let us knowl

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Send email to my secretary Ms. Sobitha. Her email id: astrodiaries@gmail.com and her number : +919094036404 please speak to her and fix up your appointment in case your are serious with your horoscope.

  59. Gayathri

    So rahu-sani, sani-rahu. Sukran- sani, sani- Sukran are the trouble some Dasas in one life.

  60. Gayathri

    Sir, here I like to share my experience. The thing is problem started for me o. July 2011 itself though my dasha was on nov 2011.



    • sriraj

      Dear Maha Vishnu, With the permission of my Guide and zfriend Dhilip Sir, may I suggest you do a ‘Samashanam’. It is brandind of Sangu and Chakaram on your left and right shoulder by a Guru. Ahobilam Head Sri Jeeyar does this. I got this suggestion from my cousin just hours before for myself as I am going through Rahu Dasa Sanni Bukthi. After meeting Dhilip Sir, my life has changed.

      Go for this Branding and Rahu Dosha will reduce to great extent. Pray to AdhiSeshan and Seshadri (Balaji) if your Bukthi is Sanni.
      Go for a consultation with Dhilip Sir. He skypes too.

      Seek Guidance. Seek Guru. Seek God. Result is Goodness.

      God bless. Sriraj.

    • sriraj

      If we all realize that it’s not the Planets that hurt us and they actually help all of us realize our present and past sins, repent, give a great chance dissolve them instead of accumulating during every birth, we will understand all Grahas are actually friends. How can he spare his rod to spoil his own children? So, all sufferings are result of our own doings. Astrology shows the road one can expect but to drive safe is our own choice. We should drive following the road rules, not run over others and arrive intact. I am just repeating what you told me. It’s your wise words. Hope readers know the road ahead of them and be prepared. God bless. Sriraj.

  62. Hershel

    Hi! I just would like to offer you a big thumbs up for the excellent information you’ve got right here on this post. I’ll
    be coming back to your website for more soon.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Mr Sriraj, based on your advise I saw the movie, 7 Pounds. I saw it on a Saturday. Along with the hero there are 8 people in the car that crashes in the movie. Will Smith is the 8th person. A great movie revealing what a human being is capable of! So much is possible. Thank you for telling me about this movie. I am happy that you found peace. Peace is Shanti that means ends of SHANI, SHANI ANTI whichever way you look you get the answer.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  63. praveen

    Hello sir . I finished my Rahu-sani period in October 2012. since then I have been waiting for something good to happen which will make me come out of the nightmare experiences of this period. But I cant find any positive signs and much to my anxiety …things that are happening are annoying me. Please give me any solution sir.

  64. Gayathri

    Is this all our karma bad deeds of our past birth, we undergo in rahu- Sani desa.pl let me know

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Not only in RAHU-SANI. KARMA controls each and every moment of our life. But the level of karma varies. In periods like RAHU-SANI and KETU Dasha Karma is all powerful. Other times Karma is less powerful.

    • sriraj

      Yes Ms Gayathri. It can be the outcome of ‘pitru sabam’ (ancestral curse as annual shardam may not have been performed), neglect of ‘Kula Deivam’ (family deity) and present bad deeds will only add more mirchi to sufferings we undergo. This is general like we reading ‘its monsoon in india’ . It actually is still very much summer in Tamilnadu when it Rains in Goa! Is it not? So, you got to assess your position to arrive more accurately at where you are in India – Chirapunjee or Kakinada. Further, you got to see where in these places you are – indoors safe or outdoors unsafe. Then, use the umbrella which is God for all cures ! So, have your horoscope accessed and seek remedy before a flood sweeps you off your feet or you dehydrate under the hot sun. A good Astrologer can do this.
      It would be the best investment for your soul which is now in search of peace. God bless. Sriraj

  65. satish

    Sir i am Tula lagna and mesh rashi. Retrograde shani in mesh with chandrama and have rahu in kumbh.In navmansh chart in have saturn ,sun and rahu in Tula. How will my rahu dasha be.Thanks

  66. Gayathri

    Thanks. I myself know astrology a little. But this period made me to study astrology more as dilip sir tells. Many people are going to be benefitted by the blog.

  67. Gayathri

    Dilip sir, when I put my data in computer it tells I am dhanur lag a. But when cast through panchang vakkiya i am scorpion Lagan. Why these difference. All my life horoscope palangal are happening to vrchika Lagan.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Send me your logic on how you have proven you are Vrischika Lagna person. Let me see how much you have understood. How can you cast your horoscope in two different ways. There is only one way. Vakkiya Panchang is rejected by 99% of the Astrologers in the world. So why waste time on it?

  68. Gayathri

    Always in bad times it is better for all of us to remember the movie ” navagraha nayagi”. A Tamil film t come long back explaining Dasas Bhukti and how the poet kalidasar came . It is all the time. Let’s beleive good times will be ahead.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recommended this movie to many of my clients. I saw it long time back. It has a big positive impact on me. We can create good times by working hard. Working hard in increasing our positive karma and decreasing the negative karma. Even in games there are so many rules to be followed. A game is actually a nonsense. Yet so much training, practice and motivation is necessary. Then think about life. How can we play it without rules and regulations? We create our bad times and we create our good times.

  69. Gayathri

    And bad tims will also be there. Let’s hope. The film deals abt that and nine planets play a vital role in life

  70. Gayathri

    That is right . I can email The details.Even I am surprised by these.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      if you have doubts about dasha bhukti calculations please see this video:

  71. Sivaguru K

    I want to share my experience. I went through all the difficulties mentioned in the article. Lost job and I wasn’t able to find one for one year. I used to visit Vinayagar, Hanuman and Kamatchi amman temple daily. Finally in July I got a job though the salary was only 1/3rd of what I got previously, I worked there for one month. Recently attended a interview in a good company & got selected. Most important thing which I found interesting is that the Interview was held on the first saturday of August. THE SATURDAYS WHICH I USUALLY FIND IT VERY DIFFICULT TO DO ANY KIND OF WORK AND THE MONTH WHICH IS AGAIN 8TH MONTH OF THE YEAR.

    My Rahu Sani Bhukti ended in April. Finally good things happened. I hope everything goes well from now on.

    Thank you Dilip sir for giving us such a great article about this particular period.

  72. Sri

    Nice article Sir. I am in Rahu-Sani period and going through all the things mentioned in your post. I was totally surprised after reading this. Thank you for sharing with us!!

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      More important is doing the remedies to reduce the effects of Rahu-Saturn period. We should do all we can to reduce the negative effects of Karma.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank the Maharshis of Ancient India who gave us all this great source of knowledge. I am just borrowing from them. Do the remedies that I have suggested instead of taking it lying down.

  73. akanksha singh

    name- akanksha singh

    dob -25th dec 1989 (25-12-1989)
    plce- aligarh, up
    time: 6:34 am(morning tym)
    age : 23 yaers old..
    fathers name- rajveer singh
    mothers name:
    sunita singh

    caste – jhaath…

    will i have arraneged or love marroage??? if love , wil i “ll have an inter religion mariage?

  74. anuj goyal

    Sir, in my kundli saturn in 1st , ketu & mars in 5th ,sun & mercury in 6th , venus and jupiter & moon in 7th , rahu in 11th house ,so there is very tough phase of mine . so kindly suggest the remedies.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  75. Gayathri

    Pl give ur opinion on if many planets in one house

  76. Gayathri

    Where can one purchase maharishinparasura book , u mentioned superstar Rajini description.

  77. srinivas

    Good evening Sir,

    I am going through very tough period. I would be really thankful to you with my true heart.
    my details are : Born on 02/03/1973 at Mathura U.P at midnight 24:00. Regards, Srinivas

  78. praveen

    Sir ,is Rahu(dasa)-ketu(bhukthi) more challenging than rahu-sani?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Mr Praveen, we cannot say that for sure. Because it depends on several factors. Sometimes one can have a trouble free Rahu-Sani because these planets are placed well, they may be causing good yogas to the person and so many other reasons.

      • praveen

        Thank you sir for your reply.

    • sathesh

      My date of birth 10-july-1979 time 8.40PM place Virudhunagar
      tell about my rahu dasha

  79. rajeev

    Sir,my name is rajeev date of birth 21.03.1971
    time of birth:6.37am
    saturn on 2nd house
    rahu and shukran on 11th house I am in great trouble
    Please reply sir

  80. praveen kumar errabelli

    Hello sir , which part of Rahu Dasa will be more challenging? Is it the first 1/3rd or second 1/3rd or last 1/3rd?

  81. Krishna

    Hi Dhilip Sir,
    It was an interesting read.
    My date of Birth is 9th November 1963 at 8:31 PM at Kumbakonam. I am going thru Rahu Mahadasha. Please advise, so that I can meet you in person for a consultation.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please contact my secretary Ms Sobitha. She takes care of all my appointments.

      Her Mobile Number: +919094036404

      Her email is : astrodiaries@gmail.com

      You can choose a package that fits your budget and also select the date and time of consultation.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  82. renu

    Hello Sir,

    My date of birth is 3.9.1967, time of birth 12.45 hrs in the noon. I am jobless. every six months i lose my job for some reason or other which creates lots of problems. Please advise me what to do??

  83. Prem

    Dear Sir,

    I was born on 7.10.63, time of birth 11.35 am in Ipoh (Malaysia) . I am going through Saturn mahadasha saturn bukhti which has been tough on me with lots of problems in family, financially and also work (only doing only part time work). Will things get better in Mercury bukhti? Thank you.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  84. Sivadas

    Dear Mr. Dilip,
    I need your guidance on the following:
    My Lagna is Vrichika and Rasi is Meenam. Venus is in my Eighth house and I’m going through the Venus Maha Dasha now. With Shani and Rahu transiting my 8th House and Jupiter transiting my 4th House, my life has been turned upside down. Failure in all ventures, losses beyond any control even without my own fault or doings.
    My astrologer casted my chart and indicated that I’m going through the Chandra Bukthi now but when I did the inputs on the Astrodrona Blog to create my homepage, it shows that I’m going through the Venus Maha Dasha and Rahu Bukthi.
    Venus is in the 8th house in my Rasi Chart while Rahu is together with Mars in my 10th House and Saturn is my 3rd House together with Jupiter.
    Please help me with some remedies that I can do/follow to overcome the extreme difficult period I’m going through now.
    My life was all well and fine till November 2012 despite Saturn transiting my 8th House and Jupiter transiting my 3rd House at that time. It was from the time that Rahu transit occurred that my life took and immediate turn for the worse and is continuing. Anything I do ends up with loss, hurt and emotional disturbance.
    Please help me and guide me. I shall be ever thankful.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have recently started doing videos on ASTROLOGY LESSONS. Just type E K DHILIP KUMAR on YOUTUBE whenever you have the time.

  85. anuj goyal

    Dilip Sir,
    I have already wrote to you on 26.8.13. kindly help me., in my kundli saturn in 1st , ketu & mars in 5th ,sun & mercury in 6th , venus and jupiter & moon in 7th , rahu in 11th house ,so there is very tough phase of mine . so kindly suggest the remedies.D.O.B=03.10.1970,TIME=11.15 P.M
    with regards

    anuj goyal

  86. Ranjan

    Dear Sir,
    I am running Rahu Mahadasha saturn Bhukti, I can absolutely relate to your article. My business is failing and Bank problem, financial ruin. Will I ever come out of it.
    DOB: 16/11/66
    Time 9:27am
    Place Amritsar (Punjab)

  87. SS

    Dear Sir, I am currently going through Rahu Dasa and Shani Bhukthi.

    Rahu is in my 12th house from Lagna.
    Shani is in 12th from Rahu.
    My 7th lord, Mars is in 12th house with Rahu.

    Needless to say I am having a miserable time. After searching for many many years, I finally found the person I want to marry. He also wants to marry me but his mother is against it. We are stuck in a bad situation. My horoscope details are:

    DOB: 03/09/78
    Time: 9:10am
    Place: Chennai

    I would be eternally indebted to you if you can look at my horoscope and advise me.

  88. Roopa

    Dear Sir:

    My date of birth is 16th October 1974. My time of birth as documented is 12:45 pm and place of birth is Hyderabad, AP. I have concerns on my health, career and relationship. Could you kindly advise. Regards

  89. krishna

    Awesome simply awesome..this is my life’s best moment that things like described above not only happened to me….sir imaging a person with dob 25/09/86 saturn in 8th house,rahu 12th house…sir please guide me birthplace:ahmedabad mithun rashi,,lagna->aries mesha lagna ..

    please sir ..krishtheengineer@gmail.com

  90. Mohit

    Hello, an important question for you. Is there any surety that Rahu-Shani bhukti period starts tapering down if 1 or 2 months is left at last time. Becoz whatever I have noticed in whole period of Rahu-Shani Bhukti period, that became true and similar what all you’ve mentioned in article.

