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  1. DD

    Really eye-opening article…Just checked with someone in Saturn Dasha Sukra bhukti…it was really THE irony of fate for him!!! I have a question for you….For Dhanu Rashi people: as they have benefiting Saturn in 11th house, will ketu block all the Saturn benefits (being in opposition)? if yes any remedies to keep Saturn benefits intact?

  2. DD

    Thank you, dear!!! I am concerned because I have almost no benefits gained after having Saturn and Rahu in my 11th house for so long time now. I learned if Saturn has anyone opposing (in our case Ketu) then Saturn benefits will be completely blocked by that opposing planet. Have you seen any Saturn benefit or Rahu benefit yet? Really curious since we have same Chandra rashi.

  3. DD

    Another point, my friend…Even though Jupiter enters Mithuna on May 30th, Jupiter will combust (become ASTHA – Behind SUN) until July 6th. Hence,I think Jupiter benefits wont be reaped until July (around same time Saturn goes direct – July 8th)….Cant wait to have July in my calendar this year …. Cheers to all my Dhanu friends!!!

  4. DD

    Hmm…Thanks My friend!!! Looking forward to it 😉

  5. Arjun

    I am Dhanu Lagna with moon in Kumbha Rashi,
    How will the period after Jupiter Transit be for me ?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Jupiter transit will be very helpful. So depending on the degree of the Moon in Kumbha Rasi you will get start seeing the results. If you are in the middle of the Rasi then you will start getting the good results from day 1 of the transit. Make use of this transit. Effort always counts.

      • Arjun

        The below data pertains to my Natal Birth Chart:
        My Lagna is Dhanu at 9 degree 52′ & Jupiter is in Lagna itself at 9 Degree 54′
        My Moon is 17 Degree 1′ in Kumbha in Satabhishaka nakshatra
        My Saturn is exalted in Libra in 11th House from lagna
        I have just completed My Law degree & am looking for Job opportunity.
        Can i expect something now or after this Jupiter Transit in May ?

  6. ds

    DOB 06 June 1960 at 12:30 hrs in Rourekela -Orissa. I came to know tht Guru is transit to 9 th house , what will be the changes in life for me, new job , bettter job, or continue in current Job.

  7. Peekay

    Great Article Guruji,

    My interest in Astrology started during my Sade Sati period!! I am worried about my Brother’s daugher who is having Sukra Mahardasa and Shani bhukti. What you said seems to be perfectly happening to her…. She is a very different person than who she was earlier.

  8. Venkat

    Dear Dhilip Sir,

    I have been reading a lot of your knol trying to understand the difficulties my elder son is facing as he is running sade-sati and has sani dasa, rahu bukti and then I come across this knol blog on sukra dasa sani bukti and I am now starting to see more light.

    I am running sukra dasa, sani bukti and ashtama sani period presently (DOB Feb 3, 68, TOB 6:20 AM, Secunderabad, AP) and it has been a really wrenching time for last two and half years. Though I do daily puja and have been saying my prayers for last 15 years daily and have been a Anjaneya baktha and seeker of Guru Raghavendra swamy’s blessing, the mental turmoil has been hard to bear. In the last year and half, I have also been praying Lord Siva for his blessing. So truly this dasa bukti period has made me more aware of my needs for the almighty. Please let me know how long would this go on and will I have any respite.

    You have been doing a yeoman service with your knol blogs enlightening the people seeking answers to their life challenges and responding to the queries of the concerned. I pray that God blesses you for your services. Thank you.

  9. Kris Tandav

    DOB: July 5 1969 Quilon Kerala India @ 1 PM. Kanya Lagna, Meena Rasi and Uthrabhadra star.
    Came out of terrible Ketu Dasa in 2010 Nov and entered Shukra Dasa Shukra Bukthi from Nov 2010.
    Got stumped by Ashtama Shani during Nov 2011. Even though i am running Shukra Dasa Shukra Bukthi, Ashtama Shani phase (Current) has been **WORSE than KETU Dasa****.

    Any suggestions as to when i would see better times?

    Mr. Kris Tandav

  10. mandoomama

    I was born on 1st Feb 1969, 10.01 PM in Raurkela, Orissa State, India. I am running my Shukra/Guru. Shukra is exalted in 7th with Shani . To mention, even Sukra- Rahu should be in your list because it brought a big shift in my career ( and K N Rao mentions about it in his book). Can you please let me know your guidance for me? Very interesting article. Best wishes.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Being a professional Astrologer, I find very little time to write articles. Good to know of your interests in Astrology. Please blog so that others can have your views since you are reading a lot. I write whenever my clients give me some spare time. Before I became a professional Astrologer I had plenty of time for research and writing.

  11. learning astro

    Your article helped me find some of the answers. I am vrishabh rashi, Kumbh Lagna. I am going thru the dasha period of- Rahu -Venus-Saturn. How is this period for me from the point of profession?
    They say Jupiter’s entry into gemini is helpful. But I hav not experienced anything so far.

  12. hari

    Name : Hariss.P
    lagna : cancer
    rasi : cancer
    nakshtra : ashleesha
    Birth place : Madurai,Tamilnadu
    time : 10:38pm

    Im undergoing Sukra dasa shani bhukti from 2012 to 2015 . Im B.E eee engineer with 80 % marks finished in 2010 but for 3 years no job simply sitting .When will i get job .Im very afraid pls help me .Is ashleesha very unlucky nakshtra?

    • Hariss

      ame : Hariss.P
      lagna : cancer
      rasi : cancer
      nakshtra : ashleesha
      Birth place : Madurai,Tamilnadu
      time : 10:38pm

      Im undergoing Sukra dasa shani bhukti from 2012 to 2015 . Im B.E eee engineer with 80 % marks finished in 2010 but for 4 years no job simply sitting .When will i get job .Im very afraid pls help me .Is ashleesha very unlucky nakshtra?

  13. P.Janarthanan

    Dear Sir,
    It is really true since I am currently running sat. dasha, sukra bhukti till 09/12/2014 and i undergone skin surgery last month. Saturn being the 6th lord aspecting sukra posited in the 6th house in saturn’s house.

