Saturn Transit 2014 – All 12 Moon Signs

Saturn Transit 2014 - All 12 Moon Signs


Saturn Transit 2014 – From Mesha Rasi to Meena Rasi

Saturn Transits into Vrischika Rasi on November 2, 2014.

Dear Readers, I am glad to inform you that I have completed the 12 videos for all the 12 Moon Sign people of the world.

Please log on toYouTube channel

and search for E K Dhilip Kumar

and or type Saturn Transit 2014 – DHILIP


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  1. hema

    Respected Sir, I have seen many of your youtube videos and read a lot of articles on your website. They are very informative. Thank you for your service to people. I tried to see my horoscope and learn somethings but got confused about lords of houses. I have saturn in the 7th house and Mars in the 12th house, ascendant libra and moon in cancer. So what kind of loss would I be seeing because of mars? Also, where can I find remedies. Does this kind of placement indicate divorce or second marriage?
    Very grateful for your time.

  2. Jackyeden


    Your article says Saturn`s transit into Scorpio takes place on 2nd November 2014.

    I thought:

    (a) Saturn went into Scorpio in October 2013 and will be in Sagittarius on December 23, 2014.
    (b) Jupiter went into Leo on July 16, 2014 and is no longer in Cancer.

    Can you please clarify these?

    Thank you.


  3. SMS

    Hello Sir, I refer to your article on November 17 2011 about the previous Sani transit. You mentioned that Uttraphalguni pada 1 Simha Rasi would need to wait for 1 year to get benefits of Sani in 3rd house and thus the ending of good effects would be delayed by a year.

    Does the above still hold true despite Sani changing to 4th house end of this year for Uttraphalguni pada 1 Simha rasi natives?

  4. nareshbegur

    Dear Sir,

    I am not finding a job and have been very down in life from past few months.
    I have watched your videos on “Foreign Lands”.
    I have a loan of abt 20 lakhs and I am in USA now.
    Please tell me if there is a way to come out of this situation or should I return back home
    My Birth details:
    Name : Narendra
    DOB : 15 – March – 1990
    Time of Birth : 14 : 30 PM
    Place of Birth : Bellary, India

    Please give your valuable guidance.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Sincerely yours.

  5. Appu

    Dear Dhilip Sir,
    DOB 03/SEP/1974 TIME 2:08 PM LOC-CHENNAI
    Your Article of Ketusdasha(OMG!) is very true…As mentioned in it I started belief in Astrolgy since the year 2009.I have suffered every thing you have mentioned( except my wife stood by and helped me till date),other than that,fell from a nice job,lost property money,met accident,got defamed…lots of heart breaks etc.
    Now i think i have 2 more years of Ketudasha! Will it be same like first 5 years? or there is some reprieve? do advise please…

    • R. Chandrasekaran

      Dear Sir,

      Both his article and video mentions that Ketu Dasha has to be divided into three parts. The first one third may not create any significant problem. The second one third may not be as good as the first one third. The last one third, meaning the last 2 years and 4 months of ketu dasha will invariably be harsh. This is more so if Ketu is placed in 2, 8 or 12th houses in your horoscope. The difficulties will manifold if Ketu is placed in the 2nd, 8th or 12th Bhava along with malefic planets like Mars, Sun or Saturn. Hence he cautions that this can be overcome by turning to spirituality – especially to Lord Ganesha to reduce the bad impact of Ketu Dasha.Unless otherwise one’s poorva janma puniya is good one may have endure the ill effects of Ketu Mahadasha.

      The above is simple extraction from his video and article. I am also a keen follower of Dilipji. He puts the facts based on the feed back from his clients. I had undergone Ketu Dasha which was uneventful though Ketu was placed in the 12th house in my horoscope. I am a strong believer of astrology but over and above astrology I believe in Almighty.

      Keep your trust in God and do prayers and pariharams as mentioned by Dilipji. I will also Pray for your good time in the remaining part of Ketu Dasha. Do not worry.


      R. Chandrasekaran

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Wonderful words of wisdom at the needed time. Please encourage fellow human beings with the right kind of knowledge and remedies. Also suggest regular, simple prayers and charities and a change in lifestyle towards the positive attitude and doing good and thinking good. Surely there is a solution to every problem. A problem cannot exist without a solution.

  6. Aman

    Hello Sir,
    I 1st saturn phase is going to start some days before Nov 2 . I need to know what harm can further be done to me as I am already going through a very bad time . So will it make worse.
    Please also say will I get married in this phase or after it . Thankyou .

