Top 8 Facts about Saturn

Top 8 Facts about Saturn


Top 8 Facts about Saturn

For many days I have been working on this video but due to continuous consultation I found no time to complete the editing. Then one fine day I got a gap. I completed the editing and uploaded iton YouTube and then it dawned on me that the date was the 17th of July and the star on that day was also Saturn Star none other than the 26th Star Uttarabhadra. A day fully dominated by Saturn – the greatest teacher.

Then later on I came to know of the MH-17 tragedy that will remain in our minds for a very long time. May all those 295 souls find peace. Please observe a 1 minute silent whenever you read this article for the 1st time.

Coming back to the topic of Saturn I found that Saturn has so much to teach us. It is a planet that is packed with Karma almost 100% a Karma planet unlike other planets.

During the last 25 years I have found out from experience that Saturn has specific information that once we are aware of would help us manage our lives in a much better way.

Click on the following video to learn about the most important facts that ring around this planet like the Saturn rings.

In case you want to inform your friends and relatives so they also would know how to manage Saturn times instead of being taken by surprise, then please share the video or send them the above link.

If you find anything interesting about Saturn please let us know. Share this information with us.


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  1. Gopinath

    Very useful video on facts about Saturn.
    I am currentlly running Sani mahadasa and Rahu Antardasa.
    My life has been very good all through Sani mahadasa until recently.
    Since 2 years, I have been suffering a lot mentally and financially ā€“ both business and with family. Is this normal?

    My birth particulars

    4th June 1961
    12:05 PM
    Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

  2. Raja

    I really Happy to see this Facts of Saturn, My life has been so bad cannot say in words. D.O.B 13/12/1971 @ 17:05hrs Bangalore. Can you please five a good read.

  3. jothi

    it is indeed a tragedy that shook the world. MH17- the no. speaks a lot about the tragedy as well. But i was wondering, would all the horoscopes of the passengers have similarities vis a vis ” agaala maranam” ? ( tragic /violent death). just a thought….

  4. Ram

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your insightful articles. They are brilliant and real eye-openers.

    I have a query regarding mantra remedies. Do you suggest chanting moola mantra(s) of planets? How effective is it compared to remedies like directly feeding poor children etc…

    Please throw some light on this.

    Thanks & Regards

  5. Mannu

    Hi Dhilip ji,

    It was great video mentioning about the qualities of Saturn and what one has to do inorder to minimise the effects of saturn. Recently, you have already done video on transit of Jupiter and its remedies. This was also very informative.

    Can you please do a video/article on Rahu and its simple remedial measures. This will be helpful for those people who are affected by Rahu.

    Thanks for your informative videos and articles.


  6. abhi

    Dear Dhilip,
    I have read at many places that heart is related to Sun. It is interesting that you relate heart blockage to Saturn. What should one do if one has a tendency to get heart’s arteries blocked by cholesterol, (apart from following medical advice of course) ? Donating saturn related things on Saturdays, 8, 17, 26 ? Is there any specific remedy that is recommended for this ?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your advice, i am asking because i have someone very near who has this tendency. We do all we can from medecine point of view. Divine Power and His Healing Will have been very helpful and Planets must have their role to play. Advise please. The difficulty is that we have no birthdetails. It is true that problems arose during saturn periods in the year, around mid-January.
    Hope you can help,

  7. karan khanna

    my birth date is 04-04-1994 and time 19:30 . there are lot of problems in the family. very upset situation . can u help me out of this . can u tell me something ? please

  8. Jayashree

    While 8 is the number of saturn, why do chinese treat 8 as lucky number? They say 8 is representation of infinity and they’ll get infinite luck out of 8.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Read my article THE Fascinating Number 8 and I have already dealt with this. Thank you.

