Religious conversion – Do the planets indicate conversion?

For many years I have been thinking about this. What really is the cause of religious conversion. Is it fated to happen or is it a matter of choice (freewill)?


Religious conversion – Do the planets indicate conversion?

I always thought that GOD or KARMA or a superior power places you in a particular situation including religion based on your past lives. This made perfect sense to me because I know that there is only ONE God. I also know that, that one GOD created Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and all other religions of the world.

These were created by HIM depending upon the need of the hour and the place or situation. He needed human beings to do that for HIM and these special people were called messengers of GOD etc.

Everything went well until people started moving out to other places. When they started mixing upwrittne down with people of another religion a feeling of confusion dawned upon them regarding who is right and who is wrong. Each one of them thought that their GOD was the real GOD and the rest belonged to the DEVIL.

When a person lost trust in his/her own religion people of other religions invite them to join them. There is nothing wrong in this.

In the ancient time when Vedic Astrology began Christianity or Islam did not exist. So there were no rules written down that said such a person will convert into another religion.

So it is not possible to tell from a horoscope whether a person will convert from one religion to another.

However there are clues provided in all the classical text books that may be used to discover or invent a rule that indicates the possibility of religious conversions.

Religious conversion is an abnormality because not many people do it. It is unconventional and it is usually forbidden or considered as an act of rebellion.

RAHU seems to be the planet that is intimately connected to all such things that we described.

So we need to look at the position of RAHU.

I have collected many horoscopes of people who have converted to another religion. I will come up with a research finding very soon as my study is almost done.

In the meantime I need your help.

Request to all readers.

Please look around and see if you know someone who has converted from one religion to another. Try to get their date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. Share that information in the comment section below this article or send my an email to

If there is any doubt in the birth details please do not take it up for research because it can mislead all of us.

After about 3 months I will complete this research and publish this on

My findings based on reasoning!

Sage Bhrigu says that a person will be irreligious if:

  1. Mars is in the 9th house

  2. Saturn is in the 9th house

  3. Rahu is in the 9th house

It is clear that the 9th house is connected to this problem.

To change from one’s own religion to another means the person is irreligious. So conversion must be related to this planetary position and influence.

The 9th house is the house of father, religion and guru.

All religions were created by Guru’s or Teachers or Prophets or Messengers of God.

So the 9th house is the most important house with regard to conversion.

An experience in the year 1994:

In 1994, I was running a business connected to computers and I have started printing out computer horoscopes from my business centre in Pondy Bazar, Chennai.

During that time, a young brahmin boy used to come to my office. He casually told me that he was going to convert from Hinduism to Christianity the next week. I told him, “if you don’t mind let me tell you something.”

I told him of the my research in Vedic Astrology and he listened with rapt attention on what I was telling him about the theory of Karma, religion, God’s plan and so on.

I told him, “you must be having bad planets in the 9th house”. He asked me what that meant. I told him “bad planets are planets like Mars, Rahu, Saturn, Sun, and Ketu”.

Then he told me, “I have no idea of how to read a horoscope”. Then I told him what is meant by 1st house, then about counting houses and reaching the 9th house by showing him several examples. He was impressed with what I told him.

He came back to me the next day with his horoscope. As he entered by office, he told me, “Sir, you are absolutely right”.

I asked, “is Mars in the 9th house”?

The boy told me, “not only Mars, Rahu and Saturn is also there in the 9th house.

I do not remember his exact date of birth but I recall that he was born in year 1968 in the month of March and Cancer was rising on his chart.

So I told him to go back to his own religion and thereby strengthen his 9th house. I told him to go to temples regularly on all Saturdays. He told me that he had stopped going to temples for a very long time.

I met him a few years later and found that he remained a Hindu.

Best Advice in this matter:

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa told that if a person is digging for water he has to dig in the same place and soon he will find water, On the contrary if a person digs for 10 feet here, stops and goes to another place and digs 20 feet there then also there is a chance that he may not find water. Had he dug in the same place he would have dug up 30 feet now and he may have found water.

So changing religion is not a good idea at least according to me.

God places you in a religion because your Karma required that. Following your own dharma is better than following the dharma of another person.


