Good and Bad Planets for Scorpio Ascendant (Vrischika Lagna)


Good and Bad Planets for Scorpio Ascendant (Vrischika Lagna)

If you want to know which of the 7 grahas are the Functional Benefic and Malefic Planets for Scorpio Ascendant (Vrischika Lagna)then watch the following video and you will come to know the following:

Why certain planets give more adverse results than others during their dasha and bhukti?

Why Venus is the most harmful planet?

Why is Jupiter one of the best of all planets for all those who are born in the lagna?

What is the status of Mars (Kuja)? Mars is the lord of the Lagna (1st house).

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In case you have doubts please let me know and whenever I find the time I will try my best to answer them for you.


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  1. Manish

    Dear Sir,

    My DOB is 29th Sep 1970 at 10:26 in Mumbai and I am now going to through Jupiter mahadasha that is placed in the 12th house in my horoscope alongwith the functional malefic Venus the lord of the 12th house. By grace of God I have done well up till 2008, but then in Nov 2008 I had a major back problem and that took away a good few years away from my productive life. Can you shed some light on what do look forward to in the coming few years for myself in terms of professional growth and my health in the coming few years and any remedy for improving my back related issues. Will I ever be able to get into business?

    Look forward to hearing from you…

    Keen Astrology enthusiat.

  2. navdeep802

    my son is born on 22 nov 1986 at 8.35 am near delhi. Which carrier he should follow.He wants to persue civil services.Will he succeed in his dream. Please give your precious advice.If not which field is good for him job or bussiness. Thank you

  3. karthik

    Hello sir, My DOB 23 NOV 1985 born in Chennai at 6:10 am. currently in Venus Dasha, completed Ketu Dasha in 2007. I Couldn’t complete my MCA due to lot of unknown tensions. I have Sun, mercury and Saturn in Lagna, suffering from left eye problems, Jupiter in 3rd, Moon in 6th house, Rahu in 7th house, Mars in 11th and Venus, ketu in 12th house. From when will I have good life and what gems I should wear, please suggest

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      If your Lagna is Vrischika then wear a good quality RUBY on the ring finger of your right hand. If SUN is very close to SATURN in your horoscope then the eye problem will NOT GO AWAY. Retina problem – Central Serum Retinopathy or macular disturbances are possible. Never watch an eclipse. Stay indoor during eclipses.

    • rmp

      Due to venus so enjoyable life…but study will stuck in limbo

  4. bhawna

    hi…will Venus always be a malefic planet and give bad results… Venus is placed in 9th house and I will have Venus dasha in a few yrs time…..pls throw some light.

  5. praveen srivastava

    Hi gentleman ! Wish you glimpse my request someday.My DOB-1-6-1971,TIME-17:54,POB-sambalpur(orrisa).Please drop me few lines.



  6. deepu

    hi sir am deepu, my date of birth is 12-12-1974 time 5;11 am. presently am running at ketu dasha its really bad at its best. i red your some articles and feed backs now am waiting to welcome my venus dasha but inthis article u r telling that it is worst for vrischika langna plese kindly lookin to my horoscope i dont have money to go to an astrologer.

  7. srinivasan

    Scorpio people are most selfish people

    • deepu

      is it your astrological statement or personal experience ?

  8. Satyavathi Panchagnula

    its very interesting but my dob is 3.7.1961at 3.16 p.m. my venus dasa has just begun my lagna is vrichika please help me how will i cope up with dasa what are the remidies

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Donate a white cow in charity on a friday and recite Mrityunjaya Mantra on all Fridays. Do not self drive on highways on FRIDAYS during VENUS – VENUS period. Do all the remedies until this period ends.

  9. Reva

    Hi sir
    My daughter name is Reva born in Swati nakshatram and Tula raasi in vrushchika lagna.
    From her fifth month age gone through lot health problems and still going through now also.
    When will her health become better and gets married

  10. Hari Krishna gupta

    Hello sir ,
    I have been wrongly interpreting the house of saturn and others lately I came to know that My date of birth time is 5:30 P.M i,e 1730hour and now every thing changed . now I am scopio ascendant and moon placed in Libra . can it be possible it my big question .
    I am Hari Krishna Gupta Place of birth :Bulandshahr Time 5:30P.M (1730hrs)

      • Hari Krishna gupta

        dear sir ,
        Now big question is ,as per your video the planet which are considered to be good for virshchik lagna is guru ,Moon , Mar and sun . till not nothing great as far as the career is concerned is gone , 50 % of the career of 18 years is where i had no work . guide me why things are going that way . and specially last 5 year gone bad . out of 5 years only 8 month working (nov 2010 till april 2011) rest no work . guide me sir what are thing in life to be taken care as a sutra to get success .

