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Whenever I find the time I decided to help those who wanted answers from me for free. Rest of the time I keep charging



Not all people wish to consult me after paying the fees I demand. I charge because Astrology is my only profession. But sometimes I feel that there are those who do not want to pay or there are those who cannot afford it. Sometimes intuitively I feel that I should answer a particular person which is when I cannot stop myself from giving the answer that I know. Whatever it is I find that my love and passion for Astrology forces me to answer the genuine questions.

Thanks for your interest in Vedic Indian Astrology. We have created a website www.astrodrona.com  this site will be viewed by many students of astrology and astrologers. post your questions there. Registration is free.

Question No.1

What gem stone is good for me?

Dear sir,

I have been wanting to find out my lucky stone since long time but never had a chance. I fortunately found your website today, can you please let me know what gem is good and what is harmful for me? And also appreciate what dasha is going on for me now and if there is anything I need to do. Below are my details
Name: Swetha Maddi
Date of birth: 8th December, 1980
Place of birth: Kamareddy, Andhra pradesh, India
Time of Birth: 11:05 AM

Thank you in advance,

Please check your horoscope before you start reading my answer because the horoscope is based on your date, time and place of birth as given by you.

Your Lucky Gems are:

  1. Ruby
  2. Yellow Sapphire
  3. Red Coral

Out of the 3 gems Yellow Sapphire is needed most. this is because Jupiter is weak and further afflicted by Saturn who is close to Jupiter. If you wear black clothes your Jupiter will get weaker. Always wear Gold at least one gram of gold should be on your body.

If you cannot afford an yellow sapphire then wear lots of yellow color dress. Idea is yellow is related to Jupiter. If Jupiter is weak put more yellow in your life wherever you can.

Harmful Gems are:

  1. Blue Sapphire
  2. Diamond
  3. Emerald
  4. Pearl

You are currently in the 1o years Dasha of Moon. From  2010-09-29  -  2020-09-28

Vimsottari Dasa (started from Moon):

 Maha Dasas:

 Ket:  1977-09-28  -  1984-09-28
 Ven:  1984-09-28  -  2004-09-28
 Sun:  2004-09-28  -  2010-09-29
 Moon:  2010-09-29  -  2020-09-28
 Mars:  2020-09-28  -  2027-09-29
 Rah:  2027-09-29  -  2045-09-29
 Jup:  2045-09-29  -  2061-09-29
 Sat:  2061-09-29  -  2080-09-29
 Merc:  2080-09-29  -  2097-09-29

Moon is 12th house lord. So worship Goddess on Mondays. Visit and stay in TIRUPATI hills on a Monday or on a FULL MOON day.

Question No.2

Good to know about lucky and unlucky stones

Hi sir,

This post is really good to know about lucky and unlucky stones. Thanks for your effort to educate people like me.

Can you please let me know my lucky stone. currently i’m wearing:

Red Coral: Right Hand/Little Finger [prescribed by some astrologer 8 years back]

Pear: Right Hand/Index Finger [prescribed by some astrologer 8 years back]

Diamond: Left Hand/Ring Finger [Marriage Ring]

My DOB: 21/Sep/1974
DOT: 20:25
POB: Rajahmundry, AP, INDIA

Currently Sukhra Mahadash is running and having lot of setbacks in profession.

Looking forward to your post

Thanks & Regards.

Please check your horoscope before you start reading my answer because the horoscope is based on your date, time and place of birth as given by you.

Based on your Lagna the friends in your life are:

  1. Jupiter
  2. Sun
  3. Moon
  4. Mars

So the recommended gems are respectively:

  1. Yellow Sapphire
  2. Ruby
  3. Pearl
  4. Red Coral

Though you can wear all the gems, the much needed gem is RED COLOR.
Wear more RED Color dress or closer to RED.

Mars is very weak in your horoscope. Can weaken your health. Mars occupies the house of Mercury and Mars hates to be in Virgo. (Kanya). Mars in Kanya is not good for a Mesha Lagna person like you.  You may have a weak body, prone to untimely meals, ulcers and prone to much anger that people around you may notice you are a short tempered person. Learn how to meditate and bring down more calm in your life.