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  1. Divya

    I have Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter in 9th house [makara]. I am proud to be a Hindu. At the same time I am inspired by Buddhism. I have a friend of mine. 9th house is vacant. 8th house occupied by Rahu [makara]. Mithun lagna. This person has converted to Christianity. May be this information could be of some help to you.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please give the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of the person who converted to Christianity. There must be an Astrological cause. I will find it out.

      • Anamika

        DOB- 26/06/1985 ; PATNA – 3.40 PM
        hindu TO muslim

      • Praveen Kumar

        It is for Anamika: DOB- 26/06/1985 ; PATNA – 3.40 PM
        hindu TO muslim – Was this conversion from Hindu to Muslim on account of marriage ? Please reply immediately.

  2. Srinivasan


    Your article is fascinating. I have a request for you.
    I am sure you have heard of Periyaar (E.V.Ramasamy) – Can you analyze his horoscope?
    DOB: 17 September 1879
    Place of Birth: Erode, Madras Presidency

    I am asking this because, he converted to ISLAM. (nothing wrong with it). But, He constantly proclaimed he is an atheist, and went after Hinduism (& hindu gods).
    I want to co-relate his life with his horoscope. Hope you can do that.

    All these Dravidian politicians are similar to him. I want to see if there is something in the horoscope that says this.

    Please let everyone know when this book is complete. I am waiting for it

  3. S RK

    From a very basic knowledge of astrology, here is something that I found on the internet about people “following a different religion or philosophy” (not necessarily converting): This apparently happens when Ketu is in the 9th house – and I found it to be true in case of my father, who started following a specific, rather off-beat Hindu “spiritual organisation” very seriously as he approached his retirement.

  4. Tom Zachariah

    DOB:4 DEC 1955 /TOB:8.50pm
    Place of Birh: SEREMBAN<MALAYSIA
    Aslesha constellation/. Cancer rasi / mithuna lagna
    no planets in lagna / moon in cancer 2 / jupiter in sun 3 / mars in venus 5 /sun merc, rahu saturn in mars 6 / venus in jup 7 and ketu in venus 12

    Born christian , very comfortable in hinduism. . Now more a free thinker.

  5. Diwakar Padmaraja

    Dear Dhilip Kumar Sir, just now I have written a comment appreciating your astrological proficiency and skills. From your another write up on astrological reasoning etc, I came to know you are from Chennai. If so, I will be glad to take your appointment and meet you inperson for personal horoscope analysis and consultation. Pl email me your contact details to diwakarpp {AT} Thank you. Looking forward to meet you.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I am busy with DIPA Astro Diary 2014 activity being the year end and so I will resume consultation only Jan 2014. Email me with subject PAID CONSULTATION

  6. RVK

    Please let me know if you have updated your knol on this subject in any other entry and when your research results are going to be published. I am very interested to know your findings.

    My older son, DOB July 8, 1995, TOB: 15:07 PM, POB: Lansing MI, USA developed a crush on a girl of Pakistani origin in his school in 2011 when Rahu transited to 1st house for his rasi, and he claimed last year he has become a Muslim. In his natal chart he has Rahu in 1st house with 9th house aspect on his dharma bhava where Venus, Mercury and Sun are located. His moon is neecha and with Jupiter in 2nd house. He is running Sani MD and Rahu AD that will end in October this year, one of your other knol on this dasha bhukti paints a dismal picture, especially near its end. He is also running Sadesati. He already intentionally failed this year in college so he can get out of the college to go to the city that girl moved to. Our advice have fallen on deaf ears. I am not sure if at the end of his Rahu AD if he will realize it is all Rahu’s moha and revert back or do something more to cause us additional anguish.

  7. jothi

    hi dhilip,

    i was reading the article above. I have saturn in the 9th house but have never once in my life thought of embracing any other religion. I view Hinduism as a way of life and am very deep into it. But your article says that people with Saturn in the 9th house are likely to convert. Surely there must be exceptions to this. in fact, as i grow older, i find my faith getting stronger.

    • Satya

      I have noticed that when Saturn in 9th house, your ideas could be very broad and you seems to accept if anything is good and respect others view but it comes in later stage.

