Saturn Transit 2014

Saturn stays in a sign for approximately 2.5 years. This time on November 2, 2014 at about 16:09 hours Saturn moves out of LIBRA to enter the next sign SCORPIO. Read all about the effects of this transit on all the 12 Moon Signs.


Saturn Transit 2014 – Sani Transit 2014 – Sani Peyarchi 2014

The most beautiful planet is also the most powerful when it comes to giving the results of Transit.Note: The photo is edited.

The Event:

Saturn leaves Thula (Libra) on November 2, 2014 at about 16:09 hours if we use True Lahiri Ayanamsha and 19:24 if we use Traditional Lahiri. It is a Sunday.

Saturn enters the next Sign Vrischika (Scorpio) to stay there for a period of 2.5 years approximately.

Saturn leaves Libra the sign of his exaltation – Saturn loves to be in Thula Rasi and then enters the next sign Vrischika (Scorpio) a sign that is ruled by Mars. Mars and Saturn relationship is not good. Therefore in general for the world at large this is not a welcome transit. However individual results will vary based on several other factors.

Validity period: From November 2, 2014 to Jan 26, 2017

So the next transit of Saturn after this one will be on Jan 26, 2017.

When does Sade-Sati EXACTLY start for each one of you?

The date of transit is an universal phenomenon. It applies to all people. However that does not mean that Sade-Sati or 7.5 years Saturn phase starts on the same date. The starting date and ending date of Sade-Sati or 7.5 years Saturn phase most of the time does not coincide with the date of transit. It will be true to only those who have their MOON right in the middle of their sign which is 15 degrees in any sign. Confusing. Do not worry! I have done a YouTube Video in which I have clarified this point.

If your Moon is away from this point which is the middle point of a Sign then you need to adjust the starting and ending date of the effect of Transit Saturn.

I have done a YouTube Video on this topic. In case you want to know more about it you may click on the below link and in case you are not interested then you may proceed with this article. Part 1 of this video explains in a simple way what is Sade-Sati and how you can know which of the 12 Moon signs are under Sade-Sati.

Part 1 of 2

In this video I have explained in a very simple manner how each one of you can learn what is Sade-Sati and when does it start and when does it end. This is the rough method that most people in India know.

Part 2 of 2

It is better to watch Part 1 and then see Part 2 because you will be clearer on what is being told. In case you have doubts post it in the comments sections beneath the YouTube video.

Why is Saturn so important?

Saturn is the most powerful of all planets when it comes to the effects of Transit. In terms of strength, Sun is the most powerful and is immediately followed by Saturn. All other planets come behind Saturn in terms of strength. So either way Saturn is a strong planet.

Another reason is Saturn is like the policeman or your teacher in school. Teachers are soft and good to good students and tough and rude to bad students. However the toughness is displayed with a particular motive – to make the bad students good. Similarly a policeman is supposed to protect the good from the bad. This is what Saturn does to all humans beings.

The cause of problem is the student and the teacher is not the cause. Similarly, it is your own Karma and your habits that determines how Saturn is going to be in your case.

What you need to know about any Transit.

Many people ask me “Am I having a Saturn Transit”? Is it happening for me? Transit means a planet moves from one sign to another. So it affects all people in the world regardless of the fact whether they believe in Astrology or not. You need to find out for whom the transit is favorable and unfavourable. Once you know that you can take advantage of the information in your own way.

Transit dates are not that important. It is important to certain people. For example in India, purohits (temple people) perform pooja whenever a major planet like Jupiter or Saturn move from one sign to the next. It is an even like a new Prime Minister or President takes over on a particular date. But the effect of the new President taking over varies from person to person or department to department. So do not waste your time on discussions regarding the date of transit unless you have a great deal of time to waste.

When does the Saturn Transit really affect you?

To find this out you need to find out which Degree Moon occupies in the Sign in your Horoscope. If the degree of the Moon is exactly 15 degrees then the effect will start for you from day 1 of the Transit. If there is a deviation then the effect will start either earlier or later than the date of transit. This is a very interesting fact each one of you must be aware.

In case you want to find out the answer to this question watch my YouTube VIdeo:

Click on the above link. You will really gain from this video in case you are going through Sade-Sati or 7.5 years Saturn.

Saturn Transit 2014 Table -1

In case you are not able to view the full table, save the image on your computer and then view it again to see the full table.

Who will gain maximum from this Transit?

Kanya Rasi (Virgo) -From November 2, 2014 to Jan 26, 2017

Good News. Saturn moves into the 3rd house a very favourable house for Saturn Transit. This transit marks the end of 7.5 years Saturn phase also known as Sade-Sati. You have been waiting for this for 7.5 years. Now you will feel very strong and optimistic. Many new opportunities will come knocking on your doors.

Makara Rasi (Capricorn) -From November 2, 2014 to Jan 26, 2017

Saturn moves into your 11th house a very favourable house for Saturn Transit.The 11th house is the house of fulfillment of desires, the house of gains, something that is strongly related to the material world and ambitions in life.

Mithuna Rasi (Gemini) -From November 2, 2014 to Jan 26, 2017

Saturn moves into the 6th housea very favourable house for Saturn Transit. The 6th house is a bad house. In a way this transit means the end of bad things in your life. The 6th house deals with debts, disease and enemies. When Saturn enters this house in transit it means it will destroy debts, disease and enemies in your life.