  14. Shivendra

    I just finished my Sukra-Shani period 2 months back (I am Simha Lagna and Meena Moon Rashi). I must tell you sir, your article is so excellent and true that if i tell you my story both planets will come down. Past 2 yrs I am suffereing from extreme and undiagnosable health issue that greatest of great doctors from lilavati hospital also cannot diagnose. I have wasted laks of Rs. in medical scanning and medicines but of no help at all. I have high b.p, my vita b12 is poor, vit d is very poor, calcium problem, and above all a very strange problem that my body balance is disturbed and i feel my upper and lower half of my body is feeling disjoint. All these problems is still there even after finishing my shukra-shani period? Still on medication but no solution? 16-Dec-1980, 11.20 pm, Mumbai are my details? I am currently abroad for a job , but as ur article says, Rahu in 12th house is giving me lot of job problems and stress?

  15. hari

    Saturn is known to make things difficult but it never destroys. The question is, does this apply to Shukra-Shani period. At the end of this period, will we gain back whatever losses we suffered? Will everything come back to normal?

  16. Malti

    Dhilip ji my husband passing thru sat ven period past two yrs & he is also going thru second dhaiyya of sad sati . First his head hit by golf ball out of the blue, within six months just tilted while standing & fell in golf course and had shoulder fracture. Few days back his brother died.
    His originally Saturn in 7 th house in pisces bali. However by gods grace all is peaceful cause we do understand why it’s all happening.
    Now my son having Saturn mahadasha Venus bhukti ……. Having top job but unable to find right soulmate . What he wants not getting main problem is his posting in Moscow.

  17. mandoomama

    Venus Saturn has been very good for an individual who was Kanya Lagna with Ketu/Guru in lagna and Shani, Exalted Shukra and Rahu in 7th. In fact, he did very well in his profession at that point of time. It all depends on the disposition of the planets in all the important divisional charts. But you are correct. It does present a challenging time for many and there is always “free will” to sail through the period. Best regards

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I never said it is 100% bad for everyone. There are so many exceptions in Astrology. That makes Astrology one of the toughest subject on Earth.

      • Hari

        Name : Hari
        lagna : cancer
        rasi : cancer
        nakshtra : ashleesha 4th pada

        Im undergoing Sukra dasa shani bhukti from 2012 to 2015 . Im B.E eee engineer with 80 % marks finished in 2010 but for 5 years no job simply sitting .When will i get job .Im very afraid pls help me .Is ashleesha very unlucky nakshtra?

      • Hardwork

        Hari, Your % is not a reflection of what you know. Improve yourself by taking classes and looking more aggressively for a job. This should be a guidance and not a decision maker or breaker. You have free will and work hard and do what is needed to get a job. If people started trusting and spending time on this then there would be no USA or any of the developed nations where people work hard and “do what is needed” to make something work to the best of your ability. You are young and should not be in this forum wasting your time. Go and look for a job. Meet people, network, improve your skills. Good luck! Best wishes.

      • Hari

        Hello Sir,
        I have done courses and done lot of interviews , but everytime i fail .The articles posted here everything happened to me . I have lost lot of money roaming here and there for job.Nothing worked out .Something is there in astrology .U must have some luck and time to frutify your hardwork.

      • MANOJ


      • PRASAD

        If Saturn bhukti significant of 6,8,12 and 5,8,12 in planet nakshtra and sub lord then and then only
        Person face difficulties job loss health problems insult obstacles
        Otherwise it’s not
        If jatak have 10 and 11 in nakshtra planet and sublord he will have great time and o bad kind
        any effect on person

  18. Nancy

    Very insightful articles. Considering the topic of sukra dasa, I have a question. Sukra is considered badhaka for kumbha lagna people. In that case, will sukra dasa be good or bad? Since it is yogakaraka will it not show good results? In my case, I have kumbha lagna , sukra in 4th house(own house). I am running sukra maha dasa (currently running sun AD). I am trying to understand if it will act as yogakaraka or badhaka in this case. Please throw some light on this topic.

  19. Chandrashekar

    My name is Chandrashekar i was born 18th march 1970 morning 10:05 at Haveri, Karntaka state , india. My Nakshtra – Pushya 2 , Kataka Rasi,

    Now Venus Dasa Runing from 2003 but iam not getting any benefit during sukra dasa and iam getting lot of problems like as financila problems, Career problem , Unpleasant personal life , No growth , etc But everone telling Sukra dasa is very good period for growth but in my life it is always bad effect why? and iam tryining for swifting job last 2 yrs but till date it is not happened.

    Pls look into my Horoiscope Kindly Solutions for my problems


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      What is your Lagna? Where is Venus? What is the strength of Venus? Who are afflicting Venus etc. All these and more should be checked out before one concludes is Venus is good or bad. It is a mistake to thing that Venus is always good for all people.

  20. ganesh

    dear sir

    your observations are excellent. I was a non-believer of astrology, but started believing the Gocharas, the moment I cam into Sukra Dasha-Shani Bukthi combination. Hell of problems and I am losing one by one, my fame or popularity, goodwill etc. Though sukra dasa brought me a good promotion in my career, I am now being shifted to far away place from my family. My entire family is in different places. We have three houses in three diff cities but we are living separately in rented houses. I have purchased a brand new car in 2011, but is sleeping in someone’s garrage. We are going by rented vehicles.

    I am born in Pushya Star on 25/05/66 (8.45 AM) at Thanjavur Dist near Mannargudi. Mithuna Lagna and Kataka Rashi.

    With sudden turn of events, I am thinking that I am nearing my end (which I am not afraid; I am afraid of bringing any sort of disrepute to my family, who are fully dependent on me – in that case a painless death is suffice – I am not a coward).

    Kindly offer any remedy, if available.


    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Your being (soul) goes through greatest trouble after a suicide. Avoid it all cost. It will make things worse than now. If trouble leads to suicide, most of the human beings would have done that. It is easy for human beings to do that. Despite that rarely people do that. Have you wondered why? Your being (soul) knows that it is nightmare after suicide. That is why!

