What is your Lucky Gem?

Never wear the unlucky gemstones.



In today’s world of 100s of charms and luck enhancers under various names and guises the gemstones continues to be the most fascinating and attractive option you have. While there are about 50,000 gemstones in the world only 9 are considered to be planetary games. Of the 9 gemstones which one will bring you the luck that you seek and which one will destroy the luck that you already have? Read this knol to know the answer.

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How to find your lucky gem?

In today’s world of 100s of charms and luck enhancers under various names and guises the gemstones continues to be the most fascinating and attractive option you have.  While there are about 50,000 gemstones in the world only 9 are considered to be planetary games. Of the 9 gemstones which one will bring you the luck that you seek and which one will destroy the luck that you already have? Read this knol to know the answer.

Most of the gems are not that expensive when compared to other things that a person needs to buy in this world like an LCD TV, or a car or a large home. As a lucky charm Gemstones have a long history to tell us. Great Kings and Emperors have been associated with famous gemstones. Even today a large gem on your hand can more than compensate for lack of beauty, appeal, old age and other defects you may have.

As an added bonus the Indian Astrologer may suggest a gem or 2 which according to Indian Astrology can be a protector and luck enhancer beyond your expectations. Not all Astrologers know the right method because some of them have not really understood the connection between the gemstones and your horoscope. 

However to a chemists or a mineralogist a gemstone is just another precious or semi-precious attractive mineral, which when cut and polished becomes a glittering and eye-catching part of jewelry. To those who sell them they are a great product easy to sell once they find the client who likes the gem that they start fancying on. The craving to own the lucky piece leads to fancy prices and believe me there is nothing that can stop the sale. So while the gemstone business is doing well on the background you may have an expert recommending the purchase or an astrologer who has not understood the theory of gemstones well enough. 

A gemstone may also be considered as an antique masterpiece manufactured by God or Nature because most of the (natural) gemstones were formed when our earth came about in the solar system. So most of the gems that your eyes may see may be about 4 and half billion years old. Considering the fact that we pay millions to possess an antique car or a pen that is just about 100 years Gemstones are the cheapest antiques in the world. So if you are wearing a natural gemstone you can be proud of wearing something that is as old as our earth.

For those who believe in its magical properties much beyond science and human logic, it is their luck incarnate. Wearing your lucky gem means that no evil will ever befall you. It is believed to give you superhuman strength against all odds in life. 

For many centuries in India the land of Astrology, Gemstones and Astrology have remained inseparable mainly because at the end of the consultation the Astrologer needs to give something that will protect the client, something to takeaway after the discussion. Who would walk away from a doctor without getting the medicines?

There are about 50,000 gemstones including semi precious stones but only 9 are considered important as far as Indian Astrology goes. The 9 planets in your horoscope are said to be associated with the 9 gemstones.

Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are the 9 grahas (wrongly referred as planets) that find a place to occupy in your horoscope.  Ruby, Pearl, Red Coral, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Saturn, Hessonite Garnet and Cats Eye are their gems respectively.

Lagna /
Lucky Gem
related to Lagna Lord

The Best Gem of all
Other Lucky Gem
Other Lucky Gem Other Lucky Gem
Mesha     Red Coral        Pearl  Yellow Sapphire  Ruby
   Blue Sapphire
 Emerald  Ruby  
 Pearl  Red Coral
 Yellow Sapphire    
 Ruby  Red Coral
 Yellow Sapphire    
 Diamond  Blue Sapphire      
 Red Coral  
 Pearl      Yellow Sapphire  Ruby
 Yellow Sapphire  
 Red Coral  Ruby  
 Diamond  Emerald    
Kumbha  Blue Sapphire  Diamond
Meena  Yellow Sapphire  
 Pearl  Red Coral      

Based on your horoscope which of the gems is your luckiest gem?

Nature has provided so many good things for all of us. However, not everything is suitable to the human species in general or to you in particlar. Snakes, poisonous fruits, thorns that hurt you, animals that may kill you, extreme heat and cold are all part of nature and yet they may give you hardships.

Certain foods like oysters and clams, or even a pineapple can cause severe allergy to one person while it is harmless to most others. This is the specific effects that nature causes on an individual. So too a particular gem though part of nature can sometime produce severe allergies in the literal sense of the word and also sometime bring about nightmarish experiences.