Who will gain moderately from this Transit?

Meena Rasi (Pisces) -From November 2, 2014 to Jan 26, 2017

Saturn moves out of the challenging 8th house. When Saturn moves in the 8th house Saturn gives so many challenges in life. So you should be glad that Saturn moves out of the 8th house during this period. Is it not a good news that the bad is over?

The Moon Signs under pressure

Dhanus Rasi (Sagittarius)

This transit marks the beginning of 7.5 years Saturn phase also known as Sade-Sati. It does not mean that everything is bad during this period. Just that you will feel like you are driving in the night. It is not as easy as driving in daylight. So switch on the headlights and try high beam. The headlights are remedies that are related to Saturn.

Vrischika Rasi (Scorpio)

With this transit, Saturn enters your Moon Sign. Confusions will be predominant. Challenges may increase. This is the middle part of the 7.5 years Saturn phase. You may have to check your dasha and bhukti to get more information about yourself which is available in your horoscope. Remember, transit predictions are more general while information that is available in your horoscope is very specific.

Thula Rasi (Libra)

There are 2 points. You are in still in the Sade-Sati (7.5 years Saturn phase). The 2nd point is that you have reached the last 1/3rd of Sade-Sati. Saturn moving out of your Moon sign is by itself a good news. Sade-Sati ends on Jan 26, 2017. A little more to go, considering time flies at top speed these days. Moreover the effect will start tapering down. The lessons you have learned in this period will start paying the dividends.

Mesha Rasi (Aries)

Saturn moves into the 8th house. This is called Ashtama Sani. This is a strongly challenging period. If you are above 50 then you need to focus more on your health. If health problems exists already, you need a thorough check up. You may get hurt in the legs especially the foot region. If you are having trouble with the organs of your body below the navel and above the hip region, then the problems may escalate. Those suffering from piles may have to see a doctor.

What if Saturn is my friend?

Many people think that transit Saturn is not going to be a testing time for them because they assume that Saturn according to their horoscope is a friendly planet. Let me tell you that there is no difference. Whether Saturn is your friendly planet or an inimical planet as per your horoscope you will still feel the heat during a challenging Saturn phase.

When an examination is conducted everyone has a higher level of stress. Even if the referee is your friend, when it comes to a game the referee will do his job. Saturn is a neutral coach or master when it comes to transit.

For example people who are born in Vrishabha Lagna and Thula Lagna or Kumbha Lagna have Saturn as their main friendly planet. So some these people wrongly think that Transit Saturn will not affect them. Some have Saturn exalted in their horoscope and some have Saturn in their own house in their horoscope. All that is not going to help in transit.

Click the following link to know why should not be mislead.


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  1. VN

    what about vrishab rashi??????

      • o

        likhna bhai.. even for tula rashi

      • Kunal

        Sir I cannot find info on Saturn transit to Vrishchik on your website. Would you please post the link?

      • Kunal

        Sir still waiting for vrishabh rashi. Why are you angry with vrishabh folks?

      • Ashok

        Hi Dhilip,Interesting article on when does the Saturn really start taking effect.You have mentioned that Moon’s actual position in degrees have to be taken into account but what the Saturn’s original position in horoscope in degrees one needs to consider or not.Thanks in advance,


    • Preeti

      i am too a vrishav rashi girl. i have no job at hand.I am experiencing bad days since 2012 july. This period is supposed to be a good period for vrishav as guru in 2nd and shani in 6th , but practically nothing good is happening. Too much depressed.

      • RKJ

        That is what we a group of 16 people [ NOW WE ARE ALMOST 42+1 you ] of same rashi [ vrisabh rashi ] were questioning dilip ji that in spite of such good combinations of Saturn [ in 6th house from moon sign ]& guru [ in 2nd house from moon sign ] till 2014 june .. & written so great about this by almost all the astro sites / learned astrologers .. Why we are not having even a small relief in any of the terms being forecasted by our learned astrologers …. Now we all come from various backgrounds & i hope the sample size of 43 people of a single rahsi will cover the major types of vrisabh rahsi people…is is not only for vrisabh rahsi … accordingly we were able to create some other groups of people in leo [singh rahsi ] , makar rahsi , libra [ tula rahsi ] … They are also collecting reactions against the forecast being published in regular interval… WE ARE A CALL CENTRE , HENCE NUMBER OF PEOPLE ARE HUGE .. CIRCULATING & COLLECTING REPLIES OF VARIOUS PEOPLE FROM VARIOUS BACKGROUND [ from peon to top executives ] R EASY FOR US FOR A COMPARISION….

      • RKJ

        vrisabh rashi is supposed to have the best transit of the lifetime. saturn in 6th house… which is good for jobs , rahu joining the same house amplifies the effect for jobs …, guru in 2nd is good for earnings .[ expansion in earning].. till 2014 june it is supposed to be a good time.. there may be some health issue .. I hope you would have got some job till date ..

      • Sanjay Jayant


      • Anuragh Awasty

        How is saturn transit 2014 going to effect simha rashi?

  2. shyam

    What about Kumbha Rasi ??