      • ganesh

        thanks for your guidance. I am not a coward to commit a suicide. will not do that. But I am interested to have a neat finish. may be prone to heart attack. but, if it comes i would receive it with joy. will not go to a doctor at all. that is my situation. i am afraid of losing my name. i have not done anything wrong or dishonest act. will not do in my lifetime also. but something bad is happening beyond my control almost on all days since dec 2012. when this ordeal will end. that is my question. what is the parihara for this? which planet is ruining my peace?whether my situation will improve or will worsen further.


  21. Neerav Kothari

    hello. My shukra-shani-shani dasa starts from tomorrow (6th dec 2013)!!!! today was my birthday. my birth details are 5th dec 1983, 01.06 AM. Mumbai.
    i have had a rough time and constant failures (personally, academically, relationshipwise and professionally) since jan 26th 2001, from the very moment of earth quake in gujarat, to which i was an witness. i didn’t suffer from it directly, but life changed from that moment.
    i would be truly thankful to you if u can tell me something about the coming period till 2017 starting from tomorrow. i have gone in astrology in good depths considering i am a layman but cant know such specific things.
    my shani and shukra are in 17 degree and 4 degree tula in 3rd house. and apparently only planet aspecting them is rahu in vrishabh in 10th house having 8th drashti.
    please let me know. if ur doing this professionally i am willing to pay fees if i can afford it. thankyou.

    • Neerav Kothari

      Ok so 6 months into this period first thing i realised is that rahu doesn’t have a drashti on it as i was counting drashti backwards for retrograde grahas!
      Now, the project i wanted to work on in iphone development, which is related to an app i wanted to launch in finance category finally toon off from the last week of december! It is going slow and my skills are being put to the maximum test. i have not set a deadline for this project but just a target to do it so well that irrespective i earn from this app or not, i should be able to use it as a showcase app for my abilities and get outsourced work in future. This is forcing me to learn things in great details and do it as professionally as possible. While the project is a bit big for the first project and is advancing slowly, the learning process has been a steep upward curve. I am gaining more and more confidence by the day. The progress stops on it time and again but each time i get back to it i have more capability.

      Some people are saying to keep this app aside and do a smaller one to start with but more i think about the lessons i learnt from the past the more i feel i should stick to it.

      In this period i am feeling a constant phases of sound stability and phases of complete distractedness alternatively. When work stops and health degenerates for a week or two it is really bad, when it gets on track again everyone around notices my focus and inner peace!

      Its like a train that runs with full momentum for a time and then is derailed for another short period of time, then again it is back on track!

      My patients is being tested to the limit. Sometimes i show extreme patients and calm and get things done in my project that were stuck. The very same day mom annoys me with on of her behavioural antiques and i am about yo blow up like a volcano cause i have had a very focused fay and i need to relax. But then again an inner voice says it a passing phase. Relax!

      I am living off of my dad’s moment at the moment and he is also putting up with a lot of patients and frustration.

      Health is a constant challenge, just when sinus problem was solved bowel problem started! But stil i feel more in harmony with my body than i have since 2001. In the sense that it is not bothering me more than the sinus problem

      Its like on one side the powers that be are trying to rock the apple cart and on the other side the same powers have given me a greater sense of balance and conteol!

      I had asked for a quote to get a reading done but it was too much for me to afford. If u can just tell me in one line if my efforts and worth it and if they will pay off ill be at mich ease than before. If u see trouble maybe u can tell me what i need to do in a single line or something i should keep in mind.

      Overall i believe the shurka – guru period was a real hell and this period has brought some ease. The period from 2009 to mid 2011 was also good in terms of confidence and learning to deal with people and naysayers.

      Ill truely appreciate that one line u have to say Mr. Dhilip. In the near future when i have money i wanna definitely go for a reading.

      Note: on the advice of another astrologer who did gemstone reading for me 2 years back (lost contact with him) i am wearing a ruby 3 carats in gold in right hand ring finger and a coral 7 carats in gold pendant and chain. Its just that i already spent so much that my dad doesnt want to spend anymore. It buitls up a lot of negativity. Maybe i would be able to afford it if u can give me a wuote pertaining to answering just this one question relating to this period.

  22. gudu

    ya..i think it’s true…

  23. chandrasherrao.k

    my name is chandrashekarrao katakarashi ashlesha 1 pada prasent mydasais sukra but iam not happyly ihave very much problems pls tell meyhe futher

  24. chandrasherrao.k

    my name is chandrashekarrao katakarashi ashlesha 1 pada prasent mydasais sukra but iam not happyly ihave very much problems pls tell meyhe futher last week i left from home

  25. Radhakrishnan

    Thanks for the article… I will be entering Saturn Bhukti in Sukra dasa in 2017 May … Cancer Lagna VENUS in 12th Gemini with moon, saturn in lagna, Ketu in Libra , Jupiter in 6th, Sun/rahu in 10th Aries, mercury in 11th Taurus .”.. What do you think will be the repercussion of this in May 2017 and what remedial measures I should take. I chant Mirthunjaya japa every day. Right now I seem to be alright and my good time suppose to start in June 2014. Appreciate your answer as and when you can get sometime ..I am also a Rotarian, Past President involved in education eft…..regards..RadhaKrishnan

    • GR

      I can not agree with you more Mr. Dhilip…You are an exceptionally brilliant astrologer and the way you explain the astrological aspects makes the unbearable experiences in life some what bearable ..ofcourse with the realisation that, that was meant to be the logical outcome for the placement of planets and their transits in ones horoscope.. hats off to you.. and the remedies that you suggested also did make a big positive impact! Can we say that astrology does prove that there is a “method in madness” when it comes to predicting something as unpredictable as experiences in life!

  26. Sanjeev Kumar

    Except Thula and Vrushbha..rest of the other Rashis might get into trouble…!!

  27. subiksha

    im thula lagna and am now on sani dasa sani bhukti..sani bhukti started in jan 2013.. am experiencing dullness, career is not improving, etc.. can you tel when my good period starts.


