Rajnikanth – What made him the Superstar?

The horoscope of Superstar Rajnikanth is unique in several ways. In this knol you will find a simple analsyis proving 2 things. 1. Rajnikanth's horoscope is unique. 2. Ancient Astrology continues to explain why some men always rise above the rest.



The horoscope of Superstar Rajnikanth is unique in several ways. Even with little knowledge on Indian Astrology anyone is bound to notice the planetary combinations which allowed a star in the world of movies to become a Superstar.This article is a research done with the single intention of re-establishing the unfailing principles of ancient Indian Astrology.

The horoscope of Superstar Rajnikanth is as much unique as he is. Anyone with even a little knowledge of Indian Astrology may notice the planetary combinations that allowed him to become a Superstar.This article is an attempt to re-establish the unfailing rules of ancient Indian Astrology.

During one of my astrological classes at DIPA Astrology Institute, I had discussed the horoscope of the Superstar with my students.

As I filled out the horoscope with the names of the planets on the white board, I told them, “the superstar was born on December 12 1950. 12 12 1950 adds up to 21 showing that is a real 3 personality as the date also adds up to 8. In numerology terms we call such people as a 3/3 person Earlier known as Shivaji Rao, he had a bad start when his mother passed away when he was barely 5 years”. I posed this question to my students, “of the 12 houses in the horoscope which house is related to this negative event.”?

Student:The 4th house deals with mother. We have to look at the placement of the karaka graha for mother is the Moon (Chandra) too.

Me:You are right. It is the 4th house and its lord is Mars (Kuja). Tell me where it is?

Student:Mars is in the 6th house. The 6th house is a dushtana (a challenging house). You have told us that the 6th also means loss as the 12th house falls on the same axis.

Me:Yes. You are right. Whenever the 4th house lord is in the 6th there are only 2 possibilities. 1. There is early separation from mother 2. if the mother survives there is nothing that comes from the mother or the mother becomes an enemy. In short there is so much concern about mother.

Student:Moreover the karaka graha for mother is usually the Moon and Moon is also in the 6th house.

Me:The 6th house is a dushtana (challenging house) like the 8th and the 12th house. But you will have to find out what is the 1st dasha of the Superstar which allowed this event to take place. So let us have a glance on the Vimsottari Dasha – the best of all dasha system applicable to all born in Kali Yuga.

Vimsottari Dasa: Maha Dasas:

Bhukti From To Remarks
Moon Birthdate 1958-05-30 Moon in the 6th
Mars 1958-05-30 1965-05-29 Mars in the 6th
Rahu 1965-05-29 1983-05-30
Jupiter 1983-05-30 1999-05-30
Saturn 1999-05-30 2018-05-30

So until the age of 8 Shivaji Rao was under the Dasha (ruling period) of Moon as Moon ruled until 1958. So Moon in the 6th indicated the possibility of early death of mother because Moon the indicator of mother occupies the 6th house with the 4th house (Mother) lord Mars. The 6th house is the house that has just set on the western horizon when a person is born. So this means that the Moon and Mars have set on the western horizon (beneath the horizon).

The 6th house represents the disease, debts and enemies of our life. So apart from taking away his dear mother, Moon and Mars indicated suffering in general. Debts also means financial difficulties. So Rajnikanth had to go through experience of great poverty because the planets who ruled the first two dashas of his life occupied the 6th house.

So until 1965 the Super Star had to go through much difficult times. For Simha Lagna people Maharshi Parasara (who lived 5000 years ago) said that Mars (Mangal) is the yogakaraka (guardian angel) or the best planet. For a simha lagna person Mars rules the house of mother and the house of father. When one of the parents pass away the other parent also gets weakened. So Mars in the 6th means as the lord of the 4th house and 9th house means that the person cannot expect much help from his parents. Others will take care of him.

So Rajnikanth finished off the challenging 2 dashas in the first phase of his life. That allows a person to reserve the best features of the horoscope for later. That is why we have highlighted in red the dasha of Moon and Mars to show that these were not only unhelpful and very challenging.

