Stars that Match for those born in 16. Vishaka (Thula Rasi)

Though Star Matching is not the only criterion that determines whether 2 horoscopes match or not (for marriage) yet Star Matching is the 1st of the 4 important tests for Horoscope Matching.


The Stars that Match for Star No. 16. Vishaka star people of Thula Rasi

If you were born in the Star of Vishaka and the Janma Rasi of Thula (Thula Moon Sign) then you can use the following table to determine how a relationship will go about in the long run. In the short run sometimes you will get results that are different from what is given below. However in the long run, eventually the truth will come out.

Though Star Matching is not the only criterion that determines whether 2 horoscopes match or not (for marriage) yet Star Matching is the 1st of the 4 important tests for Horoscope Matching.

The other 3 tests are: Test 2: Kuja Dosha Check, Test 3: Dasha Sandhi check, Test 4: Dosha Samyam

Being married to a MAN or WOMAN who is born in any of the following STARS gives you as much COMPATIBILITY as the marks indicate from the point of view of Star Matching.

Chitta -Thula, 94.4 %

Dhanishta -Makara, 83.3 %

Vishaka -Thula, 77.7 % (check the risk of Dasha Sandhi)

Moola -Dhanus, 72.2 %

Chitta -Kanya, 72.2 %

Dhanishta -Kumbha, 66.6 %

Satabhisha -Kumbha, 66.6 %

Punarvasu -Mithuna, 61.1 %

Punarvasu -Karkataka, 61.1 %

Aswini -Mesha, 61.1 %

Pushyami -Karkataka, 58.3 %

Bharani -Mesha, 58.3 %

Swati -Thula, 55.5 %

Arudra -Mithuna, 55.5 %

Mrigasira -Mithuna, 55.5 %

Jyeshta – Vrischika, 52.7 %

Krittika -Mesha, 52.7 %

Poorvashada -Dhanus, 52.7 %

Poorvabhadra -Kumbha, 52.7 %

Hasta -Kanya, 50 %

Mrigasira -Vrishaba, 50 %

Poorva-Phalguni -Simha, 50 %

Being married to a MAN/WOMAN who was born in any of the following stars will reduce your quota of happiness in marriage. The last one is the most unfavourable. If you get married to person who belongs to any of the following stars then either you will have a failed marriage or children may not be born or the quality of marriage will be poor.

Aslesha -Karkataka, 47.2 %

Uttara-Phalguni -Simha, 44.4 %

Uttarashada -Makara, 44.4 %

Sravana -Makara, 44.4 %

Vishaka -Vrischika, 44.4 %

Anuradha -Vrischika, 44.4 %

Uttaraphalguni -Kanya, 44.4 %

Makha -Simha, 44.4 %

Krittika -Vrishaba, 38.8 %

Poorvabhadra -Meena, 38.8 %

Uttarashada -Dhanus, 33.3 %

Uttarabhadra -Meena, 33.3 %

Rohini -Vrishaba, 25 %

Revati -Meena, 11.1 %

To a large extent you can use the same information while choosing your partner in sports, in business and even for friendship. In marriage, YONI match point (Sexual) is given a maximum of 4 points. This is irrelevant in partnership other than marriage.


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  1. Amar (@amarjhikka)

    my question to you Mr E K Dhilip Kumar is that, i believe in everything, like science religion and astrology but, i heard about birth planning is it possible, so which time is to be considered i mean the time 9 months before or just wait for good conjunction in particular rashi for intercourse, if birth planning is possible then how karma come into play in this? please en-light me with your wise thoughts on this..i want to tell you i believe in GOD and religion, i just want know if i can raise a good sanskaari girl or boy in my family

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      That is not in your hands. Karma decides where who is to be born based on merits and demerits of the soul. In case of Avatars GOD decides without the basis of Karma where and when the birth happen for establishing dharma on earth. Birth time adjustment is possible only if even that is included in Karma otherwise the Astrologer will give a particular timing and the child will not be born at that time. Doctors will rarely listen to Astrologers because they will not want to take a risk in waiting for a particular time. Wait patiently until I write a detailed article on this topic.

      • Amar (@amarjhikka)

        thank you very much sir…thanks a lot for answering my query from your busy schedule…thanks a lot…i will wait for that article from you sir….you are right sir KARMA is very strong force in this universe..

  2. abhi

    What stars for Rahul Gandhi are blockig his marraige?

    • E K Dhilip Kumar

      Thank you for giving me the birth details of Rahul Gandhi. But how did you get it? I need to know before I start using the information for my research.

  3. karthick

    my baby dob 10.09.2013 tues day, time 11.14 am. in which letter weselect name for him
    thank you

  4. rrajendr

    Can visakam boy and Arudra girl can marry?

  5. sai

    can a anuradha girl marry a rohini boy , sir ?

  6. jomon

    i born on 1-4-1983 morning .my star is vishakam (thula) may i please know about my career growth

  7. aishwarya

    i am 16th april . moola star , 2nd padham born female . Can you pla suggest me hich stars will suite me best for marriage compatilibility and life , which stars would not. kindly help me.

    • aishwarya

      for 16th april , born female girl , with moola as nakshatra and 2nd padham, can u suggest me which stars will be best match for me for marriage and which stars will not suite , both. thank you.

  8. Reshma N

    i have a question …… i was born on nov 23 1992… visaka star… when will i get a job? what will be the nature of the job? in which field will the job be?

  9. Rajesh Kumar Raj

    Dear Sir,

    Can you please let me know if the same % age also applies for Scorpio Rasi of Visakha Nakshitra 4 Pada?


  10. p.pavankumar

    my son date of birth is 16.07.1986, time of birth is 16.20hrs(4.20 evening) and place of birth is secunderabad.kindly inform us my two questions,1. when will be his marriage tenative time.2.right know he is gurgaon for projects when he will back to hyderabad. i will be helpful pl mail us the above said details.

  11. saranya s

    Dear sir,

    I am loving a boy of vishakam star for than 5 years. Mine is meenam (revathi star).
    after seeing this article i fed up to the core. I cant live without him. Kindly tell us any remedies or pooja for this. Or pls suggest to have a good life. Please do reply sir. Its all about my life.

    Saranya S

  12. L.Elton Gomez.

    What is the Current time running in Thulam Rasi. Actually I want to know the Current position of my time which is running now & how to face & what the exact stones to be wear to face. I herebelow mentioning my raasi Details: Raasi: Thulam, Lagnam: mesham, Nakshaktram: Visakam, Please give free assistance to improve my stage from the current period.

  13. Rajesh

    hi sir,
    My Raasi is Mesham and Aswini natchathiram, My uncle daughter raasi is Thula and Visaga natachathiram..Shall we marriage??? some astrologer said if i married this leads to my younger breather death. Is it true??

  14. Thenmozhi

    Sir I am visaka star and thulam dob19/2/ life is full of problem I am struggling more and more sir, my husband need to divorce me,my baby passed away .now I am in trouble I donot know what to do plz help me and suggest me sir. Plz save me from this problem.

  15. Sandhya

    Sir, my son’s DOB is 05-07-1987, 1715 hours at shimoga, karnataka and star is chitra and rashi is tula. which rashi and nakshatra of bride are matching for him?

  16. M V V Satyanarayana

    My son’s star is Visakh(2 padam) and Tula Raasi.Can he marry a girl with stars of Moola,Makha,Revathi,Ashlesha,Aswini and Uttara badra.? Please advise me the best matching stars for my son.Thank you in advance.

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