    All I experienced JOB changes as mention in this article, Lucky that I searched this now and sharing my experience in last few months of SUKRA – SANI, by the way I also under going ashtama shani NOW Can any one suggest the predictions please

  29. Narayanan

    Dear Dhilip Kumar,
    Your observations are 100 % right. Suddenly I lost my job, hospitalized etc.,


  30. Kannan

    Helo Sir. I have been reading your article for the past 2 yrs. Your predictions are exactly true for me YOB:1987, Sukra Dasha- Shani Bukthi (till June 8 ,2015). I am experiencing the same. Kataka raasi, Ayilyam nakshatra & Kumbha lagna. I was employed in a large Organization, suddenly situations prompt me to take extreme step to leave the good job in mid -2011 (2011, Shani Bukthi started) for higher studies from a reputed college. After higher studies, I am not lucky enough to get the best job, even though I had the best profile among all students. Till this day ,same situation. When will i get a relief ??, Sir. Is this the effect of purva punya or pavam ?? What is the remedy ? Pls reply Mr.Dilipkumar.

  31. kusuma sai

    hello sir,
    my daughter date of birth 3/11/2006.(november)
    kilkenny (ireland)
    8.20 am
    does she has pancha graha raja yogam?

  32. Roger D

    Dear Dhilipkumarji,
    I am running Shukra dasha since 2008 my DOB is 12.03.65 time 12.15Afternoon Mumbai. I was doing very well abroad in film related industry selling byproducts and reached massive heights was one of the top in Middle east and europe 1997-2004 was unstoppable. After starting of Shukra dasha in 2008 slowly i have lost everything i possess its from riches to rags..2010-2014 i have not earned a penny just some or the other managed thru my brother & sisters. My Family is in dire straits children are almost in and out of schools eldest son has to drop out and at home. I pray everyday only since this year not been praying and worked out 100more ways to conduct stable business and trying hard for job,business, anything is such a calamity and distress situation nothing had been successful but I have not lost hope Thinking why me? and i had been praying and led a good life and been good and helpful supportive to everyone helped all friends and everyone in need.Today no one is helping me Could you please suggest remedy I am penniless now but will surely bounce back to glory and eventually pay you. please help suggest some remedies asapi will appreciate from the bottom of my heart

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      As you are in mumbai right now, please visit Maa Vajreshwari Devi, a form of Goddess Durga, temple situated near Vasai, Mumbai,. Recite the following mantra from inside the temple during Rahu Kaalam or on all Fridays.

      सर्वमङ्गलमाङ्गल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थसाधिके ।
      शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके गौरि नारायणि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥
      Sarva-Manggala-Maanggalye Shive Sarvaartha-Saadhike |
      Sharannye Trya[i-A]mbake Gauri Naaraayanni Namo[ah-A]stu Te ||

      • Roger D

        Thanks a lot sir and appreciate your prompt reply and attending to my Query without charges will surely visit vajreshwari .
        I do hope I will be able to reunite with my family back in UAE without going to Jail for cheque bouncing. Will need all prayers and blessings Regards RD

  33. Sandhya malik

    Dear Sir,

    I am going through extremely bad phase since i don’t know when. You will be able to see it yourself.

    My DOB is 10 Sep 1972, Time- 10:08 am, place-delhi.

    Kindly let me know when will my good phase start in terms of family, job switch etc.

    Regards- SM

  34. stia

    So true. I got interested and became a believer of vedic astrology during the Ashtama sani period. My Sukra-Sani period is a good 10 years later, however, it coincides with the start of my 7.5 sani and sani is the lord of my second house from lagna. Don’t know what life would bring forth at that time!!

  35. ishwar

    Dear Sir,

    I am going through extremely bad phase,
    My DOB is 22Dec1973, Time- 03:00 am(early morning), place-bangalore.
    Am I running Shukra dasha ?
    with regards.

  36. Nitu Saxena

    I am going through bad times in my marriage. My date of birth is 3mar1977, Time is 8:19am place Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh.
    My husband’s DOB is 24july1973 and time is 11:39am, Place of birth is Gorakhpur UP. Please guide

  37. nitu

    Dear sir
    I am going through Shukra mahadasha. Very soon I’ll be starting Shukra shani bhukti. My DOB is 3-3-1977 place Pilibhit, Time8:19 am. My husband’s DOB is 24-7-1973, time 11:39 am place Gorakhpur. Have trouble in marriage which was a good marriage all the eleven years back. please guide. I contemplate suicide each day

  38. Odoyle

    Dear Sir
    Its hard to accept but true,I ve undergone a major accident during the sukra-sani period and still recovering from the effects.
    I was born in Coimbatore 7-1-1987, Time 10:55 AM.
    My Lagna Lord is Saturn (Aquarius Lagna) and he is 10th house of Scorpio along with Sukra
    Even though both are in a quadrant i suffered a sudden accident during construction of my house.
    While unloading slabs of granite a pile of granites (approx 8 to 10 tonnes) slipped and falled on my legs. My both legs got stuck under the load and it took several minutes to break away the stones.My left thigh bone was fractured and right ankle was broken with open wound.Compared to the weight of the stones I consider myself lucky enough to be saved and I never lost sensation in my legs even before admitting in the hospital and i did not fainted though with heavy bleeding.
    A month in the hospital after 4 surgeries i was taken home and started walking without assistance after 7 months.I am blessed with proper care and I really thank God for my having my legs.
    There are side effects too, unwanted bones stared growing in side wise of my thigh bone obstructing my thigh muscle movement and ankle movement also got affected due to excess bone growth and i have to surgically remove them in the future.
    The accident happened on 1st May 2012, 2 to 2:30 PM approx, 6 months after the commencement of sukra sani period and still have 7-8 months to complete the period
    I have some queries,
    Did it happened because my lagna lord (sani) and dasa lord (sukra) in the house of scorpio, though in 10th, scorpio being the original house of the 8th (surgeries, sudden events…) and a martian house
    Due to my belonging to pisces rasi and undergoning astama sani and sani being exalted in the 8th Libra or due to planetary transists in the said period
    Or due the karmic debts i have to pay, Sanidev being the ultimate judge exalted in libra and teaching the hard lessons. (Significator of bones, earthen stones…..)
    I ve recovered very much past 1 year and after a short delay my house was completed and some how i become much interested in astrology though my grandfather thought me the basics 10 years before i was never interested at that time.
    I have one request to make Sir , If you go through my chart please advice on profession, though I ve completed Engineering with good average I m jobless (never searched one), father runs a good yarn business but I my mind is not into the business ,I am currently studying for civil services and i am really confused about the career to enter into

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I think the main cause was because at that time you were going through Ashtama Sani period. meaning – the transit of Saturn on the 8th house from Moon. Moreover Venus is behind Saturn which is evident in the bhava chart. Whenever I find the time I will study your horoscope. Right now there are over 3400 requests for free consultation.

