Why Suicide is useless!

Suicide is the last successful thing a person can do in a life time and immediately thereafter it is the beginning of endless trouble!



Mr. Sundarjohnlingam committed suicide because his lover Ms.Gauri Eliza Rani fell in love with another person. Mr Sundarjohnlingam (Mr SJL) was shattered. He was so deeply in love and then suddenly all this happened. So he went to the nearest railway station and jumped in front of a moving train. That was the end of Mr SJL. But, was it?

Why Suicide is useless!

There are many strange things that a human being can think of but suicide is the mostdisastrousone that he can do in a life time. If successfully done then it is just the beginning of endless trouble.

Most people never think of suicide because somewhere deep within them they know that suicide is probably the biggest mistake a human being can do. The low incidence of suicide proves this point, though logically speaking, the rate of suicide should be actually high given the trouble that most people undergo.

Only human beings can commit suicide!

Do animals commit suicide? Never! And that proves suicide is unnatural because when something is done by animals it is called natural and if man does something it is called artificial. Or you may have thought that only one animal does it if you have seen the 1958 Disney documentary “White Wilderness” that popularized the idea that lemmings occasionally commit suicide in droves, plunging off seashore cliffs to drown themselves below and mitigate occasional population explosions. Consequently, a generation of children has grown up accustomed to the idea that suicide exists in the animal kingdom. In all likelihood, however, it does not. So it means that suicide is never resorted by any living creature except human beings. That is because there is something seriously wrong with suicide.

No matter what the problem is, every human being tries to remain alive and battle it out. But just in case you feel that you have reached the limits and in case you feel that continuing to live is definitely going to make things worse, then hold on just a sec. Read this blog and I am confident that you will hold on to your dear life forever. The truth will wake you up.

The consequences of suicide is more than what meets the eye or your mind!. Do you know what is the first thing that would shock the person who commits suicide?

“Oh my God! I am still alive”.

As soon as MrSundarjohnlingam committedsuicide, his first shocking thought was “Oh my God! I am still alive!”. But it took sometime for Mr SJL to realize that he was no more with his physical body. His body which was the most cherished thing he ever possessed is now in bits and pieces after the train hit it. How would you feel if you lost a diamond that is worth a million dollars. You would feel that it was the end of everything for you. His body is more expensive than all the wealth in this world.It came as a gift from his anxious parents. He now recalled his embryonic days when he was housed safely inside the quite and comfortable womb of his mother waiting to enter the beautiful world of human beings. He came with clenched fist as though he was ready to box every enemy in the face. And now he feels that he has lost everything.

Mr SJL committed suicide for the sake of MsGauri Eliza Rani (Ms.GER). He thought by doing so Ms GER was going to repent for a lifetime. Instead, after the suicide Mr SJL has to repent forever. He was fooled into believing that after the suicide everything was going to be peaceful and happy for him and trouble for Ms.GER. Instead he now feels Ms. GER will continue to do what she was doing already and now he was even more helpless in the love affair.

Whatever was the purpose of suicide stands now defeated because Mr SJL realizes he is very much alive. He wanted to end his life, but finds that he continues to live like before. But there is a difference. He has just now lost the most precious thing that he had with him when he lived and that was his precious body. He knows that he cannot re-enter the body once his soul has disengaged though rarely we do come across “out of body” experience which happens in a different situation where the soul re-enters the body.

Mr SJL went through so much trouble and finding it unbearable he committed suicide. Now he has fresh problems. He does not have the body but retains the memories and everything he has done while living. He remembers everything about his brother, sister, father and mother, lover and everyone else.

Mr SJL desires to talk to all of them but now without the body he cannot communicate with others around. He can hear without his physical ears just like you can ‘hear a song’ without actually hearing it. Mr SJL can now see without his physical eyes just like you can close your eyes and see anything that you have seen earlier. He can speak to others but cannot really make the sound. Thoughts are there but he cannot utter the words as he has no physical tongue. He is now invisible too. We all love to be noticed. The feeling of being ignored or neglected is experienced as a great punishment.Al these and more brings about a great deal of frustration as Mr SJL starts understanding the consequences of suicide. He now understands why so few people commit this blunder.

The School Drop-Out

Just imagine you are a student who found it very difficult to cope up with studies. Others managed it well. They have a better future because when they complete the course they will find good and appropriate jobs. You decide to quit school all of a sudden and right in the middle of the course. You get out of school. You are now on the streets. You go for a job and they make you do things that you do not like because they find that you are not well educated for a decent job. You thought school was bad and now when you jumped out of it, you feel the world is bad and when you want to go back to school they will not let you. You will have to watch from outside. On the streets you find other school dropouts who never studied well and many were leading a bad life. They bully you around and make you do what they have been doing. They have no discipline like what you had inside school.