Pray to Lord Vishnu on all Wednesdays and that will reduce the problems in life because the afflictor of Mars is Mercury and Mercury is related to Maha Visnhnu, Lord Sri Krishna or Lord Hanuman.

Question No.3

Dear sir, my name is Hanjabam Prabesh Sharma my DOB is 4 may 1974 and birth place is Imphal, Manipur and time is1:25pm. So kindly tell
me which lucky stone should wear.Thanks

Your Ascendant is SIMHA Rasi. It means you were born under the grace of SUN (Ravi). SUN is exalted in your horoscope. Should give you robust health. Also you may have qualities of the LION.Watch out for over confidence. As a Lion you should be confident though!

So the 3 gems are:


Which one is most needed?

No need to wear RUBY as SUN strong.

But you should wear RED CORAL  on your right hand ring finger. CARATS should be 2.5 carats. Don’t exceed 4 carats.

Mars is with Saturn. Mars is obstructed by Saturn. So empower MARS and please Saturn.

Saturn is pleased by charity. Read my knols – The fascinating number 8 on how to get into the good book of Saturn. Saturn wants action from you to destroy sins you have committed in your past lives. Mere words will not do.

Yellow Sapphire is also needed as Guru is not in a Good mood having  just come out of his debilitation sign – Makara (Capricron). Wear Gold watch with white dial.

Avoid BLACK Dial on watch and Black frame for spectacles. Avoid wearing BLACK, BROWN or GREY. These will slow you down.

Question No.4

most helpful article!

Dear Mr. Kumar,

Your article on Saturn transit was the most helpful. Being an astrology enthusiast, I have gone through many articles and browsed many sites but this one from you was apt.

I am Ramya Mateti, born on 3rd of July in 1987, at around 8:20 am in a place called Kamavarapukota in Andhra Pradesh. Presently doings masters in Europe.

I have been wearing Gomedh(Zircon)-(left index finger ) and Neelam(Sapphire)-(ri

ght middle finger) since past 4 years. Some of my friends have been asking me to take the Neelam off by giving weird reasons. As I am not in reach of any Indian Astrologers here at my place of study, I am seeking help online.

Please let me know if wearing Neelam is appropriate and suggest any other gem if needed. For how long should I wear these stones? Is there any specific lucky stone for me? I trust a lot in Astrology, kindly give suggestions for any betterment of my life.

Thanks a lot

Dear Friend, GOMED is NOT ZIRCON, Gomed is hessonite garnet a gem that is associated with RAHU.

You should not wear GOMED (Hessonite Garnet) because RAHU is the lord of the 8th house which deals with battles and disappointments. So wearing RAHU Gem will increase the battles in your life. Moreover Rahu occupies the 9th house which denote LUCK. The 9th house belongs to JUPITER (GURU) your friend.

Already 9th house is obstructed by RAHU why add fuel to fire.

You must REMOVE BLUE SAPPHIRE immediately as it is very bad for you.

Saturn is the lord of the 7th  house. So SATURN GEM BLUE SAPPHIRE may cause injury to your body or danger to your physical body.

The only gems allowed are:


of the above, RED CORAL is urgently required. Wear it only on the right hand ring finger.

MARS (KUJA) is in the 12th house in BHAVA CHART. So you may go through experience of stress in a foreign land as many planets occupy the 12th house in BHAVA CHART. MARS, MERCURY AND SUN occupy the 12th house.

SO wear RED COLORS as much as possible. Wear RED CORAL.

For Saturn – worship LORD HANUMAN on all SATURDAYS
For RAHU – pray to Goddess Durga during RAHU KALAM on SATURDAY.

You are currently in RAHU dasha hence GODDESS DURGA prayers are compulsory if you want peace of mind in RAHU Dasha. Otherwise you may have OBSTRUCTION in studies. Your teachers may not cooperate with you as RAHU afflicts the house of teacher (9th house).

Question No.5

I have been looking for a job but with no results. Can you please let me know when I have a good chance.

Dear Mr. Kumar,

Here are my details, please can you let me know, when I will be able to find a full time position to work.
Thank you for your help.

DOB: Nov.16, 1961
Time : 1:41 pm, thursday
Place: Mangalore
Name: Mangala S Kurada

Any solutions or suggestions for me. My e-mai ID: mkurada2004@gmail.com

thank you for your help.