      • Odoyle

        thanks a lot sir…i appreciate your taking time in analysing my chart

      • Srinivasan Subramanian

        Dear Sir, It is really true with Ashtama Sani. My date of birth is 25th Aug 1964. I am passing the last few months of my Ashtama Sani. During the last one year many sad events happened to me suddenly. I was in East Africa for 17 years and it was almost like my home country. All of a sudden I had to leave the job, the country and my associates. I was almost forced out of the country for no fault of mine. I lost almost Rs. 40 lakhs and since my return to India in Feb 2014, I could not earn a single penny so far. I have about 28 yrs of experience in my profession but could not get a single opportunity to earn something. I was having serious disputes with my wife. the relationship has become better in the last one month or so. I have been living as a pauper many times with empty pocket. Some friends keep helping me. I think about commiting suicide very often.
        I am also in my Sukhra Dasha Raghu Bukti which will end by Oct 2014, to followed by Guru Bukhti.
        Will I get any relief after the change of Bhukti in Oct OR Will I get some relief after the Sani Transit which is in Nov 2014

  39. Siva pra sad reddy

    Dear Dili kumar sir. Iam suffering. Too many money problems my good name also gone main is. Kataka rasi. Now sukra dasa sani. Bhukti. My about my feature. Pls reply and help me sir

    • Siva pra sad reddy

      My date of birth. 11/6/1956. Time4.56pm. Place. Nellore. Andhra pradesH

  40. PAUL.T.P

    nothing fake factors..I made lot of money in that time as well as home and vehicles

  41. Vanishree


    I have searched everywhere on the internet to find effects of Sani dasa – sukra bukti on kumbha lagna people.

    My husband is of kumbha lagna with Sani placed in 9th house and sukra in 6th house . In bhava chart sukra is placed in 5th house. DOB 30/08/85 time: 7.00 pm Please let us know how this Sani-sukra period will treat him.

    Even though Sani is uccha and in bhagya stana for him, he has not experienced much success in life.


  42. vipul

    dear sir
    my name is vipul. DOB 13-03-1990 ,birth time 2:58 pm ,birth place- dhampur
    i am looking for gov job from last 3 years but unable to get it.can u plz help me by any suggestion.

  43. Sunanda

    dear sir,
    my name is anand DOB17-9-1986 time9.50am place mumbai I am looking for job but unable to get it.can u plz help me and look through my horescope.

  44. Lakshmi


  45. mrs.nishi

    i am mrs.Nishi v I would like to know about shukra shani bhukti in my kundali.i have vrishbh;s shukra and shani in 12th house and from 1st jan2015 my shukradasha starts.my rashi is vrishchik as per hindu astrologyi am undersadesati.my DOB IS 21st july 1972
    time of birth:04;40(early morning)
    place of birth;bilimora (dist.vulsad)Gujarat
    i am asked to wear Nilam and diamondbut don’t know which finger

  46. Sri Hari

    Dilip Sir, I guess it’s not a bad phase for everyone who goes through Shukra – Sani or Sani – Shukra. It depends on the Lagna, whether Shukra or Shani is bad for them. For people with Exalted Venus or 8th lord Shani, will never harm as Shani being 8th lord gives Longevity…Please correct me if I’m wrong…

    • mandoomama

      You should read Uttarakalamrita on this specific case of Shukra Sani period. Kalidasa has specifically discussed how when both Shani and Shukra is powerful in the chart then this period can be dreadful and vice versa. In a way, the favorability during this period is inversely proportional to the favorable position of Shukra and Shani. The stronger their position in the chart, the worst the period will be. That is why it is a science. And many charts prove this theory to be right as Mr. Dilip Kumar pointed out. Therefore, it goes opposite to the logic that you mentioned and take it as a “rule” or a “theorem” which can be proved my looking at the stats of many chart. Unfortunately, it proves true in 80% of the chart. Hope this helps.

  47. Ganesh

    Sir, Since you must be busy I’m giving the planetary placements, please let me know how my Saturn-Shukra bhukti which is starting next month. I’m Gemini Lagna running Saturn Dasha with Saturn in 3rd house (conjunct with Rahu and Jup). Venus is in 5th house (Libra) at 19 deg conjunct with Mercury, Moon and Sun. My Saturn – Mercury was good and made good money. Then my Saturn-Ketu was bad, left all the money, fame and reputation. Now wondering how my Saturn-Venus would be. Please throw some insight.

  48. jay

    Dilip Sir,

    My Dob : 27-08-1972. Tula lagna meena rasi, Now i am running Ven-Sat period. How will be my life in this period.

  49. dilip menon

    Sir my dob 28-01-1974. time : 13.15 place of birth: pune. I am in total doldrums . at this age of 40, no job, no money, loan on head. have a family to look after and do not know how another day will pass. totally messed up. please guide. thanks

    • Dinga. Dingiri

      My wife and I got married in her Shukra Shani period and it was one of the best periods for us. She is Tula lagnam with Shani debilitated in 7th (in Mesha) causing Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga. Therefore, I suggest people work hard, be aware and influence your state of mind to be calm in general in life. Nothing to get scared of.

  50. krishna

    Sir, this is just perfect in my husband’s case 🙂 Now I am flabbergasted by this article. Its just so perfect, for his 3 years Venus-Sani dasa life..(he is dhanu ascendent & meena rasi)..lost everything at once, didnt even get a chance to understand analyse what happened and then came next!!

  51. anamitra

    My birth date: 27 September, 1969, 00.01.40 a.m midnight, Calcutta (meen rashi, Mithun lagna) and partner: 29 September, 1971, 08.34 a.m morning, Calcutta (Dhanu Rashi, Tula Lagna). I am undergoing a sudden stop in communication in relationship. Can this relationship culminate in marriage? Please guide.

