The Fate of Astrologers

While Astrologers talk about the fate of others, others have a great hold on the fate of Astrologers.



Most people in India treat Astrologers differently. Should Astrology be considered as a valid profession like medical, engineering, psychology etc. Should Astrologers charge a fee for their heavenly profession? People who regularly visit Astrologers have strange and unique approach methods when they meet an Astrologer. Years of experience as a professional Astrologer made me write this article.

Astrology is a divine profession

Agreed. Astrology does not belong to earth. It came from the heaven above. Those who believe this say Astrologers do not deserve a fee for the heavenly job done on earth. They say that God will take care of the financial needs of the Astrologer. I have been reminded repeatedly by those who desired a free consultation that Astrology being a divine profession should be practiced for free. The complaint that comes often is that in modern times every Astrologer is “commercializing” Astrology.

However till date, I remained unconvinced. That is simply because I have seen nothing that is not commercialized. So I politely request them to go to another “Free” or “Poor” Astrologer who does it free. Sometimes I remain quiet and choose not to reply the phone or email.

The argument is in the ancient days Astrologers never demanded money. Let me remind you that those wonderful days there were no money in the first place. Everything was barter system.

Yes. The truth is in ancient times clients did not bring money as it was non existent. Instead they came with a large plate filled with fruits, nuts, silk dress, gold and silver coins and such grander things. If you do the same thing today, you may have to pay up Rs.25,000 to your Astrologer.

Are Astrologers exempt from karmic influence?

Many people think that Astrologers are immune to karmic influence. They feel that they alone do not have a past life or a future life. Let me remind you that as per Hindu mythology we are told that even the Avatars of God were subject to the influence of karma once they entered the plane of earth. The truth is that Astrologers are just like other people. They also have a horoscope that is the result of their karma. They are reborn in the same way others are reborn. The karmic debts that needs to be worked out in the current life (prarabdha karma) is as much active for Astrologers as it is for a doctor, lawyer, chartered accountant, policeman, engineer, pilot, actor and butcher.

Astrologers like others have a 7th house too. 7th house refers to marriage and partners. That means except in a few cases as in the case of Astrologer and teacher Mr K N Rao who has the combination of planets indicating “no marriage” most other Astrologers get married. Once you are married the 5th house gets active which results in the birth of children. The children will not keep quiet. They cry for or need food, clothing, a home and school fees etc. What if they also want to become doctors after paying up Rs.50 lakhs to the medical college? Where does the money come from?. The Astrologers horoscope also has a 2nd house (income) and also a 10th house which deals with profession.

Astrologers also tend to die in the end (as all people finally do before they go in for the next birth) during the combined periods of maraka planets that run along with bad planetary transits. They also get into stressful times during 7 1/2 years Saturn phase or an Ashtama Sani phase.

They too have to pray, do the remedies, be generous in charity, look for good muhurtas and so on. If they travel during the first 10 hours on Navami, they are also prone to accidents. Astrologers are neither Tax Exempt nor Karmic Debt Exempt.

The only reason why they became Astrologers is that they loved this subject in their previous lives which made it possible that in the current life they have a strong Mercury and Jupiter influencing the 1st house, 2nd house or the 5th or 9th house and these combinations indicate that their profession in the current life is Astrology. My friends in Astrology and me have all these in our horoscopes which indicates Astrology as our profession.

Moral:When everything about the Astrologer is almost the same as it is for others, then how come only the Astrologer should practice his profession for free or settle down for less?

Devdutt Pattanaik in his book “Lakshmi – The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune” says that …..Sage Bhrigu gave this science to the Sages to earn their livelihood by giving the information of Karma based on the horoscope. Refer page…12 of this book… The composition of Bhrigu Samhita.. The Rishis who were learned but poor went to Sage Bhrigu and said…”we know everything about the cosmos yet the world ignores us as a result we have no patrons to provide for our material needs….”

Sage Bhrigu taught them the art of prediction using Astrology or Jyothisha shastra, Palmistry, and Geomancy or Vastu Shastra and other occult sciences collectively known as Bhrigu Samhita, “the world needs to see the future to sustain its wealth. In exchange for the information demand all the wealth you need to sustain yourself. Since it was his instruction that provided them with a livelihood they concluded that Goddess Lakshmi was his daughter and they addressed her as Bhargavi – she who was conceived by Sage Bhrigu.

