Saturn in the 5th house

Saturn in the 5th house is usually considered as a negative combination in a horoscope. Read this article and clear your doubts.


Saturn in the 5th house

First identify the 1st house. Count clockwise from the 1st house which will have the word ASC or LAGNA (LAG) in it. Count to the 5th house. If in the 5th house you have Saturn you should read this article. If after years of marriage you are not yet blessed with a child the you should read this article to reach a conclusion. Should you wait endlessly or just adopt a child. Saturn in the 5th house is a confirmation.

In case you have good children despite having Saturn in the 5th house then understand that in your horoscope other combinations of planets are protecting you from the harmful effect of Saturn in the 5th house. However to be on the safer side consider sponsoring a child in an well deserving and struggling orphanage. This is like insurance.

Saturn is a separatist planet and Saturn in the 5th house may mean separation from children too.

If Saturn is exalted then the bad effects of Saturn in the 5th house will be less experienced by you. However if there are other reasons for affliction of the 5th house matters then the exaltation may not contribute much. When in doubt always read the Saptamsa Chart.

If Saturn in the 5th house is made more beneficial by the connnection of good planets then you do not have to worry at all.

In case you have other bad planets like Rahu, Kuja, Sun, Ketu along with Saturn in the 5th house then consider that your 5th house is badly afflicted and you need to see an expert Astrologer.

This should be done prior to marriage because you may select a person who will support you with the luck of children instead of adding more problems in the area of children.

Horoscope matching should be considered seriously if you have a badly afflicted Saturn in the 5th house.

Remember that the quality of marriage and children is 50% indicated in your horoscope and the other 50% will be known only after you have selected your life partner.

What does the 5th house signify?

Above so many other things the 5th house is mainly related to children. The 5th house relates to accumulated merits of the past life which usually expresses as gifts in this life. The best gift is the gift of child.

From 5th house where does Saturn look?

Saturn in the 5th afflicts the 5th house in most cases.

Saturn looks at the 7th house (the house of marriage). It is also the house of union. Through fruitful union one is blessed with a child. Saturn looks at the 3rd house from wherever Saturn is in a chart and the 3rd house aspect of Saturn is considered very inauspicious. The purpose of marriage is children. So Saturn blocks the process of the purpose of union.

Saturn looks directly at the 11th house from the 5th house. The 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires. So if a person desires a child, Saturn tries to block that desire.

Saturn has the 10th house aspect (glance too). So Saturn in the 5th house looks at the 2nd house which is the house of family and deals with the expansion of the family.

So whenever Saturn sits in the 5th house (children), Saturn afflicts the 7th of union, the 11th house of desires and 2nd house of family.

In the above chart, you notice that the Lagna is Mesha. So that is house number 1. Count clockwise. The 5th house has Saturn. Saturn looks directly at the 7th house from the sign Saturn occupies. (All planets have this glance). Saturn has special glances (aspect) and they are house number 3 and 10. So Saturn looks at the 7th house of union by the 3rd house view or glance or aspect. Saturn looks at the 2nd house of family by the 10th house glance (aspect). At one shot, Saturn has afflicted all important houses.

So you can easily guess the harm that can come whenever Saturn occupies the 5th house.

The importance of Saptamsa Chart:

Whenever you are in doubt with what is really happening because Saturn is in the 5th house, the best way to clear your doubt is check the Saptamsa Chart.

If a malefic planet occupies the 5th house or the 9th house in the Saptamsa Chart then the affliction increases.

If the lord of lagna of the Saptamsa Chart is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house then the chances for a child decreases.

If the beeja sphuta (sperm point) or the kshetra sphuta fall in the 6th, 8th or 12th house of a saptamsa chart then the chances for a child decreases further.

Saturn in the 5th house

Whenever a house is mentioned in a reading of a horoscope remember that the house positions are to be studied only from the Bhava Chart and not from the Rasi Chart.

In case Saturn is in the 5th place both in the Rasi Chart and Bhava Chart then it is stronger in giving the results.

The main reason for giving importance to the Rasi position is for use of ARUDA Lagna and other reference points which are referred from the Rasi Chart.

However the Bhava Chart reigns supreme because it is very sensitive to time of birth. If Saturn is in the border of the 4th house and 5th house or the 5th house and the 6th house then the expected results of Saturn being in the 5th house will be weak. This is based on the principle that any planet in Bhava Sandhi (junction of 2 houses) is not strong in giving the expected result.

The 5th house is primarily the house of children and children is an important aspect of family life and all the more in countries like India. In some countries because the married couple want to enjoy life, they avoid children because they feel that children are the cause of worry. Such people will go bad regions in their next life, because they extract happiness from the society without returning back the favor. If their parents thought like them, they would not be alive to enjoy life, is it not?

So in India, children are a must from several point of view. A child continues their blood, genes or whatever you wish to call it. The property of the person will be lost to some outsider in case of childlessness. His/her child will take over the assets and in such cases there is so much happiness as much as there is sorrow if one thinks of the property going to an outsider.

Moreover in India it is believed that a childless couple will go to inferior regions in the next life. This rule does not apply to the ascetics and yogis as they have given up everything, whereas a normal householder who is childless is just enjoying the world and that is considered a sin. For such people, I normally recommend “….. please take care of an orphan child in a well deserving orphanage for a minimum period of 8 years. You should fully sponsor the child as much as the child is your own…..”. By such methods the couple will not incur the sin of being childless.

Childless couples should not only resort to poojas and prayers, they should consult experts in infertility as God works through human beings (doctors in this case).

They should use knowledge to their advantage. The right kind of knowledge is ruled by Jupiter. If Jupiter is well placed in transit and associated with house of children etc then during that year by the right kind of knowledge one can beget a child.

Bhrigu Sutras says:

  • Childless, (this is a high possibility)

  • Very poor

  • in inferior trades

  • will adopt a daughter.

  • If Saturn is in his own sign will have daughters. The own house of Saturn is Makara Rasi (Capricorn) and Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius)

  • If Saturn is aspected by Jupiter one will have two wives of whom the 1st one may be without a child and the 2nd one will give birth to daughters.

  • If Saturn is strong will have affairs with many women.

What you should check out before finally concluding:

My personal opinion is that Saturn is the hindrance planet, the block and the restriction planet. Saturn is the planet for renunciation and hence works against children.