  91. B PARIKH

    ir ,you had replied to me in june and in continuation i would like to say that somehow by gods grace i have pulled on last eight months any how. but now it seems i am in dead corner and not able to get out from this fix.i am not able to pay my childs fee and dont know how will i pay my offfice rent. i am in a lot of depression and feel like commiting suicide .not able to pay my suppliers., expenses too high then income. i am completely broken and shattered as business is very very low. i pray regurlarly, go to shiva temple every day and pray lord hanuman everyday and on saturday i go to shani temple. i dont have any energy in me
    please advise
    my rahu dasa , shani bhukti ends in march.2014, still 5 months to go.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You will be able to cross over. Suicide is the worst kind of action that a human being can do and this will have effects for many births to come. Please do not even think of it. PRAYER PRAYER PRAYER believe in it. I went through this period and went through the same experience you said. At that time I never thought I will come out of it. I did SATURDAY whole day fast and kept chanting the name of GOD whenever I found the time. One day you will be happy that you listened to me. Explain to people you need time and that things will change in the future. About 60 clients are now my permanent clients who were guide by me in their bad RAHU SANI period. They all made it. WHY NOT YOU?

  92. Raveesh

    I am surprised that you brought up the Saturn Days 8th 17th 26th and all saturdays I have always experienced hardships money payments and quarrels during saturdays or the dates you mentioned
    I am kanya rashi and vrishabh lagna

    • Raveesh

      I am also going through Sade Sati

  93. Nitish

    Hello sir, I am very disturbed from my life, especially since1 year as I was jobless and got job recently and lost it, my current dasha is RAHU-Saturn-Jupiter.. Help please

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Job instability is one of the things that happen in RAHU-SATURN period. Give up 1 item that you like a lot like a particular food, habit, etc on all Saturdays, 8th, 17th and 26th. Watch my YouTUbe video on S.D.T. Saturday is one of the SDT. Worship Lord Hanuman on all SDTs. Be patient with the bad time. DO not make it worse by getting angry or losing faith in good things of life like GOD. Be calm with elders in your family. GO TO YOUR PLACE OF WORSHIP as often as possible. Recite the following mantra 108 times during SDT. सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके ।
      शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥
      Sarva-Manggala-Maanggalye Shive Sarvaartha-Saadhike |
      Sharannye Trya[i-A]mbake Gauri Naaraayanni Namo[ah-A]stu Te ||

      YOU WILL GET RELIEF to a good extent during this period.

  94. Nitish

    Thank u very much for the help sir.. just want to ask one more thing that is Rahu mercury dasha which will start from 19th dec, wil there be any growth in my career.. My lagna is leo and Rahu is in 8th house in pisces rashi, jupiter is 7th house in aquarius, mercury is in 3rd house with Venus in libra rashi

    • Roopa Prabhu

      Dear Sir:

      Any remedy for my Shani Dasha? Is it Shani Dasha or more?

      Name: Roopa Prabhu DOB: 16th October 1974 Time of birth: 12:45 pm Place of birth: Hyderabad, AP

      For about 2 years now, it all appears like there is a lava beneath the surface which will just burst both on the personal and professional front. I find myself getting ruder. Initially I thought I was being assertive but I now realize I am being rude

      What is happening Sir?

      Regards Roopa

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Do the remedies that is suggested in this video.

  95. Logenthiran Rajagopal

    Dhilip sir you have put a lot of hard work in this article. I have been searching for answer for my problems since starting rahu mahadasha 2005, finished rahu dasha sani bukti in june this year. Your article gave me understanding on what was going on, because i have blaming myself for what had happen in my life. i was so confuse and blank in what next to do. When into depression state. Thank you Sir for great article. – Logenthiran Rajagopal Malaysia

  96. A. K Sharma

    Dear Dhilip Sir; Thank you very much for such a great article. I have couple of questions… if you can have a look it will be great…this is for my personal knowledge(i could not find solution in ur article)..
    1) if rahu is exalted in 2nd house( in Taurus with venus and sun at 12 degree) and saturn(approx 17 degree with mars) is also exalted in libra for mesh lagna, how will be the rahu dasha, rahu-shani bhukti, and shani dasha interms of success, growth and progress??? I understand that both are at a bad angle (8), but since both are exalted, effect should be progressive.. Additionally rahu is with sun (the trikon lord) and venus( in own house). i understand that sun is opposite to rahu, will dat bring negative effect for the person during rahu mahadasha…
    2) if rahu is exalted and in 2nd house from lagna,how will be the time for professional development and marriage?

    Thank you in advance… will really appreciate your expertise on this

  97. Lav

    Hi Sir your blog is really good… My birth time is 13- 12- 1986 at 4.50 PM chennai . I want know about my career ….. I got married and came to America …. I am planning to go for job but nothing is Turning good to me… So quiet depressed about it …… So help me to know about the new year….. How does the rahu dasa and saturn bhukthi work for me thanks in advance

  98. Shyaam.M.

    Respected sir, You videos and articles are amazing and hit me hard. My name is Shyaam and born on Nov.26th-1956–very spiritual and into prayer and meditation for years.. Being a teacher I have helped a lot of students–done charity from early days–like to help people–fed dogs etc. I am 57 years of age. The first half of my life was good and my career picked up fast but after 2,000 till now life is become tough. Am I under the severe effect of Shani? Good things have also happened –My wife is earning well–My daughter got a very good job but I have given interviews for many jobs but only small assignments are coming to me.Something is going wrong. in the last few years. For years I get up in the morning and do prayer and meditation.
    Kindly help. –I am wearing yellow topaz

  99. Sri

    Dear Mr.Dhilip Kumar, Namaste

    Thanks for providing excellent article and also for providing the solution to over come this.Really appreciate your truthfulness,genuine and your love for astrology.

  100. Ranjan

    Dear Sir,
    I am running Rahu Mahadasha saturn Bhukti, I can absolutely relate to your article. My business is failing and Bank problem, financial ruin. Will I ever come out of it.
    DOB: 16/11/66
    Time 9:27am
    Place Amritsar (Punjab)

    Need your guidance

  101. Priya Raaj

    Dear Sir,
    Have you wrote any article regarding Ketu in 12th house? Cuz for me its in that place, and astrologers are telling that this will be my last jenma or something. Are they true?

  102. Umesh

    Dhilip Kumar Sir,
    Wow brilliant article, amazing narration, Genuine experience, pinpointed to the exact period,
    very good observation, very good analysis of the theory / Rules of astrology.
    now i understood why in general saying rahu mahadasha 6th year considered as challenging
    now i also understood that in common why the frequent bird droppings considered inauspicious by elderly people.
    Thank you once again

  103. Prabhakaran

    I am in rahu dasa guru bukthi right now. already i am started experiencing above mentioned effects. lets see what sani bukthi will do!

  104. Kamlesh

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please write similar article on Rahu-Mangal dasha..I had a good Rahu dasha till date even when my Rahu in 12th house but as soon as i entered managal antardasha i have started facing lot of troubles esp in career. I am Virgo asc and Mangal is in 4th house..

    • kamlesh

      Dear Sir,
      Looking forward to your take or article on Rahu Mangal dasha..

  105. Sri

    Dear Mr.Dhilip Kumar, Namaste

    What will be the effects if a person has both Rahu Dasha and also Sade Sath in planetary positions.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      It will be very tough. But that does not mean bad results. It is like exam times. Not all students fail in tough exams.

  106. Sudhakar

    Dear sir, your articles on various aspects of astrology are amazingly brilliant with crystal clear clarity undoubtedly your contribution is valuable ,my daughter is having rahu dasha with Venus Bhukti, we are experiencing delay in marriage kindly can you guide me. Details. Sonam , 25/3/ 1987 , 11/54 AM , Bangalore ( why the delay ? And when will the marriage take place ? I will be very greatfull if you solve this mystery ,anticipating an a earnest reply ThankQ

  107. aditya gagrani

    Dilip Sir my birthdate is 17 april 1991 at 10:32 pm whne i will get my dream job

  108. suganthi

    Dear sir,

    Please tell me the effects of moon and ragu in 6th house from lagna. I born in thula lagna. I face lot of problems in my life. I too have kal sarpa dhosha. What happens if i have ketu in 12th house from lagna and as i said moon and ragu in 6th house from lagna. I vl be greatful if i get reply from you. Need your guidance. Thank you.

  109. Vimal Ram

    Dear Sir, This site if far better than other sites. I’m going to enter into Rahu Mahadasa – Mars bhukti. Please let me know how this combination will work? MY DOB july 1, 1978, 11:30 AM, chennai. Will my next guru mahadasha will be favorable too??

  110. Janu

    Super article .. I never knew that RAhu-Shani combination is this much terrible .But i was in that phase when i have faced lots of problems. we have departed from my dad , dependents on my grandparents, had to visit police and court often. I was still doing my engineering and lots of issues ….

    Your analysations are really superb. Looking for more and more articles in astrology
    My DOB is 25-12 -1984 , born in Kadapa ,Time :11:59 am

  111. Inna

    Are you sure of this dear Dilip ji…someone I know running this period, simha rasi simha lagna, rahu + mars in 12th house, shani + ketu in the 6th is having a rollicking time ? I had warned her a year back, but she reports massive success in personal and professional front !

  112. Jency

    so kind of you……………

  113. arunan m

    20-01-1986, 23.30hours place of birth bangalore sir i m facing rahu dasha shani bukti. i m facing huge huge problems with respect to job, money i didnt get job even having m.tech! pls guide me i request u.. arunan20186@gmail.com

  114. kajal

    hello sir i have sani bukti with rahu in the 7th house means its effect to mrriage lyf…rgt? so sir i want 2 know about my mrriage means its love or arrange? bcz i already love someone but my parents r not agree so that plz give me ans.plz..n the boy i loved his also rahu with mangle in 7th house…

  115. errabelli

    Hello every one.. i would like to share my experiences with all the followers of Mr.Dhilip and profound believers as well as non believers and criticizers of this ancient Indian science. Mr.Dhilip knows me very well. I have been following his work and learning from him since past few years. coming to me , i am a physician by profession. I came to usa in 2010 for higher education. I was the best student throughout my academic career. First in school, best rank in medical entrance and a good student in medical college. I was imagining a high flying career with these credentials. But there was something else in store for me. My Rahu-sani period started in Deember 2009. I came to USA in february 2010. Rahu in 12th house and sani in 3rd house. I never was a believer of astrology. But things took so painfull turn during this period that i started to learn and believe that there is something beyond our control. I was also going through 3rd phase of 7.5 period of sade sati at this time. I have never scored low on any exam throughout my academic career , but for the first time i failed in an exam with only one mark during this period. It has severely affected my prospects for my higher studies in usa. My closest relatives who were everything for me since my childhood deserted me in this phase. I never realised this side of them untill this period came. I thought that my career almost has come to an end. Somehow i came across mr.dhilips article and started looking at my horoscope. I realised that i was going through this period. I started praying , learnt to be patient. I struggled but kept praying. I got help from an absolutely unknown person in may 2013 and things started to improve. I got the most happiest news on march 17th 2014 and i am at peace now because my problems are almost solved now. The reason why i am mentioning the dates is because it will help the readers to comprehend how the planetary periods influence our life events. I spoke with Mr.Dhilip in march 2013 , he advised me to keep praying and have patience and belief that things will eventually take good turn in coming days. It happened to my surprise. Now , i am a completely changed person with staunch belief in god and astrology. I am narrating my experience so that readers will be able to understand that astrology is science and start having belief in god.. thank you.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you Doctor. You will have a good future because Rahu-Saturn taught me lessons like it did for me. After the lesson we get wiser. Internet is a useful tool if we use it properly. Even I was once upon a time a great fighter against Astrology and even God concepts. I said everything is in our hands. Later situations taught me something else. I got the happiest moment on life on July 26 1994 after years of charity on 8th, 17th and 26th and that is why I am eager to teach this to others. At the same time I earn my livelihood in this field. Yet I love it and I am passionate about Astrology. Money is a unit of positive Karma. Excess money is a curse. I spent about 7 years in Free consultation without income when I sold off all my property especially of my wife. I promised her that I will earn back the money for her before I leave. I think I am half way through.

      Surprisingly, more people from other faiths are now asking for paid consultation. Surprisingly because Astrology was wrongly associated with Hinduism. However I am proving to all of them that it has little to do with Hinduism.