The 4th house also rules over school education. The 9th house lord shows regular college education. Since the lord of these 2 houses went to the 6th house along with the 12t house lord, he did not gain much from his studies. However as Mars is exalted, he good a different kind of education later on. Not the regular one that we all go to. He studied at the Film Institute for a period of 2 years.

During his childhood he worked in various places before finally working as a Bus Conductor in Bangalore Transport Service. Vehicle industry is ruled by Venus. Venus also rules entertainment. So he was moving closer to his destiny.

You may wonder if the yogakaraka planet Mars is in the 6th house how did Rajnikanth experience such a great rise in life. That is because Mars is not without compensation. Mars is exalted i.e occupying his Utcha Rasi. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. When the Yogakaraka is Exalted expect good things to happen. too. Mars occupies the star of Sun (uttarashada) and Sun is the Lagna Lord occupying the 4th sign (in Rasi chart) and the 5th house (in bhava Chart). This shows Mars will help him later on.

Mars is in the 6th house – hence bad, Mars is exalted – hence great – When a planet gives mixed result as in this case how to resolve the apparent contradiction. The bad effects will come first and later on the good will also come. Beginners in Astrology always get confused when they see contradictions. They fail to see that in life there are contradictions. A bad man becomes good, a good man become bad. A rich man becomes a pauper and a beggar becomes a millionaire. So do not worry if opposite things are indicated by either the same planet or different planets in the same horoscope. Change is the only thing that is permanent.

After Mars dasha began Rahu Dasha from 1965. Rahu is in the 8th house. Once again not so helpful. If Rahu is in the 8th house the 1st 1/3rd of the dasha remains challenging. Rahu Dasha releases the bad (the poison) in Rahu always during the initial 1/3rd of its dasha. The saving grace is that Rahu occupies the sign that belongs to Jupiter namely Pisces (Meena Rasi). Rahu being a shadow gets the light from Jupiter whose sign Rahu occupies and therefore Rahu will try to do what Jupiter should be doing. Never forget that Jupiter is the lord of the 5th house.

The 5th house rules entertainment.

So Jupiter is related to entertainment. Rahu being in the house of Jupiter has to also give some luck in the world of entertainment and that too for a person destined to become an actor.

For Rajnikanth, Jupiter is one of the best planet. Being born in the Lagna of Simha, Jupiter is the 5th house Lord. The 5th house deals with entertainment and and today it means cinema. Cinema came in recently but entertainment is the past time for mankind.

So Rahu was waiting to bring out the talent in Rajni. But not before he finished Rahu Dasha and Shani Bhukti – the last of the most challenging phase of Rahu Dasha whenever Rahu has anything to do with some bad luck too. Here Rahu is not all that good as Rahu occupies the 8th house. He has to give mixed results


Rahu is called the planet of hallucination. Rahu gets many people into intoxication at various levels from simple smoking to alcohol but sometimes takes them to drugs if drugs are available in the place that a person lives. Rahu is the Maya planet and considering its positive side you may say that Rahu is strongly related to Cinema – the maya in modern life.

Did you see Rahu and Ketu axis falling on the 2nd house? The 2nd house denotes the mouth and what goes inside the mouth. Rahu and Ketu represents the smoke and alcohol. Rajnikanth was known for his extraordinary style of smoking. He looked extra glamorous with the cigar or cigarette in his mouth. People fell in love just by watching him play around with a lit cigarette. A dangerous act, but Rajni loved it as much as the viewers did.

Rahu also makes a person eccentric. Rajni was known for all these. Earlier on in his career there were rumors about his eccentricity going to the maximum level. Yet, Rajni came through all this unscathed.

So after Rahu-Rahu, Rahu-Jupiter, Rahu-Saturn periods there was no turning back. Whenever Rahu is not well placed one has to be careful during the 1st three sub periods of Rahu and the final one i.e. Rahu – Saturn is the unkindest cut of all. Many people have gone through the nightmarish experiences in Rahu Dasha and Saturn Bhukti.