  9. Bharathkumar

    Resp Sir, tomorrow is 26 July, also happens to be a Saturday. Do you suggest/predict unfortunate events worldwide to happen tomorrow. I am Thula lagna, Dhanu Rasi with Saturn combust in 1st house. Do I need to be worried of Saturn’s influence in my life. How can I improve combust Saturn

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      I pray to GOD that nothing bad happens. However it is also a Saturn star from Post Noon. I am worried about those who are going through a bad Saturn phase. I suggest they all do Saturn remedies. Please inform all your friends. I have already informed those who have subscribed for my DIPA Astro SMS Alerts. I am really worried. Let the whole world resort to Charity! Avoid enjoyment on Saturday. Entertainment spots may run into trouble. People who are drunk with alcohol may get into trouble.

      • Bharathkumar

        Yes, I have been informing, suggesting people to delay/postpone any plans they may have today until tomorrow/later. World today has become immune to suffering but still value of life and well being will always remain paramount. Without being too skeptical, I still believe it would be a good to be safe than sorry. May Saturn only bless us all. Om Shanishcharaya Namaha.

  10. Shankar

    Interesting article and as a fervent reader of astrological connections (July 17, MH17, Saturn Nakhshatra etc.) why was it desrving that all the inhabitants of the flight 17 had to die? Can one man’s Saturn curse bedevil other innocent soul? How do you account fro that? Or is it just collective karma? I am confused but keep those article coming!

  11. Anu

    Dear Dhilip Sir
    I am amazed with ur knowledge. Ur reading has given me a positive outlook in my dark period. U took it upon urself to show me the right path and how to achieve my wishes. I am ever grateful to u for the indepth reading and the advise that this time too shall pass. I hope to keep in touch with u all my life so I can b shown the rightful path according to my horoscope.
    God bless

  12. Kushal

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your nice article.Can you give some information regarding mass killing in an accident. Even a person who have best horoscope in the world may die. How it is possible?take example of the incident MH17 or Mumbai terrorist attack or in natural disaster like tsunami.So many people die with out any reason. Can astrology explain this? Or may be it is the act of god who gathered all those victims and punished them?or may be due to past life karma?

  13. mgirisshkumar

    Respected Dhilip Kumar Sir,
    My birth date us 25th August 1961, time 14.26, Bangalore, facing problems, can you help me?

  14. Girlgoneseeker Nyah

    sir im a libra ascendant, pisces sun(ut bhadrapada), born on 26th , on a saturday. Is saturn truly good for me? or the karmic effects to teach me strong lessons due to past lives? I have obseverd very good things as well as very harsh things related to saturn days.

  15. sri

    Let us keep an eye and lend our ears on 08 November 2014, Saturday. Date is 8. It`s Saturday. 08/11/2014 adds to 8. However the Star on this day is not Saturn star. Let`s pray nothing untoward happens to anyone in this World and it turns out to be a day when the Lord showers all creatures with his blessings & peace. God bless, Sri.

  16. Mahesh

    Watch and monitor Saturday 17th January 2015 ( 17-01-2015 = 8) Powerful Saturday of this year.
    This Saturday falls on Saturn’s star Anizham. Give up addiction and Pray to Saneeswarar , Lets hope and pray noth

  17. geeta

    shani mahadasha ketu bhukti remedies

  18. geeta

    shukra mahadasha budha bhukti and ketu bhukti remedies

  19. danthika

    I believe this to be true. Before I had a seen this video I had a contract that had falled through. Working on it was the most stressed that I had been in a long time. After I had watched the video I went back and checked the contract and found that It was signed and binding on the 17th. Additionally the two parties involved had names that started with F. Even after we found a new buyer ( thank god his name did not start with P or F) we still had many problems getting it closed. The seller ( whose name started with F) had many unsual things happen in the house that made it difficult to close. When we finally got to closing it there too we found many delay. It usually takes about 1 hour to formalize a contract. This time it took almost 3 hours.

