Steve Jobs Horoscope Research by E K Dhilip Kumar

The horoscope of Steve Jobs is an useful study material for proving Vedic Astrology once again.


The birth details of Steve Jobs

February 24, 1955

Time: 19:15:00

Time Zone: 8:00:00 (West of GMT)

Place: 122 W 25′ 06″, 37 N 46′ 30″

San Francisco, California, USA

Vedic Weekday: Thursday (Jupiter)

Nakshatra: Uttarabhadra (Saturn) (16.16% left)

Ayanamsa: 23-13-50.20

The time of birth is such that any further increase in time will shift out the Lagna from Simha to Kanya. Steve Jobs was born at the junction of two signs namely Simha Lagna and Kanya Lagna.

The Degrees of Planets etc if you need these are as follows:

Graha Longitude Star & Pada

Lagna 29 Leo 03′ 41.46″ UPha 1

Sun – GK 12 Aqu 31′ 05.64″ Satab 2

Moon – PK 14 Pis 30′ 42.77″ U.Bha 4

Mars – DK 5 Ari 51′ 44.59″ Aswi 2

Merc (R) – MK 21 Cap 07′ 33.37″ Srav 4

Jupiter (R) – B 27 Gem 16′ 14.33″ Puna 3

Venus – AK 27 Sag 56′ 31.74″ U.Sha 1

Saturn – AmK 27 Li 55′ 38.62″ Visa 3

Rahu – PiK 9 Sag 16′ 09.45″ Mool 3

Ketu 9 Gem 16′ 09.45″ Ardr 1

The horoscope of Steve Jobs

Fig. 1: The Rasi Chart of Steve Jobs

Copyright, E K Dhilip Kumar.

I request you to have a good look at the horoscope. If you know how to read out the house positions of planets you will say that Saturn occupies the 3rd house, Rahu and Venus occupy the 5th house, Mercury occupies the 6th house, Sun the 7th, Moon the 8th, Mars the 9th house and Jupiter and Ketu occupy the 11th house. Great.

Most people in the world including even experts in Astrology use the Rasi Chart for counting the position of planets. Some of them have never even cared to look at the position of planets in the bhava chart. Unless they run into trouble.

The 9th house deals with father. Mars the lord of the 9th house occupy own sign (swakshetra) and hence very comfortable. So we expect Steve Jobs to be very happy with regard to his father.

The 4th house deals with mother. Mars is the lord of the 4th house and Mars is happy being in the 9th house which once again is own sign of Mars. So we expect Steve Jobs to be very very happy with his mother.

But what really was his experience with regard to father and mother? Quite the contrary. So that is why most people in the world wish to avoid Astrology as it gives contrary results. Wait. Do not jump to conclusions or conclusions may jump on you. Have a look at his bhava chart.

In the bhava chart calculations there are many ways of doing it. However out of years of experience I rely more upon the simple equal house system which just uses the Lagna degree as the mid point of each and every house. A house extends from that degree 15 degrees in the front and 15 degrees behind the Lagna degree.

Steven Paul Jobs was born to two university students who were unmarried. Since their families did not accept to get them married, the young parents had no other way except to put up the baby for adoption which they did. They had no clue that this child was to become one of America’s best entrepreneur, a genius and a charismatic pioneer in the field of personal computing.

The 4th house lord and the 9th house lord going away into the 8th house (disappointment house) explains the event. Refer the bhava chart. If you go by the Rasi Chart you will struggle to explain why he had a bad start.After adoption, Steve was comfortable with his new parents. The 9th lord and the 4th lord occupy own house. So there is acompensation Only issue is Mars is in the 8th house. So the 9th house lord occupies own house. The 4th house lord occupies own house.

Beginners is Astrology make the mistake of using the Bhava Chart to find out which Sign the planet occupies. The sign that a planet occupies is to be known only from the Rasi Chart. For counting the position of planets use only the bhava chart.