So Rajni was waiting for Rahu Dasha – Mercury Bhukti. When was that? To find out you will have expand the 18 years Rahu Dasha period into 9 parts. Each part is called a Bhukti within Rahu Dasha. If you do not know how, don’t worry. Here it is.

His Good Times as per Vimsottari Dasha system

Vimsottari Dasa: Rahu Mahadasha from 1965-05-29 – 1983-05-30 Antardasas in Rahu Mahadasha:

Bhukti From To Remarks
Rahu 1965-05-29 1968-02-10
Jupiter 1968-02-10 1970-07-06
Saturn 1970-07-06 1973-05-11
Mercury 1973-05-11 1975-12-01 1st Movie
Ketu 1975-12-01 1976-12-18
Venus 1976-12-18 1979-12-19 Welcome Venus
Ist Movie as HERO
Sun 1979-12-19 1980-11-12
Moon 1980-11-12 1982-05-11
Mars 1982-05-11 1983-05-30

His 1st Movie

It happened in Rahu Dasha and Mercury Bhukti

So during Rahu Dasha, Rajni did a lot of odd jobs from the coolie to the bus conductor. But the strong 5th house (the entertainment house) has started manifesting when Rajni started trying out his luck in stage plays.

In 1973, Raj Bahadur a good friend of Rajni motivated him to join the Madras Film Institute and was also kind enough to help him financially for two years during his studies.

Did you notice Saturn Bhukti had ended in1973. Always the poison of Rahu or the blocking effect of a badly placed Rahu is usually over in Rahu Dasha Saturn Bhukti. Moreover Saturn is the lord of the 6th house and the 7th house. Saturn is called a Maraka planet (very high stress planet) for a Simha Lagna person.

For a Simha Lagna person Sun (Ravi) rules the house of health. Saturn opposes Sun and hence Saturn is definitely a bad planet for Simha Lagna person because Saturn strongly affects the health and lifespan of a Simha Lagna person. So health care is of utmost importance during Saturn period for a Simha Lagna person. In the horoscope of Rajni, Saturn occupies the 2nd house another Maraka house.

His performance in a stage play eventually caught the eye of film director K. Balachander one of most popular director of Tamil movies who advised him to learn to speak Tamil. He learned the language well but Rajnikanth’s Tamil remained different and sounded unique which turned out to be a plus point for him.

Those who do not know the theory of Karma well enough may say that K Balachander was the real cause of the rise of the superstar. However the real reason is the past life punya (merits) as is revealed by the planets in the 5th house (merits of previous life). That cause is the real cause that allows you to get a break from a good director like K Balachander.

Dr B V Raman the unforgettable champion Astrologer from Bangalore who lived until the last moment of his life for the cause of reviving ancient Indian Astrology in his book Hindu Predictive Astrology says that the 2nd half of Rahu Dasha and Mercury Bhukti always gives good results irrespective of other conditions. Many classical Astrology books has said the same thing.

Mercury is also the lord of the 2nd house (income) and the lord of the 11th house (Labha – profit).

Me:Where is Mercury?

Students:In the 5th house.

Me:What does 5th house represent in this context?

Students:Entertainment, Creativity, Talents and hence Cinema.

Rahu Dasha and Mercury Bhukti : 1973-05-11 to 1975-12-01


So before Mercury sub period ended Karma put Rajnikanth on his 1st movie – Apoorva Ragangal – where another great Tamil movie actor Kamal Hasan acted as the hero. The role was small.

A small step for Shivaji Rao but a giant leap for Rajnikanth.Students:How to find hisBIG Breakperiod?Me:For the Super Star it is all about cinema and karma. connect both and you will get the answer.Students:Got it. Venus is the lord of Karma (10th house) occupying the house of cinema (5th house). Just rephrase the statement. Karma is in cinema. So Venus period should have been the breakthrough.Me:Yes. It was.

Rahu Dasha – Venus Bhukti : 1976-12-18 – 1979-12-19


: What was the breakthrough?