  3. FS

    Will Dhanus rashi have a very bad period? In terms of career or health?

  4. Aswini kumar Dash

    please sir what about kumbh rasi

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    dear sir what about karka rashi

    • Sampath kumar Medavarapu

      Kumbha rasi people will benefited bcz, first star in Scorpion is jup star ,he is the lord of 2 and 11. So they get job and promotion,and recognition with in 4 months.

      • shambhavi

        Dear Mr. Sampath kumar Medavarapu , Thanks a lot for your analysis of Saturn” transit into Scorpio for Kumbha Rasi. What about Jupiter’ transit into Cancer from June 2014. for Kumbha Rasi Will Jupiter aspect Saturn from Cancer and how will this double transit be for Kumbha Rasi natives.


        Dr. Shambhavi Vedantam Murthy

      • Pankaj (Suresh)

        Hello Sir,
        Iam with Kumbh Rashi, Birthinformation : 01oct1982, 4.15Am Amaravati.
        I have a very good job change offer but presently i am suffering with a court case.
        Will it be favorable time for job change, should i accept it? what will happen to my court case during Shani Transit?

        iam in great trouble, please suggest.

  6. Gaya3

    This is my second 7 and half period of sani. When I was born I had the 1st seven and a half sani. Will the second do good .

  7. surabhi

    sir my rashi is leo .In you article i read that from nov 2011 7.5 sadesati will be over but i am going through rahu dasa and shani bhukti….its infact a very tough time going on right now..will i be able to come out of this…?

  8. Vedanta

    Dear Sir Dhilipkumar. Have you ever studied about Mangalik’s. As you know, we in India consider bad if a person is a Mangalik. I was just wondering whether you have ever studied about this topic. thank you.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Mangal Dosha is not bad. It just means that if you have Mangal Dosha join a person having Mangal Dosha. What is bad about it? The bad happens if the person having Mangal Dosha marries a person not having Mangal Dosha. Your question is similar to asking a professor have you studied 1st standard or do you know the alphabets. In India even a layperson knows about Mangal Dosha. Strange that you asked this question.

  9. Sanjay

    Sir, kindly tell me of my saturn position. My dt. of birth 6.7.1965 at 6.52 am in Jamshedpur. Is it good for me…

  10. nimesh rastogi

    Dear sir
    Running with lot of troubles and challenges in life….D.o.b is 19 .06.1975. time 12:05 pm moradabad. wife is critically ill. business is also effected. iam into export business of silverplated handicrafts of brass.Pls advise what to take care of and what to do regularly.
    thanks nimesh rastogi .

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I have used the following Mantra and my clients to have and we all have benefited from the recitation. So you too can try this out.

      Sarva-Manggala-Maanggalye Shive Sarvaartha-Saadhike |
      Sharannye Trya[i-A]mbake Gauri Naaraayanni Namo[ah-A]stu Te ||

      do this 108 times in your pooja in the morning. Soon you will see a miracle.

      DO not speak against other religions. Be friendly with all others even if they do not belong to your faith or ideas.

  11. E K Dhilip Kumar

    How many times do you recite the mantra everyday. Be a Vegetarian and avoid Alcohol when you do this Mantra. Recite 108 times everyday morning 1st hour from Sunrise. To change Karma it takes longer time. It is not like computer or it is not bullet train. It is like turning a big ship. It takes time. Be patient. If you lose faith in the Mantra it will not work at all.

  12. sindhu

    i have recited this mantra ‘108 ‘ times for about 9 days ,it has definitely given me a lot of doesn’t mean my problems have solved and i am in good position.but reciting this mantra has given me immense mental strength and power and now i face the problems or situations in my life with strength and more faith in god.i now strongly feel that god is beside me .i just need to trust her.

  13. Jeyakumar.c

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  15. rajan

    Dear sir,

    What will be the effects of this transit in karkataka rasi?



    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Increase your prayers to GOD. I did that and there has been a lot of improvement despite many faults in my horoscope. So the future is changeable to a good extent.

  17. Karthik.C

    This is very informative, i belive “precuation is better than cure” so knowing the future through astrolgy is very help, thanks Sir for providing the valuable information.

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      • Nagaraj

        Dear Sir,

        It is an incident, I happened to see the problems narrated by others and the solutions offered by you. If you cannot offer solution in the first place, humbly requesting you to delete my comments at once & immediately .

        Kindly do the needful.

        Thanking You,

        with regards,


      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        I have received over 1200 requests. So I answer them whenever I find time and I do it in random. Hope you understand my situation. I am removing all your comments based on your request.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        I have removed your question. For free consultation you require patience. As you know I am not the only Astrologer around. I have about 1800 questions pending on the free consultation offer. People send me 70 to 90 emails everyday asking information for free. So whenever I find time, I pick up a few questions in random and answer them.

      • nagaraj

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        Are you still available in this mail ID?
        Please let me know.