So nowhere it is said that Astrologers should not charge for their consultation. It said by those who want to want to grab information from those who know without paying up for it. It is a sort of intellectual property crime. If the Astrologer wishes to give the information for free then it is his right to do so and he is free to do it. I have been regularly giving free lectures, so much information on the internet and youtube videos.

The Fate of the “Free” Astrologer

The “Free” astrologers usually are hobbyists or they love to catch the attention of their neighbors when clients queue up for a free consultation. Some of them start consulting the moment they memorized the name of 9 planets, the 12 signs and the 27 stars, the names of 9 dashas and 9 bhuktis and know something about how to find out if a person is going through 7 1/2 years Saturn phase or Ashtama Sani. For a beginner to know the basics of astrology in the astrology class I conduct, I require to spend just about 3 hours. At the end of the class, I tell them, “now that you know the basics do not think you can start consulting for others from today. wait patiently… you need to know more to do that.” It is like after knowing how to move the bishop and the knight on the chess board you want to take on the grandmasters of the chess world.

To begin with the “Free”Astrologer loves the attention he or she gets. He has somehow become useful to the society. His parents see that many people are asking him or her something. Until that day they thought their son was a useless fellow. The free service cannot last forever though. Eventually the Astrologer realizes his mistake but instead of changing his “Free”stance he looks elsewhere for money. So he gets into the “remedies” or the “Gems” or the “Talisman” business. While the consultation continues for free, a remedy will cost anywhere from 10 K to 25 K depending on the “danger”.

A slight variant of the “Free” Astrologer is the “Cheap” Astrologer who charges Rs.100 per client. Such Astrologers end up selling a lot of “protective things” that “vibrate and shine” and the bill may even reach Rs.50,000/-. Such things happen more frequently at Nadi centres that does not have the original nadi leaves. There are 100s of such Nadi centres in Tamil Nadu. Long time back I went to one such Nadi centre. The entry fee was Rs.100/- but the remedy was estimated at Rs.15,000/- way back in 1988. I do not know how it is these days.

Or the “Free”Astrologer becomes an author of many books so that he has enough money to continue the free consultations. The material for writing the books come from the collection of horoscopes. Since “Free” Astrologers have more clients most of them they also have a large collection of horoscopes with them. However this method is definitely a healthy trend. Because the collection becomes the raw material for future research in Astrology.

Sometimes if the “Free”” Astrologer now and then gets to meet up with a rich person who likes to hear what he likes to hear from the Astrologer. Sometimes some “Free” Astrologer sense this and go all out and flatter and flatten the rich client (usually actors or politicians). Immediately the rich client usually gives a huge reward, bag full of money to please the Astrologer in return for boosting his ego levels. Such things happen on the good dates of the Astrologer. Such huge reward allows the “Free” Astrologer continue his free service.

So there are several ways a “Free” Astrologer goes through in order to earn money despite carrying the tag “Free Astrologer”.

Please Astrologer, give me a free consultation:

Usually this is a request that at least 75% of the professional Astrologers of India receive regularly. The client has a high speed internet, latest and fast computer, battery backed up power supply, an air conditioner that prevents the laptop from getting heated up, an UPS that allows him to chat continuously despite power cuts. . He has the money to pay the internet bill, use a smartphone with 3G option to chat for free with Astrologers, may buy a Diamond for anywhere from Rs.50 K to Rs. 5 lakhs and set it in platinum because his Astrologer told him that Diamond was his lucky gem. But such a poor client tells the less fortunate Astrologer, “now i am very poor, so once I get rich I will pay you 10 times your fee. But now, you must give me a reading for free”.

An unforgettable bargain of my life.

Long time back (I think somewhere in1992) when the STD phone calls were very expensive a multi-millionaire lady bargained with me for a reduction of Rs.35 on her bill towards computer horoscope printing. She spoke to me on an STD call (long distance call) for a long time, but I held my grounds. When I thought the call cost by then exceeded Rs.200, I informed her of that fact. She told me that it did not matter. I finally gave up the Rs.35. I told her I will send her the refund via a money order. If you ask me why I lost, please know that I was in my bad time – Rahu Dasha and Sani Bhukti – the nightmare dasha bhukti if Rahu and Saturn are linked to maraka houses as was the case in my horoscope. I knew the problem of Rs.35 came because that is an 8 number and this number is bad when one is in a challenging Rahu or Saturn phase. Because I did the remedies to the best of my capacity the loss was less. For others the money may be Rs.3500/- instead of Rs.35/-.