Me:In the year 1978 film BAIRAVI was the first Tamil film to cast him as the main hero. From then on there was no turning back. In 1978 he was in Venus Sub period inside Rahu Major. Venus is the lord of the 10th house (Profession). Venus by its very nature is connected to cinema. It is called the cinema planet. Remember this by saying Venus rules Fridays and on Fridays new movies get released. Moreover Friday is the beginning of the weekend mood (for entertainment).

Students: We still cannot believe a 8th house Rahu can give such wonderful results.

Me:Yes you are right. That is because you have not noticed that Rahu occupies the star of Jupiter and Jupiter occupies the star of Rahu. This is advanced stellar Astrology, since you are beginners I did not want to confuse you with such things. This is the nakshatra parivartana yoga less known even to professional Astrologers. Rahu occupies Poorvabhadrapada a star owned by Jupiter and Jupiter occupies Satabisha a star owned by Rahu.

What makes him a Superstar amongst ordinary Stars?

Luck in Cinema. The Basics:

The 5th house is the house of cinema. The 10th house is the house of profession. The 11th house is the house of gains. The 2nd house is the house of wealth.

For a successful actor there will be inter-relationship between the house of cinema with the house of karma, labha. If these houses are connected with 2nd house as well (Dhana = wealth), one becomes a wealthy actor.

Students:So has Rajni got these planets in the right places?

Me:You cannot ask for better connections. The lord of 10th house Venus is a planet that deals with cinema and is always related to music, drama, singing, and all forms of enjoyments in life. The lord of the 10th house occupies the 5th house. The 5th house deals with creativity and cinema. The lord of the 11th house which denotes labha or gain occupies the 5th house of Cinema. The lord of the 2nd house is also in the 5th house. The lord of Lagna is occupying the 5th house of Cinema. Let us sum it up.

The 5th house is the house of cinema. The 5th house lord is Jupiter who is in the 7th looking at Lagna.

In the adjacent diagram you may focus your attention on the left side bottom corner marked as house No.5. Note the word Cinema. Similarly look at the house No.10. You will see the word Karma which means purpose of life. The 11th refers to profit or labha. The 12th house has been named as Loss. Superimpose this on the next diagram and you will know who rules the house of cinema, which planet rules the house of Karma, Labha and Vyaya (Loss).

We were talking about the 5th house lord Jupiter looking directly at the 1st house. The 1st house means the physical body. This means that the Cinema planet and his physical body is interlinked. This is a way of understanding whether the person involved in the cinema is on the screen or behind the screen. If the cinema planet does not get connected to the factors ruling Lagna the person may be a film director, film producer or someone associated with cinema but not using his body as the main investment.

Jupiter in the 7th house gives rise to a Rajayoga as the lord of the 5th house. Whenever the lord of a Trikona (5th and 9th house) occupies a Kendra (houses 1, 4, 7 10) it gives rise to a Rajayoga. Jupiter in the 7th house is good for great name and fame.

The 10th house is the house of profession. The 10th house lord is Venus occupying 5th house. The 11th house is the house of gains. The 11th house lord is Mercury occupying 5th house. The 2nd house is the house of wealth. The 2nd house lord is Mercury occupying 2nd house.

In the following horoscope we have given the lords of each house for the Superstar. From the diagram you may see that the 5th house lord is Jupiter, the 10th house lord is Venus, the 11th house lord is Mercury and the 2nd house lord is Mercury.

In the horoscope of Rajnikanth, the lord the 10th, 11th and 2nd house are all in the 5th house of cinema. So the purpose of life, the profits, the income are all in the house of cinema. The arrow head reaches the 5th house because all the concerned planets are placed in the 5th house. The lords of each house is printed just outside the chart.

Many actors have the 10th house lord in the 5th house or the 5th house lord in the 10th house or the 5th house lord in the 11th house or the 11th house lord in the 5th house. Sometimes these 2 planets may come together in any of Kendra house like house No.1 or No.4 or No.7 or No.10.

But what makes a person wealthy as an actor? Only if the 2nd house ie house of income is somehow connected to the house of acting and profession. That is what has happened in this horoscope. Mercury is not only the lord of 11th house but also is the lord of 2nd house. So Mercury being in the 5th house helps generate a lot of income.