  8. Nishant

    I’m extremely sorry to say you are an exppert astrologer but your astro analysis is very generic at times.Things dont happen just by the thumb rule in astrology always.For eg.

    DOB— 12 SEPT.1983
    TOB— 14.45

    Horoscope of a girl Hindu by birth,born in a ultra religious Maheshwari family. She converted to Christianity to marry her Christian lover.Sun is in own sign in 9th house….no malefic planets aspecting 9th house.She has led a very luxurious life with no suffering till date.She is pursuing PhD. in management,she is involved in a sinful life….no dharma,no prayers,no sadhna…but still enjoying life to fullest.
    Her education/children Lord Mars is neecha and in 8th house and Shani casting its neecha aspect on 5th house but she is still doing PhD.
    Both she and her husband are living a very happy married life,they are blessed with a healthy daughter…no abortions,no miscarriages.

    Her Ketu dasha will start but I dnt see any problems for her in this lifetime……so you see her Ketu will also be good inspite she being sinful and highly materialistic.So your Ketu analysis also doesnt fit on her.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Please don’t feel sorry if my astro analysis is very generic. Please move on to other Astrologers who are very specific. You can give me a list of Astrologer who you like and I will publish that on so others may benefit.

    • Vivekananda Sharma

      In the above kundli, Jupiter, karak of husband, is under direct aspect of Rahu, thereby signifying foreign influence in choice of husband. Moreover Mars, karak of boyfriend and Venus, karak of marital relationship are being influenced by Jupiter, which shows that girl will convert her BF into husband. In addition Saturn too aspects Venus, karak of relationships, which too shows foreign influence in relationships.

  9. Nishant

    Dear sir,I didnt mean to offend you and didnt feel sorry for your analysis,I felt sorry myself in commenting what I thought….Yet to find a very good astrologer….have met 700-800 of them….Astrology is my interest.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You really are awesome. You may be a candidate for Guinness Book of World Records. Seeing 700-800 Astrologers. My God! I can’t count from 1 to 800. It takes such a long time. Even if you gave them Rs.100 then you should have spent about Rs.80,000. If you don’t mind can you say which Astrologer charged the highest fee, and who charged the lowest fee, and a list of Astrologers who looked better. About offending me, do not worry about that. I approve your comment only because I am not offended. Otherwise I would have simply deleted it, because I am in control of this page.

    • Praveen Kumar

      In your description, only technically correct thing is that she ENJOYED WHOLE OF MERCURY DASA. It is crystal clear first as EXALTED FUNCTIONAL BENEFIC, second due to an extremely important factor pretty clear to people having gone through BPHS several times and having several years of practical experience. Lady will have some ill-luck in respect of progeny, for sure. Finally, changing religion was a matter of marital convenience for her, don’t try to look for reasons in her chart. Then, see the time of birth (14:45), a crude approximation. It changes Navamsa and other charts, so crucial for predictions. IT SHOWS YOU ARE NOT CONVERSANT WITH EVEN BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ASTROLOGY. Please read BPHS, at least 3 times – keep on contemplating, apply sound common-sense and WORK ON A LARGE NUMBER OF PRACTICAL HOROSCOPES. You will feel the difference in a year or two.

      You are correct about astrologers. As Shri K.N.Rao says, with only 1 out of 20,000 astrologers you may find something worthwhile. This is due to several reasons: 1) our inheriting a fraction of the original divine science, then understanding only a fraction of this fraction 2) No one to patronize the great science, unlike Hindu kings of olden times 3) Ego and greed of modern day astrologers etc.

  10. Satya

    He is my br and converted himself as Christian . it happens on 1st year of Eng., Let us see how it helps.

    Date: December 12, 1975
    Time: 12:15:00 am
    Trichinapalli, India

      • Satya

        Mercury/Mercury or Ketu

  11. mangobird

    A dear friend of mine who comes from a fairly religious family converted to Christianity with his wife some time last year I believe, his details are:

    March 7th, 1980.
    Birthtime: 9:27am
    Place: Amritsar

    I have Saturn in the 9th in my Rasi chart (with Rahu aspecting it from the 5th) , the Bhava chart would be necessary to confirm this placement. I was born into a fairly relaxed Catholic family but began to question the ways of the church during my adolescence.