  20. DB

    I believe this

  21. Sri

    Like one has to end at the starting point when the number `8` is written, the guilt in the eyes of the Supreme God Saturn has to come back to the point of start. The famous Bollywood artist Salman Khan has been found guilty by the court of law (Court represents `The House of Saturn`). He was summoned to appear at 11.15 hrs (time adds to 8) on 06 May 2015, Anusham Star (Saturn Star) in the Court to hear the verdict. He has been convicted. Want a little more proof of the effect of 8 & Lord Sanniswar – The accident happened during the early morning hours of 28 September 2002, a Saturday. Salman had drunk alcohol (Something Saturn dislikes). He continued to deny the grave error he committed, defy law and lie for 13 long years denying justice to the departed Soul he was responsible to exit Earth besides continuing to err by blaming an innocent for his crime. Justice has been rendered, at last, although the law of the land provides its citizens a recourse to appeal. Would he accept the sentence, whatever it might be and bow his head or will he continue to escape? Time will Tell. It always does. Sent to be posted in this Blog of Mr E K Dhilipkumar, renowned Astrologer on 06 May 2015, at 1220 hrs, the fag end of Anusham Star for the month. Continue to post your views on this blog about the Fact about Saturn & the fascinating number 8

  22. Chaos

    @ Sri-OK, but Salman happens to be a Muslim and as such they do not pay attention to astrology however your logic notwithstanding.

  23. danthika

    I had an experiance where a contract was signed on the 17th, both parties had names beginning with P and F. The entire time we were working on it with was fraught with difficulties and we were never able to close it. Even after we had a second contract which finally closed we had to deal with alot of very unusual things happening that seemed to threaten a succesful closing.

  24. Pushpam

    Dear Sir,
    For Sade Sati, do you count from rasi or Lagna.

  25. SRI

    To answer to the 2nd posting of 06 May 2015 – Irrespective of what Religion or Caste any human is born in, 8 is 8 and nothing less or more even as a simple number. Vedic Scriptures and Puranas existed 1000s of years before Islam or Christianity which also preaches peace & truth like Hinduism. Whether it is Salman or Saket Ram, Easwar or Eric, Saravanan or Sarah, Mary or Maya, justice remains the same. Laws remain the same. Rules remain the same. You can keep escaping the law of ahave done Country but not the Law of Natural Justice. He was convicted for the crime. He was given bail at the same time. Perhaps, Salman Khan has sincerely repented for the mistake he may have committed. He is in the news for wrong & also good reasons these days. I attribute it both to the power of Lord Sanniswar who punishes & who forgives. Like in Accounting, we cannot arrive at a Profit of Punya and Loss of Sins. For Punya done, one gets benefits, for Sins committed, one gets punished or forced into a correction path. So, this Universal law is applicable for all of Humanity. Fortunate are those who know about this `Sathya` and who follow. Less Fortunate are those who are not aware of this Truth. One thing is for sure – Every Soul will come to know of this Truth after various Births. Sooner the better & Blessed. You may want to read an article from Dhilipji in this blog on `The S Curve of Saturn` which has several interesting observations and analyses he has made (especially Snakes & Ladder) to know more of Life. Everyone`s. With the Blessings of Lord Sanniswar on His forthcoming Birthday – 17th/18th May, may we all think, be & do good. God bless, SRI.

  26. RAM

    Pushpam – For those born in Kanya Rasi (Chitra Star, Padam 1 & 2) the 7.5 years of Saturn (Sade Sanni) ends on 01 Dec 2015. For those born in Thula Rasi (Chitra Star 3 & 4, Swathi Star Padam 1,2 & 3) Sade Sanni is on. Visakha, Anuradha & Jyeshta of Vrischika Rasi are also going through Sade Sanni Period & so do people who were born in Dhanus Rasi (Moola and Poorvashada Stars). Easy reference & more details can be seen in DIPA Diaries that is now available for sale through Flipkart.
    Please view –
    God bless.

