The Quantum Physics of Ancient India

Using a different technology the ancient masters of India knew everything that the modern scientists are beginning to understand.



Using a different technology the ancient masters of India knew everything that the modern scientists are now beginning to understand. Suddenly everyone is speaking about quantum physics. The information is new to most people outside of India. In India which is the ancient source of eternal, boundless and true knowledge the discussions relating to quantum physics has been disguised as spirituality.

Using a different technology the ancient masters of India knew everything that the modern scientists are now beginning to understand. Suddenly everyone is speaking about quantum physics. The information is new to most people outside of India. In India which is the ancient source of eternal, boundless and true knowledge the discussions relating to quantum physics has been disguised as spirituality.

Watch a few videos on quantum physics. Then watch a few videos on Vedanta, Bhagwad Gita and any topic under the category – Spirituality. If you are being frank you will hardly find much differences in the content.

Danah Zohar a management thought leader, physicist, philosopher and author has a new term to re-describe the well known term “Spirituality” and the new term she uses is Spiritual intelligence and Spiritual capital. She makes it appear as though her spirituality has nothing to do with what has been already considered as spirituality in India from ancient to modern times. 

Take the case of Astrology. Astrologers in the western world have re-invented Astrology as Sun sign an inferior form of ancient Indian  astrology. People of the west call it Sun Sign Astrology. Today there are more books on Sun Signs than the books related to Vedic Astrology or Ancient Indian Astrology. Some Indians are arguing about the term “Vedic” being used.

I saw a video on youtube. The topic is: Quantum Physics. You too should see it before continuing to read it.

In one of the videos on Quantum Physics, someone almost said the following but in a slightly different way. Who are you ? Who am I ? From Where did I come ? Who is my mother, who is my father ? — inquire thus and you will, then realize that the entire world of experience, all the worries and problems are but a dream, a mere hallucination, born of imagination and delusion. With such a realisation, you will be freed from the delusions of the world.

These words actually belong to Adi Sankara an expert in what today people refer to as quantum physics. In India Adi Sankara is known as a great Sage. If what he said is said by a scientist it is called quantum physics. I have highlighted in the above paragraph words like dream and hallucination. These words are repeated by someone in the video. In India, the Maharishis and Sages did not file for a world patent. There is no copyright either. In those days there were no youtube too.

Isa Upanishad says that… That (the Invisible–Absolute-Pure) is whole; whole is this (the visible phenomenal); from this Invisible Whole comes forth all that is the visible whole. Though the visible whole has come out from that Invisible Whole, yet the Whole remains unaltered. 

purnamadah purnamidam purnaat purnamudachyate
purnasya purnaamadaya purnameva vashishyate. (Isa Upanishad)

purnamadah: ‘That is complete.’
purnamidam: ‘This is complete.’
purnamadah purnamidam ‘That is complete, this is complete’.
purnat purna mudachyate – ‘From that completeness comes this completeness’
purnasya purnamadaya – If we take away this completeness from that completeness’
purnameva vashishyate: ‘Only completeness remains.’

For want of an appropriate name, the indefinite term “That” is used in the Upanishads to designate the Invisible–Absolute-Truth. A finite object, like a building or a mountain, can be defined; but “That”, infinite and unbounded source of all, cannot be expressed by a finite and limited  language. Therefore the Rishis or Divine Seers, desirous not to limit the Unlimited, chose the indefinite term “That” to designate the Absolute. In the light of true wisdom the phenomenal and the Absolute are inseparable. All existence is in the Absolute; and whatever exists, must exist in It; hence all manifestation is merely a modification of the One Supreme Whole, and neither increases nor diminishes It. The Whole therefore remains unaltered.

1 Day of the Devas is one year for human beings.

The ancient divine scientists of India also referred as MahaRishis (in India), measuring time, have given particular names to particular time intervals. 2 Ghatis or 48 minutes make a Muhurta. So in a day of 24 hours there are 60 muhurtas. 30 Muhurtas make 1 day and 30 Muhurtas makes 1 night. Thirty days and nights form a month, and twelve months form a year. A year is made up of two solar motions, meaning the northern and southern known as Uttarayana and Dakshinayana. 

