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  1. Venkat

    Dear Dhilip Sir,

    My older son is going through Sani Dasa, Rahu Bhukti and he is running Sade-Sati as his janma rasi is Vrischika, and lagna is Tula. In his horoscope, Rahu is in the 1st house with the lagna, Sani is in the 6th and Guru and Moon in the 2nd house. He will be going to a college away from us this year and based on everything I am reading in this article, I am worried he is going to have a hard time.

    I was however surprised when you mentioned “For example you may be under the influence of Sade-Sati (7.5 years Saturn phase). When you are going through SANI-RAHU you may be in a good time based on transit position of the major planets Saturn and Jupiter.” Can you help explain it, would that mean my son will not be experiencing the hard time?

    BTW, he says he is a non-religious rationalist now and so instead of trying to have him do it, can I do the mrityunjaya japa on his behalf, will it benefit him?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      To understand the role of RAHU in the horoscope of your son, please read the article, “Why only Sarpa Dosha, why not lion, elephant and tiger dosha”?

      You cannot consume food for his hunger. Please try to convince your son.

      • Venkat

        Dear Dhilip sir,

        Thank you very much. I read the knol on the Sarpa dosha, it was very enlightening. I understand the challenges my son will be facing as a person with Rahu ascendent.

        Convincing him to say his prayers is an uphill task at present, he doesn’t want to hear me at all (Maybe it is my ashtama sani period manifesting itself), I am praying daily that a good mentor emerges to whom he will listen and the mentor guru will help him see the benefits of praying Lord Siva and Guru Raghavendra Swamy and following the remedies to mitigate the tough times he is going to face.

        I also am intrigued that he has Jupiter and Moon in the same house (2nd) in his horoscope and wouldn’t that mean he has Gaja Kesari Yoga and if he does have it, wouldn’t that mean he will be able to overcome the difficulties and challenges he will face and have a good long virtues life? Will it be nullified or affected because he has Rahu in ascendant and the sarpa dosha? Your response will provide a lot of aarudhal to me and my wife. Thank you very much.

  2. Sitara

    Dear Astrologer, thank you for the article! If Rahu is debilitated in Scorpion (but Mars, Lord of Scorpion, is exalted), and I will soon have Saturn-Rahu dasha, which will be the best remedy during this time? Mrityunjaya Japa? Should I also order Mrityunjaya pooja?

  3. Gopi

    I am running Sani maahdasa and Rahu bhukti from Feb 2013 to Jan 2016. Saturn is in the 6th house and Rahu is placed in the lagna.
    Is this period good for business, especially in the field of education?
    I am working with a partner on this project. But it’s not going smoothly as we have some differences.

  4. chitjay1

    sir, currently sani dasa period has started for me, born on 11/mar/1974 at 10.20 am in thanjavur. due to differences and conflict of opinion with my boss i had resigned from a good job. Will i get a new job if so when will i get? waiting to get your response

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Astrology is my profession and career just like you are in a career. Therefore I cannot offer free consultation for all my readers. If you want information for free then read my other articles and try to learn Vedic Astrology.

      In case you want a paid consultation with me Please contact my secretary Ms Sobitha and fix up an appointment with me. Her email id: astrodiaries@gmail.com and her number is +919094036404

  5. pasupathi

    I am running Sani maahdasa and Rahu bhukti upto May 2014 end period. Saturn is in the 11th house and Rahu is placed in the 4th house from simaha lagna. date birth 21031975 time 5.30 pm. Now i have no job, fight with wife and relatives, no father and mother, every day passing is very difficult.
    I will question again i will get job, and all situation will come positive, in my jothagam future will good
    Please say when i will relief


  6. Ravindran.S

    My horoscope says Sani dasa ,rahu bukthi running now. My DOb: 13-05-1960 11.46 a.m.-I am very tired of facing problems and issues one after another without any sucess. I am divorced and business is very dull. Mind is full of worries. Can you tell me some pariharams.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Your place of birth please. Time of birth has no meaning without place of birth.