  20. shambhavi

    what about kumbha rasi..Shani moves into the 10th House for Kumbha Rasi…How will the Saturn in Scorpio transit from 2014-2017 be for Kumbha Rasi Natives

  21. Manoj.

    Dear Sir,
    Please write an article on “Sade-Sati” and please throw some light on how it differently impacts the people with “Weak – Moon” in Horoscope. It would impart more knowledge about this Planet to us. Thanks, Manoj

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    sir, my date of birth is 19.04.1962. Born at 6.00AM in the morning. kanya raashi and chitra nakshtra. I am in lot of trouble. please let me knor whether I will over come

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    Read saturn transit prediction. Thanks for the information given. So fast you have predicted. I’m mithuna gives a relief, happy reading a good prediction after so long. But my hubby is Mesha, he has to go through the most challenging period. He is mesha, astama sani.

  24. Sujata Ranjan

    Respected dob is 26/01/1968 Gwalior at 12:00 noon ,recently lost my mother,sade sati transit is going now,How it will be effect for my vrishchika rashi.Regards

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      date of death of your mother please. Is your timer of birth approximate or is really 12 noon?

      • Sujata Ranjan

        sorry sir my time of birth is 12:30 at noon Gwalior,26/01/1968 and on 25 sept.
        13 my mothers was died . sujata Ranjan

      • Sujata Ranjan

        Respected sir date of death of my mother is 25/09/2013. and my time of birth is at 12:30 noon..please help me …Regards…Sujata Ranjan

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      Respected Sir,

      My date of birth is 19.04.1962 at 6.00AM. I want to inform you that, I have paid approximately an amount of Rs.5.00 lacs to my brother-in-law sometime around

      10years back. Till today, I could not recover the same from him. Because of this, even our family relationship also spoiled. My husband, they are four brothers.

      I have given money to 3rd brother. We are in a very great difficult situation. Please let me know whether I can get back this amount some how.

      I Hope, you will help in this matter.

      Thanks and regards


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    dear sir,
    iam having a torrid time from july-2013 when is my good time my rashi is meena

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      September 25, 2013
      sir, my date of birth is 19.04.1962. Born at 6.00AM in the morning. kanya raashi and chitra nakshtra. I am in lot of trouble. please let me knor whether I will over come

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Kanya Rasi the trouble is soon ending. But be patient for some more time. Jupiter is also badly placed and from May 2014 you will start recovering. Feed crows every day before breakfast and you will soon see light and solutions in your path.

  29. Krishna

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    My DOB is 05.10.1997, time of birth 2 am. Place of birth ALWAR, Rajasthan.
    Having health problem. Does it indicate some major problem?
    Having lots of tension.
    Request you to kindly let me know.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      If your Nakshatra is VISHAKA (THULA RASI) then you are going through Sade-Sati. Watch my YOUTUBE Video on SADE-SATI. See the following Video and follow the suggestions. Read my other articles for Sade-Sati and Saturn related articles.

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  34. chandra babu

    I am a libran, had a false thinking that jupiter in mithuna during 2013-2014 is going to bless me a lot. It is through your video I understood that jupiter cannot give anything positive, in this period. Rahu and saturn in libra shattered my life a lot.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Do not mix up Transit results with Lagna based reading. They are different. You may be going through a bad Dasha and Bhukti.

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  38. Radha

    Dear sir,
    I have been trying sincerely since past 4 years to land up in a job in USA. I have done even masters from here. Still nothing is happening. I fear, I’ll remain jobless forever…

    Can you please give me some insights on when I’ll get a job and in what industry I should focus on ?
    My DOB July 14th 1984
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    Place of Birth: Trivandrum

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    DOB:-30/11/1976, 11:21 AM, Danapur, Patna, lost father April’12. running through stress full period as my wife(DOB:- 28/09/1980, 2:10 AM, Kolkata/West Bengal) has put wrong allegations and court case since May’june’12. Spending/expenditures on higher side. Having sleepless nights. Not able to find any job change. When can i get rid of the same.

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    Bhakthipurvak Naman,

  47. sr

    I have spent a lot of time understanding about the effects of sade sati and it just a waste of time. There is no point in going to an astrologer because no one can stop lord shani’s effect. Have faith in god and work hard, naturally you will the success, Mind you at any point of time 25% of people in the world undergo sade sati at a given instant of time. This 25% would include all the big shots as well as the poor people.

  48. Chitra Iyer

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  49. Ravi

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    My DOB is 08.11.1969. Time of Birth- 2330 hrs, Place of Birth – Jhunjhunu. Facing tough time. When can it be over?

  50. I had a Yagyah reading several years back and Panditji told me my 3rd phase would be until November 03, 2014. According to your post, this is not accurate and will not end until January 26, 2017, or am I reading this wrong? I was born September 24, 1965 at 10:30 am in spartanburg south carolina. thank you

  51. Ashwin Simha

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    Thanks a lot.


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    Cud u pl suggest me if Iv takn d right decision regarding my profession n my behaviour
    Andhra pradesh
    Pl try to reply me sir even if it takes time…

  55. Shivani

    Respected sir,Im a medical student in my final year.
    I need ur help sir….Im a merit student who got 91% n passed d entrnce with flying colours but past 3yrs were very difficult for me.
    Im gettn doubt on myself whether Im eligible for dis nobl profession or not.I’v also consulted psychologist as I suspected depression n withdrawn from social life every singl by day suicidal tendencies r increasing.
    Cud u pl suggest me if Iv takn d right decision regarding my profession n my behaviour
    Andhra pradesh
    Pl try to reply me sir even if it takes time

  56. Sangeetha mathurai veeran

    Hi sir, how are you. I read your Saturn transit 2014. I’m a Muslim girl. Convert to Hindu. I’m facing financial pro. Can u pls explain more about this. So that I can do something about it. Hope to hear from u ASAP . And thank you……..