The dignity of Saturn is very important. If Saturn is dignified and associated or aspected by benefic planet especially by Jupiter then it means that after the blocks are removed a child birth is possible. Blocks can be removed either by the use of medicine, surgery, pooja, the blessings of Saints, blessing of God due to prayers, and because the person adopted/sponsored a child in an orphanage.

If Jupiter is also afflicted, then in such cases the chances of remaining childless increases.

Check if in the Sarvashtakavarga Chart the 5th house has the lowest score or a low score. Also check the 9th house because 9th house is the house that is 5th from the 5th (Bhavat Bhavam).

Check the Saptamsa Chart.

Check the Beeja Sphuta Point (Sperm Point) and the Kshetra Sphuta (Egg Point) in the concerned charts.

Check for further afflictions on the 5th house and the 5th house lord.

The position of the 5th house lord in the 6th house or the 8th house or the 12th house may indicate sorrow through children.

Use the knowledge of Science too.

If the affliction of the 5th house is high in both the man and wife’s chart then the possibility of children is zero.

The common message:

The common message from most of the classical books of Vedic Astrology is that there is some major problem in the area of children. This is understood after reading books like Brihat Jataka, Phaladeepika, Saravali and other books.

In case the couple is childless for a long time and they have tried medical assistance, prayers and poojas and nothing else has worked, Saturn in the 5th house should be taken as the final word– “There will be no Children” and such people should adopt a child and forget the whole issue once and for all instead of going on and on with it thinking that in the next year they will beget a child.


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  1. R Kumar

    Respected Dhilip Sir, I am currently learning basic astrology and am a great fan of all your astrological articles. This particular topic has enchanted me because I am told in my horoscope Saturn is in the 5th house in retrograde motion. It is however aspected by Jupiter and Venus from the 11th house. I have two children a boy (aged 20 yrs) and a girl(aged 15 yrs). My date of birth is 20th September 1970, time 13.47 hrs, place Mumbai. What is particularly worrying me is whether this Saturn position will cause separation from my children in this transit of Saturn in Libra, because Saturn from Libra is aspecting my Saturn(R) in Aries. I am earnestly waiting for your valuable comments on this matter. Regards. VidyaKumar

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Such matters are to be known by a combining the inputs of your horoscope, your wife’s, and each of your children. The final result will be a combination of all. Combine transit theory with your specific horoscope.

      Moreover separation from your children must first of all be indicated as a possibility in your basis chart. Only then transit will let it happen. An event not indicated in the horoscope cannot happen when a transit indicates it.

      • nikhil

        hi sir,

        in my horoscope in 5th house rahu(aquarius) sits.but is viewed by jupiter in 9th (mithuna).

        and i have got a proposal in girls chart there is saturn in is it ok to proceed?


      • R Nathan

        Dhilip Sir, my daughter has saturn and rahu in 5th house…she is not married, and is getting along in life. She has good job, but lot of problems in career and money comes in and goes away. I want her to settle down in matrimony and also do well in life…she is 40 plus now…is there a remedy at all ? Or she has to leave this world suffering so much….a sad parent i am…please help.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        She must rush to an orphanage and start doing social service involving the orphans in an orphanage. Sage Brigu long time ago stated that it is better to do a NAGA PRATHISHTA in a temple. Did you find the same position also in the bhava chart? If yes, then please do the remedy ASAP.

  2. R Kumar

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply Sir. Is Saturn retrograde in Aries treated as an exalted planet? What is the impact of transit Saturn in Libra directly aspecting a retrograde Saturn in Aries? Kindly throw some light on this matter. Thank you once again. Regards.

  3. Harsha

    sir, Even i have Shani +Rahu +chandra in 5th house that happens to be Simha….am a unmarriedfemale of 33 yeras.Pls help if this would get serious……

  4. Harsha

    To continue..I have Rahu 15:10 ,Moon -20:33 , Saturn – 18:19

    Pls help…Harsha

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You must sponsor a child in an orphanage. You have a high level putradosha – the blemish on the house of children. Fully sponsor a child for a long period not less than 8 years. This remedy will do the miracle in your life. Believe me, it has worked for many of my clients.

      • Harsha

        thank you so much sir- i will surely do this. Also i went to kalahasti in Tirupati to do poojas for the same…does that help.
        Marriage too hasnt happened…is it also because of this 5th house.

        Pls advice.Thank you so much!!

      • Harsha

        thank you so much sir- i will surely do this. Also i went to kalahasti in Tirupati to do poojas for the same…does that help.
        Marriage too hasnt happened…is it also because of this 5th house.

        Pls advice.Thank you so much!!


    I really need your help pls.230459 11.45 am kenya,nairobi 34 of marrige lots of problem,husband 190355 07.3 am BOMBAY INDIA.he left me and family for someone.his comebeck to family?or Divorce?

  6. preetinder

    Exalted SATURN(retrograde) in 5th house and VENUS in 11th house (Both placed at 9 degree in their respective houses).

    Dear Dilipji,

    As mentioned above I have exalted saturn in 5h and venus in 11th mutually aspect each other. I am not married yet. By next month by saturn mahadasa wil start. How would be results of saturn mahadasa for children and business?

    Many thanks

    Best Regards


    Mithuna lagnan and rasi
    Mangal + surya + budh in 10th house
    Jupiter in 6th house
    Rahu + moon in 1st house

  7. RP

    we are married since 2006. i got few miscarriages. conception is not happening. My dob is 5th june 1979, night 2:35, at Morigaon district of Assam.. Local panditji says it was Mesh lagna that night from 1 a.m—3 a.m.
    My husband’s dob is 28th december 1970. night 12:55 a.m. Satribari hospital. Guwahati, Assam.
    sir ,please let us know what we should do?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Mr. & Mrs R.P Sarma

  8. RP

    sir please reply soon…

    Mr. & Mrs R.P Sarma

  9. venkatraman

    namaskar. i am 41, dhanur rasi, my horoscope is this..makara lagna rahu, suriya and budha at 3rd, sukra, sani and kuja at 5th, kethu at 7th and guru and chandra at 12th place(s). raghu dasa sukra bukti from 1.1.2013 onwards. kindly tell me that am i blessed to have a boy and what is my level of achievements in television industry? or suggest me. thank you for your valuable services

  10. akshada







  11. rakesh dosi

    I am rakesh dosi , date of birth is 09.06.1965, time is 23.48 min, place Banswara rajasthan near Udaipur. My wife birth date is 19.09.1974, time 19.06 min, place – Udaipur.
    Question – i have no issue after 16year marriage , have any chances

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      There are several UDAIPUR in India. Which one. What is the latitude and longitude?