A month of human beings is equal to a day and night of the departed souls or disembodied souls. A year of human beings is equal to a day and night to the Devas (higher realms but not GOD). Uttarayana is celebrated in most part of India as it coincides with the awakening of the Devas. 2 hours for the Devas is our 1 month. The Devas wake up when Uttarayana begins. 2 hours before they wake up is the same as Margasheera (Margazhi Maasa) month. Hence many rituals happen during December 15 to January 15 culminating in the 1st day of Uttarayana.

From the Mahabharata (Shanti Parva, 231.29-32) we come to know that 12,000 celestial years form a cycle. . A 1000 cycles form a single day of Brahma. The same is the duration of Brahma’s night. When the day of Brahma begins the universal entities come into being. During the period of universal dissolution the Creator [Brahma] sleeps in Yoga-meditation. Then He awakes. What is Brahma’s day covers a thousand such cycles. His night also covers a thousand similar cycles. They who know this are said to know the day and the night. On the expiry of His night, Brahma, waking up, modifies the indestructible intelligence by causing it to be overlaid with ignorance. He then causes Consciousness to spring up. Now read what one of the most famous scientists of the modern world had to stay about time and how different it is from what we know of it.

Albert Einstein is a great sage of modern times.

Most of us may recall that Albert Einstein proved that time is relative, though earlier Sir Isaac Newton had claimed it was absolute. With the proper technology, such as a very fast spaceship, a person will experience several days while another person simultaneously experiences only a few hours or minutes. The same two people can meet up again, one having experienced days or even years while the other has only experienced minutes. The person in the spaceship only needs to travel near to the speed of light. The faster they travel, the slower their time will pass relative to someone planted firmly on the Earth. If they were able to travel at the speed of light, their time would cease completely and they would only exist trapped in timelessness. 

The Hen and the Egg – which one came first.


Whenever this question is asked, the questioner feels he has asked a great question that never will be correctly answered. He will feel that he is very intelligent.

If you ask me after pointing to a hen, “from where did that come from”? my answer will be the same as yours – “from an egg”. If you ask me “where did that egg come from”?, then I will tell you that it came from a hen. As much as you can ask me, I too have the ability of answering your question if I choose this way. So this question is a not a tough question as it appears to be because we do have an answer each time you ask the question about the previous egg or previous hen.

But in India, we answered it using a different method. Look at the next diagram. This is the spherical view of things instead of the linear view that western scientists are used to. The only issue here is that by accepting this spherical view we are are saying that the hen and the egg always existed. Since most of us accept evolution of species, as you keep going back in to the past, you will remember that the hen is no more the hen. It was a different kind of bird. You will no longer call it a hen. You will now be forced to stop asking your original question. So you cannot keep asking the same question forever. Now you will have to change the question – how did the Bird B come?.

If from Bird B the hen came, then if you go backwards in time, you will have to rephrase the question as “How did Bird B come”? That situation forces you to stop asking the question where from came the Bird B because if you go backwards in time, you will reach Bird C. Now you can keep asking the question, “from where did Bird C come from”? The answer is, “an egg”, Soon you will reach a stage where there was no egg at all. It was different. Because not all living creatures are born from an egg. This is just to prove a point about trying to go find the source of where we came from. If we keep going backwards in time, there will be a time when we did not exist as how we are today.

How can we imagine how the universe started when we have not even understood whether we came from the monkeys or God made us as we are today.

There are people who are more worried about how to ask the questions instead of being content with answers. I know many people who are very proud of themselves if they ask a question to a teacher during a class and the teacher looks confused. They look around and feel elated that they have asked the best question.

In the beginning there was nothing.

In the beginning there was nothing. And then everything came from the nothing. And everything that has come will dissolve and go back to nothingness. Today when you hear such a statement you may wonder from where it is coming! These days such words come often from world class scientists more than it comes from a spiritual leader from India.

Seeing is not believing – Quantum Physics.

Observing is meditation, it is not that in order to observe you must meditate. To observe is one of the most, difficult things. To observe a tree, for example, is very difficult, and that is because you have ideas, images, about that tree, and these ideas – botanical knowledge – prevent you from looking at that tree. To observe your wife or your husband is even more difficult, again because you have an image about your wife and she has an image about you, and the relationship is between those two images. – Jiddu Krishnamurthi.

From The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 7, Verse 14  we are told that “Verily, this divine illusion of Mine (MAYA), made up of the three qualities of Nature (Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas) is difficult to cross over; those who take refuge in Me alone, cross over this illusion”.

The world is an illusion. This has been said a million times. Today the quantum physicists of the world seem to be saying the same thing. 

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