  7. Shivani Sharma

    Sir, I am so delighted to read something on saturn and rahu. I can certainly relate with a lot of things that you have mentioned above. I was told that I am going through saturn period which is giving me tremendous mental agony for the past one year now. Could you please suggest me something. My D.O.B is 17-74-73. time is 4:37 PM and birth place is kanpur U.P. I am in teaching profession for the past three years in UK. I have been facing a lot of cheating from people since 2008. Money, respect, you name it. It makes me feel insecure and isolated from people all the time. time seems dragging with no clear progression.

    • Shivani Sharma

      sorry the D.OB was incorrectly typed. its 17-4-73

  8. kamlesh purohit

    sir,i am also enjoying saturn-rahu dasha, my lagna is makara and moon rashi is tula and saturn in 5 house,rahu is in 12 house,,in lagna- there are guru and mangla,,2- house budha,3- house surya and shukra and ketu,-rahu are in 6-12 place..my dob is 22-03-1973 and time is 4.07 am at jodhpur, rajasthan, india.

  9. M.Natanasavapathy

    My name is M.Natanasabapathy and aged 80. Met you a few times when you had office at Nadhamuni Street T,Nagar. I am having Sabu Dasa from 6=10= 2003. How I will be spending the balance of my life ? Kindly answer this question. Will credit your fees in your account. Living at Velacherry. Mob. 9840238734. Earlier I had asked a question on October 1 which remains unanswered,
    Kindly reply

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Sorry Sir, I am busy with DIPA Astro Diary 2014, I need to be on time because 200 companies in South India need DIPA Astro Diary 2014 very badly. Please contact me after Jan 2014. Inconvenience sincerely regretted.

  10. Madhuri

    Namasthe Sir! My name is madhuri from A.P.I love ur articles and videos.I’m in awe of ur knowledge.Thank u so much for everthing ur doing.Please do keep up the great work.

  11. shrinath

    Dear Dilip sir, I have a question on rahu dasha-shani bhukti and ashtama shani.
    My lagna is vrishchika and rashi is mesha. Currently my rahu dasha is going on and from 22nd of march 2014 my rahu dasha shani bukti will start. My astama shani will start on Nov 2nd 2014. my panchama shani and sadesathi have been difficult periods during the kuja dasa and chandra dasa respectively. I am regular worshiper of lord venkataramana and Hanuman through out.
    I have been apprehensive and on the edge. can you guide me.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      As long as you pray to God regularly on all Saturdays and donate generously to the poor and needy on all Saturdays you do not have to worry. Whatever bad may happen, prayers always will save you. Believe in that and have TOTAL FAITH. Check out the Sani Ashtakavarga Score in Vrischika Rasi. If it is 0 or 1, or 2 then increase your prayers and donations. Avoid enjoyments on all SDT . Check out my video on Youtube on SDT.

  12. Harikrishnan

    Dear Dileep, My bithdate 23-06-1960, Time 04:08AM, Thrissur, Kerala, Male. Can i know my current dasha and remedies.

  13. Harikrishnan

    Male- DOB 23-06-1960; Time 04:08 AM; Irinjalakuda, Thrissur Dt. Kerala. I am facing serious setbacks in my business and losses. Will there be a prospects in near future. What will be imminent outcome.

  14. Uma

    Dear Sir, I stumbled across your page when desperately searching for some hope. Please help me if you can. My hubby, born on . December 5th,1973, at 1.10am in bangalore has been out of work since Jan 2006 continously till today ( 22 Mar 2014), despite having a high flying career prior to that. He is trying hard and applying for jobs and he has not even got more than 10interviews in this period and those interviews never go beyond 1st round despite his best efforts. Income from him has been nil since then and we are surviving because I work. This situation has affected his morale so much that he has no enthusiasm for anything else and has gained weight. We have consulted so many astrologers, right from famous astrologers to anyone that anyone recommends and we have performed pretty much every remedy recommended, which alone has cost enormous amounts of money. It has also caused him to lose faith in atstrology and remedies, well I cant blame him for that. He spent pretty much all his savings on these consultations,remedies and going to all temples possible in south India. Now I just have few obvious questions. Why has this phase of unemployment occurred? Will he get a job, if so when?? what kind of job can he expect? Please help us out of you can.We would be quite thankful for any advice. Thanking you, WIth regards, Uma.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      If all the Astrologers gave him wrong reading or suggestions then I do not have any answer because I think there may be an error in his horoscope or the time is so bad that it stops all the Astrologers from telling him the right thing. Even this is possible. So please pray to GOD and do simple charity and wait for the bad time to pass by. Moreover he has lost faith in Astrology. Recite the mantra…. Sarva Managala Mangalye…. google it. and ask him to recite this mantra.