      • rakesh dosi

        Udaipur in Rajasthan 24.5800° N, 73.6800° E

        I have one more question – i lost my job. can i get in short time and when. if i will start web site business of chemical it will success for me.

  12. manju

    Dear Sir
    I am kanya lagna with saturn and jupiter along with ketu in 5th house from lagna. ragu in 11th position-Kala sarpa dosha also.I am blessed with one son .He is studying abroad.He is 20 yrs.When will we join him.At present i am ragu dasa saturn bukthi.I am lot confused.

    • Dinky

      26/12/1961 23.45 night

  13. dinky

    My son star being ayilyam has virichigam as lagna along with ragu,sun and mercury in lagna..Ketu in 7th house.Sukran in 2 nd house.Sani in 3rd house ., 9th moon with mars.11 th house is jupiter.He is very studious kid.Got many placements abroad.He chose his course and had lot of health problems .He is at present running sukra dasa.What is the reason for this.2 and half year has gone wasted but still pursuing his studies. in engineering.Still he is my only son,I am confused whether it is because of my 5 th house saturn.I am praying daily,guru kuladevatha poojas,doing all punaskars,donations service to humanity.I pray my son should finish his course successfully without which my motherhood is it his or my horoscope planets is the cause.what remedy is helpful for my loving son

  14. vijayakumar

    dear sir , its true i am 35 still i am not blessed with baby , as you mentioned above. In my horoscope also sani bagavan in 5 th place ( in both rasi and bhava ) , but my lagna is rishaba 5th lord is budha he is in 9th house of sani bagavan both are barivarthna (in rasi ). in bhava chakra budha is in 10 th that also belongs to sani bagavan here also there is barivarthan , in this case kindly let me know is there any possibilities to bless with child , for your imformation i am giving other planet locations also

    rasi cahrt – lagna : rishaba , 3 rd house moon (won house) , 4th – rahu , guru ,mars, 5th – sani bagavan , 9th – sun , budha , 10 th- sukra,kethu ,

    bhava chart – lagana : rishaba , 3 rd house moon (won house) , 4th – rahu , guru , 5th – sani bagavan ,mars , 9th – sun , 10 th- kethu ,budha , 11 th – sukra (utcha)

    kindly give some solution

    thank you

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Dear Mr Vijayakumar, If there are any orphanages in Ohio, Arlington, locate an orphan and try to do a full sponsor of that child. Soon you will see a miracle if there is space for a child in your life. This is the best remedy. If you do not have an orphanage in and around your place locate one in India, a deserving orphanage.

  15. vijaya kumar

    dear sir ,

    thanks for your valuable replay , i will do the same .

    i hope the god is great,

    thank you sir ,

    v.vijaya kumar

  16. Silvarajoo Muniandy

    Dear Sir,

    I am Silvarajoo and am 57 years and I have Saturn and Rahu in the 5 th house. The other planets, Jupiter in 2nd house, Mars in 8th house, Moon in 10th House, Sun, Mercury and Kethu in 11th house and Venus in 12th house. This follows South Indian astrology.
    When I was young I was told by an astrologer that since I have Rahu in the 5 th house also I will have children but not many children.
    I also read that Saturn in the 5th house will have problems created by the native’s children to him.

    I have 2 boys and a daughter who when young did very well in their studies but when come college they dropped out. They do not have the intrest to study. They are very inteligent but also playful. I am stressed with this problem and to add they do not get good payed jobs and my daughter is not employed. She enjoys giving tuition to young children. And marriage for them, its difficult to get a compatible partner.

    After reading your comments to others I am thinking of going to orphanages to help the children there or give some kind of aid.

    What is your opnion on this.

    Thank you.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      First find out if in the Chalit Chart (Bhava Chart) the said planets are in the 5th house. Then study all other factors to reconfirm putradosha. In any case since you have stress due to children you can do the orphanage remedy.

  17. Rajeev

    Dear Dhilipji,
    I have Saturn in my 5th house, my date of birth is 5th of sep, 1971. Time 1645 hrs, Delhi is my birth place. I have Capricorn lagna. I have three children ( two daughters and a son). my eldest daughter and my son are normal however my younger daughter is slightly autistic. She is going to a regular school now however would humbly request you for a remedy. Her date of birth is 24th march, 2008, time was 1621 hrs and place of birth was delhi.
    I am undergoing a lot of stress because of this hence please help


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      In your chalit chart, where is the 5th house lord? In the chalit chart, is Saturn in the 5th house?

  18. john

    Dear Sir,

    I am christian, but I am interested in astrology, as per your information, if 1st house lord in the 5th house, the first child will die. My horoscope having capricorn Ascendant ( Moon) and 5th house Saturn and 12th house SUN. I have two children, girl 11 years and boy 7 years I am more worried after reading your article. pls give a reply as it is 100% sure or any exceptions. awaiting your valuable reply


  19. Rajeev

    The fifth lord Venus is in the eighth house in both lagna chart and chalit chart. Saturn too is in 5th house.
    in lagna chart it is receiving drishti from Jupiter in 11th house but in chalit chart Jupiter is in lagna


  20. Aneesh

    Dear Sir,

    My Birth Data is 20-09-1981, 11:28:00 pm, 76′ 11 E 10′ 12 N (Kerala). I have Saturn (combust) in 5th house along with Sun and Jupiter in Kanya rasi. My 5th lord Mercury is placed in 6th house along with 6th lord Venus in Tula rasi. But in my Bhava chart the picture is different – Sun in 4th in Simha, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in 5th in Kanya, Venus alone in 6th in Tula. Regarding children, is this placement too bad or will there be any compromise? Please enlighten me.

    Kind Regards,

  21. manish gupta

    dear sir i am manish gupta. my dob is 28091978 . birth time 6.30 pm . sir i am in heavy debts .pls do something

  22. shyam

    dear sir i am Shyam Tekani. my dob is 21/01/1969 . birth time 02.37 am . brth place : Nagpur (Maharashtra) sir i have two children both mentally retarded and i am in heavy debts .pls do something.My son’s dob:25/10/2004 18.15 pm,brth place : Nagpur (Maharashtra) ,doughter’s dob 20/09/2001 15.15 pm brth place : Nagpur (Maharashtra) . please do the needful.