The Bhava Chart of Steve Jobs

Fig. 2: The Bhava Chart of Steve Jobs

Copyright, E K Dhilip Kumar.

From the above bhava chart you will know that Mars occupies the 8th house.

Saturn is strong in the 3rd house. Saturn is exalted because Saturn is in Libra. The 3rd house is the house of communication. All gadgets that are used for communication and computing are related to the 3rd house. Saturn rules the house of business (the 7th house). The 7th house lord Saturn occupies the 3rd house meaning business of communication.

Moon in the 8th

Moon in the 8th house makes people totallydifferentfrom others. This combination gives interest in occult sciences, ESP, yogic powers, spirituality etc. It makes a person try out new paths, the less used ones. They get into controversial lifestyles. Steve Jobs went to India in search of spiritual knowledge. He loved Zen Buddhism.

He was so much influenced by Indian culture and spirituality. People with Moon in the 8th love to do something unconventional. They like to experiment.

Think different.” was the Slogan of Apple between the years 1997–2002. Moon is the indicator of the mind and the 8th is a funny house. It is ups and downs, erratic and unpredictable. It is the store house of surprises, it represents the gain due to downfall of others.

Where did all the creativity come from?

I have done 100s of horoscopes of people who excelled because of their creativity. Some were in the field of entertainment, others in some art form, dance, music, TV, Cinema and anything in which entertaining was the most important thing.

The 5th house represents creativity. The 10th house represents profession and work. The 11th house is gains. Any inter-relationship between the houses of creativity with profession and gains makes a person successful with what he creates. Many people thing that creative people are creative simply because that is how it should be. They are creative, it is natural and so on. However the cause is their past life Karma.

In the horoscope of Steve Jobs we all can see the following:

The 10th house (ruling profession) lord Venus (Sukra) is in the 5th house of creativity. The 5th lord Jupiter is in the 11th house. So this means gain through creativity as 11th house means gains. Jupiter looks straight at the 5th house which is the house of Jupiter. When the lord of any house looks at its own house then that house is double strong.


Jupiter and Venus are at27 degreesin their sign and so the aspect is FULL. Another strange combination is that Saturn too is at27 degrees in LIBRA. Saturn fully aspects Venus.

Venus is the ATMA KARAKA the Soul of Steve Jobs. Venus rules the entertainment and creative world.

So STEVE JOBS did nothing else but create cute things, he entertained the world with stylish electronic gadgets.

So this horoscope is the ideal example for a creative person.

Steve Jobs created computers what looked great. The richer segment loved to own what he produced. The products were stylish. Venus and creativity goes hand in hand. So Steve Jobs had the sense of an artist. The outer cover of his gadgets were done with great care. While others fought over things inside the gadgets, Steve Jobs concentrated more on looks and aesthetics.

Wow! Jupiter in the 11th house!

Sage Bhrigu one of the greatest exponents of Vedic Astrology who is believed to have lived even before Maharshi Parasara (5000 years ago) has spoken high of Jupiter in the 11th house.

He says “Vidwan” (Sanskrit) which means Learned. He says “Dhanvaan” which means wealthy. He adds “Bahulabhavaan” meaning plenty of financial gains.

He says “will acquire conveyances by age of 32”. Today a teenager buys conveyances. So this line by Sage Bhrigu means buying an extraordinary vehicle. Instead of arguing which vehicle is he talking about, let us understand that thisactuallymeans he will feel rich by that age and be comfortable.

This Jupiter is the lord of the 5th house making Jupiter a functional benefic. Jupiter in the 11th house is connecting to the 5th house by aspect (glance). So this Jupiter is extraordinary. Thus Jupiter connects to Venus who owns the house of profession. Wow!

Sage Bhrigu says “widespread name and fame, he will possess elephants (today it may mean best cars or airplane), fortune growing day by day (sanskrit = Bhagyavridhhi).

Steve Jobs did not have long life

Vedic Astrology speaks of balarishta which means life span of 0 to 8 years. From 8 years to 32 is Alpa Ayus (short life), Madhya Ayus (Middle) is from 32 to 60 and Poorna Ayus (Long life) is above 70 to 120.