  57. varadhanm

    Thanks, I have been in great trouble with the last phase (Kanya) and expecting it to be end.
    If the time of transit is not exactly the day, then what can be the Maximum time to get the effect of the transit ?

    I can do the calculation as you have mentioned in youtube, but in general would like to know what can be the maximum time to get the effect of transit ?

    Thanks in advance

  58. Rathiga

    My Dob is nov 3rd 1983 , time : 6:45 pm , place : Pondicherry( India).

    My husband’s details dob is july 18 1976 , time : 12:10 pm , place : chennai( India )

    We are going through a very rough time and living seperate for past 8 months. Can you please tell me when will we join back together

  59. kunal

    Still waiting for vrishabh rash I effects.


    I am 1958 born meena rasi & star uthrattadhi.

    Please advise the good & bad for me…if bad, please advise solution.

    Regards /MAHALINGAM

    • praveen

      Sir plz reply i already posted again posting the same
      It has been a tough year for me my DOB is 13/01/1989 birth time 7 30 am I recently graduated & have a load of bank loan and not able to find any suitable work though i m giving 100% Can u plz let me know wen will i get work will 2014 be favorable for me

  61. vidhama reddy

    my husbands d.o.b. is 5/9/1966 , 4.30pm hyderabad Sir we are facing lots of financial,and mental problems since past 3 yrs. we got our daughter married 2 yrs back and she is divorced since then business is down , many disturbances please help my daughters d.o.b.3/12/1991, 11.15 pm please help help



  63. kulbhushan

    my dob 1/12/66 10.30 am, delhi tell me about pending court cases

  64. s.devaraju

    yes it is very essential for new generation

  65. Nidhi mahajan


    I need a full analysis of my horoscope,please let me the charges


      • muthulakshmi sankar

        dear sir, i m muthulakshmi living in chennai. my d.o.b.02.11.1986 @ 5.55pm. my problem is i booked a house and paid an advance of rs.14,50,000/- in a which later v found lot of problems in the property, v asked to refund the advance, but the seller says tht only if he sells it for someother one he will pay us. pls let me know when we wil get back our hard earned money.

  66. Deepa

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Deepa. Date of birht 20.10.1987. my life is full of troubles and pains.. all are cheating me.. every minute is like a hell for me.. dont like to live a lot at the same time dont have the dareness to die.. many astrologer told that my life will change in some days but nothing is changing.. everyday is turning too bad.. my raasi is kanya and naksathra is uthhram..

    Awaiting your reply

    • Narayana Subramanian

      You are in end sani period which is going to end by Nov- Dec 2014, you will have a great year coming up;2015 will be good start; Cheers prepare yourself for better.

      Om Namashivaya

  67. Padeep

    Dear Sir,

    My DOB – 29/05/1985 time – 11:30am, Name – as per records – Pradeep Kumar M, Original Name – Padhamanadha M. finishedmy LLB in 2012

    My dream is, need to become justice in of the court / IAS/KAS. It is possiable? If possiable when will get ( year and month).

    Send email to details, And share account details will deposit consultation fees.

    waiting for your responses.

  68. Shivani

    Sir pl help me from getting out of dis frustated condition… whenever u get time pl look into my horoscope abt my present condition,the details of which I posted earlier..I humbly request u sir…

  69. deena666

    Namaskaram sir! I born on 11-05-1969 10.30 am.Guntur.
    My all worry is about the life I am living,is a hell.Many people got all good enough with me.But my life is brittle d like this.All my hopes on my life gone.Me and my wife are planning to make suicide with children.My shrimathi is born in hasta star.I am PB.
    according to that star matching also there will be no happiness.
    This is my only last hope ,so writing you sir! I request you,to give me perfect suggestion.
    shall I live or shall I leave?
    As my financial condition is slashed down completely,Writing for your free consultation.excuse me sir!When my turn will come?

    • Narayana Subramanian

      Good and bad times occur, destiny is written, so please do not take decision to end life; bcos your mistake in this birth will carry forward to your next, Pray Krishna Or Siva; they will surely provide u a way to clear troubles;All the best Om namashivaya

  70. harish


    I am going through ashtama shani. My rasi is Pisces and d. o.b is17 may 1966, 12-30pm in Mangalore. I have jupiter in my 4th house & rahu and shani in 8th house. When will i get relief

  71. Suma

    Pujya Guru Ji,
    I saw your comments in your website. It was a very good information about the sadesati but I do not have much idea about the astrology but by seeing your blogs I am scared about whether I am also in the transit of Great saturn. My DOB is 22-05-1978, Birth Place – Bangalore and Birth Time- 11.17 PM, mine is Vrischika Rashi, Makra Lagna. Am I affected by Saturn. Please help me out how to come out with these difficulties. Pls give some remedies. I am so scared by reading this blogs. Kindly help me.
    Thanks & Regards,

  72. Ranganath.s.s.

    Dear sir,




  73. ganapathy.s

    Sir, my wife and two children and me all were had same moon sign, virichiga rasi we are all going in very bad phase now and I want to know when this going to be alright. Having same zodiac sign for all four of us will lead to any catastrophe? Please help us

  74. Bondili dharmendra singh

    Dear Sir,

    Please let me know when can i get the job, my last job was till Sep-2013, from last 6 months i been waiting for opportunity, please address me. the following details for your deliberation

    DOB 05/05/1978
    Time 13.45-50pm
    Place NUZVID

    Looking forward from you.