  15. Sanju

    Dear Dhilip Sir,

    My estranged wife, who is undergoing currently Rahu Dasha Sani Bhukti, has filed a divorce case against me. Reading the articles on Rahu Dasha/Sani bhukti, and Sani Dasha/Rahu bhukti has made me understand how stressful this period might have been for her. I have half a mind to contact her and console her saying this is all due to bad period in life and tell her to wait till next Budha bhukti before taking decisions. But the problem is, (1) she is now surrounded by cunning lawyer who is waiting to just pounce on any word from me and use it against me (2) She herself, a rather arrogant and angry type, many times does not listen to my words. Should I better wait till her Budha period and start talks with her? I can give chart details here, but my intention is only to get a broad advice, not a free reading.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Such an important question really deserves a professional consultation? What do you think? Preparing each horoscope in the way I want takes about 2 to 3 hours and for both horoscope it take about 5 hours. All this requires time and effort. Hope you understand. In case you change your mind please contact my secretary Ms Sobitha – astrodiaries@gmail.com and her number is +919094036404 …

  16. Sri

    Dear Mr.Dhilip Vanakam

    Can you please explain your statement

    “Note: The end is always bad in Sani Dasha and Rahu Bhukti.”

    Do you mean that in this period end result will be always bad ? .

    And also whom we should we goat in Charity ?


  17. Kshitij

    Thanks Mr E K Dilip Kumar for insight.I have a Scorpio Lagna with Shani in Lagna. Rahu is in 5th house in Meena Rashi. I am going though Shani-Rahu Dasha till 29/10/16
    I am pretty sure that this time is to repay the karmic debts from previous life.From past 16+ years I have been in Shani Dasha(Mithun Rashi).It gave me mixed result.
    -Loss of house
    -Loss of family(Guardian)
    -Loss of studies
    -Gain in self earned wealth
    -Gain in setting new family(Marriage & Children)

    I had read somewhere that Rahu bhukti may relate to extra-marital affair & more pursuit for wealth.While shani is long term.strategy & planning.Please guide me in precautionary measures to be taken till 2017(End of Shani Mahadasha)


  18. Gopi

    Hi Shri. Dhilip ,
    Thanks for the mind blowing writing here. Great explanation for people like me.
    It will be great if you can kindly clarify my doubt please. I know you are busy. But your answer will solve my doubt and help me understand better.

    If someone is born with Rahu in Meena, does that mean that person will not have bad results during the second part OR does that mean that person will not have bad results even during the last part? I am confused as there is a line which says
    “Note: The end is always bad in Sani Dasha and Rahu Bhukti.”,
    Is it like first and second parts are very good and the last part is bad? Or is it like all parts of the period is good due to Rahu’s presence in Meena?

    I clearly have not understood your writing. I am sorry if this irritates you seeing my dumbness. However, Your answer will help me.
    Hope to see your response. Thanks in advance. I bow again to You for the great knowledge you possess Sir.
    Best Regards

  19. Jp

    Sani & rahu in 11th house from lagna . Guru dasa is going to end on 9.9.2014.how will sani dasa work for me to da buisness . Kindly guide me

  20. Andrew Mc Karmik

    Hi Deepak,
    My question to you on your above article is, what will happen to people having Lagan in Meena or Mesha? Do they still suffer in the last part of (2/3 or 3/3) part of Shani rahu period? I guess I am seconding Mr.Gopi above. Thanks – Andy