  23. anurag

    Dear Sir,
    I have Saturn in conjunction with rahu in 5th house of leo. However i was blessed with son before completion of first year of marriage. fifth house lord sun is located in Taurus and in wife’s chart 5th house lord Saturn is exalted in 2nd house.
    I got married late and had faced many obstacles during marriage.
    Due to weak Saturn many times i cant earn anything,will service to orphanage is solutions for weak Saturn in fifth house.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Whenever there is an affliction to the 5th house and then you have a SON then you must do the orphanage remedy. This will prevent your SON from being a major cause of concern to you. Also the 5th house is very important so many other matters beyond CHILDREN.

      • anurag

        Thanks sir, I will do this remedy.

        In my chalit Chart saturn is in fifth house and rahu is in 6th house so affliction is still there or does it cancelled… or reduced..

  24. Ram

    Hello sir,

    Me and my husband has been married for 2 years . My husband was born on 3-apr-1981, 20:07 at chittoor and I was born on 4-nov-1986 ,21:16 at chennai. My husband lagna is libra and mine is mercury. In my husband chart mercury is placed in 5th house and The Lord of 5 th house is saturn is placed in 12th house.In my chart venus and sun is placed in 5th house and The Lord of the 5th house is venus and also that jupiter looks at 5th house with 9th sight. Can you suggest what’s wrong and what is the remedy. We are very much worried.

  25. sg

    Hello sir,
    My Dob is 19-07-1984
    place: Nagercoil,tamilnadu
    time: 12.45 P.M

    My husband’s Dob is 28-09-1978
    place; Nidadavole, Andhra pradesh
    time; 09;30 a.m

    We are blessed with a girl on 2009. Now we think of trying for a second kid. Do we have chances of getting second one? he is having ketu in 5th house. Is there a chance of getting a boy this time?

  26. titir

    Hello sir, My Dob is 15-01-1978 place: chandigarh time: 07:25 P.M
    My husband’s Dob is 26-08-1976 place; tamluk west bengal time; 09;30 a.m
    We are blessed with a girl on 2010. Now we think of trying for a second kid. Do we have chances of getting second one?

  27. geetha

    sir, your explanations are too good. In my son’s horoscope , raghu and sani are in the fith place,6th place is vacant, 7th place is occupied by mars, eighth place is shared by mercury and venus , ninth place is by sun, tenth place is by jupiter and 11th place is by kethu and moon; does he have kalasarba dosha? will he have problems in married life and getting progenices? His lagna is kanni, birth star is ayelsha and birth rasi is katata; date of birth is 29.05.1965; pl let me know the remedies for various doshas also

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Horoscope matching is to be done prior to marriage to prevent possibility of certain problems. Learn about horoscope matching. Love marriage is to be AVOIDED. Selection is to be done based on HOROSCOPE matching and looking into the horoscope of the wife.

      • Latif

        Life is gods gift wherever and whenever we are born.horoscope is secondary.pray to god and serve the will see the effect.everything passes and goes on in everyone’s life.horoscopes are less to believe .horoscopes ends with money making in all aspects .it is termed as the psychological money making.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Understanding life is not that easy as you think. It is very complicated. It is tougher than winning a GOLD medal in OLYMPICS. Astrology is getting more popular because it is now turning into a science because there are many universities in USA teaching Astrology (3 years Course). Astrology will soon get standardized. Astrology proves many things about human life, suffering and disease which cannot be answered using the concept of GOD. The inequality among human beings cannot be explained that easily. One day you will realize all this. Of course people who cheat are in every sphere of activity. There are hospitals which keep a person in artificial respiration even though the person is dead for 20 days and collect bill for 20 days treatment. Every movie is a psychological money making business. Is it not? I am not answering for only you, I am answering for all those who have similar views like yours.

    • AJIT


      correct kalsarp yoga is there and to lower down dosha . one should have to make 3-5 tiny silver snakes in form of wire to avoid high costing. on nagpanchmi these snakes shud be through out in flowing water (river) after doing necessary pooja by pandits.

  28. guday135

    Hello Sir,
    This is my son Uday’s DOB 14/03/1986.fri 8:30 pm. struggling to get a job and getting
    settled but not happening …kindly have a look at it…….It seems he has a kaal sarpa yoga(dosha)……please help sir………

    Thanking You…

  29. abhishek

    sir, my child has shani in 5th house and i am worried for him so can u please help me with this
    his details are date 25 sep 1993
    time 8:00am place delhi

    please help me

    • Latif

      Don’t believe in horoscope.perform prayers and do good service

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        You are partly right. Performing prayers and doing good service is always recommended. Belief in Astrology bring a person more closer to prayers and social service. Belief in Astrology does not make people go away from prayers and doing good service. One can believe in Astrology, prayers and social service. Many people from ISLAM come to me for consultation yet, I tell them to pray to Allah which is what GOD wants them to do. That is why GOD placed them in ISLAM. So GOD places each person in a particular religion for a particular reason.

  30. Vidya

    I have Saturn and Rahu in my 5th house, Ketu in 11th house – Kanni rasi with Vrischika lagna. I recently got interested in astrology and did some pattern checking based on happenings in my life. I got married at 22, but had a very difficult married life for 5 years and had my daughter only after 5 years. During those 5 years I did help few relatives by sponsoring for their studies. Also, my husband has Sun and Venus in his 5th house. Maybe that is why we are blessed with a child after waiting for some years.

  31. jsang12

    hello Sir,

    I have saturn and mercury in my 5th house and having problems getting a child, full details
    Date : 12/08/78
    Place of birth :Poona, Maharastra
    Time : 23:58 (11.58 pm)

    Please suggest some remedy

  32. rama

    my date of birth is 11th May 1971 at 23.13. place of birth Coordinates: 16.75°N 81.7°E.
    I have watched many videos of your astrology lessons. I worked out on my astrology. The rules really worked on my astrology. I have saturn in 5th house which delayed my marriage up to 35 years and also immediately with in 3 months my first marriage broken and got divorce after 1 year of marriage and again married at age 37 years. After my second marriage i started to have children but till now no children. I conceived october 2011 and i lost the pregnancy on december 2nd 2011 due to no heart beat for the baby. After that no pregnancies. I got fifth house saturn (vrishaba)and fourth house sun (Aries)and the degree between sun and saturn is less than 5 degrees which i think is saturn is combustion with sun. Even in my saptamsa chart fifth house is saturn which is in scorpio. Now my in-laws are not happy as i am unable to conceive. I spend lot of money for treatments since 4 years but no success. My Jupiter is retrograde and in Scorpio with debilitated moon. My sate sati started from november 2011. I do not known my husbands horoscope.
    Can you please tell me whether i will have children of my own or not.