      I have about 200 doctors as my regular clients and some of them are greatly impressed by the fact that I have been blending astrology and modern science using common sense approach.

      However once in a long while I find a few people speaking about my fees. However I cannot help it.

  116. Sanju

    Dhilip Sir,

    I am really glad to see your article, as well as the wealth of information in the comments too. I have had my Rahu-Sani period in 1988-1991, my age 12-15, which also coincided with my Sade-sati. It was obviously highly stressful but I topped the classes too, in this period, though, due to physical and mental troubles, I didn’t really get the joy that people tend to associate with such achievements. Looking back, I am now able to relate to that period much better. I thank God for allowing me to pass through all those ordeals, into my present.

    Seeing your well intentioned articles, I would like to provide any assistance to you, in your work, to the best of my capability, simply as a service. If you think I can be of any assistance, (freely), do let me know.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Learn Astrology. Start collecting horoscopes and start writing about it. That is a great way to serve the community. People do not understand why certain things are happening at certain times. Astrology is the most useful source of knowledge. Once you have started reading horoscopes I will pass on 100s of horoscopes that are with me (free consultation requests). As of now I have close to 3000 horoscopes for free consultation. Though I have taught Astrology to many they are busy with their own profession and have never come forward to help me out.

  117. Hari

    Dear Dilip Sir,

    I am running through Rahu Dasa Saturn Bhukti. It has started its own effects. I have lost my job before few days. My wife gone from me. Now I’ve been left alone. Feeling very much hectic. Lot of depression. So many times I felt that I should not live and suicidal tendency is arising often. I’ve read your article so many times and done all the remedies. But still nothing is working for me. Pls help me with this regard. My DOB: 18-06-1982, Time: 08:00 pm. Place: Srirangam, Trichy.Please let me know specifically according to my horoscope, what should I do now. Please help.

    • cnu reddy

      Hello Hari,

      Even i am facing the same problem. the great thing was I had 71/2 years shade shani period with rahu mahadasha. That stupid shani period was over and rahu dasha shani bukti is running. I lost every thing, the only one good thing is i am still 35 years old bachelor. i was on the road since 8 years.

      I am asking dilip sir, Sir is there any mantra to take revenge on these planets?

      You better try one thing. When you take bath, first you mix water with ur urine and take bath. this worked for me.


      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        The planets are not the cause. They are mere indicators of our Karma. Our Karma is created by us during past lives. Read the Bhagavad Gita. The attitude of revenge is a bad quality. I know you have gone through tough times. Recite the Mantra, Sarva Mangala Mangalye, download it from the internet. Recite it everyday and your troubles will start coming down.

  118. Uttej

    Sir, my name is uttej , I was born on 31st dec 1987 now I am goin under rahu saturn period from nov 2012 , rahu is in 11th house along with jupiter and saturn in 8th house along with sun and mercury in rasi chakram can u pls tell me

    • Uttej

      My lagnam is vrishabha lagnam with moon from there in 5th house ketu in virgo and mars in 7th house and 8th house mercury sun and saturn and in 9th venus and in 11th rahu and jupiter

  119. Sri

    Dear Mr.Dhilip Kumar, Vanakam

    Since i am currently under Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti, I am following your instructions in your article. Every Saturday i make sure i carry bunch of Bananas with me and distribute the same to homeless. Also i cook and serve meals for homeless once in 2 months on Saturdays. After doing this i feel peace in me and relaxed.Thank you for your suggestion.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Peace is a word that starts with P. Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthih. Problems can be overcome by Prarthana (Prayers). These remedies worked for me and so I started speaking about it to others. I ask every reader to share their experiences on the internet. Never does any one lose by giving to others….. and never does any one gain by stealing from others.

  120. Uttej

    Dileep sir u r nt answering my question if u can please

      • Uttej

        My lagnam is vrishabha lagnam with moon from there in 5th house ketu in virgo and mars in 7th house and 8th house mercury sun and saturn and in 9th venus and in 11th rahu and jupiter

        I had undergone sleepless nights during saturn jupiter period wen shani bhukti enters modt of my problems are settled and I am having peace of mind and I am working on a fixed goal which I didnt have any goal bef shani bukthi along with that I experienced some characteristics as u said but I am unable to decide myself is it is a sign for good days ahead?

  121. Uttej

    Hari and sri u guys dont worry if ur rahu is in good place u will be succeeded in the second half of rahu bukthi everyone have problems in this world , even gandhiji had problems in his life but he never turned out by leaving his aim , if u hav determination u can succeed all power is within you you can do anything and everything swami vivekananda

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Swami Vivekananda also said, “you created your karma and it is you can solve the karmic problems”. My advise to you is…. So work harder in bad times. Pray and do charity always. Astrology explains situations but it is not the end. It is only a means to alter the end in our favor.

  122. Sri

    Dear Mr.Dhilip Kumar, Vanakam

    Thank you for your kind words and advice.


  123. mentor

    sir I am 21 august 1975 born and needs to know whats my fate. pls advice.

  124. Uttej

    My lagnam is vrishabha lagnam with moon from there in 5th house ketu in virgo and mars in 7th house and 8th house mercury sun and saturn and in 9th venus and in 11th rahu and jupiterI had undergone sleepless nights during saturn jupiter period wen shani bhukti enters modt of my problems are settled and I am having peace of mind and I am working on a fixed goal which I didnt have any goal bef shani bukthi along with that I experienced some characteristics as u said but I am unable to decide myself is it is a sign for good days ahead?

  125. PRASAD


  126. manu

    hello dili sir,

    my self manu,DO B07/05/78 Time-10.30am, now iam in rahu dasha shani bhukti, iam going thru very bad period and i lossed everything in my life now iam alone.kindly help me give me a some solution plz plz

  127. amit singh

    Hello sir,Name-amit,dob-19-04-79(Thursday),tob-12:00pm,pob-saharanpur(u.p),Sir family life is disturb,why so? give some soultion

  128. Muralidaran

    Namaste !!. I read your article and i’m one of the sufferer because of this !!. I lost my employment !!. I borrowed money for buying flat and struggling to run m family.I request you to kindly help me to see my horoscope : I born in 22/03/1968 in mithuna lagna. The planet in houses are: Bhuta in 1st/Jupiter in 3rd House/Ketu in fourth house/Moon in 7th /Mercury & venus in 9th/Sun saturn,Raghu in 10th/Mars @ 11th .

    Kindly suggest when i ‘ll get a job pl.

    Thanks & Regards

    T Muralidaran

  129. amit

    Dileep sir why are you not answering my question.Sir help me please.Hello sir,Name-amit,dob-19-04-79(Thursday),tob-12:00pm,pob-saharanpur(u.p),Sir family life is disturb,why so? give some solution

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please state planetary positions and dasha and bhukti along with Ascendant details. Go to http://www.astrodrona.com and generate your horoscope with your name. Once there I can see the horoscope.

  130. Akash Shyam

    Hello Dhilip Sir,
    your article is really imparting knowledge on this dasa period. I have a small doubt and question to you Sir.
    I (Akash) was born on 13/11/1990 (Hasta nakshatra) in Al manama, Bahrain. Hence, I have no idea on my rashi chart (timing consideration if of Bahrain/kerala)
    I have finished my B.tech degree in Electronics and Communication in May 2012 and I got a job as an IT trainee Engineer in a real estate and construction firm only after 10 months from May 2012 .Now still am working as IT trainee Engineer after more than 14 months ; there has not been any increment in salary or designation.
    I wish to do higher studies but am still confused on which field I need to pursue my higher studies.
    When my Mom looked kanipayyoor astrologer in Kerala, he said I need to do post graduation course , if not, I will feel sad on my current job roles comparing to my fellow members.

    Please advise me and kindly guide me Sir.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  131. Anu

    Hello sir!!! Unexpectedly I have visited your blog and I was quite surprised looking at your work..
    Right now I am under Rahu Shani period. I am libra ascendant rahu in 6th house Pisces and saturn in 2nd house Scorpio. Rahu-jupiter period was very troublesome for me. I had to undergo c section and also lost job.but, interestingly, 8 months before the end of jupiter bhukti I left India and travelled abroad. I struggled for 8 months to find a job. I observed complete day fast on Saturdays (nobody suggested me, I did it on my own) and after Shani Bhukti started I got a govt job in foreign land, which I have never expected. By lord shiva ji’s grace I’m making good money, which I never dreamt off.
    Could you please look into. My chart for further predictions of rahu and Shani period.
    Dob: 05.09.1986
    Tob: 10.30 am
    Pob: Hyderabad India

    Thank you for all your time Dilip ji. And I really enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Saturn and Rahu always helps with foreign jobs. But watch out. Increase your charity and prayer and continue your fast on Saturdays. Do fruit fasting on Saturdays. Avoid regular food. DO not do complete fast it is declared as unhealthy expect if you are a YOGI.

      • Akash Shyam

        Thank you for your reply Dhilip Sir..,
        My birth star is Hasta nakshatra , birth time is 10 AM , D.O.B is 13/11/1990
        Currently undergoing Rahu Dasha & Shani Bhukta

        I wish to do my higher studies , but still in a decisive problem..Kindly advise me when will be a good time to do my post-graduation .

        I would still like to add a point i.e. I have been carrying out Vaibhava lakshmi pooja in my home on all fridays for past two weeks , where I would fast the entire day and during evening time doing Vaibhava Lakshmi Mata’s Pooja for seeking Lakshmi Devi’s blessings and grace to earn a better living, as am struggling with the money being earned in Dubai.

        I only used to fast on fridays and not on Saturdays.

      • Uttej

        Rahu shani favours govt jobs recognition from king if saturn is placed at a good position

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        You are right. It is mentioned in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra.

      • Rao

        Dear Sir,
        I am in great difficulty with Rahu-Shani Bukti period and feels like hell and I want your expert advise.
        My birth chart house details are 1st house Saturn with Cancer ASC, 4th House – Rahu\Libra, 6th house Mercury, Mars, Moon – Sagittarius, 7th house Sun\Capri, 8th – Venus\Aqr, 10th Jupi/Ketu Aries. Rahu dasha – Saturn start 10.12.2012 – 8.10.2015..Before that I was at the peak and returned jobless from foreign land, no job, depression, health problems and invite trouble everywhere I go. please help ASAP.
        The big question I have got where is my base/permanent settlement in India (Home) \ Foreign land and will I get back to work?
        Thanking you.


    Dear Dhilip Sir,
    I am now facing Rahu Dasha & Saturn Bhukti. I have already passed 2 years of the period. But for the last one month I am facing untolerable situations. It is horrible.
    My girl friend is trying to leave me. But, I cant live w/o her.
    I am from Kolkata but currently staying in Mumbai for job. Firstly, inspite of many efforts, I am not getting my transfer order. Secondly, i am in relation with my GF for last 7-8 years, but now she is trying to leave me. Even, I spent a huge amount of money & travelled to my native by flight to motivate her, but there is no improvement from her side. Actually, things were atleast within scope till last month also. But now, she is also not taking my phone calls even, which is the only communicating device I have in Mumbai for Kolkata.
    I am giving my DOB- 06/Dec/1984, 05:31 PM, Kolkata. Pls help me out ASAP. A single second is very tough for me.
    Pls tell me, when will I get my transfer & will I get my Girl Friend back. She is brahmin & I am not.

    • Uttej

      I am very sad to hear this thing from you, I think before few months u would have planned to marry but u dropped due to some reasons (financially) according to me, she want u to reach some goals which was nt done by u yet and she warned to change ur behaviour but u didnt if u fill her desire she will be urs

  133. Mayank

    Respected Sir,
    A great article indeed. I am going to end my Rahu-Shani in about 2 months.

    I know after this Rahu-Budh will continue about 2.5 years but then after that Rahu-Ketu will come for about a year.

    My Rahu-Shani was very bad, now I am worried about Rahu-Ketu which is 2.5 years away. Will Rahu-Ketu also be bad? What precautions to take in Rahu-Budh to avoid a bad Rahu-Ketu?

    More generically, which all sub-periods will be bad in Rahu? I read your detailed article on Ketu Dasha. I would really request you to post a similar article for Rahu dasha.


  134. Sunil

    Sir.. Seek your advice.. My details are 27/12/1962,bangalore, 4,45 pm. I am trying to change jobs but unsuccessful. Am I in rahu surya or rahu moon dasha now? When can I expect a change and what can I expect astrologically with respect to career and marital life next 2 years?