    • Aman

      Here are my details.
      DOB : Jan 31, 1992
      Time : 11:45 am
      Place : Ludhiana,Punjab,India

  7. Dr. Mahesh


    1) How do you find a planet in transit malefic or benefic? For instance, for Tau Asc, JUP as 8th lord and SAT is yogakarak. Hence is transit-JUP malefic and transit-SAT benefic for Tau Asc?

    2) A theory that during any event transit SAT and transit JUP need to activate (by aspect/conjunction) corresponding NATAL planets/houses. Do you find this condition essential?
    For example, if birth chart indicates marriage or promotion and either transit SAT or transit JUP or both do not activate the birth chart indications, can marriage or promotion still happen?


  8. Sudhan

    Hi Sir,

    Which one gives correct results
    My moon as per birth chart is in vrishaba rasi but lagna is in Tula lagna
    As per lagna, saturn transit gives very good results.
    As per taurus moon sign, it is not so good ?
    Please help which one to consider and what will be final result

  9. Hari Krishna gupta

    hello sir ,
    kindly tell me how it is going to affect me as My D.O.B – 6june 1971 5:30 p.m place of birth Bulandshahr – uttar pradesh currently reside at Ghaziabad my home town .
    Tell me how this is going to affect as my wife is also having saturn in her life had entered as her date of the birth 17july 1975 place of birth Delhi ; Time of birth 8:30 am place delhi

  10. Hari Krishna gupta

    my wife name is Vandana Gupta

  11. jyoti

    Sir my name jyoti sangwan. Dob 11 jan 1988. I m jobless and confused always what to do in life. And suffering from chronic skin acne from past 8 years. Sir can i wear blue sapphire. My life is not on proper track. I felt its like unguided journey from past many years. I believe in astrology..waiting for ur reply sir. Hope u will not disappoint. Guide me for what shoul i do and what gems are best for me.

  12. Chanel

    sir plz say how this saturn transit will be for an aries ascendant going through surya mahadasha
    and sun is afflicted by saturn in birth chart . thankyou . happy transit .

  13. T.Yoges

    Hello sir,

    I am just curious to know if there is an order to visit Navagrha temples? If yes, what is the order?


    Best regards,

  14. Suprio Chakraborty

    Sir, I read about your prediction for jupiter transit 2014, and Saturn transit 2014. For makar rashi it seems the road ahead is all rosy. I am makar rashi, I am jobless since march 2014, fell from good height in career. Still hunting for a job. Financially shattered, mentally depressed and with high sugar and BP. I see not a iota change in all these transits. All efforts are failing. Could pls tell me why is this happening and for how long this phase will remain. I see myself at the dark end of my life.
    I wont be able to pay for the consultancy fee, i am bankrupt today. But i’ll surely return to you if have any good days in my life.
    My. DOB : 04 june 1969, Time: 19:20, Place : Darbhanga(Bihar)

  15. R.G

    hi sir,
    My DOB: 08-05-1990( 8 may,1990),Time: 07:28PM,place: ADRA(West Bengal), Gender: Male.
    Rasi: Tula . i am in sade sati period and i had experienced so many troubles from past 5 years. after my B.Tech, i could not get job though i am good in studies and doing M.Tech in IIT. In this decmber, my campus placements are going to start and i feel like i dont hae any confidence and all troubles in my project workplace ..
    Did i have fair chance to get placed well in good company with good package??? any chance of getting abroad job and settlement?? When will all my troubles going to end?? please tell what sector or field will i get job so that i can prepare accordingly??

  16. Tanmay

    My DOB 07-Nov-1983, Time 21:38,Place Hubli Karnataka….I am into Mechanical engineering field in Oil & gas projects.I have been trying to switch to Engineering Project management from Planning and want to go into Technical profile and want to be seen in between people…also i talk less and want to improve communication and co-ordination with people so that I get noticed among people…I want to improve my confidence and aggressiveness…can you plz suggest how can I boost this ability of mine?

  17. Hari krishna gupta

    hello sir,
    recently i have seen the Saturn effect on my wife detail are below,
    Name vandana gupta
    DOB : 18july 1975
    time :8:30 place Delhi

    as par my knowledge she is going through the 2nd phase of sade sati and I am going through the 3 phase oFsade sati (Hari Krishna Gupta Time of birth 5:30 pm place of birth Bulandshahr (U.P) .
    1 day before case : i,e 28 Nov 2014

    My wife lost 13000 Rs from the internet hacker and stolen 13000 Rs from his account .
    as I have seen your videos previously states that any sum goes a total of 8 this is a time when shani harms more .