  33. selvi


    I’ve been married for 7 years now. There is saturn and mercury in my 5 th house. And this fifth house is facing 11 th house and there is no planet in it. While my husband’s chart there is no planet in the 5 th house. Is that why we are no blessed with a child?

  34. medha

    I am born on 10:48 am 22/08/1995 lucknow with libra ascendant 5th house saturn, sun-mercury-venus in 11th house..i dont know if saturn is getting benefic or malefic aspect but I get a strong feeling and almost know that I dont and maybe cant have children….but I want to know if it is giving malefic aspect to 2nd house in which there is jupiter sitting…thanks..

  35. Rohit


    My DOB is 13-11-1982, 21:00 Hrs, Nawashahr (PUNJAB). I have 6 planets in my 5th house – Sun, Moon, Saturn, Venus, Mercury & Jupiter. Rahu in 1st and Mars & Ketu are in 7th House. I am an adopted guy. My mom has expired 5 years back. My dad is old & unwell. No siblings, No Job, No marriage. I am helpless and alone. Please tell me some remedies to get a peace in this life.

    • manu

      As far as I know, the conjunction of Sun, Moon, Saturn and Jupiter in any sign will cause Brahmacharya yoga for the native. I don’t know whether there is any Parihara for this, as I am not an expert.

  36. sm

    my dob is 28-july-1987, 01:00AM to 01:11 AM,Bellary(karnataka).i am an unmarried girl. some astrologers claim that i am not likely to have a good married life since my horoscope has saturn in 7th house. but some say my marriage life will be excellent. which judgement should i believe??is having saturn in 7th house gives malefic effects??i always dream of having a loving and honest partner..i dream of making a happy and lovely home.will not relationships work out for me?iplease help me..

  37. mamta

    siir my sons birth date is 3/07/1979 12.13noon at dadar mumbai not getting marry yet
    my question is when he marry is any possibility to any childe

  38. Babu


    I am from Bangalore. Have saturn and rahu in 5th house. Still after 8 years of marriage i am childless.

    My date of birth is 17-03-1979 and timing 11:30 AM Kolkata.

    What is the possible way out from this issues you mentioned above.

  39. sahil bahri

    Respected dilip sir i m sahil bahri frm Ludhiana in my horoscope saturn and ketu in 5th house in kumbh rashi i have two children with god’s grace. boy is 23 and girl is 20 yrs old my dob 18/5/63 tob15:45pob Ludhiana and my wife’s dob 21/12/66 tob21:30 pob Jullundher punjab pls any problem for my children in future according to u 5th house saturn and other melafic planet not give a child pls guide me thnx

  40. Sreekanth

    Dear and Respected Dilip sir,
    I am SREEKANTH .born on 11-05-1969,at Sivaramapuram village in piler taluk chittoor district Andhra Pradesh state ,at 10.52 PM sunday .
    kindly guide me what i want to do as a profession ?
    my money conditions are bad in spite of hardworking ?
    i have lot of family responsibilities to shoulder ?why is this only for me ?
    when will i get releived from this desires of worldly affairs ?

  41. Sri

    Namaskar sir! I have Saturn in the fifth house which is Libra. Am not interested in marriage and children yet society demands marriage. Am very confused. Please help.

  42. sowmitri

    Hi to all the readers of this website,
    Do not post any comments or question on this blogs. This is all fake blogs. If you have any trouble in having children do the following steps
    Do all the hormonal test and blood test and find out what is wrong with you. Then eat wholegrain food, vegetables, and fruits. Daily do good amount of exercise. sleep well. Do not see your horoscope. Do not think saturn or any bad planet in the 5th house do harm. Planets do not do anything. the only thing is food, good health and good exercise. This astrologer do not respond until you pay the money. Astrologers are money people. Just do daily half an hour pooja to God, that will help. Do not post any thing on this website and do not waste your money and time. I have seen in the western countries, they are changing their lifestyle if they have infertility.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Good piece of advice. Until I approve your comment does not show up to others. Yet. I have approved your comment. Most people who contacted me for a paid consultation came to me only after doctors were unable to help them out. The infertility doctors and the system is very very expensive whereas the astrologers fee is peanuts compared to that. The reason why I cannot do free consultation is there are more than 3000 requests for free consultation. Which one to respond? I randomly reply when I find the time. I did free consultations for 7 years during which I became bankrupt. I have confessed to all this long time back to all my clients.

      However we can combine science with Astrology. I approved your comments because they will help those who have this problem. But science alone will not help.

      Doctors cannot stop AIDS and all the incurable diseases. If the diseases are related to past life karma then Astrology should be considered first, and later always science is to be used. I am scientist first and an Astrologer later.

      I have over 300 doctors who are my regular clients.

      I know you are from Australia, somewhere near Sydney.

      One day I hope to give you a free consultation and bring down your anger. Astrology was created by Sage Bhrigu for the sake of income for those who possess this knowledge. Refer my article – Fate of Astrologers

      Please let me know which PROFESSION is NOT MONEY MINDED. Even spiritual organisations require money from you. Doctors charge the highest fees for surgery. Infertility treatment is the most expensive one. Perhaps you are an infertility specialist doctor?

      Happy New Year 2014 (Hindu New Year).

  43. Shuba

    Thanks for the indepth article.
    In my friend’s chart , ascendant being cancer , saturn is placed in 5th house in scorpio aspected by yogakaraka mars in taurus. He will be starting shani mahadasha soon. He is unmarried. Will the negative effects of shani reduced by this aspect of mars?