Sir, I am neither a millionaire nor a celebrity

Once I received an email from a client who asked me to examine her putrabhagya status. She said that she had spent a lot of money on doctors and checkups but nothing worked. She was informed by my clients that I was very good at finding the reason for child delay or child denial and that my remedies are great and do not cost much. When I told her the consultation was going to cost her Rs.5000/- she said, “Sir, I am neither a millionaire not a celebrity. So please do not charge me like this”. I reminded her, “taking care of a child is even more expensive, so how are you going to manage that”.

It’s for Free. More wonderful stories of smart people. I remember a man who called me several times over phone and finally got me. He told me that since I spoke of God and good karma I should actually give him a good reading for the sake that my karma got better. He said, “I am sure if you give me a free consultation you will earn good karma points”. This person has traveled from his home country to another country that is half a world away. God knows whether he gave the same advice to the Airline people or got the ticket for free. How was he paying up his mobile phone bills. What about the bad karma of the phone company owner who earn in billions?.

Another smart man told me that he needed to buy a diamond immediately because his Astrology knowing friend told him to. He told me, “Sir, since I am jobless, I do not have the required money to pay you your consultation fees because of my pathetic situation. If you see my horoscope you will surely understand. After about a year I will pay you. Take my word. I never go back on my words. I do not take advantage of people especially Astrologers. So let me know if Diamonds suit me. I heard a lot about you that is why I am calling you. I am now inside a Diamond store. I am not very sure whether I should buy it. Also let me know whether I should buy a solitaire or many smaller diamonds to make a ring. I also came to know that setting diamonds in platinum is better than in Gold. Is that right?” While you may call this the height of whatever you want, I have got used to such experiences quite often.

Another intelltigent man called me and said, “I have wasted a fortune on all these Astrologers. Nothing worked so far. So please me kind enough to give me a free consultation. Once I find that you predictions are okay or when I have enough money I will surely pay you. Take my word”.

One good reason why Astrologers should do it free.

Astrologers did not study Astrology in a college. Students pay up Rs.50 lakhs to a Crore to study medicine (to become an original doctor) or engineering. The expensive doctors have the right to charge Rs.3 lakhs for a surgical operation. So how can an Astrologer demand fees if he has not invested a great fortune to study in a college. The maximum investment he may have made is buy a few books from bookstores or bought it at half the price in a wastepaper shop which resells worn out books.

Why some students of Astrology do free consultations

The reason for that is the students need material to practice on. The easiest way is to test out their skills on those who want free consultation. There is nothing wrong in this. In medicine they say, “only after killing a few patients the doctor becomes perfect….”. If the students are good enough, at later stage they will become a professional astrologer.

Some people think that if the Astrologer does not charge a fee then God will bless with more knowledge. I have heard many people tell this. The same does not apply for doctors and others. If doctors practice for free then will God will let them revive the dead?

Many people flatter “the free Astrologer”, saying are really selfless, you are really great, you are indeed the best person on earth and so on while their own interest in selfish. They want to know when they will become a millionaire from a selfless Astrologer.

The Astrologer has to spend all his valuable time and money on Astrology and then practice is for free so that others will know when they will become rich.

The world is full of smart people like this.

One great advantage of being a Free Astrologer.

There is no commitment in case you give something for free. There is no fear of making a mistake. Once the fee is collected fear of what you are doing and a greater sense of responsibility sets in. The Astrologer who collects fees tries hard to get perfect. He desires to retain the client by working hard. I am not saying that those who do it free has no sense of commitment. There are many Free Astrologers who are also committed to sincerity in Astrology but 9 out of 10 times such people have some other better alternative to earn money that helps sustain him and his family members.

Another Story from my inbox

Recently an old man starting sending me emails requesting me for free consultations. He used another route, this one was a new idea but utilized the ancient barter system. I did not edit the text, but I removed the senders detail and phone number.

Dear Sri Dhilip kumar,

Greetings. I,m a sr.citizen(72),a septuagenarian,requiring yr help/guidance for children.Pl advise time to meet and date.I,m retired with no income.Whatever fees,Instead of cash,i can gift you with good attractive useful things,all new,you will immensely like it.

I,m fed up with local astrologers and do not visit them.I,m impressed by yr Diary 2012,hence this mail.


Dear Sri Dhilip,

From yr splendid Diary, I can make out that you have researched into Astrology and therefore yr predictions will be correct. I spoke to yr manager, who told me yr fees 10k. I cant afford it. For value 1000 or 2000, I can gift you a new fancy watch, which you will like. I am keen to know future of my son and daughter. My wife and I can meet you on an auspicious time.