      • Hari Krishna gupta

        ear sir ,
        Now big question is ,as per your video the planet which are considered to be good for virshchik lagna is guru ,Moon , Mar and sun . till not nothing great as far as the career is concerned is gone , 50 % of the career of 18 years is where i had no work . guide me why things are going that way . and specially last 5 year gone bad . out of 5 years only 8 month working (nov 2010 till april 2011) rest no work . guide me sir what are thing in life to be taken care as a sutra to get success .

  11. Hari krishna gupta

    sir where are you looks very busy kindly reply tom the query

    hari krishna gupta

  12. ashish

    my date of birth is 2 july 1988. time16:15 pm. and my rashi is makar and my lagna is vrishik i want to know about my personal life as well as about my carier.which gemstone s will sooted to me for my better life. ashish sharma

  13. kumari

    Dob-1-Sep- 1970 , 12.33 after-noon place Coimbatore India ..Jupiter is in 12 th house of lose with enemy planet Venus .Financially and career i have lot of struggle in life ,any remedies and gem stone for happiness and wealth .Fasting on Thursday more than 12 years but not helping .

  14. shanky

    kyaa mere jivan me naukari hai yaa business.. abhi kuch nahi ban raha hai
    d.o.b – 06/02/1991
    biirth time – 3.07 a.m
    birth place- sangrur(punjab)

    • Janak Raj Chauhan

      you are running sani(Sani is not auspicious for your lagan) dasa from from 2013 so sani is 3rd and fourth lord is located in 2nd house and aspected by 1st and 6th lord mars you may be join service . i suggest you that the gochara of guru in your 10th house from 7 july 2015 simha sun’s simha rashi which is your 10th house also you may try for government job .

  15. vipul parashar

    DOB-16/04/1996 ; 9.50 PM; PALAMPUR (HP)- Venus swashketra in taurus aspected by Sat. in Meena with Moon Mars Ketu . sun-Mer. in Mesha. Jupiter in sagitarious. DASA-Moon in ketu mahadasa. please comment on venus dasa wrt longivity.

  16. sandhya

    DOB:23/11/1980 time is 07:45am in New Delhi. Sir can you please advise if my career dreams be fulfilled in this life or will this life die as I currently suffer it? I truly appreciate your response.

    • Janak Raj Chauhan

      You are enterd your auspicious period from 2009 but your guru is afflicted by sani ,ketu so dasa of guru is not all auspicious now you are running guru-budha this not so good please avoide to much speech. and after ketu antra is also not so good but antra of sun ,moon,mars,rahu are must fullfill your desires.

  17. Nagaraj Kilumangalam

    Sir, the video on vrishchika lagna is really good and understandable, Sir I am born on 19th Sep, 1980 Secuderabad, 10: 40 AM, in my horoscope the venus which is generally melafic planet is placed in 9th house with Rahu, not sure if this is the reason for my delay getting marriage, I followed some remedies for Rahu dosham, please advise any remedies for venus or for removing planetary obstacles for marriage. Also for last 1 year I am jobless due to health issues, as I see, in my 10th house Guru is placed and currently Rahu-Guru dasha running,
    (as Guru is known for giving good) then why I facing a job loss ? Kindly request your glance
    on this horoscope and please suggest. Thank you.

  18. Nagaraj Kilumangalam

    Sir, I have gone through your video for vrishchika lagna, its good and understanble, Sir, I am
    born on 19th Sep, 1980, Secunderabad, timings : 10 : 45 AM, born in Vrishchika lagnam, in my horoscope venus is placed in 9th with Rahu, is this delays marriage ? As you have said for Scorpio lagna venus is natural melafic. I have followed remedies for Rahu dosham, kindly
    advise any remedies for the planet which creating obstacles for my marriage. Also I see that Guru is placed in 10th place(kendra) which is natural benefic, placed in my carreer place , now for last 1 year i am jobless, I resigned from Job due to health issues and work pressure.
    Kindly suggest any remedies. Thank you

  19. Suneel

    My DOB is 26May67, with scorpio lagna, moon in 2nd, saturn 5th, Rahu 6th, sun & mer7th, ven in 8th, jup9th, mar 11th, ket 12th, I am running rahu maha dasha and ketu antar dasha till jan 2015 and now sadesati is starting, in 2 days. Please advise me on what is in store for me in future. Last 3 years have given job change, positional loss, mental stress and future uncertainty.


    Are you doing any personal readings … If so PLS let me know how to get in touch with you for my birth chart reading..