  44. Nsh An

    Sir, If a VIRGO ascendant person has ‘SATURN in the FIFTH house of capricorn’ ( Being the ATMAKARAKA at the same time), as well as ( Arudha lagna being capricorn).. without any aspect, then how might this SATURN function in the life of this person? In the D-9 Navamsa Chart, Saturn is in the FIFTH house again but in the sign of LEO with aspects from MERCURY & VENUS from the 11th house. (The ruler of leo being exalted in first house of navamsa.) What kind of effect might this saturn give?

  45. sai

    hi sir
    my daughter dob 3/11/2006(november)
    8.20 am
    4 planets in 7 th house (mars,sun,venus,mercury)
    is it good result?

  46. sunita kishnani

    Good and thanku for helping peiple by givingg the remedy

  47. Srinivas Channappa

    From lagna in my birht chart

    Guru in 1st house
    Mangal in 4th house
    Saturn and rahu in 5th house
    Shukra in 10 house
    surya,chandra,Budhha,Ketu in 11 th house

    Please give prediction as how my life will be in next 10 years from now

    How about my family and job will be .Will I be able to buy a house
    of my own

  48. Poonam

    hi Dilip Sir,

    My DOB is 22 June 1979, timing 2:15 am, birthplace Pune.
    I have both Shani and Rahu in the 5th house.
    I need consultation from you. could you please let me know how to contact you with details.

    Kindly revert back.


  49. darshan

    8th aug 1985 birthtime: 3:10 am
    saturn and ketu in 5th with chandra and rahu in 11th
    sun mercury mars in 2nd, venus in 1st, jupiter 10th
    facing constant troubles in career and legal tangles………
    depressed disgusted …… is on the edge……..
    pls help sir
    pls help

  50. pooja

    hello dilip sir,

    I totally agree with u astrology is becoming science these days. in my last 10 years I have started believing astrology like anything.

    I got married in age of 29 which broke in divorce in leass then a month. now I m second time married at 35 and facing lots of issues. I know we both are not bad but our planetry positions are effecting us.

    It is not possible for me to come personally to Chennai and take ur advice. Please advice me based on my planetry position.
    I will pay u according to ur fee structure.

    My Details are 7thFeb 1979
    time 14.35 PM
    Place lucknow

    I have Saturn and rahu in 5 house and ketu in 11 , Jupiter in 4thand surya budha and mangal in 10th

    I m really distressed. Please tell me all upaya ..m ready to do and wanna settle in my life.

    at times feel like killing myself but I m strong girl and wanna live life ..please please help

    I will PAy u ….

  51. yathi

    shani in 5th house and retrogate , rahu in 7th house retrogate, for leo ascendant

  52. kumar

    Date of Birth:


    Time of Birth:

    place jalandhar
    what is detail
    please reply

  53. Dinesh

    Dear Sir,

    I am worried for my son.His date of birth is 25th February 1979.Place of Birth Mumbai Maharastra.Time 9.50 AM.

    He has Shani and Rahu in 5th House along with Mangal, Ketu,Budh and Surya in 11 house.

    He is highly qualified with Ph D from ivy league

    He is not married nor settled in his carrier.

    He is innocent and pleasant with everyone.

    I am looking for your guidence as a Father.


  54. kirti

    Dear dhilip sir,

    You have helped thousand of people with your guidance i.e light of jyotish. sincere thanks to you!!

    D.O.B = 8th OCTOBER 1982,
    TIME 10:PM



  55. P.R.K.PRASAD


    I have saturn retrograde in my 5th house of vrischika in my natal chart.I am a karkataka lagna and karkataka rasi subject.i have sun in my 11th house of vrishabha.will the transit of saturn from tula into vrischika on 2nd nov 2014 affect my earnings/children/marriage/wife ?pl advise.

  56. Anindita Bhattacharya

    Dear Dhilip Sir,

    Sir, by god’s grace I have a 2 yr old son. But I have Saturn in the 5th house.So, plz tell me sir…will I get separated from him? My DOB is 22/08/1978. Time : 09:05hours in Ranchi,Jharkhand. Could u plz also tell me whether I can go to any foreign country and live there with my husband for some time?

    I will be grateful to u sir.

    Many thanks

  57. Satya

    I have Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu in Leo 5th house Leo. Mars in 4th house and Venus, Mercury and sun in 6th house. 5th lord Sun in 6th house Virgo on his own star. Can you please suggest the remedies and what I need to do. Thanks.
    Please suggest orphanages where the donations are needful.

  58. archiebear21


    in my navamsa chart i have mars, jupiter and kethu in 1st housousee of Taurus. Saturn in 5th house, venus in 6th house , sun and rahu in 7th house and moon and mercury in 12th house. Will any of this affect my marriage life in a negative way ?


  59. srinivas

    i read your article and comments on this article..and impressed the way u answered.
    I too have Jupiter in kumba lagna and in 5th house saturn and ketu in 4th house. I blessed with two DoB:(13/1/1975,9.11,vishakhapatnam, andhra pradesh. can u give details of family life and kids with my horoscope .

  60. kashish

    sir my dob is 12 september,1985,delhi,12.15 a m.sir recently i had suffered severe health problems.also i m having problems in job and marriage.pls suggest some remedies sir

  61. Srinivas

    I have Saturn in 5th house,kumba lagna with Jupiter 1st house.
    13.1.1975,9.11 hrs,Vishakhapatnam.
    Can i build a house and reside .please explain with details. I have two sons of 3 and 2 yrs.

  62. Avinash K Ghai

    Dear Dilip sir,
    true about the fifth house knowledge which you have parted with us. I would like to draw your attention towards something connected to 5th house. let me take my example only.
    my date of birth is 08.12.1968, time 06:35 am, Dhanbad, Jharkand.
    I love astrology as a subject , I often give free advice . I wanted to know that in scorpio lagna, when SUN & MERCURY are in lagna, VENUS in 3rd house, SATURN(R) & RAHU are in 5th house , MOON in 8th house and JUPITER, KETU & MARS are in 11th house.
    Than How come the Maha Dasha of KETU has put me in losses and also in Debits????
    Is there any remedy for this if yes please advice.