  75. Shah

    What r ur charges for one horoscope

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      send email to with subject PAID CONSULTATION. The free consultation option is closed now because more than 2800 people have requested for free consultation as on date.

  76. Neeraj

    Dear E K Dhilip Kumar ji,
    Normally planet transit need to check by Moon chart OR Kundli Ascendant wise ?

    Like my lagna is Makar, and Saturn is transit on libra now, so it is good to check my tenth house because currently Saturn is moving over my 10th house ?

    Please let me know this make sense?

  77. Shantal

    You have missed Simha – leo rasi. Why?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I am sorry. Will update soon. Got busy with my consultations and clients. Give me some time.

  78. Shuvayu Chakraborty

    wont cancer moon sign natives be benefited since saturn is moving out of 4th house… i have lost all rationality

  79. Kattil Sabari Girish

    Name:Kattil Sabari Girish
    tob:06:40 AM

    currently the end of Shani Mahadasha last 2 years lots of problems
    how long will this last?

  80. Roopa

    Sir you are abnsolutely right about the article I read in saturn dominated time. SDT everything has happened cent percent true with me……really very enterprising…..your amazing pl give more articles ur a blessed astrologer

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      You are blessed to know more about Vedic Astrology. Only the true seeker will appreciate its value. Did you get to see some of my YOUTUBE Videos? In case you did not, on YouTube search for E K Dhilip Kumar


    DOB 6 march 1985
    TIME 11:10 AM
    PLACE Meerut(up)
    Please tell me saturn in my kundli cause a rajyoga.tell me the effect of saturn in coming time.

  82. mounika koduri

    Sir, I am a medical student… Finished my MBBS… And now preparing for post graduation since 2yrs… Last 10 yes have need very tough for me in all aspects of life… Personal , professional and family health issues.. Please is there a remedy for my problems to end? My DOB-26th February, 1987.. 6.20am on the day of Shiva ratri….pob-eluru…shravana nakshatra and makara rash… Please give me some ur advice and remedy… Also prospects of future of my personal , professional outlook and health and well being of my family.

  83. vasantha


    What about SIMHA RAASI. you have not mentioned anything.

  84. deepa

    Dear Sir,

    My name is Deepa. Date of birht 20.10.1987. my life is full of troubles and pains.. all are cheating me.. every minute is like a hell for me.. dont like to live a lot at the same time dont have the dareness to die.. many astrologer told that my life will change in some days but nothing is changing.. everyday is turning too bad.. my raasi is kanya and naksathra is uthhram..

    Awaiting your reply

  85. Raj Pillai

    My date of Birth is 12th June, 1954. Astrological Chart-Swathi Natchathiram Thula Raasi. May I know when exactly did the Sade-Sati start and end for me? The last couple of years has not been good to me, financially especially. Can I know the effects from now till the end of the 7 1/2 years? Is it going to be good?

  86. meenakshi

    my daughter was born on 27-6-1997.she was very good in studies. but now very bad and her health is also affected. time of birth is 5.20 pm in evening .kindly give me your advice,and pariharas to be done.

  87. rangavittala


    my DOB is 5.2.1969, bangalore,1.30pm, Simha rashi, pubba nakshatra, facing lot of problems in sade sati and Rahu dasha, now running Guru dasha problems are more, working nonstop in office without leave almost 10 years , i am religious fellow but god not allowing me to do good things. Lost my father few months ago, now being lone son too much pressure. how to go about?

  88. subramanian

    You have Mentioned About Accidents Happening mostly on 8th,17th and 26th in one of your writings.It does happen on Saturdays as well i think so.In chennai a 111 storey building in construction collapsed on SATURDAY due to Rain and Many People have Died in it and it could be more than 30+

  89. Anil Amin

    My name Is Anil born in mangalore DOB is 30 june 1974 .. 7.30 pm born… Tell about my future , career & when shani is ending..

  90. Theodore

    Thank you for this insight… my moon is 29.15 in 7th sign (Tula – Libra)
    so my Sade Sati ends around the end of 2015? I think I have it right?

  91. Dee Ananda

    My ascendant is libra, and moon in scorpio (2nd house) and sun in virgo (12th house). How will the nov 2nd saturn transit effect saturn is in aries in the 7th house . Please reaply. I really enjoy your videos.

  92. N.Packirisami

    Dear Dilipkumarji, My Name is N.Packirisami DOB 19.09.1963, Kanni Rasi, I am passing very bad in my life from 2009 onwards in my life. is any chance to get relief.