Now let us look at your Dasha Bhukti which is of supreme importance to know when certain event will happen.

Vimsottari Dasa:

You are currently in Mercury Dasha (Budha)  from: 2008-08-09 (10:21:60 am) – 2025-08-09 (6:51:53 pm)
BUDHA DashaKETU  Bhukti :   2011- 01- 04      –      2012 – 01 – 02  
Your Lagna is Kumbha. Budha rules the 5th house and the 8th. Both in Rasi Chart and Bhava Chart (Not shown here due to space constraints) Budha occupies the 9th house.

Though the 9th house is a good house (Fortune) with regard to 10th house it is in the 12th. When we work we normally say we are stressed and we are working hard. Away from work we actually rest. So 9th house is related to resting because of being jobless though from job point of view it is not really enjoyment time. Hope you got it. So Budha promotes resting or relaxing when it syncs with bhukti planet if the bhukti planet is occupying a bad house like 6, 8 or 12 or if the said planet is in the 6th, 8th or 12th from Budha. (Mercury).

But where is KETU? Ketu is in the 12th house. both in Rasi Chart and Bhava Chart. So surely Ketu is unhelpful to job situations. 12th house is the house of loss. So Ketu is negative. You need to worship Lord Ganesha on all days by offering white flowers and reciting HIS 108 times to get back optimism in your life.

Despite Ketu being in the 12th house (which is why you are currently jobless), you will easily find a job because from  Budha Ketu is in the 10th house.

When Ketu enters Vrishaba on June 6, 2011 Ketu will start connecting to your 10th house. Rahu – Ketu axis will  then be on your 10th house axis. From that time onwards your next job time starts.

So keep applying for jobs and you will soon get a good news.

Watch out for lower leg injury. Avoid sports and such things on all Tuesdays – co ruled by Ketu as Ketu is in the 12th house (lower leg especially foot and ankle).

Life Long Remedy: Sun in the 9th house in Bhava Chart is affecting your 9th house where there is Lakshmii Yoga. Worship SHIVA LINGA by offering Milk and Bilva Leaves on all SUNDAYS, or worship in Lord Shiva on Pradosha days (Check local temple timings for pooja time).  Give away WHEAT Bread to MEN who are old in OLD AGE home along with plenty of drinking water. Or give away RICE to old home home on 1 Sunday per month.

Question No. 6

dear ek dhilip sir please help me

dear sir

In your Rasi Chart, planets appear to be better off. But in the Bhava Chart, we find Mercury, Ketu and Surya all in the 6th house.

The 6th house is the house of debts and service.

It is better that you are employed.

Or you should be in a business that does not require you to borrow money. Once you start borrowing to pay off a debt, then you should realise that it is time up and you need to go back to work under someone.

If all of us want to become BUSINESS OWNER who will be there to work for the BUSINESS OWNER. It is wrong to thing that we are UNDER SOMEONE. We are always under someone. Even a Business owner has to  BE UNDER THE CUSTOMERS – the customer is the king, you are his servant in business. It is just a  maya saying I am the boss or the owner.

Anyway now that you are in business for many years, it is tough to work under someone. But you will have to live with debt problem.

The 2nd house rules wealth. The 2nd house lord SURYA (SUN) is occupying the house of debts. The 12th house lord Mercury is in the 6th house. Loss through Loans is therefore indicated.

In case you cannot quit the current business then:

Wear RED CORAL on the Right Hand ring finger.

Mars (KUJA) is the yogakaraka for you. Mars occupies the 8th house. The 10th house lord is in the 8th house. This is a great weakness in your chart. So strengthen Mars by wearing Red Coral.

Jupiter is in the 5th house which is very GOOD. JUPITER will finally save you. No matter what Jupiter will continue to give you solutions. You are in JUPITER DASHA but Jupiter is weak in SHADBALA. Hence you are going through some negative situations in JUPITER (GURU) dasha. So wear a YELLOW SAPPHIRE on Right Hand Index finger.

if you do not want to invest in gems, do not worry. Pray to Goddess Durga on all FRIDAYS.

Pay back part of your loan on every Tuesday. SOON you will be out of your debt.


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