    Thanking you,

    With warm regards,

    Avinash K Ghai

  63. Ashank

    Sir my sons saturn is in 5th house aspected by rahu from 11th . Gemini Lagan date of birth 16thaugust 1985 Chandigarh ,. Could u please tell me when he will get married

  64. astroknowledge

    @ Dhilip Kumar : My daughter has Saturn in 5th house, Dhanishtha nakshatra, makar rashi and tula lagna with vishti karan yoga which is a strong indication of troubled married life. My thought is that she will fall for elderly males, who may not be good looking, will allure her emotionally to get married and then show their own colors causing mental pressure on her. Because she is a libra lagna she would try to balance and take the tantrums and mostly she will not separate from the man. I believe in personal grooming and so keep telling her not to get married before 30, not to finalize a relationship till she crosses her sade-sati which will be over by around 25 years of her age.

    Upon reading your post I am sort of confused as to what are the points I should check on my daughters chart. Would appreciate if you can just put up points in bullet mentioning what I should check. Sorry if I have asked for too much.

  65. sivaloganadan

    dear sir,my lagna is Taurus ,5 th house in Saturn and Jupiter …pls explain about …iam married now divorce is going on no kids….my date of birth is 08/03/1981 time 10.45 am place is pondicherry

  66. Arindam Majumder

    Sir, My name is Arindam Majumder, Date of Birth : 09.04.1978, Time : 06:10 A.M, Spouse : Soma Majumder, Date of Birth : 27.06.1979, Time : 09:20 P.M, Date of Marriage : 10.03.2004, Son : Agniswar Majumder, Date of Birth : 23.07.2007, Time : 09:17 A.M, currently we are separated and in the verge of Divorce. Will my marriage survive or end in a Divorce ? What is my future prospect ? Sir, kindly guide me through my current stage of crisis. I’ll remain grateful to you.

  67. revathy

    i m revathy dob 20/03/1995…can u say my future sir??


    Respected sir, I was born on 2nd jul 1967 at 4.16pm in jamshedpur in jharkhand(earlier Bihar) in India. My wife was born in chennai(Tamilnadu,India) on 2nd jan 1975 at 9.30 am. We got married on 27th may 2001. Till now we do not have children. Many astrologers say we have children but delayed.I was born in vrischika lagna with saturn in 5th,vargottama mars in 11th and exalted jupiter in 9th.For my wife she is khumba lagna with saturn in 5th,Mars and Rahu in 10th and Jupiter in lagna itself. We have done several pariharams. Let us know what should we do to get a child

  69. R NAGAR

    dear sir, my son”s birth detail are as follows-
    dob 4.8.85
    tob 17.55hrs
    pob Udaipur(raj)

    please let me know when his marriage will take place,I am putting in my all efforts but all are going in vain most of the proposals just stops at horoscope matching level; as in 5th house of his horoscope planet “rahu” is sitting every astrologer says that he will have issue problem, please help me how the problem will be resolved.and probable date of marriage
    please help.

  70. supraja

    Respected sir,

    My daughter is 12 years old, i have seen many tragedies due to neglecting horoscopes. i am a little cautious about my child’s horoscope. she has sani , budha and rahu in her 5 th house, but she has shukra placed in 7th house, her star is swathi and makara lagna ( capricorn). how it is going to effect her life in future, do we need to take any precautions with respect to her married life….

  71. hema

    sir, My DOB is 18.07 1979, 6.10 AM, Born in Tanuku, andra prADESH, AND M Y HUSBAND DOB, is 19.03 1973, 5.10 AM, Born in Tanuku Andra pradesh, I have a girl child of 9 yrs, But i had an abortion after that. I even had a second baby girl , who died as she was premature.I get pregnancy easily, but I have a rare disease, called pre eclympsia, because of which my life will be in risk, so they operate in 7th month itself,
    Can you please tell me whether i can have another child, as child always misses her sister.

    • hema

      Iam sorry MY husband DOB is 19.03 1974. a small correction.

  72. hema

    sir, My DOB is 18.07 1979, 6.10 AM, Born in Tanuku, andra prADESH, AND M Y HUSBAND DOB, is 19.03 1974, 5.10 AM, Born in Tanuku Andra pradesh, I have a girl child of 9 yrs, But i had an abortion after that. I even had a second baby girl , who died as she was premature.I get pregnancy easily, but I have a rare disease, called pre eclympsia, because of which my life will be in risk, so they operate in 7th month itself,
    Can you please tell me whether i can have another child, as child always misses her sister.

  73. Rajiv

    Respected Sir, we are planning a baby from last 6 years. Now we are really distressed. Is there any way we can contact you?


    dear sir
    i am an avid reader of your blog. i would be grateful if you could help me out of the problem of d.o.b. is 22nd may 1975 at 12:20 pm, kolkata.(gonda jog…lagna leo……rasi gemini…….nakshatra Punarbasu…5th house sagi has no planet…sun and jupiter in 10 house Tarus…saturn in 12th house cancer…mars, ketu and venus in 8th house pieces….rahu in 2nd house vergo)
    my wife’s d.o.b. 06th Aug 1984 at 06:00 pm, kolkata (Indra jog….lagna Capricon….rasi Scorpio…….nakshatra Jestha……no planet in 2nd house kumbha……rahu 3 degree in 5th house Tarus…..sun 9 degrees in 7th house cancer…….venus 10 degrees and mercury 11 degrees in 8th house leo…..saturn 15 degree in 10 house libra…….mars 16 degree, ketu 17 degree and moon 18 degree in 11th house scorpio……..retro jupiter 19 degree and neptune in 12th house sagi) my questions are: whether we will ever be parents ?……..progeny of our own blood ?….how long we will have to wait ?……son or daughter ?…..normally or a costly medical expense is there or not? …what is your observation?…suggestive remedies…
    please help us to overcome this problem.

  75. agniswar

    Sir, My name is Arindam Majumder, Date of Birth : 09.04.1978, Time : 06:10 A.M, Spouse : Soma Majumder, Date of Birth : 27.06.1979, Time : 09:20 P.M, Date of Marriage : 10.03.2004, Son : Agniswar Majumder, Date of Birth : 23.07.2007, Time : 09:17 A.M, currently we are separated and in the verge of Divorce. Will my marriage survive or end in a Divorce ? What is my future prospect ? Sir, kindly guide me through my current stage of crisis. I’ll remain grateful to you.

  76. prsl2007

    Dear Sir,
    What type of upachaar can be done for a person having Kuja and Shani in the fifth house (Simha) ? The jataka was born on 16/6/1978 at 8.20 AM at Manila, Phillipines and has not yet been blessed with a child.Would be very grateful for your advice.