  135. Mohan

    Sir need your guidance, my Rahu Dasha started in 2009 and on 29th Jun 2014 my saturn bhukti started i don’t know how its linked i resigned from very good job on the same month and started preparing for UPSC as a matter of fact ppl takes atleast 4-5 yrs to clear the exams i have born in Dhanur lagna and Rahu is posted in exalted in 6 house in vrishabha Rashi kritthika nakshatra and saturn is in deep exaltation in 11house from lagna i.e tula rashi. How is my chance in these 2 years bcose iam aready 30 yrs unmarried so really dont want to take any risk of 2 more years if dasha is not favourable kindly suggest so that i can continue with my Job.

  136. Mohan

    Also Sun is posted in 10th House so do this indicate any chance for me clearing UPSC exam or does it guaranetee any govt job.

  137. nsganapathy

    Dear Guruji,

    I have Rahu in Taurus and Saturn in Libra (6/8) axis. I went through Rahu-Saturn dasha during 2011-2013 when Saturn transiting my 3rd house. How would you predict my life during this period?

  138. nsganapathy

    Dear Guruji,

    Is the 6/8 axis only applicable for Rahu-Saturn or any other bukti’s?? Because i have Rahu and mercury in 6/8 axis and i’m currently running through Rahu-Mercury dasha. How would you predict my life during this planetory period?? Mercury is the lord of 7th and 10th house. (I’m Dhanu lagna and simha rasi)

  139. madhanraj.S

    hi!! Mr E.K.Dilip kumar.. This is madhan raj from chennai aging 27 married and Expecting kid by this august 30.. when I am marrying I was in very good financial situation, good physique and good influence but nothing is with me.. Everybody reacting like zombies my frendz relatives, family, all acquaintance. No money no security.. I dont know still how long this could last.I dont have hope that I could get back my life. To be more honest I am very unhappy that I am not able to get anything to my conceived wife.. I cant work any where for more than 2 months.. how do I fix this.. what is the solution. plz help me.

    • sri

      Send your correct date, place and time of birth. God bless.

      • madhanraj

        my date of birth 09/04/1987 chennai time of birth 19:43 guru ji, plz help me

      • madhanraj

        Dear sir, my date of birth is 09/04/1987 thursday evening 19:43 in chennai. plz do needful

  140. Nikunja Basini Pati

    Hello Sir,
    I have gone through a very bad periods and situations which have impacted of my life. My lagna is Makara, singha rashi, born on Tuesday, 1985-05-28 22:56:00 at Balasore, Odisha. Female.
    My position is affecting my family also, which is making me more weak. I need to take certain steps but i am unable to.
    Starting at 2007-04-25 ~ 14:35
    Ending at 2025-04-24 ~ 22:59
    Sani 2015-04-07 ~ 06:41

    According to your article, Rahu is in 1st house with mesh, sani is in 8th house with vritchika,
    I am worried for my family’s situation because of me. I can’t put them in any other bad situation nor can let them in bad situation. I am unable to take decisions.
    Can you please suggest how much bad it can be for me or what i should do especially.
    Can I go for a new job.

  141. Ramesh

    Dear Guru Ji,
    I need your help, please kindly advise me on my current situation: Dob: 18.01.1977, Time: 07:30pm,Place: Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh. During the begining of Rahu dasha I got married, started my family and was employed all through, but never had domestic peace.
    Minor health issues and worry about parents overseas.
    Rahu dasha – Saturn bukti 01.12.2012 – 08-10-2015
    I left work in June 2013 and returned from overseas to India and since had health issues and jobless till date.
    Today I am totally lost also feel not interested working in the same line as I did in the past.
    I have always changed careers and nothing was stable for me…from a high flying job and financial stability am down to zero. Very irritable sitituation where ever I go..
    Please advise what is in my best interest (stay in India or leave for overseas and start new work)
    Looking forward for your reply.
    Thanking you.

  142. Rajendra P Shettigar

    sir I am in great trouble
    I am Rajendra Poova Shettigar
    Born 26/01/1961 , 6:30 am , udupi, mangalore, karnataka

    Please help me by providing remedies.



    Thanks for such advices…. Because I am presently going through the same time and symptoms…. Thanks a lot…. Om namah Shivay…….

  144. Rahu Dasha Shani Bhukti and Sade Sati

    I apologize in advance for this very long comment. I am a student currently studying in the US for my medical degree, and I have completed my Rahu dasha – Shani Bhukti period last month, and I would like to share in detail what it was like for me, and also some observations that I have found while I was experiencing this period. I have also been under Sade Sati for the last 7 years and I believe I will be finishing that this coming October. I had only found out that I was experiencing this Rahu dasha-Shani bhukti period in November 2013

    This website was a great help to me ever since I had found it a few months ago, and so I want to thank Mr. Dhilip Kumar for his efforts. May God bless you. I hope that maybe my post will also be of some use to someone in order to give some idea of what a mild Rahu dasha-Shani bhukti may be like with Sade Sati too. Also, I’m including detail about what happened on particular important dates, just in case the time range or numerology has meaning.


    Houses (biggest chart by size – it is labeled as “Grahachakram”)
    1st house – Shani, (Dhanush Lagna)
    2nd House – Rahu
    6th house – Kuja (Mars)
    8th house – Guru (Jupiter)/Ketu
    9th House – Budha/Shukra
    10th house – Surya/Chandra
    12th house – Mandhi – (From what I have looked up, son of Shani, but I don’t know much else about how it is used astrologically – I am from Kerala, so I dont know if it is used regionally)

    Rasi – Kanya Raasi

    My Sarvashtakavarga numbers are as follows for the past 7.5 years – 21-22-32. After October my number will be 21 I think. In case I have made an error, my numbers are starting from the bottom left corner of my chart (South Indian style): 31-25-30-29-28-33-33-31-21-22-32-22

    My Shani-Ashtakavarga numbers are as follows for the past 7.5 years: 0-3-4. After October my number will be 2. Starting at the bottom left corner of the chart, it is 3-2-4-4-4-4-4-5-0-3-4-2

    The astrologer had said that although this period would be challenging, I would not lose much in terms of studies. However, I think that what I had lost was more mental – depressive, circular thoughts, lack of peace of mind, often for no external reason. It was also very difficult to study – Due to God’s grace I was able to survive my major exams and perform well enough to move on to the next level.


    NEGATIVES: WEIGHT LOSS – During this 2.5 year period I had about 15 kilos due to stress. In total throughout the Sade Sati period, I had lost 25 kilos. Before this period, I had lifted weights and had been much stronger. Relatives and parents comment and still comment that I had lost much weight and that I looked sick. Due to my schedule, I was always tired, and worked without break. Untimely meals. DEPRESSION – Constant cyclic depressive thoughts. By the end, I suffered from almost daily attacks of anxiety which left me exhausted. DEATH – I had also lost three important relatives. Since the deaths occurred in India, I did not experience the atmosphere of death. TROUBLE WITH STUDIES – very difficult, extreme effort required just to get average or near failing grades. STRESS – from number of sources, both internal and external
    POSITIVES – GOD/SPIRITUALITY – Spirituality increased more than usual, learned to have patience, I have become aware of a certain electricity which would flow through my back whenever I would pray. I had noticed this when I was young, but only paid closer attention to this during this period. Important life lessons. STUDIES – performed well in first part
    WHAT I DID AS REMEDIES – 1. PRAYER (must be done with as pure mind as possible – work as worship, Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, Goddess Durga daily every morning), 2. CHARITY beyond my means (last three months) – I have also always for many put a lot of effort into helping my sister succeed with her studies, I am not sure whether this qualifies as charity. Also volunteering at hospital, etc. 3. FASTING – Abstaining from meat, sweets (especially last 6 months). Overall I am not one to enjoy myself excessively if at all and try to make sure others are happy before I am. Together these three, plus a relatively mild Rahu dasha Shani bhukti, according to my astrologer, allowed me to see through the big challenges despite also being under Sade Sati.


    APRIL 17 2014- Lost a lot of money. April 26 2014– nothing particular of note

    OBSERVATIONS BY TIME– I will break this period into three month blocks so it is easier to read. I put as much information as possible because one person’s misery may seem like nothing to another, and people may be able to see that Shani is not always bad news all the time.

    FIRST BLOCK – Late 2011 – August 2012 – overall problems – death in family, mild depression/despair. Positives – performed well in school, and gained admission to medical college

    September 2011 –2011 end : My Rahu-Dasha Shani Bhukti period began around September of 2011. During this time, my grandmother in India had passed away in September. I had to take an important exam for medical college admission also during this time, and I managed to do well on that.

    February-March of 2012 : I began to withdraw from my close friends from school for reasons I do not know. I suddenly did not feel like talking to them, and when I was around them, it took an effort to make conversation. I was never one to have many friends or a person who enjoys life excessively, but nevertheless, I had felt some significant negative change in my emotional/mental state.

    August of 2012 – I had graduated from my undergraduate studies (in US, 4 years college after “plus two“ need to be completed before applying for medical college) gotten a job at a hospital and had been working. It was relatively low stress, except for a co-worker who constantly asked for money. I would always give, and it was always difficult to get it back. He gave it back, only to ask for more later.

    SECOND BLOCK – August 2012 – August 2013 – Major problems – depressive thoughts, family death. Positives – generally low stress job

    January 2013: I had gotten admission into a medical college, and fortunately, I was able to stay at home since the college was nearby.

    February 2013: my uncle passed away suddenly in India.

    THIRD BLOCK – August 2013 – July 2014. Major problems – depressive thoughts, constant stress, difficulties in school. Positives – survived worst challenges in school, looked to spiritual things even more, gave to charity

    September 2013 – My big troubles in my studies began to occur when I entered medical college in September of 2013. Doing well in medical college in the US requires a lot of group work and social interaction. I was not accustomed to either and so labs and clinical work was a torture, simply because it required work in groups. It was a struggle simply to study, because I constantly distracted by my own thoughts. I failed a few exams, and just passed my first course.

    Exactly December 8, 2013 to early March of 2014: this was a period of calm. I had always been very devout, but during this period I became even more so. I began to treat my work as worship, and my exam grades improved very much. I decided to remove meat from my diet in December

    Middle of March 2014 – June 2014 was a period of constant mental hell as it was the beginning of even more difficult coursework. I failed my first exam, and on April 3rd, I met with my professor, who criticized me about each and every element of my life –This experience lasted for 3 hours. I knew that what he said was right, and I was so ashamed of my existence that I began to experience panic attacks by then, since failure would mean further humiliation by the same man, although he probably meant well.Lost 5 additional kilos during this period.

    No matter how much I studied, I would forget it days after. After reading through this site, I realized that the only thing that I was not doing was charity as in donations. I began to donate to charity excessively.

    ONE OBSERVATION ON PRAYER – April 2014 to July 2014– After the humiliation from the professor, I remember a day when I realized that even after working twice as hard, I had forgotten most of the material and I would fail again. That day I prayed to Lord Shiva so desperately that tears had come to my eyes. Two days later, on April 23rd, one of my classmates, whom I had always disliked, randomly came to me and asked if I needed help on an assignment.
    From November 2013, when I had first met him, this person i thought had always purposely irritated me (His last name began with F), but I realized that my assumption was wrong. He explained to me a very odd way of studying which worked for me. Those ten minutes saved me from failing a course and what I feared would have led me into deep depression. I ended up doing well on my final exams.

    LAST OBSERVATION/IMPORTANCE OF REMEDIES – there was a one week period (December 8th – December 20, 2013), when I was able to treat my work as worship, where I had no care for my result and was not afraid of it, and I lived and worked as a worship. During this one week period I had perhaps the most peace of mind and mental peace that I had ever known in my entire (not too long) life, and I had performed better on my exams than I had done before.

    Unfortunately, within a short time I became subconsciously attached to the results when I had begun to believe my prayer method will lead me to excellent marks on exams. – I think that what I had found during this period, was the one way to escape the sufferings of life – and it is, as the Gita says, to work as worship, without attachment to the results – and that is, I think the most sincere prayer. It is because this is very difficult to maintain, that there is a need to do remedies.

    So the lesson that Shani teaches, I think, is very spiritual in nature – it is that material things, wealth, job, etc are illusory in nature and that attachment to these things is the root of evil and misery – the best course in life is to work without desire for result. Therefore, ironically, I think it is Saturn that may end up doing the most good in our lives. The irony of life, however, may be that misfortune, disease, and death teach us more positive lessons than do success and wealth, which anchor us down to the material life. So it is also important to never see this period in a completely negative light, because by doing so, one might become blind to the lessons it teaches.