Planetary influence indicating Madhya Ayus (longevity) in the horoscope of Steve Jobs are:Moon in the 8th house, Mars in the 8th, Sun in the 6th house.

The lord of the lagna (health) namely Sun (Ravi) occupies the 6th house (disease). Maharshi Parasara says that if the lord of the lagna occupies the 6th house the person may become wealthy but is susceptible to dangerous diseases. The 6th house rules the zone below the heart and above the navel. The organs in that area is likely to be the cause. Such people should be careful with carcinogenic foods as they are prone to cancer and liver problems.

Sun in the 6th house is good for success in the material world, it gave Steve Jobs good reputation, it made him wander in the jungles of India because Bhrigu Sutra says such a person will love to wander in jungles. Sage Bhrigu says such people will take interest in chanting mantras. Maybe he did.

Steve Job died on October 5, 2011

Vimsottari Dasa:

Moon Maha Dasha: 2008-03-21 – 2018-03-22

Bhuktis of Moon Dasha

Moon: 2008-03-21 – 2009-01-21

Mars: 2009-01-21 – 2009-08-24

Rah: 2009-08-24 – 2011-02-20

Jup: 2011-02-20 – 2012-06-22

From the above we come to know that he died in Moon Dasha and Jupiter Bhukti. Moon is the lord of the 12th house which deals with terminal diseases. Moon is in the 8th house. So 2 times negative. Moon by position in the 8th house is a contributor to reducing his longevity and so when Moon is the ruler, Moon became the Maraka (death indicator) planet. Moon occupies the star of Saturn and Saturn is the lord of the 7th house (a powerful maraka house) occupying the 3rd house (longevity). Saturn connections means death following a chronic disease. Steve Jobs has been sick for a long time.

Jupiter is the 8th house lord. Though Jupiter rules the 5th house he also has to do the job of the 8th house. So when Steve Jobs died he is ruled by 2 planets that are connected to the 8th house. Jupiter is also the lord of the 64th Navamsa which is why Jupiter becomes negative in terms of lifespan.

In the Ishta-Kashta balacalculations we find Moon is the weakest. Due to more than one reason surviving Moon dasha was not possible. The sub-period has lesser role to play when the main period is indicating a particular event so strongly. My opinion is that right from the time Moon Dasha started Steve Jobs health was getting to a point of no return. The more important fact was that his horoscope already indicated Madhya Ayus (medium life span).


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  1. praveen

    awesome one sir………

  2. Irina

    Thank you so-so much for this article, especially for clarifying concept of the bhava chart!! With the bhava chart my horoscope looks much more like “me” – before some things just didn’t look right, but now everything in its place!!!!!

  3. S RK

    Thanks siir…
    So, it seems Ketu being in the 10th house of career (in Bhava chart) had no role to play in Steve Jobs’ career ?

    • SG100

      You see, you brought up an amazing point. Most astrologers have this opinion that Ketu in the 10th house is detrimental to career. We all know Steve Jobs had an amazing career (his life was his career). In short, even the best astrologers can make mistakes….and sometimes, they might come up with other reasons for success, and exclude the most obvious ones.
      God speed.

  4. adi

    great analysis but i have few doubts here…..moon is in bhava sandhi(beginining of the 8th house) so by your logic moon doesn’t have the strength to give the results of 8th house,which means that moon should have had no role in steve jobs demise…also 12th lord in 8th house creates viparita raj yoga so how the placement of moon in 8th house can become double negative….pls clarify on this sir,i know you are busy but try to clear the doubts of ur followers….

  5. Shankar BK

    steve jobs has mercury stationary in his horoscope and so i feel he was able to communicate his great ideas to the world. mercury turned direct on 25th feb 1955 at 2 17 am according to drik panchang in san francisco and he was born within 19 hours of it turning direct(within 24 hours is taken as stationary). So his mercury was very strong sir.

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