  77. Ramkumar

    You said, Saturn in Yogakaraha for Taurus Ascendent and for Libra Ascendent / Kanya, it is the lord of 5th House. What if Saturn is posited in 5th house for above mentioned Lagnas.

  78. Akansha singh

    nameste sir, i was born on 1 jan 1997 at 5.27 am at bijnor in uttarpradesh in india . sir plllzzz tell me about my future especially about my career and about my family

  79. Gopal

    Born with saturn in fifth house(capricorn)
    D.o.b : 26/10/1993,
    Kumbam zodiac sign,,,

    Sun,mercury,jupiter,mars in 2nd house,

    Venus in kanya lagna

    Ragu in 3rd house,,

    Then how about my marriage and future?

  80. megha

    Dear Sir,

    One of the lal kitab specialist has told me that I should not live in my own house because me and my husband both have the same dosh in kundli due to which there can be ill effect on my son who is 3 yrs old. We want to move into our new house. Pls suggest any remedies.

  81. R Nathan

    Sir, as per your advise shall send my daughter to do service in Orphanage, she is doing her contribution on and off last few years. She helps poor people and needy. Dont know about bhava chart, but from what I see is Sun in the 5th house. She also has Mars in 12 house, she is kanya rasi. People said she is not manglik, is this true ? Is that also a reason for her single status and current financial problems and employment issues ? Thank you sir

  82. tanvi sohal

    dear sir,
    im Tanvi Sohal from Kota rajasthan, im 22 years old
    i have saturn in 5th house Aquarius aspected by mars in lagan chart.
    right now im pursuing Textile design which is a creative field and as we know that this house is for creativity and self expression. also i have venus in 6th house aspected by jupiter and rahu.
    so i want ur suggestion that will i get good results in this career further ??

  83. SAJITSAju1

    Sir, I am a great fan of your blog. I find many of your guidance very useful. I too have satun in 5th , along with sun and mercury (06/06/1971) trivandrum (time 22 hrs 41 min) . I have ketu in 7th house. Kindlyhave my chart interpreted

  84. MUKESH Singh

    Respected Sir
    My Dt of Birth 10.051973 Place of Birth New Delhi 20.00
    Pls advise as my personal & profi life is very bad i am job less for last one year

  85. Sanjeev Kumar Shah

    Respected Sir,
    I went through your blog about the saturn position . Me too have the saturn and rahu at 5th house. My DOB is 4th July 1979, Time 17.45 Place Madhepura Bihar . Please advise as my personal and professional life is not going good

  86. Shraddha

    Hi Sir, I have been reading over your blogs and did lot of research on Saturn in 5th and rahu in 7th house, I have also seen planters in 11th house is Jupiter and 2nd house is Venus and mercury(conjunction). My birth chart details are dob:5th Sept 1989 time: 5.30 am and place:lingsugur Karnataka. I am still unmarried and looking for a groom. I also came to know that from Oct 2017 onwards there is shani mahaDasha coming to me. I don’t know how will be the effects then. What should I be counting on next please advice.

  87. meghana

    my son is born on 11th april 2012, i want to know about his future like career studies etc., and also what kind of equation will he have with his mother and father

  88. Elizabeth Francis

    Dear Sir,
    My date of birth is 8 April 1980, time :- 10.30 am, place – Pune Maharashtra. my husband’s dob: 15 June 1982, 8.00am. place : Bhusawal, Maharashtra.
    my son’s dob: 7 July 2011, Pune Maharashtra.
    My son doesn’t gain weight. he falls sick frequently without any reason. I had a lot of issues in my career, couldn’t complete my education. i want to start a business. please suggest what kind of business should i do and remedies for the ill effect of planets.

  89. Rekha

    Sir, when born Saturn exalted in 5th house and in the nakshatra of Rahu, conjucts venus within 7degrees.
    When Saturn return in 2012, and rahu conjuct Saturn 5th house a love marriage (extra marital relation)took place without informing the first wife. Does this marriage holds good or bad

  90. Roshni

    Respected sir my date of birth 26/03/1978 9.00 am mumbai
    my husband date of birth 02/08/1976 7.56 am tamilnadu we are planning for second child but facing difficulties can we have son

  91. Pawan

    Hello Dilip Sir,

    My Son has 5th Saturn and his Lagna is Turos (Vrashabha). He has Jupiter in 11th house. Shukra, mangal, budh, surya in 6th house. Moon is in 10th house. Can you comment what would be result of shani?

  92. Rachna Shah

    Sir , 7jun74,3;27am,Valsad .. not married .noting woks… lots of problems in career so not settled in career even yet .. any marriage possibility .. whats the fate

  93. "Kauvery"

    Dhilip Sir, My Dob: is 13,03.1962. I have Saturn and Ketu in fifth house and I have got only one child, a daughter. My star is Mrigashira 4th pada and my husband’s star is Purvabhadra. we are continually at odd ends. More often than not I keep my mouth shut, but am hurt too badly on regular basis. I am unable to stomach such insult all at a time and all in bundles. I am more a typical Indian woman one man one life kind. I dreamed of an ideal marriage with no misunderstandings etc., but what I have is ONLY THAT and NOTHING ELSE. He can never take a statement or a word for what it means…. And I have become so cynical I do NOT KNOW what to speak and scared sick to just think what he would say and how negatively he would react. and how many abusive epithets hurled at me. Is there any solution to this at all. I am worried for my daughter. I would like to know what is in store for me

  94. shyam


    DOB 21/01/1969
    TIME 02.37 AM

    DOB 14/8/78
    TIME 07.30 PM

    DOB 20/9/2001
    TIME 15.15 PM

    DOB 25/10/2004
    TIME 18.15 PM


  95. naveencgowda

    Dear Sir
    I have Saturn in the 5th house in capricorn sign , which means don’t i have childrens , i am not married yet . i am worried that i would be not having children . another thing to say i am having a lover , sir is my Saturn is really affected. Wont i have childrens .

    My date of birth

    My lovers date of birth
    Time:1.15 PM
    Place: Mandya,Karnataka,india

    Please suggest can i marry her sir

  96. Kamalaganesh

    Hi sir,
    I have saturn in 5th house saggitarius and rahu in 7th house….i am a leo ascendabt and i have jupiter,mercury and venus together in 10th house…..kindly help me to know whether saturn is bad or good foe me?

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