  52. ramdoss m

    I have never read a clear write up on sukra dasha+sani pukthi like this. Yes what you have described is 100% true and just now I have crossed those period. I can’t write what happened in my official life in this period openly but it was a shocking and insulting experience – I have never thought this would happen – but I struggled, prayed and some of my friends helped me come out of this. Hence I request our friends to be prepared and be forewarned as you said to face this combination. Thank u sir.

    • supra

      Hello Mr. Ramadoss, thanks for sharing your experience. My husband is passing thro a similar experience. The period will cross this period in another couple of months. Hope things have improved for you after this period and I hope and pray things get better for us.

  53. v.g.shivakumaar

    sir my understanding is little about all these. My wife says sukhra dasa has started for me for the past one month. i would like to know if it is going to be beneficial to me. pls let me know your number so that i can call and visit you or at least let me mail you my details and get your opinion. thank you sir!

  54. rajinagarajanstr

    Dear Dillip sir,

    I was reading so many articles of yours and many predictions. But this is an excellent article which i opened today. I already requested your guideline in many articles.

    Sir this article related with me in many ways. I am meena rasi revathi nakshatra born in 01/06/1978. Sir I was never afraid in any of my problems but first time from past one and half years i am facing such a situation that i am fed up with my life and waiting for death. I am having two female children which is making me to think. I lost my job with such a situations that i my self felt that i cannot continue and unexpectedly i lost that job without my conscious just before 10 days of my promotion and increment. From past one and half years big conflict is going on with my husband unnecessarily. I will think that i should not argue but when both of us come in contact we fight. my daughters education is spoiled and each saturday some one will be ill. my both children went under jaundice and typhoid and so many silly things from this two years. My body is burned with simple half cup tea in 2 degree and my husband met an accident and was on bed for one month. All such many things happened i was patiently managing with lot of difficulties but in october’ 14 my situations made me like that i resigned job. Now i am going in so much depression. Unable to bare and one more thing is my husband is vrishika rasi anuradha nakshatra born on 26/12/1970. Sir will my problems continue like this. or will i get relieved. Our fight is increasing day by day. What is the solution.

    Please help me.

    • rajesh

      Hi my name is rajesh. i am also 26-12-1970 born, strange coincidence. i a going through the same hell. what ever this guy has written in this site happend to me also same to same. i am from Hyderabad.

  55. rajinagarajanstr

    Dear Dillip sir,

    I was reading so many articles of yours and many predictions. But this is an excellent article which i opened today. I already requested your guideline in many articles.

    Sir this article related with me in many ways. I am meena rasi revathi nakshatra born in 01/06/1978. Sir I was never afraid in any of my problems but first time from past one and half years i am facing such a situation that i am fed up with my life and waiting for death. I am having two female children which is making me to think. I lost my job with such a situations that i my self felt that i cannot continue and unexpectedly i lost that job without my conscious just before 10 days of my promotion and increment. From past one and half years big conflict is going on with my husband unnecessarily. I will think that i should not argue but when both of us come in contact we fight. my daughters education is spoiled and each saturday some one will be ill. my both children went under jaundice and typhoid and so many silly things from this two years. My body is burned with simple half cup tea in 2 degree and my husband met an accident and was on bed for one month. All such many things happened i was patiently managing with lot of difficulties but in october’ 14 my situations made me like that i resigned job. Now i am going in so much depression. Unable to bare and one more thing is my husband is vrishika rasi anuradha nakshatra born on 26/12/1970. Sir will my problems continue like this. or will i get relieved. Our fight is increasing day by day. What is the solution.

    Please help me.

    • rajesh

      i really would like to talk to ur husband, because i am also vrishika rasi anuradha nakshatra born on 26/12/1970.same to same. belive me. rajesh

  56. rajesh

    well everything u have written has happend to me 100%, i beacame a pauper from king. now that period has passed whats next for me. (26-12-70)

  57. Rudra deep bhardwaj

    OMG!! every thing is true according to you…please tell me any remedy plz. plz. plz…..i have karka lagna in my kundali with planet saturn.. and my venus is in 12th house with surya and budha..plz. save me ..tell me any perfect remedy plz. plz. plz

  58. Rudra deep bhardwaj

    now i am in saturn mahadasha and Shukra antardasha from March 2014..and i hv lost my father on march 09,2014. i think it is effect of saturn-shukra dasha. any remedy plz.????

  59. Ramasamy

    My Sukra Dasa & Sani Bhukthi started from 16-12-12 and ends on 15-02-16. Whatever you have mentioned is exactly true.

    From Excess wealth to almost pauper stage with huge debts.

    I was earlier under the impression that Sukra Dasa is very good from financial angle.

  60. suresh

    Dear sir, I am going through shukra maha dasa since August, 2014. I lot my job in October after working for more than 20 years in one company. I am now totally clue less what I should be doing now? Kindly suggest. Appreciate your kind advice.
    DOB 28th nov, 1968. Time of birth 5:15 pm. Place Bangalore. Pls let know what should I expect in the maha dasa.

  61. umamaheswari

    Sir my dob 7.8.73, anuradha nakshatra. sukra desai started on sep 2012, sani also running, facing all kinds of difficulties. No job, expecting my phd viva. May I finished my phd and will get a job this year sir. Kindly reply me very soon.

  62. Krishnan N

    My wife going to have sukran-saturn in a month’s time.She is rishaba lagna with sun, Sukran in 2nd Mituna along with mars, Saturn in Mesha along with buda, both sukra and Saturn aspected by Jupiter from thula, rahu in Kumba, Saturn is deeply exalted in navamsa, How will be her period in Sukra-Saturn. She just got a promotion and was asked to move to a different department, but we are resisting thinking to forego. Pl comment.