In the most recent film Enthiran Rajnikanth was paid about 45 crores (Indian Rupees). In India no other actor has been paid as much. In this movie Rajnikanth plays a dual role one as the creator of the robot, the other one is the robot. In the picture you see the Robot Rajnikanth. A combination of extra-ordinary animation and effects made it the most expensive movie ever made in India. Double action movies are good for those actors who have a strong and a well placed Mercury. Mercury denotes double action and Mercury occupies a double bodied sign (Sagittarius) in his horoscope and that sign happens to the house of cinema in his horoscope.

Commercial Stardom:1991 to 2001

Vimsottari Dasa: Jupiter Mahadasha : 1983-05-30 – 1999-05-30 Antardasas in Jupiter (Guru) Maha Dasha:

Bhukti Start End Remarks
Jupiter 1983-05-30 1985-07-19
Saturn 1985-07-19 1988-01-29
Mercury 1988-01-29 1990-05-05
Ketu 1990-05-05 1991-04-11
Venus 1991-04-11 1993-12-12 Venus does it again
Sun 1993-12-12 1994-10-02
Moon 1994-10-02 1996-01-29
Mars 1996-01-29 1997-01-05
Rahu 1997-01-05 1999-05-30

Venus does it again.Venus sub period started in 1991 and that year onwards he established his commercial stardom. Remember in Rahu Dasha, it was Venus that gave his first break as a full fledged hero instead of the smaller roles he played earlier. That was in the movie Bairavi his 1st movie. So each time Venus period came in there was a rise to the next level.

1991 Thalapathi Jupiter – Venus 1992 Annamalai Jupiter – Venus 1995 Basha Jupiter – Moon 1995 Muthu Jupiter – Moon 1999 Padayappa Jupiter – Rahu

All of the above movies were big commercial hits.

Highlights of Jupiter Dasha – why so many hits in Jupiter Dasha?

Jupiter Dasha is very good for a Simha Lagna person like Rajnikanth especially because Jupiter is in the 7th house. Planets in the 7th house always try to expose the talents to the public or the masses. Here Jupiter is special because he rules the house of entertainment (the 5th house lord) and has given rise to a rajayoga because Jupiter is the owner of a Trikona placed in a Kendra. (refer Maharshi Parasara Hora Sastra).

Does that mean that Jupiter Dasha alone is good for him. What about next dasha of Saturn which comes after Jupiter. Normally people have misconceptions that if the next planet is not well placed there will be downfall. That may be true for ordinary people. Once the overall horoscope supports the work of a person they are not so much dependent on dashas because the purpose of life (main activity) remains more or less at a high for a long time.

However matters other than career may get affected. For example health problems may crop up frequently in Saturn dasha as Saturn owns the 6th and 7th house and is placed in the 2nd house along with Ketu.

So let us now analyze Saturn Dasha with regard to his health.

Saturn is called the rogakaraka – the permanent indicator of disease. In this horoscope Saturn occupies the 2nd house that works against life energy especially because Saturn rules the 7th house as well. So regular medical care, prompt medical action, abstinence from alcohol and smoking is recommended during the dasha of Saturn.

Vimsottari Dasa: Saturn Mahadasha : 1999-05-30 – 2018-05-30 Antardasas in Saturn Maha Dasha :

Bhukti From To Remarks
Saturn 1999-05-30 2002-06-02
Mercury 2002-06-02 2005-02-09
Ketu 2005-02-09 2006-03-20
Venus 2006-03-20 2009-05-20 Once again Venus
Sun 2009-05-20 2010-05-02
Moon 2010-05-02 2011-12-04
Mars 2011-12-04 2013-01-11
Rahu 2013-01-11 2015-11-19
Guru 2015-11-19 2018-05-30

Saturn Dasha is not good for Simha Lagna person because Saturn owns the 7th house and the 6th house. As 6th house rules disease there may be onset of some health problem in the dasha of Saturn which is true during year 2011 (now).

The periodfrom May 2010 to December 2011is ruled by Moon and Moon period is not good with regard to health.

Let us study in depth the role of Moon (Chandra) in the horoscope of the Super Star of Kollywood.