  21. Ramesh

    Dear Guru Ji,
    I need your help, please kindly advise me on my current situation: Dob: 18.01.1977, Time: 07:30pm,Place: Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
    During the begining of Rahu dasha I got married, started my family and was employed all through, but never had domestic peace. Continues minor health issues and worry about parents overseas. Rahu – Saturn 01.12.2012 – 08-10-2015. I left work in June 2013 and returned from overseas to India and since had health issues and jobless till date.
    Today I am totally lost also feel not interested working in the same line as I did in the past.
    I have always changed careers and nothing was stable for me…from a high flying job and financial stability am down to zero.
    Please advise what is in my best interest (stay in India or leave for overseas and start new work)
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanking you.

  22. vijay.B

    Dear Dilip Sir,
    I am vijay B born in chennai my DOB is 25.09.1978 time 9:51 am place is chennai. and my my rasi is mithuna rasi,arudhra nakshatra, i am said i am in the final leg of sani desha and during this period recently i got foreign opportunity but that dint last for long time, i lost my elder brother , he passed away unexpectedly and i had to leave my job and come back from overseas and struggling for job,No peace at home after my brothers sudden demise,very much frustrated and loss of money and unexpected expenditures at home and not able to concentrate on job trials, kindly suggest me, when will my situation come to normal and when will i get my job and when situations will change at home, will i get married .Is sani desha different from 7 and half yrs sani, Kindly advice me.
    Looking forward for your valuable reply,
    Thanks & Regards,
    Vijay bolledulla


    Dear Sir,


    I was born in Bangalore on 30.11.1964 at 9.00 PM Swathi Nakshatra, Tula rasi. Currently in shani
    dasa and sade sathi. I am going through a very horrible time facing severe losses in business, losing credibility as I am unable to honour commitments, legal and statutory problems with court cases, IT Dept, ED and CBI. Getting confusing reports from different people. Some say after 2nd Nov 2014 there will be improvement. Some say that till 2017 the worries, tensions and financial problems will persist. Is there any hope for improvement. Please advise on remedies of any.

    Thanks & Regards

    C K Vasudevan

  24. Kalai

    Dear Sir,

    Im from Malaysia. My DOB 5th Mac 1982. 11.10 am (Malaysian Time) Mithunam Raasi, Punarpusham Nakshatra, Mesha Lagnam. The past 3 years I faced various problems and lost my mental happiness. Im going Sani Daasa Rahu Bukthi and early this year both rahu and guru at my 5th house. I had faced various problems in past 3 years that really unbearable. Had seen many astrologist but no one provided me when the problems will come to the end. I had been informed shani movement to 6th house coming November will give me some relief. Really need your advice on this.

    Thanks and regards sir.


  25. wasu dewan

    wasu dewan d.o.b 24/05 / 1963 place : lautoka, fiji island time :5.30 pm

  26. U.Srinivasan.

    Dear Sir,

    I am 41 years old and still unmarried with a debt of 30 lacs.

    Born on 17-Jul-1974 ; 13.38 hours ; srirangam. Thula lagna and mithuna rasi.

    Presently under saturn dasa , mercury bukthi. Any good things will happen in life ?

    Raghu in the 2nd house, jupiter in the 5th house, ketu in the 8th house, moon,mercury,venus and saturn in the 9th house , sun in the 10th house and mars in the 11th house.

    Please advice.