  63. Krishnan N

    She is uttarabhadrapada star Meena Rasi, I forget to mention

  64. Priya Jagan

    U r completely wrong. When i under went sukra dasa sani bhukti i have got all good things in my life. It was a wonderful period in my life. My dob is 22-may-1979 4:23 pm place kanchipuram

    • Hari

      Hi priya,
      what is ur lagna ,venus,saturn position.becoz im undergoing ven-sat from 2012 lot of humiliation and troubles worst period…

  65. Ramani

    I am currently in Venus dasa. How will the bukti of Saturn be during Venus Dasa for me as both Venus and Saturn are in Eighth house from Lagna( Aries Lagna). Jupiter in 6th.

  66. Swathi

    For me Shani Disha for 1 yr and 8 months more and for my husband it’s sukra disha, always fight and scared that depart may not happen, can you tell a remedy for this pls.

  67. sandeep

    Dear Sir,
    I was born in singha lagna on 4 jan 1970 at 22.29 pm.my latitudes——27.215599

    longitude is—–77.49015.
    My lagna is singha.
    I am facing severe troubles. from 2013.

  68. Vinodkumar

    Hi Dhilip Sir,

    Now i am under Sukra Dasa and Sani Bhukti,, as you said,, i am experiencing the very hard situation,,recently 2 months back i met with an industrial accident ,,i was suppose to lose my finger,but unfortunately,its re-attahced..
    I am born on 20.8.1990 7.30am in coimbatore..

    • Vinodkumar

      Please reply ur views of my Jadaka,,, if u find time ….

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Fortunately re-attached. It cannot be unfortunately. Which finger?, date and time of accident. My students may use this information for research.

      • Vinodkumar

        Hai Sir,

        Its Right Hand , Middle and Ring Finger,, It was on 2 April 2015 near to Thursday.

        One More fine thing happened in period, its my GF went of From me….

        Please let me know whether nightmare follows me are it leaves.

  69. 949597885

    It is interesting 90% correct.
    what are the remedies

  70. Suresha

    Dear sir,

    I am waiting for prediction on upcoming Jupiter transit.



  72. Ameya

    Hello sir,interesting views being put out there..I am going through shukra dash a till 2022. I am currently going through Jupiter Bhakti till October 2015 and then starts my Saturn Bhakti… I am also going through mid phase of Sade sati.. I am vrishik rashi (Kanya lagna).. Venus dash a has been very good for me since it started in 2002 … I hope it continues the same way .. ?. I know Sade sati will throw some challenges(and it did) especially during this Jupiter Bhukti but I hope I will Venus-Saturn Bhukti is better?

  73. Ameya

    Hello sir,not sure I was able to submit my previous post.. I am vrishik rashi with Kanya lagna..shukra dasha started in 2002 and has been very good for me.. It will finish in 2022..currently towards the end of guru Bhukti till October after which shani bhukti or antardasha starts…already having some Sade sati challenges and based on my Venus position in birth chart was hoping this combination(Venus- shani) will do good… Venus is placed in 3house and Saturn in 6th.. Venus and Mercury in 12th house in d9 chart with Saturn in 10th…. Any clues?



  75. PK

    Dear Dilipji, My dob is 30 Jan 1972, place: Lucknow India and time 07:09 am. Am currently running my Venus Mahadasha, due to enter into the Shukra Saturn dasha. My Venus is yogakaraka and Saturn being lagnesh is placed in Taurus. My lagna is Capricorn and rashi Cancer. This being so, there is an exchange between second and fifth lord incidentally, Saturn and Shani. GIven the exchange of both the lords do you see any saving grace in my upcoming Venus-Saturn period. Am concerned as have worked very hard to get to where I am today. Any suggestions/views would be highly welcome. Many thanks.

  76. shyam

    Dear Sir, My sister has to undergo surgery to remove the gallbladder due to gallstones. She is undergoing “Ashtama Shani” period. She learnt from some friends that if a person who is undergoing ashtama shani comes under the knife, only the worst can be anticipated. Should she cancel surgery altogether and go with more traditional forms of treatment such as ayurveda or homeopathy? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.





    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you Mr Nasim. Allah is always with you and in you. All the time.

  78. Vinodkumar

    Hi Sir,

    As u mentioned above,, i m Running in Same Dasa and Bhukti,,, Its a complete Nightmare,, I Lost my affair,, I met with a Major accident on Thursady Night,,,

    I have a small Q?,, Will i get the Same Girl after this Period Completes… Please help,, I lost my interest to Live at all….

    Born in Coimbatore —20/08/1990 —- 7.30 Am


  79. venkata subbaiah varigonda B.Tech.,M.B.A.,M.I.E,M.A(PSYCHOLOGY)

    Dear Dileep Kumar sir,I am working as DE in BSNL.My son is born in DHANUR LAGNA and DHANUR RAASI ,MULA 3RD PADHA with SATURN ,JUPITER in 5th House(ARIES) ,KETHU is in 2nd house(CAPRICORN) , SUN is in 7th HOUSE(GEMINI),BUDHA,SUKRA,RAAHU are in 8TH HOUSE(CANCER),KUJA in 11th HOUSE(TULA).Now SUKRA DASHA , SANI BHKTHI (31.08.2014 to 30.10.2017).He is studying 10+1 M.P.C Group.He is preparing for IIT and is going to appear in May,2017.3 months back we did SUDHARSHAN YAGA at our home in his name.Can he achieve his goal? . Pl guide me.

  80. sri

    Is it only Sani-Sukra/Sukra-Sani period or is it the other periods (ashtama Sani, El-nati Sani …) as well, during which an affair can happen? Someone who is undergoing ashtama Sani period can also have a tendency to begin an affair?
    Thank you,

  81. Shubhi

    Hello Dilip Ji,

    My Dob: 20 sep 1986
    Time: 04: 30 AM
    Place : Mumbai

    Im facing huge mental turmoil due to fulfilling of my dreams.

    Situations are making me to separate from my love and the arrange marriage prospect are not matching with my desire. I have totally become indecisive related to my personal life.

    I read your article and learnt that remedies should be started when the Venus- Saturn period is yet to start, but i have been late to come across this.

    Please suggest,

  82. Swapnil

    Mr. Dhilip ji,
    Is rahu-budh period also has similar implications???

  83. Kavita

    Thank you Dilip ji. I just came across your article when I was looking for Shukra-Shani period on internet. My same period as per my horoscope is going to start on 28th Jan. Can you please advice me the remedies I should be doing.

