Sun in the 5th house

Sun in the 5th house


Sun in the 5th house


Then search for the video by typing the following:

Sun in the 5th house DHILIP

watch the video and let me know your views

let me know whatever tallied or did not tally with your experience.


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  1. Prashanth

    Your articles videos are no doubt very good and informative.I had one thought..

    Going through your old articles I came across one titled ‘Fate of astrologers’ There you had told something about taking money before consultation with a fixed fee.Actually before this I never knew today’s astrologer’s charge so much fixed fee.The astrologer we consult happens to take dakshina after consultation and does not have any fixed fee.This helps those clients by letting them pay according to their capacity and generosity.Today he has got car,bungalow in city and money for child’s education etc all as dakshina from generous donors who were satisfied by his predictions and remedies. This I believe to be the recommended scriptural; brahminical way of practicing if you believe astrology is a divine profession. Please think over it and let all astrologers adopt the scriptural way of practice..

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Everything improves if money is involved. Even spirituality business is dependent on money. Sri Sri, Jaggi Vasudev, Ramdev Baba, the list goes on…. True Sanyas and good people have no desire for money. People who are desirous of money consult Astrologers so I feel that there is no issue paying up. Astrology suffered because it was not pursued like other sciences. Money is an incentive for all things. Money is a unit of Karma points. Those days Rishis reached out to Kings because for everything money is needed.

      I consulted long time back (when I started my career in Astrology) for a FILM PRODUCER, he came in a big car and sat with me for 5 continuous days learning everything about his horoscope. I used to let them pay as they wish. At the end he was very happy because of the consultation and then he got up to pay me. He said he was a generous man when it comes to payment to Astrologers and then he paid me 50 rupees brand new 5, 10 rupee notes. He kept coming back to me many times. Incidents like this changed me. This is my personal opinion and need not be right. However I feel that most clients rather drink a bottle of black label than pay up a good Astrologer. They spend a lot on unwanted things anyway and paying up an Astrologer is not going to be an issue. If you leave it to the client THEY WILL always PAY less. They want discounts all the time in everything today. Shopping malls attract people with discounts because people want to pay less.

      We have different opinions. I do not know who is right. Time will tell.

      • PSR

        well said. People forget that the Astrology is a divine subject. One can not practice merely he is learnt . He need to be a person Ordained by God to practice the astrology. There are Lakshanas as to how to meet astrologers. Preferably we must go after taking bath, wearing White clothes, after praying Family Kula Dievam, meet astrologer together with wife and offer fuits, thamboolam and Dhakshanai in advance. Then only the predictions will become true.

      • mangobird

        I would also like to add my words in support of this discussion for the benefit of anyone reading these comments.

        Indeed, in my opinion Astrologers should charge more. If the profession needs to advance & be taken seriously- it behooves those who practice it to set the standard & stick to it. This is why Guilds & Unions exist, to honour & protect the rights of its professionals. It is delusional to expect a high quality reading without the investment of time & experience. Just like a good teacher, or Doctor or Spiritual Master, an experienced & skilled Astrologer is worth his weight in gold.

        The good thing is societal attitudes are beginning to shift for the better largely in part due to the tenacious work of key people like the late Dr. BV Raman, Sri KN Rao & countless others continuing their legacy today.

        Understand this, keeping a blog, teaching, providing free videos are all a labour of love. An intuitive hyperlinking mind that can connect patterns & events in time & space is either the result of pure genius like some rare savants are. But in many cases it is the result of decades spent contemplating the texts, honing & practicing techniques & principles. There are easier ways to make money.

        Consider this, you save & save for your home, your car & many times for countless unnecessary accumulations. When you approach an astrologer, it is usually for guidance about your life & very existence. It has the potential to be an immensely rewarding experience. To be sustainable it HAS to be mutually rewarding.

        So the question about the less fortunate in life who genuinely cannot avail of these services is a separate & much broader issue which should be addressed at the level of the government & civic society. There are example Countries in the world like Finland who provide social assistance to its students, elderly & less fortunate with an aim to empower them & help them better their situation. Rebates for medical assistance, subsidised transportation or community assistance restores some humanity & dignity to the lives of many.

        A worthy dream to cultivate and work towards is a society where we take the spiritual & metaphysical health of its citizens at least as seriously as we do their physical & material requirements. Then we can begin to work towards a situation where there is a regulated system of supports, checks and balances in place suitable & relevant to the age/yuga we find ourselves in currently.

      • E K Dhilip Kumar

        Thank you for those kind words of appreciation in favor of Astrologers. I have similar view. Ancient Astrology was on the brink of extinction until the famous DR B V Raman revived it. Now it looks like it will never go away thanks to the internet and general awareness. Once a person from Malaysia asked me whether Diamonds are lucky for him. I said “you have to pay for my consultation”, and he said he was not having money. He kept begging me and finally I yielded. I told “what bad luck, Diamond the most expensive gem happens to be your lucky gem”. He replied, “what luck, I am inside a Diamond Shop and about to buy a Solitaire Diamond, just wanted to check”. Another man wanted to invest a few crores of money in a business and kept asking me for free consultation. I can go on with this and you will feel sick of all this.

        Regarding those who cannot pay, I am planning to set up an organisation “Swayam Vimokshanam” which will be funded by many good souls and then we are going to train many Astrologers in the best way possible and they will give free consultation for the first 3 years of their career.

        Together we should bring back the light of Jyothisha to the world of suffering. Preaching Karma is of no use until you prove it using Vedic Astrology! That is what I am trying to do.

      • rajesh

        Superb dilip sir what u have said is correct i had experienced all these kind of situation; to all other places they wont bargain, but when it comes to astrologers they will bargain

  2. Manap

    On the placement of sun in 5. I know of a close friend whose chart has this placement. Very high on intelligence quotient but they are trying to conceive a child for a while now but unsuccessful. Can you throw light or do a video on how does one calculate and interpret kshetra sphuta and bheeja sphuta? Also, with a sun in 5 placement is fertility impacted due to the heat generated from surya’s placement? Will shiva abhishek for a Hindu be a adequate upaya for this?

  3. koushal

    my sun is in the 5th house in conjunction with saturn and mercury with leo ascendant. i am a bit obese and i believe in god shiva. will this combination affect my progeny?kindly reply

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