    • Gopi

      Namasthe Srinivasan,
      Nothing to worry much about Shani or Rahu or whatever it is. I went through this so called Shani and Rahu period and nothing bad happened to me. Every other Astrologer told me that it is going to be very tough as I have Shani and Rahu in 12th Place (Vyaya Sthanam) in Meena being a Mesha lagna person. I never believed all this, but kept my faith in myself and continued doing whatever good or bad I was doing. I am the same person that I am and nobody could improve or destroy me. All this Astrology related subjects did not bother me much, though I have high regards for Astrology and Astrologers. This is something we can really look in to when we are in dark. But if you are bright enough, no need of this. No offence to anyone.
      Be good, do good as much as you can – not because os some planet’s fear.
      Believe in yourself and or in your favourite diety. You will be fine.
      Please do not worry about these planets.
      If I were you , I would rather worry about where I am going wrong practically and also check my character for any corrections and I would correct myself.
      Let’s say; If I am fine with my character, then I will still continue to have faith in me and not at all worried about some planetary stuff.
      This does not mean that I would disrespect any Astrologer, but be yourself. Take control of your life.
      This is what I did though out my Shani dasha and to be frank, I never got threatened by such writings although was a bit worried for an hour or so initially.
      You are good. Believe in yourself. God or someone did not create us to be worried about these planets. They are just timers, that’s all. Planets do not hate us or love us.
      God will help if you are righteous and if you believe in your strengths. Of course, it does not hurt to take advice from Astrolgers, but you can change your fate. Be the Boss of your life. Get well soon.
      Think about it.If this helps, I will be glad, but if this hurts any one then I am sorry to have hurt you.
      My best wishes are with you Sir. Have a great day.
      Best Regards

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Good to know of all this Mr Gopi. There are exceptions to the rule. The exceptions prove the rule. My Grandfather was a drink addict and a smoke addict. At the age of 95 he told me do not believe these doctors who tell you that drinking and smoking is bad. Look at me. I am stronger than you even at this age. (which he was even though at that time I was a University and TamilNadu weight lifter). But we all know the truth. Exceptions are okay in every field. 147 bullets were fired at Charles De Gaualle France President (the day of the jackal. There were 147 bullet marks on the car. Not one touched him. It is good to be positive. No offence. But you are lucky. Study your entire chart and there will be an explanation on why you did not have issues. I love positive thinking people like you. But the ancient Maharshis who wrote down Vedic Astrologers were wiser than all of us. I was an atheist and a dis believer of Astrology once upon a time. Even today I can speak against Astrology very well. But sadly it works most of the time.

      • Govind

        Gopi, one of the challenges in astrology (and in a similar field like economics & statistics) is ascertaining interaction effects of multiple factors (Saturn dasa – Rahu bhukti is just one factor even if were a big factor; other factors are transits, is saturn a yogakarak, age of the native, personality profile etc.,) I am about to wrap this saturn dasa – rahu bhukti and believe me it was tough. But I also had saturn 10th house transit and jupiter 6th house transit during this period. How much these two contributed is something I dont know but things definitely improved when jupiter transited my 7th house.

  27. Shivani Sharma

    Sir, I’ve been watching and reading your articles on libra ascendants for 2015. My dob- 17/4/73

    Time-4:37pm. Place Kanpur. I have libra ascendant. Since nov 2014 I’ve had excellent period interns of wealth, job, peace of mind. Since June 2015, everything seems in reverse order. I’m trying to become an examiner and cant do well in the competition and interviews, finances r high and job is at risk. Please could you suggest a remedy for me, or a time to resit for my exam.
    Shivani Sharma

  28. VSN Rao..

    Hi Sir..
    Mine is Makara Lagna and Khumba Raasi, Now I am going through Mercury Dasha & Mercury Bhukti (till Jan 2016) and Merucury is placed in the 4th house i.e.: in Aries and in Bharani nakshtra 2nd pada.. Ketu is in 11th house of Aries and in Jyeshta nakshtra 2 pada… When will I will get rid of the financial problems?





  30. Sanjay Kumar Gupta

    Sir, my date of birth 08.01.1963 (Time 02:54 a.m.) and born in place called Dhanbad (in Jharkhand). I am presently under Sani’s Mahadasha (19 years). I find from my horoscope that Rahu has come for (2 years & 8 months) in antardasha with Sani. I am now worried as two malefic planets have come together for a long period. May I request you Sir to kindly tell me as to how this period will be and what do I need to do & take precautions of so that the period is smooth sailing and happy.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Best Regards

    Sanjay Kumar Gupta


    Dear Sir,

    I am Saibal from Kolkata. DOB – 01/04/1972, TOB – 5.10 am, POB – Howrah, West Bengal. I am running Shani Dasha / Rahu Anterdash from June 2013 to April 2016. Almost 2/3rd is over and running the last 1/3 rd. Running through trobles in career from the begining and left job and doing business wef Nov 2014. There also growth is very slow. Can U kindly update me the business path for me in next 8 months. Shall I again return back to a good Job by this time or have a good business in coming days.