So all we are trying to say is that out of the 9 gemstones only a few may be good for you. For any person the maximum lucky gemstones will be 4 and for some it may be even be 1.

What you must know if you have to know your lucky Gem?

The only fact you need to know is date of birth, place of birth and your time of birth. With the time of birth the Ascendant which is the rising zodiac sign can be determined. This sign is called the Lagna (Ascendant). Once that is know it is easy to know your lucky gem. In horoscope language it is also called the 1st house.

There are 2 conflicting views about determination of the lucky gem. Some say that the gem that is related to the planet that is auspicious and giver of luck should be worn. While some others say that the planet that is inauspicious and the cause of bad luck should be worn so that the planet will be pleased.

The purpose of this article is to allow you to decide which of these 2 the correct method is.

Anukula-Vad method

The 1st one is called Anukula-Vad method meaning wearing the Gem that is related to planets that are connected to the good luck planets of your horoscope.

Pratikula-Vad method

The 2nd one is called Pratikula-Vad meaning wearing the gem that is related to planets that are the cause of bad luck as indicated in your horoscope.

Using an analogy let us try to find out which one is right. There are 2 business companies that are opposed to each other. We will assume that you belong to Business A. So Business B is your competitor who is causing losses to your business. Will you wear a T Shirt or Cap that carries the logo of Business A or Business B? Will you wear anything or use anything that belongs to Business B who is your competitor?

The answer is so obvious. Yet when it comes to selections of Gemstones some Astrologers and most people are always in doubt.

Praise the Enemy

If you are a clever business man (politicians and sportsmen know this well) you may even sends gifts to the owner of Business B, you may try to befriend the enemy so that the enemy does plan to hurt you, give the enemy donations and praise the enemy for his intelligence or say that he is a handsome person. On the other hand will you use his Logo, color and promotional material that Business B uses?

In the same way, who will wear a gem that is related to the enemy planets in your horoscope?

Once this is clear understanding other things is easy. Assuming that your rising sign is Aries (Mesha Lagna) then we can say that the following gems are your lucky gems.

They are:

  1. Red Coral (to strengthen the energy of Mars)
  2. Ruby (to strengthen the energy of Sun)
  3. Yellow Sapphire (to strengthen the energy of Jupiter)
  4. Pearl (to strengthen the energy of Moon)

The above gems are your lucky gems if you are born with Aries (Mesha) has your Ascendant (Lagna). Should you wear all the 4 gems. Out of the 4 gems which one should you wear?

Continuing with the example of you being the owner of Business A, let us say that the income is generated by 4 products that you sell. Let us say these products are called Red, Pink, Yellow and Dull white. Of these 4 products which do you think needs advertisement and sales promotion?

The weakest product. Is it not?  The product that is not doing well needs more attention. You are aware that the weak product has a good potential and is already bringing you additional income. All you need to do is increase the sales of that product. 

Similarly you should wear the lucky gem that is related to the weakest planet amongst all the planets that are friendly to you and always is known to help you.

Let’s say the weakest planet is Jupiter amongst the friendly planets. So you must wear an yellow sapphire that is related to Jupiter.

In Astrology there is something called the planetary period. For example you may be in a planetary period of Jupiter. This means Jupiter is currently the main ruler in this point in time. The period of Jupiter is for 16 years. If you are currently in the period of Jupiter wearing the Yellow Sapphire is sure to elevate your luck provided Jupiter as per your horoscope is a functional positive (Benefic) planet.

Even if you were not in the rule of Jupiter the yellow sapphire should enhance your luck. However when Jupiter is the ruler wearing the yellow sapphire should double your luck.

You should shake hands with your opponents so that you declare to the audience that you are a good sportsman. Similarly you need to pray to the planets that are known to cause obstructions and throw challenges at you. So give away material and things that are related to your enemy planets. That way your luck is sure to increase.

If Yellow sapphire is your lucky gem then surely Diamond will be an unlucky gem. Diamond is related to Venus. So you need to show that you have no enmity with Venus even though Venus may not like you. Venus relates to women. So donate to women. This is one idea. Donate sweets to street children because Venus rules sweets. Gifting multi-colored clothes to children found begging on the roadside etc is a great remedy.

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