  27. Ashok

    Waiting to see if Saturn is going to reveal its power on the upcoming dates 8 Jul 2015 (Utharatadhi Nakshatra) and 17 Jul 2015 (Poosam)

  28. Ram

    If the mystery of Malaysian airlines flight MH 370 which went missing on Saturday, 08 March 2014 and the missile attack of another Malaysian Airlines flight MH 17 (8) on 17 July 2014 are yet to be solved, here in Chennai, a Dornier aircraft of the Coast Guard has gone missing on Monday (08 June 2015) and even after 48 hours, they are yet to find the crash site ! The aircraft number is CG – 791 (8). The Surveillance aircraft that is searching for this aircraft as I write this at 9.30 am on 10 June 2015 is P-8i (8). Several aircraft take off & land safely. Very few meet with accidents. The point is why those with `8` and occurrences happening on Saturdays or 8th, 17th & 26th alone remain in the news & remain mysterious for a long time ? Why is Saturn called a Mysterious Planet ? Before I close, the time that the Indian Coastal Guard Plane went missing is 2123 hrs, India Time. The Saturn Hora was from 2119 hrs to 2215 hrs when this happened. Do we need anything more ? All these cannot be mere co-incidences. Isn’t this a grand design unfolding often? Contribute to this blog. Enrich humanity. Please.

  29. Neeta Pisal

    Friends, i have read many articles on number 8, but the best was what Mr.Dhilip has written, Very few astrologer has studied the truth of number 8, conincidently today is 17th July 2015, n i m 8 on all calculation. I m proud be n 8, yes 8 people are very emotional, we belive in serving people.
    We cannot see people suffering. Shani is our guru. people always say 8is a worst number, but then i looked at myself, i discovered NO they are wrong, 8 is a beutiful number, Sri Krishna him self born on 8, and only through his wish i m born on 8th. Karma makes good n bad returns. 8 has struggle in life. But 8 knows the real meaning of life, they understand how precious is life.
    The two circles in 8, means 8 has two phase of life, Most of the 8 becomes sanyasis. they understand the chakra of MOH n Maya. 8 has respect towards even a small insect or ant, 8 rescpect all janmas. Some people say 1 is the best number, if krishna was the 8th child, then Kauravas or Pandavas somebody would have born on 1st. But nobody was like Krishna.
    in 2012 i was thinking how could it be true that world wld end, but yes BIG tragedy in my life and my world ended. Even today i got the worst news. But will come back to you definately one day with GOOD news.

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you Neeta Pisal. I was born in 25 Jan 1962 adds up to 8. I have 7 planets huddled together in one sign and that is Makara. Today is a Saturday. I became an expert on number 8 because of documenting every single event in my life that happened on 8 days etc. I tried it on my clients and I got wonderful results. I have proven to most of my clients that Saturn means Service. DO NOT ENJOY ON SATURDAYS. DO SOCIAL SERVICE on Saturdays. It is the last day of the week. Look after the last things in the world. They dying, the old, etc.

  30. Ruth Kendall

    Unique research never attempted earlier on a number. More search led me (Retired Mathematician) to which is organizing 53 Ganapaty (I suppose it`s the Elephant God of India) and 9 Planets `homa` to invoke blessings from the 9 Planets. Can someone tell me what is`homa`? Don`t seem to get a satisfactory answer to this. How does this help? Coming from the West, it would assist readers. Keep it up E K Dhilip Kumar. RK.

  31. Punyashaala

    Dear Mr Ruth Kendall – Homa is that sacrificial rite which consists of pouring libations of clarified butter into fire along with herbs, roots, leaves and seeds as prescribed by the Vedas. Hinduism, a religion with no beginning or founders is held high by the 4 pillars or Vedas (Sama, Yagur, Rig & Atharvana). There are prescriptions in these to appease The Divine & to fulfill Karmic dues or do remedies. The first & the foremost Homa or fire lab ritual is performed to remove obstacles. This is Ganapathy/Ganesha Homa. Ganesha (Elephant God, as you rightly said) is considered to remove obstacles – Looking at it practically, imagine a street full of people and animals and an Elephant slowly walks down this. Everything gives way to this magnificent beast. All obstacles move out of His path. This is just a simple lay-man comparison to remove obstacles to proceed further. This done, as the first step, it allows rest of the things to follow. So, Homa is a fire ritual to appease the Gods (various Gods & Goddesses) to derive benefits for a better life. Trust, I have answered your question and if there is anything else you would like to know, you may please write to me on

    God bless All. SRI.