Dear Sri Dhilip,

I visited to meet you, Yr staff Sankar asked me to sit down ,said you will come in a few moments. I wish to deal with you direct and exchange thoughts, not with yr staff.

Prediction or not, I want to get acquainted with you ,whether this develops into a friendship, only GOd can tell. I can be useful to you ,as I have contacts with VIPs. More than yr helping me, I can be of help to you ,as an elder. You have my blessings, whether you treat me well or not.

I also have contacts outside India.

Best wishes.

However, I did not yield. I avoided meeting him directly. I thought this guy was meeting many Astrologers with the same idea and playing around with them. Many poor Astrologers fall for this one because they always want VIP clients. Fortunately for me, I have a good number of VIP clients already.

Dear Mr. Dhilip,

I was reading all the articles in your blog and I am thoroughly impressed by your crystal clear analysis on Astrology. This is indeed a great blog for the people interested to know the art and science of Astrology.

As far as I am concerned, I am in IT profession working as a senior manager. But in spite of working in IT and travelled across globe and a science student as well, I have great faith in Astrology and I myself do quite a lot of study in Astrology and try to understand the mystery around it.

I know that you are a professional and perhaps may not be willing to respond to my mail without a fee, however I will try my luck by sending this mail and waiting for your response. My details are as follows –

Here is another email sent to me:

Dear Sir,Thanks for your reply.Basically so far no one has given correct prediction, though I have spent enough to make kundali.I thoughtto check with you whether your prediction are matching with my present situation.

The above client had spent a lot of money on Astrology and unfortunately when my turn came he has no money left. I am sure this client is going to send the same email to many Astrologers and once in a while he is sure to get a free consultation.

People who are penniless only go to Astrologers.

When people become penniless they go to Astrologers. Then how can they pay up? The Astrologer should first show them the way to earn the money that they lost. He has to wait until the client got richer. This is another popular method of justification.

I once met a man whose nett worth exceeded Rs.1000 crores. He bargained for a long time (I came to know that is how he saved up so much money). During the course of consultation he asked me “When will I become wealthy”. I told him “you already are” which is refused to accept. He said, “I consider myself a poor man when compared to Mr. Mukesh Ambani”.

Moral of the story is:

The rich wait for getting richer. Until then the Astrologer must wait. The poor wait to get rich. Until then the Astrologer has to wait for the fees.

Recently a person from UK sent me an email telling me that he had no money left to pay me. Yet he wanted a reading. After he gets rich, he promised to send me the fees. I was convinced. I felt sorry for the man. He had written a long note.

Just in time, I noticed two things. One, the message has a tagline “Sent from my IPhone“. Second, the email was a forward, and and I found that he had sent the same email to many other Astrologers. Poor Astrologers of India. I do not know how many similar clients are out there.

Astrologer! When you see my horoscope you will know that I cannot pay any money.

Once upon a time, an IT professional who went jobless for about 6 months called me up for an appointment. When I told him of my consultation fees, he told me, “Sir, one look at my horoscope and you will know my plight and financial condition, surely you will not ask me for money”. As I just continued listening he added, “Sir, can I give you my birth details, so that you can cast my horoscope and give me a reading during which time you will surely know that I am telling you the truth though I really want to pay you your fees but what to do”.

Only people who are sick go to doctors.

When my father-in-law was taken to hospital in an emergency ambulance after a heart attack, many doctors surrounded the bed in which he was lying almost dead. One doctor came close to me and said, “pay up immediately Rs.5000 for an injection”. I told him to go ahead and within 30 minutes I will surely pay up. He told me that it is the policy of the hospital to first collect the money. He showed me the injection too. Unfortunately I was not carrying the money. So I rushed back home, and the poor doctors waited until I paid up the money. Of course I am still grateful to the doctors because my father-in-law survived that one but succumbed to the same problem after about 5 years. During the interval he went through an expensive by-pass surgery.

Only the sick go to doctors. They are already in great trouble. The medical bills become an additional problem for most of the sick people. But for those who are insured there is no problem.

Suggestion: The insurance companies should cover the Astrologers bill too when the person is “astrologically unwell”. There is a cover for health problems, accidents, fire etc. Why not an insurance against bad karmic influence too?

People who seek justice go to lawyers.