    Once again, I would like to apologize for this very long comment, but I had for some time wanted to make some small contribution to the site which has helped me so much, and to thank Mr. Dhilip Kumar for his efforts by posting my own experiences. May God Bless you.

    • sri

      Thanks for sharing your experience . I am also in the Rahu Dasha Shani Bhukti by blessings it will end in 1st week of October . I have attended more than 25 job interviews for change of my present job during this period but very job interview I have attended failed.This is first time in my life I failed so many job interviews , I lost hope but after going thru Mr. Dhilip Kumar web site I gained confidence.My carrier wise i am stuck with same position and no growth. And also strange thing for past 1 year i am getting anxiety and panic .Charity and prayers are helping me to go thru this phase. Sade sat is going to start fro me from November .

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Just keep doing the charity and prayers. This combo works great with this kind of a period. I have gone through this. It was nightmarish, made me the Astrologer that I am today only because I started trying to figure out what was happening. Thanks to God that I found Dr B V Raman’s book on time. One day you will be glad that you did all the remedies. Proof? 100s of positive feedback from my clients. I keep sharing my knowledge because I know not all can consult me after paying my fees. So for the sake of others I keep writing and sharing whatever I have undergone.

      • Ram

        Hi Sri,
        Thanks for sharing your experience.
        Just want to ask the prayers/ charity work during rahu – shani dasha
        Actually reduce the bad affect, or is it the spiritual
        Attainment which gives us the strength to go through the turbulent period?
        Thanks Ram

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Ram, certainly not competent at all to give any advice, leave alone a remedy. All I know is every human`s horoscope, if correctly cast is different to another like that of our DNA. So, a cure or remedy for me need not be a solution for you. We dont suffer from common cold here but with complicated effects of our Karma and hence you have to consult a specialist for specific karmic remedies. Contact Mr Dhilip on 044-24330764. Your remedy probably lies there. God bless, Sri.

    • gayathri

      Firstly my sincerest thanks to dhilip sir for his wonderful articles. It fills us with hope and confidence.

      Dear rahu dasha shani bhukti and sade sati,
      Thank you for sharing your experience. It really helped as it gives strength to get through challenging times.
      You mentioned that a friend of yours shared with you a technique of remembering what you studied. Can you please explain that technique to me??? i am also writing a competitive exam and undergoing a saturn period. i had forgotten everything i studied and gone blank in exams. it would really be a big help.. waiting for your reply
      Thanks in advance

  145. S. Sathiya Narayanan

    Hi sir sep 19 my ragu dasa sani bukthi geting started
    im s. sathiya narayanan since the start of raghu dasa im suffering a lot
    my planetary positions
    kataka/cancer lagnam
    2- in simha Jupiter/guru
    3- in Kanya moon
    6- Dhanushu- Raghu – Guru sees from his 5 th vision
    7- Makara- Saturn/Sani – in his own House
    10- Mesha- Sevvai/Mars- Guru Sees in his 9 th vision
    11- Rishaba – Venus and Sun
    12- Mithunam- Kethu and Mercury/bhudan

    after raghu dasa started
    i lost my father
    i got my leg fractured and increased body fat by six months bed rest
    low marks in my HSC
    even though i got seat in a Good Reputed college i cant join and did my engineering in a Worst College
    still i am unable to clear my papers even though i study and worked hard
    i dint get job and still searching for it
    im in my grandfathers house who is managing family so i am just sustaining

    im afraid that the time raghu-saturn starts i may found even worst situations
    please say me some solutions to overcome my problems please sir

  146. Guest

    Sir, Let me share an episode for case study. This person is Taurus Ascendant with Saturn on Lagna and Rahu in 9th house. For this person Rahu-Saturn dasha was not so bad but a heeling time after a breakup with his partner. During Rahu dasha this person worked in abroad, had changed so many jobs, no stability in job, during Rahu-Jupiter he earned some good money while in abroad but could not sustain it for long as he failed to make good investments (even through Jupiter is 11th house, but Jupiter is in his own 8th house dustana and mooltrikona.
    During Saturn transit (sade sathi) this person is got married, purchased a new house, blessed with 2 kids but during the mid and last phase of sade sathi he experienced job loss and financial pressure, mental tensions in relationship. He also suffered big gap in employment during Rahu-Sun & Rahu-Moon & presently his Rahu-Mars is also going though job loss, so overall is a mixed results during his Rahu dasha

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you Naga Ram. Contributions and feedback like this helps Astrology and students are looking for material for research. As I always said, with the internet everywhere we really can do wonders not only in Astrology but in other sciences as well ONLY if we share our knowledge.

  147. usha


  148. usha

    dear sir,
    can mrutyunjaya homa be performed for a person at any time before the start of maraka dasa or only just during the maraka dasa?Please enlighten.

  149. brammaayya


    I am under rahu mahadasha,shani antra dasha period,kindly suggest the remedies,Facing Financial Problems.

    at the time of Birth.

    Saturn is exalted in Libra,
    Rahu in aries,
    Ketu is in Libra
    Cancer Lagna – Mars (Debiliated and Combusted ) ,Mercury and Venus Present.
    Sun in Simha rashi,
    Moon in Uttarshada-1 (Dhanu Rashi- Birth Sign)
    Jupiter is in Makara (Debiliated and retrograde)


  150. Sana Brahmaiah


    I am under rahu mahadasha,shani antra dasha period,kindly suggest the remedies,Facing Financial Problems.

    at the time of Birth.

    Saturn is exalted in Libra,
    Rahu in aries,
    Ketu is in Libra
    Cancer Lagna – Mars (Debiliated and Combusted ) ,Mercury and Venus Present.
    Sun in Simha rashi,
    Moon in Uttarshada-1 (Dhanu Rashi- Birth Sign)
    Jupiter is in Makara (Debiliated and retrograde)


  151. pothula seshagiri rao

    Dear sir,
    Good Morning,
    i was born on the 4th day of rohini karthe entered (thursday morning early hours) in may 1970 in ongole of andhra pradesh, india. this information was given by my parents. is it possible to find my date of birth with this information. if possible,could you please suggest me about my date of birth, i tried several ways to find panchangam for 1970.but, i was not able to find it.

    please kindly advice me,
    thanking you,
    with best regards,
    seshagiri rao

  152. Prashanth

    mY sons date of birth 11.2.2001 at 10.30 p.m. at chennai. He is slow in everything, please give a reply

    • Vijayalakshmi

      Please send your views about this

  153. Vijayalakshmi

    My name is vijayalkakshmi my date of birth 28.12.1973 10.50 p.m. I am having so many health problems and I am not interested to do anything. please reply

  154. nandni

    Dhilip ji, it is a very informative article. I’m currently undergoing Rahu dasha too. I feel very nervous and anxious about my upcoming Shani Bhukti. Kindly let me know how I can consult you.

  155. sridhar venkat

    Dear Dhilip
    My rahu mahadasha is starting from next year April .
    Im planning to do Sandhi shanti any input will be great .
    Im shima star ie Leo start , lagna is makkara ,
    ANd rahu is in Lagna ie 1st house with Venus /sukra and mars in third house .
    5th house is saturn , 7th house ketu and 8th house moon , 10 house guru and buddha and sun is 12 house .

    Please let me know my upcoming rahu mahadasha . I have already have skin issue .

  156. M v Subba Rao

    sir, My date of birth: 27/08/1955 Time: 08.34 AM, place of birth: near Vijayawadaa; ( 79.57 and 15.10) At present Rahu mahardasha and Saturn antardasha. On 22/08/2014, I got brain surgery for heamarrage. oN 06/03/2014, i got a mild stroke, Paralysis).. But by God’s grace I am now okay. I have only 10 months to retire. I am a diabetic and also hypertensive.
    Can you suggest any remedies.

    I eagerly wait for you. I know astrology also to some extent.



    • uthayan

      Saturn is exalt planet for you. But u got the problem because of 7 1/2 Saturn starting period.
      it happen when saturn in libra (Transit). Saturn has only 1 bindu in Libra (Astaka Varka) and Sarva Astaka Pindu 23 this is also very less. I think, You are ok now

  157. Maybelle U. Duttry

    If you are going for most excellent contents like
    I do, just go to see this website daily as it gives feature contents, thanks

  158. Ashwini

    Dear sir,
    I am a physician and was very impressed your knowledge on Astrology and especially on Rahu- Saturn Axis. I would like to consult with you and if you could kindly email me your email, or how else I can contact you, I will be greatly thankful. Thanks and God bless!

    • richa

      hi sir ,

      i am in rahu mahadasha very disturbed plz help dob 28/4/1988/time 1:30am place balaghat (madhya pradesh) .

  159. Harry

    Sir,your article is completely true ……The first symptom that you mentioned about crying all the time I am running through this period from last one year and i do that especially on Saturdays when I feel very upset ..I slap myself all the time. And you are also true about learning astrology in this period .Feeling hopeful now. ….Thank you your article is a master piece ……..

  160. anil

    Dear sir,
    i am a businessman dob :11/12/1979 time:9:00 am place of birth :chennai i think this is the first stage of my rahu dasha and i have rahu in 8th house with mars,jup, moon and saturn is in the 9th house ,what should i do through my dasha period ,i will be so thankfull to you if you tell me some remedies to get positive effect from this dasha period…

  161. sri

    Friends, This is not just a feedback on my experience with Rahu MahaDasa Sanni Bukthi, its effects, twists & turns in life. It is also about FREE-WILL on how you can, with refined activities, guidance of a good Astrologer (in my case Dhilip Guruji) get a better result as you move on through & after this challenging period. Please see my earlier feed back in this section (Sri). Upon consultation for 2-3 hours with Dhilip Sir, I followed as many remedies he prescribed (some were difficult but with practiced, it became a habit) in the past 15-16 months. I must say that I moved out of the trap set by own Karma (not by any Planets or Gods as we always think). As the Great Lord Saturn (Sanni Baghavan) would have it, on 17th October, I have got a great job offer and I attribute it to him first as he was able to detect my problems, dissect them into small manageable parts, provided Karmic remedy and I practiced them. I am now going through Rahu MahaDasa Budhan Bukthi with 7.5 (Sade Sanni) looming large on me but I tell you this with without ego, in the most humble manner – Sanni`s ill-effect can certainly be converted through our own good deeds & discipline (Mainly repenting for mistakes done by me in the past & not repeating them). I am confident of converting the crisis called Sade-Sanni in the next 7.5 years into an opportunity by seeking Divinely help, doing & being good to all & not to miss an opportunity to seek the professional assistance of DhilipJi to continue to progress towards Peace in my life which is paramount.

    The path I took after the roller-coaster ride after I took guidance is full of roses with little thorns & it was the other way around earlier. Quoting on this Blog`s power of SDT & specifically number `8′, oh yes, it was the `8′ on which I was born, I went up the ladder due to `8′, came down not because of ‘8’ but because I disrespected ‘8’ and now soon after I realized my folly, it is the same `8` that has given me a reward which I respectfully submit before The Almighty & Guruji Dhilip.

    So, be brave, be humble, follow certain `Dharmas` as prescribed & God assures of a good result.

    God Bless you all. Sri.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Very few people give feedback because they feel that it should all be confidential. Such experiences when shared is also a sort of good karma because others will believe in the power of Karma and start making an effort to change their lives instead of believing in an unalterable destiny. Even when we do charity it should be told to others because others may copy it. That way the whole world would give.

  162. sri

    Guruji, The sad fact is that many spend a five digit amount during week-end for a short pleasure (Sittrinbam in Tamil – `Small Pleasures`) and do not seek an Astrologer`s assistance to seek a remedy for a suffering soul. I consider it a sin to neglect your own soul that is already trapped due to Karma and added agony is it is suffering. I hope readers seek Karmic remedies and follow the simple practices that we can bring back into our lives and gain peace (Paerinbam in Tamil – “Prolonged Pleasure/Peace“). I hope readers find the difference between happiness & peace and start seeking the latter as the former is bound to come with it. One must Let Go, Give Up, Take Up, Move On and result is assured. The irony is that the remedy is right under their nose & many do not take it up. We should stop self-medicating for the body & soul and seek solutions. I hope it happens as this would make the society itself happy instead of just a few being happy & peaceful. I, as a person who went through very difficult times, urge to care for your soul and give it relief. We visit a Doctor to take care of our mortal body but fail to visit a good Astrologer or a Karmic Consultant to take care of our immortal soul. I hope this fact dawns on all readers and refer this blog to all those who are in difficult phase and nudge them to consult and attain peace.
    God bless all. Sri.

  163. Lokeshwaran

    Sir Its perfectly correct During Rahu – Saturn period it was very tough time for me. My DOB is 05/1/1968. Time 09.12 A.M. Chennai, How s my Rahu – Venus Dasha coming in October end 2014.