Why the ruling period of Moon is not good for the Super Star

Moon rules the 12th house (hospital, bed rest and loss of money).Moon occupies the star of Moon (Shravana) and so Moon is heavily linked to the 12th house.

Moon occupies the sign that belongs to Saturn (a powerful malefic). Saturn occupies the 2nd house. Saturn is also the 7th house lord in the 2nd house. So Moon is indicating dangerous health problem.

Moon occupies the 6th house which deals with disease and enemies. Moon connects to Saturn because Saturn is also the ruler of 6th house. 6th house is common. So in Saturn Dasha and Moon Bhukti relates together to the rogasthana – disease.

Moon rules the lungs (chest area). Moon also rules over problems due to water or fluid retention in the body. Moon is called Soma – the planet connected to wine/alcohol. So problem through alcohol is indicated by the Moon.

In the classical Astrology book Bhrigu Sutra we are told that Moon in the 6th house indicate danger through water.

Also all the classical books say that for a person having Moon in the 6th house the stomach is the weakest portion of the body. Stomach care, the person should avoid harming the stomach by certain types of food and habits.

Timely food is of utmost importance to those having Moon in the 6th.

Smoking is injurious to all people but more so for those born in the star of Rohini, Hasta and Shravana. Such people are prone to lung infection much more than others. The person should not quit smoking all on a sudden as dangerous withdrawal symptoms may be there. Rajnikanth was born in the star of Shravana (Thirunvonam).

Jupiter Transit on May 8, 2011 from Meena Rasi to Mesha Rasi.

During the above mentioned period Jupiter moved into the 4th house from Moon Sign which spoils the comfort zone of a person.

The 4th house is the house of lungs and chest area of the body. The 4th house transit of Jupiter always tries to take the person away from home which is one of the reasons why Rajnikanth had to go to a foreign place for treatment.

Transit Saturn is on the same zodiac sign/Rasi (Kanya – Virgo) which sign Saturn occupied when he was born. This happens to all individuals on the 60th year. That is why 60th year is a very sensitive year all over the world. People retire from work around this age because Saturn comes back to the same position as it was when the person was born.

Saturn Dasha – Moon Bhukti period

Maharshi Parasara (Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Volume 2) suggests that such a person should expect the effects during Saturn Dasha and Moon Bhukti:

If Moon is conjoined with a Malefic (in this hrosocope Mars is with Moon) or if Moon is in 6th or 8th or 12th either from Lagna or from Saturn, then from Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (by Maharshi Parasara) as given in volume 2 by Ranjan Publications we are told:

Slokas: 46-48½.

• great distress,

• misfortune,

• separation from home etc,

• ill health of children,

• losses in business,

• irregular meals administration of medicines, (indicating hospitalization)

if Chandra (Moon) is waning, if Chandra is associated with, or receives Drishti from malefics, or, if Chandra is in his debilitation Rashi, or, if Chandra is in malefic Navamsa, or, if Chandra is in the Rashi of a malefic Grah. There will, however, be good effects and some gain of wealth at the commencement of the Antar Dasha.

In this horoscope we find that Moon is associated with a natural malefic Mars (Kuja), also occupies the house of Saturn a natural malefic. Saturn is the ruler of 7th house and occupies the 2nd house. Both these houses are considered challenging from the point of serious health problems. The same book (written 5000 years ago) also suggests the following remedies to restore health.

Remedies for restoration of health are :

Havan and giving jaggery, rice mixed with curd, a cow, a female buffalo in charity. These are all related to the Moon. Moon is a feminine planet. Hence cow or female buffalo is recommended. Milk comes from mother, mother is related to Moon. Giving such charity on Monday a day ruled by Moon should help recovery.

The above remedies are meant for anyone who has the Moon in the 6th house, 8th house or 12th house, is weak and afflicted by other planets. It should be done if the person falls sick. If the lungs are affected or if the kidneys are affected during a Chandra Dasha then it proves Vedic Astrology. Considering at least from this angle the remedies should be trusted because what is indicated is happening, so why not trust the remedies too!

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