  93. Rajesh Gadda

    Sir Regards, My D.O.B. is 03/10/1970, and sthanakiya Janma Samay is 5:14 am. I am Born in Mumbai, Andheri West Area. I have been having severe trouble related to my business since last 2 years. I had setup factory of Garments 5 years ago and was growing every year. But Since last 2 years my business turnover has been severely deteriorating and as on today, i feel like shutting down my factory as I cannot sustain the overheads. I have lost all my confidence & focus. Can you please explain. I need to consult you. My mobile no is: 09167090009

  94. Ramalingam

    Dear Sir, My DOB 27-03-1960, TOB is 06:07AM and POB is Trivandrum. I have Saturn in my 8th house and the time is torrid. Will Shani’s effects be till the last day? As days near 2nd Nov 2014, the effects are turning worse… please explain.

  95. amit choudhury

    dear sir my rashi is meena wat is my time from november 2014?

  96. Prashanth

    Dear Sir,
    I am a freelance sales consultant for government DOB 27-11-1986 TOB: 23:50 POB:Hyderabad .I have been facing the worst phase from past 2 years.everything is out of control.i know I am in my Sade sati period.Now I want to know whether November 2,2014 transit will bring me some favor?please look into my birth chart and let me know about my favorable time..

  97. Raghavendrachar Jois

    My DOB is 15/08/1962 and time is 3:10AM at Bellary (15° 09′ N, 76° 55′ E) I am a Government Servant and gets decent monthly salary, but I am loosing quite a lot and I am quite restless and no peace of mind. Please suggest any remedy. I am religious and do Sandhyavandana and pooja everyday. Tell Vishnusahasranama.



    Regarding Saturn Transit starting on Nov 2,2014,have not seen your write up for Leo.Kindly advise.

  99. V.Parameswaran

    I am born on 24th July 1961. I have not built or purchased a house/flat of my own so far. Has good job and earning. Less saving. Could you please look at this and suggest a remedy?
    Should I wear any stones? Looking forward to your advise. Place of Birth – Alleppy, Kerala.

    With regards


  100. prasad kanumalla

    sir , i do not agree with your coment of transit of saturn will have same effect for vrishaba and tula borns , and i have experiences in many horoscopes , the intensity is firstly lighter and ofcourse more on progressive side. prasad astrologer . hyderabad.

  101. sreiprasanna

    Iam R.Prasanna Kumar from Pondicherry born in Trichy on 12.05.1980 at Meena Rashi(6.12.03 AM). Iam undergoing Astama Shani for the past 2.5 years. Many problems in my official life. I could not meet my target and iam in danger of loosing my job. Is there possibility of sustaining in the same job and How will my personal life be? Iam looking for new house purchase and marriage. How will be and when is the right time to do?

    Is there any solution. Kindly reply.

  102. M.Sreenivasan

    My DOB is 26 nov 1962 (Tula rasi) and time is 9;30am at Mysore, i have in trouble for nearly 10 years will fortune changes after nov 2nd 2014.

  103. Geetha

    My DOB 12/3/1968 and time 7.30 AM. Since 10 years i am facing lots of financial problems and have lot of debts to be cleared. Will i be benefited by this saturn transit on NOv 2nd 2014? Please reply

  104. usha

    My husband’s DOB is 26-10-1965 and he was born at 1.30 p.m. in Trivandrum. How will this affect him? Please help as we have some important decisions to make!

  105. Sudhan Subramanian

    Hi Dilip,

    As per western astrology saturn is going to transit to Sagittarius in Nov 2nd 2014. But our vedic astrology says now only it is going to enter scorpio. Which do you think is right?

    I am a scorpion. I feel like somewhat relieved from my past life’s pain. The exact worst period being 2011-2014. Feels good these days. So i’m confused here. Please clarify.


  106. Raj

    Hi Dilip,
    What is the effect of saturn transit to 6th house when natal saturn is conjunct with Ketu in 8th house and running Ketu MD with bukthi. I appreciate your insight

  107. Raj

    Ketu Mahadasha with mercury bukthi

  108. ritu sharma

    Dhlip ji saturn goes in 9th house according to 12(pisecs) sign not in 8th house,you have write 8th house. pls. clear me

  109. Josephs

    Dear Sir, My time of birth is 02/07/1963, at 05.55 pm (17.55). Last 5-6 years I am in deep trouble. Lost my business, separated from family etc. When will have good time in my life. Kindly advise. Thanks in advance.

  110. veera subramanian

    I am meena rasi uttrirathi natchitaram when will astamasani finish.

  111. Rajneesh Ranjan

    Pranam Guruji.
    DOB: 13th August, 1971, 16:44 Hours, At Bhagalpur Bihar. Now in Mumbai.
    Diabetes, Bloodpressure, Asthma, Lower leg pain, Sexual weakness. But can swim and run and have strong built. Height is 5’11. Marital discord and in court for divorce. Have two daughters. Major problem in Job as not getting recognition and success in Job. Want to find a new job and win the court case. Get married again. If you could please help me with right astro remedies.

  112. Ravi

    dear date of birth is 7/7/ 4:30 pm ramgarh jharkhand birth rashi tula..i had left my job and started preparing for govt job in june 2013 .but unfortunately in 3 major companies i got rejected in final list .still i have some interview to face .please tell me when can i expect a positive result.