  164. Lokeshwaran

    Sir Its perfectly correct During Rahu – Saturn period it was very tough time for me. My DOB is 05/11/1968. Time 09.12 A.M. Chennai, How s my Rahu – Venus Dasha coming in October end 2014. My Date of Birth is 05/11/1968. In previous comment typed my DOB mistakenly.


    • Dhavan

      Lokeshwaran ji, Please short elaborate of what kind of problem you faced during Rahu-Saturn Dasha, whether it is job problem or 4th house related problem, so that it can be more analysed about your chart.
      Your rahu and Saturn stationed in the 4th house, definetely it should be mother, domestic, assets related problem.

  165. Falguni Mathews

    my name is falguni, my DOB is 5/12/1975 time is 23:24 in Jamnagar. my rahu dasa is on and will get over in 2021. I have heard that sadhe sati (71/2 yrs) has also started for Sagittarius. How will rahu and sadhe sati affect me? Will it be a diificult time for me both financially and health wise?

  166. B.Balamanigandan

    Dear Dhilip Sir,
    right now I’m in Ragu Dhasa Shani Bukthi, My Rasi in LEO, Star Uthiram 1st, Viruchaga Lagna (Scorpio).

    Sun, Satrun, Mercury & Venus are located in my Scorpio Lagna.

    Jupiter in the 3rd House (Capricorn) from the Lagna.

    Ragu in the 6th House (Aries) from the Lagna.

    Moon in the 10th House (Leo) from the Lagna.

    Mars & Ketu are in the 12th House (Libra) from the Lagna.

    Birth Dhasa : Sun 5 Years – 4 Months – 29 Days.

    How is my Future regarding Ragu Dhasa with Shani Bukthi & Shani Transmit in Nov 2, 2014?

  167. Bibhuti Nath Jha

    i don’t have any idea about these things. my Name is bibhuti Nath Jha, DOB 13.09.2014 at 3.20pm, Madhubani, Bihar. I have taken print of horoscope from computer. My rahu mahadash started on 16.04.2013 and also rahu is in rahu mahadasha till 31.12.2015. The day of 16.04.2013 came worst of my life, i lost my job & position even after doing hard work. since then i have changed 3 job but still always feel so much tension. Not getting good job. Appear for interview but that never materialize.
    Pls advice/guide me what to do to leave tension free and when my good period will come back.
    i need your kind help.

  168. Ashoka kumar.C

    respected Sir, I am Ashoka kumar.C date of birth:12-August-1982 ,time:05 pm thursday standerd time ,place of bitrh:jolarpettai,tamil nadu

    • Ashoka kumar.C

      I Am Ashoka kumar.C my life is so critical please suggesion me

      My date of birth:12 August-1982 ,Time;05 pm, thursday, standard time,place of birth Jolarpettai tamil nadu, india. my ph;09986621122

  169. Ashoka kumar.C

    I have rahu mahadasa budhabukthi

  170. Ashoka kumar.

    Respected Sir ,
    I am Ashoka kumar.c my date of Birth:12 -August-1982 ,time:05pm Stander time
    birth place:jolarpettai , Tamil nadu
    I have rahu maha dasa and mecury(bhuda) bhukthi ,
    Janma lagnam:makara
    janmanakshtram:Bharani 4 padam
    Moon in the 4th house
    Rahu in the 6th house,
    veenus/Ravi 7th house,
    mercury in the 8th house,
    jupitor/mars(kuja) in the 10th house
    kethu in the 12th huse

    please suggesion me

    • Ashoka kumar.

      saturn in the 9th house

  171. suresh babu

    Dear dileep sir, The article was great , god bless you / 10 years back my parents and sisters,brother in laws plotted and drove me out, deserted me/
    the only son i am, but my rahu dasha came in (rahu in mithuna, thula lagna, saturn in kumbh )
    I took my plot back, built a bunglow, in rahu dasha guru bhukthi , lost my father, mother got al sheimers desease, i took my gun shot my cunning my brother in law, but he escaped,
    by force i took back my business, next month my new car arrives,5 crore worth of property came in ,fathers business establishment I took by force ,drove out all the cunning in laws
    but after 9 months my rahu – shani bhukthi is starting , i dont know what is waiting me
    In navamsha chart mithuna rahu is in kumbha shani in vrishchik
    i was born in mesha chandra and star is aswini
    God help me

  172. Ashoka kumar.C

    Hellow Dhilip Sir,
    I am Ashoka kumar.C I am suffering from life of lot please suggesion me to what should i do in the prediction
    My date of Birth:12-August-1982 ,
    Time of Birth:05 pm (Standerd time) thursday,
    Place of Birth; jolarpettai,Tamil nadu
    My lagnakunali
    Makara lagnam
    mesha rasi, Bharani nakshtram 4 pada
    moon in the 4th house
    Rhahu in the 6th House
    Sukra/Ravi in the 7th House
    Bhuda in the 8th house
    Sani in the 9th house
    Guru/kuja in the 10th house
    kethu in the 12 house

  173. sahanaa

    hi Mr. Dilip

    A beautiful article and very useful tips, but what i understood is from ur article 1st is i am running through rahu saturn bhukti from this march2014 where i suffered little financial problem and a scandal from a women even that happened from my own co sister where my own mother in law is for away from me who stay with me for a long period today she doesn’t want to see my face. but by god grace i read every day sanieshwara rachita sri narasimha swamy stotram after started reading this i got a lot relief in finance issues. but what next does my husband dasha will help me out he is running guru maha dasha.


  174. Dinesh gupta

    Dear sir,
    Myself Dinesh Gupta DOB 01/11/1961 Time 17:42 place Nabha (PB),Mesha lagna,Rahu in cancer 4th house 29 degrees along-with moon 27.5 degrees. Both Rahu & moon are in 5th house in bhava chalit. My Rahu mahadasa has started on 25/08/2014. How the life events will unfold during this 18 years of Rahu mahadasa.
    Hope you will be kind to guide as regard to major happenings & remedial measures..
    Thanks a lot.

  175. pri

    Hi, dob: 23-may-1982, time: 3.10 pm, delhi. Facing lots of problems in life bz of rahu. Pls suggest as no job, no marry, only tensions.

  176. Dinesh gupta

    Dear sir,
    Myself Dinesh Gupta DOB 01/11/1961 Time 17:42 place Nabha (PB),Mesha lagna,Rahu in cancer 4th house 29 degrees along-with moon 27.5 degrees. Both Rahu & moon are in 5th house in bhava chalit. My Rahu mahadasa has started on 25/08/2014. How the life events will unfold during this 18 years of Rahu mahadasa.
    Hope you will be kind to guide as regard to major happenings & remedial measures..
    Thanks a lot.

  177. Praveen Kumar

    My son is in Rahu Mahadash with antardasha jupiter now. Rahu is in 2nd and saturn is in 7th house. From 30.12.2015 his antardasha will be saturn. His lagan is sinha. He is doing his graduation at the moment and will go for his MBA during that period. Kindly advice what precaution he should take because of Rahu-Saturn dasha from 30.12.2015.
    Kindly help me.
    Thanks & Regards

  178. Praveen Kumar

    My son is in Rahu Mahadash with antardasha jupiter now. Rahu is in 2nd, Jupiter in 5th and saturn is in 7th house. From 30.12.2015 his antardasha will be saturn. His lagan is sinha. He is doing his graduation at the moment and will go for his MBA during that period. Kindly advice what precaution he should take because of Rahu-Saturn dasha from 30.12.2015.
    Kindly help me.
    Thanks & Regards

  179. astrolover

    Very informative article Sir and I am able to relate with many parts of it going through the antardasha of Saturn in Rahu mahadasha. Saturn is in bhava 12. Came to a realization that placing belief on the supreme soul is the only way. Sir, I’m completing this antardasha in a month or so. I will be entering mercury sub-period and my rahu is in 6th and mercury is in bhava 5, so it is 12 places away from it. I have been going through a lot of struggle in all walks of my life already. What can you tell me about my upcoming subperiod? Mercury owns 8th and 11th houses. Any light on it will be very helpful.

  180. Dinesh gupta

    Dear Dhilip sir,
    Whether all the nine planets including Rahu & Ketu are Conscious or not? Kindly give your expert opinion.

  181. sweeta

    excellent tips… we should donate black color clothes but what color dress should be worn during sani dasa? which color is auspicious and which to avoid?

  182. Usha

    Sir…My husband’s DOB is 17-April-1976 4:15 P.M (Chennai). He had a brain stroke last week and admitted to hospital. We have 10 months old baby. Will he be able to return back to his normal life? What is there in his horoscope sir? Pls can u help me? I am out of India and dont know any astrologer.

  183. Krishna Kumar

    Dear Sir,

    You article is very informative and appears there are loads of people who require your support and advise though your power of astrology.

    I have a question for you, please answer if you want to or that is ok.

    I have seen people in the western world, who purely depend on there practical approach of life and are happier with what they do. They believe in simple principle of doing work to live and be able to enjoy the life to the fullest. other words get up go for work, earn money and feed yourself and family. over. They never worry about any mahadasha or periods, to keep healthy they have a healthy lifestyle simple as that.
    Why do people in India depend on the supernatural force and get guidance from Astrolger about life instead follow the practical law. (work, earn, eat and enjoy life)? your reply is much appreciated.

    Krishna Kumar

  184. anu

    sir my husband’s DOB is 05.06.1967 he has two birthcharts .In one the time of birth is 11:45 PM and in one 01:10AM.the ascendant in one AqUarius and in another Pisces .his Rahu and moon is in aries second house in one and third house in another .He is currently having Rahu mahadasha from 2011 and having job related problems among other ones .when will he get good and stable job /what remedies he required

  185. ram

    Dear Dhilp Sir ( Guru Ji ) .

    presently rahu dasha sani bhukti going on its going to finish on 07/03/2016

    What a fantastic explanation about rahu dasha sani bhukti .. what you were said 100% right in this bhukthi .. please tell me the remedy for 8th year of rahu dasha ( Last year of sani bhukti period ) .. i spent lot of money for santhi poojas but result is zero .. i have faced many interviews and selected but all of sudden what went wrong i don’t know they are not processing further process and keep telling that wait …wait …after two three months ,when i called to persons , they were replying that project cancel.. search other job and simply sent apology letter .. this is not for one job ..almost 4 jobs i had a same results .. I lost my property and defamation , losing confidence levels .& quarrels between family members … in this period , sir i am requesting you that please tell me the remedy for this period … and explain end of this bhukti what kind of situations will have to face .

    03-08-1983 ( Time 00.35 Am) wed ` day
    Place Vizag AP
    Name Ram kiran

    thanking you

  186. Dnyaneshwar

    Aries asc. Rahu in Aqua.,Saturn in Sagittarius ……experiencing a bit ,but rahu is in friendly house.wt abut that sir????

  187. Helena

    Right, I feel I have to weigh in here. My lagna is Makara and the Shani bhukti was the best period in the whole Rahu Dasha.

  188. Dr. C R Venugopal

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly help me. This is Venugopal. DoB.14.7.1952, ToB: 1.57am @ Mysore. Running period Rahu-Saturn. About my health and profession.

  189. Karthik

    Respected Dilip sir,

    I initially did not believe in the concept of astrology until some unfavourable events occurred in my career. I am Karthik and my birth particulars are as indicated below.

    Date – 03 Jul 1985
    Time – 0820 am IST (includes DST)
    Place – Chennai, Tamilnadu

    I am serving in the Indian Armed Forces. My career prospects were very bright until Jun 2011 when I started facing a lot of problems at work. I was constantly backstabbed, humiliated and manipulated until Feb 2014. I had got into drinking and slowly lost all my friends and colleagues. I had got married too during the period, however, my married life has been blissful by God’s grace till the present.

    I was told by one astrologer that my Rahu Mahadasha had begun and the period mentioned above coincided with Rahu Antardasha within the Mahadasha period. I finally was posted to another location in Feb 2014. Things have considerably improved from that time but I am very restless and apprehensive about the Shani Antardasha which is to start on Jul 2016.

    Therefore, my questions to you, sir, are…

    1. How is Shani going to affect me in this Mahadasha from next year? If misfortune is seen, what are the remedies to it?
    2. What is my future career prospect in this Mahadasha and beyond?
    3. Is it going to adversely affect my present personal life? What about a childbirth?
    4. What are the steps to overcome the agony and fear that I am facing?

    I would be very grateful if you would provide me with an insight into my future. Please help me overcome this.