    Dhilip ji kindly guide us rule for the future to take of effects or it is destined like that ,
    we need your guidance sir ,

    Email I.D

  18. Vithal

    Respected DhilipJi,

    DOB: 30-Dec-1988
    Place Of Birth: Bhayandar (Thane, Maharashtra)
    Time of Birth : 19:15 (7:15 PM)
    Gender: Male

    I have been facing troubles ever since my Rahu Mahadasha started around 2006 and as read in one of your articles that Rahu mahadasha-shani antardasha is the worst period, i went through hell during that as none other planets even in transit were favouring me durig that time. Even now its not any good. Also i have a feelig that even my next 2 mahadasha’s of jupiter and Saturn(combust) wont be any good either. Also a rough calculation showed me that during Saturn Mahadasha-Saturn Antardasha i would also be undergoing Sade-sati which means entire life overtaken by Saturn alone.

    1)So please let me know how my life would be from now till end of Rahu mahadasha comparing it to start of Rahu mahadasha till now. Which period would be extra challenging or worst and need special care
    2)How would be my jupiter and saturn mahadashas and the challenging period in them.
    3)I generally wear a Rahu/Ketu ring(red and green stones in one ring) in the index finger of my left hand but have removed it recently since Rahu is in 3rd house(Kanya also my moon rashi) from my lagna(Karka) but will start wearing it again in the next year after Rahu transit. So please let me know if wearing it throughout my life will be good or bad and also during next one year should i wear it.
    4)Also suggest some other rings or remedies and general suggestion on good and bad period in following 2 mahadashas.

    Article Suggestion: 1)Can you throw some light on how the degree in which the planet are also makes it stronger or weaker as i have heard that 30degrees are divided into 5 parts of which planets in 13-18 degrees are strongest.

    Thanking you in advance and eargerly waiting your reply.

    • Vithal

      Sorry. 3)I generally wear Rahu/Ketu ring in the ring finger of my left hand and not index finger as mentioned above by mistake.

  19. Shankar Basavaraj

    Respected Sir,
    My DOB: 16/01/1975
    Time: 00:55 am
    Place: Bangalore.
    Tula lagna and Kumbha rasi, satabhisha nakshatra.
    Even after I am working in abroad I am unable to maintain bank balance, no proper house.
    Any chance of getting click in business. I had visited all Navagraha temples and done Sarpa samskara in Kukke Subramanya temple.

    Kindly advice and do reply..


  20. Shankar Basavaraj

    Respected Sir,

    My DOB: 16/01/1975
    Time: 00:55 am
    Place: Bangalore.

    Tula lagna and Kumbha rasi, satabhisha nakshatra.

    Even after I am working in abroad, I am unable to maintain my bank balance, no proper own house, any chance of getting settled in own motherland.
    Any chance of getting click in business. I had visited all Navagraha temples and done Sarpa samskara in Kukke Subramanya temple.

    Kindly advice and do reply..


  21. Radhakrishnan

    Dear Rtn. Dilip Kumar,
    Austrolgy seems to be Bullshit to me right now
    I have been a student of austrolgy from the age of 16 years and followed closely. Most of the time I could get and also read correct prediction to 85% true. It was really disappointing after reading your prediction for Saturn and Jupitor movement prediction the whole thing is wrong I don’t know how and I have lost faith.
    I am suppose to be in the best of times do my life
    6th house Saturn and 2nd house Jupitor means all my enemies will leave and I will have no illness… I had a massive heart attack four days back almost died and was operated upon .
    Why can you explain … It will be a passule for any austrologer … My personal austrologer has no answer.
    My horoscope …. Cancer lagna … With Saturn ..2nd Leo Mars …4th libra ketu …6th Sagittarius ..Jupitor ….10th Aries Sun and Rghu … 11th Turus .. Mercury … 12th Gemini … Moon and Venus
    Venus dash now Jupitor Bhukti
    Why did the heat attack happened ??
    Rtn Radhakrishnan

  22. SP

    Dear Dhilip Ji, How would the Saturn retrogression starting on 14 March 2015 affect a native who has Sagittarius Moon Rashi and has Saturn as the only planet in the 11th house at about 20 degrees? Thank you.

  23. Asha

    Dear Dilip Sir, Please reply urgently. I am in a major situation and seek your guidance through consulting, please let me know how I can reach you. Thank you.

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