  32. AP

    Dear E K Dhilip Kumar Sir, You have said many things about Lord Shani and I’m amazed with your knowledge about Him. I have one question. Lord Saturn being a malefic planet, is it good or bad to have Shani in Retrograde mode in one’s natal chart?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      There are no issues about a planet being Retrograde. In fact, it makes the planet stronger. In Prasna (Horary) chart, retrograde planet mean a lot.

  33. SRI

    Today is 26-10-2015, sum of the date is 8 and the sum of the date, month & year is also 8. It also happens to be Uttrathadhi Star day (26th Star). Keeping that aside, in India`s `The Hindu` newspaper dated today (26th), an article appeared. It was about a Village celebrating 35 (3+5=8) years of a local bus service (Route No 61A) (6+1+A = 8). The bus bearing the route number 61A was decorated with flowers, banana leaves for the yearly Ayudh Pooja yesterday and the entire village participated in this celebration. This has been happening for 34 years but it becomes visible to the World today, in its 35th year. Can this be dismissed as a mere co-incidence? I cannot. God bless all. SRI

  34. SRI

    Today is 26-10-2015. Date sums up to 8. The Date with month & year also sums up to 8. It`s also Uttrathadhi Star day, the 26th Star. In today`s `The Hindu` newspaper, an article appeared on a Chennai local bus route. The route number is 61A (8). It`s in the 35th year of operation. I haven’t heard about a celebration for a bus route. The point is the news appears about 61A in its 35th year of operation on 26-10-2015 also being the 26th Star day. Strange but true. 8 Continues to fascinate. God bless. SRI

    • Lakshmi

      Sir after watching this video i am into one astrological doubt,you told that Saturn gives piles and fissures to the native,but I got this problem of piles as soon as moon dasha (8th house placed planet dasha) started for me,and I thought as moon is the karaka for blood(liquid) so moon is the giver of piles and fissures for me.and in the period of moon dasha and Saturn bhukti for complete 1 year I didn’t have any problem with piles after completing Saturn bhukti again im attacked with severe blood loss through piles plz clarify my Dob 10/11/1992 ,time of birth 4:30 Am,place of birth : Machilipatnam,Andhra Pradesh,India
      Mine is a Libra ascendant and I have Saturn at 18:34 degrees in Capricorn sign In 5th bhava and mars(01:35 degrees)in cancer sign in 10th bhava,And I have moon in the Aries sign with 18:53 degrees in 8th bhava,Jupiter in 12th bhava in Virgo sign at 12:20 degrees.

  35. Lakshmi

    And one more doubt, 8th bhava is the karaka ruler of private parts of a person and so anus falls under 8th bhava and 8th bhava is occupied with moon so in moon dasha am I affected with piles and fissures? Am I correct or not sir plz reply to my question

  36. Dr.Shilpa

    Sir ,Thank You for the great information on Saturn,today is also one of the days completely dominated by Saturn, 17 June ,Saturday and after 6 Pm the Star is Uttara bhadrapada. Thailabhishekam for Saneeshvaran today or as Sir said doing charity this day will help ! I personally went to Thirunallar Saneeshvaran koil in Tamilnadu and did thailabhishekam for saneeshvaran when i was undergoing seven and half saturn dasa but going there has helped me a lot.Saturn is not bad he just makes us learn things the hard way ,you know the value of your health,money only when you loose it.And this happens for a reason make you complete your Karma cycle as Saturn abides Law strictly ! We can convert our bad karma or lessen it by doing Social Service ,helping poor people.and a pariharam which you can do at home is feeding the crow ,not the left overs but the rice you cook ,a handful of it before you eat can be offered to the crow.People going through bad Saturn dasa ,every saturday donate black cloth ,sesame seeds gingely oil and jaggery these are all saturn favourites.Its difficult to please him though just try your luck šŸ™‚ I have helped myself doing every single thing i mentioned here Hope it helps someone who reads by.
    Thank you

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