    Now, I have arrived at a point where I see the value of all spiritual traditions, prophets & messengers. However, I find myself partial to the Vedic sciences & the all encompassing sanatana dharma.

    After much seeking especially after reading Sri Yukteswar’s Holy Science, it confirmed to me that there are striking similarities between these faiths at the deepest level even though on the surface they appear very different.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      What you learn from a Guru, Teacher, Prophet, is more important that what they actually are. Our research on these topics will have no contribution to our life as the days pass by unless it had a positive influence on us. In the same way when we are imprisoned we do not spend time on who built the jail, the truth about jail, the construction, when was it built etc. Our only thought is how to escape. Mangobird, you were a spiritual person even in your past life otherwise you will not spend time on such topics.

  12. Vidya

    My Rahu is in the 10th house – Karka rashi
    Lagna – Thula
    Rasi – Vrischika
    Birth – 21-April-2014
    Place – Trichur, Kerala

    Married to a muslim
    Believe in onness of God and open to religious practices of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. This is influenced by convent school education, upbringing and marriage

    • siva

      if you believed in oneness of God and open to all religions, then what made you change in 1st place!! I could only see hindus converting to other religions when married and not the other way.

      • Vidya

        Siva, I dont think I ever mentioned that I have converted my religion

  13. Bikram Suri

    Dhilip You are doing a great service to humanity. God Bless

  14. Johanna

    Dob: 27-12-1982 time: 7:15 pm at Chennai. I lost my brother in 2011 in a road accident and hurriedly got married to a childhood friend due to family pressure (lost my dad in 2000). I ended up becoming a hindu due to inter-religious marriage and now in the middle of divorce and stuck. So yes..rahu does bring religious change i think.

  15. Aditya

    Perfect observations.I am a Brahmin who has recently converted to Buddhism.I have removed my Upavitam and discarded all the pictures of deities in my house.I have Shani and Kuja in the Ninth house at Vrischika,Furthermore Shani and Kuja are in parivartana in Navamsa with Shani’s drishti on Kuja.

    I was a religious maniac doing lots of rituals and vratas.However my life was going from bad to worse,especially my health.One day I came across the Buddhist Cause and Effect Sutra,and realised that Gods cannot change our Karma.We need to endure it and earn good merit for a good life in the next birth.

    What is the astrological parameter that made me convert to Buddhism ? You have given 95 % of the answer,is there then a particular combination that makes one choose one religion over the other ? There surely must be,An expert like you may be able to discern the cause.Thank you.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      For exact combinations more research is required. we are limited because Astrology was never pursued like other sciences, universities, Ph.Ds etc. Rarely do people confess like you. So Astrology cannot be proven as easily as other sciences. When clients come to me, many of them have requested me not to use their horoscope for research and YouTube videos. Then how can this science progress?

      Cause and Effect Sutra, Karma theory, Newtons 3rd Law everything proves that there is accountability. Even if GOD is there, He does not participate in the game that we play. He is the referee of the match. To some extent you can appeal to the Umpire but…. God cannot break His rules. He has to punish the wrong doer like Sri Krishna in the Mahabharata. Compare God to your School Teacher. When writing the exams you are on your own. Your teacher will not help. He helped you before the exam. Studying and Not Studying is your free will.

      Hinduism actually supports FORMLESS worship. But Sri Krishna says, “it is difficult to comprehend a formless GOD. Hence I appear in various forms”.

      If you can give me the birth details of 100 people who got into Buddhism (converted) then I will be in a good position to tell you the various combinations that are common to all the 100 people.

    • please let me have your birth details, date of birth time of birth and place of birth and send them via with the above matter in the email so I can do a video on your horoscope with your permission. I will put your name if you insist.

  16. Rennie

    Hmmm…interesting topic! I have rahu in my11th house ketu in 5th saturn in my 3rd house Capricorn. Born christian, married a hindu and more inclined to vedic religion.
    dob: 20.12.1960
    time: 03am
    Hope this adds to your research, Sir.

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