  190. Neha

    Sir i dont know how i came into your page.. But when i read ur article , it amazed me. My dob is 14 niv 1989 time 4:25 am..pob: Phagwara, punjab, india..
    I am going through Rahu-shani period from nov 2012. In dec 2012 i came here to canada for higher studies. Every thng was really good before this period. After this period i started facing problems.. I faced bad issues regarding my studies here. After my studies got completed facing trouble with my professional life.
    Facing uncertainity in my job and place of living.
    Against my wish i have to change my place of living in every 2-3 months due to some unexpected reasons..
    Not getting stable job..
    Living away from family..
    Untimely food..
    Lot of stress..
    Bad saturdays.( want to cry on each Saturday)
    Trying to remain calm and patient with this time period and hopefully i will overcome after this period…
    But this article made my belief stronger in astrology and vedic science..
    I really appreciate your work and wish you all the best for everything…

  191. Kishan Prasad

    Dear Sir,
    I would like share my experience very briefly:
    Start of Rahu mahadasha with Saturn sub period.
    I was at the peak of my career. Sudden change happen and left job less for 2.5 yrs now.
    Minor health issues which were always there. But now ended up with multiple health issues and finally a chronic medical issue which is a show stopper.
    Domestic peace – hardly there
    Financial problems – can be very stressful unless you plan ahead, unexpected expenses waiting at your door step.
    Daily life – nothing seems pleasant and what ever I do ends up in dissatisfaction, confusion and reason for stress.
    Money spent never gives you the desired return.
    Days – Saturdays are worst days – lots of quarrels/drama
    This sub period is like. Trouble comes searching for you irrespective of what you do.
    We are thankful that Guru Ji has provided some remedies and insight to help people like us.
    My experience is that during this time, even applying the remedy is not easy due to the opposing strength of the bad karma. Best is to wait and be aware of what could happen if you loose control. Let the period get through.
    Jai bolo Hanuman Ki.
    Kishan Prasad

  192. Hariharan

    What is the impact during this period when Sade Sanni or Astama Sanni also impacts?

  193. kiran

    Thanks you GURU JI .

    Rahu dasa – shani bhukti

    During this period I have seen some reliefs , because of following your instruction and remedies.

    Thanks lot . .

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Wonderful. Way to Go!. Solve your problems using Prayers and Charity.

  194. hema

    Sir, This is Hema,.I gave birth to a baby girl, last year, She was kept in incubator, But she couldnt survive, as they have to do immediate C- section. as my life was in risk. That was the second time.My DOB is 18.07.1979, born at Tanuku, andhra pradesh, Time. 6.15. A.M
    My husbands DOB is 19.03.1974, Born in Tanuku, Andhra pradesh, 5.10 A.M. Please help.

  195. Kasturi

    Respected sir, I am pallavi, my date of birth is 15-8-1988 at 4-35 P.M born in Kolar, Karnataka State. Now I am going throw Rahu-Shani Bukthi. I pass over Sadesathi shani. Please help me sir, When I get married and get Job . please please help me sir.

  196. bhavna

    hello sir my d.o.b 6th january 1991.time subah ke 2:30am se 2:50am ke bic me i born.place – raigarh chattissgarh.right now i am doing ias preparatrion right now , this august i have my ias exam.my mind is not stable nd i cant focus even study ,not happy .why i dnt knw this happening,,sir temme wat to do i want to clear this exam plz gve me suggestn.just help me

    • uma

      hi bhavna

      focus on studies..dont get disturbed….during rahu dasa ,it quiet common to get disturbed and it will lead us to wrong path….so dont change your goal…strictly just continue preparing for exam,..

      even i felt the same .. during this period when i was preparing for mba entrance..i cleared the mba entrance exam but for some reason i couldnt pursue my post graduation.

      all the best…

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Uma you are right. In bad times you should not stop doing what you are supposed to do. After the bad period is over you will see the good result of your hard work. It was on this basis Lord Sri Krishna said, “….Do your duty…. the fruits….”. The fruits have their own season.

  197. uma

    hi sir,even i had suffered a lot during rahu-sani dasa period.it really painfull.i lost everything what i had.lot of financial trouble ,no solutions,..now am in second part..feeling better…

    i only suggest those who r in this rahu sana bhukti..pls dont make any new investment,new project or any new work…definately who will b in trouble without your knowledge….pls have patience till this period got over.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Perfect understanding of Rahu – Saturn period. I went through that and Oh My GOD. It made me what I am today.

  198. Neha

    I dont know how but it’s exactly wat hpned to me. M gng through rahu – saturn. It was really really difficult for me. 3 month ago frm now it was worst. Had lot of trouble with career and financial matters. Ryt now m almost at the end of this painful period. I was working so hard but was not getting anything.i lost all hopes.. But now Things are improving. Moved a step toward my goals. Especially after i started chanting shani mantra and stopped eating non veg during Saturdays.. Just wanted to gv advc to ppl who r facing same trouble with this period. Don’t get disheartened and don’t lose hope. Everything’s will be getting better once u overcome frm this period. I realized that God test us during this period that how much can we push ourself to achieve our goals. I can say these things from my personal experience…

  199. amritaeternalspirit

    Dr Kumar,

    If rahu and saturn are in eighth house in natal chart, will a native be destroyed during rahu dasha? Neither saturn nor rahu are well placed in birth chart.But both are well placed in navamsa. Both are exalted in Navamsa.

    December 11, 1978, 10.07 am


  200. Nikhil

    Dear Sir,

    I am passing thro’ saturn anterdasa in Rahu Mahadasa. My lugna (ascendant) is Leo , Rahu & jupiter in Libra and Scorpian Moon , Saturn & Marsh. After Start of Rahu Mahadasa my life is become very miserable . I was living king’s life , now get insulted by everyone and having big debt to pay to bank and relatives and bussiness associates and also lost bussiness.When i wiil overcome from all these Problems?

    MY DATE OF BIRTH.- 20-12 – 1957
    TIME OF BIRTH. – 22-21

  201. Punyashaala

    Dear Readers, Thanks for contributing to this blog of Mr E K Dhilipkumar. I think the list will be endless to the response to this particular blog – Rahu Mahadasa and Sanni Bukthi. To know more details that is hidden in your horoscope, please register with http://www.punyashaala.com and seek a consultation/reply to your issues. Astrologers of Punyashaala are learned professionals & can steer you properly to go through this period without much damage. Not all who go through this period suffer though most of them do. Issues differs but the intensity is mostly high. Do chat with our staff through our website and know more about yourself. Sri Rajan Iyengar – Punyashaala.

  202. Keerthana Majeti.

    Hi Dhilipkumar Ji,

    I am currently running Rahu dasa. Recently I have lost my baby (3 Months ago my baby died). Our Financial situation is really worse, Even our health is not good. But I am fine with financial problems, But, I desperately needed another baby. Could you please tell me when is the good time to conceive again. and any Remedies?. Even my husband is also running Rahu dasa. Our details:

    DOB: 11/01/1988,
    TOB: 9:00 AM,
    Place: Guntur, AP.

    My Husband Details:

    DOB: 20/05/1984,
    TOB: 10:46 PM,
    Place: Ponnuru, AP.

    Eaglery waiting for your reply sir.

  203. jomcy

    my dob is 26 march 1984 and my husbands 11 july 1981 can u tell me which dasha is ours and what r the remedies we should do?

  204. Chokiah

    Namaskra! Dilipji,

    I am Chokiah was born on 29/10/66 7:30 am at Karimnagar, Telangana and rightnow I am running Rahu dasa and i am having hard time buying house. As you suggested I am praying more and stopped eating on saturdays. Please provide me some guidance.



    Hi Dilip ji,

    Its very correct what you have written on your blog regarding this Rahu Mahadash, I was well settled in Mumbai and was having enough mental satisfaction in my job till 2012, after that I dont know what was happening in my life I lost all the confidence in my life and lost everything what i earned including the better position in Job, My home, Vehicle, etc. Finally due to various reasons I forced to resign from my Job and came back to my native place and now working with a limited salary.My father got serious heart problems, my wife is became very dissatisfied with my financial problems, day by day things are going worse, same as you local financiers who lent me money continuously calling to my office. I was madly searching in google to find out the remedies for this bad time, finally i have seen your blog and read the experience of other natives who are all going through this Dasha. Now i feel little confidence and came to know the reasons for this bad time, Iam doing some karmas to Visit Shiva temple, and offering food to animals, chanting rahu sloks, etc. But things are same nothing got recovered , but i confident one day i will come out from this, so waiting patiently, and all your blogs are very much helpful to find out remedies.Thanks alot Dilipji .If you can advise me more I will be more happy to face this bad time.

    DOB :01/02/1984
    Time : 9.45 A.M .
    Place : Kochi.

  206. uttej

    Just one day to complete this rahu and saturn dasha , I was also scared after seeing this article how it is goin to be this period, as this dasha started all my hidden activites was known to my parents, I had a big fight with them even I didnt stepped in to my house for 2 years, before this period I dont have a goal in my life, I wander with my friends and I felt that the meaning of life can be fulfilled through enjoyment, as this dasha started immediately all my problems were solved by my parents and I was nt allowed to home, then I was seriously working on my career I didnt succeed yet in my path wat I hav chosen at the beginning of this dasha but I feel strongly I will acheive, after 20 months in this dasha I got married to my loved one who is a gynaecologist, whose family is faraway richer than my family, regarding financial things money comes timely, no credit but little hurdle in getting, health some nervous problem comes but thats due to lack of required energy, career progress is nt seen except that progression is there in all other areas for better understanding to dilip sir I aam explaing all these things my date of birth 31.12.1987, 15.15 time, tirupati place,

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      A BIG thank you for sharing your experience and thereby helping with one more proof that Ancient Astrology works in modern times also.

      Congratulations for finish this most challenging period. I went through this period and I know what you are saying. I became an Astrologer only because of the experience I had during this period.

      • uttej

        Sir, I also started looking deeply in to the astrology during this period only, I learned a bit of astrology durin this period only, saturn make u to learn the vedas, ancient texts, scientific thinking ,questing for everthing, the most beautiful thing wat I observed durin this period is he made me to work hard to my goal but he left with out result but he gave me lot of satisfaction , met number of astrologers during this period, even I tried taking appointment with u, but your office told me that I can only get after 20 days, but many people recognised me as a intelligent person, but after my research in astrology wat I observed is many people rahu dasa is worse formsome like u half dasha kill u, half dasha rises u to top , I think thats wat happend in ur case too, I am also on the same line as my rahu is in 11th house in pisces, as a belong to vrishabalanga and vrishaba rasi , there are few things which I couldnt share u online , if u can send me ur mail for more information , I will send, surely one day I will meet u nt for knowing my future,but I love talking to people who have ancient scientific knowledge

      • uttej

        Sir as per my study, mahadasha and antardasha even pariantardasha and present planetary positions also affects a person, I am taurus sign as saturn entered scorpio , nov 2014, I am emotionally and mentally disturbed, even I got some health problems , which is nt so serious, but in july after jupiter transit things set backed a bit now I entered rahu mercury dasha so I can see little little changes in my work concentration levels

      • uttej

        One more intresting thing is I found a guy who is staying next to my room is also undergoin rahu mahadasha and saturn antardasha, he also digs deeper than me in to astrology studieshe is in middle of dasha, we r away from our home towns leading bachelors life, he also working hard for his goal, suddenly I dnt know wat happened he said he dnt want to do it this year, he became lazy and want to enjoy partying …….all the days, he knows even if he works hard he wont get this time, I too know but I believed hardwork never get wasted , my efforts may be nt useful this time but these efforts will act as catalyst in future.. I am remembering things one after other, so I couldnt fill all information at a time, ,

  207. PRASAD

    Name PRASAD ARJUN LOTANKAR, DOB 3rd nov 1971,TOB 04:50AM, PLACE: BHANDUP(MUMBAI), rahu mahadasa and shaniantardasha. Lots of problems facing in personal & Professional life. Kindly guide. Please do reply. I even would like to learn astrology. Thanks and awaiting your reply.

  208. pawan

    very nice remedies by dhilip sir.

  209. pawan

    even now iam also in rahu-saturn dasha sir. my dob is 12 dec 1977 7:43pm.cuddapah.(andhrapradesh).monday.iam still single and never married.will i get marry or not may i know the answer?iam eagerly waiting for Ur response…

  210. Surava

    Dear Sir , My DOB is 22/9/1976, Time – 7.15 pm and Place is Brahmapur, Odisha and lagna is Mesha . Sir i am facing lots of problem during my rahu mahadasha and jupitor antardasha. after this shani antardasha will come . plz tell me what will happen on that period. I am still unemployed and unmarried.