    I am worried & confused and your guidance is honestly solicited.


    Saibal Banerjee

  32. Shanmugaram

    I am undergoing sani dasa, rahu bukti , .
    Sani placed in Scorpio third house. And rahu in meena rasi 7 the house.
    Currently undergoing court cases , and definitely raja bhayam . To get more deep in rahu bukti I am undergoing last 3rd phase. Kindly guide me .
    Dob 17.09.87 born at 8 am at bangalore

  33. slenkar

    I am about 2-3 weeks away from Rahu-Saturn
    Do you have any comments on Moon-Saturn? It was quite a pleasant time!

  34. kamal Kumar Nagpal

    Dear Sir
    My Dasha running currently MD/AD/PD – SAT/RAH/VE / Mithun lagna with Mo in Lagna, Sun in 5th H, JU/VE/ME in 6th H, RAH in 8th H, MAR in 9th H, Sat in 12th House and Ketu in 2nd house. Can give your judgment related to career in next 1 to 2 or 3 months base on current Gochar.
    Thanking you and look forward to hear you.
    DOB 6.11.1971, Delhi, time 20.10 PM

  35. kamal Kumar Nagpal

    Sir still waiting to hear you on my post 29/10/15. Best regards

  36. Ravi

    hello sir,
    I am Ravindra Raju DOB:8/10/1963 I am going through Shani mahardasa in Rahu bhukti I am going through rough phase in my life both professionally and personally please suggest me some remedies to follow to over come this phase

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Dear Sir/Madam,

      Please contact my office secretary Ms Sobitha +919094036404 (office mobile phone) and speak to her for fixing an appointment. She will instruct you on how to go about the consultation.

      Please kindly send her an email to: astrodiaries@gmail.com with subject matter “Paid Consultation” and you will be informed about the fees details for the consultation.

      If you use Whatsapp – then send a message with 1st line as “Paid Consultation” followed by Your Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

      Thanking you,

      Sincerely yours,

      E K Dhilip Kumar

  37. Rajesh

    Dear Mr. Dhilip,
    I am passing through a challenging phase for last few years and have proved myself to be a complete failure and loser.
    Last 10 years have been full of disappointment, darkness, failures on the professional and financial front with multiple job losses, Loss of reputation, No professional growth and complete stagnation.
    I am losing hope from life and do not see a way out of these failures or stagnation.
    Need your guidance to see some light and keep myself motivated before I break completely.
    My Details are :
    DOB : 28.04.72
    Time: 07:15 PM
    Place : Delhi

    Thanks a lot for your kind help. Your guidance would help me keep my hopes and give me strength to come out of this dark phase.

    Warm Regards,

  38. Aman

    Not really a question.. But a request.
    I am going through sun dasha rahu bhukti and I am facing a lot of defamation. I believe it will be a good consideration for a related article. Really looking forward to it.If that cannot be accomplished for some reason , I hope you can give me some tips to handle this period to avoid further damage. And please do answer that is it true to confer good results from rahu bhukti towards the end of it?


  39. Anjani Kumar Rai

    Dear Mr. E K Dilip Kumar,

    I am working in Dubai as a Lawyer in a Law Firm and I am facing lots of issues in changing my job. I am trying really very hard but in the end get rejection for my interviews here. I am facing lots of problems financially. My Pandit Ji told me that I am undergoing Shani Dasha and Rahu Antardasha. Kindly review my details and let me know what are the remedies for this and how can I break through this period. My birth details are as under:
    DOB – 12.08.78
    TIME OF BIRTH – 4.15 AM


    • Shankar BK

      hi.ur dob is 12th august. so u are in mercury rahu and not shani rahu. it ll end 24th july 2017.