Mr SJL is in a similar situation.

He thought suicide would bring his peace and quite but instead there is so much of tension around him. There are other spirits around him. They are those who have also done the same thing that he did. They belong to the group that is labelled as “Rebels” in the system called “Karma”. When others continued to live (perform their Karma) and go on with the battle of life Mr SJL and all other spirits around him quit life thinking that was the end of life. Instead now Mr SJL and his friends feel that they have jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

In the spirit world there is no justice or law or a system that you found while you were living. When there is trouble who will rectify that for you. If a spirit bullies you around where will you complain? There is no police or no law to take care of Mr SJL now. There are no places of worship either to go and seek solace in the midst of the divine energy.

Mr SJL wantsto get back into a body, an embryo inside the womb of a mother but he cannot do that because there are others waiting for their turn. It is like you jumped out of school and cannot find an entry into a new school and get back to the old one. A school dropout finds it difficult to go a seat in a school if he quits it at an inappropriate time. No one likes a school drop out, at least the school system hates them. So in the school of life no one likes the person who quit their life bycommittingsuicide. .

In the boxing ring there are rules, there is the referee and the entire system of points and timing the match etc. When you fight on the streets there are no rules, anybody will do anything.Unpredictablethings happen oin a street fight which is why even well trained martial arts experts avoid it. So in the spirit world (that part of those who committed suicide) there are no rules, no referee or no interference of God and the Law. It is a dangerous zone, a real hell.

Mr SJL wants to smoke because he used to smoke at least 10 cigarettes a day but now he cannot do that. He has all the feelings and emotions but without the body it is terrible because he cannot vent it out.

Mr SJL things of what hislover is doing at the moment, may be she was meeting her lover but now things are simple beyond him as he cannot stop that. At least if had the body he had a great chance of winning her back but now he is helpless. His chances are zero. Who would want to romance with a spirit without a body?

Now comes the greatest problem after suicide!

Now I am going to tell you the worst thing about a suicide which Mr SJL never thought of. Due to extraordinary anxieties Mr SJL committed suicide. He is a loser by nature.

But now life has become unbearable again. The question is how will Mr SJL solve the new problems. One suggestion is he can try suicide again which though may naturally come to his mind because he has done that before. But the problem is he has already given up his body.

Now how can he commit suicide again?

Did you get it? Mr SJL cannot commit suicide again.

Quitters never win. Losers never quit. Mr SJL lost in a love affair game, but there were many other games he may have won comfortably. Another person may win in his love affair but lose out somewhere else. If for every failure a man commits suicide the human race will come to an end. Mr SJL now understood all these and more but too late.

Astrological periods when suicidal tendencies run high

During certain times the suicidal tendencies run high but that is surprisingly indicated in the horoscope. During the Dasha of Ketu (the main planetary period of Ketu which is for 7 years) there is a high tendency of suicide especially during the last 1/3rd of Ketu Dasha.

This is felt more if Ketu in the horoscope occupies the 8th house or the 12th house. To prevent this the Ancient Masters of Astrology has recommended that the person wears a “Ganesha” pendant in such a way that Ganesha is close to the heart. Worship of Lord Ganesha is mandatory for all Hindus if they are going through an afflicted Ketu dasha.

If a person is in the Sade-Sati phase (the notorious 7 1/2 years Saturn phase) that occurs once in 30 years as Transit Saturn moves close to his Moon sign, on Saturdays and on dates like 8th, 17th and 26th or when the ruling star is Pushyami the 8th Star, Anuradha the 17th Star and Uttarabhadra the 26th star the trouble and challenges may reach a peak.

During such times suicide may look like a good alternative to solve the problems. To remove such possibilities the person should donate a black cow or a female buffalo to someone who will take good care of it. This remedy can be done by non-Hindus. For the Hindus the additional remedy is perform the Mrityunjaya Japa Homa on a Saturday.

Problems increase with suicide

All those who are prone to suicide must know that the soul is eternal and there is no point committing suicide. Suicide brings about additional problems. Normally rebirth is not possible because his turn has not come so Mr SJL will have to wait until the time of real death period. If one takes it in between the system goes haywire.

Because he threw away his body, he gets into the bad book of God who gave him this precious gift that can never be made with all the wealth in in the universe. Moreover he has defeated the purpose of his parents. Whatever they did to Mr SJL has all gone waste. He is now hated by all others. Suicide is cowardice. The world does not like cowards. The world loves those who fight until their destined time comes.

Of the many quotes that I found on Suicide the following poetical lines caught my attention.

“Razors pain you; Rivers are damp; Acids stain you; And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren’t lawful; Nooses give; Gas smells awful; You might as well live.” ― Dorothy Parker

So let us live our current life against all odds until we reach our natural end which is just the beginning of another exciting life.

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