  211. SRI

    Piyush Ganguly, the renowned Bengali Director was born on 02 Jan 1965 (Saturday, Amavasa Day) in Salkia, in W.Bengal. While the exact time of his birth is unknown, he is certainly Moola Star, Dhanus Raasi. The natives of this Raasi are now going through Sade Sanni. Probably, Piyush was going through Rahu Dasa Sanni Bukthi (I have taken 1159 hrs, mid-day as his time of birth). If one keeps this time as the actual time of birth, the horoscope indicates he has Kuja Dosha.(Sevvai Dosha). He met with an head-on collision on Tuesday (Kuja`s Day), 20 October and passed away on 24th Oct late night (Saturday). Looks like he met his fate. What could have probably saved him? In my opinion, a 1 hour consultation with a good Astrologer may have saved his life. The Author of this Blog, Mr E K Dhilipkumar could have probably protected him with his advice as he has done to many. When are we going to take a good Astrologer`s analysis & suggestions seriously? When? Prayers for his soul to rest in peace. SRI

  212. Revathi

    Dear Dhilip Sir, I am a 52y old female working in a public sector for the past 28y. My birthstar is Magam. Since 4.2.2015 I am passing thro Rahudasa sani bhukthi. I have been transferred to a far off place 40km from my house. I am having severe bavk pain and disc degenerative diesease. Not able to travel. In my birth chart Rishaba lagnam and Rahu is in the 2nd house and sani in my 10th house. In theoffice I am undergoing tremendrous stress and always quarelling with my husband which is not my nature. Shall I give Voluntary Retirement. Kindly advice.

  213. A.R

    dear dhilip ji i am at a very critical phase of my life and not being able to find anyone knowledgeable enough to be believed. you have no doubt made me sit up with your blog.
    please advise me on my future as my crucial time (astrologically shani mahadasha in 2021) is fast approaching and i am looking at career options/ opportunities that have sprung up that are make or break kind of moves in my life. please advise as i am looking upto you……………………thanks and regards

  214. Someone

    Suddenly the world looks different. Only the bad in the world is visible to a person going through Rahu-Saturn period.

    Away from Home. Feeling very lonely. due to legal restriction can not travel to home and meet my family people.

    Lost lot of weight. Lost hair , got bald. Remaining hairs are grey in my mid 30s . Got dark circles.

    Sleepless night. Wakeup around 3.00 in morning and cant go back to sleep.

    Father commited sucide and can not perfom the rituals.

    Daily trouble with no sign of relief. Things get worse as the days go by.

    No one from family talks to me.

    Have to eat outside food all the time. No breakfast or sometime have to skip lunch or dinner. No home cook meal.

    Feeling very lonely and at times cry all alone get upset very frequently. Seems deeply deprssed or sometime feel have some sort of mantel disorder.

    Wife filed wrongly accused 498A and all court cases are going on. They bribed Police and thats why police supporting her .Do not see that I will ever be able to solve my problems in life.

  215. bhavesh avani

    Hello Sir My DOB 21/09/1988 Time 7:31AM and place Burhanpur MP my career progress become very slow facing delays in every task life almost stopped no progress on relationship and health front also.Please suggest remedy.

  216. monika

    sir my dob is 07/04/1991 and time 10:25pm.. i am feeling very low because of my health problems which is never ending from 2years. as now i am not able to walk for few distance.. please help me sir suggest me something please..


    My son P.Giridhar was born on 01.08.2005. Now he is in Rahu dasha- saturn bhukthi and he is not reading well.Kindly suggest the remedies for him to study well in 6th std.

  218. Sunil Kaushik

    Sir My Dob is 25.12.1973 and time 12.05 PM at Rohtak Haryana, I am feel very afraid due rahu mahadasha. How much critical this mahadasha for me please suggest the remedies or some kind of pooja will we do.

  219. Revathi

    Sir My dob IS 26-06-1963. Now I am under RAHU DASA-SANI BUKTHI since may 2015. In SEP 2015 I was transferred to a place and I was travelling 100km daily. Suddenly I became very weak and I resigned my govt job last week. Whether I have taken a right decision. I am very much confused. In my birth chart Rahu is in 2nd house and sani in 10th house. My lagnam is rishabam. My star is magham and I am a female. Kindly advice. Shall I go and stay with my son at Bangalore.

  220. kannan

    Sir My Saturn Bhukti in Rahu Mahadasha will be starting in July 16. I am a Leo ascendant(Simha Lagna) Saturn is in its own house in the 7th one & Rahu is in the 11th house in Gemini with Mercury & Sun will this work out well

  221. sustainableprocesses

    I respect astrologer Mr. Dilip and I’m seeing so many good videos of him on astrology. But I slightly differ with him in opinion because I don’t completely buy that rahu Saturn is that bad to terrify at it. Rahu dasa sani bhukthi is bad if you think it is bad. Rahu dasa sani bhukthi is neutral if you think it is neutral. Rahu dasa sani bhukthi is good if you think it is good. Just like the beauty of something is in the eyes of the beholder, the good and bad is also coming from the perspective of the person who experiences it. I have heard bad stories from people who are experiencing some good dashas and transits as well. I don’t say astrology is false or something, as i myself believe staunchly on astrology even at the moment of typing this. But I only differ in the way it is perceived. When you eat so much of salt , nature would let your tongue ask for water to drink to neutralize the salt you vE taken in. Only when you neutralize the excess salt, your body can live in peace. Else, the excess salt may vE some bad impacts. Would you blame your tongue for wanting excess salt by saying it makes you suffer? Would you blame the nature of nature doing something to rectify your faults to bring in harmony in you? No. We don’t blame it. We embrace it. We listen to what nature says. Regret our mistakes and learn from it and move on. So that we are strong and wise. Saturn bhukthi in rahu dasa is also the same. It brings hurdles. Because it do not want you to straight away walk in to the trap of greed for a life time. Hurdles are good in that way. Let me tell you, I’m myself going through rahu Saturn for the past 13 months. In fact rahu in 8 and Saturn in 6 in my natal chart should make my life not so good, theoretically. I am additionally running ashtama sani in kochara as well. Theoretically, one must be in a pathetic situation with those placements. But I don’t take it that way. Life is good when you understand the nature of it. Go with the flow and don’t offer any resistance. Embrace hurdles, you will be in harmony. That’s all I’m saying. Rahu Saturn or Saturn rahu or rahu rahu or whatever dasa with whatsoever bhuti will least impact you in a bad way, if you vE understood the ways of nature and oblige its laws. Do not panic. Keep calm. An ancient saying is that, sani or rahu won’t harm a Brahman (I don’t refer to a caste here. Brahman should be understood as the one who understood the self and its role in the inifity of the universe). So, when you at least pursue to understand it, you will understand the pain and suffering you are experiencing is not pain and suffering at all. Losing jobs and some money are petty things. When you(you= I refer to all the readers) are old enough, say, you are 75 yes old, you would look back at the way you lost a job or some money and smile at it. ‘How did I worry for such a small issue at that age’ – this would be your thoughts. All I say is, rake life easy. Learn from it and Move on. Believe in astrology as it is a good science. But perceive it well and introspect yourself well. Have a nice time from now on.

  222. uthayan

    My DOB: 15/08/1980 Time: 16:19 Place: Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
    Rahu in 8th house leo. My Rahu-Saturn period was 1994-07-02 to 1997-05-17. During that time
    I am Ok. I am not good in studies that period. but I help to father for farming. I did more physical work and we earn as well. During the Saturn anthara dasa the Saturn was in 6th house from moon (Transit) and Saturn has 6 bindu in the 6th house. So it did good.

    During the Jupiter Dasha Saturn antrara Dasha I suffered lot. More work very less money. and my father also past-away. Because that time Saturn in the 1st house from moon (7 1/2 Saturn)
    and Saturn has only 1 bindu (Astaka Varka).

    So we cant say Rahu-Saturn always bad

  223. vijay vittala

    hi everyone listen here iam vijay i also suffered from rahu dasha those who are suffering from rahu dasha this my small advise to you chant vishnu sahasranama, listen vidya bhushan venkatesh suprabatham,chant hanuman ashtottram,chant durga mantras,chant lakshmi dwadasha nama stotra, worship durga, hanuman, and shiva,do pradakshina namaskaram, donate food to poor people avoid nonveg iam sure this will save you i suffered from rahu this helped me a lot please follow this this will save you

  224. vijay vittala

    hi everyone listen here iam vijay i also suffered from rahu dasha those who are suffering from rahu dasha this my small advise to you chant vishnu sahasranama, listen vidya bhushan venkatesh suprabatham,chant hanuman ashtottram,chant durga mantras,chant lakshmi dwadasha nama stotra, worship durga, hanuman, and shiva,do pradakshina namaskaram, donate food to poor people avoid nonveg iam sure this will save you i suffered from rahu this helped me a lot please follow this this will save you

  225. satya dash

    my dob: 17-09-1982 time 21:32, cuttack odisha, right now i am continuing with rahu mahadasha, and during rahu – saturn transit i got 4 govt jobs, it made me work hard and also i got results. but after that in rahu- mercury i got stagnant…. so how can we conclude rahu- saturn is worst?? i think it was the best period during the mahadasha..

  226. satya dash

    my dob: 17-09-1982 time- 21:32, place – cuttack, odisha. during rahu mahadasha saturn bhukti i got results of my hard work and i got selected in 4 govt job although the period was difficult, but in rahu- mercury i got stagnant. could you please elaborate on the other side of this aspect dhilip sir?

  227. Satya Prakash


    I m in immense trouble professionally,mentally and financially. I m out of job since May -14 ie more than 2 years. Not a single penny income in these days. Have totally ruined. Nothing is seen helpful. Whatever I am trying is all goes to waste. So many interviews did happened but no success. Looks like that it may click but at last no success. Huge crisis. Consulted so many astrologers earlier but no one could give the reason and period.

    My DOB – 22/04/1968, time – 1.40 pm, place – Bhagalpur, Bihar.

    If u could help me and advice, it will be a great obligation to me.

    I am in deep pain and trouble. My family is also suffering a lot due to it.

    Please help and advice.

    Satya Prakash

  228. Helena

    I just want to share my experience of the Rahu-Shani period. My Shani is strong in makara lagna, Rahu is placed in 7th house. This period was actually the best of all bhuktis in the Rahu dasa. There were some trouble in the professional field, but I lived in a nice house and was otherwise materially well off. So perhaps one should not always fear this period.

  229. suryan

    Very true Articles I have gone through this dasha and while reading your articles can feel it.I have gone through your various articles and videos but read this articles today only ,may be missed it earlier .I myself was trying to find why my rahu and Shani dasha was very bad when Rahu was in tarus in 5th house and Shani was ascendant lord of 1st and 2nd house sitting in 10th house exalted(retro) .In bad times started learning basic astrology but none of the astrologer were able to give reason why I had gone through so much pain in this dasha. Understood now reading the article .Unknowingly I invested in share market and for a moment I reached heights and my fall was much bigger later on .I was not able to understand anything ,nothing was working ,unable to think much .Due to this tension loss my weight ,very tough time in llife.I just kept focus on my job and paid all my debts and when rahu mercury started ,I was almost over with debt .So crossed that phase some how .I couldn’t save myself in that dasha but reading this articles , may be help someone else in life whoever go through that dasha by making them alert in future .
    Sir it will be nice if you can write articles on Rahu – Ketu dasha too .It will be more helpful

  230. Padmani

    Iam going through rahu saturn dasha.
    Iam aquarius rahu in 4 th house n saturn in 9 th house in libra.
    I went to US in this period. Earned lots of money but lost all mental piece.
    My saturn bhukti will end in Nov 15 2016.
    Please tell how will b rahu mercury
    My budh is in ,7 th house with sun in leo.

  231. Kannan

    Dear Sir,

    I am Kannan here and have been reading your blogs with great interest.
    I am currently running thru Rahu Mahadaasha and Saturn bhukti
    My DOB: 31st March 1968
    Time of Birth: 11: 00AM
    Place of Birth: Tuticorin

    My 1oth house of the chart has rahu, Saturn and sun,The start of Rahu Mahadasha with Rahu Bhukti was excellent , but after Rahu Guru bhukti started things went wrong, I lost my job,
    Can you advise if the Rahu Saturn combination will be good or bad.
    I was told that Rahu in 10th House is excellent and the best placements and further Rahu and Saturn are friends and wont cause problems
    I look forward to your comments
    My mobile no: 9922960699

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