  113. K V S Mani

    Dear Sir Namaskar

    My Name is K V S MANI. My date of birth is 16/01/1964. 3.30 AM Wednesday. My star is SHRAVANA. MAKARA RASI. I have a problem. I am working in a bank. I have been sent on foreign assignment. From March 2013 I am in trouble. I should have come back to India in June 2103. But it is still dragging. In the meanwhile I missed my promotions. I have held accountable for some small mistakes. I am still held up in foreign country. I am desperate to come back to India. I am away from family since march 2013. I am a diabetic. my health is affected.

    Kindly guide me. when will I come back to India. will there be a financial loss in the form of punishment. what about my health. I am disgusted.


  114. Susmita Naik

    Pranam Guruji, I read your blogs and it was amazing. Every words of it are very true. Could you please advise me regarding my future, Married life, professional life etc. My DOB is 12th Nov 1985, 10:30 PM and it I am Swati Tula.
    Thanks for your valuable time and really sorry if I am disturbing you.

  115. sai gayathri

    +dear sir…my date of birth is 16/06/1989 …time is 11:49 pm….i am facing hurdles in my job ..i need change in job..wht is my position

  116. rd43023

    On your life Prediction:

    Point 1 : nothing to worry. if you are affected know that you are affected and wait till it fades off (it will).

    Point 2: if you are worried about future wait till it comes nothing is going to happen drastically unless you are slept halfway. (still don’t worry you are guarded 100%).

    Point 3: if you are in hell. imagine the time when you were in heaven. learn from it as it says time changes for every body (you are not alone, many many people are in same boat, so be calm).

    What to do: Relax! do nothing to change (good or bad). don’t run here and there saturn is a slow planet we all know that it will make you slow. means your mind is fast but the outcome of the thoughts are not fast. so let go. so just wait, wait and wait. thats all you can do.

    What not to do: dont be fast be with the phase. see it enjoy it realise it and release it .. know that many things are not in your control … finally accept it. there is No quick fix solution (as their isn’t any problem first).

    Result: 100% positive. you will come out with real strength. you will learn and come out best of youself from the events.

    Don’t hold to anything Saturn teaches to unwind,liberate,unfold,detach so better know it. nothing wrong in it as “you have come empty handed and will go same way”. so it keeps us reminded often so that we don’t stick to earthly matters.

    Practice: watching yourself 24 hrs being in presence. it will help 100 folds moving with time(good/bad what ever), never critizize or compare with others as all are going in their own pattern and it will never help you out.

    Astrology is a study and astrologer studies horoscope don’t expect solutions from them, they study your horoscope and tell the position of planets and with case study could give prediction.

    they can’t find solutions until you are in good faith. Only one thing can save you have faith that you will have good time soon and watch and accept whatever happening (you don’t become great doing this you become aware). yes we all know in difficult times no one listens but have faith (one concious always listening, seeing it and will help you and it is within youself).

  117. Anil kumar pillai

    heloo sir my name is Anil kumar pillai amy dob is 19th december 2014 and time is 12.56 night place of birth is Rourkela(Orissa).can you plz tell me how is my time now becoz now myself in worse situtation in my life

  118. rajni

    my d o b is 3 jul 1960 facing alot of problems on job front as well as home front time 9.30 am place muaffarnagar up

  119. rajni

    please help me in getting peace in my life

  120. prithvi

    dear sir my date of birth 25-06-1988 ,8:40 pm time, atmakur nellore dt andhrapradesh.. im trying for govt job since 5 years i have no job. when can i get it… govtjob?

  121. prithvi

    please reply me sir im trying for govt since 5 years after completion of my education..since now i have no job… when can i get govt job? dob:25-06-1988 ,8:40pm ,atmakur nelloredt andhrapradesh. plese reply sir…

  122. Nagraj

    Dear Sir

    My is thula rasi with date of birth 1-4-72, I went through difficulties for 5 years, i lost job but got a better one in just a months time (this happened around oct-nov 2012), my family members went through trouble and i went to lot of mental stress but i was all happy because nothing major went wrong. However since july 2014 i am subjected to extreme mental stress due all sort of worries about myself, wife and children. I read about the effects of Jupiter transit etc. i am worried if the last 2.5 years of saturn is good or bad for me. I want to consult.

  123. Saurabh

    Hi Dilip Sir, my ascendant is Taurus and rasi is Capricorn. 2017 onwards my shani mahadasha starts along with sade sati. My shani is in the 2nd house along with the budh ( lord of the 2nd house) I am confused as to what is going to be the impact of saturn on me. Pls help.


    Respected Sir,

    My date of birth is 19.04.1962 at 6.00AM. I want to inform you that, I have paid approximately an amount of Rs.5.00 lacs to my brother-in-law sometime around

    10years back. Till today, I could not recover the same from him. Because of this, even our family relationship also spoiled. My husband, they are four brothers.

    I have given money to 3rd brother. We are in a very great difficult situation. Please let me know whether I can get back this amount some how. Also, My husband is also Kanya raasi and chitta nakshatra. He lost his job and trying to get back the same but till today, he has not got anything nor his salary and settlement amount. We are in lot of trouble sir. Please help us.

    I Hope, you will help in this matter.

    Thanks and regards


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