When his property or land gets grabbed by an influential person or by a politician, the person seeks the help of a lawyer. The lawyer demands a fee. In this situation the client will not say he or she has no money to pay. All clients pay up because lawyers always collect their fees first. The lawyer will tell you that winning and losing is part of the game. So the fees is always collected first just in case. There are no fixed charges. It all depends on the size of the problem and also depends on your background or may be based on the vehicle you used to reach the lawyers office.

The same person may also go to an Astrologer to see if there is light at the end of the tunnel. There he goes and cries out his problems, the friendly Astrologer listens compassionately and tries to help him out. Then when it comes to the fees the person will say, “you already know my plight, so I have nothing to give you”.

Why should the Astrologer first collect the fees. (can’t he collect it after the results?)

A few of my clients who have not had the prior experience of consulting me get annoyed when I collect the fees first. They ask me what if the prediction does not become true? Do I get to refund in case….?

Let us examine places where the money is collected first and try to reason out why. Lawyers collect the fees in advance because one party will win and the other will have to lose the court case. They cannot predict who will win.

Doctors collect fees before surgery. They say doctors and the hospital is great if the surgery is successful. They say that they have done the best and everything from now it is in the hands of God when they are not sure of the outcome of the surgical procedure.

In schools and colleges fees are collected first because every student cannot pass the exam. There must be failures. If they do not collect fees first the failed students will never pay up.

In Cinema, you pay up for the show because only God knows whether you will like the movie. If payment is collected at the end of the movie it is doubtful if anyone would pay.

In hotels even though the food was done in poor taste you have to pay up as they won’t let you get away no matter what. Moreover you cannot return the food because you ate it already. So you will have to pay up anyway. In India they ask you dish wash in case you cannot pay up.

The Airlines people collect the fees first because they are not sure if they land you safe.

The Government collects the road tax though there are 1000s of pot holes on the road that breaks your back and your vehicle. I am speaking of India.

Astrology is also not 100% correct all the time. There are many reasons. The time of birth may be wrong. Sometimes the Astrologer failed to see the planetary effect. He missed it as he is also human. So Astrologers like so many others have to collect the fees first.

Even the world No.1 in chess under pressure of time have made blunders which even a beginner in chess will not do.

Most shop in India carry the following message at the place where you have to make the payment.“you ask credit, I not give. you get mad,. I give credit, you not pay. I get mad. Better you get mad.”

I think the author is the Chines thinker Confucius. It does not require a Confucius to say this. Every businessman will be forced to invent this statement sooner or later. Such is the world.

Until 1995 I got everything for free.

Until 1995 I was a “hobby” Astrologer. I gave consultations for free from the years 1988 to 1995.

During those years I had the following experience to boast of: When I purchased food, oil and groceries from the departmental stores, they gave it to me for free.

When they filled the petrol tank of my motorcycle they did not charge me at all.

In the school where my 2 kids studied they knew that I was a “Free” astrologer and so they waived off the school fees.

In pharmacy, I told them that I was a “Free” Astrologer and so they gave me medicines for free.

In temples, I did not pay up for the darshan or pooja ticket since i showed them my visiting card that declared me as Free Astrologer.

After purchasing the dress for me and my family, I walked out with the baggage without paying a single rupee each time.

I told the electricity department that I am a Free Astrologer and so they gave me a waiver on all the electricity bills.

I received my internet bill (BSNL). But even though I paid nothing, the line did not get disconnected.

Though free Astrologers always wish the above statements to be true, I declare to the best of my knowledge that none of the above 8 points are true.

We both know none of the above will be true for any “Free” Astrologer. So the only way someone can do Astrology for free is when he or she has another source of income.

Encourage “Free Astrologers” with some money

Encourage “Free Astrologers” with some money because that money will help them find some peace in modern life when everything is so expensive. They may buy books that would help them become an expert. With that money he may buy a computer and an Astrology software that helps him commit fewer mistakes. Never consult an Astrologer for free. If you get anything for free there is always some problem associated with it. You may guess the problems. If you do not invest how can you reap from it. As you sow, so you reap. You give nothing and you get nothing. I met a poor Astrologer last year (2010) who charges Rs.50 per consultation. I advised him to charge more because he as living in utter poverty. People take advantage of poor people in any walk of life.

Now comes the big truth.

Most people (at least 90%) have never asked me for a free consultation. Only 10% of those who contact me by emails or telephone request me for “Free” Astrology. Then why did I write this article. I wrote it for other Astrologers who are affected by this “Free Astrology” virus.

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