    My birth details are:
    7th Oct 1978. Place Delhi. Time 1.50 am


  84. Kavita

    I am unable to see my comments here.

  85. Kavita Jain

    Hi, Can you please suggest me some remedies. I am entering Venus-Saturn-Saturn period on 31 Jan 2016.



    vinodkumar ji will you please tell me in which month your affair broken?




    DHILIP SIR you are God,pls tell me which month your client affair broken?same is happenig with my wife

  89. Surinder Kohli

    Dear Sir
    Does everything becomes normal after this period.

  90. veeraraghavan

    Sir My wife is born on 05.06.0971 at 05:40 am in chennai. Presently she is undergoing Sani Dasa – Sukra Bhukti since 28.09.2013. This period has been a nightmare for her and the pain she has undergone cannot be described in word.

    She was diagonised with Throat Cancer and after Chemotherapy and radiotherapy the cancer came back. Due to surgery during March – 2015 her voice box has been removed and now she is not able to speak. She has also went through Gastric pullup surgery. Again from this January she is having swallowing difficulty and now it seems that the food pipe width is shrinking . Again doctors have advised to perform dilatation which is a risky and painful procedure to be performed after 20th march. Sir I request you with folded hands please tell me whether my wife will be alive after the procedure and when all these nightmares will go.

  91. Nik

    Have same question like others..does things settle after this troublesome period?
    going through last phase of it and felt everything is true what you have mentioned here..so bit worried what next? in Venus – Mercury will it be ok or not..

  92. Shobana

    Dear Sir,
    Hoping that I will get a reply, me and my husband (6-2-1977, Chennai) married for 9yrs now have 2 kids. Since two years he has lot of changes and finally I found out he has an affair with a girl and our whole family and friends knows about it. He says he has not interest with that girl but again and again cheating with his false promises. Drinks and smokes too much. We live abroad and I have no support here to handle him. He was infact a very nice guy with limits of habits. Now he lost huge money property and reputation among the friends and family. But he doesn’t even care and still continue with that girl. She is also not letting him becos of money. I did lots of pooja but improvement is very little. There is no way that he understand the importance of this wedded life. His changes began to show up from 2013 and till now its same. Totally he hates me for don’t know why. Pls advice me with your CONTACT DETAILS

    • Dear Sir/Madam,

      Please contact my office secretary Ms Sobitha +919094036404 (office mobile phone) and speak to her for fixing an appointment. She will instruct you on how to go about the consultation.

      Please kindly send her an email to: astrodiaries@gmail.com with subject matter “Paid Consultation” and you will be informed about the fees details for the consultation. Please let us know your Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

      If you use Whatsapp – then send a message with 1st line as “Paid Consultation” followed by Your Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth.

      Thanking you,

      Sincerely yours,

      E K Dhilip Kumar

    • Ramani Balasubramanian

      I understand the situation. There is a shlokam in Bhgavatham that can be chanted. It is simple and proven to be very effective. Send me your email and I will send the pdf file of the shlokam.

  93. Ramani

    Sir- Will you do a video on Sukra Dasa explaining the effects depending on placement of venus in different houses of rasi chart and different Lagnas? Also, during Venus dasa saturn bhukti if one has Asthama sani what is the recourse? This will be double edged sword. Is a human being doomed here?

  94. Rajesh Kumar


    My date of birth is 6th march 1983 and time is 13:58 and place is Nagrota Suraian (Kangra( HP. Currently I am going through venus- jupiter dasha and 2nd phase of sade sati. I have started the business in November 2014 when 2nd phase of sadi sati started and now I have put all my money into that and I am continuously failing and In Novermber 2016 venus saturn dasha is going to start. I am in confusion should I close the business or continues with business in loss. Could you please help me what should I do here ?

    Regards, Rajesh Kumar,

  95. B V Ramana

    25/03/1969 5:48AM Peddapuram/India
    Current Saturn Mahadsha – Venus
    tough times at work. whats happening would like to know. appreciate your help pls

  96. Ramana

    DOB 25/03/1969 05:48 AM Peddapuram (AP). currently Starun Mahadasha with Sukra Bhukti. Tight and ugly situation at job. need a direction!

  97. reva

    we also experienced a very bad time during venus dasa sani bukti my father had a heart attack , mother had a major operation and we have become a pauper without anybody’s help. what you have written about scorpio lagna venus dasa sani bhukti is 100% correct in my life

    • I am extremely saddened to hear about what happened to you. Please do daily prayers and some social service too. Please contribute to the world the right knowledge. Please wait for good time. It WILL SURELY COME TO YOU.

  98. Anjaly S

    I am going through the Sukra Dasha and Shani bhukthi period and still there is 6.5 months more to go.

    Seeing this article, I felt like sharing my experience.

    It was a very very tough time for me. Within 6 months Shani Bhukthi started, my father met with a major accident and it was due to timely medication that he survived, but was crippled to some extent.

    Next year I had two abortions within a span of 6 months and almost met face to face with death and came back.

    This year my mother died most unexpectedly, due to doctor’s negligence at a famous hospital.

    I am now forced to resign from my job.

    It is terrifying experience.

    • Ramani Balasubramanian

      Anajly- Sorry to hear your situation. Before the on set of Saturn Bhukti of Venus Dasa were you doing daily prayers with some intensity or did you start doing remedial measures after the events have occurred?
      The reason I am asking is for readers to know if some body who has been doing daily remedial measures by regular chanting of certain shlokas and stotrams has helped in minimizing the problems.

  99. Quora linked to this post.
  100. Surabhi Sujantiii

    Hello Sir. Ur Analysis are very right. Your advise is appreciated. But yes, this shukra-shani bhukti leaves you frustrated and alone..

  101. lucky

    Dilip Sir, my DOB is October 11th 1973, 6:26AM born Eluru , A.P. I always had bad results during guru bhukti and I am currently going thru the same again in Sukra dasa. I have multiple failures in promotion before. Any chance now and this period ends by November 2019. Also can you suggest remedies for Sukra-Shani period as it will start right after this guru antardasa. Thank you

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