    • Janak Raj Chauhan

      send your details

  21. santosh debata

    My dob18/04/1971,9.15pm,cuttack,odisha,present dasa guru-ketu antar, guru in vrischik lagna &ketu in 9th house.what is future/business?

  22. kiran

    Dear Sir, my husband is facing major issues in career. His DOB is 21st November, birth time is 8:38 AM and place of birth is Delhi. Pls suggest what to do. Rgds


    Respected Sir,My date of birth 28august 1975 present amar ki gomedh dharan kora jai ,Rahur jonno

  24. Manjunatha

    Dear Dhilip, My DOB is 4-June-1974 born in Mysore at 2:45am. Currently I am in Venus-Sun Dasha, I have resigned from my current company and joning new job at the end of November. Moon antardasha is starting from 7th November. Is this the right time ot change the job? What are the implications of Venus-Moon dasha? Please assist.

  25. manohar lal yadav

    Sir , I watched you on Utube , it is really wonderful lecture full of knowledge. I am born on 21 jan 1947 , 0430 exact time not known .I have been on ships .my best time was july 74 and april 80.
    my wife and I are always on different page ,generally disagreeing .My interest lies in education ,writing , teaching etc , professionally have been an engineer .please check by events if my DOB is correct .regards manohar lal yadav

  26. sathyamurthi viswanathan

    My DOB is 17-02-1970 time 01.45 am. Kaveripattinam, Dharmapuri Dt. Tamil Nadu.Now Budan Dasai, Sukra bukthi is running. Please assist me.

  27. munny

    my dob is 22/03/70 time 00:05am, guntur dist a.p. now rahu dasa, chandra bhukti is running. From this month ending rahudasa kuja bhukti will start. Please assist me.

  28. Rajesh Kak

    Respected Sir. My name is Rajesh Kak, DOB: 20-02-1970, Time: 2:30am, in Jammu (Nearest Area: Gandhi Nagar) J&K. In 2005 Worst period of my life started & till date there seems to be no improvements. In fact I lost my Govt. Job & currently facing defamation cases since 2005. I consulted no. of Astrologers but no body was able to solve my problems. Sir you are my last hope & further request that if there is any chance of improvement in my horoscope kindly suggest. I shall be highly obliged if my present condition improves

  29. munny

    sir my dob is 22/03/1970, at 00:05 am, at guntur dist andhra pradesh, please give suggestions till my end.

  30. nagalakshmi m g

    I’m really confused about this mysterious science. I wish I could discuss the myriad questions I have on my mind with some jnani. Anyway, I’m nagalakshmi m g (dob 5/9/1958). I did Mahalakshmi sadana a couple of years ago facing south and I saw +ve result. But websites say Venus is malefic for me. I’m confused. Well. could you kindly tell me which gods I must worship and which mantras bring auspicious results for me to earn fame as a writer and gain love from the opposite gender. Thank you in advance, dear Guruji.

  31. Kulprasad

    In brischik lagna venus placed in 9th with mars jupiter in cancer sign..and 9th lord moon with ketu in 8 th house sign gemini and budha and surya in 7th house taurus sign
    Sani from 3rd house its own sign is conjucting 9th house
    Dasha running saturn_venus
    Saturn _ketu dasha gave very bad results
    Please tell me how will period of saturn _venus will go as both are bad for lagna
    And what will be for saturn_sun
    Is there any chance of divorce,death,setback in career??
    In yogini dasha there is siddha_bhadrika upto 2017 10 months

  32. chand datwani

    DOB 20aug1951 14.47hrs place of birth mumbai. running mars mahadasa. mars located in 8th house as placidus system. next from 2018 i hv Rahu mahadasa starting. Rahu is located in Aquarius the 3rd house as per placidus system. guru(R) with moon is in pisces the 4th house. Mars in cancer. sun, mercury(R), ketu & Venus (R) in leo. Saturn in Virgo, ie 10th house.

    let me hv a guideline until Rahu mahadasa ends ie 2036. Ketu mahadasa was good in many ways.

    Thanx & God bless

  33. chand datwani

    ascendent is scorpio. Nakshatra Utrabhadrapad, rasi meena.

  34. anup mishra

    Sir my name anup mishra…date 8.8.1992…time 13.36 pm…place..cuttack odisha..sir mera padhai me dhyan nehi Lagta he..mera good time kab ayega

    • Anup

      please sir reply

  35. Anup

    my name anup Kumar mishra….birth date Aug 8 1992…time 13.36pm…place cuttack odisha….mera padhai me Dhyan nehi lagta he or kab se acha time ayega mera

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