    • Shankar BK

      u are in mercury rahu if ur dob at 12th august is correct. do daily chanting of durga kavacham from devi mahatmyam with meaning.

  40. M.Babu

    For me sani dhasa ragu bhukthi is started.
    Rasi = Mithunam , Star = Thiruvatharai.
    D.O.B =07.01.1985.
    Plz say ur comments.
    Thanking u,

    • subhaschandra Gull

      Sir, Please help me what to do?. My name is Subhaschandra. Dob :19/07/1962. Dot : 8.55 am, pob : bannatti (bijapur). Makar rashi , Dhanista naksatra, 1st pada.

      Now I dont have job, no pease of mind, worry about future, worry about loan.

      Thank you sir.

  41. Anusuya

    Dear Sir,

    I am currently undergoing Shani Dasha and Rahu Bhukti, which is slated to finish on December 16, 2016 of this year. I have undergone many trials and lost many loved ones in the past 6 years. Pls. advise on what steps I should take to prevent any further loss in family and finances. My DOB – 11.01. 1960, Time: 7:05 a.m. Place of Birth: New Delhi

  42. Jayanta Mukherjee

    Lagna dhanu,rahu is in kumbha.Sani mahadasa rahu bhukti…starts from 24-12-2014 to 30-10-2017.pl tell me about my carier and marrage

  43. Jayanta Mukherjee

    I am running sani dada rahu bhukti, starts from24-12-2014 upto 30-10-2017.rahu is placed 3rd (kumbho) from lagna dhanu. Rasi mithun.pl give your advice on my carear and marage possibility

  44. dusi shivram sharma

    An excellent observation sir, very beautiful explanation . I am presently running Rahu Bhukti in Saturn mahadasha. In the Saturn Bhukti of Rahu mahadasha…..I joined my Govt job…….an excellent period……great enjoyment ……new life………!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just after the the start of Rahu bhukti in Saturn mahadasha……I retired….though I am financially sound but now started a very bad period…….huge expenses……..no mental peace….yet to completely receive my returns…….my post retirements are still pending…….not happy with children…..staying in a rented house ..even having my own flat barely one building away !!!!!!!
    Rahu in second lagna……..saturn in tenth………from moon ….Ragu in fifth……..saturn in Lagna………now in Sat/Rahu/Moon…….eagerly waiting for another four months…….Jupiter with mard in 6th from lagna and 9th from Moon…….

  45. Sanjay Kumar Gupta

    Sir, I am under Sani Mahadasha with Rahu bhukti since 30.07.2015. My rasi is Vrishabh (Taurus) and Vrishchik (Scorpo) lagna. As per bhav chart, Sani is in 3rd. and Rahu in 9th house from lagna (Ascendent). Jupiter is in 4th. house from lagna. I am under severe stress as I have lost my job and despite attending interview calls, the job slips from my hand. The Sani-Rahu period will stretch up to 15.06.2018.

    Sir, may I request you to kindly guide me through and let me know when can I expect to get a job and what remedial measures that I need to take to alleviate myself from miseries.

    Kind Regards

  46. SK

    my DOB 26 june 1967, 3pm, Pondichery, tula lagnam, kumbha rasi, avittam natchathiram,
    Asc- ketu (1), mesham- rahu(7), mithunam-sun, Mercury (r)(9) kadagm- venus, jupiter (10),
    kanni-mars (12) kumbham- moon (5) meenam- Saturn (6). Now i have Saturn dasa mars bukthi till feb 2017. I did not get a proper job related to my qualification/permanent job/good salary. My health was bad when saturn dasa started till last year and this year (2016) was better.
    some say i will not get a permanent job as guru is at 10th position. When will i get a good/permanent job/salary and when will my health be fine.

  47. subhaschandra Gull

    My name is Subhaschandra, Dob ; 19/07/1962, Pob : bannatti, bijapur dist, karnataka, Tob : 8.55 am,Thursday.

    Sir I want to know about my job( now I am jobless) when I will get job and my financial condition and health. Can I start my own business. Remedies if any required. Now I am trouble pl help me.

    Thanking you sir

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